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Joe Miller, and his Men, by Gilbert A. a Beckett. Princess's.

Julius See-saw ; or. Dauntless Decius the Doubtful Decem-
vir, by Harry M. Pitt. Sheffield, March 29, 1869.

i\- enilworth ; or, Ye Queene, Ye Earle, and ye Maydenne,

by Andrew Halliday and F. Lawrance. Strand, Dec.

27, 1858. J. Clarke, H. J. Turner, Misses M. Wilton,

M. Oliver, C. Saunders and Swanborough. Reproduced,

Strand, July 21, 1866.
Kenilworth, burlesque-extravaganza, by R. Reece and H.

B. Farnie. Avenue, December 19, 1885.
King Arthur ; or, the Days and Knights of the Round

Table, by William Brough.
The King, the Ring, and the Giddy Young Thing ; or.

Heme the Hunter, Anne Boleyn, and the Fair Maid of

the River Dee, by George Reeves. Elephant and Castle,

April 8, 1882.
King's Bounty ; or, the Deserter, by R. E. Lonsdale.
King Coffee ; or, the Princess of Ashantee. Southport

Theatre, December 8, 1873.
King John Travestie, by Gilbert A. a Beckett, St. James's,

October 29, 1837.
King Kokatoo, by F. C. Burnand. Leeds, March 4, 1872
King Lear Burlesque, by Mr. Marchant.
King Lear and his Daughters Queer, burl., by E. Elton.
King Richard ye Thirde, or ye Battel of Bosworth Field,

by Charles Selby. Strand, February 26, 1844.
The Knight and the Sprite ; or, the Cold Water Cure ! an

Aquatic Burl., by G. A. a Beckett and Mark Lemon.
Strand, November 11, T844.
King Zany's Daughter ; or, the Princess who was Blind of

one Eye, and could not see out of the other. By W. H.

The Knight of the Burning Pestle, by Francis Beaumont

and John Fletcher. London, 161 1. This was a bur-
lesque upon the tasteless affectations of the tales of
chivalry, somewhat after the manner of " Don Quixote, "

La-Ba-Kan ; or, the Prince's Nap and the Snip's Snap, by
J. E. Roe. Swiss Gardens, Shoreham, June 7, 1869.

Lady Godiva ; or, ye Ladye of Coventrie and ye Exyle
Fayrie. Strand, July 7, 1851.

Lady Godiva burl., by Frederick Robson. T.R.Middles-
brough, May 5, 1873. Sadler's Wells, Dec, 6, 1873.

Lady of the Lake, by Mortimer Thomson. Niblo's Garden
Theatre, New York, U.S., June 21, i860.

The Lady of the Lake, burlesque, by R. Whateley Taylor.
Royalty, April 21, 1862.

The Lady of the Lake, Plaid in a new Tartan, burl., of Sir
Walter Scott, by R. Reece. Royalty, September 8, 1866,
E. Danvers, Miss M. Oliver.

The Lady of the Lane, burl., by H. J. Byron. Strand,

Oct., 31, 1872.
Lady of the Lions, burl., by O. F. Durivage. Baltimore T.,

United States, 1856.
The Lady of Lyons Burlesque, by M. Marchant.
The Lady of Lyons, burl., by Maurice G. Dowling.
The Lady of Lyons, burl., by W. Younge. Imperial T. April
23, 1879, Lionel Brough, C. Steyne, Miss L. Thompson.
Ye Lady of Lyons, by A. Lewis Clifton. Aquarium,

Yarmouth, April 10, 1882.
The Lady of Lyons Married and Settled, by Herman C.
Merivale. Gaiety, October 5, 1878. E. Terry, E. W.
Royce, Squire, Elton, and Miss E. Farren.
Tlie Lady oj Lyons Married, and Claude Unsettled, ab-
surdity, by R. Reece. Royalty, Glasgow, Sept. 27, 1884.
TJie Latest Edition of the Lady of Lyons, by Henry J.

Byron. Strand, February i, 1858.
Latest Edition of Kenilworth, by Andrew Halliday.

Strand, Dec. 27, 1858.
Latest Edition of the Lady of the Lake, by R. Reece.
The Very Latest Edition of the Lady oj Lyons, by H. J.
Byron. Strand, July 11, 1859. J. Clarke, J. Rogers,
H. J. Turner, Misses C. Saunders, and M. Oliver.
Lalla Rookh; or, the Princess, the Peri, and the Troubadour
by William Brough. Lyceum, December 24, 1857.
J. L. Toole, Mrs. Alfred Mellon, Mrs. C. Dillon.
Lalla Rookh, an Oriental extravaganza, by Vincent Amcotts.
Masonic Hall, Oxford, Commemoration 1866, by the
S. S. Amateurs. Oxford : T. Shrimpton & Son, 1866.
Also performed at the "Gallery of Illustration," London,
June 19 and 20, 1868, by the " Shooting Stars."
Lalla Rookh, burl., by Horace Lennard. Novelty Theatre,
May I, 1884. Harry Nicholls, Misses M, Mario, Kate
Vaughan, and Dot Mario.
Lancelot the Lovely ; or, the Idol of the King, by Richard
Henry. Avenue, April, 1889. Arthur Roberts, E. D.
Ward, Miss Vanoni.
The Lass that Loves a Sailor, or, the Perfidious Pirate, the
Modest Maiden, and the Trusty Tar, by Lloyd Clarance.
T. R., Great Grimsby, September 17, 1883.
The Last of the Barons, burlesque, by L. H. Du Terreaux.

Strand, April 18, 1872.
TJie Latest Edition of the Rival Othellos, by Henry J. Byron,
Strand, 1876. Edward Terry, Marius, H. J. Turner.
(A burlesque upon Henry Irving and Salvini in their
respective representations of Othello).
The Latest Yarn of the Crusoe Crew. Ashton Theatre,

July 16, 1883.
Leah, a hearty joke in a Cab-age, by W. Routledge. Gallery

of lUubtrations, January 23, 1869.
Leah, burl. Southminster T., Edinburgh, June 15, 1868.
Leo the Terrible, .^Esopian burl., by J. Stirling Coyne and

Francis Talfourd, Haymarket, December 27, 1852.
Life in the Clouds ; or, Olympus in an Uproar, by John

Brougham. English Opera House, July 23, 1840.
The Light of the Isles, by Oswald Allan. Queen's T,

Dublin, August 21, 1876.
Linda of Chamouni; or, not Formosa, by Alfred Thompson.

Gaiety, September 13, 1869.
Linda di Chamouni ; or, the Blighted Flower, by Conway

Edwardes. T. R. Bath, February 20, 1869.
The Lions' Lady ; or, How come you so ? An anonymous
burl, of "The Lady of Lyons. " London, C. Whiting.
Lion's Tale, or the Naughty Boy who wagged it, by R.

Reece. Globe.
Little Amy Robsart from a Comic Point of View. Prince

of Wales's, Liverpool, February 22, 1872.
Little Ben Bolt, by Edwin Keene. Gravesend T,, June
24, 1879.



Little Ben Bolt, or the Meritorious Maiden and the

Milli-cious Miller, by Edwin Keene. Colchester,

August 2, 1880.
Little Billie Garlyle ; or, the Bell and the Hare, burlesque

of *' East Lynne," by W. J. Harbon. Prince of Wales's,

Wolverhampton, April 18, 1881.
Little Boy Blue, by F. J. Watts. Shoreham, May 17, 1875.
Li tie Carmen, burl. , by Alfred Murray. Globe, February

7, 1884.
Little Cinderella, J. Wilton Jones. Newcastle Theatre,

June 25, 1807.
Little Doctor Faust, the Gaiety, not the Goethe Version, by

H. J. Byron. Gaiety, October 13, 1877. Edward Terry,

R. Soutar, E, W. Royce, Miss E. Farren.
Little Don Ccesar de Bazan ; or, Maritana and the Merry

Monarch. By H. J. Byron. Gaiety, August 26, 1876.

E. Terry, E. W. Royce, Misses E. Farren and Kate

Vaughan. (Revived in 1878.)
Little Don Giovanni, or Leporello and the Stone Statue, by

Henry J. Byron. Prince of Wales's, December 26, 1865.

J. Clarke, Miss Marie Wilton and Miss F. Josephs.
Little Don Quixote. T. R., Cheltenham, April 9, 1883,
Little Gil Bias, and How He Played the Spanish D(j)euce,

by H. B. Farnie. Princess's, December 24, 1870.
Little Giselle ; or, the Sirens of the Lotus Lake, by Henry

J. Byron. Olympic, July 22, 1871. G. Belmore,

D. James and Miss E. Farren.
Little Jack Sheppard, by H. P. Stephens & W. Yardley.

Gaiety, Dec. 26, 18S5. David James, F. Leslie, Odell,

Misses E. Farren, Harriet Coveney, Marion Hood.
Little Jack Carpenter. T. R., Liverpool, May 15, 1875.
LittleLalla Rookh,h\ix\.-tx\.X2i\.,hy ]. T. Denny. Originally

produced at Gaiety T., Hastings, August 31, 1885, and

at Grand T., London, September 14, 1885.
Little Lohengrin ; or, the Lover and the Bird, by Frederick

Bowyer. Holborn T., August 16, 1884.
Little Red Riding Hood, burlesque, by C. H. Hazlewood.
Little Red Riding Hood, burlesque-extravaganza, by

Leicester Buckingham. Lyceum, Dec. 26, 1861.
Little RoMn Hood, or Quite a New Beau, by Robert

Reece. Royalty, April 19, 1871.
Little Robin Hood, burlesque-drama, by R. Reece. Gaiety,

Sept. 15, 18S2. T. Squire, Arthur Williams, Robert

Brough, J. Dallas, Misses E. Farren, P. Broughton.
Little Robinson Crusoe, by David James, Jun. Oxford

Theatre. April 13, 1885.
Little Rip Van Winkle, by R. Reece. Gaiety.
Lord Bateman, or The Proud Young Porter and the Fair

Sophia, by Henry J. Byron. Globe, Dec. 27, 1869.
Lo7-d Bateman, by Charles Daly. Theatre Royal, Seaham

Harbour, April 17, 1S76.
LordLovel and Lady Nancy Bell ; or, the Bounding Brigand

of Bakumboilum, by F. C. Burnand. Written for the

A.D.C. Cambridge. November 21, 1856.
Loxds XL ; or, the Tricksey Monarch and and the Wicksey

Warrior, by Harry M. Pitt. T. R. West Hartlepool,

July, 9, 1869.
Love and Fortune, by J. R. Planche, Princess's, Sept.

24, 1859. Frank Matthews, Misses Louise Keeley, and

Carlotta Leclercq.
Love's Paradise. B'ounded upon the legend of " Cupid and

Psyche" in the metamorphoses of Apuleius, by F. G.

Westmacott Chapman. Haymarket, April 6, 1874.
Loves nf Lord Bateman and the Fair Sophia, burlesque by

Chailcs Sell)). Sirand, July i, 1839. -I'he Performers

were drtsseri in the costumes shuwn m George Cruikshank's

illusiratioiis to the Ballad.
Lucrezia norgia ! At Hume, and all Abroad, by Leicester

Buckingham. St. James's, April 9, i860.

Lucrezia Borgia,hy 'Sydney French. MaryleboneT., July
20, 1867.

Lucrezia Borgia, M.D., or La Grande Doctresse, by Henry
J. Byron. Holborn, October 28, 1868.

Lucy of Lammermoor. burlesque opera, by W. H. Oxberry.
Strand, February, 1848.

Lucia di Lammermoor, or the Laird, the Lady, and the
Lover, by Henry J. Byron. Prince of Wales's, Sept. 25,
1865. Harry Cox, F. Dewar, J. Clarke, Misses Marie
Wilton, and F. Josephs.

Lurline, or the Rhine and the Rhino, by C. H. Hazlewood.

Lurline, by R. Reece & H. B Farnie. Avenue, April 24, 1886.

The Lying Dutchman, a Phantom Folly, by Hue and Eye.
Strand. Harry Cox, Marius, Penley, Miss Lottie Venne.

The Lying Dutchman, by Frank W. Green and W. Swan-
borough. Strand, December 21, 1876.

Macbeth Travestie, by W. K. Northall. Olympic T., New

York, October 16, 1843. Mitchell.
Macbeth Travestie. See " Rejected Addresses," by James

and Horace Smith.
Macbeth, somewhat removed from the Text of Shakespeare,

by Francis Talfourd. First performed at Henley-on-
Thames (Regatta), June 17, 1847 ; at the Strand, January

10, 1848; at Olympic, April 25, 1853. In the last

instance F. Robson played Macbeth.
Macbeth Mystified, by W. H. Mason and J. E. Roe.

Theatre Royal Brighton, May 3, 1869.
Madeira; or W(h)ines from the Wood, by Henry Adams.

King's Cross, October 25, 1875.
The Mad Mother and her Lost Son, burlesque of " II Trova-

tore. " Theatre Royal, Scarborough, April 21, 1884.
The Magic Mirror, burlesque spectacle, by Gilbert A.

h, Beckett. Princess's, December 26, 1843.
The Magic Whisper Burlesque, by C. H. Hazlewood.
The Maid and the Magpie Travestie ; or, the Fatal Spoon,

by Henry J. Byron. Strand, October 11, 1858. J.

Clarke, H. J. Turner, J. Bland, Misses Marie Wilton,

M. Oliver and Hughes.
Man-Fred, burlesque by Gilbert A. h. Beckett. Strand;

December 26, 1834. Mitchell, Miss P. Horton.
The Marble Maiden ; or, Zampa in Miniature, by G. M.

Lay ton. Royalty, July 24, 1873.
The Marble Maiden, by J. H. Stocqueler. Lyceum,

March 5, 1846. Alfred Wigan, Mr. and Mrs. Keeley.
The Marriage of Sir Gawaine; or. King Arthur and the

Knights of the Round Table. T. ' H. Lacy, 1861.

Not acted.
Martha ; or, the Fair Lady, and the Farmer of Richmond

Fair, by Captain Arbuthnot. Plymouth, 1866.
Martha, burlesque, by Robert Reece. Gaiety, April 14, 1873.
Mary Turner, by F. C. Burnand. Holborn, Oct. 25, 1867.
Masaniello ; or, the Fish'oman of Naples, by Robert B.

Brough. Olympic, July 2, 1857. F. Robson, Miss Hughes.
Masse-en-Yell-Oh, a riotous, socialistic travestie, by Harry

Paulton and " Mostyn Tedde." Comedy, March 23, 1886.
Mazeppa, an equestrian burlesque, by C. White. N. York.
Mazeppa, by Henry J, Byron. Olympic, December 27,

1858. F. Robson, H. Wigan, Miss Wyndham.
Mazeppa; or, "Bound" to Win, a Ride-diculous One-
horse burlesque, in Three Hacks, by F. C. Burnand.

Gaiety, March 12, 1885. E. Royce, E. Terry, Misses E.

Farren, and P. Broughton.
Mazourka ; or, the Stick, the Pole, and the Tartar, burl.-

extravaganza, by H. J. Byron. Strand, April 27, 1864.
Medea ; or, ttid Best ot Mothers, by R. B. Brough. Olym-
pic, July 14, 1856. F. Robson, Emery, and Miss J. St.

Mephisto, travestie, by Byron M'Guiness. Royalty, June

14, 1886.



MercJiant of Venice travestie, by F. Talfourd. Oxford, 1849.

Merry Mignon ; or, the Beauty and the Bard, operatic-bur-
lesque, by J. Wilton Jones. Court Theatre, Liverpool,
April 26, 1882.
The Merry Zingara ; or, the Tipsy Gipsy, and the Pipsy
Wipsy, a whimsical parody on the "Bohemian Girl," by
W. S. Gilbert. Royalty, March 31, 1868. F. Dewar,
Danvers, Misses M. Oliver, and C. Saunders. Published
by Phillips, Regent Circus, London.

Metamora; or, the Last of the Pollywogs, by John Brougham.
Adelphi, Boston, U.S. November 29, 1847. Mr. and Mrs.
John Brougham.

Midas, by Kane O'Hara. Crow Street Theatre, Dublin,
1762. Covent Garden, London, February 22, 1764.

The Midnight Spectre, ! ! ! or, the Fatal Secret, a Rich-
ardsonian mel i-drama, by Nelson Lee, Junior. Crystal
Palace (R.D.C), July 21, 1861.

The Miller oj Mansfield, burl. London. E. West, 1851.

The Miller and his Men, a burlesque mealy-drama, by
Francis Talfourd and Henry J. Byron. Strand, April 9,
i860. J. Clarke, J. Rogers, Miss Marie Wilton.

The Military Billy Taylor ; or, the War in Cariboo, by F,
C. Burnand. Royalty, April 22, 1869. F. Dewar,
Danvers, Misses C. Saunders and M. Oliver.

Mind the Shop, comedy-burlesque, by Robert Reece and
Edward Righton. Globe, April 22, 1878.

Miss Eily O^Connor, a burlesque of " The Colleen Bawn, "
by Henry J. Byron. Drury Lane, November 25, 1861.
Tom Matthews, and Miss L. Keeley.

Miss Esmeralda, by " A. C. Torr. '' (Fred J. Leslie) and
Horace Mills. Gaiety, October 8, 1887.

Miss Merrick, burlesque-drama, by G. S. Brodie.

Mr. Robert Roy, Hielan Helen, his Wife, and Dougal the
Dodger, by William Lowe. Pavilion, Glasgow, Decem-
ber II, 1880,

The Mistletoe Bough, by H. B. Farnie. Adelphi, Decem-
ber 26, 1870.

Monte Christo Jim., burlesque-melo drama, by "Richard
Henry." Gaiety, December 23, 1886. G. Honey, F.
Leslie, and Miss E. Farren.

The Motto, I am "all there," by H. J. Byron. Strand,
July 16, 1863.

Moths a la Mode, by F. Hugh Herbert. Princess's Thea-
tre, Edinburgh, March 5, 1883.

Moths Quitos ; or, Ouida's Moths, by D. W. Edgar.
Theatre Royal, Middlesborough, April 21, 1882.

Mountain Dhu ; or, the Knight ! the Lady ! and the Lake !
by Andrew Halliday. Adelphi, Dec. 26, 1866. J. L.
Toole, Paul Bedford, Mrs. A. Mellon, Miss Furtado.

Much Ado about a Merchant of Venice. From the Original
Text вАФ a Long Way. By John Brougham. New
York, 1868.

My-fisto, burlesque-extravaganza, by Vere Montague and
Frank St. Clare. T. R., Colchester, Jan. 24, 1887.

Mysseltoe Bough Burlesque, by Mr. Marchant.

JSero, a Romantick Fiddler, by T. H. Bayley. English

Opera House, August, 1833.
The New Corsican Brothers, by Cecil Raleigh. Royalty,

November 20, 1889. Arthur Roberts.
A New Edition of the Corsican Brothers ; or, the Kompact,

the Kick, and the Kombat, by W. H. Mason. Theatre

Royal, Brighton, July 18, 1870.
New Don Juan, by J. B. Buckstone, Adelphi, 1828.
The New King Richard the Third, by C. H. Hazlewood.

Britannia, April i, 1878.
Nobody's Cheild, by H.T . Arden. Cremorne, August 10,

1868, and Surrey, October 8, 1870.
Noodledom, by Edwin Marshall. Lecture Hall, Walworth,

January 10, 1877.

Norma, burlesque, by J. H. Draper. Royal Hall, Jersey,

March 5, 187k.
Norma Travestie, burlesque-burletta, by W. H. Oxberry.

Adflphi, December 6, 1841. Paul Bedford and Wright.
The Norman Invasion, burlesque, by J. M. Killick. Saint

George's Hall, October 26, 1870.
No ihorough-fair beyond Highbury', or, the Maid, the

Mother, and the Malicious Mountaineer, by Mr. Hazle-
wood, Junior. Alexandra, April 13, 1868.
No Thoroughfare, burl., by George Grossmith. Victoria,

March 22, 1869.
Nottingham Castle, burl., by F. R. Goodyer. Nottingham

Theatre, September 22, 1873.
Novelty Fair, a review, by Albert Smith. Lyceum, May 21,

1850. C. Mathews, F. Matthews, Julia St. George.
The Nymph of the Lurleyburg; or, the Knight and the

Naiads, by Henry James Byron. New Adelphi, Dec.

26, 1859 Founded on the Legend of "Lurline."

J. L. Toole, Paul Bedford, & Miss Woolgar.

Oemini! or, the Brothers of Co(u)rse, by Gilbert

A. k Beckett and Mark Lemon. Haymarket, April 12,

1852. J. B. Buckstone.
The O'Dora : or, a Wrong Accent, travestie of Sardou's
" Theodora," by F. C. Burnand. Toole's, July 13, 1885.
OJi! Aida, or a Game at Pyramids
Oh ! Those Babes ; or, the Unhappy Uncle, the Virtuous

Villains, and the Cheeky Children, by Will Clements.

T. K., Woolwich, June 18, 1888.
0' .Tupiter ; or the Fiddler's Wife, by Frank Hall. Phil-
harmonic, October 2, 1880,
Old Carlisle Bridge ; or, the Shame of the City, a burl.

Dubhn Street drama, by William Scribble. Queen's

Theatre, Dublin, 1862.
Old Izaak Walton ; or, Tom Moore of Fleet Street, the

Silver Trout, and the Seven Sisters of Tottenham.

Panto-opening, by T. L. Greenwood. Sadler's Wells,

December, 1858.
Old Pals, burlesque, by Lloyd Clarance. South Shields

Theatre, August 7, 1884.
Oliver Grumble, by George Dance. Prince of Wales's T.,

Liverpool, March 15, 1886. Novelty T., London,

March 25, 1886.
Olympic Games ; or, the Major, the Miner, and the Cock-
a-doodle-doo, by F. C. Burnand. Olympic, April 22,

1867. Published by Phillips, Regent Circus, W.
Olympic Devils \ or, Orpheus and Eurydice. A mythological

burlesque, by J. R. Planche. Olympic, Dec. 26, 1831.

J. Bland, W. Vining, Madame Veslris.
Olympic Revels ; or, Prometheus and Pandora, by J. R.

Planche. Olympic, January 3, 1831. J. Cooper,

Beckwith and Madame Vestris.
On the Rink ; or, the Girl He left Behind Him, by F. C.

Burnand. Duke's Theatre, February 26, 1876.
Open Sesame ! or a Night with the Forty Thieves.
The Orange Tree and the Humble Bee; or, the Little

Princess who was Lost at Sea, burlesque by Henry J.

Byron. Vaudeville, May 13, 1871.
Orlando ye Brave, and ye Fayre Rosalynde; or, "As you

Lump it." A Comycke Pastorale, by Master William

Shakesydes. London, no date.
Orpheus and Eurydice ; or, the Young Gentleman who

charmed the Rocks, by Henry J. Byron. Strand, Dec.

26, 1863. D. James, George Honey, Marie Wihon.
Orpheus ; or, the Magic Lyre, by F. C. Burnand. F'or

Amateurs. London, S. O. Beeton, 1865.
Orpheus in the Haymarket, by J. R. Planche. Haymarket,

December 26, 1865.
Othello Travestie, burlesque-burletta, by Maurice G. Dowling.

Liverpool Theatre, Liverpool, March, 1834.



The Other Little Lord Fondleboy, travestie, by Frederick

Bowj^er. Avenue, June i8, 1888.
Our Cinderella, by R. Reece. Gaiety, Sept. 8, 1883.
Our Helen, burlesque, adapted from "La Belle Helene,"

by Robert Reece. Gaiety, April 8, 1884.
Our Oion Antony and Cleopatra, "an absurdity," by F. C.

Burnand. Gaiety, September 8, 1873.
Our Traviata, burlesque, by W. F. Vandervell. Surrey

Theatre, September 14, 1857.
Our War Correspondent, burl., Leicester T., May 27, 1878.
Out of the Ranks, burlesque, by Robert Reece. Strand,

June 3, 1884.
Oxygen ; or, Gas in Burlesque Metre, by R. Reece and H.

B. Farnie. Folly, March 31, 1877.

JTaddy in the Moon Burlesque, by C. H. Hazlewood.
Pan ; or, the Loves of Echo and Narcissus, by H. J. Byron.
Pandora's Box, by H. J. Byron. Prince of Wales's,

December 26, 1866.

ThePaphian Bower ; or, Venus and Adonis. A mythological

burlesque, by J. R. Planche. Olympic, Dec. 26, X832.

Benjamin Webster, W. Vining, J. Bland, Madame Vestris.

Papillonetta, by W. Brough. Prince of Wales's Theatre,

Liverpool, December 26, 1865,
Paris ; or, Vive Lempriere, by F. C. Burnand. Strand,
April 2, 1886. David James, Thomas Thorne, H. J.
Turner, J. D. Stoyle.
Patient Penelope ; or, the Return of Ulysses, by F. C. Bur-
nand. Strand, November 25, 1863.
Paul and Virginia, burlesque, by Arthur Wood. Olympic,

October 15, 1870.
Paul Clifford Burlesque, by C. H. Hazlewood.
Paw Claxvdian, or, the Roman Awry, a travestie of " Clau-
dian," by F. C. Burnand. Toole's, February 14, 1884.
J. L. Toole, W. Cheesman, Miss Marie Linden.
The Peddler of Very Nice, a burlesque of the Trial Scene
in "The Merchant of Venice." Anonymous. Boston,
U.S., Lee and Shepard, 1866.
Pentheus, an Echo of the Greek Drama, by Vincent Amcotts
and W. R. Anson. Oxford, T. and G. Shrimpton, 1866.
The People's William ; or. Randy the (W) Reckless and the
Grand Old Man all at Sea. Birkenhead T., May 12, 1884.
Perdita ; or, the Royal Milkmaid, by W. Brough. Lyceum,

September 15 1856.
Perola ; or, the Jewel and the Duel. Rotherham Theatre,

March 19, 1883.
Perseus and Andromeda, burlesque, by William Brough.
Peter Wilkins, an extravagant extrav, by Gilbert A. a Beckett

and Mark Lemon. Adelphi, April 13, 1846.
Peter Wilkins. Panto-opening, by E. L. Blanchard.

Drury Lane, December, i860.
PhcBton ; or. Pride must have a Fall, by William Rrough.

For Amateurs. London : S. O. Beeton, 1865.
Pickivick, dramatic Cantata, by F. C. Burnand. Comedy,
February, 1889. Arthur Cecil, Rutland Barrington, Miss
Lottie Venne.
Pietro Wilkini ; or, the Castaways, the Wild Men, and the
Winged Beauty, burlesque, by F. Eyles, Jun. Swiss
Gardens, Shoreham, August 18, 1870.
Pirithous, the Son of Ixion, burl., by F. C. Burnand.
Pizarro ; a Spanish RoUa-King Peruvian Drama, by C. J.
Collins. Drury Lane, September 22, 1856. Mr. and
Mrs. Keeley, Mrs. Frank Matthews, George Honey.
Pizarro ; or, the Leotard of Peru, by Leicester Bucking-
ham. Strand, 1862. James Rogers, J. Clarke, Misses
Eleanor Bufton, and C. Saunders.
Pizarro, the Great Tyrant, burlesque, by Mr. Marchant.
Plucky Parthenia, by Robert Reece. Portsmouth, February
26, 1874.

Pluto and Proserpine ; or, the Belle, and the Pomegranate,
by F. Talfourd. Haymarket, April 5, 1858. Compton,

Clark, Braid, Miss L. Leclercq.
Pluto ; or. Little Orpheus and His Lute, by H. J. Byron.

Royalty, December 26, 1881. W. J. Hill, C. Glenney,

Miss Lydia Thompson.
Po-ca-hon-tas ; or, the Gentle Savage, burlesque, by John

Brougham. Wallack's Theatre, New York, U.S.
Poll and Partner Joe ; or, the Pride of Putney, and the

Pressing Pirate, by F. C. Burnand. St. James's, May

6, 1871. Lionel Brough, H. Cox, Mrs. John Wood.
The Pretty Druidess ; or, the Mother, the Maid, and the

Miseltoe Bough (founded on "Norma"), by W. S.

Gilbert. Charing Cross, June 19, 1S69. Published by

Phillips, Regent Circus, London.
Pretty Esmeralda and Captain Phoeius of Ours, by Henry

J. Byron. Gaiety, April 2, 1879. E. Royce, Edward

Terry, Misses E. Farren, C. Gilchrist, and Kate Vaughan.
Pretty Miss Pippin, by Percy Vere (Amateur).
Prince Cherry, and Princess Fair Star, by E. J. Collins.

Strand, July 11, 1855.
Prince Love ; or, the Fays of the Forest, by F. Vandervell.

Philharmonic Theatre, December 26, 1870.
Prince Sohobazar ; or, Eighteen-carat Soup, burlesque-

extrav. , by E.W. Bowles. Kilburn Town Hall, London,

December 11, 1885.
The Princess, by W. S. Gilbert. Olympic, January 8, 1870.
Princess Ida ; or. Castle Adamant. Respectful perversion

of Tennyson's " Princess," by W. S. Gilbert. Savoy T.,

January 5, 1884. R. Barrington, G. Grossmith, Misses

Braham and Brandram.
Princess Ouida ; or. Castle Adamandeve, by H. G. F.

Taylor. London: A. Hays, 1886.
Princess Primrose, by Messrs. Bellingham and Best.

Olympic, June 13, 1866.
Printer's Devil, burlesque extrav. Anonymous.
Prometheus ; or. The Man on the Rock, by R. Reece.
The Proscribed Royalist ; or. Who Stole the Ducks, by Frank

Seymour. Opera House, Leicester, August i, 1881.
Prospero ; or, the King of the Caliban Islands, Imperial

Theatre, December 26, 1883.
Pygmalion ; or, the Statue Fair, by William Brough.

Strand, April 20, 1867.
Puss in a new pair of Boots, by H. J. Byron. Strand, 1862.

(Quasimodo, the Deformed ; or, the Man with the Hump,
and the Belle of Notre Dame, by H. Spry. Grecian,
April 18, 1870.

Queen of Hearts, burlesque. Sanger's Amphitheatre,
Ramsgate, July 14, 1884.

The Quizziology of the British Drama, comprising stage
passions, stage characters, and stage plays, by Gilbert
Abbott a Beckett. London, Punch Office, 1846. With
this is usually found /ScfiTies/rom the Rejected Comedies.
See " Scenes."

Randolph the Reckless, extravaganza, by Victor Stevens.

Salford T., August 6, 1888.
Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia, burlesque, by VV. Brough.

Haymarket, December 26, 1862. Chippendale, Tilbury,

Compton, Louise Keeley.
LeRaiv Carotte, by G. Thorne. Margate T., Sept. ig, 1873
Raymond and Agnes Burlesque, by Mr. Marchant.
The Real Case of Hide and Seekyll, by George Grossmith.

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