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Fred H. Marcy.

FRED H. MARCY. whose home is in
Milford, Kansas, attended Washburn in
1913-14. He was much interested in his col-
lege work and was greatly admired by his
classmates and instructors. He was among
the first to offer his all for his country, en -
listing in the early part of the war in the
139th Infantry. He was killed in the battle
wh^re so many of our American boys lost
their lives, that of the Argonne Forest.

Orville G. Eytchison.

Washburn in the fall of 1913. and was here
during that school year. When the war
broke out, he entered the Great Lakes Naval
Training Station and was a member of
Company C. 2nd Regiment, at Camp
Dewey, where he died of pneumonia on
September 29, 1918. He was a classmate of
Fred Marcy, both in Onaga High School
and as a Washburn freshman, and it is a
remarkable coincidence that the}' laid down
their lives on the same day. one in France,
the other in America; one in khaki, the oth-
er in blue.

I^I^IMMiiiaWWVS Ai BVJ I^N HitfllllK AS3a5i!«lUitf«tl ^1^

V ictor G. Clayton.

VICTOR G. CLAYTON attended the
Washburn Law School the spring semester
of 1917, coming here from the University of
Colorado. The following year he worked
as reporter on the Topeka Daily Capital.
In the spring of 1917. he entered the service
of Uncle Sam at Fort Leavenworth, later
being transferred to Camp Cody. New
Mexico. His death, due to influenza, oc-
curred at Camp Dix, New Jersey on Sep-
tember 2S. 1918.



WILLIAM POTTER, whose home is at
Mayetta, Kansas, enlisted in the Washburn
S. A. T. C. in October. 1918. During his
short time with n>. he made many friends.
After only a few days of suffering he died
of influenza on October 20. ML death was
the only one in the S.A.T.C. unit at Wash-
burn and \\a- keenly felt by the entire col-

I7ISBUMO90ASAI BVJ PiNlllllK/^3Kfflllllfilll^ ISI

Lieutenent Guy Austin lull.

was graduated from the Kansas Medical
School in 1895. After several years as a
practitioner in Kansas, he moved to Kansas
City. Missouri, where he established a suc-
cessful practice. Lieutenant Tull enlisted
in the Medical Service in December. 1917.
and was sent to Fort Riley, Kansas. He
died in service July 13, 1918.

Lieut. -Col. Clarence LeRoy Cole.

LEROY COLE was graduated from the
Kansas Medical School in 1903. at which
time the Kansas Medical School was apart
of Washburn. He entered the Medical Ser-
vice and was sent to Fort Sam Houston,
Texas, where he did excellent work in the
Hospital Corps. Lieutenant-Colonel Cole
was next transferred to Xew England,
where he died in the service August 9, 1918.

imillllKWAStt BVJ FvNIlKASSQJillllllffll^iai

Crosby Deacon.

CROSBY DEACON" received his degre<
from Washburn June, 1917. He was a mem-
ber of the V. M. C. A., the Gamma Sigma
Literary Society, and the Glee Club. He-
was well known and liked in Washburn, a
young man of high ideals and earnest Chris-
tian character. He was attached to the
quartermaster's department, receiving his
military training at Jacksonville, Florida.
His death occurred in France January 24.
1919, due to pulmonary pneumonia.

Louis Lloyd Larrick.

A.I'., degree from Washburn in 1915. He
was verj prominent in college activities, and
was a member of the Phi Delta Theta fra-
ternity. Especially since his graduation
have his love and loyalty for his College
been shown in many way-. He was true to
Washburn ideals in standing for the best in
his home community. He was assistant
cashier in his father's bank in Lenora at the

time of his enlistment in the navy. He died

nt" pneumonia at the Great Lakes 'Training
Camp on October -'4. 1918.


l^l^lifiilliilJWASH BVJ PiNlllllKAJ3K?illlitilll^iai

Lieutenant Carl Brown.

CARL BROWN was graduated from the
Kansas Medical School in 1913. where he
was a member of the Masonic Club. He-
established a very successful practice in
Cawker City, and remained there till the
time of his enlistment. He was commis-
sioned a lieutenant in the Medical Corps in
September. 1918, but served his country
only a short time, as his death occurred
from influenza in the following month.
October. 1918.

I^I«IIII1iSW\SH B\J PwNIItiiK/sJ3B5iilllililll^lS5

Harry Abbott
Kenneth Alexander
Samuel Adams
Mary Alexander
Ora L. Aley
Henry J. Allen
LeRoy Anderson
Lester Arnold
Bernard Askew
Dorsey Askew

Byron Babb
Lloyd Bagby
Clay Baker
Milford Baker
Manning Baleli
Olin Ball
Arthur Banta
John Barr
George Barrett
Lloyd Barron
C. A. Bartel
William Bass
Herbert Beals
Arthur Beattie
E. F. Beckner
Fred Beerbohm
Percy Beggs
Robert Bell
R. R. Bennett
Herald Benton
I larwood O. Benton
I. dwell Berry
Leonard F. Billing
Edward Binger

Smith Bishop

Bane Blankenship

Herbert Blinn

Ben Boeh

Francis 11. Bonebrake

John Borah

W. F. Bowen

Karl Bowman

T. J. Boyle

Sam Brad lie Id

Darwin Bradley

William Brazil

Lafayette Bresette

A. B. Brier

Chauncey Brown

Earl Raymond Brown

Jackson Brown

Paul Brown

Richard Brown

Warwick Brown

Lloyd Buck

James Arthur Budge

Angelus Burch

Ira Burkholder

Paul Bush

Carl Byers

Ray Caliban
I). m V Campbell
Eugene Campbell
Raymond Carpenter
1 1 i iward Carruth
Christian Cell
Clyde Chalmers
Ernest Chamberlain

Kay Chamberlain
William Chambers
Arthur Champeny
Harry Champeny
George Chandler
Joe Chatfield
H. W. Clark
Harold Colvin
Wm. H. Comstock
Howard Cox
Seth Cox
Clyde Cowgill
David Cowgill
J. A. Crabb
Ray J. Crabb
Thomas Crawford
Ross Crichton
C. D. Cunningham
W. L. Cunningham
Francis Curry

Frank Daeschner
Karl Davidson
Scoville Davidson
Arthur Davis
I larry Davis
Homer Davis
Lee Davis
Chester Davison
A. M. Dawson
Roscoe Daw -Mil
Vernon Day
De Vaughn Dean

I - ii ,il I leaver
Arthur Deliu


l^l^!IHiliiiiSX7ASH B\J PiNIIIIlKASSWilltllllifilll^iai

Hugh Dickerson Will Guild Clarence Jasperson

Quay S. Diven Theodore Gundry J. L. Jenson

Hobert Dolman Harold Jette

Lucy Dougherty Uriel Hadley Beryl R. Johnson

William Douglas Clyde Hale Carl Johnson

Bryant Drake Seaton Hamill Lee Johnson

Robert Drum W .G. Hamilton Leland Johnson

Warren W. Dunaway Wm. Hamilton A. E. Karnes

Elmer Dungan Arthur Hardy John Raster

W. G. Dunn George Hardy Erwin Keller

Geo. Harger Kenneth Kerans

Sidney Eberhardt Wallace Harrington Vincent Kerans

Frank Eddy LeRoy Harris Charles Kesler

Glenn Elbe George Harrison Albe W. King

Clyde Ely Eugene Harshbargcr Lyman King

John Elliott L. A. Hasty Hiram Kingsley

Ray Enfield Robert Hasty Ralph Kingsley

F. J. Ernest Leo Haughey Kenneth Kirkpatrick

Elmer Euwer Frederick Hawkins Clayton Kline

Wm. Lyon Evers Charles Haynes Leonard Kline

Herman Ewers Joseph Haynes Ray Knoll

Frank Fable Wm Heap John Kutrow

Earl Farrish Don Heath

John Fent James Heller N. E. Lambertson

Albert Ferguson Sam Heller Ray Lawless

Harry L. Finley Leo Helm Ross Laybourn

R. P. Forbes James Hesse Thomas A. Lee

Benj. Franklin Waldo Heywood Ralph W. Lemon

Raymond French J. J. Hill C. H. Lerrigo

Bryan Hines Charles Lewis

Merrill Gage Garnet Hislop Carl Linge

Kelsey Gardner Charles Hobart Charles D. Logan

Willis Garvey Wilson K. Hobart Glen F. Logan

Eldridge Gaston Clifford Holland Glenn J. Logan

Lawrence Gates Hobart Holt Bernard Loper

Jesse Alan George Clifford Hope C. S. Loper

William George Ralph Hope Roy Louckenour

Valentine Godard Dan Hopson Harold Louck-

Willis L. Goldsmith Arthur Horner Paul Louthian

Homer Gooing Charles Hoyt James Lowe

Lawrence Graves Warren Humphrey C. C. Lull

Roscoe Graves Carl Hutchinson

Philip A. Gray Edward Huycke Walter McAlister

Harold W. Greider Paul Huycke Ernest McClure

W. H. Greider Joseph McCosh

Earl Griffis James Irons Geo. T. McDermott

Dan Gugler H. P. McFadden

M. F. Gugler Herbert Jamison Frank McFarland

Herbert Guild Arch Jarreli Edmund McGann

Jessie Guild Warren P. Jarreli Stewart McGaw

\9imtiK5&J\SH BVJ PvNIIillK/^sJKiilltllllllilll^ia

John McEntirc

A. R. Page

Lee R. Samuel

Dana Mac-Vicar

Merl I'alnnr

Frank EC. Sanders, Jr.

Donald Mclvor

Preston Palmer

Churchill J. Sargent

George McNeish

Clyde Partridge

Roger Savage-

Wilber Ma-ill

E. E. Pattee

Dean Schnacke

John Mahaffey

Percy Paxton

Sherman Scruggs

Lyman Malonc

Frank Peers

Stanley E. Schwann

A. F. Maltby

James Perry

Howard Searle

Thornton Manry

Kelsey Petro

Ralph Seger

Veazie Markham

Elmore Pettyjohn

Don Shaffer

Melvin Martin

Wallace Pettyjohn

Arthur Shake-shaft

Ray P. Martin

Theodore Post

John B. Sharpe

Robert Maxwell

Rayburn Potti r

Sterling Shaw

Karl Mcnninger

Dudley Pratt

Merriam Sheldon

W. C. Mcnninger

John Prawl

Elmer Shelton

Jacob Mertz

Vance Prewett

Jay A. Shideler

S. T. Millard

Harlow R. Price

1 lampton Shirer

Karl Miller

J. C. Pruessner

Harold Shirk

Martin Miller

John A. Shirley

Day Monroe

Leslie Quant

Hugh Shuck

Edward Mooney

Alfred Quinton

Roland Sibert

Leo T. Mooney

Harold Quinton

Walter Slagle

Edgar Morehouse

Arthur Smith

Guy Morrish

Norman Ramsey

June Smith

Frank Moyer

J. Glen Rca

Leonard Smith

Brian Muirhead

Dwight Ream

Louis Smith

D. C. Munford

Merrill Ream

Sherrill Smith

Ralph Murphy

H. P. Reasoner

William Smith

George Myers

Frank Redmond

Woodward Smith

Ralph Myers

Leo Redmond

Walter Solandt

Roy Myers

Ray Redmond
A. J. Reed

Wm. A. Spencer
Harold Spielman

Simon Nanninga

Don Rees

William Stein

E. C. Nash

Forrest Rice

Chester Sterling

1 Inward Naylor

Paul Rice-

Edward L. Stewart

W. S. Naylor

Richard Righter

James Stewart

David Neiswanger

Frank Ripley

Robert E. Stewart

Ralph Newell

John Ripley

Sam Stewart

J ( dm Newlin

Stewart Ripley

Maurice St reck en linger

Hugh M. Nichols

Harry Robbins

1 lenry Sullivan

Lewis M. Norris

Ralph Roehrer

\nnie B. Sweet

Sidney Nye

Dean Rogers
Xcil Rogers

Carl Swenson
Russell Swiler

( iei irge < ('Brien

Chas. Rogler

\\ endi 11 S« itzer

Elwin < llander

Robert Romig

Ernesl < (lander

Leslie Rowlc -

Herbert Talbert

Elmer < llss< n

Harold Rude

Leonard Tallman

Ralph Oman

John Rundus

Merrill Tempieton

Arthur < )» en

Marion Thompson

Raj II. i (wens

Irwin Sager

Luther Tillotson


\9\SSmJSSSWS&H BVJ PiNlllllKAWKfillillllifllliy 131

Lo}'al Tinder
Louis Tomlinson
William Tomlinson
Earl Trobert
John Troxell
Ernest Trull
Edwin Tucker
LeRoy Tucker
Morris Tucker
W. O. Tucker

Duane Van Horn
Eugene Villipigue
Francis Wagner
Chester Wahle
Harold Walker
Charles Walp
Charles Ward

Toll Ware
John Warner
Elwood Washburn
George Washburn
Clyde Wasson
James Webb
Walter Weidling
Donald Welty
Harry Welty
Richard Whitcomb
Harold Whitehead
Hal Whiting
Everett Wilde
Jno. Williams
Leland Willits
Clifford Wilmoth
Frank Wilson
Adolph Winter

Charles Wiseman
Raymond Wolf
Hugh Wolsey
James Wood
H. I. Woods
Homer E. Wark
John L. Work
Ansel Worley
R. M. Wyman

Harry Yocum
O. L. Young
Ralph Young
Warren Young

Carl Zeigler
Sam Zook
Louis Zutavern

I7ISSDHB90ASAI BVJ PvNlllilKA53Q5llIfifi!(l?ISI

WasUurn S. A. T. C

( )h. the army, the ai my,
The democratic army;
Beans for breakfast.
Beans for dinner.
Beans for supper time;
Thirty dollars every month
Deducting twenty-nine
Oh the army, etc.

WO months of army life wrought
many changes in Washburn. Her
entire curriculum had to he re-
vised, new subjects were offered,
special teachers were secured, and the gen-
eral trend of affairs was toward the military.
Many difficult problems presented them-
selves, resulting from a conflict between this
military and academic work. But the Wash-
burn S.A.T.C. flourished and three different
times was pronounced the hest unit in the
state by the official state inspecting officer.
To Captain Frank E. Shaw and his capable
lieutenants, much credit is due for this en-
viable record.
Chaplain Shaw's home is at Dunkirk. X. Y. After leaving the Mohegan
Lake School on the Hudson, he attended the University of Michigan and grad-
uated from the Law School. The day war was declared, Captain Shaw sent
in his application for an officer's training cam]) and was sent to the first O.T.C.
at Fori Sheridan, where he received a commission. 1 le was sent to Camp Cus-
ter. Michigan with the 337th regiment and was later transferred to organize
the 30th Field Signal Battalion. Having successfully organized this battalion
he whipped into shape the [6th Company of the r6oth Depot Brigade. He






mmUBMSSH BM F\NIIlKXWi!lill!llltlll7!S$

Captain Shaw

it Blackburn Lieutenant Heap

was then sent to Valparaiso, Indiana, where they were just organizing a U.
S. Army training detachment. After four months there he was transferred to
Topeka and took charge of organizing the Washburn S.A.T.C. He was well
liked by all the men in the unit and proved himself a real soldier by his excel-
lent record. Captain Shaw accompanied the football team on every trip and
was an ardent supporter of all athletics.

Lieutenant Clifford D. Blackburn, Adjutant of the post and Personnel Offi-
cer has been a student and athlete at Missouri University. He came to Wash-
burn from Ft. Sheridan, where he received his commission last September.
The paper work of the post was kept in practically perfect condition by the
untiring efforts of Lieutenant Blackburn. Tie was a favorite with the men
and if they had any troubles, Lieutenant Blackburn was the man to see.

For drill and bayonet instructor the post was fortunate in having Lieutenant

I7ISBMKS97ASAI BVJ PiNil!llKA55Kr»ll!lllllfilll?iai

George A. Heap, Senior Instructor and Commander of Company One. Lieu-
tenant Heap went from the University of Oklahoma to Ft. Sheridan, where
he received his commission in September, lie possessed a great deal of en-
durance and was very particular about drill work.

Lieutenant Frank J. Alnuk. Small arms Firing Instructor and Commander
of Company Two. won his commission at Camp Perry. He was an expert
with a rifle and only the lack of range deprived the men of actual instruction.
His lectures were extremely interesting. Lieutenant Mnuk won a place in the
hearts of all the men who knew him. not only those of his own company, hut
of the whole post. He was an ideal officer and Washburn is indeed fortunate
to have him enrolled now as a student. His home is at Omaha. Nebraska.

With such officers there is little wonder that the Washburn unit ranked first
in the state. Hut the men of the post — just common rookies — showed an un-
usual amount of ability' in his farewell speech to the battalion on Dec. <j. Cap-
tain Shaw made this statement: "Considering the hindrance of the influenza
epidemic, the distraction caused by your academic duties and the short time
since the organization of the S.A.T.C., you are as good an outfit as I ever had."

There were some 300 men at the post, quartered and fed in regulation bar-
racks. .Most of them had been inducted Oct. 1 and as the "supply" exceeded
the "demand" an additional barracks had to be built. The Y.M.C.A. hut in
the basement of Roswell with the "ever-ready, ever-willing Mr. Searle" as
Secretary, was a big asset to the unit.

Dr. Jeffries, the Contract Surgeon, will always be remembered as a true
friend of the boys. He managed the "tin" situation in a most excellent man-
ner-having three separate S.A.T.C. hospitals and a corps of assistants. Dr.
Jeffries was full of fun. a real live wire; and a mighty good doctor. He was
always with Captain Shaw on the football trips and did much to encourage
the blue and white eleven.

His right hand assistant during the "flu" epidemic was Mrs. Biby, the Red
Cross Nurse. She was self-sacrificing at all times and always ready to wait
on her patients. The boys' gratefulness to Mrs. Biby is unlimited.

The two month's of army life accomplished much for the men who availed
themselves of the opportunity. They are better physically and mentally. They
know what discipline means and they have some conception of hardships.
Guard duty at night, fire guard, N. CO. CO. .K.I'., and those other little tasks,
all helped to make the man. The long hikes, the tiresome drills, the "dry"
military lectures, the regular inspections — these also had their effects on the
embryonic soldiers. But with all the hardships, even during the "air tight"
quarantine, there was some pleasure and life wasn't such a grind after all.

To man)- a man of future years the two months of military life at Wash-
burn will be one of the most pleasing reminiscences of his entire life.


lyiSHMBSQASH B\l PvNIlKAJWillllllllI 1 9)&



msmiBsms&H bvj p^NiiiiiKAsxzriiiiiiiiiiiin^igi

Students Army Training Corps.

Robert Theodore Adams
Alfred George Aldridge
Eric Allen

Marion Lafayette Allen
['rank Leslie Anderson
Carl Dewey Arrighi
Joseph Aloysuis Ashton
Laurence Raymond Baker
Robert Law Ballantyne
Murray H. Barnes
Calvin Edward Barry
Vincent Andrew Bauerlein
Oscar Louis lieahm
George I'lysses i'.earg
Leo. E. Becker
Elliott Sylvester Belden
Harold Marcus Bcnnet
John Wm. Bennett
Floyd Ervin Betts
Ralph Leland Betts
Xorman Bloom
Francis Earl Bobbitt
Laurel Claire Boies
Harry James Bone
Byron Burns Boone
Horace Bushnell Bowman
George Richmond Brandow
Xed Hillick Branson
George Dewey Bremer
Marion Bremer
Elvin Chalmer Brenton
Knute Oscar Broady
Parker Woodward Brockway
Carl Dana Brown
James Arthur Brown
Chester C. Hunger
Chester Childers Burdick
William Floyd Butler
Harlan Leslie Cable
Charles C. Calvert
John August Carlson
Robert Chambers
Paul Chance
Walter Cole

Warren Algernon Coolidge
George Kenneth Corbet
Charles E. Corcoran
Marion R. Cornelius
Courtney Leon Cornwall
Arthur Clyde Crawford
Asa Robert Crawford
George Merrill Crawford
Earl Wesley Crooks
Samuel Wheadon Crow
Wellington Wm. Culver
Ralph Turrence Curry
Charles E. Curry
Myron Horace Cushman

Elmer E. Dakm
Glen F. Davis
Morris Hess Dean
John Alfred Deardorff
John W. Dehn
Joseph Francis Dooley
Carl Everett Dragoo
Win. Aldcn Drum
Harold N. Duff
Glen Everett Dugger
Wayland Aubrey Dunham
Robert David Dutton
Earl Alexander Easton
Carl David Eddingfield
Leon E. Edwards
Carl Eklund
Carl Peter Eklund
Wm. Clark Ellington
R. Wendell Elliott
Donald Ellison Ellio
Glenn Edward Ern-t
Arthur Milton Errickson
Charles DeLoss Errickson
John Leo Edu-ell
Philip Carney Fable-
Harold Lewis Fast
Isaac Earl Faust
Ewing B. Fergus
Raymond Wheeler Ferguson
Ronald Tucker Finney
Max Theodore Fischer
Floyd Alexander Flanagan
Ned Nelson Fleming
Ernest Merideth Fogleman
Stanley Ben Forbes
Edward Shaffer Foster
Ross E. Frisbee
Ralph Howard Garrett
Ralph Gayden
Willard Syler Geiger
Murrel E. Gibby
Glenn McKitrick Gibeson
John Miller Giffin
Raymond Frazier Gill
Arthur Leroy Gilliland
Vernon Woodrow Glodsmith
Lester Miles Goodell
Uriel Emmerson Goodrich
George W. Greenwood
Noel Clarence Gregory
Edwin Clarence Greider
Joseph Curtis Griffin
Malcolm King Griffith
Leslie Howard Griswold
Harold Bright Grove
Julius Wayne Grutzmacher
Charles Darwick Gulick
Howard Homer Gurtler

Columbus Albert Hagan
Robert Porter Hale
Harry L. Hardin
Marion Richard Hardin
Charles W. Hanzlick
Wm. Arthur Harlan
Leo Kenneth Harper
Karl Clair Harshman
Jesse Truman Harter
Willard Vernon Haskell
John Henderson
Henry Marvin Hensel
Paul Murray Herrick
George Walker Hersh
Harry F. Hershey
Otto Alvertise Hicks
Claude Arthur Hinds
Byron Wm. Hoffman
Glen Lawler Holford
R. M. Hollinger
John Wm. Holm
David F. Homewood
Jesse James Hoover
Milton Arthur Hossfeld
Alvin E. Hulsopple
Paul Wesley Hunting.
Theodore Matthew Hussey
Dewey George Hutchinson
Howard Little Jackson
Rollend Robinson Jacquart
Karl Leinel James
Howell F. Jenkins
Ralph Wm. Jenkins
Theodore Llewelyn Jenkins
Wm. F. Joerg
Arthur L. Johnson
Leander Matthew Johnson
Walter Emanuel Johnson
James Everett Johnston
Samuel Alfred Jolly
Edwin Richard Jones
Howard Aubrey Jones
Wm. Wallace Jones
John Cyrus Jones
John Andrew Keating
Chester John Kelly
Seth Bowman Kemble
Isaac Newton Kendall
Wallace E. Ketterman
Lewis Kingman
James Merle Kious
Raymond Moore Knisel
David O. Knisely
Hugh Leroy Knisely
Karl Leroj Knoll
Morris Kotlarsky
Elmer Wm. Krenkel
Arthur Win. Lang


mMllfiWASH B\J FvN IIII1K A53Killllllllftll 1 9 U

Joe Wolf Lauer
Raymond W. Lemley
Donald Johnson Lindell
John M. Long
Harold Parker Lowe
Albert D'Earl Luce
Clairies Glenn Lyon
Claude Leslie McCaig
Charles Nelson McCarter
George Dailey McClelland
Donald Everet McCord
R. Chesley McCormick
Charles A. McCracken
Clayburn H. McCrary
Eugene James McCreight
Edward Charles McDermott
J. Lawrence McGinnis
Edward Jas. McGrannahan
Evan Robert McKinley
Charles Madden
Claire Arnot Martin
John Everett Merriam
Blanton Fearn Messick
John H. Miller
Stanley Vincent Mitchell
Haroid James Monroe
Olin Dale Moody
Ralph Palmer Moore
Keith Cline Moreland
Henry Clay Moseley
John W. Moser
Wm. Mossman
John Edwin Murray
Edward Muzzarelli
Harold E. Naylor
Gilbert Wm. Xeill
Finley Farrand Xeal
Wm. Addison Neiswanger
Don Olaf Nelson
Harold Frank Nelson
Perry Thomas Noble
George Wm. Nodell
Philip Edward Norman
Ladimir V. Opacensky
Oscar Louis Orlopp
Earle S. Palmatier
James Arthur Parkinson
Eldin Wilkinson Parmeter

Ray Forest Parnell
Homer W. Patterson
John Clifford Perine
Edwin Clarence Poort
Harold Wm. Poort
Willis Parkinson Popenoe
Lester Posvar
William Potter
Bess Lewis Piessgrove
John Dewey Preston
Omer Marion Raines
Leon M. Ramsey
Harvey Lewis Reamer
Cecil Archie Redd
Eugene Elmer Reital
Haloid Floyd Riffer
Walter Leslie Rippeteau
Cecil Ray Robbins
Frank Rawson Robinson
Lloyd Edwin Rogler
Clarence Romig
Hugh Mariner Russell
Wm. H orton Ryan •
Lewis E. Samson
John Raymond Sanders
Jordan Ray Sayler
Clyde P. Schenck
De'Armand Oscar Schmitz
Louie Wm. Schurley
Carl George Schwartz
John Wyman Scneder
Donald Seaton
Arthur Clarence Seevers
Ralph Gardner Sellards
Louis Guy Seward
Paul Morse Shaler
Clifford Dean Sharp
Francis Raymond Sharp
Randall A. Sharp
Newell Courtland Sheffer
Frank Howard Shirck
Frank W. Shoemaker
Dewey George Short
Harvey E. Sillett
Clifford Burnett Simmons
Robert H. Simpson
Harry A. Sjoholm
Rollin Alfred Sloop

Russell Sylvester Snyder
Henry Eugene Solsby
Zeph Frederick Space
Manila Dewey Sproat
Harold L. Stein rauff
Edward C. Stenger
Marvin Allen Stevens
Fletcher Clark Stewart
Loyd Luther Stewart
John Russell Stone
Ward White Summerville
Albert Markley Swan
Carl G. Swanson
Theodore McKinley Tarvin
Gerald Wilson Tasker
Guy Edward Taylor
James Orion Taylor
John X. Tevis
Charles D. Thompson
Paul Ericson Thorson
Harlan Henry Turner
Glen Rudolph Turrentine
Chester D. Vance
Willard Van Scoyoc
Lloyd Emery Vernon
Cranston Gordon Vincent
Kenneth Dudley Wahlquist
Albert E. Walker
Leo Floyd Walker
Richard Charles Ward
John Thomas Warders
Java Cruce Warmack
Herman Gregg Wehe
Armin O. Weiskirch
Lester Trevella Welty
Vincent Wm. Westrup
Harry Albert White
Marlett Dean White
Edwin A. Williams
Fred Wm. Wilson
Wm. Ernst Winter
Earl B. Wood
Virgil Dwight Wood
Guy Emery Woodhouse
Lee Arlo Wykoff
Leo Erskine Wyman
John George Yonkers
Walter Adolph Youngquist

Died of Influenza.

lyiMBHBMSBBWNSM BVJ f^NmytlllKA^XBiH?mimill^ia








5»n -.-■» "wn










hIhI lib 'Ml I

rnl'M^'f 1 *!*/'^ 1

I7ISHKSQ5&SH B\J r\NlllllKA?TOllllllll(llll7l3

Athletic Association.

HE purpose of the Washburn College

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