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976 Murmurmontis



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Digitized by the Internet Archive

in 2010 with funding from

Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation

7976 Murmurmontis

West Virginia Wesleyan College 6 8

Buckhannon, West Virginia

Editor . . . Susan Myers

Assistant Editor . . . Barbara Luebbe

Advisor . . . Mrs. James Baldwin

Financial Advisor . . . Mr. Dean Ruhlow

















Faculty and



Academic and



Life at





1976 may not stand out in our minds
as the Bicentennial year. It will be
many memories to the many persons
we are, and have become, and hope to
be. Whatever it was, 1976 was a part of
our lives: a fleeting moment in the
short time each of us has.

Captured are the short and long,
hectic and serene ways in which we
learned to spend our seconds, minutes
and hours in the CELEBRATION OF


stands still

for no one;
it moves faster
than the


We are in




^ .-r^

' * ■

ftteffitjg i *•* .

For many of us,
time is the future.



For some of us,
time is the past


/ have no yesterdays,
Time took them away;

Tomorrow may not be —
but I have today.
— Pearl Yeadon McGinnis

whatever time

we have,

let us live it. .

Just for today, I will be
happy. This assumes what
Abraham Lincoln said, that
"most folks are as happy as
they make up their minds to

— Kenneth L. Holmes



Tomorrow is a new day,
begin it well . . .and with too high a spirit

to be cumbered with your old nonsense.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson



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■••; - • • ' \ . .

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M I.

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* • ■ *

We are given so


We live but once. The years of childhood, when once past, are past
or ever.

— Talmage

We ha ve
so much
to give.

Dost thou love life? Then do not
squander time, for that is the stuff,
life is made of. — Ben Franklin


We can learn how to use
our time and talents.



' *'««


We can even ask others

for help,

but in the end . . .

N?3 :^MA\ 17

Time! the corrector where our judgments err; the test
of truth, and love; the sole philosopher ... — Byron





1 - »






ft >
















§ *



Many roads lie ahead,
but only one is the right road
for each of us.
Throughout our lives

we make decisi

journeys and

as time transforms

future to past,

past to history.
West Virginia Wesleyan is

a part of that history,
and promises to be

a part of the future.


>■. • '<■


r ■





18 / Traditions

TOP RIGHT: Freshman students and their
parents meet Wesleyan and other students
and parents. MIDDLE: The freshman get-
acquainted dance provides even the shyest the
opportunity to meet new friends. BOTTOM:
A freshman coed is initiated into the usual
registration papers and lines and papers and
lines and papers and . . .


As Freshman Orientation is, for many
new students, their first glance at
Wesleyan and taste of college life,
these relatively short periods must be
well-planned and executed. The three
1975 pre-f all sessions gave freshmen
and transfers the opportunity to
become acquainted with professors
and advisers, schedule classes and
meet classmates. Acclamating oneself
to a new territory may be frightening
to many; Wesleyan's orientations
include both parents and students in
separate and shared activities.

20 / Traditions

Activities seminar:

some liked what they looked at;

others just looked

Organizational orientation acquainted freshmen with the diverse groups, clubs, services and activities available. A large turn-out of interested persons
;athered in the Social Hall to "check it out."

>'*i IU/ MM

Part of the exposure to activities included a
framatic pie-in-the-face surprise to its victim.


Seated are Dave I.araba and Carol Churchill signing up Freshmen as part of the work force for
Young Democrats and SPIRG

Traditions 21

Class of '78
R. N. majors
are honored
in capping


MIDDLE: A traditionally solemn ceremony, the annual capping draws a large crowd. BOTTOM LEFT: Nursing instructor Josephine Shaw pauses
after her ceremonial duties. BOTTOM RIGHT: Newly-capped student nurses are nearly halfway through their career training. FRONT: Beth Neil
SECOND ROW: Rena Reed, Gerry Short. THIRD ROW: Kathy Naylor, Barbara Woodford, Mary Ann Sisler.

22 / Traditions

Judges Select Riffle

TOP All contestant receive mums; finalists and winners (SEATED) receive carnations Long-stemmed roses, ordered by MURMURMONTIS
staff members a week early, were given a memorial service, and the ribbon was kept as a perpetual reminder BOTTOM LEFT Queen Nancy
Riffle represents Alpha Gamma Delta sorority as winner BOTTOM RIGHT: Under the direction of Jude Gore, the Jazz Ensemble provides
enrertainment for the audience while the judges' votes were cast and counted.

Troditions 23

'ftwich f

Black Stulent Coalition



..- -,3 ■"■'

V 1



L -m * 1 *M

-.% t c











" AtT^ * * to "%

I. £*!■ 'In



Associated Women Students

Nancy Riffle
Alpha Gimma Delta

tBarbara Reevej

Kappa Alplial

Terri Summers
KJbpa Phi

JAlplultelta Pi


Trooifi ,.'

Homecoming 1975:

where old meets new

TOP: Anticipating the coming parade, the crowd of students and guests waits on the corner of College and Meade. BOTTOM RIGHT: Alpha Delta
Pi sisters display their patriotic float. BOTTOM LEFT: Planning on a banking career, this astronaut takes interest in some parade horses' street

26 / Traditions

Homecoming 19^5 meant a time of excitement for all: for the very
young, the parade and gaily-costumed participants; for the not-so
young, a lawn picnic, visits and recollections with long-ago friends, a
glimpse of a quickly-changing institution that somehow retains a great
deal of the past; for the older young people or the younger old people,
a Blood, Sweat and Tears concert, the Homecoming dance, the
crowning of the queen, float competition, and perhaps most important
of all. PARTIES.

rOP LEFT A young horsewoman, or rather ponywoman. commands her stableboy to finish the last-minute touches to her steed. TOP RIGHT:
Demanding that the Bobcats "SIT ON SALEM." Wesleyan's cheerleading squad promotes school spirit along the parade route. BOTTOM: Marching
najorettes step together in their routine to the band's music.


From a host of floats

j | mg^/u ■-**•

TOP: Mike Zcbley drives a tractor and pulls a

minuteman float, while Phi Sigma Epsilon

president John Allevato escorts Sweetheart

Marcie Holladay through the parade.

BOTTOM LEFT: An unconventional idea

becomes a reality in the float competition.


Riverboat" depicts another part of American

heritage — and the creative imaginations of

Wesleyan students.

28 / Traditions

To a host with the most

the feature group of the '75 concert for
Homecoming weekend. BOTTOM: Filling
the main gym, the crowd consisted not only
of students and local residents but also of
many persons from other schools and
relatively distant communities.

Traditions / 29

Weimer captivates court

TOP LEFT: Homecoming Queen Jane
Weimer lights her taper from that of
an usher during coronation ceremonies.
TOP RIGHT: Acting-President
William H. Capitan offers his
congratulations to Queen Jane with a
smile and kiss. BOTTOM:
Contending for dorm decoration
awards, Agnes Howard residents
provide campus ornamentation and
morale-boosting incentive to the
Bobcat sports' teams performing for

30 / Traditions

TOP LEFT: Historically-oriented signs attract
attention against a background of autumnal
splendor of bursting color associated with
Wesleyan's Homecoming. TOP RIGHT: Attired in
early American costume, Lisa Hess is one of Queen
Jane's attendants. BOTTOM: Wesleyan students
elected the 1975 Homecoming court: (SEATED)
Lisa Hess, Queen Jane Weimer, Charlie Miller.
(STANDING) Senior Jan Palmer, Sophomore Sue
Spears, Senior Cathy Harper, Junior Louise
Orrahood, Senior Linda Vioral, Freshman Dani
Williams, Senior Terri Haley.

Traditions 31



draws the college community together

as the Christmas season rush

approaches. Celebrating in the Chapel

with the symbolic greens and

ornaments, choral and handbell

music, organ prelude and postlude on

the Shannon bells, liturgical dance

and Christmas story readings, the

community joined in singing

traditional Christmas carols and

lighting the Advent candles. Moving

to the enormous, decorated and

lighted evergreen in front of the

library, the group lighted tapers;

speakers from varied concerns of the

campus, including foreign students,

spoke. Further celebration through

the singing of Christmas carols was

accompanied by a brass ensemble.

4H«*m h

32 Traditions



J 1

■ f


,f< %





OPPOSITE, TOP: Don Gardner directs the Tour Choir Chorale in a
traditional number OPPOSITE, BOTTOM LEFT: Assorted
community members attach the Greens decorations while Rev. Mr.
Daniel Bryan, Associate Pastor of First United Methodist Church in
Buckhannon, narrates the symbolism associated with the Greens.
OPPOSITE, BOTTOM RIGHT. The congregation and service
participants share in the "Act of Fellowship" near the end of the Chapel
service. TOP: Encircling the Christmas tree outdoors, the celebrants
bond together in caroling. BOTTOM LEFT: The Christmas tree
glistens in the night as it reaches toward the darkened sky. BOTTOM
RIGHT: Ky Vu (LEFT) speaks to the joyous group, as Community
Council President Matt Foreman and Jim Huddleston prepare to address
the Christmas crowd.

Tradition* 33


Although the turnout to TAVARAS was small, those who attended enjoyed the Spring concert.

Dr. William H. Capitan, Acting President, poses with Spring Queen Margie Dickey following the
crowning ceremony.

Queen Margie Dickey

34 / Traditions

1976 Spring Queen Margie Dickey (center front) and her court: Sue Matelan. Patty Metz, Emma Witten, Mary Conrad, Kathy Clark — 1975 Spring
Jueen, Barbara Reeves, Sue Wilson, Diane Baker.


Jenny Klebez, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George KJebez, and
Darrin Taylor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wayland Taylor, served as
flower girl and ring bearer in the Spring Court ceremonies.

Traditions / 35

l "ui\iu\


First Place Women's: Tie — Alpha

Gamma Delta (right) and Zeta Tau

Alpha (below).

Best Female Director:
Jane Weimer

36 •' Traditions



Best Director:
Jude Gore

First Place Male Division :
Phi Sigma Epsilon

First Place Co-Ed:
U.S. Male

Traditions 37

Nurses cap off
career training


$J>M^ f



1976 Graduating Nursing Students

Graduation: the time
between PAST and FUTURE

40 ' Traditions

Traditions / 41

42 / Traditions

we cannot hold
the hands
of time; now
it's time to
say . . .

Traditions / 43



3 Ja





1975-76 Freshman Class Officers were: Jacki Lee — Treasurer, Lynda Easley — Acting President. Robert Zorzi — Representative, Amy Seidel

FRESHMEN: homesickness . . . new friends and new experiences . . . being "on my own". . .
panty raids . . . Humanities . . . second semester pledges . . . discovery of the COLLEGE
CLASSROOM . . . confusion . . . "I heard there's a party tonight at the Theta Sigma House Alpha,
or was it the Chi Xi Epsilon house.". . . ah, so — Japan!. . ."Are there boys on campus?". . . meet
the Greeks . . ."What's there to do?". . . meet everyone else . . ."What's your name, where's your
home town, what's your major?". . . introduction to the bureaucratic system . . ."Do I want to smoke
WHAT?". . .

46 ' Undergraduotes

} i

"If things get too rough, we could always jump." says Marianne Wilson to her friend
Mike Mullan.

LEFT: "Hope Saga has something decent for a

Lisa Adamson
Ruth Adelsberger
Laura Adkins
Michelle Aiello

Carole Akerl)
Jayne Aldridge
Mary Dudley Allen
Roger Allman

Arleen Ambrose
Delia Amorin
Frank Anderson
Linda Andreas

Wayne Aquadra

Cindy Archin.i]
Brenda Ashby
Paul Audio

Patricia Austin
Trina Ayooh
Victy Babcock
Louanne Baily

Undergraduates 47

Bemba B.ilsirow
Betty Barrick
Elizabeth Barrow
Susan Barron
Catherine Bauer
Todd Baum

Karhleen Bettle
Lynn Bell
Russel Bell
Sandra Belton
Linda Bennett
Lorraine Beondy

Janice Berg
Jill Bergmann
Jack Berry
David Bishop
Lynne Blackwell
Gibson Blatt


Wayne Bond
Myles Bornstad
Maria Botti
Diane Boyer

Gary Boynes
Raymond Bradley
Harrison Bradshaw
Rodney Brown

Judith Buda
JoElla Bunner
Beth Burdette
Christine Burrows

Paul Byrd
Brenda Caldwell
Linda Campbell
Sheila Campbell

James Carol
Amy Carter
Christine Chuchman
Terry Clark

Dorothy Clay
Sandy Clawson
Martha Conley
Mary Conrad

I never thought the ball would go all the way
to the railroad tracks!", says Cheryl Hollo

48 Undergraduates

Cheri Criss
Paula Crocker
Jennifer Crouse
Deborah Culp

Lisa Cuneo
Barbara Daker
Suzanne Dale
Karen Davenport

Gary Davis
Scott Davis
Verna Dawson
Cindy Day

Sharon DcLitizia
Stephanie Deyo
Helena Diehl
William Dobbins

Cindy Dollman
Beverly Donta
Jan Dorrell
Deborah Downs

Lynda Easley
Rebecca Elkins
Anna Elsishans
Cheryl Eskcw

"This is better than any shower," sighs Chip Pickering-

George Evano

Laura Evans

Margaret Evans

Faye Fagel

Kevin Fair

Cynthia Fallon

Cathy Fast

Timothy Fawcett

Tammy Filer

Debra Fischer

Cynthia Fisher

Victor Fisher

Ellen Fliedner

Carol Forssell

Rick Fowler

Marilyn Foy

Margo Friend

Julie Friggle

Undergraduates 49

A change of scenery helps to break the
monotony of studying.

Jeanette Fuller

Donna Funk

Kathy Gaffney

Pamela Gallagher

Bonnie Gashlin

Gregory Gaudet

Nancy Gaver

Bonnie Geiger

Anne George

Andrew Gibbon

Jeffery Gibson

Diane Gilbert

Pat Gillispie

Zoe Gingerich

Connie Glagola

Susan Glasscock

Sharon Glover

Flizabeth Glowacki

James Godsey

Paul Godsey

Lucretia Goldizen

Susan Gorman
Michael Goss
Susan Greffen

Diane Grubb
Jane Gue
Karen Gustavson
Lisa Hahn

Deborah Hall
Kathleen Hamiln in
Deborah Hamlin
Peggy Hand

Carol Harbaugh
Randy Hawkins
Willian Haynes
Dawn Heilig

Lydia Helbig
Claudia Hem pel
Jon Herttua
Mary Hill

The balcony oi Agnes Howard Hall providH

50 Undergraduates

Harl Hockeborn
Karen Hoffman
Nancy Holland
Cheryl Hollowa)

Debbie Homer
Jodi Hosmer
Timothy Hubcr
Jerry Huffman

Matthew Hughes
Richard Hughes
Bobbi Hunter
Elizabeth Huntlev

Janie Hutzell
Jill Ingram
Ekeretc Isemin
Glenn lame*

Pamela lessen
Ann Johnson
Elyse Johnson
Russell Johnson

'odd Grove gives tt all he's got!

it plate to study.


Virginia Kastner

Alice Keener

George Keller

James Kepner

Jeff Kerestan

Olive Kessel

Carolyn Keyser

Jay Kidd

Priscilla King

Angela Kinkead

Jennifer Kiser

David Kluth
Nancy Koehler
Gwyn Koenig
Kimberlce Kondrat

Karen Konkus

Richard K tpp

Margaret Kosanovich

Cindi K. ksjet


Undergroduotes 51

Kurt Kraus

Deborah Kreis

Mary Kuhar

Beth Anne Kuhlber

Rebecca Ladisic

Sheila Laub

Jan Leach

Jackie Lee

James Lee

Betsy Lefens

Nancy Lehmann

Rhonda Lester

Lynelle Lewis

Randall Light

Alan Lukas

Margaret Lydon

Deborah MacWilliams

Donald Maher

Kathryn Malley

Deborah Manelski

Diana Marsh

Cheryl Marteney

Marcia Masciarelli

Treva Mathews

Isoke Mbongo

Janice McAllister

Quinn McCall

Anita McCauley

Jeff McCay

Jay McCoy

Kitty McCready

Terry McElwain

Tom McGovern

Lynn McMichael

Kevin McNeill

Joyce Merrill
Patricia Metz
Ronald Metz
Laura Meyer
Linda Michael
Marti Miller
Matthew Miller

52 / Undergraduates

Pam Milliken
Ann Millikin
Arthur Mills
James Mizell
Donna Molnar
Norman Morgan
Arthur Morley

Teresa Morris
Wilbert Morris
Dena Mount
Michael Mullan
Terri Murchland
Brian Murphy
Barbara Myers

Debra Myers
Debbi Nelson
James Newman
Patton Nickell
Leesa Nungesser
Debra Oaksmith
Dorothy O'Brien

nting the blades of grass!

f ft ibfc

Robert Olewine
John Oct
Janet Page
Maryta Pankiewicz
Pamela Parsons
Marilyn Patsch
Linda Pauli

Edward Peet
William Pensyl
Frank Perry
Scott Perry
Nancy Pfeiffer
Linda Pfiscer
Charles Pickering
Stacj Pinto
Duane Pitlock
Jeffrey Provow
Wayne Purdy
Thomas Reneau
Sally Richard
Barbara Ridenour

Undergraduates 53

Debra Riggs

Elizabeth Riley

Margaret Risinger

Ernie Ritchey

Carol Robinson

Kathryn Rochlin

Glenn Rosenberger

Vance Rose

Samuel Rothermel

James Rouke

Barbara Ryan

Barb Salter

Kathleen Scalise

William Schauman

LeeAnn Schiermeyer

Shari Schnepper

Brad Schofield

Marsha Scholl

Jo Ellen Schrock

Amy Seidel

Margaret Shaffer

Stanley Sharkey

Meg Shearer

Martha Sherwood

Barbara Sholes

Rebecca Short

Penny Simeral

Paula Simmons

Allison Sine

Nancy Skidmore

Sharon Smarr

John Smith

Kimberly Smith

Matthew Smith

Lyn Snyder

Jean Soper

Jodie Spence

ZoAnn Spencer

Stacy Spinosi

Valerie Sprowl

Beth Stahlman

Thomas Starnes

Debra Stein

Mary Stemple

Dan Stephan

Mark Stevens

Kathy Stifter

Kathleen Stiles

V £ £


54 / Undergraduotes

§ Li? Lt

Randy Stoler
Mark Sullivan
Ann Summerfield
Barbara Taylor
Bradley Teets
Jeffery Tellman

Steven Templin
Tjin-Soon Teoh
Sandra Thomas
Benjamin Thompson
George Thompson
Terri Thompson

William Todd
Errol Toran
Michael Townsend
Joan Tregaskis
Steve Trumbo
Jeffery Tyndall

Dave VanBlarcum
Norma VanEtton
Carol Waggy
Susan Wagner
Elizabeth Walbert

Meritt Walls
Katie Waters
Olivia Waugh
Lynn Weaver
Denise Webley
Michael Welsh

Stephen Wheeler
Sandra Wigington
Kimberly Wiley
Daniel Williams
Elizabeth Williams
Glenn Williams

Myron Williams
Rebecca Wilson
Delores Wilt
Corrine Wolff
Kevin Worthy
Donna Wood

Paul Wright
Gregory Wriston
Marion Wurst
David Wyle
Shirley Yap
Grace Zarak

Undergroduates 55


1975-76 Sophomore Class Officers were: Jan Sandridge — Treasurer, Joyce Reneau — secretary. Rick Facemire — president, Bob Morgenroth -
representative, Wendy McLaine — vice president.

SOPHOMORES: getting involved . . ."glad I'm not a freshman.". . . skipping no more than 15
classes a week . . . sophomore slump . . .an itch to get off campus ... a few friends gone from last
year . . ."Anybody have a car to get to Weston?". . . still time enough to mess around . . ."Where
are the guys on campus?". . . still time . . . Saga's "novelty" is totally shot . . . Churchill-Cook
battle over the CC presidency . . . all-nighters together . . . all-nighters TOGETHER . . . still
time . . .

56 / Undergraduates

Judy Acrce
Jennifer Adams
Beverly Albright
Milynn Anderson

Deborah Angus
Robin Barb
Daniel Barnes
Bruce Barton

Sue Barton
James Bay
Ghislaine Bayard
Lou Ann Bead ling

Kathryn Bebenek
Karen Bell
Stephen Bene
Gregory Blair

Elizabeth Bontos
Andrew Boyd
Rebecca Boyd
Marcia Bradley

Lana Brown
Edith Burd
Cheryl Burgess
David Callahan

Nancy Carlson
Carol Churchill
Sarah Con ley
Robin Cook

Thomas Cook
Rose Coughlin
Eileen Covey
Martha Craig

Brain Crawford
Gary Crawford
Janey Davis
Robin Davis

Debra Dean
Donald Delaski
Sally Delaski
Peter Dellomo

"On the other hand, if I don't deplete the
SPRIG fund to get those three guys out of
jail, I'll have more money to fight Island
Creek . . .," sighs Carol Churchill.

Undergraduates 57

Mona Denning
Carole Dickler
John Dorsey

Kathryn Dye
Karen Ensor
Lynda Everson

Brenda Fanning
Rhonda Farrar
Paul Farren

Jo Alice Figgatt
Jeffery Findle
Leslie Flack

Colleen Fleming
Gary Flesher
Helen Gasull

Jami Gault
Bill Gebhardt
Judith Geiser

Frederick Gibbon
Pamela Gillung
Robyn Glocker

For Steve Tuell it's been a long, hard week.

Harry Gloss
Lindi Gruner
Barbara Hahn
Kathy Haney
Rebekah Heckel
Debra Henline
Thomas Higgins

Pamela Hinkle
Ellen Hoffman
Pam Hoffman
Jeanne Hubbard
Karen Hubcr
Kim Hunt
Cynthia Hutchison
Judith Ives
Walter Jack
Joan Jarden
Belinda Jarvis
Deborah Jarvis
Timothy Jergel
Bradley Johnson

58 / Undergraduates

Karen Johnson
Stephanie Jones
John Kaisa
Joseph Katz
Richard Keener
Debra Kehoe
Nancy Kennedy

Kfisca King
Susan Konas
Wade Kosis
Katherine Kroll
DelMarie Lewis
Marsha Lewis
Mary Lewis

Vicki Lewis
Gail Linger
Barbara Loebig
Elizabeth Loftis
Kenneth Long
Paula Lowther
Dawn Lummer

David Luoni
Bruce MacConnell
Kathryn MaJlory

Linda Manhardt
Andrew Martin
Martha Martin

Susan Marx
James McCune
Cathy Mclntyre

Jenny Mclntrye
Barbara McKita
Wendy McLane

Warren McLaughlin
Melissa Means
Peter Merck

Albert Miller
Alicia Miller
Virginia Miller

Kim Minder
Karen Miner
Bob Morgenroth

"Why it's the first time in two weeks I
haven't had 'air' mail," thinks Horatio Sta-

Undergraduates 59

->* v Getting away fromwesleyanTOiWSj
through rappeling.

Lynn Morris
i Debbie Mountan

Tim Mullins

Kimberly Murray
Jane Musser
Holly Myers

William Neal
Elizabeth Neil
Virginia Nuckolls

Onyealilachi Nwolu
Helen Oates
Timothy Olsen

Theresa Orrahood
David Parker
Barbara Patton

Richard Post
Andy Prochaska
Donna Quick

Ingie Ravndal
Rena Reed
Joyce Reneau
Kevin Rhodes
William Richardson
Nancy Riffle

Michael Rigg
Lucinda Robinson
Wendy Rodan
Robin Rodeheaver
Diane Roman
Cathy Rookard

Stephen Rowland
Joel Rupe
Donna Rutherford
Jennifer Salvati
Jennifer Sandridge
Steve Schaeffer

John Schoemer
Larry Schworer
Sheri Sears
Debbie Sheldon
Debra Shipley
James Shook

60 / Undergraduates

# JL#

o © ©

Gerry Short
Dave Simile
Alice Ann Sions
Mary-Ann Sisler
Susan Smith

Susan Smyth
Susan Spears
Beborah Starkey
Victoria Starnes
Jacqueline Steiner

Cathleen Stender
Carla Stewart
Karen Strejeck
Paul Susat
Joan Swan son

Nancy Tawney
Cynthia Thomas
Martha Thomas
Becky Thompson
Mary Tucker

A rare bird identified as Jimus Baynicus, is
discovered reading a book in his lofty perch.

Steven Tvell
Leslie Twine
Jane Ught
Linda Van Fleet
Richard Vinson

Virginia Wagner
Kim Walls
Andrea Walters
Kathryn Ward
Brenda Weaver

Catherine Webb
Margaret Welshonce
Elizabeth West
Lois Wilson
Jeff Whitman

Barbara Woodford
Lanell Wright
Barbara Wygal
Lynnc Youngdahl
Henry Ziemiecki

Undergraduates 6?



' ' ' l i T"

^■H ■■■■ 9f

1975-76 Junior Class Officers were: Jim Frame — president, Christie Lauderback — vice-president, Jackie Wilson — secretary-treasurer, Phyllis
Winters (ABSENT) — representative.

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