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VOYAGE de la Terre-Ferme, dans L'Amerique Meridionale. F. Depons.

3 vols.

Voz DE LA PATRIA, Mexico. 4 vols.

VUES DES CORDILLERES, et Monumens des Pluples Indigenes de L'Amer-
ique. Al. De Humbolt. 1 large folio vol.



Atlas, containing Maps and Plates of the Expedition from Pittsburgh,.
Pennsylvania, to the Rocky Mountains.

Atlas to Buchanan's Work on Mill Work and other Machinery, contain-
ing seventy engravings. ,

Atlas, Geological and Geographical of Colorado. F. V. Hayden.

Atlas, accompanying the Report on the Geology of New Hampshire.
C. H. Hitchcock.

Atlas, accompanying Report of Missouri Geological Survey. 1874.

Atlas of Mining Industry, accompanying Exploration of Fortieth Paral-
lel. Clarence King.

Atlas, accompanying the Geology of the Quicksilver Deposits of the

Pacific Slope. Prof. Beoker.

(/jx<Atlas, accompanying Wilke's Exploring Expedition. 6 vols. , viz.: Hy-
drography, Herpetology, Botany, Zoophytes, Mollusca and Shells,
Mammalogy and Ornithology.

Atlas, Portatif pour 1' Intelligence des Relations des Dernieres Gurres.
General Baron de Tomini. 2 vols.

Atlas des Places de Vauban.

Atlas, Principes de la Stratagie. S. A. I. Le Prince Charles.

Atlas yon Nord Amerika. Henry Lange.

Chart of Budd's Inlet, Puget Sound. 2 charts.

Chart of Bellingham Bay, Puget Sound.

Chart of Commencement Bay, Puget Sound.

Chart of Cape Flattery, Straits of Fuca.

Chart of Chetka Cove, Oregon.

Chart of Cordell Bank, off Point Reyes, Cal.

Chart of Coquille River, Oregon.

Chart ( General ) of the Coast from Gay Head to Cape Henlopen.

Chart of Destruction Island, Puget Sound.

Chart of Gray's Harbor, Washington.

Chart of Hunter's Cove, Oregon.

Chart of Humbolt Bay, California.

Chart of Koos Bay, Oregon.

Chart of Mobile Bay, Alabama.

Chart of Monterey Harbor, California.

Chart of New Dungenness, Puget Sound.

Chart of Prisoner's Harbor, California.

Chart of Puget Sound, Washington.


Chart of Port Blakeley, Puget Sound.

Chart of Port Gamble, Puget Sound.

Chart of Port Ludlow, Puget Sound.

Chart of Port Madison, Puget Sound.

Chart of Port Townsend, Puget Sound.

Chart of Point Sal, California.

Chart of Preliminary Survey of Umpqua River, Oregon.

Chart of Seattle Harbor, Puget Sound.

<3hart of Semiamoo Bay, Puget Sound.

Chart of Shilshole Bay, Puget Sound.

Chart of Steilacoom Harbor, Puget Sound.

Chart of Salem Harbor, Massachusetts.

Chart of San Clemente Harbor, California.

Chart of San Diego Entrance, California.

Chart of Tillamook Bay, Oregon.

Chart of Tomales Bay, .California.

Chart of Trinidad Harbor, California.

Chart of Well Fleet Harbor, Massachusetts.

Chart of U. S. Coast Survey of Duwamish Bay and Seattle Harbor.

Chart of U. S. Coast Survey of New Dungenness Harbor.

Chart of U. S. Coast Survey of Columbia River.

Chart of U. S. Coast Survey from San Francisco to Umpqua River,


Map of Antietam (the battle field of), in two parts.
Map of Appomatox Court House (battle field of), in two parts. -
Map of Atlanta, Georgia Campaign, in five parts.
Map of Chancellorville (the battle field of), in two parts.
Map of Chattanooga, Tennessee, (battle field of), in one part.
Map of Cold Harbor and Farmville (the battle field of), in two parts.
Map of the Department of the Columbia.

Map of the Exploring Expedition of the Rocky Mountains in 1842.
Map of Franklin, Tennessee, (battle field of), in one part.
Map of Fredericksburg (the battle field of), in two parts. *
Map of the State of Georgia.
Map, Geological, of State of New York.
Map of Gettysburg (the battle field of), in four parts.
Map of Harper's Ferry (the battle field of), in two parts.
Map of High Bridge (the battle field of), in one part.
Map of Jetersville and Sailors Creek.

Map of Knoxville, Tennessee, (the battle field of), in one part.
Map of Military Operations in Front of Atlanta.
Map of Military Operations of Army of Potomac.


Map of the Country from Lake Superior to Pacific Ocean.

Map of Locations of Works and Surveys for River and Harbor Im-

Map of Northwestern America, showing the Territory Ceded by Russia
to the United States.

Map of North Anna, the battle field of.

Map of the State of Michigan. 1890.

Map of Petersburg and Five Forks (the battle field of), in one part.

Map of Popopotormy (the battle field of), in one part.

Map of Progress and Preparation of Topographical Maps.

Map of Northern Boundary of the United States, from Lake of the
Woods to the Summit of the Rocky Mountains.

Map of Triangulation in the Appalachian Region. 1886.

Map of Reconnoisances in the Dakota Country.

Maps of the Northern Transcontinental Survey, viz. :

y Map of Colville, Washington, Region. 1882.
Map of Crazy Mountains, Montana. 1882.
Map of Judith Basin, Montana. 1882.
Map of Yakima, Washington, Region. 1882.

Map of Agricultural Department.

Map of Forest Department.

Maps of Washington Territory. 1879, 1787.

Map of San Francisco and Vicinity. 1857.

Map of Geographical Surveys, West of the 100th Meridian.


Catalogue of Best Reading, a classified Bibliography for easy reference.

Frederic Beecher Perkins. 1887. 1 vol.
Catalogue of Best Reading, a classified Bibliography. Lynds E. Jones.

1882, 1887. 2 vols.

Catalogue, or Book Buyers Manual. G. T. Putraan. 1 vol.
Catalogue of Cumberland, Tennessee, University. 1 vol.
Catalogue of California State Library, 1866, 1870, 1871, 1889.
Catalogue of Illinois State Library, 1877, 1880.
Catalogue of Indiana State Library, 1872.
Catalogue of Indiana Official Publications, 1889.
Catalogue of Iowa State Library, 1872, 1883, 1889.
Catalogue of Kentucky State Library, 1887, 1889. 2 vols.


Catalogue of Louisiana State Library, 1886. 1 vol.

Catalogue of Michigan State Library, 1882, 1883. 2 vols.

Catalogue of Nevada State Library, 1890. 1 vol.

Catalogue of New York State Library, 1861, 1882, 1884, 1885. 4 vols.

Catalogue of Ohio State Library, 1875. 1 vol.

Catalogue of Pennsylvania State Library, 1873. 1 vol.

Catalogue of Wisconsin State Library, 1881. 1 vol.

Catalogue of Washington State Library, 1891. 1 vol.

Catalogue, or Library Manual. Appleton. 1 vol.

Catalogue de Livres Francais. Par Bossange. 3 vols.

Catalogue (London) of books published in Great Britain, with their

sizes, prices and publishers' names, from 1818 to 1851. 1 vol.
Catalogue (London) Classified Index. 1 vol.
Catalogue of Library of Congress, 1864.
Catalogue of Government Publications of the United States, 1774 to

1881. 1 vol.

Catalogue of Pennsylvania Educational Exhibits, 1876.
Catalogue of Rutger's College, New Jersey, 1887.
Catalogue of the United States War Department Library, 1882.
Catalogue of Stars, observed at the United States Naval Observatory.

2 vols.


THE OREGON SPECTATOR, published at Oregon City, 1846, 1848.

THE PIONEER AND DEMOCRAT, published at Olympia, Washington, 1854 r

1855, 1856, 1857, 1858.
THE DAILY PACIFIC TTIBUNE, published at Olympia, 1872.

[The above-named volumes are valuable for reference and as giving a,
history of the Northwest Pacific country in its early settlement.]


DAILY NEWS, Centralia, Washington.
MORNING GLOBE, Tacoma, Washington.
MORNING LEDGER, Tacoma, Washington.
MORNING OLYMPIAN, Olympia, Washington.
OLYMPIA TRIBUNE, Olympia, Washington.
PRESS-TIMES, Seattle, Washington.
REVEILLE, New Whatcom, Washington.
REVIEW, Spokane Falls, Washington.


SPOKESMAN, Spokane Falls, Washington.
STATESMAN, Walla Walla, Washington.
TELEGRAPH, Seattle, Washington.
TIMES, Seattle, Washington.
UNION, Walla Walla, Washington.


ANACOBTES PROGRESS, Anacortes, Washington.

ADAMS COUNTY TIMES, Ritzville,' Washington.

BIG BEND EMPIRE, Waterville, Washington.

CAPITAL, Olympia, Washington. .

CHEHALIS BEE, Chehalis, Washington.

CHEHALLIS NUGGET, Chehalis, Washington.

COLUMBIA CHRONICLE, Dayton, Washington.

COMMONER, Colfax, Washington.

DOUGLAS COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Waterville, Washington.

EVERY SUNDAY, Tacoma, Washington.

ISLAND COUNTY TIMES, Coupeville, Washington.

KALAMA BULLETIN, Kalama, Washington.

KLICKITAT LEADER, Centerville, Washington.

MASON COUNTY JOURNAL, Shelton, Washington.

MEDICAL LAKE LEDGER, Medical Lake, Washington.

NOOKSACK REPORTER, Nooksack City, Washington.

MINING NEWS, Seattle, Washington.

PEOPLES' BROADAX, Sidney, Washington.

PIONEER PRESS, Lynden, Washington.

PUGER SOUND MAIL, La Conner, Washington.

PULLMAN HERALD, Pullman, Washington.

REGISTER, Wilbur, Washington.


SAN JUAN GRAPHIC, Friday Harbor, Washington.

SPRAGUE HERALD, Sprague, Washington.

SUNDAY SPECTATOR, Walla Walla, Washington.

TACOMA LEDGER, Tacoma, Washington.

VIDETTE, Montesano, Washington.

WASHINGTONIAN, Hoquiam, Washington.

DIE STAATS ZEITUNG, Seattle, Washington.

WEST COAST LUMBERMAN, Tacoma, Washington.

n behalf of the State of Washington, the Librarian returns hearty
thanks to the publishers, individually and collectively, for the above papers do-
nated to the state library. It is the intention to have the volumes bound and
preserved for reference.

Sig. 21.



The following Law Reports and Text-Books were received since the
completion of the foregoing Catalogue:
ARIZONA. Dann's Reports, vol. 1. 1866-1884.
ARKANSAS. Crawford's Reports, vol. 53. 1890.
CALIFORNIA. Pomeroy's Reports, vols. 85, 86. 1890.
COLORADO. Beck's Reports, vol. 14. 1890.
CONNECTICUT. Hooker's Reports, vol. 59. 1890.
GEORGIA. Peeples and Stevens' Reports, vol. 85. 1890.
INDIANA. Griffith's Reports, vol. 125. 1890.
MARYLAND. Stockett's Reports, vol. 72. 1889-1890.
MASSACHUSETTS. Kellen's Reports, vol. 151. 1890.
MICHIGAN. Fuller's Reports, vols. 79, 80. 1889-1890.
MINNESOTA.. Young's Reports, vol. 44. 1890.
MISSOURI. Brown's Reports, vol. 101. 1890.
MISSOURI, APPEALS. Goldsmith's Reports, vol. 41. 1890.
NEBRASKA. Campbell's Reports, vol. 27. 1889.
NEW YORK. Hun's Reports, vol. 58 (S. C. vol. 65). 1890-1891.
NEW YORK, APPEALS. Sickel's Reports, vols. 122, 123. 1890-1891.
NEVADA. Bicknell's Reports, vol. 20. 1887-1890.
OREGON. Thayer's Reports, vol. 18. 1889-1890.
OREGON. Strahan's Reports, vol. 19. 1890.
PUBLIC LANDS DECISIONS, vols. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. 1888-1890.
VERMONT REPORTS, N. Chipman's, vol. 1. 1789-1791.

" " D. Chipman's, vols. 1, 2. 1789-1825.

" Tyler's, vols. 1, 2. 1801-1803. .

" " Bray ton's, vol. 1. 1815-1819.

" " Aiken's, vols. 1, 2. 1826-1827.

" " Judges' vols. 1-9, Vt. 1826-1837.

" " Shaw's, vol. 10, Vt. 1836-1838.

" " Shaw and Weston's, vol. 11, Vt. 1838,1839.

" " Weston's, vols. 12, 13, 14, Vt. 1839-1842.

" " Slade's, vol. 15, Vt. 1843.

" " Washburn's, vols. 16-23, Vt. 1844-1751.

" " Deane' s, vols. 24-26, Vt. 1850-1854.



VERMONT REPORTS, Williams', vol. 27, Vt. 1854.
" " Veazy's, vol. 36, Vt. 1863.

The above makes complete the Vermont Reports.

VIRGINIA REPORTS, Jefferson's, vol. 1. 1730-1772.

" " Wy the' s Chancery, vol. 1. 1788-1799.

" Washington's, vol. 1, 2. 1792-1796.

" " Virginia Cases, vols. 1, 2. 1789-1826.

" Call's, vols. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 1779^1825.
" " Hening aud Munford's, vols. 1-4. 1806-1809.

" " Munford's, vols. 1-6. 1810-1820.

" " Gilmer's, vol. 1. 1820, 1821.

" " Randolph's, vols. 1-6. 1821-1828.

Leigh's, vols. 1-12. 1829-1841.
" " Robinson's, vols. 1, 2. 1842-1844.

" " Grattan's, vols. 1-33. 1844-1880.

" " Matthew's, vol. 1, (75 Va.) 1880.

" " Hansborough's, vols. 76-79. 1880-1885.

The above makes complete the Virginia Reports.

WEST VIRGINIA REPORTS, Watt's, vols. 17-24. 1881-1884.

" " Caldwell's, vols. 25-31. 1884-1858.

The above makes complete the West Virginia Reports.

ADVANCE SHEETS, from April 1, 1891, of the following Reports, viz.

Northwestern Reporter.

Northeastern Reporter.

Atlantic Reporter.

Pacific Reporter.

Southeastern Reporter.

Southwestern Reporter.

Southern Reporter.

Supreme Court Reporter.

Federal Reporter.
DIGESTS Buck's; of Montana Reports.

Taylor's, Kansas Brief. 2 vols. 1890.


The following English Common Law Reports complete the set
found in this catalogue on pages 69-74, to the year 1865, viz.:
ADOLPHUS AND ELLIS. New series. Vols. 13-18 Q. B. 1849-1852.
BEST AND SMITH. Vols. 1-6 Q. B. 1861-1865.


DOWLING AND RYLAND. Vol. 1. Nisi Prius. 1822, 1823.
ELLIS AND BLACKBURN. Vol. 1-8 Q. B. 1852-1858.
ELLIS, BLACKBURN AND ELLIS. Vol. 1 Q. B. 1858, 1859.
ELLIS AND ELLIS. Vols. 1, 2, 3 Q. B. 1858-1860.
COMMON BENCH. Vols. 8-18 <j. P. 1848-1856.
COMMON BENCH. New series. Vols. 1-19 C. P. 1856-1865.
LAW REPORTS, British. Three series. 1865-1876.

1. THE APPELLATE SERIES, comprising the Decisions of the House of
Lords and tlje Privy Council, viz. :

English and Irish Appeal Cases. 7 vols. 1865-1875.

Scotch and Divorce Appeal Cases. 2 vols. 1866-1875.

Privy Council Appeal Cases. 6 vols. 1865-1875.

Queen's Bench Cases. 10 vols. 1865-1875.

Common Pleas Cases. 10 vols. 1865-1875.

Exchequer Cases. 10 vols. 1865-1875.

Probate and Divorce Cases. 3 vols. 1865-1875.

Admiralty and Ecclesiastical Cases. 4 vols. 1865-1875.

Crown Cases Reserved. 2 vols. 1865-1875.

Chancery Appeal Cases. 10 vols. 1865-1875.

Equity Cases. 20 vols. 1865-1875.

NEW ISSUE. 1876-1890.

APPEAL CASES. 16 vols. 1876-1890.
.CHANCERY DIVISION. 48 vols. 1876-1890.

* COMMON PLEAS DIVISION. 5 vols. 1876-1880.

* EXCHEQUER DIVISION. 5 vols. 1876-1880.
PROBATE DIVISION. 16 vols. 1876-1890.
QUEEN'S BENCH DIVISION. 27 vols. 1876-1890.
DIGESTS OF CASES Reported. 11 vols.


BENEDICT'S Admiralty Practice. 1 vol.
BUSWELL on Adverse Possession.
ENDLICH on Affidavits of Defense.
STORY on Agency.

BROWNE'S Digest of Alimony and Divorce.
GRAY'S Alienation of Property.
TERRY'S Anglo-American Law.

* Commencing with the year 1881, the cases in the Common Pleas and Ex-
chequer Division are reported in the Queen's Bench Division.


WHARTON'S American Law.

HAWLEY on Arrest.

WEEKS on Attorneys.

BATEMAN on Auctions.

STIMSON'S American Statute Law.

COOLEY'S Blackstone's Commentaries. 2 vols.

TYLER on Boundaries, Fences, etc.

ENDLICH on Building Associations.

BURRILL on Circumstantial Evidence.

DOMATS' Civil Law. 2 vols.


LAWSON'S Concordance.

BAILEY'S Conflict of Judicial Decisions.

DESTY'S Federal Constitution.

COOLEY on Constitutional Law.

RAPALJE on Contempt.

ADDISON on Contracts. 3 vols.

ROSCOE'S Criminal Evidence. 2 vols.

BOONE on Code Pleading.

POMEROY'S Constitutional Law.

KENT'S Commentaries. 4 vols.

DEWEY on Contracts for Future Delivery.

SEDGWICK on Damages. 2 vols.

WEEKS on Damnum Absque Injuria.

PATTERSON'S Federal Restraints.

McKiNNEY on Fellow Servants.

KERR on Homicides. 1890.

BLACK on Judgments. 2 vols. 1891.

PROFFATT on Jury Trial.

RORER on Judicial Sales.

MAY on Insurance. 2 vols.

GEAR'S Landlord and Tenant.

PHILLIPS on Liens.

Dos PASSOS' Law of Collateral Inheritance.

NIBLACK on Law of Voluntary Societies.

ELLIOTT'S Law of Roads and Streets.

BROOM'S Legal Maxims.

WHARTON'S Law of Negligence.

WINTHROP'S Military Law. 2 vols.

MORSE on Mandamus.

BISHOP on Marriage and Divorce. 2 vols.

BAILEY'S Onus Probandi.


GUSHING' s Parliamentary Law.

BARBER on Payments Summary Law of

CHITTY'S Pleadings. 2 vols.

SUGDEN on Powers. 2 vols.

JONES on Pledges and Collateral Securities.

HAGEMAN on Privileged Communications.

WAPLES on Proceedings in Rem.

BOONE on Real Property.

LAWSON'S Rights, Remedies and Practice. 7 vols.

DILLON'S Removal of Causes.

COBBEY on Replevin.

WADE on Retroactive Laws.

RIDDLE & BULLARD'S Supplementary Proceedings.

GRAY'S Telegraph Law.

ANGELL on Water-courses.

ABBOTT'S Trial Brief. 3 vols.

ADDISON on Torts. 2 vols.

FREEMAN'S Void Judicial Sales.

BIDDLE on Warranties.

MORSE on Citizenship.

REDFIELD on Law of Railways. 2 vols.

ABBOTT'S New Practice and Forms. 2 vols.

AMERICAN AND ENGLISH Encyclopaedia of Law. 15 vols.

COPP'S Public Land Laws. 2 vols.

COPP'S U. S. Mineral Lands.

COPP'S American Mining Code.


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