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Willey, and Marshall M. Dent.
Monroe County — Allen T. Caperton

and John Echols.
Morgan County — Johnson Orick.
Ohio County — Sherrard Clemens

and Chester D. Hubbard.
Pendleton County — Henry H. Mas-
Pocahontas County — Paul McNeil.
Pleasants and Ritchie — Cyrus Hall.
Preston County — Wm. G. Brown and

James C. McGrew.
Putnam County — James W. Hoge.
Randolph and Tucker — John N.

Taylor County — John S. Burdett.
Upshur County — George W. Berlin.
Wayne County — Burwell Spurlock.
Wetzel County — Leonard S. Hall.
Wood County — John J. Jackson.

The autumn of 1860 was a time fraught with matters of the
gravest importance. Governor John Letcher, influenced by the

158 Archives and History. [W. Va.

pressure of the times, issued a proclamation convening the General
Assembly in extra session, January 7, 1861. Seven days later an
Act was passed providing for a Convention of the People of Vir-
ginia, the delegates to which were chosen in the same manner
as prescribed for the election of members of the Assembly. The
morning of the 13th of February 1861, witnessed a memorable
scene in and around the old Sl^ate House at Richmond. There Vir-
ginia had convened her renowned Jurists, profoundest thinkers and
literary characters, among them being men who had held high
positions in the councils of the State and Nation. The Convention
held sessions as follows :

Regular Session beginning "Wednesday, February 13, 1861, and
ending May 1, 1861.

First Adjourned Session began June 12, 1861 and ended July 1.

Second Adjourned Session began Wednesday, November 13, 1861,
and ended December 6, 1861.

The Convention organized by electing John Janney of Loudoun
county (now in Virginia) President, and John L. Eubank of tha
city of Richmond, Secretary. A committee on Federal Relations
was appointed and then the Convention entered upon weeks ol
work. On the 16th of April, an Ordinance of Secession was re-
ported from this Committee, which on the next day, was adopted
by the Convention, the vote standing 88 yeas to 55 nays.



Those voting for it were Allen T. Capcrton, John Echols,
Napoleon B. French, James Lawson, Johnson Orick, Henry L. Gil-
lespie, Cyrus Hall, Leonard S. Hall, John N. Hughes, Samuel Woods
and Franklin P. Turner — eleven in all.

Those voting against it were: — Edward M. Armstrong, George
W. Berlin, Caleb Boggess, Wm. G. Brown, John S. Burdett, James
Burley, Benjamin W. Byrne, John S. Carlile, Sherrard Clemens,
( '. B. Conrad, James H. Couch, Alpheus F. Haymond, Chester
D. Hubbard, John J. Jackson, Wm. McComas, James C. McGrew,
Henry H. Masters, Logan Osburn, Spicer -Patrick, Edmund Pendle-
ton, George McC. Porter, Samuel Price, David Pugh, Marshall M.
Dent, Ephraim B. , Hall, Allen C. Hammond, James W. Hoge,
Burwell Spurlock, Chapman J. Stuart, George W. Summers, Camp-
bell Tan-, and Waitman T. Willey — thirty-two in all.

3 908] West Virginians in Virginia Conventions. 159

• Those not voting were Thomas Maslin, Benjamin Wilson, Alfred
M. Barbour, and Paul McNeil — four in all.

Those who voted in the negative and afterwards changed to
the affirmative, were George W. Berlin and Alpheus F. Haymond.

Those who did not change from the negative to the affirmative,
but afterwards signed the Ordinance of Secession were Alfred
M. Barbour and Paul McNeil.

West Virginians Expelled — Vacancies Filled: — On the 19th
of April, John S. Carlile left Richmond for his home in Harrison
county, and the next day, there was a meeting of West Virginia
members held in a room at the Powhatan Hotel (now Ford's) in
Richmond to determine, upon a course of action. Those present
were James Burley, Sherrard Clemens, Marshall M. Dent, Eph-
raim B. Hall, Chester D. Hubbard, John J. Jackson, James C.
McG-rew, Spicer Patrick, Chapman J. Stuart, George McC. Porter,
Campbell Tarr, and possibly one or two others. Neither Waitman
T. Willey nor William G. Brown was present, they not having been
notified of its hurried gathering. General Jackson acted as chair-
man. All resolved to leave the Convention City the next morning
for their homes, proceeding by way of Alexandria and Washington
City, and this was done. George W. Summers, James W. Hoge,
Caleb Boggess, James H. Couch, and others returned to their
homes within the next few days, thus leaving the West Virginia
membership in the Convention greatly reduced.

On Thursday, June 20, 1861, Alpheus F. Haymond, one of the
Delegates from Marion County. West Virginia, and Chairman of
the Committee on Elections and Privileges, presented a "Report
in Relation to Absent Members" in which it was stated that this
Committee "had come to the following conclusions and observa-
tions," to wit:

First, As to the members of the Convention who are absent :
Caleb Boggess, of Lewis county ; Sherrard Clemens, of Ohio county ;
John Echols, of Monroe county ; James W. Hoge, of Putman county ;
Thomas Maslin, of Hardy county; Spicer Patrick, of Kanawha
county ; Edmund Pendleton, of Berkeley county ; Burwell Spurlock,
of Wayne county; Franklin P. Turner, of Jackson county; and
Benjamin Wilson, of Harrison county, who have not as yet attend-
ed the Convention during its present session (the first adjourned
session) ; some are in the field serving the State; some are detained
on account of sickness, and others are absent from causes unknown
to the Committee. It has not been able to ascertain that anv of

ICO Archives and History. [W. Va.

these members are absent from their seats by reason of disloyalty
to Virginia or sympathy with her enemy."

Secondly, As to certain other absent members: — It appearing
bo the satisfaction of the Committee that William G. Brown and
James C. McGrew, of Preston county; James Bnrley, of Marshall
county ; John S. Burdett, of Taylor county ; John S. Carlile, of
Harrison county; Marshall M. Dent and Waitman T. Willey, of
Monongalia county; Chester D. Hubbard, of Ohio county; George
McC. Porter, of Hancock county ; Chapman J. Stuart, of Doddridge
county ; Campbell Tarr, of Brooke county ; and John J. Jack-
son, of Wood county, elected members of this Convention, have
been engaged in a conspiracy against the Commonwealth of Vir-
ginia, and are now engaged in aiding and abetting the open enemies
of Virginia:— Therefore, RESOLVED, That the said William G.
Brown, John S. Burdett, John S. Carlile. Marshall M. Dent, Wait-
man T. Willey, Chester D. Hubbard, John J. Jackson, George McC.
Porter, Chapman J. Stuart and Campbell Tarr, be and they are
hereby expelled from this Convention, and that their seats as
members of this Convention be and are hereby declared vacant.''

"Thirdly, The Committee further report that James H. Couch,
of Mason county; and George W. Summers, of Kanawha county,
have resigned their seats ; that elections to fill their vacancies have
been held, but official information has not been received as to
who is elected.''

On motion the Report was laid on the table, ordered printed,
and the Committee instructed to report the testimony on which
the Report was based." See Journal of the Convention, Vol. I. p.
257, and Document XXVII. Vol. II.

On June 28th, the Resolution in the above Report came up for
action. A division of the question Avas demanded and ordered.
The next day the name of William G. Brown of Preston county,
was called and he was expelled by a vote of seventy-three yeas to
eleven nays. Then James Burley and John S. Burdett were ex-
pelled the same day the vote standing eighty -five yeas: nays one.
Next came the name of John S. Carlile who was expelled, the vote
being eighty-two yeas: nays one. Then the seats of Marshall M.
Dent, Ephraim B. Hall, and Chester D. Hubbard were declared
vacant. John J. Jackson was expelled at the same time the vote
standing seventy-nine yeas; and six nays. The question was then
severally put on the Resolution so far as it related to James C.
McGrew, George McC. Porter, Chapman J. Stuart and Campbell

1908J West Virginians in Virginia Conventions. 161

Tarr, and they were expelled. Mr. Haymond of Marion county,
the chairman of the Committee, then moved that so much of the
Resolution as related to Waitman T. Willey be recommitted to
the Committee. This was on Saturday June 29th and on Monday,
July 1st the Convention adjourned to meet again on the 13th of
November ensuing.

It reassembled at the time, this being the beginning of the seconJ
adjourned session. Three days later — November 16th — the Con-
vention adopted the following resolution :

"RESOLVED, That Waitman T. Willey be and he is hereby ex-
pelled as a member of this body on account of his disloyalty to
the Confederate States and his adherence to the enemies of the
same." (See Journal of the Convention, Vol, I. p. 326.) Meantime,
John N. Hughes, the delegate from Randolph county had been
killed in the Confederate army at the Battle of Rich Mountain,
July 11, 1861.

November 18th, Mr. Haymond reported Document 34, which
provided for filling vacancies in the membership of the Convention.
During the recess between July 1st and November 13th, elections
were held in the Confederate military gamps from the West Vir-
ginia counties in which there were vacancies, and the soldiers voted
for successors to the members who had been expelled,. Six soldiers
from Marion county voted at the Court House in Richmond and
elected a successor to Ephraim B. Hall.

On the 19th of November the Convention adopted a Preamble
and Resolution as follows:

"WHEREAS, vacancies have occurred in the representation of
the counties of Ohio, Brooke, Marshall, Marion, Monongalia, Pres-
ton, Taylor, Harrison, and Wood, by the expulsion of the late
delegates from the said counties ; and in the Randolph-Tucker
Delegate District by the death of John N. Hughes, killed in the bat-
tle of Rich Mountain. —

AND WHEREAS, These vacancies could not be filled in the mode
prescribed by law, in consequence of the occupation of said coun-
ties by the public enemy —

AND WHEREAS, The Governor in order to provide for the
exigency, issued a proclamation (advisory in its character) in-
viting the loyal citizens of those counties to vote in their respective
camps for delegates to fill these vacancies. Under said proclama-
tion, elections were accordingly held in several camps, at which

1G2 Archives axd History. [W. Va.

elections Joseph H. Pendleton was chosen as the successor of Chester

D. Hubbard of Ohio county ; Joseph D. Pickett, to succeed Camp-
bell Tarr of Brooke county ; Jefferson T. Martin to succeed James
Burley of Marshall county ; Stephen A. Morgan as the successor
of Ephraim B. Hall of Marion county ; Jonathan M. Heck to suc-
ceed Marshall M. Dent of Monongalia county; Robert E. Cowan
and C. J. C. Cresap to succeed AVilliam Gr. Brown and James C.
McGrew, respectively, of Preston county ; Jobn A. Robinson to
succeed John S. Burdett of Taylor county ; AVilliam P. Cooper to
succeed John S. Carlile of Harrison county; Edward D. McGuir •
as the successor of John J. Jackson of Wood county; and Jacob
W. Marshall to succeed John X. Hughes of the Randolph-Tucker
Delegate District.

BE IT THEREFORE ORDAINED, That said elections be and
the same are hereby ratified, and the said -Joseph H. Pendleton,
Joseph D. Pickett, Jefferson T. Martin, Jonathan AT. Heck. Robert

E. Cowan, C. J. C. Cresap. Stephen A. Morgan. John A. Robinson,
AVilliam P. Cooper, Edward I). McGuire and Jacob W. Marshall,
are hereby admitted to seats in this Convention." This was adopt-
ed November 29th. by a voir of seventy-nine yeas In twenty nays.
All occupied their seats: — Pendleton, Martin, Heck, Cowan, Cre-
sap, Morgan, Cooper, Marshall and AIcGuire. — on November 20th:
Robinson on the 27th ; and Pickett on the 4th of December, ensuing.

On the 22d of November, the Committee on elections was in-
structed to impure into the absence of Sherrard Clemens, a delegate
from Ohio county; Benjamin AVilson from Harrison county; and
Caleb Boggess from Lewis county; and report to the Convention
whether such absence was due to their disloyalty to the State or
Confederate States, and if so whether they should not be expelled.
See Journal of the Convention. Vol. I. P. 354.

November 29th, the Committee submitted a Report staling that
its members were satisfied that Sherrard Clemens and Caleb Bog-
gess were absent from the Convention by reason of disloyalty to
the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Confederate States; and
should therefore be expelled from the Convention; that the Com-
mittee had no evidence of the disloyalty of Benjamin Wilson nor
to explain his absence. This was laid on the table. Decembi r
4th, Franklin P Turner of Jackson county endeavored to secure
action on this Report, but was unable to do so. Two days later it
was again called up but action postponed. It was the last day of
the Convention and the matter was nevermore heard of.



The most remarkable chapter in the history of the government
•of the individual American States, is that which treats in detail
1865. It has been called a "Reorganized Government," and a
"Provisional Government," but it was neither. The people of
Northwestern Virginia foreswore their allegience to the old Vir-
ginia State Government, but upon its ruins, as it were, they re-
stored the exact form, giving a strict adherence to its constitutional
and statutory forms of law. There was reorganization, but not
change. It was their abstinence from the introduction of any new
elements of revolution, an avoidance as far as possible, of all new
and original theories of government. It was an adherence to the old
constitutional standard of principle, and to the traditional habits
and thoughts of the people — a strict adherence "to. the old Model"—
the Virginia Government of former days. Hence it was a restora-
tion of a governmental form well known to the people — a "Re-
stored Government" — one designed for the whole State, and not
for a part of it. Its existence made possible the formation of the
State of West Virginia.

The Ordinance of Secession was adopted by the Virginia Con-
vention, sitting at Richmond, April 17, 1861. Many of the people
of Northwestern Virginia, had. in county conventions, expressed
in no uncertain terms, their disapproval of this action. In some
of these meetings they had vowed determined resistance thereto;
but it remained for the first call for united action to go out from
Clarksburg — the birth-place of Stonewall Jackson. Here on the
22d of April, 1861, nearly twelve hundred citizens of Harrison
county convened* in compliance with a call issued forty-eight hours
before. The meeting was organized by electing John Hursey,
Chairman, and John W. Harris, Secretary. By resolution this
body recommended to "the people of the counties of Northwestern


Archives and History.

[W. Va.

Virginia to appoint delegates not fewer than five in number, of
their wisest, 'best and most discreet men to assemble in Convention
at "Wheeling, on the 13th of May ensuing, to consult and determine
upon such action as the people of Northwestern Virginia should
take in the fearful emergency." An "Address" containing this
recommendation was printed and messengers bore copies thereof
to adjoining and adjacent counties. Others were distributed along
the lines of railroad westward to Wheeling and Parkersburg; and
eastward to Martinsburg and even to the Lower Potomac. The
time was short, the emergency great, and from Hancock to Wayne,
and from Wood to Hampshire, the people hastened to comply with
the request sent out from Clarksburg. Meetings were held in
counties, in cities and towns, at school-houses, and cross-roads, and
delegates appointed to the proposed Convention at Wheeling. Time
passed by and brought the eventful day.



(Convened in Washington Hall, May 13, 1861; adjourned May 15th en-
suing. In session three days.)


Barbour County — E. H. Menafee,
Spencer Dayton and John H.

Berkeley County — A. R. McQuillan,
John W. Dailey, and J. S. Bowers.

Brooke County — Adam Kuhn, David
Hervey, Campbell Tarr, Nathaniel
Wells, J. R. Burgoine, James
Archer, Jesse Edgington, R. L.
Jones, James A. Campbell, Rob-
ert C. Nicholls, Joseph Gist, John

G. Jacob, Eli Green, John D. Nich-
ols, Bazeleel Wells and Mont-
gomery Walker.

Doddridge County — J. Cheveront, S.

S. Kinney, J. Smith, James A.

Foley, J. P. F. Randolph.
Frederick County — George S. Sen-


Hampshire County — Owen D. Dow-
ney, George W. Broski, Dr. B. B.
Shaw, George W. Sheetz, George
W. Rizer.

Hancock County — George McC. Por-

ter, W. L. Crawford, Louis R.
Smith, J. C. Crawford, B. J.
Smith, Thomas Anderson, Wil-
liam B. Freeman, W. C. Murry, J.
L. Freeman, John Gardner, Geo.
Johnston, J. S. Porter, James Ste-
venson, J. S. Pomeroy, R. Brene-
men, Daniel Donahoo, D. S. Nich-
olson, Thayer Melvin, Ewing
Turner, James H. Pugh, H. Farns-
worth, James G. Marshall, Sam-
uel Freeman, John Mahan, David
Jenkins, William Hewitt, William
Brown, A. Moore, D. C. Pugh, Jon-
athan Allison, John H. Atkinson,
Joseph W. Allison.

Harrison County — John S. Carlile,
Thomas L. Moore, John J. Davis,
Solomon S. Fleming, Felix S.
Sturm, James Lynch, William E.
Lyon, Lot Bowen, Dr. Duncan,
Waldo P. Goff, Benjamin F. Shut-

Jackson County — Andrew Flesher,
David Woodruff, C. M. Rice, Geo.


The Restored Government of Virginia.


Leonard, J. F. Scott, G. L. Ken-
nedy, J. V. Rowley.
Lewis County— -T. M. Chalfant, Al-
exander Scott Withers, J. W. Hud-
son, Perry M. Hale, J. Woofter,
W. L. Grant, J. A. J. Lightburn.
Marion County— R. R. Brown, J. C.
Beeson, Isaac Holman, Thomas H.
Barnes, Hiram Haymond, Harvey
Merrifield, G. W. Jolliffe, John
Chisler, Thomas Hough, William
Beatty, James G. Beatty, Aaron
Hawkins, Jacob Sturm, Francis
H. Pierpont, Jesse Shaw, Joshua
.Marshall County— John H. Dickey,
John Parkinson, Thomas Morris,
W. Alexander, John Laughlin, W.
T. Head, J. S. Parriott, William
J. Purdy, H. C. Kemple, Joseph
Turner, Hiram McMechen, E. H.
Caldwell, James Garvin, L. Gard-
ner, H. A. Francis, Thomas Dow-
ler, John R. Morrow, William
Wasson, Nat Wilson, Thomas
Morgan, S. Dorsey, Jr., R. B. Hun-
ter, J. W. McCarriher, J. B. Mor-
ris, R. C. Holliday, William Col-
lins, W. R. Kimmons, G. W. Ev-
ans, William McFarland, J. Horn-
brook, John Reynolds, Remem-
brance Swan, J. B. Hornbrook,
James Campbell, F. Clement, J.
Winders, William Baircl, Dr.
Marshman, William Luke, J. Gar-
vin, S. Ingram, William Phillips,
Jr., A. Francis, Thomas Wilson.
Lot Enix, G. Hubbs, John Wilson,
John Ritchie. J. W. Bonar, J. Al-
ley, S. B. Stidger, Asa Browning,
Samuel Wilson, J. McCondell, A.
Bonar, D. Price, G. W. Evans, D.
Roberts, George Hubbs. Thomas
Dowler, R. Alexander, E. Conner,
Charles Snediker, John Winters,
Nathan Fish. V. P. Gorby, Alfred
Gaines, J. S. Riggs, Alexander
Kemple, Joseph McCombs, W. Al-

Mason County — Joseph S. Machir,
Lemuel Karpold, William E. Wet-
zel, Jonn Godley, Wyatt Willis,
William Wiley Harper, William
Harpold, Daniel Polsley, Samuel
Davies, J. N. Jones, Samuel Yea-
ger, R. C. M. Lovell, Barney J.
Rollins, David C. Sayre, Chanes
H. Bumgardner, John O. Butler,
Timothy Russell, John Hall, A.
A. Rogers, William Hopkins, Eu-
gene B. Davis, David Rossin, Asa
Brigham, Charles B. Waggener,
John M. Phelps, Stephen Corn-
stock, W. C. Starr, John Greer,
Appolo Stevens, Major Brown,
John J. Weaver.
Monongalia County — Waitman T.
Willey, James Evans, Leroy Kra-
mer, William A. Hanaway, Wil-
liam Lazier, Elisha Coombs,
George McNeeley, Henry Dering,
Dr. H. N. Mackey, Evans D. Fo-
gle, James T. M. Laskey, James
T. H'ess, Charles H. Burgess,
John Bly, William Price, Dr. A.
Brown, Dr. J. V. Boughner, D. P.
Fitch, E. B. Taggart, Alpheus
Garrison, Dr. John McCarl, J. A.
Wiley, Joseph Snyder, Joel Bowls-
by, Amos S. Bowlsby, A. Derra-
net, N. C. Vandervort, Daniel
White, Dr. D. B. Dorsey, Jacob
Miller, Dr. Isaac Scott, Marshall
M. Dent, Rev. Peter T. Laishley,
Edward P. St. Clair, William B.
Shaw, P. L. Rice, Joseph Jolliffe,
William Anderson.
Ohio County — John Alman, L. S. De-
laplain, J. R. Stifel, Gibson
Lamb Cranmer, Alfred Caldwell,
John McLnre, Jr., Andrew Wilson,
George Forbes, A. J. Woods.
Thomas H. Logan. James S-
Wheat, George W. Norton, N. H.
Garrison, E. Buchanan, John Pier-
son, P. Witham, Perry Whitten,
E. McCaslin, A. B. Caldwell, John
R. Hubbard, A. F. Ross. William
B Curtis, John Steiner, Daniel


Archives and History.

[W. Va.

Lamb, Chester D. Hubbard, H.
Armstrong, S. H. Woodward,
James W. Paxton, A. A. Handlan,
Stephen Waterhouse, J. Horn-
brook, L. D. Waitt, John K. Bots-
ford, George Bowers, Robert
Crangle, J. M. Bickel, James
Paull, John C. Hoffman, Jacob
Berger, A. Bedillion, Sr., George
Tingle, Samuel McCulloch, J. C.

Pleasants County — Friend Cochran,
Robert Parker, R. A. Cramer,
James W. Williamson.

Preston County — Harrison Hagans,
R. C. Crooks, W. H. King, James
W. Brown, Charles Hooton, Sum-
mers McCrum, William B., Zinn,
W. T. Brown, Reuben Morris, D.
A. Letzinger, John Howard, G. H.
Kidd, James A. Brown, William
P. Fortney.

Ritchie County — Noah Rexroad, D.
Rexroad, J. P. Harris, A. S. Cole.

Roane County — Irwin C. Stump.

Taylor County — J. Means, J. M. Wil-
son, T. Kennedy, Thomas Cather,
John S. Burdett. J. J. Allen, B.
Bailey, George R. Latham, T. T.
Monroe, J. J. Warren.

Tyler County — Daniel D. Johnson,
Daniel Sweeney. V. Smith, W. B.
Kerr, J. C. Parker, James M.
Smith, J. H. Johnston, Isaac Da-
vis, S. H. Hawkins, D. King, Wil-
liam Prichard.

Upshur County — W. H. Williams,
C. P. Rohrbaugh.

Wayne County — William W. Brum-
field, C. Spurlock, F. Moore, Wil-
liam K. Copley, Walter Queen.

Wetzel County — F. E. Williams, Jo-
seph Murphy, Elijah Morgan, Wil-
liam Burrows, B. T. Bowers, J. R.

Brown, J. M. Bell, Jacob Young,
Reuben Martin, R. Reed, Sr.,
Richard Cook, A. McE'ldowney, B.
VanCamp, John McClaskey, S.
Stephens, R. W. Lauck, John Al-
ley, Thomas McQuown, George W.
Bier, William D. Walker, R. S.

Wirt County — Henry Newman, E. T.
Graham, B. Ball.

Wood County — S. L. A. Burche,
John J. Jackson, Sr., J. D. Ingram.
A. Laughlin, Wellington Vroo-
man, J. C. Rathbone, G. E.
Smith, D. K. Baylor, M. Woods,
Andrew Alls, Joseph Dagg, Jr., N.
W. Warlow, Peter Riddle, John
Paugh, T. E. McPherson, Thomas
Leach, S. S. Spencer, E. Deem,
N. H. Colston, A. Hinckley, Ben-
nett Cook, George W. Henderson.
George Loomis, J. L. Padgett,
S. D. Compton, S. N. Peterson, G.
H. Ralston, V. A. Dunbar, A. R.
Dye, W. H. Baker, William John-
ston, Jr., Dr. Jesse Burche, S. Og-
den, Sardis Cole, P. Reed, John
McKibben, W. Athey, C. Hunter,
W. P. Davis, R. R\ Burke, George
Compton, C. M. Cole, Roger Tif-
fins, Edward H'oit, W. B. Caswell,
Peter Dils, W. F. Henry, A. C.
AkKinsey, Rufus Kinnard, John
J. Jackson, Jr., C. J. Neal. J. G.
Blackford, Henry Cole, W. E.
Stevenson, Jesse Murdock, J.
Burche, J. Morrison, A. H. Hatch-
er, A. Mather, Charles B. Smith,
Arthur Drake, H. Rider, B. H.
Bukey, John W. Moss, R. S.
Smith, M. P. Amiss. T. Hunter,
J Barnett, T. S. Conley and J. J.


William B. Zinn, of Preston County Temporary President.

George R. Latham, of Taylor County Temporary Secretary.

*A number of Vice-Presidents were appointed but their names have not been
found in any records which I have examined.— V. A. L.

1908] The Restored Government of Virginia. 1G7

Dr. John W. Moss, of Wood County Permanent President.

Charles B. Waggener, of Mason County. Marshall M.

Dent, of Monongalia and Gibson L. Cranmer,

of Ohio County < Permanent Secretaries.

■lames R. Ewing. of Ohio County Sergeant-at-Arms.

A. Clemens and R. Higgens Doorkeepers.

It has been stated that this was a Mass Convention. This is not
true. The members were chosen as delegates by the people of
their respective counties in compliance with the "Call" sent out
from Clarksburg. In Wood county and. perhaps, one or two others,
it was resolved that any good Union men therefrom, present at the

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