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Custance Wm.


Jarvis Wm.


Leake Benjn.


Neale Jonathan


Peele Edmd.


Pearson Fras., sen

, draper

Ransome Sherman mariner

„ Hy.


Rust Benjn.


Sanford Hy.


Sexton Alien


Smith Wm.


Tucker Wm. Cook publican

Turner Saml.


Wardlaw Hy.


Webb Robt


Wyndham Geo.


Witting Geo.

innkeeper (Gresham)


Windluun Coke WodthouM

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6. ^t Mt tax mt

CROMER, APRIL 24^ 1767.

A Rate made by Antho : Ditchell and Tho» Emery Overseers
with the Consent of the Inhabitants of the said Parish to Collect
money for the Relief of the Poor at Four Shillings on the Pound.




M" Windham . . . .



FortheTythes . . . .



For 2/3 of the Vicarage .




M' Wormly Martin 1/3 of the Vicarage



M' Edw<> Brooks for Millers late Saces


For late Millers .




For late Todds . . . .


For late Frary's house


For Bulls Land .



For late Marshalls


For 1/3 of Carters



For Overstrand Town Close


For Bells . . . .


Anth" Ditchell for Smiths .



For the Mill close


For Sir W» Harbords


For late Elders . . . ,


For M" Windhams late in Frary's use


Fra» Pearson late Bennetts


Tho» Emery for M" Windhams

. 12



For Coplands


For Smiths

. I


More for M" Windhams .



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I s.


For land formerly belonging to the W^ Horse


M' Fish late Woodrows


More late Woodrows



Rob* Plumbly late Whalls

' I 7

For rent of Howards Hill .



For the Royall Oak


W°» Cozens for Bullwers


For the School close


For Rent of Butt land



For Frary's Land


Sherman Cutler for the Red Lyon


W» Skinner for Rivets


For Smiths and land in Cromer

I 8

Phillip Hook for Bennetts .


More for his House


W™ Ransom for the Ship .


Jno Willamans late Smith .


For Cooks land .


More for Dybolls


More for M'* Windhams .


Jno Lownd for Bulls


Henry Swan for millers



Ja» Flaxman i8 acres


Ja« Kirby for Ryes


For late Lownds for Malthouse


For late Lownds House


Ja« Riches late Kirbys


Jno Carter 2/3 of a Pound



Cook Wright for Mountains

I 5

Phillip Terry late Jno Goates


Isaac Alsop for the Kings Arms


Jno Cutler late Church's .


Rob* Smith



Jno Rook



Rob* Rook


Ben. Leak


Jo* Masons


Late Hannah Harveys late Smiths .



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£Si 5
6 19


58 5
48 18


9 7
I 15


£ X. //.
Bart Sales late Atchesons . . .2

Rob* Rook for late Whalls . 2

By the Rate .
Town Stock .

Rate & Stock
The disbursements

Remain Stock
Rec** for Ann Steageman's bed

;Cii 2 o\

April the 25, 1767

Allowed by us till just cause be shewn to the Contrary

W Harbord
G Chad

Also Red* Two Shillings wich
was Overcharged in y* Dublycates
makeing which makes y* Stock

;fii 4 oi

[NB : at the head of this year's Ace* is
March 31 1766

We nominate for Overseers for the year Ensueing

Tho* Emery
Antho Ditchell
Rob* Plumbly
Fra* Pearson
Phillip Terry
Rob* Rooke
Henry Swan

June 29^ 1767

P<* M' Emery the Town Stock £g 7 o\
A Ditchell

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7. ^stimatje la ^tpair tJre €hmt\i in 1758*

An Estimate of the Dilapidations on Cromer Churchy as surveyed by
order of tJie Lord Bishop of Norwich, fohn IVyndham, Esg"^,
and Mr. Ellis^ of Cromer^ ^7 f^dy, 17S^*P' Thos. Ivory.

£ s. d.

To new roof the middle Isle with proper scantlings
of the best red wood firr and cells of oak — to
use all the old meterials as far as they will go ;
— ^the roof to be framed with king posts and
trusses to discharge the croud from the walls
and give a perpendicular bearing — the parepet
walls to be taken down and the roof to be made
into an eves drip with a projection of the sparrs
feet about 12 inches over the walls — ^the roof to
be properly boarded and then covered with
Welch slating, and the ridge with lead (and this
roof ought to be on before the side isles are the
least disturbd) all the principalis to stand upon
the baulks .... 230 i o

Repairing the roofs of the side Isles and compleat-

ing them fit for lead again . . . 50 o o

To cover the same again with cast sheet lead of /lb.

to the foot and the laying it . 170 13 2

No covering will do, but lead, on the side
Isles, as the pitch is so flat, and altering that
will be a considerable larger expence in the
Carpenter's work, as well as spoil the sym-
metry of the building both within and with-
out side.

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To glaze the lower windows (only) with Newcastle

quarry . . . . . 25 o o

The upper windows are now wrought up
with bricks but yet shows their form entire —
I would recommend them to remain so, as
there will be light enough from the lower

Regulating the Gravestones and finishing the re-
mainder of the paving with white bricks • 30 o o

A neat flat cieling to the middle Isle and all the

walls to be scrapd, plaisterd, and whitewashd • 45 o o

Smiths* work for the roof and to the windows,

pulpet, &c . . . . 20 o o

Putting up a Pulpet and Desk, six pews and about
doz. long open seats in the middle Isle — a com-
munion table and rails round it and repairing
the Font . . . . 45 o o

Bricklayers' work for lowering the parepets, working
up the staircases at the east end of the church
and many Jobs . . . . 15 o o

For carting . ;f 10 ; and scaffolding . ;£'io . 20 o o

£6so 14 2

Dilapidations on the Steeple.

The Platform of the Steeple to be taken up and
now cast — the timbers to be all repaird firm —
fit to lay the lead on again, for they are now
in as bad repair as possible to stand — the 4
sound windows to be put in proper repair with
oak weather boarding, to keep the weather
from getting into the steeple, w<* has done a
great deel of damage in there. The Frames
where the Bells hang in to be taking down and
the floor to be properly repaird and one Bell

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hung. Some breaches in the steeple to be re-
paird to keep the weather from eating any
further into the walls. The Belfry to be
repaird and the Floors, between the Belfrey and
that where the Bells hang ; and repairing the
south porch, as that is to be the only entrance . 70 o o
Am^ of the Church repairs . . 650 14 2

£720 14 2
For a proper person to conduct and carry on the
business in a regular manner and to pass the
bills and to see the ace** dischargd . . 31 10 o

;^7S2 4 2

By the old lead on the middle Isle

and side Isles with all their spouts,

&c, &c. . • . 280 o o

By the old meterials — having liberty

to use them as farr as they will

go in this alteration
By the 4 largest Bells







The Lead and Bells to be all weighd in the churchyd before its
carryd off the premises, and one of the neighbouring gentlemen to
keep a book of it, and to appoint a Treasurer.

If it is not thought fit to set about these reperations this year,
yet I would recommend that the Roof of the middle Isle be taken
off directly for the better security of the side walls — ^and they will
stand much safer without it — as the pressure is now so great upon

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8. gtd d Jfines.

The following are notes of all the Feet of Fines relating to
Shipden and Cromer down to the year 32 Geo. Il.f

1. 8 Rich^ I. No. 52. Robert Clericus of Ructon (Roughton or

Runton ?) v. ♦Adam son of Helye de Sipeden of 30* in
Sipeden, and half the services of Roger Clericus and of
Reginald Palmer.

2. 10 Rich^ I. No. 162. Richard son of Walter v. ♦Robert

Buinard of 2/- rent in Sipden — the consideration being a
regrant to Roger de Reppes at 2/-, Buinard to hold it of
the latter at 2I6.

3. 4 John. No. 121. Inetta dau. of Godric v. ♦Thomas Dusing

of 10* in Sipeden, the consideration of 20/-.

4. 14 Edw^ I. No. 406. William Gerebreg, vinter, and Johanna

his wife v. ♦Richard Gerebreg of Yarmouth, in Erpingham,
Schipdene, and Yarmouth. [Alice wife of Wm. G. is
mentioned, and Thos. Gerberg puts in his claim.]

5. 14 Edw^ I. No. 431. Reginald son of John de North Reppes

V. ♦Edmund de N. Reppes, in N. and S. Reppes, Sistrond,
Ovestrond, Schypeden, and Ructon — Regrant by Reginald
of land called Wrongedale, and half a mill, &c. — Simon
de Lund (on ?) puts in his claim.

6. 20 & 21 Edw. I. No. 617. ♦William de Bradenham and

Isabel his wife, by Wm. de Sythestrond v. Magr. John de
Bradenham, in Shipeden, N. Repps, and Overstrand, of a
messuage, 50* of land, 2* of pasture, 4* of briar, i» of
pasture, and 4d. rent — Regrant to hold of Wm. as of fee.

7. 30 Ed. I. No. 865. Laurence de Reppes v, ♦John fir

Edmond de Reppes of a messuage and 50* of land, 5»
pasture, 15* marsh, 50* of briar, and 40/- rent in N. and
S. Reppes, Cistrand, Ovrestrand, Rughton, and Shipeden.

t The party to whose name a * is prefixed is the grantor or vendor.

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8. II Ed. II. No. 656. John Brown of Tutyngton v. ♦John de

Oddyngelis of the advowson of the Church of St. Peter
of Shypedene juxta Felbrigg.

9. 18 Ed. II. No. 994. Hugh Tebaud v. *Isabella widow of

Wm. de Bradenham, and Wm. fir Wm. de Bradenham,
in Shipeden, N. Repps, and Overstrond,

10. 5 Edw^ III. No. 203. Clement Hervi of Shipeden and

Milicent his wife v. John fir Robert Tebaud of Shipeden,

in Shipeden.

Do. do. V. the said ♦John of do.

11. 6 Edw^ III. No. 252. ♦Symon Bygot of Felbrigge and

Alicia his wife v. Alexr. de Walcote and Wm. fir Roger
Bygot of Felbrigge, in Herlyng, Palling, Waxtenesham,
Runton, Beeston, and Shipden, and advowson of E.
Harling. [Robert fir Walter de Bemham and Sarra
widow of John de Skeyton, put in their claim.]

12. 7 Edw. III. No. 290. John Colman v. ♦John Brynyng of

Rughton and Katherine his wife, in Shipedene.

13. 21 Edw. III. No. 755. Wm. de Croule of Castel Rysyng v.

♦Robert Mounk of Shipeden and Alicia his wife, in

14. 23 Edw. III. No. 812. ♦Clement Hervy of Shipeden v.

Roger de Hedersete, parson of the Church of Billingford,
and Robert Broun, parson of the Church of Shipeden, in
Shipeden, Overstrond, Rughton (Roughton), N. Repps,
and Felbrygg.

15. 24 & 25 Edw** III. No. 844. John Lom of Shipeden v. ♦Alan

Reyner of Aylmerton and Isabella his wife, in Shipedene.

16. 36 Edw. III. No. 1 1 36. Roger Felbrigge chivaler and John

Habbe v. ♦Simon fil* Richd. Millere of Sheringham and
Matilda his wife, in Roghton, Thorp Market, Felbrigge,
Shipedene, and Metton.

17. 39 Edwd. III. No. 1 2 13. ♦John Aylmer and Helewisa his

wife, and John son of Edward de Gresham, v. John,
parson of the Church of Runtton (Runcton ?), Wm.
Godfrey capell*, Edwd. de Gresham, and John Attc
Boure, in Aylmerton, Gresham, Sustede, Felmyngham,
Basyngham, Rughton, Shepden, and Bodham.

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1 8. 49 Edwd. III. No. 1556. John Bonde of Walsham v. ♦Adam

Gees (Goos ?) of Shipden and Margt. his wife, in Fel-

19. 7 Rich^ II. No. 98. Robt. Popyngeay, John de Gresham,

Robt. Brynyng, and Adam Hare, v. *John Fyniel of
Shipden and Alicia his wife, in Shipden.

20. 12 Hen. IV. No. 117. Richd. de Colby and Margt. his wife

V. ♦John Dregge of Shipden and Johanna his wife, in

21. 2 Hen. VI. No. 5. John Jolyf v. ♦Richd. Fenge and Agnes

his wife, in Shipden.

22. 18 Hen. VI. No. 15. John wyn of Baldeswell, capel-

lanus, Simon Norman, vicar of the Church of Shipden,
and others, v. ♦Richd. Cordy of Castleacre and Johanna
his wife, in Baldeswell.

23. 20 Hen. VI. No. 176. Robert Clere and others v. ♦John

Clement of Crowemer, of the manor of E. Beckham.

24. II Edw. IV. No. 35. John Heydon, Henry Heydon armiger,

Robt. Walssh, Wm. Garlek, and Geoffrey Walssh, v.
♦John Bumpstede and Eliz'^ his wife, in Thorpmarket,
Gunton, S. Reppys, Roughton, Metton, and Shipden.

25. Easter, 19 Henry VII. Sir John Paston, Sir Edwd. Ponynges,

and Richd. Croft v. Roger Townsend, An, and Anne his
wife, manor of E. Beckham, and in E. Beckham, W.
Beckham, Sheryngham, Beeston, Runton, Shipden, Fil-
bregge, Aylmerton, Susted, and Gresham.

26. Trin., 7 H. VIII. John Spylman of Roughton, bocher, v.

Thomas Gryme and Alice his wife, in Cromer and

27. Trin., 7 H. VIII. Henry Chauney and others v. John Wei ton

and Elizabeth his wife, in Crowmer and Shipden.

28. Mich., 21 H. VIII. Thomas Bevys and others v. Willm.

Peerson, sen., and others, in North Walsham and Cromer
otherwise Shypden.

29. Mich., 21 H. VIII. Willm. Brampton, Ar., and others v.

Thomas Shrymplyng and others, in Craneworth and

30. Mich., 23 H. VIII. Robt Marche and others v. John Lewys

and others, in Shipden.

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31. Trin., 24 Henry VIII. Robt Harward of Booton v. Rich.

Gunmour and others, in Crowmer, Felbrige, and Runton.

32. Tria, 24 H. VIII. Edm. Suffeld and others v. John Stalles

and others, in Cromer alias Shipden.

33. Mich., 26 H. VIII. Henry Fuller v. Galfr. Barbour and

others, in Shipden.

34. HiL, 26 H. VIII. Thos. Robyns and others v. John Stacy,

in Shipden als. Cromer, Felbrige, Roughton, Northreppys,
Overstrond, and Fildeallyng.

35. Trin., 27 H. VIII. Sir John Comwallys and others v. Sir

Cristopher Willoughby and others, of the manor of
Roughton, and in Roughton, Crowmer, North Reppys,
South Reppys, Thorp, Gunton, Suffeld, Colby, Hanwortb,
and Felbryge.

36. Mich., 29 H. VIII. Thomas KnoUes and others v. Thos.

Harman and others, in Shipdane.

37. Mich., 32 H. VIII. John Blowfeld and others v. John Bradfeld

and others, in Crowmere otherwise Shypden.

38. Mich., 34 H. VIII. Willm. Mundys, cler., v. Thomas Cawston

and others, in Cromer als. Shypden, and Northreppys.

39. HiL, 35 H. VIII. Robt Rugge, citizen and alderman of

Norwich, v. Christr. Heydon, Esq., and others, of the
manors of North Repps and Metton als. Metton Heyle-
shall, and in North Roughton, South Repps, Trimmingham,
S)^trond, and Crowmer.

40. East, 36 H. VIII. John Gresham v. Sir Nichs. Hare and

others, of the manor of S. Repps, and in S. Repps, N.
Repps, Cromer, Thorpe, and Systrond.

41. Mich., I Edward VI. Sir Robt Holdyche and others v. Robt

Harward, An, and others, in Alburgh, Alby, and Cromer
otherwise Shypdam.

42. Mich., I E. VI. Edm. Suffeld v. John Bradfeld and others, in

Crowmer and Ronton.

43. Mich., 5 E. VI. Clement Harward, Esq., v. Robt Harward,

Esq., and others, in Shipden.

44. HiL, 5 and 6 E. VI. Robt Churche v. Thomas Jenkynson,

hosyer, and others, in Cromer otherwise Shipden.

45. Mich., I P. and M. Robt Baker v. R. Drawer and others, in

Cromer als. Shipden.


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46. Trin., 2 P. and M. Willm. Prator v. Rich. Hylders and

others, in Cromer otherwise Shypden.

47. Mich., 2 Philip and Mary. John Baron, Cler., v. Thos.

Robkyn and others, in Shipden otherwise Cromer, &c.

48. Mich., 2 P. and M. John Baron, Cler., v. Edm. Suffeld and

others, in Cromer.

49. Mich., I and 2 Elizabeth. Jno. Powells and others v. Richd.

Estynges and others, in Cromerall, &c.

50. Mich., 2 and 3 E. Wm. Colbeck v. Wm. Arnold, in Cromer

als. Shipden.

51. Hil., 21 E. Jno. Colby v. Tho. Chapman and others, in North

Repps and Crowmer.

52. Mich., 22 and 23 E. Robt. Underwood, Gent., and others v.

Richd. Arnold, Gent., and others, of the Manor of Uffordys
and Tomlynges als. Tomlyns, and in Cromer als. Shipden,
North Repps, Roughton, &c.

53. Hil., 25 E. Robt. Underwood, Ar., v. Jno. Dodge, An, and

others, in " Goodale " Bamyngham, Cromer, &c.

54. Hil., 26 E. Jno. Deynes v. Edwd. Deynes and others, in

Cromer als. Shipden.

55. East., 27 E. Tho. Gippes v. Robt. Larwood and others, in


56. Mich., 28 and 29 E. Jeronimus Cawston and others v. Jno.

Brighte and others in Cromer and North Repps.

57. East., 35 E. Christopher. Warde v. Robt. Miller, in Cromer.

58. East, 41 E. Hy. Spylman v. Tho. Blofeld and others, in

Shipden, &c

59. Hil., 42 E. Lancelot Holmes v. Geo. Inglond and others, in

Cromer, &c

60. Hil., 2 J. I. Rob. Dey and others v. Edm. Salter, in Shipden.

61. East., 6 J. I. Jo. Canham v. Hy. Robinson and others, in

Shipden, &c.

62. Mich., 7 J. I. Martin Overton and others v. Jo. Jenney and

others, in Cromer.

63. Mich., 1 1 J. I. Gregory Coleby v. Hy. Newton and others, in

Cromer, &c.

64. Trin., 12 James I. Tho. Buckner v. W. Carter and others, in


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65. Mich., 14 J. I. Ja. Underwood v. Tho. Jenkinson and others,

in Cromer, &c.

66. Mich., IS J. I. Jo. Sadler, Gent., v. Elizth. Sadler and others,

in Cromer.

67. Mich., 16 J. I. Jas. Underwood, Gen., v. Rob. Smyth and

others, in Cromer als. Shipden.

68. Trin., 18 J. I. Tho. Baxter, jun., v. Tho. Blofeld and others,

in Cromer, &c.

69. Mich., 18 J. I. R. Bennett, jun., v. Tho. Fyshman and others,

in Cromer.

70. Trin., 13 C. I. Edwd. Hayles, Mil. and Bart., and others, v.

Geo. Wyndham, Mil., and others, of the manor of Uffords
and tenements in Cromer, &c.

71. Trin., 13 C. I. Tho. Wyndham, An, and others v. Tho.

Russell and others, in Cromer, &c,

72. Hil., 14 C. I. Richd. Cox and others v. Johanne Hurst, vid.,

and others, in Cromer, &c.

73. Hil., 18 C. I. Jo. Daynes and others v. Ric Cox and others,

in Cromer, &c.

74. Hil., 1650. Tho. Baxter, Gen., v. Jo. Mangles and others, in


75. Hil., 1652. Rob. Dey v. Rob. AUcock and others, in Cromer,

Felbridge, &c.

76. East, 13 C. n. Rob. Paine v. Jo. Paine, in Cromer als.


77. Mich., 15 C. n. Edm. Britiffe, Gent, and others v. Mar.

(Meir?) Tompson, Drinkmilke, Chosell, Carr, Fox, and
others, in Cromer, &c.

78. Hil., 1668. Tho. Newman v. Jo. Spelman and others, in


79. East, 16 Charles H. Nichs. Whale, Gent, v. R. Pame (Paine ?),

Bennett, Nicholls, and others, in Cromer, &c.

80. Mich., 23 C. n. Tho. Harmer and others v. Jo. Spillman,

Gent, and others, in Cromer.

81. Michs., 7 Geo. H. Eliz. Buttolph, spinster, v. Richd. Smith,

Gen., in Cromer als. Shipden.

82. Easter, Geo. H. Wm. Tower v. Richd. Gay Lucas Clerk and

wife, Mary Adams, and Robt. Ridgewell and wife, in
Runton, Aylmerton, Felbrigge, Cromer, and Marsham.

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lii. APPENDIX Vin.

83. Hil., II Geo. II. John, Lord Hobart, Baron of BUckling, v.

Robert Ransome and wife, Thos. Cubit and wife, in
Cromer and Blickling.

84. Trinity, 16 and 17 Geo. II. Wm. Hall and others v. John

Spooner and wife, Matthew Lawrence and wife, and Mary
Paine, in Hickling, E. Runton, and Cromer als. Shipden.

85. Hil., 17 Geo. II. Francis Windham, Esq., v. Robt. Plumbly

and wife, and Tho. Paul and wife, in Cromer and Runton.

86. Hil., 18 Geo. II. Thos. Henzell, Gent, v. John Kirby and

wife, and James Kirby and wife, in Cromer.

87. Trin., 18 and 19 Geo. II. Do. v. Jas. Mountain and wife, in

Gresham, Aylmerton, Cromer, &c.

88. Trin., 24 Geo. II. Anthony Ditchell v. Francis Chaplin and

wife, in Cromer als. Shipden.

89. Michs., 25 Geo. II. Tho. Capume v. John Miller and Eliz.

his wife, Robt Fickling and Mary his wife, in Paston and

90. Michs., 25 Geo. II. Tho. Henzell v. Tho. Woodrow, Gent.,

and Lucy his wife, in Beeston juxta mare Runton, Cromer,
E. Beckham, Felbridge, and Aylmerton.

91. Easter, 2$ Geo. II. John Withers v. Richd. Frary and Susan

his wife, in Cromer als. Shipden.

92. Trin., 26 and 27 Geo. II. Chas Weston v. Joseph Miller and

Elizth. his wife, and Nathl. Stagg and Mary his wife, in
S. Repps and Shipden.

93. Michs., 31 Geo. II. Tho. Vaughan, Gent, v. Chas. Wyndham,

Esq., and John Wyndham, Esq., in Cromer, Overstrand,
N. Repps, &c.

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9- ^mam Cj^arttrs, tic,

(Patent Roll, i Ed. i.)

m 6— Norff. R(obertus) Fulc(o) et W(illelmus) de Saham v.

Edmundum de Eggemere and others in Sckipdene,
m S (dorse) — Hugh fil' Theobald le Chapel (ler) of Shipden v.

Roger de Lingthweyt and others of land in Shipden.
32 Edw. L, m 15.

Notice to Sheriff to give seizin to Editha de Boys " qd cum

ipsa in cur* R* apud Shclford recupasset seis' suam v.

Willm de Gradenham (Bredeham?) de uno messuagio

cum ptin' in Shipedon, &a"
1 291 — Beeston, Prior of— valued at 2d. in Taxat Eccl., Shipden.
2 Hen. v., N® 30. Tho» de Morlee and o" gave Prior and C. of

B.V. Mary of Beeston (La.) land in Shipden.

(Abbrevatio Placitorum.)

1 1 Edw. I., roll 2. Charter enrolled on roll.

Remigius son of Wm. Mulings (vel Meulings) to the Bishop of
Norwich, all the lands he held of latter in (La.) Shipden.

(Register of St. Benet's Abbey.)

No. ^j6. — Release by Beatrice Wlf (Ulph?) of a messuage and
10 acres in Shipden, 128^

(Chancery Proceedings Temp. Elizbth.)

Thos. Greene v. Tho. Jermy as to premises in Cromer the jointure
of plaintiffs daughter Mary.

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(Bodleian Charters.)

Charter 45 1.

Shipden. Margaret de Creyk, widow, and Robert de Creyk, her
eldest son, grant to Robert, son of Hugh le Flemming, of Ship-
dene, a tenement in Shipdene, paying on the feast of S* John
Bapt, 36 Hen. III., 2 marks; at Michaelmas following, 2 marks;
at the Purification B.V.M., 37 Hen. HI., 2 marks; and at Easter,

Witnesses — Sir Rich' de Bemingham, Tho. de Birrestone, Ric
de (le ?) Soutersone, Rich^ de Boyton, Jordan de SnoUeton.

Charter 452.

William Dikessone of Schepedenne grants to John Gilberd of
South Repps a messuage and a house in Schepedenne, situate
between ho. of John Wlfled and ho. of John Hastyng abuts on
King's Highway on E.

Dated at Schepedenne, St Petronilla the virgin's day, 38 Ed. HI.

Witnesses — John Hastyng, Ralph de Egmor, Alan de Paston,
Ric*«* de Reppes, Wm. Atte Lound, Edmund Colman, Rich**
Fayrcock, and others.

Charter 453.

John Gilberd of South Repps grants to John Wlfled of Schipeden
and Agnes, daughter of Bartholomew Qwentement of Sidestronde,
one piece of land lying in the village of Schipeden.

Dated at Schipeden the Saturday next after the feast of S*
Gregory, 43 Ed. HI.

Witnesses — Tho. de Standon, Jna Hestyng, Jas. the son of
William, Jno. Thommys, — Brinyng, Thos. Perison, Roger
Flemyng, and others.

Charter 454.

Edward Coolman of Gimmingham and Robert Brynyngg of
Schipden demise and confirm to John Coolman of Schipden a
messuage abutting on messuage formerly of Rob' Theobald —
messuage of John Atte Wode of Sydestrond.

Witnesses — ^John Hestyng, John Fymyl (F3miyl or F3miel?
see Fines), W°* Chapman, Bartholomew Everard, John Gyrlyng,
and others.

Dated at Schipden, 6 January, 20 Rich. H.

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Charter 455.

John Colman of Schyppeden grants to W"* Chapman of the same
place, John Breton and Geoffry Sywhat of Babyngle a messuage
in Schyppeden (same as last). Witnesses — John Hestyng, John
Fymyl (Fyniel?), Rich^ Crane, Barth**' Everard, John Gyrlyng,
and others.

Dated at Schyppeden on the day of S* Marcel. Martyr, 20
Rich. II.

Charter 456.

Agfnes, who was the wife of Richard Kyrkeman of Schipden,
grants to Richard Crane and Robert Heyles of the same, one
piece of land in Schipden abuts on cottage of J no. de Trunch.
Witnesses — W" James, Rob* Catelyne, W"* Maryot, W" Arnald,
Tho. Bulwer, and others.

Dated at Schipden on the feast of S* George the Martyr, 12
Hen. IV.

3 J<^ny^ 37 James /. Charter by which Richard Bennet and
William Bennet of Cromer, mariner son of Richard Bennet late of
Cromer mariner dec^ grant to William Carter gent" all their right,

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