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Hall Stationery Co.
Zerker Book and Stationery Co.

Cafes and Cafeterias —

The New Cafeteria.
The Banner Lunch.
White Way Cafe.
Bates & Capps Cafe.

Drugs —

Walker's Drug Store.
College Hill Pharmacy.
Brunt-Martin Drug Co.

Dry Cleaning and Launderies —
Quality Cleaners.

Superior Dry Cleaners and Dyers.
Topeka Laundry Co.
White Star Laundry.
College Hill Cleaners.

Electric Goods —

The Topeka Electric Co.

Florists —

James Hayes Flower Shop.
The Rosery.

Furnishings, Ladies —

The Outlook Cloak and Suit Co.

Berkson Bros.

The W. W. Mills Co.

The Crosby Bros. Co.


Furnishings, Men —

Rahn's Shirt Factory.

The Voiland-Engle Clothing Co.

The Palace Clothing Co.

Felix Clothing Co.

Factories —

The Topeka Steam Boiler Works.

Grocers —

Scott's Quality Grocery.
W. C. Bates.

Hardware —

Fullerton Bros. Co.
Kitchell & Marburg.
W. A. L. Thompson.

Insurance Companies —

National Life Insurance Co.

Jewelers —

C. E. Wardin.

Addis Jewelry Store.


Jaccard Jewelry Co.

Loans and Mortgage Companies —

The Capitol Building Loan Association.

The Merriam Mortgage Co.

The Davis-Welcome Mortgage Co.

The Benton-Hopkins Investment Co.

The Farm Mortgage Trust Co.

The Forbes Agency.

Lumber, Coal & Sand —

Jackson-Walker Coal and Mining Co
Chicago Lumber Co.
McCleerv-Dudlev Lumber Co.
Wear Sand Co."

Music Stores —

Roehr Music Co.

E. B. Guild Music Co.

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Advertising Index Continued.

Meat —

Meat Market.

Newspapers —

The Topeka Daily Capital.
The Topeka State Journal.

Photographers —
E. V. King.
Francis & Hodge.

Roeger's Studio.
J. C. Wolcott.

Printers and Engravers —
1<\ M. Steve- & Sons.
Capper Engraving Co.
Trapp Print Shop.
Vesper Printing ( 1 1

Paint Stores —

\eme Quality Paint Store.
The Miller-Gillespie Paint & Glass

Shoe Repair —

Ray'- Rapid Shoe Repair System.

Specialists —

Dr. Emery. Optician.

Dr. Raymond, Chiropodist.

Dr. Black. Dentist.

Dr. Ramsey. Dentist.

Drs. Godfry & Godfrey. Osteopaths

Dr. Merkel. Chiropodist.

(Mara Shinn, Chiropodi-t.

Street Car Company —

Topeka Street Railway Co.

Theatres —


Taxi Service —
Roy Payne.

Transfer Company —

Topeka Transfer & Storage < •

Ten Cent Stores—

F. W. Woolworth & Co.

Telephone Company —

Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.


X. H. Wolff.

Rahn Shirt Factory.

Scotch Woolen Mills.

Typewriters —

Royal Typewriter Co.

Undertakers —

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