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Lendon, Betty Jo Methvin. Dorislyn Parker, Joan
Buckner Reynolds, Barbara Jean Robbins, Jean Ann

Eighth Row: Marilyn Schoonover, Peggy Scott, Helen
Seay. Jane Sprayberry, Emlyn Elise Stephens, Mary
Franchel Thompson, Joella Thurmond.
Ninth Row: Betty Jean Webb. Lynne Wisterman, Betty
Lou Yundt.

"Anti-Pan, Anti-Pan. would I die. would I die . . ."
Singing this refrain, the A. P. pledges started off a
year full of fond memories. The first dance of the
yea.r, the Harvest Ball, was the big event of October.
Just before Christmas, Anti-Pan held a tea for the
faculty and. with Del Vers, their sister club, a Christ-
mas' party for the orphans, which boasted even a Santa
Glaus. Other events of the year were the party for
E)el Vers and the weekends at Horn Springs and
Dunbar Cave.

Anti-Pan was proud to have among its members
many leaders. Representing the club in Student Gov-
ernment were Mary Thompson, president of C.G.O.,
and Nancy Her, chapel proctor. Mary Alice Bran-
ham held the high office of president of the YWCA.
Dot Borden received the honor of being elected presi-
dent of Turf and Tanbark, and Barbara Sue McDuffee
was' one of the Senior cheerleaders. Mids holding
important offices were Rutledge Ingram, secretary of
the Mid class; Peggy Scott, Mid cheerleader; and
Jackie Bumpous, associate editor of the MILE-

The pandas fought hard in their hockey gaines, win-
ning two and tying one, and they were enthusiastic
participants in all other sports.

Under the leadership of ''Swede" Clark, and Jean
Benton, their presidents, and their capable sponsor.
Miss Benton. Anti-Pan made this year very outstand-
ing and one that will be long remembered.

JO.V.N C'1..\UK, President, anil JEAN BEXTON.

Julia, \' here's >'our shirt?







JANE WILKERSON Sergeant-at-arms

MRS. MANN Sponsor

First Row: Melba Jean Akin, Jean Askew, Barbara
Bainbridge, Louise Baird, Barry Bennett, Donnie

Second Row: Shirley Berger, Beth Blackard, Margaret
Boiling, Elizabeth Calvin, Mary Jane Capps', Penny

Third Row: Martha Douglas, Martha Evers, Martha
Foutch, Bettv Cant, Courtenay Gillespie, Margaret

Fourth Row: Nancy Ann Holt, Alance Irwin, Annette
Irwin, Sally Lellyett, Becky Murray, Jane O'Cal-

Fifth Row: Peggy O'Callaghan, Betty Orr, Mary Mar-
garet Paine, Nancy Perry, Valere Potter, Jean Pur-

Sixth Row: Sally Rhodes, Nancy Lee Sager, Sarah

Sharp, Kathryn Smith, Mary Phil Thomas, Virginia


Seventh Row: Sandra Jean Travis, Janice True.sdail,

Penny Truesdail, Laetitia Wenning, Jane Wilkerson,

Lynne Youmans, Anne Carr Young.

VALERE POTTER, President, and
MRS. MANN, Sponsor

"On Ariston, On Ariston, forward to the goal!"
This fighting spirit led this day .student club on to a
year of success. Well represented in Penstaff by Anne
Carr Young; in the French Club by Lynne Youmans;
and in the Beta Club by Martha Evers, Ariston's
achievements also carried over into athletics. The
Aristons started off at full steam by winning double
honors — the hockey and tennis cups' — and that same
ability appeared in basketball, bowling, and baseball.

Mrs. Mann, club sponsor, contributed much to
Ariston's success and fun in '48-'49. The club is
particularly proud of their versatile president, Valere
Potter; Martha Evers, president of Day Student Coun-
cil; French Club President, Laetitia Wenning; Spanish
Club President. Louise Baird; and Betty Gant, presi-
dent of the Glee Club. With such outstanding mem-
bers as these, it is no wonder .Aristons have received such
laurels' this year.

Time out for lun&h



ANNE BOYD President

PATTY HART Vice-President

CAROL LOEB Secretary

ANN McHENRY Treasurer

NANCY DOOLITTLE Sergcant-at-Arms

MISS MOUNTFORT '^. . . . Sponsor

First Row: Nancy Ruth Allison. Mary Batson. Sue
Bargcr, Laura Browning Blackburn, Jean Clay Bloom,
Anne Ross Boyd, Jane Brown.

Second Row: Mary Jane Bull, Joyce Cooper, Nancy
Kathryn Davies, Elizabeth Jean Dillon, Margaret Dco-
ley, Nancy Doolittle, Shirley Douglas.

Third Row: Frances Martha Elkins, Patty Leigh Evans,
Alice Jean Fisher, Mary Lee George, Patricia Hart,
\\'ihna Lee Henry, Ann Craige Howard.

Fourth Row: Nancy McGill Hunt, Mary Frances Hunt-
ingdon, Ann Israel, Dorothy Jane Jacobson. Marjorie
Jensen, Carol Louise Kessler, Mary Kimball.

Fifth Row: Lida Katherine King, Betty Klyce, Carol
Loeb, Sue Lenoir, Jerryan Looker, Betty Ann Mc-
Gowan, Ann McHenry.

Si.vth Row: Ester Debora Marcus, Pat Mathias, Sue
Moreton, Ann Elizabeth Moyers, Albee Myra Paster-
nack, Ann Alexander Quin, Carol Rhodes.

Seventh Row: Bonnie Jean Sharp, Susan Dale Shire-
man, Martha Ann Spruell, Patricia Sullivan, Aveline
Switzer, Charlotte Unger, Despina Valen.

Eighth Row: Nancy Waddell, Yvonne Alfson Warren.
Nancy Helen Webb, Eleanor Wicker, Harriet Williams.
Rosalyn Wolf, Virginia Woody.

The name, Del Vers, came from the Anglo-Saxon
word, delve, meaning "seeking for information." So
when those chosen few on the W.-B. campus decided
upon a name they chose well. The D.V.'s of 1948
and 1949 are still seeking more information and are
gaining it, along with ability's powers and the pleasures
of life.

The D.V.'s have carried the yellow and white into
all phases' of campus life. There were a large number
of club members who held important offices or who
were outstanding in one group or another on campus:
the Naiades members were Sue Shireman, Shirley
Douglas, Carol Loeb, Ann Moyers, Charlotte Unger,
Mary Jane Bull, and Ann McHenry, president of that
organization; Turf and Tanbark members, Bonnie
Sharp and Nancy Davies: Phi Theta Kappa members,
Jean Bloom, Pat Mathias, and .Anne Boyd; and the
D.V.'s are unusually proud of their two Hood and
Gown members, Pat Mathias, who is, also president
of the German club and vice-president of the Chem-
istry Club, and Anne Boyd. Athletically speaking, the
D.V.'s also won the riding cup along with the s\vim-
ming cup. Del Vers was represented on the MILE-
STONES staff by Jean Bloom, editor, and Lee Henry,
photography editor.

If the sands of time could drift backwards, how
proud those Anglo-Saxons would be of the significance
^^•hich Del Vers holds upon this modern day campus.

ANNK nOYI). President

Waitins: for a Kibitzer




LUCY BUFORD Vice-President



BECKY HATCHETT Sergeant-at-arms


First Row: Janice Akin, Joy Allen, Mary Beattic, Ann
Bradford, Lucy Buford, Frances Caldwell.

Second Row: Mary Elizabeth Cates, Phoebe Clark,
Kathryn Cummins, Blanche Davis', Norma Davis, Sally

Third Row: Marie Duncan, Truesdcll Grimes, Becky
Hatchett, Johnanne HoUabaugh, Katherine Hughes, Jill

Fourth Row: Anne Jarman, Mildred Ann Jarman,
Dorothy Jean Johnson, Sally Jordan, Debbie Luton.
Monterey MacCue.

Fifth Row: Mary Sue Miller, Polly Morgan, Mary
Charlotte Moore, Carolyn Norman, Betty Oman, Car-
ney Overall.

Sixth Row: Dollie Frances Parker, Anne Pritchett,
Madeline Reynolds, Lucinda Riddle, Mary Elizabeth
Roberts, Nancy Rule.

Seventh Row: Corinne Scales, Nancy Ann Simmons,
Sarah Beverly Smith, Roberta Suddoth, Julie Webber,
Betty Lou Williams.

Eccowasin Club has been a very important part of
W-B this year, taking active part in many campus
activities. One of the main projects of the club was the
collecting of clothes and money, which were turned
over to the Davidson County Welfare Cominission at
Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. The Eccowasins
will not soon forget the fun had by all at the big all-
club picnic in the spring.

In Eccowasin's roll book were found many outstand-
ing names. Lucy Buford held the position of Junior
Class secretary, while Frances Caldwell headed the
Prep Sophomore Class. Aspiring writers were Roberta
Suddoth. Jill Jakes, and Lucy Buford, members of Pen-
staff Club. Mary Beattie represented the club in the
Beta Club. Eccowasin was always "in the running"
when it came to athletic events, with such outstanding
stars as Debby Luton, Carolyn Norman, and Ann Jar-
man starring on the basketball court.

All in all. Eccowasin can look back on a very success-
ful year under the capable leadership of their charming
president. Carney Overall, and their ever-helpful spon-
sor, Miss Saunders.

CARNEY OVERALL, Presiilent, niid

Echoes of Eccowassins






ROBIN RAGIN Vice-President



POLLY McDonald Sergeant-at-arms

First Row: Jane Kuhkle Ansley, Caroline Ruth Blark.
Mary Jo Breusing, Mary Katherine Chumley. Edwina
Carmen Clayton, Geraldine Sue Coffey. Helen Louise

Second Row: Bonnie Hazel Dean. Shirley Ann Dent,
Lue Edna Diver. Marie Adele Farren, Angelinc George,
Katherine George, Frances Mac Gourley.
Third Row: Sue Gruver, Dorothy Ann Hall, Irene
Elizabeth Hammel, Ann Wenban Hastings. Billie Sue
Havron. Shirley Elise Herbert, Nancy Ann Humphrey.
Fourth Row: Helen Sue Hutchison, Charlotte Irene
Justice, Beverly Ruth Kaplan, Ann Crockett Knox.
Betty Bryan Langston. Ann Marie Laskey. Hattic
Louise Lederman.

Fifth Row: Margaret McDonald. Martha Claire Mc-
Donald, Marcia Ann Marshall, Myra Jane May, Mar-
tha Carolyn Melton, Rachelle Mendlovitz, Jacqueline

Sixth Row: Bertenna Frances Mitchell. Mary Elizabeth
Morris, Nan Carolyn Patton, Mary Carolyn Peckham,
Barbara Jane Phillips, Juanita Marie Phipps, Martine
France.s Pollak.

Seventh Row: Robin Elizabeth Ragin, Margaret Lillian
Reichow, Marion Long Russell, Lola Joan Schock,
Etta Bernita Stanberry, Alice Naomi Stevens, Ava Jo

Eighth Row: Shirley Mae Wallace, Anna Jean Walters,
Mary Joan Wilson, Jane Witherspoon.

The F.F.'s, with their motto of "ability is benevolent,"
have proved their true worth in all activities on W-B's'
campus. Versatile in academic, in club, and in in-
dividual activities, these girls proudly claim club num-
ber ten as theirs.

One of the first gatherings of these girls was their
Nosegay Dance in the fall. This dance was the F.F.'s
first and others followed as the seasons rolled around.
Club suppers and other informal gatherings spent to-
gether brought the girls into a united group.

The girls, who proudly wore the red and white,
showed their versatility when the sports season rolled
around. On the hockey field, Martine Pollak, and
Susie Havron led their team. While in basketball.
Rusty Russell and Elizabeth Mitchell kept the sextet
in action. In baseball, swimming, and bowling, Ann
Lasky, Bonnie Dean, and Caroline Milton scored many
points for old F.F.

On the scholastic side of life, the F.F.'s boasted Anna
Jean Walters; in the Music Club, Jane Witherspoon in
Phi Thela Kappa, and Bonnie Dean as president of
the High School Boarding Council.

The members of this club will hold the year of
1948 and 1949 in their memories and will be forever
faithful to F.F.

ANN.\ .IK.AN AV.4TTEKS, Presiilelit, ami







First Semester
MARY MARTIN Vice-President

PATTY HART .\'' .". . .'.? Secretary


MARY ANN CURTIS Sergeant-at-Arms


First Row: Alva Sue Ainsvvorth. Shirley Barentine.
Gloria Joyce Bibee. Hester Louise Bodenstein. Eliza-
beth Joan Bondurant, Gerry Bonsteel. Joanne Buckner.
Second Row: Betty Jean Bush, Martha Butler, Gina
Campbell, Susan Campbell, Mary Ellen Clements,
Josephine Cook, Mary Ann Curtis.

Third Row: Patsy Dickinson. Betty Bishop Dodge,
Patricia Jean Freeman, Anita Gavin, Joan Greer, Mar-
jorie Miller Glass, Charman Loran Hall.
Fourth Row: Nancy May Harkless, Patricia Hart, Ann
Louise Hawes, Martha Elizabeth Hull, Betty Louise
Jones, Judy Larry, Mary Jane Lotspeich.
Fifth Row: Helen Elizabeth Luke, Joyce Marilyn Lust-
garten, Alice Ann McCaskill, Johnnie Ann McClaran,
Mary Elizabeth McCoy, Marjorie Mclimis, Jacquelme

Sixth Row: Clare Joan Martin, Mary Ellen Martin,
Carroll .'\nn Mattingly, Emily Ann May, Florence
Sue Miller, Mary Katherine Mitchell, Jeanne Bailey
Seventh Row: Sara Katherine Myres, Mary Jo Nabors,

Olga Nelson, Frances Paine, David Julia Robinson,
Sallyanna Russell, Jane Stovall.

Eighth Row: Nan Hartley Thompkins, Elizabeth Ann
Van Buskirk, Kathryn Warner, Mary Claire Waters,
Betty Lou White, Barbara Ann Williams, Marie Eliza-
beth Williams.

"Hail to Osiron . . . memories of you will live for-

Memories of the Winter Wonderland Dance, the gay
weekends at Horn Springs, the informal dinners at
the club, the hilarious T. C. party, the taking of Santa
Claus to the Crippled Children's Home, and'the clever
party the new members gave for their big sisters.

Memories, too, of the girls who transformed club
number seven into an organization brimming over with
gaiety and friendship; Joanne Buckner, president of
the Mid class; Mary Martin, contributor to campus
publications; Betty Luke, president of the Athletic As-
sociation; Susan Campbell, president of Mu Sigma
Phi: Nan Tompkins, president of the Biology club,
Betty Jones, MILESTONES art editor; and the
musicians, Betsy Dodge, Ann McCaskill, Jinx Waters,
and Sue Ainsworth who enlivened the club meetings.

Memories of the e.xciting athletic events which
united the Osirons; on the field and court were Betty
Luke, Joyce Lustgarten, "Doc" May, Gina Camp-
bell, Judy Larry and Sue Miller giving their all for
the club.

Memories of the Wednesday night meetings, pre-
sided over by energetic Clare Martin, entertaining
Mary Ellen Clements, and loyal Polly Fessey. These
memories will be long treasured by the Osirons . . .
memories of friends and joys centered about the club.

Osiron takes a rest




JOANNE INGRAM Vice-President

BETTY GREY Secretary


CHARLOTTE SCHULZ Sergeant-at-arms


First Row: Marilyn Amato, Mary Ellen Anderson,
Donna Frances Bacon, Margie Barry, Carol Borrow,
Patsy Bryan, Jane .\nne Buchanan.

Second Row: Mary Louise Buechner, Loi.'. Carlyle,
Betty Chapman, Patsy Cox, Mary Margaret Creagh,
Mary Jo Cundiff, Martha Ann Discus.

Third Row: Ann Dunham, Peggy Anne Elder, Nancy
Evans, Ann Ferber, Shirley Gorham, Betty Grey,
Neilyn Griggs.

Fourth Row: Tippy Grone, Jo Ann Hammack, Kay
Hall, Dorothy Hardy. Ann Hasty, Mary Elizabeth
Henley, Joanne Ingram.

Fifth Row: Ann Katharine Jones, Alice Kelly, Lucy
Lane Lambert, Helen Long, Eloise McBride, Sue Madi-
son, Doris Miller.

Sixth Row: Elizabeth Jane Mitchell, Peggy Muessel,
Mary Ann Nash, Betty Orr, Katherine Pankey, Peggy
Pennington, Mary Lucille Robertson.

Seventh Row: Mary Ellen Rozelle, Carrie Scales', Mar-
jorie Schock, Charlotte Schulz, Ann Simpson, Trudy
Taylor, Sharon Elaine Turner.

Eighth Row: Lydia Vollenweider, Sarah Elizabeth
Walker, Lucy May Ward. Joan Weingarten. Muriel
Williams, Louisa Wilson, Jerelyn Wright, Marilyn

Five has always been a symbolic number: the fi\e points of
the star, the five senses, the five steps to knighthood. .^Xt Ward-
Belmont, too, five is symbohc; for here on the campus it
represents the fifth in the Club Village circle of club houses,
home of the loyal, spirited, fun-loving Penta Tau's. Lead by
their competent president, Sue Madison and attractive sponsor,
Mrs. Phillips, the girls of the rose and gray have again proved
themselves capable of hearty competition in any field of

Inspired by the efforts of Penta Tau's of other years, many
members mo\'ed into outstanding positions in campus life.
Trudy Taylor served not only as secretary of the Y.W.C.A. but
also as president of Hail Hall, and Joanne Ingram and Doris
Miller as presidents of the Art and Spanish Clubs respectively.
P. T. boasted of its Phi Theta Kappa members Peggy Muessel,
Eloise McBride, and Sue Madison; and were equally proud of
Margie Barry, vice-president of the Athletic Association and
Patsy Cox, riding manager of that organization. The Preps
also did their part, Helen Long acted as president of the Senior
Prep class while Mary Jo Cundiff collected the dues from those
same Senior Preps as their boarding treasurer. Penta Tau's
oldest member, Neilyn Griggs, held the positions of secretary of
the C.G.O. and president of the Chemistry Club, and with
members Cile Robertson and Charlotte Schulze, was present on
the rosters of the campus publications, .\thletically speaking,
P.T. again held her own by placing high in all events. Charlotte
.Schulz and Murriel Williams were highly respected on the
hockey field. Basketball stars were Margie Barry, Polly Miles,
and Marilyn Amato.

The Penta Tau's, working and playing together, ha\e proved
their love for their school and club. Their dances, the Horn
Spring weekends and those informal evenings at the clubs will
be long remembered by the P.T. clowns.

Another P.T. Basket

T . C . CLUB




HELEN COTTONGIM \'ice-President



SUZANNE COHEN Sergeant-at-arms


First Row

Harriet Arrington, Evelyn June Atkins, Mary Elizabeth
Barkley, Frances Kathleen Bond, Aniie Forman Boyd, Gloria
Boyd, Martha Gene Briner.

Evelyn Cantwell, Miriam Car-
Marv Ann Cohen, Suzanne

Second Row

Margaret Louise Bross, Mary
olyn Carder, Sue Carpenter
Cohen, Celia Carol Collins.

Third Row

Nancy Ann Collins, Helen Ruth Cottongim, Judy Craig, Jane
Ann Draper, Nadine Beatrice Fox, Eloise Glenn, Betty Lou

Fourth Row

Debora Greiner, Lois Anne Guinn, Ann Frances Hartman,
Marianne Hill, Florence Hinkle, Isabel Hamilton Hopkins,
Jacquelene Joyce Jackson.

Fifth Row

Doris Johnson, Patricia Rae Johnson, Elaine Kennedy, Bobbie
Lois Kunc, Edna Joann Lawton, Rita Lorino, Betty Jean

Sixth Row

Leah Jane Miller, Julia Minor, Rhoba Jane Neblett, Martha
Mayfield Nicol, Janet Ann Niehus, Ella Ann Ormond, Ger-
aldine Marie Pauley.

Seventh Row

Betty Jean Payne, Ann Peniston, Mary Lou Reeves, Frarices
Ann Richardson, Peggy Skelton, Mary Jane Southwick,
Evelyn Stewart.

Eighth Row

Mary Claire Tanner, Laura Jane Utsman, Nancy Lou Walls,
Mary Carolyn White, Rosemary Xorris Younger.

In September the new T. C.'s started off the year on
Fag Day, dressed a.s cavemen and carrying their
"clubs." After this novel beginning, activities for the
club got under way. The club played Santa Claus to
the little boy's department of the Industrial Home at
a Christmas party given for them. The weekend at
Dunbar Cave, complete with .sleet and snow, will never
be forgotten by the T. C.'s, nor the exciting Christ-
mas formal.

In February T. C. entertained its sister club, Osiron,
with a sweetheart banquet and program for Valen-
tine's Day. Activities in the spring were many, and in-
cluded a party for the faculty, an April formal, and
a weekend with Tri-K at Horn Springs.

T. C. won the bowling cup in February for the
second consecutive year, and in the all-club sing won
second place. Prominent members of the club were
Ann Hartman and Peggy Skelton, members of Phi
Theta Kappa. Helen Cottongim held the high office
of Music Club president, while Ann Hartmann and
Suzanne Cohen were hall officers. Very active in the
speech department were T. C.'s Kay Bond, Nadine
Fox, Betty Payne, and Mary Elizabeth Barkley.

Under the direction of their competent president,
Gerry Pauley, and able adviser, Miss Newhall, the
T. C.'s have made this year one of outstanding
achievements'. The spirit of the club is well expressed
in the club song:

". . . Friendships made never fade

Forever ours will be:

The lasting ideal: the spirit — so real
in our memories."

GEKRY r.WLEY, Presiil.'iit

There's a Song




ANN McQUIDDY Vice-President



MARGARET MARSHALL Ser?eant-at-arms

MRS. HALL Sponsor

First Row: Anne Amiistcad, Marion Jane Barksdale,
Ann Barr, Mabel Anne Buchanan. Mildred Ann Cart-
wright, Sheila Clark.

Second Row: Dorothy Anne Cochran, Doris Anne
Crcagh, Flora Lee Doty, Nancy Russell Fessey, Ann
Gamhill, Dixie Lee Glover.

Third Row: Caroline Griscom, Mary Jo Griswold.
Eleanor Halliburton, Jean Johnson, Marlin Jones,
Gloria Kimsey,

Fourth Row: Mary Eda Larsen, Ramelle Littleton,
Anne McQuiddy, Carolyn Mansfield, Margaret Mar-
shall, Susan Miller.

Fifth Row: Marjorie Moyle, Beverly Pate, Mary Vir-
ginia Patton, Lacy Anne Phinizy, Betty Pierce, Mar-
tha Pierce.

Sixth Row: Barbara Ann Pratt, Josephine Pritchett,
Ethel Robertson, Beverly Smith, Susan Stempfel, Mar-
garet Thompson.

Seventh Row: Allison Tidman. Mary Oliver Van-
trease, Carol Weaver, Marian ^Villiamson, Sue Win-
ters, Mary Alice Wright,

Led by their capable president, Ann Gambill, and
under the guidance of genial Mrs. Hall, the Triads
have completed another successful year. One of the
main activities of the club this year was the filling of
Thanksgiving and Christmas boxes for charitv.

Prominent members of Triad were Susan Miller,
president of the Beta Club: Carolyn Mansfield, presi-
dent of Pcnstaff: and Pcnstaff members Mary Eda
Larson, Sue Winters, Ramelle Littleton, and Martha

Triad had among its members this year many ath-
letes. Mary Eda Larson was a member of Niades and
was also outstanding in the riding ring. Basketball
manager was Russell Fessey, and Josephine Pritchett
was the club's champion bowler. Hockey enthusiasts
were Ann Armistead, Martha Pierce, Allison Tidman,
Margaret Marshall, and Anne McQuiddy. Anne also
played a fine game of tennis

The Triads may be summed up as a fine group of
girls with success as their main goal.

ANN C.WIBILI,, I'residciil, nnil
MRS. IIALI.. ~|i"n~..i





CLAIRE KELTON Vice-President




First Row: Jane Adams', Gerry Berger, Joyce Bratton.
Marilyn Brown, Jean Carothers, Lillian Cornelius,
Beverly Cunningham,

Second Row: Bettv Lou Dacey, Jane Dunlap, Sarah
Camille Farris, Nancy Francis, Kitty Garrott, Martha
Gehrling, Pat Greenwald.

Third Row: Georgia Ann Gresham, Alma Jo Hart,
Jeannette Hendrix, Diane Jackson, Joan Jester, Cher-
rie Kelly, Claire Kelton.

Fourth Row: Rosemary Lawrence, Sarah McLendon,
Jean McMillian, Marilyn McNaughton, Sue Mason,
Phoebe Monteith, Jean Morris.

Fifth Row: Frances Morrison, Lavinia Neill, Shirley
Pate, Marylyn Perkins, Anne Pingon, Dorothy Poole,
Ann Price.

Sixth Row: Barbara Primm, Sue Sartain, Barbara
Schumacher, Betty Lee Simms, Joan Snyder, Frances
Stepp, Sue Swinford.

Seventh Row: Patsy Katherine Temple, Dolores Tho-
man, Jeanelle Thomison, Charlene Turner. Ann White,
Sally Williams, Lillian Zachry.

The Tri K's, with their black and white sweaters
and caps, could always be found deep in the middle
of some project or busily engaged in activities on the
campus. Under the guidance of lovable Georgia
Gresham and their competent sponsor Miss Morrison,
they had a splendid year and were full of pep and
energy for their club.

Many outstanding personalities on the campus were
members of Tri K. Among them were Charlene Tur-
ner, president of Phi Theta Kappa; Beverly Cunning-
ham, secretary of Phi Theta Kappa; and Joan Jes-
ter, president of the Round Table.

On the athletic field one could always find LilHan
Corneliu.s, Kitty Garrott, Cherrie Kelly, Georgia Gresh-
am, and Betty Lee Simms in the midst of the scrim-

One bright Sunday the club had a breakfast for the
faculty and that afternoon went to the old ladies home
lor a Christmas party. Their days were not usually so
full but they were often found at the club listening to
Sue Swinford's singing and Charlene Turner or Phoebe
Monteith at the piano.

Their memories will long hold dear the exciting club
weekends to Dunbar Cave and Horn Springs; the for-
mal and informal dances held at Christmas and in the

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