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This is the first Alumni Catalogue published by the Union Alumni
Association of Howard University. It contains a list of the Alumni
of the several departments of the University from 1870 to 1896 inclu-
sive, the present occupation and location of each Alumni: also a list
of the incorporators, trustees, ofiQcers, professors, and teachers who
have, from time to time, served the University.

In preparing materials for this catalogue the committee in charge
soon found that errors would of necessity occur; but this fact did not
deter them from attempting to make the best possible compilation
under the circumstances.

In order that the next issue may be more, accurate, the Associa-
tion will deem it an act of kindness on the part of any Alumnus to
inform the secretary of any error coming under his personal obser-
vation. It would also request each Alumnus, receiving a copy of
this catalogue, to fill out the blank in the rear and forward it to the
secretary of the Association.






Union Alumni Association of Howard University.


This organization shall be called the "Union Alumni Association
of Howard University. ' '


The objects of this Association shall be the intellectual, moral,
and social advancement of its members, and the furtherance of the
interests of Howard University.


All graduates of the several departments of Howard University —
Theological, Medical, Law, College, Preparatory, and Normal — are
members of this Association. The annual dues of members shall be
twenty-five cents.

The ofi&cers of this Association shall consist of a President, a
Vice President for each Department, a Recording Secretary, a Cor-
responding Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Chaplain ; they shall be
elected annually, at the annual meeting.

An Executive Committee, consisting of three members besides
the President, the two Secretaries, and the Treasurer, shall be ap -
pointed at each annual meeting. This Committee shall have full
charge of arrangements for banquets.


This Association shall hold an annual meeting on the first Friday
in May, when for the ensuing year officers shall be elected and an
Executive Committee shall be appointed.


This Constitution may be amended at any regular meeting by a
two-thirds vote.




W. H. Richards, Lly. B.
Vice Presidents.

Rev. S. G. Ivampkins, Theological Department.

H. W. Furniss, M D., Medical Department.

R. H. Terrell, Lly. M., Law Department.

J. W. Camp, A. B., College Department.

H. J. Davis, Preparatory Department.

Frank Allen, Normal Department.
Recording Secretary.

Richard Foster, M. S., M. D.
Corresponding Secretary.

Charles S. Syphax, A. B.

Geo. Wm. Cook, A. M.

Rev. C. A. Leftwich, A. B.
Executive Committee.

W. H. Richards, ex officio.

Richard Foster, , "

Charles S. Syphax.

Geo. Wm. Cook,

Rev. Daniel B. Wiseman.

A. F. Hilyer.

lyula Y. lyove.


Howard University was incorporated March 2, 1S67.


Hon. Samuel C. Pomero3^
Rev. Chas. B. Boyutou. D. D.
Gen. Oliver O. Howard.
Hon. Burton C. Cook.
Gen. Charles H. Howard.
James B. Hutchinson.
W. F. Bascom, A.M.
Rev. E. "VV. Robinson.
Silas L. Loomis, M. D.

Henry A. Brewster.
Rev. Benjamin F. Morris.
Rev. Danforth B. Nichols.
William G. Finney.
Rosw^ell H. Stevens.
E. M. Cushman.
Hiram Barber, M. D.
James B. Johnson.


Hon. Samuel C. Pomeroy.
Rev. Chas. B. Bovnton, D. D.
Gen. Oliver O. Howard, LL. D.
Hon. Burton C. Cook.
Gen, Charles H. Howard.
James B. Hutchinson.
W. F. Bascom, A.M.
Rev. E. W. Robinson.
Silas L. Loomis, M. D.

Elected March 19, 1S67.

Henry A. Brewster.

Rev. Benjamin F. Morris.

Rev. Danforth B. Nichols, M. D., D. D.

William G. Finney.

Roswell H. Stevens.

E. M. Cushman.

Hiram Barber, M. D.

James B. Johnson.

Gen. Geo. W'. Balloch.

List of Trustees of Howard University,

Hon. Samuel C. Pomeroy, 1S67 to 1891.
Rev. Charles B. Bovnton, D. D., 1867

to 1868.
*Gen. Oliver O. Howard, 1867.
Hon. Burton C. Cook, 1867 to 1872.
*Gen. Charles H. Howard, 1867.
James B. Hutchinson, 1867 to 1868.
Henry A. Brewster, 1867 to 1873.
Rev. Benjamin F. Morris, 1867 to 1867.
Rev. Danforth B. Nichols, 1867 to 1873.
William G. Finney, 1867 to 1869.
Roswell H. Stevens, 1867 to 1869.
E. M. Cushman, 1867 to 1868.
Hiram Barber, M. D., 1867 to 1869.
Rev. E. W. Robinson, 1867 to 1869.
W. F. Bascom, 1867 to 1875.
J. B. Johnson, 1S67 to 1871.
Silas L. Loomis, D. D., 1867 to 1872.
*Gen. Geo. W. Balloch, 1867.
Rev. Henry Highland Garnett, D. D.,

1S67 to 1869.
Rev, Byron Sunderland, D. D., 1867

to 1869,
Rev, D, W. Anderson, 1868 to 1872.
Hon. Hugh L. Bond, 1868 to 1S71,
Rev. John W, Alvord, 186S to 1880.
Wm. J. W'ilson, 1869 to 1879.
John A. Cole, 1S69 to 1872.

• still in sernce.

Bishop John M. Brown, D. D., 1869 to

Daniel L. Eaton, 1869 to 1873.
*Rev.J. Eames Rankin, D. D., LL. D.,

1870 to 1873 — 1890.
Rev. George Whipple, 1870 to 1876.
S. H. Hodges, 1870 to 1874.
^Francis H. Smith, 1S71.
Hon. Frederick Douglass, 1871 to 1895.
George E. Baker, 1872 to 18S3.
*5Calmon Richards, 1873.
T. L. TuUock, 1873 to 1883.
Bishop Sampson Talbot, D. D., 1873 to

John H. Cook. 1873 to 1S73,
Rev, Edward P, Smith, 1873 to 1876.
*0. F. Presbrey, 1874,
Hon. Wm, A. Richardson, LL. D., 1874

to 1878.
S, S. Mitchell, D. D., 1874 to 1880.
Hon. E. M. Cravath. 1874 to 1878.
*John F. Cook, 1875.
*Rev. M. E. Striebv, D D., 1878.
E.W. Blatchford, 1878 to 1883.
Ludlow Patton, 187S to 1892.
T. J. Kirkpatrick, 1878 to 1892.
'*^Wllliam Ballantvne, 1878.
Henry Stcckbridge, iS78to 1S95.


Rev. W. W. Patton, D. D., LL. D., 187^ ^Hou. Johu Eaton, 1883.

to 1890. 't^E. M. Gallaudet, LIv. D.; 1883.

*F. J. Grimke, D. D., 1880. ^Rev. R. R. vShippen, D. D., 1883.

Hon. E. J. Henkle, 1880 to 1887. *Heury E. Pellew, 1890.

John H. Washburne, 1881 to 1887. *Rev. C. H. Patton, B. D., 1892.

Rev. John R. Paxton, D. D., 1881 to '^^B. H. Warner, 1892.

1882. *J. H. Meriwether, 1892.

*P.ev. W. A. Bartlett, D. D., 1883. *Hon. B. K. Bruce, LL. D., 1894.

'*=A. S. Pratt, 1883. '^Hon. John R. Lynch, 1895.

*Rev. William Waring, 1883. *Rev. T. S. Hamlin, D. D., 1895.

List of all persons who have been employed as officers, professors,
teachers, temporary instructors, etc., by Howard University, since
its organi2;ation, including the years during which such service was


Rev. Charles B. Boynton, D. D., from March 19, 1867, to August 5, 1867.

Rev. Byron Sunderland, D. D., from April 5, to August 27, 1869.

General Oliver O. Howard, from April 5, 1869, to December i, 1873.

Rev. Edward P. Smith (died on shipboard on the coast of Africa — never
acted as president).

Rev. George Whipple, D. D. (did not accept the office).

Rev. W. W. Patton, D. D., LL. D., from April 25, 1877, to December 31, 1889.
(Died December 31, 1889.)

t=Rev. Jeremiah Eames Rankin, D. D., LL. D., from January i, 1890.


Amzi L Barber, September 9, 1872, to November 18, 1872.

Hon. John M. Langston, LL. D., Vice-President and Acting President, De-
cember i, 1873, to June 30, 1875.

Prof. F. W. Fairfield, September i, 1875, to December 16, 1875, and from
January 20, 1876, to June 30, 1877.


E. M. Cushman, March 19, 1867, to December 20, 1867.

Rev. E. W. Robinson, December 20, 1867, to April 8, 1869 (died in office).

John A. Cole, April 22, 1869, to April i, 1872.

Joseph A. Sladen, April i, 1872 to August 5, 1872.

John A. Cole, August 5, 1872, to September 27, 1872. C,

Amzi L. Barber, September 30, 1872, to December 27, 1873.

*James B. Johnson, December 27, 1873.


Geo. W. Balloch, March i, 1867, to April i, 1872.
Rev. Eliphalet Whittlesey, April i, 1872, to June 30, 1872.
John A. Cole, July i, 1872, to September i, 1872.
*James B. Johnson, June 22, 1872.


Rev. Eliphalet Whittlesey, April 8, 1867, to October i, 1867.
John A. Cole, March 15, 1869, to August i, 1872.
Rev. Charles A. Harvey, M. D., December, 1878, to June, 1888.
Rev. William R. Eastman, October 6, 1888, to October 6, 1890.
*Rev. Wm. A. Sinclair, 1890.

^ Still in service.



Rev. D. B Nichols.
Rev. F. W. Fairfield, D. D.
Rev. C. H. A. Bulkley, D. D.
H. O. Cushmau.
'^Miss Irene C. Tyler.

(Note. — The four persons first named acted in connection with other regular


Mrs. Mary T. Corner, 1870 to 1872.

Miss Kate Haynes, 1872 to 1874.

Miss Maria Gibbons, 1874 to 1875.

Mrs. Belle M. Cook, 1879 to 1882.

Mrs. Mary E. Hunt, 1882 to 1886.

Mrs. L. H. Kendall (preceptress and teacher), 1886 to 1892.

Miss F. M. Whitcomb, 1892 to 1894.

Miss Mary E. Prout, 1894 to 1895.

*Miss Esther M. Torrey, 1895.


Rev. E. W. Robinson, temporary lecturer, in 1868.

Rev. D. B. Nichols, temporary lecturer, in 1868.

Rev. John B. Reeve, D. D*., 1871 to 1874.

Rev. J. G. Butler, D. D., 1871 to 1891.

Chas. Darwin, 1873 to 1874.

Rev. Lorenzo Westcott, D. D., 1874 to 1879.

Rev. A. W. Pitzer, D. D., 1876 to 1891.

Rev. J. G. Craighead, D. D., 1879 to 1891.

Rev. J. E. Rankin, D. D., Lh- D., 1881 to 1884.

Rev. S. M. Newman, D. D., 1885 to 1890.

* Rev. J. L. Ewell, D. D., 1891.
*Rev. Isaac Clark, D. D., 1891.

Rev. Geo. Moore, A. M., 1890 to 1893.
Rev. C. H. Small, B. D., 1890 to 1894.
Rev. Geo. J. Jones, Ph. D., 1891 to 1892.

* Rev. T. S. Hamlin, D. D., 1891.

Rev. T. S. Wynkoop, A. M., 1891 to 1892.

* Rev. S. N. Brown, 1891.

Rev, E. A. Johnson, 1892 to 1894.

* Rev. C. H. Butler, 1893.
*Rev. Geo. O. Little, D. D., 1891.
Rev. Adam Reoch, 1894 to 1895.


Silas L. Loomis, M. D., 1868 to 1872. *Neil F. Graham, M. D., 1873.

♦Robert Reyburn, M. D., 1868. Joseph Sladen, M. D., 1873 to 1873.

Joseph Taber Johnson, A. M., M. D., *Daniel S. Lamb, M. D., 1873.

1868 to 1873. J. G. B. Baxter, A. M., M. D., 1873 to
Alex. T. Augusta, A. M., M. D., 1868 1877.

to 1879. F. W. Clarke, B. S., 1873 to 1874.
Gideon S. Palmer, A. M., M. D., 1869 A. P. Bogue, M. D., 1873 to 1881.

to 1882. *Thos. B. Hood, M. D., 1877.
P. H. Strong, A. M., M. D., 1869 to *John E. Brackett, M. D., 1877.

1873- S. Roger Watts, M. D., 1878 to 1881.

♦Charles B. Pur\'is, A. M., M. D., 1869. *E. A. Balloch, A. M., M. D., 1880.

Bella C. Barrows, M. D., 1871 to 1873. N. W. Whitcomb, D. D. S., 1882 to
W. C. Tilden, M. D., 1872 to 1873. 1884.

*Wni. H. Seaman, M. D., 1872. C. R. Dufour, Dr. Phar., 1883 to 1884.

* still in semce.


M. G. Jenison, D. D. S., 1883 to 1884. Thomas Miller, M. D., 1887 to 1891.
Starr Parsons, D. D. S., 1884 to 1887. Walter S. Over, D. D. S.. 1888 to 1892.
JohnB. Carpenter, M. D., 1884 to 1889. T. Ellsworth lyee, D. D. S., 1889 to
*Geo. N. Perry, M. D., 1884. 1894.

*F. J. Shadd, A. M., M. D., 1885. *B. Oliver Belt, M. D., 1889.

*J. Melvin Lamb, M. D., 1886. W. S. Lofton, D. D. S., 1891 to 1891.

William Leitch, D. D. S., 1886 to 1886. Starr Parsons, D. D. S., 1892 to 1894.
*C. R. Durfour, Dr. Phar., 1889. *W. W. Alleger, M. D., 1893.

. Randall Parsons, D. D. S., 1886 to 1887. *N. R. Jenner, M. D., 1893.
Edward S. Fawcett, D. D. S., 1886 to Mary E. Morrison, M. D., 1893 to .1894.

1886. *E. F. King, M. D., 1893.

John F. R. Dufour, D. D. S., 1887 to *Wm. M. Ash, D. D. S., 1894.

1892. *Frank F. Davis, Dr. Phar., 1894.

Henry L. Yeatman, D.D. S., 188710 1891.

John M. Langston, A. M., LL. D., 1868 to 1875.
Albert G. Riddle, LIv. B., 1868 to 1873.
John H. Cook, LIv. B., 1875 to 1879.
Wm. F.'Bascom. A. M., LL. B., 1875 to 1877.
R. B. Warden, LL. B., 1878 to 1879.
R. T. Greener, A. M., LL. B., 1879 to 1880.
R. D. Mussey, LL. B., 1879 to 1880.
*Arthur A. Birney, LL. B., 1879.
Jas. H. Smith, 1881 to 1890.
Gen. Wm. Birney, 1883 to 1883.
John D. Smith, A. M., LL. B., 1881 to 1885.
Warren C. Stone, LL. B., 1880 to 1881.
'*=B. F. Leighton, LL. D., 1882.
*Wm. H. H. Hart, A. B., LL. B., 1890.
*Wm. H. Richards, LL. B., 1890.
*Jas. F. Bundy, A. B., LL. B., 1890.
E. H. Thomas, LL. B., 1891 to 1893.
James Schuler, LL- M., lecturer, 1891 to 1891.
't'Geo. Francis Williams, LL. B., 1893.
*Theo. W. Birney, LL. B., 1895.
*Hon. S. E. Baldwin, lecturer, 1895.
*Hon. John M. Harlan, lecturer, 1896.
*Hon. C. C. Cole, lecturer, 1896.
*Hon. Francis Wayland, 1895.


E. Whittlesley, D. D., 1867 to 1873. Edward E. Shieb, 1880 to 1880.

W. F. Bascom, A. M., 1868 to 1874. Horace B. Patton, A. B., 1881 to 1883,

F. L. Cardozo, A. M., 1871 to 1873. C. H. A. Bulkley, D. D., 1882 to 1891.
A. L. Barber, A. M., 1871 to 1873. H. L. Baugher. D. D., 1883 to 1883.
Geo. W. Mitchell, A. B., 1871 to 1875. fWylie Lane, A. B., 1883 to 1885.
Lorenzo Westcott, D. D., 1872 to 1873. *Richard Foster, B. S., 1883.

W. C. Tilden, M. D., 1872 to 1873. Henry Osborn, D. D., 1885 to 1885.

W. E. Parsons, D. D., 1872 to 1873. C. A. Kenaston, A. M., 1885 to 1891.
F. W. Clarke, B. S., 1873 to 1874. ^Robert B. Warder, A. M., 1885.

M. E. Goldberg, 1873 to 1874. *Kelly Miller, A. B., 1890.

Geo. F. Behringer, 1874 to 1875. '^^F. W. Fairfield, D. D. 1891.

F. W. Fairfield, D. D., 1874 to 1882. Wm. V. Tunnell, A. B. 1891 to 1892.
James M. Gregory, A. M., 187610 1895. ^Charles C. Cook, B. L., 1892.
Thomas Robinson, A. M., 1876 to 1887.


tCyrus S. Richards, LL. D., 1872 to 1885.
James M. Gregory, A. B. 1873 to 1876.

*Still in service. t Died while in service.


*Geo. J. Cummings, A. M., 1885.

Wm. Wisuer White, A. B., 1890 to 1891.

*Geo. M. Lightfoot, A. B., 1891.

C. L. Brumbaugh, A. B., 1894 to 1895.

*Lewis B. Aloore, A. B., 1895.


Rev. John Kimball, 1867 to 1867. tMiss Martha B. Briggs, 1883 to 1889.

Rev E. F. Williams, 1867 to 1867. Miss Jane L. Brown, 1883 to 1884.

Miss Julia A. Lord, 1867 to 1870. tWm. T. James, A. B., 1884 to 1885.

J. H. Coombs, 1867 to 1867. *Mrs. Julia A. Purnell, 1884.

A. L. Barber, 1868 to 1873. Charles C.Johuson, A. B., 1885 to 1886.

Miss Emma L. Crane, 1868 to 1873. Miss Josephine J. Turpin, 1886 to 1888.

Miss A. C. Boweu, 1872 to 1894. *Geo. Wm. Cook, A. M., 1887.

Miss Lillia Camp, 187310 1874. S. D. Fowler, A. B., 1887 to 1890.

J. Holbrook, 1873 to 1873. *Miss E. L. Smith, A. B., 1888.

Marcus O. Weed, 1873 to 1874. jMiss H. E. Riggs, 1889 to 1889.

Miss Martha B. Briggs, 1873 to 1879. '^Miss Elizabeth A. Cook, 1889.

Thomas Robinson, A. M., 187410 1878. *Charles S. Syphax, A. B., 1890.

F. J. Shadd, A. B., 1875 to 1883. *Miss L. R. Hunter, 1892.

Wylie Lane, A. B., 1880 to 1883. Miss E. M. Torrey, 1894 to 1895.

N. H. Ensley, 1882 to 1883. *Miss Mary L. Jones, A. B., 1895.

Mrs. N. H. Ensley, volunteer, 1882 to tMrs. Violet Baker, 1895 to 1895.

1883. *Miss C. E. Dorsey, 1895.

Mrs. C. H. Winn, 1882 to 1886. Miss Daisy King.


Miss Delia P. Mussey, 1890 to 1891. Miss Netty Howe, 1893 'to 1893.
Miss E. M. McCormick, 1891 to 1892. *Harry B. Bradford, 1893.


Gabriel L. Ford. Miss Edith G. Rankin.

Miss Caroline Patton. Miss Mary M. Cook.

Miss Grace R. Dufour.


Henry L Chase. *Wm. J. Stephens.


Wm. R. Hooper. E. B. George.

H. H. Northrup. H. S. Washburn.

John Tweedale.

(This department was suspended in 1S74.)


Capt. Melville C. Wilkinson, U. S. A.

(This department was suspended in 1874.)

* still in service,
t Died while in senice.
t Temporary apjxsintiuent.



Class of 1874.

William A. L. Campbell Jamaica, W. I.

Dauiel A. Carroll Washington, D. C.

Joseph B. Hayne Charleston, S. C.

Thomas T. Jackson Middleburg, Ya.

Willoughby R. Murphy Washington, D. C.

Simeon J. R. Nelson Mt. Pleasant, D. C.

Augustus A. Watts Washington, D. C.

Class of 1875.

Benjamin F. Lloyd New Jersey.

Washington Mercer Kansas.

Richard A. Motley Newark, N. J.

Washington Waller Washington, D. C.

Class of 1876.

William B. Jefferson Deceased.

William H. Waters Washington, D, C.

Class of 1877.

William A. Green Washington, D. C.

James R. Holmes Washington, D. C.

Michael Jenkins Beaufort, N. C.

Leroy R. Johnson Boston, Mass.

George M. Johnson Winnsboro, S. C.

Temple S. Robinson Deceased.

Joseph Taylor Boston, Mass.

Robert F. Wheeler Cleveland, Ohio.

Welborn Wright Deceased.

Class of 1878.

Alexander J. Henry Brooklyn, N. Y.


Class of 1879.

Jeremiah M. Hall, M. D Washington, D. C.

Practicing Physician.
Job Lawrence Marysville, Tenn.

Class of 1880.

Levi R. Ball Whitestone, Ya.

Royal H, Brown Richmond, Ya.

William Casey Central Depot, Ya.

William G. Colby St. Augustine, Fla.

George T. Dillard Columbia, S. C.

General Missionary.
. George T. Jennings, A. B Baltimore, Md.


Lawrence B. Miller, A. B Fleming, Fla.

Daniel Morris Alexandria, Ya.

Phillip F. Morris Lynchburg, Ya.


Jacob Robinson Iran dale, Ya.

William A. Sinclair Washington, D. C.

Traveling Financial Agent, Howard University.

12 howard university.

Class of i 88 i.

George V. Clark Nashville, Ga.


Thomas H. Batcher Providence, R. I.

Jarrett E. Edwards Columbia, S. C.

Thomas H. Jones Baltimore, Md. .

William A. Shannon Washington, D. C.

Emory W. Williams Abbeville, S. C.

Pastor and Teacher.

Class of 1882.

William D. Cooke Philadelphia, Pa.

Frank F. Giles Wilmington, N. C.

Julius L. Grice, A. B Orangeburg, S. C.


Lionel C. Joell Deceased.

Nathaniel Scale Barbados, W. I.

Class of 1883.

Robert M. Cheeks

Clarence Dillard Goldsboro, N. C.


David W. Frazier Africa.

John W. Shippen Long Island, N. Y.

John C. Watkins Sumter, S. C.

John C. Williams Danville, Va.

Class of 1884.

William R. Arnold Washington, D. C.

Presiding Elder, Hagerstown District.

Charles C. Cargile Atlanta, Ga.


John L. Davis Kansas.

William H. Giles Raleigh, N. C.


James S. Walker Deceased.

Daniel E. Wiseman Washington, D. C.


Class of 1885.

Jackson S. Cooper A. B Washington, D. C


Daniel W. Harth, A. B Roanoke, Va.

Singleton R. Hughes Baltimore, Md.

Samuel M. Johnson Baltimore, Md

Stephen G. Lamkius Washington, D. C.

Jacob B. Oliver Alabama.

William T. Peel Washington, D. C

In business.

Class of 1886.

William T. Anderson Cleveland, Ohio.

Practicing Physician.

Henry A. Carroll West Washington, D. C.



Simeon H. Gordon ^ Albany, N.Y,

Grandison J. Harris .' Virginia.

S. S. Missionary.

Henry M. Holmes Deceased.

Christopker Jones Cecilton, Md.


George W. Lewis Bedford, Pa.

Charles H. Parker .Hillsdale, D. C.

Benjamin F. Parnell Deceased.

Richard A. Read Washington, D. C.

George H. Ried Baltimore, Md.

James Robinson Charlestown, W.Va.

Thomas S. Sessoms Winston, N. C.

John H. Welch Charleston, S. C.

Joseph Wheeler West Washington, D. C,

Class of 1887,

Daniel J. Beckett Bladensburg, Md,

William D. Cole Dallas, Texas.

John P. Foster Abbeville, S. C.

John W. Hoffman Mississippi.

Teacher, Alcorn College.

William A. Morton Richmond, Ya.

Alfred M. Park New York, N. Y.

Oscar D. Robinson Baltimore, Md.


Damian J. Shopoff Bulgaria.

Jesse A. Taylor Washington, D. C.


Steptoe A. Washington Washington, D. C.

student, Howard Medical Department.

Class of 1888.

George R. Carter Marysville, Tenn.

Columbus D. Greene Kingston, Tenn.

F'rederick M. Jacobs Nassau, Del.

Willis J. Madden Culpeper, Ya.

Principal, Public Schools.
Isaac W. Newell. Boston, Mass.


Sylvester H. Norw^ood Nassau, Del.

William P. Phifer Concord, N. C.


Thomas D. Rankin See Medical Department, 1891.

Lafayette H. Shavers Lynchburg, Ya.


Isaac L. Thomas Alexandria, Ya.

Presiding Elder, Alexandria District.

Thomas A. Thompson Chester, Pa.

Stogan K. Yatralsky Bulgaria.

Class of 1889.

William H. Brooks ., Washington, D. C.

Presiding Elder, Washington District.

Chanceford Fairfax New Bedford, Mass.


Randolph Peyton Washington, D. C.

William J. Robinson .Washington, D. C.


Class of 1890.

Isaac J, Elbert, Still Pond, Md,



William W. Gaines Washington D. C.

Krnest Lovell Culpeper Co., Va.

James G. Martin DavidsouviUe, Md.


Wilbert W. Miller New York, N. Y..

Joseph L. McCoy Hague, Va.

Charles W. Pullelt Barclay, Md.


George L. Trigg Marshall, Mo.

Ferdinand Washington Boston, Mass.

Munch W. Whitt Baltimore, Md.


Class of 1891.

Joseph B. Cordal Chapel Hill, N. C.

William H. Griffin Sandy Bottom, Ya.

William P. Gownes : Baltimore, Md.


Everett G. Harris Amelia, Va.

Edward R. Jackson Arlington, Ya.

Jesse E. Moorland Nashville, Tenn.


Frank W. Sims Washington, D. C.

William H. Stewart Benning, D. C.

John W. Tolliver Springfield, Mass.


Class of 1892.

Henry H. Hankins Whitlock, Ya.

John C. Hemphill Honea Path, S. C.

Benjamin B. Hill Oberlin, Ohio.


Shelton Miller, Washington, D. C.

McHenry I. Naylor Baltimore, Md.


Francis J. Peck Petersville, Md.

Robert F. Richardson Baltimore. Md.

Edward E. Scott -. . .Madison Station, Miss.

James H. Smith Gloucester, Ya.

William J. Waytes Harrisburg, Pa.


Class of 1893.

Thomas H. Bloice St. Kitts, W. I.

William H.Jenkins Providence, R. I.

Jacob C. McEaddy Benning, D. C.

Cicero W. A. Saxon Washington, D. C

Class of 1894.

William P. Bradley, Athens, Ga.

Charles H. Edmunds, Philadalphia, Pa.


Jenichiro Oyabe Hawaii.


Samuel S. McKinney Lincoln, Pa.

student College Department, I,incolu University.
Alfred Young Baltimore, Md.

alumni catalogue. 15

Class of 1895.

Alfred T. Clark Providence, R. I.


Linius C. Curtis Tampa, Fla.


William H. Gaiues Alexandria, Va.

James H. Hill Washington, D. C.

Richard T. Leek Eastern Shore, Md.


Class of 1896.

Robert Bagnall, Jr Norfolk, Va.

Adolphus L. Gale Fulueck, Jamaica, W. I.

John W. Hayes Pittsburg, Pa.

Edwin J. Hopkins Brooklyn. N. Y.

Grandison A. Jones Youngstown, Ohio.

Theodore M. Nixon Wilmington, N. C.

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Class of 187 i.

William M. Bennit Washington, D. C.

James L. N. Bowen Deceased.

George W. Brooks Washington, D. C.

Danforth B Nichols, A. M Bon Homme, Dak.

Joseph A. Sladen Massachusetts.

Class of 1872.

John B. Bascom Deceased.

David Blair Deceased.

Washington F. Crusor Washington, D. C.

Emil Goerner Deceased.

Reverdy M. Hall Baltimore, Md.

Jesse P. Jordan Deceased.

Charles W. T. Smith Bermuda, W. I.

Mary D. Spackman Washington, D. C.

William H. Thompson Baltimore, Md.

S. Roger Watts Washington, D. C.

Class of 1873.

Samuel C. Frisby Deceased.

Joseph R. Harmer Philadelphia, Pa.

Augustus Keuhne , Prussia.

Jerome R. Riley Chicago, 111.

Charles S. Shadd Philadelphia, Pa.

Class of 1874.

Clark E. Fitzgerald Barbados, W. I.

Edward T. Ford Deceased.

Thomas S. P. Miller New York, N. Y.

Mary A. Parsons Washington, D. C.

Sidney A. Sumby Deceased.

Etienne C. Vidal New York, N. Y.

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Class of 1875.

Benjamin B. Adams Washington, D. C.

William S. Barnes Deceased.

William Bishop Annapolis, Md.

Frank T. Lindsey Xenia, Ohio.

Class of 1876.

George H. Baxter Washington, D. C.

Ira D. Burdick Carbondale, Kans.

Jesse Gould Bridgeton, N. J.

B. James New York, N. Y.

A. J. Higginbotham Rome, Ga.

Nathaniel E- King Deceased.

J. H. Roberts Allendale, S. C.

Class of 1877.

Warren Brown Deceased.

Josiah C. Campbell ! Albano, Ya.

James F. Graham Washington. D. C.

Elmer Gray Harrison, Me.

Thomas C. Gregory Cleveland, Ohio.

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