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The school year 1930-31, 280 Wesleyan graduates were
teaching in 116 high schools and 22 junior high schools
of the state. In all parts of our state and beyond our
borders, Wesleyan men and women are found who are
giving the finest possible account of themselves as home
builders, as professional and business men and women,
as leaders and supporters of our churches, as substan-
tial citizens of their respective communities.

The College will continue to maintain her high
stardards of instruction, and her endeavors to serve the
best scholastic interests of her students. Our courses
will be strengthened, giving due consideration to the
demands of the men and women who come here for
training. Our Summer School has proved valuable to
many and is growing each year. An increasing number
of public school teachers and other professional men
and women are taking advantage of our extention

We seek to cooperate with all the educational force
of the state, and thereby increase our service to the
o^neral public.


The College has not reached the limit of its needs.
A library building would add much to the efficiency of
our work. We have an abundance of ground, and such
a building would enhance the beauty of the campus.
The College would, with less difficulty, meet its finan-
cial obligations if we had a larger endowment. In the
very near future at least five hundred thousand dol-
lars more should be added.

Friends of the College can serve the institution by
securing gifts to endowment, for the erection of build-
ings, for scholarships, for loan funds, and for books for
the library.

Scholarships are especially valuable as they help to
increase enrollment of high class students. A full
scholarship is $150 per year, and requires a gift of

Another good way to help is by the annuity plan.
According to this plan ,the donor transfers money to the
College, and the Trustees give him in return an annuity
bond legally executed that yields a liberal per cent
income as long as he lives. At his death the interest
ceases and the money remains with the College.

The Advantage of this plan to the donor are: (a)
The donor pays no taxes upon the money; (b) there
are no fees or allowances paid to the executor or admin-
istrator; (c) the donor is free from all care of anxiety
about the money; (d) the donor is enabled to become
the executor of his own estate during the life-time. The
'property is absolutely safe the annuity bond being
secured by all the property and endowments of the

A third way is by will or bequest. The following
form should be used.

(a) I give and bequeath to the Board of Trustees
of the West Virginia Wesleyan College, a corporation
organized under the laws of West Virginia, and locat-
ed at Buckhannon, West Virginia, its successors and
assigns forever, the following land and premises, that
is to say: (Here describe the property) ; or

(b) I give and bequeath to the Board of Trustees
of the West Virginia Wesleyan College, a Corporation


organized under the laws of West Virginia, and located

at Buckhannon, West Virginia, the sum of $

to be paid by my executor, or administrator, out of my

estate within months after my decease, to be

used by the Board of Trustees of said College in such
manner as they deem best. (Or name some particular

Persons desiring to leave bequests to the College

would do well to notify the College authorities and

learn what are the specific needs, so that their fund may

be applied in the exact way and according to their


Investments in this cause will work perpetually for
God in the development of noble christian leadership.
Members of the Methodist Episcopal church and other
friends of christian learning who wish to share in any
way in the advantages of Wesleyan College are invited
to correspond with the President of the College.


JUNE 6, 1933


Hathaway, Winnie Buckhannon.

Neil, Grace G., Circleville, Ohio.

Wolfe, William Sterling, Euckhannon.


Anderson, Elinore Elizabeth Wesleyville, Pa.

Battles, Clifford, Akron, Ohio.

Bennett, Carrie Lenora, Grafton.

Brooks, Lucie Ella, Buckhannon.

Cozart, Phyllis Loretta Smithfield.

Curry, Ora Douglas, Buckhannon

Deeds, Mary Prances, Buckhannon.

Foster, Frona Martha, Buckhannon.

Gaston, Geraldine Buckhannon.

Hamilton, Grace Elizabeth, Grantsville.

Hyer, Charles Johnson Buckhannon.

Linger, Ross Adrian.

Lee, Mabel, Clarksburg.

Lubold, Elsie White Glen Jean.

Mazzie, Sam, Nutter Fort.

Mearns, Martha Randolph, Buckhannon.

Mick, Mildred, Buckhannon

Miles, Paul Vernon, Lorentz.

O'Neal, Margaret Elaine, Pullman

Pase, Clemence Pomelia Thomas.

Rafeld, Jackson William, Jackson, Ohio.

Ramsey, James Arthur, Buckhannon.

Rexroad, Hilda Marie Clarksburg.

Snodgrass, Leta Buckhannon.

Talbott, Elizabeth Charlotte, Buckhannon.

Westfall, Willis Wilson Buckhannon.

Williams, Elizabeth May Buckhannon.

Wilkins, Ella Ruth Cowen.





Casto, Mabel Marie, Buckhannon.

Casto, Clarence Asbury, Leon.

Chapman, Vivion Russell, Smithf ield.

Cuppert, Thomas Victor, Grafton.

Dawson, Hazel Iona Buckhannon.

Edmundson, Orville Lee Bridgeport, Ohio.

Pamsworth, Helen Davis Buckhannon.

Hamner, Allen Taylor Jr., Buckhannon.

Mellott, George Miller Glen Easton.

Mick, Guy Worth Buckhannon.

Miller, Mary Louise Marteney, Buckhannon.

Palmer, Carroll C, Lost Creek.

Parker, Minor Luen Jr Mount Hope.

Parrish, Herman Ransf ord.

Post, Howard Clifton, Lost Creek.

Renick, Cada Mount Hope.

Siandru, Clement Menio, Bridgeport, Ohio.

Smith, Maxine Wood Buckhannon.

Thomas, Vernon Butler, Cambridge, Mass.

White, Grace Elizabeth Buckhannon.

Wholf, Alton Edgar, Akron, Ohio.


Anderson, Elinore Elizabeth, Wesley ville, Pa

Carr, Alva Charles Buckhannon.

Callihan, Katherine Shelia Philippi.

Johnson, Virginia Darlington, Charleston.

Kautz, Jessie Mae, Buckhannon.

Kimberling, Trilby Louise, Clarksburg.

Merritt, Margaret Mary Monessen, Pa.

Metheny, Virginia Louise Gassaway.

Mearns, Scott, French Creek.

Perry, Madeline Ann, Clarksburg.

Greathouse, Abbie Hope Weston.

Phillips, Wilard Martha Buckhannon.

Sayre, Cozbi Arrilla Buckhannon.

Sayre, Mabel Ellenor Buckhannon.



The following roster contains the names of the
students who have been in attendance between June
12, 1933 and March 1, 1934.

All addresses are in West Virginia unless other-
wise indicated.


Howard Bachtel, Akron, Ohio.

Arnett Baughman, Philippi.

Clifford Baxa, Buckhannon.

Lola Baxa, Buckhannon.

Velma Bell, Buckhannon.

Vivien Bell Buckhannon.

Freda Boylen, Philippi.

Marguerite Byus . Beckiev.

Irena Ruth Carr, Buckhannon.

Mildred Casto, Buckhannon.

Jarrett Chandler Frame-
Patty Coleman, Buckhannon.

Marian Deeds Buckhannon

Margaret Dunn Weston

Frances Foster Buckhannon.

Arthur Frazier, Buckhannon.

James Furbee Clarksburg.

Nick Giantonio Cleveland, Ohio.

Michael Charles Green Grant Town.

Joseph Hall Washington, D. C.

Bernice Cline Hartman Buckhannon.

Marye Morgan Herndotn, Buckhannon.

Bethia Smoot Hisgen Allingdale.

Mary Katherine Hoff, Huntington.

Carl Lamb, Buckhannon.

Mathilde Leonard Buckhannon.

Wiliam Lowry, Ligonier, Pa.



Alma McKinney, Beckley.

Edith McOlin Buckhannon.

Harold Miles, Fairmont.

Anita O'Roark, Morristown, N. J.

Mary Juanita Phillips, Buckhannon.

Lawrence Post Buckhannon.

Zaner Post Buckhannon.

Ward Reeder Buckhannon.

Mildred Reppert Buckhannon

Virginia Rexrode Marlington.

Mary Louise Riley Charleston.

Edison Rine Moundsville,

Isabslle Rogers Beckley.

Homer Sampson, Buckhannon

Marion Moore Sanders Ironton, Ohio.

James Alfred Smith, Buckhannon

Archie Snyder, Preemansburg.

William Spidell Marengo. Ohio.

Hazel Chapman Standiford Philippi

Francis St. Clair, Buckhannon.

Leslie H. Strader, Frenchton

Henry Page White Buckhannon

Virginia Dare White Buckhannon.

Zella L. Williams, Bristol.

Byron Woodruff Wheeling.

Mayton Zickefoose Buckhannon.


Jerome Arnett Aurora.

Bernard Bailey Buckhannon.

Nina Baird, Charleston.

Virginia Bennett Buckhannon.

Rena Bissett New Rochelle, N. Y.

Janet Blagg Charleston.

Paul Brooks, Buckhannon.

Paul Brown Clarksburg.

Martha Cartwright Buckhannon.

Nick Cody, Beckley.

Lawrnce Albert Crane Buckhannon.

Helen Crouser Elkview.

Paul Cunningham Buckhannon.

John Paul Curry Buckhannon.

T> '"^QT'T'T?


Iva Katherine Outright, Buckhannon.

Eugene Davis, Clarksburg.

Gerald Debar, West Miiford.

Ovid Wesley Duncan, Buckhannon.

Elizabeth Elbin, Cameron.

Mabel Farnsworth, ... Monessen, Pa.

Elizabeth Flanagan, Buckhannon.

Robert Foster Buckhannon.

James O. Fulton, Dunn's Station, Pa.

John Charles Green, Buckhannon.

George Greer, Glen Ridge, N. J.

Raymond Hadd, Cleveland, Ohio.

Helen Hunt Hall, Buckhannon.

Clyde Hamrick Webster Springs.

Ruth Hamrick Buckhannon.

Evelyn Hanifan, Buckhannon.

Richard Hanifan, Buckhannon.

Wilson Ward Harvey, Oakland, Md.

Robert Lowell Hawkins Buckhannon.

Mary Sue Hicklin, Monterey, Va.

Thelma Hinchcliffe, Central Station.

Irvin Howel, McMechen.

Clark Hull, Clarksburg.

William Jack, Flower.

William Jones, Mannington.

Joseph Frank Karickhoff Buckhannon.

Mary Elizabeth Kelley, Buckhannon.

Trilby Kimberling Clarksburg.

Lawrence Kingsbury Parkersburg.

Vera Lowe, Buckhannon.

Paul L. McCuskey Buckhannon.

Erwood McSwain Wheeling.

Helen McWhorter Buckhannon

David Nutter Lost Creek.

James O'Grady Wheeling.

Paul Powell, Haywood.

Carolyn Priester Adrian.

Hugh Ramsey, Buckhannon.

Aaron Rapking Lost Creek.

Robsrt Reger, Buckhannon.

Ruth Law Reger, Buckhannon.

Ernest Renick, Adrian.


Paul Rogerson Moundsville.

Merle Rosselle Youngntown, Ohio.

Mabel Sayre Buckhannon

Kathryn Seabright, Wheeling.

Elaine Sexton, Buekhannon.

Evelyn Shaf er, Grafton.

Floyd Spiggle, Amboy

Kenneth Stanley, Buckhannon.

Earl Strohmeyer Ward.

Helen Ward, Beckley.

Margaret Helen Watson, Buckhannon

John Waugh, Buckhannon.

Edna Grace Westf all Jan^ Lew.

Charles Sterling White Buckhannon.

Herbert White, Buckhannon.

Willie Ann Wilson, Buckhannon.

Milton Wyatt, Dry Fork.


Catherine Anderson Hinton.

Lyda Arnett, Jr. Reedy.

Lewis E. Baldwin Morgantown.

Olga Balli Pickens.

Ernest Baxa Buckhannon.

Jessie Browne Beard Bartow.

Ernest Bentf ield, Wheeling.

Boris Bilas, New Britain, Conn.

Sara Elizabeth Blake Wheeling.

Alice Blakeslee Buckhannon.

Richard Bond, Rock Cave.

Martha Bracken Clarksburg.

LeEllen Brown Buckhannon.

Vivian Bruce Eatons.

James Bryant Buckhannon.

Garrett Evans, Moundsville.

Mildred Cupp Albert.

Margaret Colerider French Creek.

Fred Cucculelli Rayland, Ohio.

Margaret Eleanor Champ, Adrian.

Eleanor Cookman Buckhannon.

Whinzor Deeble Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

James Dean, Buckhannon.


Lyndal! Debar West Milford.

Sidney T. Davis, McKeesport, Pa.

John Fitzwater Buckhannon.

Mabel DeGarmo, Jane Lew

Freeman DeBarr Buckhannon.

Harry Caldabaugh Wheeling.

Chester Casto Leon.

Edith Eloise EcKess, Lorentz.

Woodrow Burton, Palestine.

Thelma Opal Case, Cowen

Evelyn Foglesong Mason.

Martha O. Foster, Wheeling.

Thorold Funk, Rowlesburg.

Claude Garrett Clarksburg.

Fay C. Goans Dunbar.

Herald A. Grantistaff , Wheeling.

Bernard Green Helen.

Kyle Groves Canvas.

victor Halbritter Philippi.

Mary Glen Hicks Buckhannon.

Lewis Hinkle Mt.. Claire.

Hazel Hinzman, , Buckhannon.

George Hoylman, Barnabus.

Dick Hudson, Charleston.

Lewis Jones Oakland, Md.

Pauline Laughlin, Parkersburg.

James Law Clarksburg.

Vesta Long Buckhannon.

William Long Clarksburg.

Carl Martin, Buckhannon.

Melvin Mathes Charleston.

Orval McCauley Buckhannon.

Gerald McGrew, Ripley.

Boyce Moody Neal Memphis, Term.

Glen Nicholas Weston.

Loren W. O'Dell, Charleston.

Adaline Leete Paisley Gassaway.

Paul Poundstone, Jr Buckhannon.

Leslie D. Price, Charleston.

Mary Mildred Reed Buckhannon.

Roy W. Reger Charleston.

Lewis Reitz, Buckhannon.


Clay Robinson Grafton.

Rhoda Rudolph New Brighton, Pa.

Mary Edyth Ehacklef ord New Martinsville.

Ruth Constance Shaffer Buckhannon.

Holly Shamblin, Buckhannon.

Elaine Sill, Parkersburg.

Margaret Jane Simons Buckhannon.

Beatrice Skidmore, Webster Springs.

Russell Samuel Smallridge French Creek.

Louanna Beile Snedeker Wheeling.

Charles Otis Snider Richwood.

Evelyn Stemple Adrian.

Thomas Lothe Stockert, Buckhannon.

Maxine Talbott, Buckhannon.

Vivian Taibott, Adrian.

Milford Townsen Hall.

Sara Trimpey Luxor, Pa.

Edmond Tucker, Nutter Port.

Dorothy Rebecca VonBerg, Wheeling.

Robert Warfield Clarksburg.

Laura Jean Watson Buckhannon.

Jean E. Wilson, Wheeling.

Mary Warner Weston.


William Adams Parkersburg.

Eloise Alkire Buckhannon.

Ruth Andrews, Buckhannon.

John Arnold Buckhannon.

Roy Bachtel, Akron, Ohio.

Geraldine BargerhufI Weston.

Leonard Barnum Parkersburg.

Clyde Edward Barker, Parkersburg.

Neda Bine Wheeling.

Robert George Birrell, Kinsman, Ohio.

Lewis Paul Bowling Beckley.

Edward Arnold Brannon, Jr Weston.

Anna Bright, Grafton.

Howard Burkett, Beckley

William Bupp Pittsburgh, Pa.

Elouise Patrica Canfield Buckhannon.

Dwight Eugene Casto Beckley.


Esther Chrisman, Buckhannon.

Marvin Clark, Ellamore.

Mary Virginia Clifford Clarksburg.

John Cofer, Bergoo.

Ruth Cook, McMechen.

Joe Loyd Davis Middlebourne.

John Russell Davis, Weston.

Walter Edwin Dawson Oakland, Md.

Donna Dorsey, Richwood.

Ted Dunlap, South Charleston.

Gwen Pinlayson, Shinnston.

Cecil Blaine Fisher Wheeling.

Willard Plickinger, Akron, Ohio.

Georgia Prazier, Durbin.

George K. Gay Buckhannon.

Abram Lawson Gaston Buckhannon.

David Goodwin Buckhannon.

Olin Goodwin, Buckhannon.

Charles Gum, Weston.

Boggs Hall, Sutton.

William Halterman Weston.

Brooks Hammer, Weston.

Louise Herold, Cowen.

Gerald Hinkle Ivanhoe

Virginia Holloway Wcstf ield, N. J.

Rosamond Hooker, Buckhannon.

Geraldine Ice, . . Mannington.

J. Edwin Keppell Wheeling.

Mary Knaggs Albert.

John LeBay Wheeling.

Helen Iiouise Law Jane Lew.

RusseJi Lemon, Jane Lew

Clementine Lorentz, Buckhannon.

James P. Lough, McWhorter.

An'lmny Madia, Shinnston.

Margaret Martin Albright.

James L. Matheny West Milf ord.

Pearl Matheny, Pinch.

Edward McChesney Crabtree, P.a

Leah McCuskey, Buckhannon.

Elaine MeGinnis, Fairmont.

Geraldme Meek Greensburg, Pa.


Vernon Merrell, Parkersburg.

Clair Miller, Bridgeport, Ohio.

Pauline Mitchell Buckhannon.

Carlton, Montgomery, Ellamore.

Walter Lewis Morgan, Charleston.

John Pi-ul Murray Buckhannon.

VernMi Myers, ^. Parkersburg.

Ros it'a Neely, Buckhannon.

William Nietman i Sea Cliff, N. Y.

Dorothy Helen Nicf.ols, Webster Springs.

Mary Francis Oldaker, Buckhannon.

Ida Margaret OIdh am Nitro.

Darris Mason Osburn Ellamore.

Frederick Pepper, Clarksburg.

Martha Peterson, Buckhannon.

Nelson Peterson, Weston.

Herbert Price Buckhannon.

Wiida Lois Raicuel Harrisville.

Howard Reppert, Buckhannon.

Charles Eyron Richards Junior.

Edna Risinger Moundsville

James Adam Rusmisell, Buckhannon.

William Schwartz Ocean Grove, N. J.

Ralph Scott, C^rksbu- g.

Mary Irene Shafer Cass.

George Shahan Kingston, N. Y.

Doris Simons, Roanoke.

DaCosta Smith, Jr., Weston.

Winifred Spring Great Cacapon.

Alice Isabelle Standiford, Wheeling.

Russell Standiford Wheeling.

William Steinbeck, Weston.

William Stephens Moundsville.

Eugene Clifford Stewart Buckhannon.

Vivian Elizabeth Stewart, Cameron.

Chester Steyer Steyer, Md.

Isacc Elery Steyer, Buckhannon.

Edward M. Sullivan Buckhannon

Thomas Sunderland, Owings, MC.

Willie Herald Swango Omar.

Kermit Taylor Buckhannon

Paul K. Taylor Buckhannon.


Wilda Mae Teter, Buckhannon.

Ona Dot Thomas French Creek.

James Thornhill Buckhannon.

John Ackles Vandervoort Buckhannon.

Juanita Vineyard Reedy.

James Walker, Charleston.

Orval Bernard Warner, Buckhannon.

Harry Watson, Jane Lew.

William Warner Buckhannon.

John Brunson Williams, Buckhannon.

William Karl Wilson, Wheeling.

Donovan M. Wingrove, French Creeic.

Charles Wolfe, West Union.

Thomas Wolfe Buckhannon.

Robert Lee Yoho, Mannington.


Morgan M. Brooks, Buckhannon.

Freal Crites, Buckhannon.

Clyde Ervin, Buckhannon.

Ethel McOlvin Buckhannon.

Guy Mick Buckhannon.

Verl Kent Reger, Buckhannon.

Jacob Seitz, Jane Lew.

Leta Snodgrass, Buckhannon.

Elizabeth Williams, Buckhannon.

Paul Wonnberger Buckhannon.


Audra Beach, Weston.

Ruth Blake Weston.

Theodoric E. Bland Weston.

Clenn L. Brown, Weston.

Alvin Clyde Clark, Weston.

Colvert Rudolph Urislip Weston.

Mary A nn Curtis, Weston.

Frances Harrison Davisson Weston.

Anna Mary Griffin Weston.

Madeline Jordan Weston.

March Linger Roanoku.

Orvil E. Maley Weston.

Herbert Peterson Weston.


Hattie Simmons, Weston.

Lottie Jeanne Proudfoot Westoa.

Elizabeth A. Smith, Weston.

William Dcuglas Steinback, Weston.

Phyllis G. West, Roanoke.


Olga Balii, Pickens.

Carl Beer Ten Mile.

Carl Edward Brady Abbott.

Lillie Clark Erake Buckhannon

Mary Parmer Burton, Weston.

Margaret Lucille Chrisman Buckhannon

Roy M. Cleav^nger, Lcrentz.

Lemuel Cookman Buckhannon.

Scott Cutlip, Buckhannon.

Phyllis Irene Dean Buckhannon.

Ira Duncan, Buckhannon.

Ovid Duncan, Buckhannoi,.

Agnes Eskew, Buckhannon.

Amelia Flanagan, Buckhannon.

Nora Gillooly Weston.

Lillian Grim, Hemlock.

Basil Grove Sand Run

Walton Bright Gum, Volga.

Mary Lee Hallam Buckhanncn

Jean Hagar, Adrian.

Iva Holden Harrison Weston.

Ida Virginia Hyre Buckhannon.

Hollis Haymond, Gaines.

Mary Alice Judson Buckhannon.

Margaret Keely Freemansbur^.

Evelyn Lazenby Buckhannon.

George Lazenby Clarksburg

Robert H. Linger, Horner.

Roscoe Manley Buckhannon.

V/oodrow Wilson Marsh Roanokr

Virginia Marteney Buckhannon.

Samuel Roy McCuskey Buckhannon

Mrs. Roy McCuskey Buckhannon.

Phoebe Mitchell, Weston.

Harry Murphy, Buckhanncn.


Lena Norris, Valley Chapel.

Lester Moss, Sand Run.

Martha Hollis Page French Creek.

Howard Gaston Peterson Weston.

Burla Phillips, French Creek.

Lambert Troy Powers Buckhannon

Pearl Pritt Arlington.

Edith Radabaugh Hall.

Anna Reed, Buckhannon.

Alice Mary Shearer, Alum Bridg-3.

Harry Shipman Buckha'-nan.

Thelma Jennings Shouldis, We.sston.

Eleanor Smith, Weston.

Elizabeth Anne Smith, Weston.

Hazel Standiford Buckhannon

Martha Ellen Stemple, Adrian

M. Wood Stout, Buckhannon.

Genevieve Swisher, Buckhannon.

Elizabeth Talbott Buckhannon.

Lester Brown Trussler, Buckhannon.

Thomas Watkins Lorentz.

Brace Westfall Buckhannon.

Willerma White, Buckhannon.

Dencie Wilfong, Buckhannon.

Fountie Williams Lost Creek.

Zella Williams Brist ¬ї1.

Cecil Herbert Zickefoose Queens


Farland Dixwell Arnold, Buckhannon.

Lela'nd Standiford Arnold Buckhannon.

Hayward Russell Baker, Clarksburg.

Lewis Edward Baldwin, Kitzmiller, Md.

Ira Ball, < Accoville.

Martha May Balli Pickens.

Olga Esther Balli, Pickens.

Geneva Virginia Barbe Jane Lew.

Clifford Earl Baxa, Buckhannon.

Lola Elma Baxa Buckhannon.

James Hobert Beeghley, Jane Lew.

Carl Reginald Beer, Ten Mile.


Ira Jewell Beeson Troy.

Odessa Chenoweth Bennett, Glenville.

virjlnia Prances Bennett Buckhannon.

Thomas Albert Blondin, Williamstown.

Tressa Bodkin Lantz.

Richard DeShal Bond Rock Cave.

LaMar Dcwntain Bond Rock Cave.

Freda Belle Boylen Philippi.

Carl Edward Brady, Abbott.

Grace Lillie Brady Adrian.

Morgan M. Brooks Buckhannon.

Hannah Vivian Bruce, Eatons.

Raymond Clyde Campbell Buckhannon.

Irene Lucille Campbell, Weston.

Eleanor Champ Buckhannon.

Doris Harriett Chenoweth, ". Glenvillee.

Margaret Lucille Chrisman Buckhannon.

Alvin Clyde Clark Weston.

Robert Watson Clayton, Grafton.

Bernice Anita Cline Pennsboro.

Charles Edward Coleman, Buckhannon.

Patty Louise Coleman Buckhannon.

Margaret Ruth Colerider French Creek.

Dorothy Lee Cookman Buckhannon.

Lemuel Cookman, Buckhannon.

Catherine Carolyn Cox Weston.

Phyllis Loretta Cozart, Smithfield.

Cora June Cozart Smithfield.

Goldie Blossom Crews, Stotesbury.

Ona Cunningham Smithville.

Ethel Custer Grafton.

Anita Elizabeth Cutright Buckhannon.

John Mc Avoy Curry, .' Kanawha Head.

Phyllis Irene Dean, Buckhannon.

Freeman Doyle DeBarr Buckhannon.

French DeBarr Ten Mile.

James Whinzor Dceble Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Lincoln Gregory DeLong, Glouster, Ohio.

Mabel Lee Dick, Grafton.

Lucille Buchanan Doughty Weston.

Bertha Elizabeth Elliott, Greenbank.

Edith Eloise Eckess, Lorentz.


Clyde Delford Ervin, Buckhannon.

Bonnie Farnsworth Buckhannon.

Ronald Farnsworth Weston.

Merritt Harper Feather Mill Creek.

John Timpothy Fitzwater Buckhannon.

Evelyn Roberts Foglesong Mason.

Robert Wentz Fordyce, Buckhainnon.

Willa Lea Forinash Webster Springs.

Martha Olga Foster Wheeling.

Rosanna Jean Fuccy Weston.

Marjorie Dove Gibbs, Terra Alta.

Nora Gillooly Weston.

Evelyn Golden, Buckhannon.

David Livingstone Goodwin, Buckhannon.

Olin Mansell Goodwin Buckhannon.

Myrtle Gould Buckhannon.

Ina Lee Grimm Buckhannon.

Maiy Irene Grose, Craigsville.

Thomas Edward Grove, Roanoke.

Helen Hunt Hall, Buckhannon.

Irene Hall Weston.

Joseph Patrick Hall Buckhannon.

Mayme Weekly Hall Ward.

Clyde Gordon Hamrick Webster Springs.

Lessie Mae Hamrick Bergoo.

Ruby Tabitha Hamrick, Bergoo.

Evelyn Roberta Hanifan Buckhannon.

Margaret Harris, West Milford.

Dorothy Carolyn Hart, Whitesville.

Robert Lee Hart Whitesville.

Wilson Ward Harvey Oakland, Md.

Maxine Lorraine Hess Lumberpon..

F. Clive Hinkle, Buckhannon.

Robert Fletcher Holbert, Orlando.

Elsie Howard Cowen.

Pearl Frances Huffman, Imperial.

Harry Matthew Hymes Buckhannon.

Clyde Idleman Gaines.

Mary Elizabeth Jackson Buckhannon.

Virginia Pauline Jobes, Pennsboro.

Jessie Mae Kautz Buckhannon.

Margaret Mary Keely Freemansburg.


Trilby Louise Kimberling Clarksburg.

Orella Wise Leonard, Buckhannon.

Carter Woods Linger, Buckhannon.

Jeannette Marguerite Lynch, Chester.

Creed Henry McCue Horner.

Paul McCuskey, .. Buckhannon.

Edith McOlvin Buckhannon.

Ethel Florence McOlvin, Buckhannon.

Egbert McWhorter Buckhannon.

Stephen Mamick Benwood.

Roscoe Manley, Buckhannon.

Woodrow Maish Roanor.o.

Virginia D. Marteney Buckhannon.

Ruby Mather, Buckhannon.

Sam Mazzi, Nutter Fort.

Paul Mearns, Buckhannon.

Voris Daniel Meeks Weston.

Guy Worth Mick Buckhannon.

John C. Morrison Gaines.

Huff Morrison Buckhannon.

Dorothy Charlotte Nagle Red Dragon.

Margaret Elaine O'Neale West Union.

Edith Okes, Glen Hedrick.

Glenn Sampson Ours, Buckhannon.

Opal Ours, Sago.

Carrol C. Palmer Lost Creek.

Zaner Post Buckhannon.

Lambert Troy Powers Buckhannon.

Carolyn Charlotte Priester Adrian.

Edith Kathryn Pauley Dunbar.

Edith Gertrude Ramsburg Weston.

Grace Osburn Reed Sand Run.

Stanley Reed, Tallmansville.

Columbia Robey Weston.

Hazel Margaret Reppert Buckhannon.

Annis Merie Ross, Buckhannon.

Fay Joan Rudolph, New Brighton, Pa.

Glen Shinabery, Clover Lick.

Willis Everel Shuman Fairview.

Freda Arnette Simons, Horner.

Margaret Jane Simons, Buckhannon.

Ilia Cassio Sinclair, West Milford.


Cosby Lula Smith Buckhannon.

Elizabeth Anne Smith Weston.

Rosie Leanna Smith, Harrisville.

Charles Otis Snider Richwood.

Archie Austin Snyder Preemansburg.

Harry Kenneth Spears Cambridge, Ohio.

Floyd Walter Spiggle Amboy.

Francis Blair St. Clair, Buckhannon.

Evelyn Stemple, Adrian.

Earl Edwin Strohmeyer Ward.

Jesse Osburn Stump, Vicksburg.

Elizabeth Jane O'Dell, Richwood.

Edith Radabaugh HalL

Rolandus Velton Simmons Moyers.

Elizabeth Charlotte Talbott Buckhannon.

Maurice Tenney Buckhannon.

"Beulah Arline Thacker, r>elineton.

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