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CooKEviLLE, Tennessee

Del Vers

General Dipto,

Choir, '44; Glee Club,

Barbara Ann Richardson
Glouster, Ohio
al Dipio

Athletic Association, '43, '44; Bowl-
ing Manager. '44; Y. W. C. A.,
'43, '44; Ohio

Joan Roberts
Brookhaven, M

Southern Belles, '43 ; Dance C lub
'43 ; Cheerleader, '43 ; Y. W. C A
'44; Tri K, Sergeant at Arms, '44,
Hyphen Staff, '44.

Rosemary Duval


Page Thirty-Three


SvE Sentell


X. L.

C.-iJ,-r<.; Di>(.

Mary Ray Showekman

Xew Okleaxs. Louisiana


G.-mra/ Diflo


Tane Allen Smith

Nashville. Tennessee
Cc:u-ral Diploma
Club. '43; Angkor. '

Louan Smythe

South Bend. Indiana

Penta Tail

General Diploma

Athletic Association; Penta
Sports Manager.

Mary Teter Starr

Calhoun, Georgia


General Diploma

Clif Club, '43, '44; French Club,
'44; V. W. C. A., '43, '44; Georgi;

Phyllis Lynette Tandy

Leo MA, Tennessee


General Diploma, Piano Certifieate

French Club, '43; Glee Club, '43,
'44; Choir, '43, '44; Phi Theta Kap-

eva romaine

Man, West Virginia

^K| ^L ' ^V+r

1%^'^' ' i



So they didn't find the pennant!
Page Thirty-Four

Makv Weaver

Jacksonville, Florida
I'cnta Tau
Dance Dipi
Club, '43, '44; Art Clulj

Peggy Mae Weber
Bartlesville, Oklahoma

General Diplo.
Spanish Club; Dance Club.


Osiron Club, Secretary, '43,
Spanish Club; Phi Theta Kappa
'44; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '43,

Del Vers Club, Tr
Club, Secretary and Treas
TOPS, Second Lieutenant, '43
Active Member of Athletic Assoc
tion, '44; Spanish Club, '43, '44.

Tri K
General Diploma
I Education Certificate

TOPS, Lieutenant. '43, Captain, '44;
Hockey Varsity, '44; Athletic Asso-
ciation, '43, '44 > Student Council,
Secretary, '44.

1^ P«4:^

M*l' ^^^^

■hSw^^'^ ' '^v ^ I^^fl



i JMr^^ri


^1 "^^^


/ say fried chicken!

Page Thirty-Five

II i



iddle Gl


From the mass of bewildered Freshmen that
stepped on the campus last September has de-
veloped one of the biggest and liest Senior-
Middle classes that \\'ard-Belmont has ever

The Mids began a successful year by winning
the hockev game at the fall Senior-Senior-
Middle day in November. They continued to
excel in sports throughout the year, l)oth with-
in their clubs and as a class.

Originality came to the front at the annual
Senior-Senior-Middle banquet in .\pril. Dr.
Alfred Crabb's book. Dinner at Belmont, was
used as the theme and the dining room was

decorated as for one of the famous Acklen din-
ners. A clever program made this traditional
affair a high light of the year for the Seniors.

As for individual achievements, Vanda Nel-
son set a record by making a 3.5 average, the
highest e\-er made at Ward-Belmont. Polly
Summers, with her discussion on inter-American
cooperation in the regional contest, won $500
for study and travel in Mexico. She attended
the national contest in \Yashington, D. C.

The pep and enthusiasm of this class has
made a good beginning for a promising class
of 1945.

The Cotldjc Odd. enjoying one of their more spirited selections, are from left to right: Eleaxhr Jones, Katherine Reese, Twii.a
Comer.' Mary Richards, Harriet Carv, Ann Benton, Lita Stecker. and Virginia Brega

Mid officers are from left to right: Dav Student Treasurer. Anne Goodloe; Boarding Treasurer, Joyce Lawton ; President, Susan
Scheie; Viee-President, Christine Strother; Sergeant at Arms, Louise Jewett; aiW Secretary, Pat Griffin

Dressing in original costumes for the Halloiveen party zvas half the fun,
say this group of Mids

Playing in the unusual Nashville snoiv are
Dot Huleatt, Barbara Kemper, and Polly Summers

Page Thirty-Seven

Jessie Baker
Stoxe, Kentucky

//i'<7/l School CcrtificaU-

Club, Vice-President, '44; Y

A.. '42, '44; Athletic Asso-

, '43. '44; TOPS, Second Lieu

■44; Student Council. Under

Representative. '42. Treas

President, '44; Art Club,

Martha Britton Baird

Nashville, Tennessee

High School Certificate

staflf Club, President. '4.!
ss. Treasurer. '42; Angkor Club,
seant at Arms. '4.!.

]^Iargaret St. John Bell
LE. Tennessee
High School Certificate
Art Club, '43, '44; Honor Roll,

Ann Bissell

Las Cruces, New Mexico


High School Certificate

Student Council, Chapel Representa-
tive. '43; Penstaff Club, '43, '44;
Beta Club. '44; Osiron Club, Treas-
urer. '44; TOPS. '44; V. W. C. A.,
'4.;. '44; Senior Class. Vice-President,
'44; Hvfheii. Reporter
" ■ "Club. Tn


Martha Catharine Black

Cincinnati, Ohio

High School Certificate
Y. W. C. A., '44.

Doris Haynes Blackman

Norfolk, Virginia

A. K.

High School Certificate

Barbara Blythe

Detroit, Michigan


High School Certificate

Southern Belles, '43, '44;
Beta Club, '44: Spanish
Club, '43; Michigan Club,
Treasurer, '44; Glee Club,
'43; Operettas: Patience,
'43, I'iratc.i of l'rin:aiice,
'44; Active Member of
Athletic Association.

Amelia Brent
(Ietii, Arkansas

Hiilh School Certificate

Arkansas Club, Vice-Pres-
ident, '44; Y. W. C. A.,
'44; Hockey Varsity, '44;
Active Member of Athletic

May Elizabeth Caldwell, Tennksskk

High School Certificate

rench Club, '43.

MZit Gould, President
Ann Bissell, Vice-President

Pane Thirty-Eiijhl

Lillian Cannon

Chablottk, North Carolina

F. F.

High .School Certificate

F. F., ScfKcant at Arms, '43, '44;
Y. W. C. A., '43, '44; Art Club, '4 1.
'44; TOPS, '43, '44; Spanish Clul.

Frances Jereldine Careen
CooKEViLLE, Tennessee

F. F.
High School Certificate

Y. W. C. A., High School Repre-
sentative, '44; TOPS, '43, '44; Da
Club, '42, '43; French Club, '43, '44.

Nancy Carter

Fe, New M

Penta Tau

High School Certificate

Penta Tau Club, Vice-President, '44;
Sophomore Class, Secretary,
Beta Club, Secretary, '44; New Mex-
ico Club, Sergeant at Arm
Spanish Club, '43, '44; Beta Club,
'43, '44; Y. W. C. A., '42, '43, '44.

Elizabeth Bomar Cleveland
Wartrace, Tennessee

A. K.
High School Certificate

Penstaff Club, Secretary, '44; Y. W.
C. A. Cabinet, '42, '43, '44; Latin
Club, '43, '44; French, '42, '43;
Dance Club, '42, '43.

Corrine Parrish

Nashville, Tennessee

High School Certificate

Betty Ruth Davis

Hughes, Arkansas


High School Certificate

Preparatory Student Ci
oil, President, '44; St
dent Council, Tre;
'43; Student C
Chapel Representative, '43 ;
Beta Club, '44; Art Club,
'43, '44; International
Singers, '43, '44; Basket-
ball Varsity, '43; Y. W.
C. A., "44; Active Mem-
ber of Athletic Associa-
tion, '43, '44.

Lyn, Nancy, and Bunny

Page Thirty-Nine

Betty Gwaltnev, Secrri :
Xancy McCi-EAKY, ScrijeanI nl

Paqe Porly

All dressed uf for /oit'/i

Page Forty-Oiw

Emmie Keith Jackson
Xashville. Tennessee

//i(7/i School Certificate

shman Class. Secretary ; Baseball
-sitv. ■42. '43: Basketball Var-
sitv. '42. '43: Dav Student C
Sivretarv. '40; Athletic Associatic
Assistant Manager, '4.?; TOPS. Lit
iiant, '44: French Club.

JrniTH Keen Johnson

Fk.'VNkfort. Kentucky

Del Vers
High School Certificate

Vers. Secretary. '44; MlLE-
^"ES, Preparatory Representative.

Nvthcii. Reporter. '44: Y. \V.
\., ''44.

Frances Johnston

.LE, T
School Certificate

Angkor Club, Treasur
staff Club, '42, '43. '44; Lati
'41. '42; Beta Club. '42, '43. 44
Secretary. '43 ; Sophomore Class
- ~ dent, '42; Junior Class
President. '43; Dance Club. '42, '43
Student Council, Day Student Rep
resentative, '43, Secretary, '44
TOPS, '43, '44, First Lieutenant
'44; Active Member of Athletic As
afion, '44; French Club, '42, '43

Lavinia Jones
Nashville. Tennessee

High School Certificate


Sarah Sue Jones

Browder, Kentucky

T. C.
High School Certificate

Mary Ann Keefe

Nashville, Tennessee

High School Certificate

Dorothy Keene

Orlando, Florida

High School Certificate
Alt Club, '44.

Nancy Kellogg

Prairie, Mississippi

High School Certificate
I nnior-Middle Class, Treas-
urer; Hockey Varsity,
44; Swimming Varsity,
43. '44; Orchestra, '43,
44; Captivators, '43, '44;

hamber Music Ensemble,
44; Art Club, '43, '44;
lieta Club, '44; Southern
s, '43, '44; TOPS,
Active Member of
\thletic Association, '43,



Naxcv Kellogg, hoarding Student Treasurer
Jean Hager, Day Student Treasurer

T'atjc Forty-Tivn

E'Lane Kirkpatrick
Nashville, Tennessee

High School Certificate

TOPS. '43, "44; Dance Club,
'43; French Club, '43, '44.


Ilo Lorenz

Coral Gables, Florida


High School Certificate

High School Certificate; Baseball
Varsity, '43; Swimming Varsity, '43,
'44; Swimming Manager, '43, '44:
TOPS, Lieutenant, '44; Y. W. C.
A., '43; Member of Athletic Ass..
ciation, '43, '44.

Anne Mathes
Nashville, Tennessee

High School Ccrtifieate

High School Certificate
Y. W. C. A., '44; Art Club, '44,

Lucy McCalley

Tri K
High School Certificate

Hockey Varsity, '44; Art Club, '43
'44; Y. VV. C. A., '43, '44.

Laura McCleneg-


Charlotte, N. C.

A. K.

High School Certificat,

Eastern Club, Treasure
'44; Dancing Club, '44.

Jettie McIntosii

Lincoln, Nebraska

X. L.

High School Certificate

Nebraska and Iowa Club,
President, '44; Riding
Club. '43; Spanish Club,
'43; Y. W. C. A., '44.

Nancy Jean McCleary

Excelsior Springs, Missour

Penta Tau

High School Certificate

Missouri Club, '44; Art Club, '44
Y. W. C. A., '44; Junior-Middl
Class, Sergeant at Arms.

The Belles of flu- ball

Page Forty-Three

Miss Cathkhxk

Paiic Porly-ftiur

WnuKi-ns. Hull Sfiniisor
' Hav, lldSlCSS

Page Forty-Five

XiNA Makcaket X'ickeks

(."iiAKLOTTE. North Carolina


Hiiih School Certificate

L-nt:itive. '43; Student
Prt-siilent and Secre-
'4.i, '44; V. W. C. A.. '43. '44;
r Liiigue Crippled Children's
, Co-Chairman, '44; Junior-Mid-
lie Class. Cheerleader, '44.

Adine Wallace

Jackson. Mississippi

Hi(ilt School Certificate

Spanish Chih; V. W. C. A.. '43, '44;
Mississippi Cluh. Vice-President, *44.


Betty White
Franklin Tennessee

Hicih School Certificate

Mary Taylor Williams

Nashville, Tennessee

llifih School Certificate

Club, '41. '42; Sophomore
dent, '42; Beta Club, ""
'4.1, '44, Treasurer, '43; Active Mem-
iicr of Athletic Association, '42, '43,
'44; Hockey Varsity, '43.

Pafjc Forty-Six

Mary Towner Winn
Nashville, Tennessee

High School Certificate

Middle Representative on Stu-
hapcl Program, '43, '44; High
Representative of Day Stu-
(luncil. '44; Beta Cluli, '43,
■nstaff Club, '43. '44.

KiHTii Ann Yoimr,

School Certificate

of Athletic Associa-
43. '44; Hockey Var-

Kr.f/CAIiKTH Yijl
Cbawpokuville. Ak
Tri K
fliffh School Certificate
V. W. C. A., '43, '44; Tri K
rctary, '44.

Marv Zanone


Hif/h School Certificate
French Clul). '43. '44; Active Mem
licr of Athletic Atwiciation. '43, "44
TOP.S. '43. '44: Eccowasin. Sccrc
tary, '44.

Kathryn Leah Zu.mstkin

RrxccoLD, GeoRciA

A. K.

Hiffh School Certificate

Y. W. C. A.



The Preparatory School holds a position all its own
in the campus life at Ward-Belmont. The loyalty and
cooperation of the underclassmen add greatly to this.
The Freshman Class established the foundation for a
good record with Jane Edwards as president and Miss
Sadler as sponsor. Under the leadership of Ellen
Warner the Sophomores, assisted by their sponsor, ]\Irs.
Brooks, found a vital place in the "Prep" organization
waiting for them. The Junior Class, led by Jane Stone
Cleveland, continued with the excellent record they
established in the past two years. Mrs. J. R. Shackel-
ford was the sponsor of this class. All three classes
working hand in hand have succeeded in making them-
selves a vital part of the life on the Ward-Belmont


President Jane Edwards

J "ice-Presidcnt Jean Ward

Secretary Cynthia Mizzell

Boarding Student Treasurer Sallie Read

Day Student Treasurer Peggy Henry


President Ellen Warner

Vice-President Judy Babbit

Secretary Betty Tucker

Boarding Student Treasurer Kay Moessner

Day Student Treasurer Nan Haile


President Jane Stone Cleveland

Vice-President Julia Cain

Secretary . Ernestine Morris

Boarding Student Treasurer Emily Barnes

Dav Student Treasurer Barbara White

Freshman Class Offucis Edwards, Henr\, Mizzell, Read

iiopJioniore Class Officers: Hayes, Babbit, W.'^kxer, Moessxek, Tlckek,

Junior Class Officers: Barnes, White, Cle\elaxu. Cain

Page Forty-Seven

Life drannnfj is fun — if yon kiiinv lunv
I'aije Forty-Iiiijhl

"S/tcdk the speech, 1 pray you . . ."

Book reports due?

Careful — 110 explosions !

Page Forty-Nine

"Here's a toast to the host" .

Jester with two in tow

Parje Fifty

No wall floivcrs here

• • •


d at


Will he be tall, dark, and handsome?

Give him a big bite, Curly!

Page Fifty-One

• • •



President Anne Massie

First I'ice-Presidcnt Shirley Bartlett

Seeond Viec-President Jane Bowen

Seeretary Gerrv Young

First Semester Proctors

Senior Hall Carolee Austin

Founders //u//. .Jeanne Driscoll

Fidelity Hall June Wilson

Heron Hall Georgia Coker

Chapel Praetor Gwex Jardine

Second Semester Proctors

Senior Hall Elsa Kii.lingstad

Founders Hall Jean Sanders

Fidelity Hall Barbara Eddy

Heron Hall Shirley Hunt

Chapel Proetor Marv Richards

ISoard'uig Stiideiit Gounci

Anne Massie
President of Student Council

I^jl to right: Anxe Massie, Gerry Young, Makv Richards, Francis Johnson, Jane Bowen, Shirley Bartlett, Jeanne Driscoll,
Georgia Coker, Elsa Killingstad, June Wilson, Jean Sanders

The Student Council, as the executive body at Ward-
Belmont, is an efficient, well-managed organization headed
by its popular and talented president, Anne Massie.

The Student Council serves as a balance between the
student Ixxly and the administration. The council assumes
as one of its duties the comprehension of the ideals of Ward-
Belmont, and the promulgation of the understanding of
the purf)oses of the school by the students.

Each member is aware of her responsibility as a rep-
resentative of the student body, and slie endeavors to give
each particular case, no matter how small, her serious
consideration and unbiased judgment.

Thus, Ward-P.c'lmont may well bo ]jroud of tlic contri-
Ijution of tlic .Stiulcnt Cunncil tu a smootlily-functioning
scliofj] govenimc-nt.

Pafje Fifty-Four

"That makes three minors and one major today," says
"Prexy" Anne White, as the last repenting soul walks
humbly out of the day Student Council. In those well-
known Monday sessions each of the more mischievous girls
knows that her "Day of Reckoning" has come.

Although firmness is the order of the day, an equal and
impartial justice is extended to all. But, perhaps the
most important function that this efficient council performs
is not passing judgment, but "putting a thorn in the side
of all would-be offenders."

From left to right: Frances Brittain, Anne Goodloe, Mary Winn, Anne White, Mary E. Caldwell, Monica Joy, Frances Johsto>

Anne Douglas White
President, Day Student Conned


President Anne Douglas White

First ]'iee-P resident Emily Caldwell

Seeond Vice-President . .Frances Brittain

Secretary Frances Johnston

High S-chool Representative Mary Winn

First Semester Proctor Monica Joy

Second Semester Proctor Anne Goodloe

©at/ Student (Council

Page Fifty-Five


First Semester

President Betty Ruth Davis

rice-President and Secretary

Margie Vickers

Treasurer Elizabeth Riordan

Proctor Anx Hook

I'nderclass Representatiz'e

Veda Breese

Chapel Representatize

Taxe Stoxe Cleveland

Second Semester

President Jessie Baker

I 'ice-President and Secretary

Elizabeth Riordan

Treasurer Emily Barnes

Proctor Cynthia Richardson

( 'nderclass Ret>rcscntatirc

Katherixe Moessxer

Chapel Representative

Ernestine Morris

Vreparatonj School

Jessie Baker and Betty Ruth Davis
Presidents, Preparatory School Council

Lcjl In rif/hl, first rmv: Anne Hook, Bktty Ki hi iJ.wis, Jessie Bakkk, C'iMiha I\I( iiahusox. Scdiul roic; Elizaiiictii Kioiuian,
Emtly Bakxks, Kathkhim-. Mokssner, Jane Stone Cluvelasu, Maujokie \ilki-,i<s, Niciia Bkeese

The I'reparatory School Council ])lays a vital part in fifiilt task. Tliey have, however, proved tliemselves capahle
the student government at W'ard-Helniont. As the inter- of reiulcTiii^^ an efficient and democratic solution to most
preter of school laws, this group is confronted witli a dif- pnjhlems, 'I'licir jiidj^^nient is seldom (|uestioned.

Par)r Fifly-Six

This year the officers and committee members of the
Y. W. C. A. aj Ward-Behnont have worked consistently
and well toward a smoothly running and unselfishly con-
tributing organization. The varied committees serving reg-
ularly at the Vanderbilt Hospital, the Crippled Children's
Home, and at many other charitable institutions are con-
stantly commended for wholehearted service rendered. The
Sunday Vesper Services are conducted by Chairman Mar-

jorie Myers. They feature regularly an interesting speaker
and a music solo.

President Mary Gray has kept all the units coordinating
and maintaining the high standards of previous years. Mrs.
Thomas Donner has taken over the position of sponsor this
year with the resultant enthusiasm of officers and mem-
bers. She has the interest and undivided cooperation of
every student worker.

The I'ulciiliiic Farty cast watch the cro-aniiiig of Kathy Jones, Kiiu/, and Dot Huggett, Queen of Hearts

Mary Gray
President of V. W. C. A.


Entertainment Katherixe Joxes

Hyf<hcn Representatiiv

Dorothy Bass

Tennessee Children's Home

Veronica Beckelhymer

J'anderbilt Hospital . . . Betty Lame
Public Affairs Emily' Wilford

Menibershij' G\ven Jardine

Old Ladies' Home.- Betty Barnes
Preparatory School Representative

Fr.JiNCES C.vrlex

Crippled Children's Home

Sherry .Ames

Sponsor Mrs. Thomas Donxer


President- Mary Gray

Vice-President Barbara Richardson

Second Vice-President Marjorie Myers

Secretary Dorothy Huggett

Treasurer Mary Jean Hoffman

TV. 8. A

Parje Fifty-S^ven


Editor Jeax Howertox

Associate Editor BuxNY Lawler

Day Student Editor Betsy Anne Rowlett

.V«i'j Editor Frances Gh-'gliaxo'j Editor Martha Alexander

Feature Editor Sve Russell

Fashion Editor Dottie Bass

Cartoonist Winky Andrews

Sforts Editor Betty Arthur

Copy Editor Mary Richards

Circulation Manager Liz Riordax

Faculty Adviser Dr. Mixxie E. Wells

Proofreaders Carolee Austin. Rosemary Rusch

Typists... MiMi Rudderman, Ella Jean Frogge

Reporters and Feotiire ll'rilers — XicKi XicoL, TiLLiE Roberts. Joan Rob-
erts. Kathy Jones. Betsy Bishop. Deckie Martin. Ann Benton.
Fraxkie P.\yxe. Ann Bissell. Judy Duxham. Mimi Ruddermax.
Helex Jean Merker, Marie Mouxt. Tuhy Johxson. Mary Maude
Dyke, Elizabeth Wailes


Jean Howertox
Editor of Flyl'hcii


From left to right, background: DoTTiE Bass, Mary Richards, Winky Andrews, Frances Giugliano, Sue Russell, Betty Arthur.
Foreground: Elizabeth Riordax, Martha Alexander, Dr. Minnie Wells, Jean Hovverton, Bunny Lawler

The query, "Is the Hyphen up yet?" heard every Satur-
day morning i.s a tribute to the popularity of this campus
weekly which was given a First-Class Honor Rating by the
Associated Collegiate Press. The Hyphen staff, headed by

capable liditor Jean Howerton, has striven, as have other
staffs since 1914, to give the students of Ward-Belmont
a paper which is worthy of them — a paper which interprets
the principles of the school through the eyes of its students.

Page Fifty-Eight

From the beginning of this year, the stafif of Milestones
has been working to bring you this yearbook. There is
no denial that it has been hard work, but there is in its
completion the satisfaction of having done a job well and
the added joy of being able to leave some lasting thing for
the school we have learned to love so much.

Looking through this book, you will find that the staff
has attempted to catch some of the memories you will al-
ways have and put them in the book in the form of pic-

tures and write-ups. Of course, it is impossible to put all
the memories of one school year into one volume, but per-
haps there is enough here to remind you of the many
things which could never be written or put into pictures.
This book has meant untiring effort on the part of the
editor, full cooperation on the part of the stafif, and the
guidance of the faculty sponsor. To you it should mean a
thing to keep and to look through many times in the years
after you have left \\'ard-Relmont.

f-roiii kit to right, hack nnv: Lorrai.\e Perdue, Margaret Burk, Karen Larsox, Susax Russell, Florence Andrews [ean How-
ERTciN. Front nw; Judith Johnson. Mrs. Frieda Bambas, Ann Bissell, Betty Brooker. Judy Dunham. Jeanne" Driscoll,

Marcaret Ann White, Margery Nicol

T/ie c%7estoHes Sftaff for IQ-l-i

Betty Brooker
Editor ill Chi^f

Editor in Chief Betty Brooker

Day Student Editor Margaret Ann White

Associate Editor Jeanne Driscoll

Feature Editor Judy Dunham

Assistant Mary Richards

Art Editor Florexce Andrews

Photographic Editors Lorraine Perdue, Ann Bissell

Day Student Reprcsentatiz'c Margaret Burk

Preparatory School Representative Judy Johnson

Business Manager Susan Russell

Sponsor Mrs. Frieda Bambas

Page Fifty-Nine


.Associate Editor
Rt-itTC Editor
Poetry Editor

Art Editor

Exchaniic Editor
Biisiiitss Manager. . .
Circiilatioii Maiiattcr
Fai-iilty .Idziscr


Betsy Bishop

Marie Mount

Betsy Anne Rowi.ett

Betty Barnes

Sue Russei.i.

Margaret Burk

Deckie Martin

Mary Emily Caldwell

Miss Elizabeth Sadler



Betsy Bishop
Editor of Chimes

l-'irst row, left to riijht: Edi Williams, Joan Kussell, Martha Baird, Bunny Lawler, Marie Mount, Anne Douglas White,

\tARV Richards. Viviax Moss. Second row: Kathleen Norris, Deckie Marti.n, Phil Harrison, Betsy Bishop, Virginia Luebre,

Ri'TH Hoe, Emii.y Caldwell. Third row: Betty Barnes, Nancy Ross, Margaret Burk, Carol Bay, Peggy Freeman, Janet

Fogertv, Fav Maples, Jeax Hacer, Mary Jane Sherrill, Elizabeth Wailes, Shirley Jean Hunt

This year's Chimes is a new, streamlined version of a
verj' olfl tradition. The four editions of the magazine have
presented the very best writing d^me at \\'ard-Belmont
this year.

Re.sjx)nsible for tiie unusual success of Chimes is the
editor, Het-sy ]iishf)p, wiio, aided by the staff and the spon-

sor, .Miss Sridk-r. liavc carefully sorted out and selected
the articles, stories, and ijoeins which have been handed
on to you. Chimes this year represents in a small way
the thinking of our generation during this critical time,
and in a very large way, the thinking and writing done
at Ward-]^>elmont.

Pat/e Sixty

With "Nicki" Nicol as president, the Athletic Associa-
tion promotes sports and healthy competition throughout
the year. Girls who are prominent in any or all sports
become active members of this organization. Eight stu-
dents who were outstanding in various sports last year

were elected managers, and it was tiieir job to plan the
year's club games and to take care of all equipment. Under
Aliss Catherine Morrison's sponsorship, the Athletic As-
sociation establishes high ideals for conn-adeship, good
sportsmanship, and fair play.

First rozv, from left to right: Betty Arthur, Elizabeth Riordan, Margery Nicol (president), Ilo Lorenz, Mary Elizabeth
I'EEMSTER. Second nnv: Dorothy Bass, Margaret Burk, Nancy Hart, Polly Bass, Peggy Freeman, Barbara Richardso.\,

Jane Gray Knowles, Veronica Beckelhymer

Margery Nicol


President Margery Nicol

rice-Presidents Margaret Burk, Nancy Hart

Secretary Peggy Freeman

Treasurer 'N^eronica Beckelhymer

Genera! Manager Mary Elizabeth Feem.<;ter

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