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^ Touch of da

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A Touch of Class


Washington and Lee University

204 W. Washington Street

Lexington, Virginia 24450

Student Population: 1,762 Undergraduate, 407 Law

Volume 110



2 Table 1)1' Contents




SEP 1 2 200Y



Table of Contents 3

A Touch

Washington and Lee University

\itherine Swan. Executive Editor

From Freshman Orientation week to the days leading up to graduation. Washington and

Lee University provided a college experience like none other. Combine a world class

t"acult\ with a beautiful campus, an award-winning athletic program, a thriving greek

system, a challenging core curriculum, and a group of diverse, driven students, and it is

obvious why thousands of people across the nation are proud to call themselves alumni

of Washington and Lee. W&L had much to celebrate in 2007. The opening of John and

Anne Wilson Hall provided a center for the arts that became a haven for many students on

4 Opening




2007 Calyx

Lindsay Lecky and Amanda Kane, Assistant Executive Editors

campus. The University also launched a new strategic plan. Donors showed their faith
in the mission of the university with two large donations: one of 33 million, and another
100 million dollar donation. Kenneth Ruscio was inaugurated over homecoming weekend
as the University's 26th president. The University also saw its first open trial in over ten
years, proving that the honor system is alive and well. As the Class of 2007 embarks on
life outside Lexington, it is certain that they have had a college experience they will
forever cherish.

Opening 5

6 Opening

Opening 7


By nomination and vote of the mduating members of
the Class of 2007, this hook is hereby dedicated to:

Zachary Alan Parmenter
Class of 2007


8 Dedication

President s Message

To the Class of 2007:

It is a pleasure for me to offer this brief introduction to this
years Calyx. Congratulations to the members of the Class of
2007 on your graduation from Washington and Lee! This is a
wonderful achievement and I am very happy for you and your

You arrived four years ago and spent your first few days
meeting each other in various settings: move-in day, the
freshman barbeque, the Honor System presentation, ice-breaker
events on dorm, on teams, and in the classroom. Friendships
formed in those early days are strong now and it is important
that they remain strong for many, many years to come. One of
the reasons Washington and Lee is such a special place is its
people. At the end of the day it is people and their shared
relationships that make the difference in our lives. It is through
these personal interactions that we define ourselves and our

The photos in this retrospective capture those friendships and
relationships. As you turn the pages of this book in the months
and years ahead you will see images of students, faculty, and
staff, all of whom you can call your friends. I encourage you to
make every effort to maintain these important friendships in
the years ahead.

One way you can do that is to remain active in the life of the University. You now have joined an active alumni body
of more than 23,000 men and women throughout the world. The personal quality of your W & L education is all too
uncommon these days. Please join your friends and fellow alumni in staying engaged in the affairs of the University so
that together we can continue to move W&L forward while preserving its distinctive features.

Kim joins me in wishing the best for each and every member of the Class of 2007, and we would like to extend a
standing invitation for you to come by and visit us at the Lee House whenever you are able to return to campus.

Kenneth P. Ruscio

President's Message

Qampus <£ife

Campus Life: this section is about all of the activities and
events that almost no other college could even comprehend of
doing. There's the infamous Orientation Week, when freshmen
learn what "the Polehouses" and "County Seat" are and that
sorority rules put a big damper in freshmen girls plans.
Homecoming and Parents' Weekend are just an excuse for alums
old and new (and parents who wish that they were alums) to come
back and party with the current undergraduates for a weekend.
Students grab a date and ride down Christmas trees in December,
and then come back from break in January ready to dance up a
storm in S.A.R.A.H's annual Lip Sync contest. This year marked
the 100th anniversary of the first Fancy Dress Ball, and after
months of preparation by the Fancy Dress Steering Committee,
students, faculty, and alums donned black and white only to
boogie in the Warner Center gyms. Spring Term is the favorite
time of year for W&L students, which also includes Alumni
Weekend and when students arrive back from their winter study
abroad programs. But this section really encompasses what it
means to be a Washington and Lee student. It makes W&L a
unique university, one that seniors wish they were never leaving
and one that alumni wish they had never left in the first place.

Mandy Burns, Louise Denny, and Molly Smith
Section Editors

Abigail Gage and Caroline Habliston

Sophomores Alex Goldscher. Geoff
Marks, and Harry St. John

Freshmen Sara Kale Moore and Nicole Sophomore Tori Christmas, junior Erin

Allahand. Thompson, and senior Annie Thompson.

10 Campus Life

Left: Seniors Blake Anderson and Ray Sweeney hang out with stud

\ollcyball player junior Lauren Rudolph.

Below: Freshmen Pi Phi's get intense for a powderpuff game behind the

Polehouses during Derby Days.

Bottom Left: Sophomore Kappa Deltas Jen Flanagan, Liz Garson. and Grier

Gardner pose in their masks before the centennial Fancy Dress.

Right Center: Juniors Anne Russell Calvert. Jeanne Smith, and Wilson

Robinson meet up while abroad in Europe.

Bottom Right: Seniors Lindsay Lecky and Brian Beamer. classmates since

kindergarten, make the most of their last Christmas Weekend.

Campus Life 1 1

rientation Week

On September 2. 2006. Washington and Lee University welcomed the Class of 2010
onto campus, and Orientation Week officially began. While the freshmen were kept busy
with placement tests, hall discussions, and activities involving the entire class, the
upperclassmen enjoyed their last few days of freedom before classes started. Sophomores
and juniors alike met up with friends they hadn't seen all summer, while the seniors
enjoyed their last Orientation Week as W&L students. Highlights of the week included
life's presentation of Pieces of the Puzzle, led by Burr Datz. the overload on Traveller as
students headed out to the country to experience W&L's nightlife, and former President
Huntley's return for Convocation. The Acti\ ities Fair also showed students what
opportunities w ere available to them, from student publications to volunteer organizations
to religious groups. The Academic Fair enlightened freshmen of the different majors and
courses available. Amidst the uncertainty and excitement of Orientation Week, lifelong
friendships were formed and the year got off to a fantastic start.


Freshman Abel Delgado is so happy that he is
tuiallv in his luxurious dorm room.


The Class of 2010 assembled in Lee Chapel
Ever\ orientation week, the freshmen come
to Lee Chapel several times to learn about
school traditions and policies.

Far Right:

Senior Christina Leaton and junior Sara
Mueller hope to attract new members for
Reformed L'ni\ersity Fellowship at the
Activities Fair. The Activities Fair provide
all students with wavs to get more involved
at W&L.

A view of the Baker-Davis-Gilliam

quad set up to host the incoming


12 Campus Life

IrcshiiiLii th/abclli Mann.

Sarah Jo Trimble, and
Caroline Head enjoy dinner
at Kathekons Alumni BBQ.

Freshmen Hillary Sebcny. Nick
Ward. Grace Wang, and Erika

Khaiek pose for a picture during

dinner on the Front Lawn, in

between Convocation and the

Honor Svstem Orientation.

Freshmen Jon Brown. Joe Roane, and Carlos

Morales anticipate their first Convocation

with much enthusiasm.

Freshmen EIhe

Simmons and

Carolyn Small show

off their dresses asl

they head off to

another event in Lei



A cadaver sign hanging from tlie Reid Hall
balcony welcomes students back to

Seniors Courtney Blake. Annie Thompson,
Abhy Olson. Milena Ricci, Chrissy Hogan,
Kiltie Tompkins, and junior Jenny
Niemann begin the year off right.


.Senior Alejandro Selin and sophomore
Tara Hildenbrand maintain the Catholic
Campus Ministry booth at the Activities


.A group of tv\ enty freshmen leam at an
orientation e\ent that there is no better w ay
to break the ice than hypnotism.

Orientation Week 13

Sophomores Linda Tan
and Jane Lee pose for

ihe camera before
nishtlv homecomine

W&L recognizes the newest Five Star Generals! Fiji's queen nominee
A graduate achieves this honor when 50 years junior Counne> Dolaw ay
have passed since his W&L graduation. takes a moment to smile

with escort senior Max

Sophomores Stacy Doombos and Anne

Lindsey McColloch. seniors Maggie

Pur\ ear and Tippins Stone, sophomore

Helen Hill, and senior Christina Leaton

brine out their little Muck dresses

Freshmen Annaria Nardone and

Brandon Lee Bamds. sophomore

Melissa Cinder, and freshmen Winston

Stagg wait anxiously for homecoming


"Come cheer for Washington and Lee, we're going to win another vic^gjmjgi



Generals Rally to the Call of Tradition!

"Being nominated

for Homecoming

Queen was

something I never

expected to

happen to me in

college, and

sharing that

e.xperience with

one of m\ best

friends made it so

much more


-Junior Amy


Lambda's queen

nominee Amy Karwan

poses with close friend,

sorority sister, and

fellow nominee. Chi

Omega senior

Susan Rudolph.

On Saturday, October 21.
2006, alumnus Kenneth P.
Ruscio attended the most
ultimate of homecomings.
This 76 graduate, former
professor, and Dean was
inaugurated as the 26th
President of our University.
And as we celebrated a new
president, we also looked to
honor additional generals.
As always, all five-star
generals were honored, and
this year the classes of
'46,'41 and '36 enjoyed
reunions. They were joined
by the young alumni classes
of '03 through '06. Following
tradition, fraternities hosted
cocktail and band parties
that filled the evenings,
giving both young and old
generals a chance to
At halftime of the
Homecoming 2006 football


The \\'&.L cheerleaders pumped up a large
crowd at the football game, performing a three-
level stunt, and topped with a libeny.

game, senior Meghan Joss was
crowned Queen and senior
Padrick Dennis crowned King.
This continued the Chi Psi
tradition of presenting a
winning nominee. The football
team continued their
Homecoming win streak with a
34-12 victory over Guilford.
After the game, the annual
wine tasting was held for
seniors and alumni at the
Liberty Hall Ruins.

14 Campus Life

uniors Lauren Morea and Brett Kearney and

sophomore Griffin Bealle take a break from

dancing in tlie Phi Kap basement!

Freshmen Hilar)

Grosser and Dixon

Snukals enjoy their first


Seniors David Olchowski. aka "CHOW" and his

date Avery Lovejoy join Thomas Grattan and Emily

McDowell before heading off to Phi Kap.

Kathekon President Sophomore Kasey Bolles,

Jordan Wesley senior Whitney King, and

announces the 2006 junior Abigail Gage bond at
Homecoming Oiicen' a small homecoming


Blue we will ever wave in triumph for the University. RAH! RAH! RAH!" -W&L Swing

the Annual Banner
front of Doremus

Homecoming Queen senior Meghan
Joss and First Runner Up senior Katie
Kingsbury share their elation with

President Ruscio waits to be
inaugurated as W&L's 26th
I'niversity President.
Picture courtesy of
inau'juration.w lu.edu.




A little rain couldn't stop the tiick-or-treating. Just as storm clouds came through
Windfall Hill, so too did hordes of W&L students outfitted for the holiday. Pledge class
armies of UPS men. firemen, construction workers, conversation hearts, and magnetic
poetry stormed the country. The white tent was packed with superheroes, elves, playing
cards, and ladybugs - all dancing along to the coverband.

Students spent the days before scouting fabrics at Walmart and accessorizing at Totally
Party and Goodwill. Groups of friends and pledge classes worked together to come up
with the most creative and clever costume designs available. Hair, makeup, and accessories
added the finishing touches to the chosen costumes. From upperclassmen to freshmen,
guvs and girls alike - all prepared for their night in disguise. A day of serious costuming
ended w ith hundreds of dressed-up students dancing in the rain under a white tent.


Freshmen Lindsay Grant. Maureen Ford, and
Katie Bouret sport mile-high hair to complete
their transformation.


Sigma Chi seniors David Graham. Clayton
Edwards. Ted Williams, and George Carter
cause merry mischief out of season as elves
at the Hallovseen party.

Far Right:

Freshmen go go girls Natalie Hemdon.
Caroline Echols, and Alex Eichenbaum strut
their stuff in boots and chartreuse.


Kappa Delta juniors Lauren Cook and

Lindsay Erickson make magnetic

poetry with KD sophomore and

conversation heart. Keisi Robinson.

16 Campus Life

Frf.hm,in Ch.irlc. WiKon

provided BAC tests all


Theta Fire Dept: Sophomores Mackenzie

Hutton, Kiki Moreo. Melissa Dolan. and

Christina Merchant with senior Kelly Price.


The two silent boys at the party, juniors
Andrew Franklin and Mitchell Ward, are
really getting into character.


Seniors Alex Laymon. Kristen McClung,
Maggie Megear, Casie Pedroza. and
Elizabeth Mills play with a full deck.


Sophomores Lizzie MacPherson and Betsy
Ellis suit up as Nickelodeon Global Guts

Halloween 17

_.v/ • • J. ie Garrett. Polina Berlin.
i.:/._.ne Humphries, and .\shley
Ca-.s:N siniie at their Kappa part\ I

Junior Emily Hulen and her

parents eating lunch at the

A box full of W&L
semakers waiting to be used
h\ the football fans.

Members of the Lambda Chi fraternity W&L Cheerleaders rally the crowc
looking classy at the football game. from start to finish at the football |


"When Washington and Lee's men fall in hne, we're going to win again another time;

Parents' Weekend

My parents never

miss this

weekend I Maybe

that's because they

li\e fi\e minutes

aw ay and don't

have to worry

about getting a

hotel room. Their

favorite part about

my sophomore

sister. Colleen.

transferring here is

that they get two

more years of it."

-Senior Kelly


Senior lacrosse captain

Avery Lovejoy lakes a

break from selling

women's lacrosse gear to

pose in a picture with

her younger sister.

Elizabeth, who came to

visit with her parents for

the weekend.

Families came to
Lexington from far and wide
to partake in Washington
and Lee's 52nd annual
Parents' Weekend.
November 3rd through 5th.
Never a disappointment,
parents were occupied
around the clock by going to
classes and meeting their
child's professors and
coaches. But. as always,
these weekend visitors take
the town by storm at night.
Friday, freshmen girls and
their families had the chance
to take tours of sorority row.
And as usual, the weekend
was filled with impressive
musical performances from
the Choral Concert on
Friday to Acapella groups on
Saturday. Southern Comfort,
an all male group at the
school, entertained the
packed Lee Chapel audience
with their hilarious rendition
of "Men in Tights,"
costumes and all.

Perhaps one of the most
memorable moments was
Saturday's football game
against Emory & Henry.
With Wilson Field packed to
capacity, the Generals
claimed their first ODAC



Juniors Ned Rider and Spotty
Robins tailgating with lacrosse
coach Gene McCabe.

football championship since
1985, defeating the Wasps
24-6. They also received the
conference's automatic bid
to the NCAA Division III
playoffs for the first time in
school history and played
Wilkes University in
Pennsylvania a couple
weeks later. Sadly the
weekend came to an end,
but parents and students
alike anticipate the
excitement of Parents'
Weekend 2007.

18 Campus Life

1 is excited about the General

Sophomore Billy Reighley and his Sophomore Sarah and senior Jenny
family during halftime. Ratzel spend some quality time

with their parents.

Referees prepare for the exciting Sophomores Sarah McCarville.
football game that awaits them. Melissa Caron and junior Mallory
Frewer cheer W&L on!

Seniors Ka\ lee Hartung, Andrew
Ferguson and Brynn Chandler
congratulate senior Ben Long on a
job well done!

Parents' Weekend

hristmas Weekend

Washington and Lee's Christmas Weekend was the students' last huiTah before the
terrors of Fall Term final exam week. Always a fun date weekend, it was kicked off by the
Sisma Chi fraternity and their annual Christmas in the Country party. Hot chocolate, apple
cider, and egg nog were the drinks of choice for the night and in the background, students
could hear Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" on repeat. As usual, students
fled to Wal-Mart and Goodwill in order to find an appropriate outfit for the night. Students
purchased reindeer headbands. Santa hats, and ugly red-and-green Christmas sweaters to
wear w ith glee.

After Christmas in the Country, the students dressed it up a little. Girls traveled into
tow n to purchase cocktail dresses and boys made sure that they had at least one Christmas-
colored tie for the fraternity parties. Some dates traveled to Charlottesville, some stayed in
Lexington, and some rode a Christmas tree down the steps of Kappa Sig's Hobes. Santa,
his elves, and Mrs. Claus made appearances at multiple fraternity houses throughout the
w eekend in order to deliver the much anticipated roasts and poems. At the end of fun-filled
the w eekend. W&L students buckled down to start on their final exams.

Senior Sigma Chis Clayton Edwards.

.Matt Krieg. and Stuart Hurst enjoy

their last Christmas in the Country at

Polehouse 3.

"Have a holly, jolly Christmas; It's the best time of the year! I don't know if

Senior Michael Wagoner poses s\ iili

Sigma Nu Sweethearts senior Sicph Sophomore Andrew Henderson and

VViechmann and junior Mary Catherine freshmen Crislin Quinn and Wi

Burdme at a house cocictail party I wilkerson have fun hanging out at Pole V.

20 Campus Lite

uniors "Rlf" Anne Russell Calvert and "Santa" l,il> d
Grazia smile for the camera!

Sophomore David Yancey. Phi Delfs

nominee as Mrs. Claus. reads aloud his poem

to the Iratenitv and their guests.


Pretty in cocktail dresses, sopiiomores Sarah
McCarville, Laura King, and Jennifer Janes
enjoy the Chi Omega Christmas tree while
waiting for their dates to get ready !

there'll be snow, but have a holly, jolly Christmas, this year!"

Juniors Enk Gagne and Ashle\ Donohoe enjo\ the
moment at a FIJI event.

Junior Kell>' Boss recie\es a playful

leck from junior William Holliday at

the S.A.E. house.

Sophomore Kelly Bundy indulges in a
Hohes tradition: Biting a Chri.stmas light!

Freshmen Michelle

Hirschfeld and Carolyn

Small get excited for their

first Christmas Weekend!

Christmas Weekend 21

i ,,r:-.;i.i Chi freshman The freshmen Kappa Delia ladies entice the Pi Beta Phis freshman Members of the Kappa Alpha Theta "Fire Freshman Hayes Ashcraft of Phi Delta

■loiVTi Pettjorew as the audience with their skill and grace. Mary Petrulis express Depanment," freshmen Elizabeth Theta li\ ens the crowd with his stellar

iijnsrJr trom Men in Black. her love for the '90s. Micci.Vivian Schreeder. Molh' Harrington. dance moves.

.Andrea Hanick. and Steph Schaefer.

Lip Sync

The gu\s iChnstopher

Rucker. Joseph Roane.

Kenneth Hopkins.

Frank Lee III i and I

worked e\er\night

straight for a week.

.And sometimes we

almost lost our minds

with stress and

arguments but being

able to hear the crow d

go w ild at our

performance and being

able to hold that trophy

made it all soooo worth


-Freshman Rasaq


Freshman Dalton

Harris of Phi Kappa

Psi demonstrates his

enthusiam as he

shows off his dance


Since 1987. Lip Sync
has entertained, inspired,
and embarassed members of
the Washington and Lee
community. Students
Against Rocl<bridge Area
Hunger (SARAH) hosts the
event each year as a fun and
creative way to give back to
their home away from home.
On average, Lip Sync raises
enough money to supply
twenty tons of food, but this
year's increased fees and
attendance have significantly
added to the revenues.

Student organizations
sponsored twenty-five acts
this year. Although the night
got off to a rough start, with
lots of acts receiving the
dreaded "gong", the talents
of W&L's youngest
members became apparent
as the night went on. In the
end, judges' panel, a mix of
students and faculty,
awarded the Multicultural
Students Association (MSA)
first place after an explosive

The evening's masters of ceremony,
sophomore Paul Stack and junior Will Owens,
describe to the audience the funtion of SARAH
in the community.

and memorable performance.
Freshmen members of Kappa
Alpha Theta placed second,
and a Chi Omega freshmen
group captured third place.

While there was certainly
a selection of contemporary
music, many contestants chose
to return to their nineties roots
and received a warm response
for the audience. Spandex and
neon workout clothes filled the
stage of many female acts,
while the males tended to dress
in drag, providing an
entertaining atmosphere.
Typically most fraternties and
sororities let their freshmen
pledges represent their
respective houses every year,
giving the newest members of
Washington and Lee a chance
to strut their stuff. And they do
it well every year!

22 Campus Life

reshnian Stephanie Mansey wows the crowd Senior Alex White takes

in Theta's song and dance to the popular the stage to announce

YouTube song. "Tea Partay." the next act.

Pi Beta Phi's "Spice Girls." freshmen Meghan Freshmen FIJIs Strock The freshmen Chi O "Coyotes,"

Keane. Gozi Egbuonu. Sacha Raab. Claudia Moore and Adam Lewis Aleisha Butler. Catherine Carlock.

Vincenti. and Grace Wang enchant the crowd try to seduce the crowd. Natalie Bunnell, Kelsey Wnght. and

« ith "Wannabe." Shannon Brunner are ready to go.

Senior Frank Lee and freshmen
Joseph Roane. Kenneth Hopkins,
and Rasaq Lawal show off their
first place trophy.

MSA's sophomore Christopher Rucker
steals the show with his dancing and
lip-syncing skills!

Freshmen Doug Fnedman and Phil
Graham of Sigma Chi proved that it
was indeed ".All For You " with
their tantalizing performance.

Freshmen Kappa Kappa Gammas
Mary Francis Weatherly tears up
the staae.

Lip Sync

ancy Dress

This year W&L celebrated many anniversaries, but the Centennial Fancy Dress held
on March 10. 2007 was certainly the favorite. Co-Chairs Niki Tsiknakis and Lily de Grazia
did a fantastic job coordinating "The Party of the Century." a black-and-white masquerade
ball. Alumni, both young and old. came back to W&L for the weekend to boogie with The
Pat Patrick Band, a 14 piece show band from Nashville, Tennessee that wowed the crowd
with Motow n and Classic Rock oldies. It even changed up "Sweet Home Alabama" to
"Sweet Home Virginia" to please the W&L crowd.

Students looked forward to two surprises: fireworks from the Law School field and a
confetti drop at midnight. Even though there was a rumor that Tom Petty (sounds like
confetti) was playing at midnight, the guests were thrilled with both displays. And after the

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