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services. Pp. 556. N. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co.

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law, ... as contained in the revenue act of 1018. Pp. 126. Washington.

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Revs. Jan., 1920.

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for an elective office constitutionally privileged? II. Jeremiah Smith. Mich.
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server. Rev. of Revs. Feb., 1920.

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. Herbert Clark Hoover. Judson C. WeUiver. Rev. of Revs. Mch.,


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**Legi8.*' Bench and Bar. Dec, 1919.

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Rev. Feb., 1920.

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. A responsible form of government. Nebraska's new civil adminis-
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State Control of Exports. The right of a state to restrain the exportation of
its natural resources. Thomas P. Hardman. W. Va. Law Quar. Nov., 1919.

. Has the legislature power to restrict the sale of the state's natural

products into other states? Fred 0. Blue. Central Law Joiur. Feb. 27, 1920.

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and Banker. Nov.-Dec, 1919.

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Columbia Law Rev. Jan., 1920.

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olaasified tax law in Kentucky. Peyton N, Clarke, Tricks of taxation under
New Jersey inheritanoe tax act. Joeeph P, McCoy. Bull. Nat. Tax Assn.
Feb., 1920.

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tion. E. M. B. Yale Law Jour. Feb., 1920.

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ment. Jewninge C. Wise. Va. Law Rer. Dec, 1919.

Woman Snffnge. The Susan B. Anthony amendment. Effect of its ratifi-
cation on the rights of the states to regulate and control suffrage and elections.
Emmet O'Neal. Va. Law Rev. Feb., 1920.

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— *^ . Parijameni and finanae. /. A. J2. MmrrieU. BiHn. Rev. Jan.,


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Pol. Rev. Jan. 16, 1920.

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Feb., 1920.

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. ^R^unania, The Rumanian muddle. Henry G. AUperg. -Rumania's needs.

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