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the sidelines at Washington's Birthday, May Day, and graduation.
Next year they will take their places as Seniors with a resolve
to use their spirit, cooperation, and ideals in leaving Ward-Belmont
a better school than the one they entered. Let's give a cheer for
the Mids of '46 . . . the Seniors of '47.


President En'IlLyn Dicken.^on

I'iec-Prcsideiit Connie Williams

Secretary Joanne Jeans

Boarding Treasurer Beverly Stevens

Day Student Treasurer Billie Jeax Hailey

Serncant at Arms Jo Harriman

Sponsor Miss Margaret Newhali.




J 'ice-Presideitt .

Xanxy Broyles Secretary Mary Jane Stuckey

Betty Tvcker Boardiiuj Treasurer Jane Faulk

Dax Treasurer Milbrey Jackson

Seriieant at Arms.


Shirley \"loedman
Miss Leach

Left te rialit: Betty Tucker. Shirley \'loedmax. Nancy Broyles, Mary Jane Stuckey, Milbrey Jackson

Miss Leach

Jane Faulk

'I he hill intd Ihc shnri nf it



who made their debut with the rattle of the tin woodman
and other Oz characters at the Inter-Hall Party, and took
their curtain call in white dresses and roses at graduation ;
whose atoms were unleased on Junior, Junior-Middle Day,
and were fused into tears at the Senior Banquet.

Forgetting about chemistry and English, they dashed
to the smoker during "recreation," but were called back
by the shout, "Study hall, y' all." In a mad rush from
the chapel they fought to form a weaving, chanting line
outside the Tea Room. They rolled over when they heard

the breakfast bell on Saturday morning and later, in pin
curls, and jeans, appeared in Middle March reading their
mail and drinking cokes. They introduced prep senior
hats. Bouncing to class shouting, "Let it rain, let it rain,
let it rain" ; sharing books, clothes, and money like a huge
family: inventing new languages and coining trick phrases
. . . they are easily distinguished on campus as one of the
most alive and united groups at Ward-Belmont.

"The Junior-Middles stand before you," with ideals and
spirits high, personifying the promise of youth.

Nancy Adair
Jcne Baumgartn

Joyce Arnett
Carolyn Bernard

N'ancv Aimir . Indianapolis. Intl. Xkll Baikij Nasliville, Tenn. Katii i:i( Bi:\'n';K

A. K. Anti-Pandora

Hiyh School Ceriificate lliuh School Certificate

Sergeant at Arms, Glee Club; Spanish Club; V.W.C.A. V.VV.C.A.; Round Tal>le Club.

7^ F.
Hli/h School Ccrtificutc

Charleston, Ind. Bash am

Hardinsburg, Ky.

JovcE .■\r.\ett I^eitclifie'.d, Ky.

X. L.
Hiuh School Certificate
VriKior, North Front Hall.

JiiNi; Bai-mcakt.vkk lnncsvilk-, \\'\

\. L.
llillh School Ccrlificiilc
(;ifc- Club; .Si,.iTii>b Club.

A.NN Bawjett Memphis, Tenn. (ahoi.v.s Bkk.naud Korkwood, Tenn

A. K. !••. I'.

Hiuh School Certificate lliiih School Lcylifirolc

V.W.C.A.; TOPS; French Circle; Sfiecch Club. V.W.C.A.; Kound T.ibic Club.

Barhara BiBLii Austin, Texas

Hi(/h School Certificate

I'riiclor. Ilcriin Hall; Sergeant at Arms. Agora; Home
Kcononiics Club; Speech Club; Archery Varsity; Ath-
letic Association; Treasurer, Junior Class; Junior
Lieutenant, TOPS; V.W.C.A. ; H\phcn Feature Writer.

I'.DiiH RiTZKK Johnson City, Tenn.

Tri K

llillh School Certificate

\'icc-l'ri-sirlctit and Secretary, Preparatory Student
Conni-il; President, Student Council; President, Siian-
isli Club; Second Lieutenant, TOPS; National lieta

Barbara Black Joan Blackford

Margaret Boylin Veda Breese

Barbara Black St. Louis, Mo.

F. F.

Hiyh School Certificate

Joan Tyree Blackford. .. Signal Mt., Tenn.


Hiijh School Certificate

Margaret Malone Blair St. Louis, Mo.

F. F.

High School Certificate

Lee Boatwright Kansas City, Mo.

X. L.
Hiah School Certificate

Athletic Association; Glee Club; Hockey Varsity; Span-
ish Club.


Margaret Malone Blair
Nancy Broyles

Louise Bohon Lexington, Ky.

X. L.
Hi(/h School Certificate
Y.W.C.A. ; Spanish Club.

AiARGARET BoYLiN NashviUe, Tenn.

Hirih School Certificate

Veda Breese Hamilton, Ohio

A. K.
Hicfh School Certificate

Athletic Association; Sergeant at Arms, A. K. ; Y.W.
C.A. ; Sergeant at Arms. Freshman Class; Underclass-
man Representative to Council ; Chapel Representative
to Council; Proctor; President, Council; Hockey Var-
sity; Sergeant at Arms, Spanish Club.

Lee Boatwright Louise Bohon

Emma Cain Betty Bruce Cate

Nancy Broyles Greeneville, Tenn.

A. K.
High School Certificate

Beta Club; Y.W.C.A.; Round Table Club; Spanish
Club; TOPS; President, Junior-Middle Class.

Emma Cain Nashville, Tenn.

High School Certificate

President. Eccowasin; Round Table Club; Spanish
Club; TOPS.

Betty Bruce Cate Nashville, Tenn.

High School Certificate

President, Junior Class; Beta Club; High School Rep-
resentative on Day Student Council; President, Ariston
Club; Secretary, Beta Club; Round Table Club; First
Lieutenant, TOPS; Active Member, Athletic Associa-

Nell Chilton
Carmen Cooke

Ella Clark
Dorothy Coolidge

Nell Chilton Nashville, Tenn. Pat Conway Mary Ellen Coverdale Lebanon, Tenn.

Eccowasin Eccowasin
High School Ceriificale High School Certificate
SerKcant at Arms, Eccowasin; Baseball Varsity; TOPS; Basketball Manager; Eccowasin Club; Junior Lieu-
Spanish Club; Athletic Association. tenant, TOPS; Treasurer Junior Class; Proctor, Day

Student Monitors; Beta Club; Captain, TOPS; Pre-

p, , . r, .oir Ccrn] naVilpc Fla iiaratory Basketball Varsity; Preparatory Baseball Var-

lt.LLA LLARK ^ .L-Oral UaDles, ria. i^.^^. ^,|,|^,j^ Association; Basketball MaiiaRer; Presi-

■ ., rAi,..i.-v rr,r,t^ir AtVipnc Tpnn dent. Day School Council; Athletic Manager.
High School Certificate (^AKMfc.N LOOKE _ Alliens, lenn.

Basketball Varsity; Hockey Varsity; Art Club; Y.W. „,-^^ ^^;,„^; Certificate Celeste Craig Nashville, Tenn.

Y W C A ^"^''°''

Bettie Clakk Orlando, Fla. ■"•'»'' ^''""'' Certificate

A. K. Secretary, Angkor Club; Round Table Club; Secrc-

Iliah School Certificate tary. Beta Club; Vice-President, Pcnstaff; Preparatory

Baseball Varsity; Active Member, Athletic Associa-

Glcc Club; Y.W.C.A. tion; First Lieutenant, TOPS; Chemistry Club; Art

Mary Coble Nashville, Tenn.

Hi h Sch^'l^Certificate DoKOTiiY Cooliik;k , . , Nashville, Tenn. Kli/.aiieth Davidson. . Nashville, Tenn.

" * ■'* Eccowasin Lccowasin

Sergeant at Arms, Junior Class; French Club; Pen- Hiah School Certificate High School Certificate

staff; Vice-President, Triad Club; Hi(th Schfjol Rc-pre- ■ „ ,■ »« i- ■ « i n

sentalive on Student Council; Vice-President, Frc-nch Sergeant at Arms, Eccowasin; Second Lieutenant, Eccowasin Bowling Manager; Eccowasin Baseball

Club; Round Table Club. TOPS; Round Table Club. Team; Eccowasin Bowling Team.

Suzanne Dudley
Marjorie GUmore

Joyce Douglass Hope Hull, Ala. Jane Faulk Thomasville, Ga.

High School Certificate

Clare Ann Drowota Nashville, Tenn.

High School Certificate

Hillsboro High; Sergeant at Arms, Angkor; Penstaff;
Chimes Staff; Spanish Club; Bowling.

Tri K
High School Certificate

Class; Spanish Club;

Jane Foster Cookeville, Tenn.

Tri K
High School Certificate

Suzanne Dudley Jackson, Mich. Vice-President, Tri K.

T. C.
High School Certificate
Speech Club.

Virginia Englett Atlanta, Ga.

High School Certificate
Y.W.C.A.; Hockey Varsity; Turf and Tanbark Club. Club; Spanish Club; TOPS.

Adelaide Geny Nashville, Tenn.


High School Certificate

Treasurer, Eccowasin Club; Member, Round Table

Virginia Englett Jane Faulk

Amelia Goar Myrtha Green

Marjorie Gilmore Parkersburg, W. Va.

High School Certificate
President, Round Table Club; Y.W.C.A.

Amelia Goar Nashville, Tenn.


High School Certificate

Hillsboro High; Secretary, Eccowasin; French Club.

Myrtha Green Live Oak, Fla.

High School Certificate

Joanne Harper

Anne Grime> Xashville, Teiin.

Hiffh School Certificate
TOPS; Vice-President. Ariston; Round Table Club.

Jeax Glttmax Covington, Tenn.

F. F.
Hioh School Certificate
S[ianish Club.

X.\.v Haile . Xashville, Tenn.

nigh School Certificate

President, Freshman Class; Treasurer, Sophomore
Class; Penstaff Club; Secretary and Treasurer, Pen-
suff Qub; Beta Club; French Club; Vice-President,
Flccowasin Club; Active Member. Athletic Association;
Honor Roll Student, Chapel Committee.

Marv Ann Hailey Nashville, Tenn.

Hiijh School Certificate

Round Table Club; French Club; Penstaff; President,
Beta Club; Secretary, Day Student Council; Honor

Grace Harding Nashville, Tenn.

Hiph School Certificate

Spanish Club; Chemistry Club; Baseball Team; Club
Hockey Team; Honor Roll. Hari'ER Prcscott, Ariz.

F. F.
Hioh School Certificate

Hockey; Athletic Association; Chemistry Club; Pen-
staff; Sergeant at Arms. F. F. Club; Treasurer, Pre-
paratory BoardinK .Schwjl Council; Y.W.C.A. ; Mile-
STO.sEs Staff.

Mary Elizabeth Hayes. , , Brentwood, Tenn.


High School Certificate

Round Table Club; Club Hockey and Basketball Letters.

Jo Ann Hollingsworth. . . Jacksboro, Tenn.
F. F.

Hiith School Certificate

Joan Hoofer Nashville, Tenn.

High School Certificate

Spanish Club; Round Tabic Club; First Lieutenant,
TOPS; Club Hockey Team; Basketball Team; Base-
ball Team.

Jank Hrfiiiics Nashville, Tenn.

High School Certificate

Sergeant at Arms. Tri,ad; History Club; Triad Hockey
Team; TOPS; Triad Bowling Team.

MiLBREY Jackson Nashville, Tenn. Gene Allen Kennedy Nashville, Tenn.

High School Certificate

Basketball Varsity; Dav Student Treasurer, Junior-
Middle Class; Treasurer, Triad Club; First Lieutenant,
TOPS; Active Member, Athletic Association; Round
Table Club.

High School Certificate

TOPS; President, Angkor Club; Secretary, Freshman
Class; President. French Club; PensJaff; Beta Club;
Round Table Club.

Emily Manchester Nashville, Tenn.

High School Certificate

Betty Julius Cincinnati, Ohio

Del Vers

High School Certificate

Round Table Club; Spanish Club; Art Club; Y.W.C.A.

Barbara Katz Houston, Texas

High School Certificate
Drum Corps; Speech Club; Y.W.C.A.

Rhoda Kellogg Monroe, La.

Tri K
High School Certificate

Grace Korstian Durham, N. C.

High School Certificate

Letitia Laming Chanute, Kans.

P. T.

High School Certificate
Y.W.C.A.; Spanish Club.

Katherine Moessner Columbus, Ohio

A. K.
High School Certificate

Y.W.C.A.; TOPS; Boarding Student Treasurer, Soph-
omore Class; Student Council Treasurer, Round Table
Club; Beta Club.

Eleanor Morris England, .\rk.

F. F.
High School Certificate

Charlotte Naiden
Patricia Potter

Charlotte Xaiijen Monroe, La. Sai,ly Peebles Franklin, Ky. Jeanne Russell Midland, Texas

Agora Penta Tau

High School Certificate High School Certificate

Second Lieutenant, TOPS; Y.W.C.A.; Spanish Club. V.W.C.A.; Beta Club; Chetnistry Club.

Penta Tau
High School Certificate
Y.W.C.A.; Round Table; Spanish Club.

Marie Pender Greenwood, Fla.

Del Vers

EmME OSMENT Nashville, Tenn. High School Certificate

Ariston V.VV.C.A.; TUPS.

High School Certificate
Athletic Association; Athletic Manager, Ariston; Base-

ball Varsity; TOPS; Spanish Club; Round Tabic Club. PATRICIA PoTTER Nashville, Tenn.

IHuh School Certificate

Xa.sxv Peacock Janesville, Wis. Jima Kiika Greeneville, Tenn.

Penta Tau A. K.

Iligh School Certificate IHuh School Certificate

High Schwjl Glee Oub: Y.W.C.A.; Spanish Club. Y.W.C.A.; Spanish Club; Kound Tabic.

QuiNCY Belle Ryan Nashville, Tenn.

High School Certificate
.Sccrct;iiy, Junior Class; Turf and Tanbark Club.

Molly Shanks Crossville, Tenn.

A. K.

High School Certificate

Choir; President, High School Glee Club; Interna-
tional Sextet; Y.W.C.A.; Round Table Club; Hiah
School French Club

Joan Simon Lois Ann Simon

Challie Thornton Margaret Toole

Joan Simon Tampa, Fla.

F. F.

High School Certificate
Glee Club; Cheerleader; Art Club; Y.W.C.A.

Lois Ann Simon Lincoln, Nebr.

T. C.

High School Certificate

Mariroselle Sparks Jackson, Mich.

F. F.

High School Certificate
Y.W.C.A.; Speech Club; Round Table Forum.

Mary Jane Stuckey Lepanto, Ark.

High School Certificate

Vice-President, Student Council; Secretary, Senior
Class; Y.W.C.A.; Spanish Club; Round Table Forum.

Mariroselle Sparks
Polly Trammell

Betty Thomas Huntsville, Ala.

A. K.

High School Certificate
Spanish Club; Y.W.C.A.; Round Table Forum.

Challie Thornton Nashville, Tenn.

High School Certificate

Sports Manager, Angkor; Secretary, Spanish Club;
High School Softball Varsity; Athletic Association;
Beta Club.

Margaret Toole Chattahoochee, Fla.

Tri K
High School Certificate

Speech Club; Y.W.C.A.; Captivators; High School
Glee Club; Orchestra; Drum Corps.

Mary Jane Stuckey
Betty Tucker

Betty Thomas
Eugenia Tuhtar

Polly Trammell. . Thompson Station, Tenn.


High School Certificate

Betty Tucker Nashville, Tenn.

High School Certificate

Vice-President, Junior-Middle Class; Beta Club; Cap-
tain, TOPS; Secretary, Sophomore Class; Round Table
Club; Library Committee.

Eugenia Tuhtar Janesville, Wis.

Tri K
High School Certificate
Spanish Club; Speech Club; Y.W.C.A.

EUen Warner Mar* Ria.J> W cave
Joan Winters Martha W ucdc.K-k

1 Mar

V Clark Web^lur
Patt Wyl.ler

Ki.i.E.v Warner Naslivillf, Tciiii.

lliyh School Certificate

Sara A.n.n W'li.r.i


AMS - , Bessemer, Ala.

Tri K
Schuul Cvrlificule

Martha Bi

.•FORI) WooixocK Nashville, 'reuii.
Hilih School Certificate

F'residenI, Stiphomore Class; H(Kkey V'arsity; Penstaff;
Beta Club; President, Triad Cliili; Chemistry CIuIj;
Athletic AftAociation.


Club; Treasiii

. Angkor Club; Penstaflf; K.jum.I Table
■er. Art Club.

Marv Rkauv Weaver Nashville, Teiin.

Uiyh School Certificate


Xasliville, Teiin,


Hound TaMc Clul..


Schvul Certificate

Marv Clark Web.ster Knoxvillc, Tenn.

Member, Hela Club;
Tennis Varsity; Span

Member, Athletic Association;
ish Club.

Patt Wvi.ii

ii-;r Albur|uert|iie, N. M.

Hiyh School Certificate

Vice-President. Freshman Class; Sergeant at Arms,
Anti-Pandora Cluh; Mouthful in ABC Contest; Vice-
President, Junior Class: Jolly in ABC C™test; Treas-
urer, Student Council; V.W-C.A.; Spanish Cluh;
Round Table; .Memljer, International Singers.



Xasliville, 'reiiii.
School Certificate

llillh School Certificate
A. K.; Basketball Manager; Glee Club; Vice-President,
Siianish Club; Home Economics Club; Hockey Var-
sity; Athletic Association; First Lieutenant, TOPS;
^'.W.C.A.; Secretary, New Mexico Club.

-'' ^,- Vx s^ ^^-^ -V,^ -^^

Pfiejiaui(}fiij wnJeficUssmen

First yo'iV, left to right: Sarah Jane Mathes, Frances Farris,
Judy Merrtck. Standing: Betty Marshall, Hardwick Newton

President Judy Merrick

] 'ice-President Hardwick Newton

Secretary Anne Rich

Day Treasurer Betty Marshall

Boarding Treasurer Sarah Jane Mathes

Sergeant at Arms Frances Farris

^1, i

First roiv, left to right: Dokothv Hailey, Nancy Gullett, Molly

Neill. Second rozu: Annabel Gayden, Mary C. Woolwine, Ann


President Dorothy Hailey

; 'ice-President Nancy Gullett

Secretary Annabel Gayden

Day Treasurer Ann Hamilton

Boarding Treasurer Molly Neill

Sergeant at Arms Mary Catherine Woolwine

Left to right: Betty Gant, Lucy Wright, Joan Hays Margaret


President Betty Gant

Vice-President Lucy Wright

Secretary Shirley Berger

Day Treasurer -. .Margaret Hayes

Boarding Treasurer Joan Hays

I /





The Captain's" daughter squired by livo

Some of the "Prineipals" liiwd ii



'The grand finale" of an excellent production of "Pinafore"


Under the direction of Dean Alan Irwin of the conservatory and Mrs.
J. H. Kremer, director of the Castle Heights Glee Club, the musical talent
of Ward-Belmont and Castle Heights Military Academy combined to present
the Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera. "The H.M.S. Pinafore."

Miss Rcdingcr as Josephine and Jcimic
Parr talk things over behind scenes

"I'm Dear Little Buttereuj^," sings
Molly Shanks

Sir Joseph Porter, K.C.B.. 'li'ilh one
of liis many cousins

Miss Rediiuicr as "Josephine" Tt'n:
Ralph Rack Stroiv in Pinafore

Pal IVindle hriurj.'s jiirlh snji and lint' strains «/ the harp
Selle Sellers ijcis last-mbmlc recital lips

Ann Williams gir^s delightful chapel performance

Just one of many practice hours for Jean





r "^M^^^l

B ' K^J^S

r f'JB

'^' x.^



1 ](














The Octet entertains icith Christmas Carols

umu um

The Octet, directed by Miss Marilyn
Redinger. is a select group of college
singers. They entertained at W'ard-Bel-
niont for Xashville clnhs. and. with the
ciioir. made a spring trip to Kentucky,
where the}- presented two programs.

Left to right: Mary Jo Warren, Jo Harriman, Jennie Parr, Ruth Marie Walls,
Barbara Ann Davis, Ruth Ann Grantham, Joy Roberts, Sue Irish, Peggy Elliott,

Miss Redinger

am un

The newly-organized High School Glee
Club made its debut at the Christmas
Musical and contributed to the Music
Week vocal ]>rogram. This group of
novice musicians, directed by Miss ^lari-
lyn Redinger, has the dual purpose of
a fuller understanding and a deeper ap-
preciation of music.


/.cjl to right: Ass Stanford, Nanxy Adair, Martha Durham, Mona Taylor, Mary

I,oi;isE Galloway, Nancy Peacock, Margaret Tf)OLE, Miss Redinger, Sue Svvinforde,

Dorothy Wilkinson, Suzanne Dickinson, Jicne Baumgartner, Lenoke Bundy, Molly

Shanks, Joan Simons

mnm belles

This organization is a prominent tradi-
tion of Ward-Belmont. It is a string
ensemble of the most talented girls in
school. Furnishing the music for the
ever-beautiful George Washington pro-
cessional, this group was a highlight of
the evening-.

Left to right: Mary Jean Crane, Mary Laura Cannon, Ruth McCoy, Betty Bryant,

Frances Ragland, Betty Meggs, Evelyn Dickenson, Sarah Mathes, Betty Gant,

Judy Wheeler, Rosemary Reynolds, Mamie Merriwether


One of the most versatile organizations
on campus, the Captivators, switch at the
slightest provocation from circus music
to "I'm in the Mood for Love" and the
latest song hits. Fronted by Shirley Cor-
rough and with such stars as Miss Jean
Ryder and Pat Tanton, Sheila Kennard,
Pat Rhine, and vocalist Peggy Henry, the
Captivators continue as one of Ward-Bel-
mont's most popular musical groups.

Left to right: Pat Rhine, Peggy Henry, Shirley Corrough, Pat Tanton, Dorothy

Blaine, Miss Ryder, Sheila Kennard, Mintie Cantrell, Nancy Pippins, Mary Lou

Phelps, Margaret Toole, Marjorie Malin, Barbara Hanson, Carolyn Graham


BsdfiJinii otudeni (j&uncil

Built on the fundamental principle that students may in cooperation with Miss Casebier was the publication of

best be governed by other students, the Student Council a revised handbook for new students.
was organized to enforce rules and to make judicious de-
cisions. Sponsored by the Council and directed by Ruth \\"ard-Belmont is a comnuuiity. and as such nuist have

Evans and forty campus leaders, extensive plans for its governing body. The Student Council, by endeavoring

Orientation Week were carried out at the beginning of the to promote justice and integrity, has proven itself worthy

year. Another project undertaken this year by the Council of its responsibility and the trust of the students.


President Nelle Sellers

First J'icc-Prcsidciit Janet Neumann

Second Vice-President Jeanne Bryant

^■^ -\3P3r"i«' Secretary Betty Hoover

^sSl'td*^) / * "^^ ^'"* Semester Proctors

_'?Vj«M 1 . / Wiife^ Pembroke Hall Martha Maddux

(• ' ' i»iS>! ^'"' ^"" Marilyn Parnell

, s ^V , . Fidelity Hall Jane Hart

\»-___i ' -^ -^fcM Founders Hall Marilyn Whitney

< V: ^"^^ Chapel Beverly Teel

i;> /' ^ ^""^ ^ i^*

^ y^ Second Semester Proctors

• -^^ Pembroke Hall Frances Lewis

''^'^•^■^ ' Hail Hall Ann Flesher

/ Fidelity Hall Jackie Koon

Founders Hall Barbara Thorne

Chapel Beverly Stevens

Nelle Sellers. President

Seated, left to right: Betty Hoover, Nelle Sellers, Janet Neumann. Standing: Beverly Stevens, Martha Maddux, Jeanne
Bryant, Marilyn Parnell. Marilvx Whitxev, Frances Lewis, Gerry Davis, Beverly Teel, Jane Hart, Jackie Koon

^a^ Siuaeni (/(^unc//

Extremely efficient in all its duties, this organization has
again this year distributed its usual number of majors and
minors. But, though this is true, the main purpose of the
Council is not to punish or to prohibit pleasures. Form-

ing the connecting link between the administration and
day students, the Day Student Council strives to promote
school spirit and respect for school laws.


President Emmie Jackson

Vice-President Mary Ellen Coverdale

Secretary Mary Ann Hailey

Hiyh Sehool Representative Mary Coble

First Semester Proctor Martha Baird

Second Semester Proctor Helen Elizabeth Keith

Sponsor Miss Roberta Wikle

Emmie Jackson, President

Left to right: Mary Coble, Mary Ellen Coverdale, Emmie Jackson, Martha Baird, Mary Ann Hailey



C ^ t



PfiejmMhfiij Bominii Skaeni (jsuncil

Tlie Preparatory School Council proves itself a capable The aim of the Council is not only to build character among

and efficient democratic governing body on the \\'ard- Preparatory students, but also to bring them into closer

Belmont campus and functions as an interpreter of school touch with the administration,
rules, passing judgment on the misdemeanors of students.


First Semester

^'^^P ^^^' ^^^BBN^^***"^** Pn'.firfrH/ Veda Breese

••^F w ^E»* «^^^**^ I'icc-Prcsidciit and Secretary Edith Bitzer

^ . 'J^ Jr 4^ Treasurer Mary Clarke Webster

Chapel Kefiresentath'c Marian Tillev

L'nderclasswan Representative Bonnie Dean

Heron Proctor Barbara Bible

-..^rr- North Front Proctor Barbara Nelson

\ flj Second Semester

C, " t^B President Edith Bitzer

H^: 1 V- ;i^ ,,'W. ■ "^^Lgi / 'ice-President and Secretary Mary Jane Stuckey

^^Hr< I If'^^tfigp^^^'iS^v j^-i^ Treasurer Joanne Harper

^^HBJB iji' ^P^r ^*^i^Zi ^ Chapel Representative Elise Wentworth

^^^^^^^^E U^ *^ /• " ~ "^^^ Cnderclassman Representative Virginia Lea Smith

iMlHI^^^^K. Ar ^^SH Heron Proctor Charlotte Naiden

^ ,, „ n ■ , North Front Prootor Joyce Arnett

\ EDA Breese and Euith Bitzer. Presidents

Left to right, first roic: \'eda Breese, Clarkie Webster, Edith Bitzer, Barbara Bible. Second roiv: Virginia Smith, Bonnie Dean,
Barbara Xelson. Elise We.vtw urth. Third row: Mariox Tilly, Joanne Harper, Joyce Arnett, Mary Jane Stuckey

thanks for the wonderful gym parties, the hilarious peanut
hunt, and the exciting Valentine Banquet, climaxed by
the appearance of the long-awaited King and Queen of

Officers and members of the cabinet owe to the Y thanks
for such memories as their first glimpse of Tennessee
mountains in the fall, the thunder of acorns rolling down
the roof of a dormitory filled with double-deck beds and
Y representatives of other colleges. These things, square
dances, and "Do your ears hang low?" will always remind
them of their Retreat to the woods.

We owe to the Y.W.C.A. memories of quiet,


tional vespers in the clubhouses, the evening we learned
the Meaning of the Fire, candlelight vespers in Acklen at
Christmas, and the Easter sunrise service in the Club Vil-
lage. Y-sponsored discussion groups deepened our reli-
gious tolerance, which is only one instance of the manv
ways, often inconspicuous, in which the Y.^^^C.A. enriches
the life of each girl.

The Y.W.C.A.'s influence is broader than campus ac-
tivities. In service to the community its members planned
weekly trips to such places as the Old Ladies' Home, Junior
League Crippled Children's Home, Tennessee Orphanage,

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