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Hume Hume's Scotch Session Cases.

Humph Humphrey's Tennessee Reports.

Hun Hun's New York Supreme Court Reports.

Hunt Cas Hunt's Annuity Cases.

Hunt Mer.Mag Hunt's Merchants' Magazine.

Hunt. Tr Huntingdon's Trial (for Forgery).

Hur. Hurlstone (see Hurl.).

Hurl, and Colt Hurlstone and Coltman's English Exchequer Reports.

Hurl, and Gord Hurlstone and Gordon's Reports (10, 11' Exchequer Re-
ports, English).

Hurl, and Nor. Hurlstone and Norman's English Exchequer Reports.

Hurl, and Walm Hurlstone and Walmsley's English Exchequer Reports.

Hut. (or Hutt,) Button's English Common Pleas Reports.

Hyde Hyde's Reports, Bengal.

I..: Idaho; Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Irish (see Ir.).

I.C.L.R. Irish Common Law Reports.

I. C. R Irish Chancery Reports; Irish Circuit Reports.

I. E. R Irish Equity Reports.

I. J Irish Jurist, Dublin.

I. J. Cas Irvine's Judicary Cases, Scotland.

I. J. N. S Irish Jurist, New Series.

.1. L. T Irish Law Times, Dublin,

I.R Irish Reports.

I.R.C.L Irish Reports, Common Law Series.

I. R. Eq Irish Reports, Equity Series.

I. R. R Internal Revenue Record, New York City.

I. T. R Irish Term Reports, by Ridgway, Lapp and Schoales.

la Iowa Reports.

Ib. Ibidem, the same.

Id Idem, the same.

Ida. Idaho; Idaho Reports.

Idaho (or Idaho N. S.) Idaho Territory Reports.

Ill Illinois; Illinois Reports.

Ind Indiana; Indiana Reports; India; (Est.) Indian.

Ind. App Law Reports, Indian Appeals.

Ind. App. Supp Supplemental Indian Appeals, Law Reports.

Ind. Jur Indian Jurist, Calcutta: Indian Jurist, Madras.

Ind. L. C. Com. Law..Indermaur's Epitome of Leading Common Law Cases.

Ind. L. C.Eq Indermaur's Leading Cases in Conveyancing and Equity.

Ind (East) Indian Law Reports.

Ind. L. R. Alia Indian Law Reports, Allahabad.

Ind. L.R. Bomb Indian Law Reports, Bombay Series.

Ind. L. R. Calc Indian Law Reports, Calcutta Series.


Ind. L. R. Mad Indian Law Reports. Madras Series.

Ind. L. Reg Indian Law Register, Lafayette.

Ind. Rep Indiana Reports.

Ind. Supr Indiana Superior Court Reports (Wilson).

Ind. T Indian Territory.

Inf Infra, beneath or below; In fine, at the end of a paragraph

or title; Inferior.

Ing. Ves Ingraham's Edition of Vesey, Jim.

Ins. Insurance; Insolvency.

Ins. L. J Insurance Journal, New York and St. Louis.

Ins.Mon Insurance Monitor, New York.

Ins. Rep Insurance Reporter, Philadelphia,

Insolv Insolvency; Insolvent Debtor's Court.

Int Introduction.

Int.Cas Rowe's Interesting Cases (English and Irish).

Int. Law Tr International Law Tracts.

Int. Rev. Rec Internal Revenue Record, New Yoi'k.

Iowa Iowa Reports.

Ir Irish; Ireland; Iredell's N. C. Law or Equity Reports.

Ir. C. L Irish Common Law Reports.

Ir.Ch ^ Irish Chancery Reports.

Ir. Cir Irish Circuit Reports.

Ir. Eccl Irish Ecclesiastical Reports, by Milward.

Ir. Eq Irish Equity Reports.

Ir. T. R Irish Term Reports (by Ridgeway, Lapp and Schoales).

Ired Iredell's North Carolina Law Reports.

Ired. Eq Iredell's North Carolina Equity Reports.

Irv Irvine's Scotch Justiciary Reports.

J Scottish Jurist, Edinburgh; King James; Justice; John-
son's New York Reports.

J. A Judicature Acts of England.

J. C Johnson's Cases, New York Supreme Court.

J. C. P Justice of the Common Pleas.

J. Ch. (or J. C. R.) Johnson's New York Chancery Reports.

J. H Journal of the House.

JJ. Justices.

J. J. Mar J. J. Marshall's Kentucky Reports.

J.K.B Justice of the King's Bench.

J. Kel Sir John Kelyng's English Crown Cases.

J. P Justice of the Peace.

J. P. Sm J. P. Smith's English King's Bench Reports.

J.Q.B. Justice of the Queen's Bench.

J. R Johnson's New York Reports.

J. S. Gr J. S. Green's New Jersey Reports.

J.U.B Justice of the Upper Bench.

J.andH. Johnson and Hemming's English Vice-Chancellors' Re-

J. and La T. Jones and La Touche's Irish Chancery Reports.

J. and S Jones and Spencer's New York Superior Court Reports.

J. and S. Jam Judah and Swan's Jamaica Reports.

J.and W Jacob and Walker's English Chancery Reports.


Jac Jacobus (Kiiig James); Jacob's English Chancery Re-

Jac. and Walk Jacob and Walker's Chancery Reports.

Jackson Jackson's Reports (46-58 Georgia).

Jackson & Lumpkin Jackson and Lurnpkin's Georgia Reports.

James James' Nova Scotia Reports; King James.

James (N. Sc.) James' Reports, Nova Scotia.

James Sel.Cas. James 1 Select Cases, Nova Scotia.

James and Mont. James and Montague's English Bankruptcy Reports (Jin 2

Glyn and Jameson).

Jar. Cr.Tr Jardine's Criminal Trials.

Jar. Wills Jarman on Wills.

Jebb (or JebbC.C.) .Jebb's Irish Crown Cases.

Jebb and B Jebb and Burke's Irish Queen's Bench Reports.

Jebb and S Jebb and Smith's Irish Queen's Bench Reports.

Jeff Jefferson's Virginia Reports.

Jenk. (or Jenk. Cent.) Jenkins' Eight Centuries of Reports, English Exchequer.

Jenn Jennison's Reports (14-18 Michigan).

Jick.Est Jickling on Equitable Estates.

Jo Jones (see Jon. and Jones).

Jo. and La T Jones and La Touche's Irish Chancery Reports.

John, (or Johns.) Johnson's New York Reports; Johnson's Reports of

Chase's Decisions; Johnson's Reports, Chaneery, Mary-
land; Johnson's English Vice-Chancellors' Reports.

Johns. Cas Johnson's New York Cases.

Johns. Ch Johnson's New York Chancery Reports; Johnson's En-
glish Vice-Chancellors' Reports; Johnson's Maryland
Chancery Decisions.

Johns. Ct. Err Johnson's Reports, New York Court of Error.

Johns. Dec Johnson's Maryland Chancery Decisions.

.Johns. Rep Johnson's Reports, New York Supreme Court.

Johns. Tr Johnson's Impeachment Trial.

Johns. U. S Johnson's Reports of Chase's U. S. Circuit Decisions.

Johns. V. C Johnson's English Vice-Chancellors' Reports.

Johns, and Hem. Johnson and Hemming's English Chancery Reports.

Johnst.(N. Z.) Johnston's Reports, New Zealand.

Jon Jones (see Jones).

Jones Ch. Mort. Jones on Chattel Mortgages.

Jones Mort Jones on Mortgages.

Jon. Exch Jones' Irish Exchequer Reports.

Jon. Ir. Exch Jones' Reports, Irish Exchequer.

Jon. and Car Jones and Carter's Irish Exchequer Reports.

Jones 1 Sir William Jones' English King's Bench Reports.

Jones 2 Sir Thomas Jones' English King's Bench Reports.

Jones Jones' Reports (43-48,52-57,61,62 Alabama); Jones' Re-
ports ( 11, 12 Pennsylvania State); Jones' Reports (22-30
Missouri ); Jones' Law and Equity Reports, North Caro-
lina; Jones Irish Exchequer Reports; Jones' Upper
Canada Common Pleas Reports.

Jones, Barclay and

Whittlesey Jones, Barclay and Whittlesey's Reports (31 Missouri).


Jones Eq Jones' North Carolina Equity Reports.

Jones N.C Jones' North Carolina Law Reports.

Jones (Pa.) Jones' Reports (11, 12 Pennsylvania State).

Jones T Sir Thomas Jones' English King's Bench Reports.

Jones U. C Jones' Reports, Upper Canada.

Jones W Sir William Jones' English King's Bench Reports.

Jones and C Jones and Gary's Irish Exchequer Reports.

Jones and La T Jones and La Touche's Irish Chancery Reports.

Jones and McM. (Pa.) Jones and McMurtrie's Pennsylvania Supreme Court Re-

Jones and Spen Jones and Spencer's New York Superior Court Reports.

Jour. Jur Journal of Jurisprudence (Hall's).

Jour. Jur. (Sc.) Journal of Jurisprudence and Scottish Law Magazine,


Jour. Law Journal of Law, Philadelphia.

Jour. Ps. Med Journal of Psychological Medicine and Medical Juris-

Joy Ace Joy on Evidence of Accomplices.

Joy Conf Joy on the Admissibility of Confessions.

Jud. Judgments; Judicial; Judicature; Book of Judgments.

Jud. Chr Judicial Chronicle.

Jud. Rep. Judicial Repository.

Jud. and SAV Judah and Swan's Reports, Jamaica.

Judg. U. B Judgments in the Upper Bench and Common Pleas.

Jur Jurist, London, 1854 [or, the Jurist or Quarterly Journal

of Jurisprudence, 1827; or the Jurist, Washington; or
the Jurist, New York].

Jur. N. S Jurist, New Series, London.

Jur. N. Y Jurist, or Law and Equity Reporter.

Jur. Ros Roscoe's Jurist, London.

Jur. (Sc.) The Scotch Jurist, Edinburgh.

Jur. Wash. D. C Jurist, Washington, D. C.

Juris Jurisprudence.

Jurispr Jurisprudent, Boston.

Jurist Jurist (see Jur.).

Just. P The Justice of the Peace, London (periodical).

K King; Keyes' New York Court of Appeal Reports; Ken-

yon's English King's Bench Reports.

K. B ; King's Bench.

K. C King's Council.

K. C. R Reports in the time of Chancellor King.

K. S King's Sergeant.

K. and F. N. S. W Knox and Fitzhardinge's New South Wales Reports.

K. and G. R. C Keane and Grant's English Restriction Appeal Cases.

K. and J Kay and Johnson's English Vice-Chancellors' Reports.

K. and O Knapp and Ombler's English Election Cases.

Kam Karnes' Decisions of the Scottish Court of Session.

Kam. Rern. Dec Karnes' Remarkable Decisions, Scotch Court of Session.

Kam. Sel. Dec Kames' Select Decisions, Scotch Court of Session.

Kan. (or Kans.) Kansas; Kansas Reports.

Kay Kay's English Vice-Chancellors' Reports.


Kay and Johns Kay and Johnson's English Vice-Chancellors' Reports.

Ke Keen's English Rolls Court Reports.

Keane and Gr ..Keane and Grant's English Registration Appeal Cases.

Keb. : Keble's English King's Bench Reports.

Keen Keen's English Rolls Court Reports.

Keil. (or Keilw.) Keilway's English King's Bench Reports.

Kel. 1 Sir John Kelyng's English Crown Cases.

Kel. 2 Wm. Kelynge's English Chancery Reports.

Kel. Ga Kelly's Georgia Reports (1-3 Georgia).

Kel. J Sir John Kelyng's English Crown Cases.

Kel. W Wni. Kelynge's English Chancery Reports.

Kelly Kelly's Reports (1-3 Georgia).

Kelly and Cobb Kelly and Cobb's Reports (4, 5 Georgia).

Kelyng Kelyng's English King's Bench Reports.

Ken Kentucky (see K'y).

Ken. Dec. Kentucky Decisions, by Sneed.

Kenan Kenan's Reports ( 76-91 North Carolina).

Kent. Kentucky (see K'y).

Keny Kenyon's English King's Bench Reports.

Keny. C. H. (or 3

Keny.) Chancery Reports at the end of 2 Kenyon.

Kern Kernan's Reports (11-14 New York Court of Appeals).

Kerr Kerr's New Brunswick Reports; Kerr's Reports (18-22 In-

Kerr (N. B.) Kerr's Reports, New Brunswick.

Kerr Disc Kerr's Law of Discovery.

Kerr Fr Kerr's Law of Fraud and Mistake.

Kerr Inj Kerr on Injunctions.

Kerr Rec Kerr on Receivers.

Kerse .", Kerse's Manuscript Decisions, Scotch Court of Session.

Key. (or Keyes) Keyes' New York Court of Appeals Reports.

Keyl Keilway's (or Keylway's) English King's Bench Reports.

Kilk Kilkerran's Decision's, Scotch Court of Session.

King King's Reports (5, 6 Louisiana Annual).

KingCasJemp, Select Cases temp. King, English Chancery.

Kir. (or Kirb.; or

Kirby) Kirby's Connecticut Reports.

Kn. (or Kn. A. C.) Knapp's Appeal Cases (English Privy Council).

Kn. N. S. W Knox, New South Wales Reports.

Knapp Knapp's Privy Council Rep'orts, England.

Kn. and Moo Knapp and Moore's Reports (3 Knapp's Privy Council Re-

Kn. and O ...Knapp and Ombler's English Election Reports.

Knowles ...Knowles' Reports (3 Rhode Island).

K'y Kentuckjr; Kentucky Reports.

K'y Dec. Sneed's Kentucky Decisions.

Kyd Aw Kyd on Awards.

Kyd Bills Kyd on Bills of Exchange.

Kyd Corp Kyd on Corporations.

L Liber; Law; Loi; Limited; Lansing's Supreme Court Re-

poi'ts, New York.


L. C.. Lord Chancellor; Lower Canada; Leading Cases.

L.C.B Lord Chief Baron.

L. C. Eq White and Tudor's Leading Cases in Equity.

L. C. G Lower Court Gazette, Toronto.

L. C. J Lord Chief Justice; Lower Canada Jurist, Montreal.

L. C. Jur Lower Canada Jurist.

L. C. L. J Lower Canada Law Journal, Montreal.

L. C. R Lower Canada Reports.

L. H. C Lord High Chancellor.

L.I Legal Intelligencer, Philadelphia.

L. J The Law Journal, London; Law Journal (see Hall); Lord

Justices' Court.

L. J.Adm Law Journal, New Series, Admiralty.

L. J. App Law Journal, New Series, Appeals.

L. J. Bank Law Journal, New Series, Bankruptcy.

L. J. C. C. R. Law Journal, New Series, Crown Cases Reserved.

L. J. C. P ..Law Journal, New Series, Common Pleas.

L. J. Ch Law Journal, New Series, Chancery.

L. J. C. P. D. Law Journal, New Series, Common Pleas Decisions.

L. J. D. and M Law Journal, New Series, Divorce and Matrimonial.

L. J.Ecc ....Law Journal, New Series, Ecclesiastical Cases.

L. J. Ex. D Law Journal, New Series, Exchequer Division.

L. J. Exch Law Journal, New Series, Exchequer.

L. J. H. L Law Journal, New Series, House of Lords.

L. JJ Lord Justices.

L. J. M. C ...Law Journal, New Series, Magistrates' Cases.

L. J.M. and W Morgan and Williams' Law Journal, London.

L. J. Mat. Cas Law Journal, New Series, Divorce and Matrimonial.

L. J. N. C. Law Journal, Notes of Cases.

L. J. N. S The Law Journal, New Series, London.

L. J. O. S The Law Journal, Old Series, London.

L. J. P. (or P. C.) Law Journal, New Series, Privy Council.

L. J.P.D.and A Law Journal, New Series, Probate, Divorce and Admir-

L. J. Prob Law Journal, New Series, Probate.

L. J. Q. B Law Journal, New Series, Queen's Bench.

L. J. Q. B. D Law Journal, New Series, Queen's Bench Division.

L. J. Rep. Law Journal Reports.

L. J. Rep.N. S Law Journal Reports, New Series.

L. J. Sm Smith's Law Journal, London.

L. and C. C. C Leigh and Cave's Crown Cases.

L. and E English Law and Equity Reports (American reprint).

L. and E. Rep Law and Equity Reporter, New York.

L. and G. t. Plunk. Lloyd and Gould's Irish Chancery Reports, temp. Plurikett.

L. and G. t. Sug Lloyd and Gould's Irish Chancery Reports, temp. Sugden.

L. and M Lowndes and Maxwell's English Practice Cases.

L. and T. .Longfield and Townsend's Irish Exchequer Reports.

L. and W Lloyd and Welsby's English Mercantile Cases.

La. Louisiana; Louisiana Reports; Lane's English Exchequer


La. An Louisiana Annual Reports.


La. L. J Louisiana Law Journal, New Orleans; Louisiana Law

Journal (Schmidt's), New Orleans.

La. T. R Louisiana Term Reports (3-12 Martin, Louisiana).

La Them. L. C La Themis (Periodical), Lower Canada.

Lab Labatt's California District Court Reports.

Lab. Cal. Labatt's California District Court Reports.

Lac. R. R. Dig. Lacey's Digest Railroad Decisions.

Lack. Leg. R Lackawanna Legal Record.

Lalor Lalor's Supplement to Hill and Denio's New York Re-

Lane. Bar The Lancaster Bar (periodical).

Lane Lane's English Exchequer Reports.

Lang. Ca. (or L. C.

Cont.) Langdell's Cases on the Law of Contracts.

Lang. Ca. (or L. C.

Sales) Langdell's Cases on the Law of Sales.

Lang. Cont Langdell's Cases on Contracts.

Lang. Eq. PI Langdell's Cases in Equity Pleading.

Lang. Sales Langdell's Cases on the Law of Sales.

Lans Lansing's New York Supreme Court Reports.

Lans. Ch Lansing's Chancery Decisions, New York.

Lap. Dec Laperriere's Speaker's Decisions, Canada.

Lat. Latitat; Latch.

Latch Latch's English King's Bench Reports.

Lathrop Lathrop's Reports (115-131 Massachusetts).

Lauder (Lauder of) Fountainhall's Scotch Session Cases.

Law The Law, London (periodical).

Law Aim Law Almanac, New York.

Law Am. Jour Law Amendment Journal.

Law Bui Law Bulletin. San Francisco.

Law Cas. Wm. I Law Cases, William I to Richard I.

Law Chr Law Chronicle, London (or Edinburgh ).

Law Chr. and Jour.

Jur Law Chronicle and Journal of Jurisprudence.

Law. Cr. Def Lawson's Criminal Defense.

Law. Dig Law Digest, London (periodical).

Law Ex. J Law Examination Journal, London.

Law Int Law Intelligencer.

Law Jour Law Journal (see abbreviations under L. J.).

Law Jour. (M. and

W Morgan and William's Law Journal, London.

Law Jour. ( Smith's) ..J. P. Smith's Law Journal, London.

Law Lib. Law Library, Philadelphia.

Law Lib. (N. S.) Law Library, New Series, Philadelphia.

Law Mag Law Magazine, London.

Law Mag. and Rev Law Magazine and Review.

Law N Law News, St. Louis.

L. L. N. S Law Libraiy, New Series, Philadelphia.

L. M. (or Mag.) Law Magazine, London.

L. M. (or Mag.)L. R. Law Magazine and Review, London.
L. Mag. Rev Law Magazine and Review, London.


L. M. and P Lowndes, Maxwell and Pollock's English Bail Court Re-

L. N Libel Niger or the Black Book.

L. O. Law Orders; Law Observer, London.

L. P. C Lord of the Privy Council.

L. P. R Lilly's Practical Register.

L. R LaV Reports; Law Reporter (Law Times Reports, N. S.);

Law Review; (Irish) Law Recorder; Louisiana Reports.

L. R. A. and E English Law Reports, Admiralty and Ecclesiastical.

L. R. App English Law Reports, Appeal Cases, House of Lords.

L. L. Burm Law Reports, British Burmah.

L. R. C. C English Law Reports, Crown Cases Reserved.

L. R. C. P English Law Reports, Common Pleas.

L. R. C. P. D English Law Reports, Common Pleas Division.

L. R. Ch....; English Law Reports, Chancery, Appeal Cases.

L. R. Ch. D English Law Reports, Chancery Division.

L. R. Eq. English Law Reports, Equity.

L. R. Ex English Reports, Exchequer.

L. R. Ex. Div English Law Reports, Exchequer Division.

L. R. H. L English Law Reports, English and Irish Appeal Cases.

L. R. H. L. Sc English Law Reports, Scotch and Divorce Appeal Cases.

L. R. Ind. App English Law Reports, Indian Appeals.

L. R. Ir. Law Reports, Ireland.

L. R. N. S Irish Law Recorder, New Series.

L. R. N. S. W Law Reports, New South Wales.

L. R. P. C English Law Reports, Privy Council, Appeal Cases.

L. R. P. Div English Law Reports, Probate, Divorce and Admiralty


L. R. P. and D. English Law Reports, Probate and Divorce.

L. R. Q. B English Law Reports, Queen's Bench.

L. R. Q. B. Div English Law Reports, Queen's Bench Division.

L. R. S. A Law Reports, South Australia.

L. R. Sc. and D English Law Reports, Scotch and Divorce Cases, before

the House of Lords.

L. R. Sess ...English Law Reports, Session Cases.

L. R. Stat English Law Reports, Statutes.

L. Repos Law Repository.

L. Rev Law Review. ^

L. S. Locus Sigilli Place for a Seal.

L. Sal Salic Law.

L. T Law Times Journal, London; Law Times, Scranton, Pa.

L. T. B Law Times Bankruptcy Reports (American).

L. T. N.S.(orL.T.R.
N. S.) Law Times (New Series) Reports, London.

L. T. R. The Law Times Reports in all the Courts.

L. and A. Ins. Cas Life and Accident Insurance Cases.

L. and C Leigh and Cave's English Crown Cases Reserved.

Law. Rec. Law Recorder, Dublin.

Law Reg American Law Register, Philadelphia.

Law Rep Law Reports (see L. R.); Law Reporter, Boston (or Lon-
don; or Toronto; or Montreal).


Law Rep. N. S Monthly Law Reporter. Boston.

Law Repos Carolina Law Repository, North Carolina.

Law Rev. Law Review, London; American Law Review, Boston.

Law Rev. Q Law Review, Quarterly, Albany, N. Y.

Law Rev. and Q. J Law Review and Quarterly Journal, London.

Law Stu. Mag Law Student's Magazine, London.

Law T. Law Times, London; Law Times. Scranton, Pa.

Law T. Rep. N. S Law Times Reports, New Series.

Law Tr Law Tracts.

Law W Law Weekly, New York.

Law. and Eq. Rep Law and Equity Reporter, New York.

Law. and Mag. Mag. ..Lawyers' and Magistrates' Magazine, London.

Lawrence Lawrence's Reports (20 Ohio).

Lawrence Comp. Dec. Lawrence's First Comptroller's Decisions.

Lawy. Mag Lawyers' Magazine.

Ld. Ken Lord Kenyon's English King's Bench Reports.

Ld. Raym Lord Raymond's English King's Bench Reports.

Le Mer Le Merchant's Gardner Peerage Cases.

Lea Lea's Tennessee Reports; Leach.

Leach Leach's English Crown Cases.

Leach Cl. Cas Leach's Club Cases, London.

Lead. Cas. Am American Leading Cases, by Hare and Wallace.

Lead. Cas. Eq Leading Cases in Equity, by White and Tudor.

Lect Lecture.

Lee Lee's English Ecclesiastical Reports; Lee's Reports, (9-12


Lee, G. Sir George Lee's English Ecclesiastical Reports.

Lee t. Hard. Lee's Cases temp. Hardwicke, English K. B. and Ch.

Lef . Dec. Lefevre's Parliamentary Decisions, reported by Bourke.

Lefroy English Railroad and Canal Cases.

Leg Leges; Legibus.

Leg. Adv Legal Adviser, Chicago, Illinois.

Leg. Bibl Legal Bibliography, by J. G. Marvin.

Leg. Chron Legal Chronicle, Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

Leg. Chron. Rep Legal Chronicle Reports, Pennsylvania.

Leg. Exam Legal Examiner, London (or New York).

Leg. Exam. N. S Legal Examiner, New Series, London.

Leg. Exam. W. R Legal Examiner, Weekly Reporter, London.

Leg. Exam and L. C. Legal Examiner and Law Chronicle, London.
Leg. Exam, and Med.

J Legal Examiner and Medical Jurist, London.

Leg. Exch Legal Exchange, Des Moines, Iowa.

Leg. G Legal Guide, London.

Leg. Gaz Legal Gazette, Philadelphia.

Leg. Gaz. Rep Legal Gazette Reports.

Leg. Inq Legal Inquirer, London.

Leg. Int Legal Intelligencer, Philadelphia.

Leg. News Legal News, Chicago; Legal News, Montreal.

Leg. Obs Legal Observer.

Leg. Op Legal Opinions, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Leg. Rem. Legal Remembrancer, Calcutta.


Leg. Rep Legal Reporter, Dublin; Legal Reporter, Nashville, Tenn.

Leg. Rev Legal Review, London.

Leg. Y. B Legal Year Book, London.

Leg. News The Legal News, Lower Canada.

Leg. and Ins. Rept Legal and Insurance Reporter, Philadelphia.

Legg Leggett's Reports, Sind, India.

Leigh Leigh's Virginia Reports.

Leigh and C Leigh and Cave's English Crown Cases.

Leo. (or Leon.) Leonard's English King's Bench Reports.

Lest. L.L Lester's Decisions in Public Land Cases.

Lester Lester's Reports (31-33 Georgia).

Lest. Supp. (or Lest.

and But.) Lester and Buttler's Supplement to Lester's Georgia Re-

Lev Levinz's English King's Bench Reports.

Lew Lewin's English Crown Cases, Reserved.

Lew.C. C Lewin's English Crown Cases.

Lew. Tr Lewin's Law of Trustees.

Lew.L.Cas Lewis' Leading Cases on Public Land Law.

Lewis Lewis' Reports (1 Nevada).

Ley Ley's English King's Bench Reports.

Lib Liber (book); Library.

Lib. Ass Liber Assisarum (Year Books, Part V).

Lib. L. and Eq Library of Law and Equity.

Lib. Reg Register Books.

Life and Ace. Ins. R. Bigelow's Life and Accident Insurance Reports.

Lil Lilly's English Assize Reports.

Lil. Abr. Lilly's Abridgment, or Practical Register.

Lil. Reg. Lilly's Practical Register.

Lind. Part Lindley's Law of Partnership.

Lit. (or Litt.) Littell's Kentucky Reports; Littleton's English Common

Pleas Reports.
Lit. (or Litt.) Sel. Cas. Littell's Select Kentucky Cases.

Littell Littell's Kentucky Reports.

Liv Livingston's Mayor's Court Reports, New York.

Liv. Jud. Op. (or

Cas.) Livingston's Judicial Opinions, New York.

Liv. L. Mag Livingston's Law Magazine, New York.

Liv. L. Reg Livingston's Law Register, New York.

LI Leges (Laws); Lloyd.

LI. and G. t. P. Lloyd and Gould's Irish Chancery Reports, temp. Plunkett.

LI. and G. t. S Lloyd and Gould's Irish Chancery Reports, temp. Sugden.

LI. and W. (or Lloyd

and W.) Lloyd and Welsby's English Mercantile Cases.

Loc. cit Loco citato (in the place of cited).

Loc. Ct. Gaz Local Courts and Municipal Gazette, Toronto.

Lock. Rev. Ca Lockwood's New York Reversed Cases.

Lofft Lofft's English King's Bench Reports.

Lorn. C. H. Rep Loma's City Hall Reporter, New York.

Lond. Ju London Jurist.

Lond. L. Mag London Law Magazine.


Long S Long on Sales of Personal Property.

Longf. andT. Longtield and Townsend's Irish Exchequer Reports.

Lorenz Lorenz's Ceylon Reports.

Lou. (or Louis.) Louisiana (see La.).

Low. (or Low. Die.) Lowell's United States District Court Reports.

Low. Can. Jur Lower Canada Jurist, Montreal.

Low. Can. L. J Lower Canada Law Journal.

Low. Can. R Lower Canada Reports.

Lownd. M. and P Lowndes, Maxwell and Pollock's English Bail' Court Re-

Lownd. and M Lowndes and Maxwell's English Bail Court Reports.

Luc. (or Lucas) Lucas' Reports (Modern Reports, Part X).

Lud. El. Cas Luder's English Election Cases.

Ludden Ludden's Reports (43, 44 Maine).

Lum. P. L. Cas Lumley's Poor Law Cases.

Lush. (orLush.Adm.) Lushington's English Admiralty Reports.

Lut. (or Lutw.) Lutwyche's English Common Pleas Reports.

Lut. Elec. Cas Lutwyche's Election Cases, England.

Lut. R. C Lutwyche's English Registration Appeal Cases.

Luz.Leg.Ob Luzerne Legal Observer, Carbondale, Pennsylvania.

Luz. Leg. Reg Luzerne Legal Register, Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania.

Lyne (Wai.) Lyne's Irish Chancery Cases, from Wallis' Notes.

M Queen Mary; Michaelmas Term; Maritime; Mortgage;

Modified; Miles Pennsylvania Reports; Massachusetts;
Maryland; Maine; Michigan; Minnesota; Mississippi;
Missouri; Montana; Morison's Dictionary of Decisions,
Scotch Court of Session; Session Cases, 3d Series, Scot-
land (Macpherson, etc.).

M' See Mac. and Me.

M.C Magistrate Cases; Mayors' Court.

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