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Injunction. Government by injunction. Jackson H. Ralston. Cornell Law
Quar. May, 1920.

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Interstate Commerce. Applicability of the interstate commerce act to tele-
graph companies. 1^, M. Williams, Central Law Jour. May 21, 1920.

Interstate Disputes. The settlement of internitate disputes. Robert Gran-
ville Caldwell. Am. Jour. Inter. Law. Jan.-Apr., 1920.

Judicial Administration. Justice and the poor. John Alan Hamilton. Bench
and Bar. Feb., 1920.

. Protecting the poor man in court. Wm. McAdoo. Forum Mch.

. Efficient administration of justice. Nathan WiUiam MacChetney.

111. Law Rev. May, 1920.

. The law's delays and some proposed remedies. W, JIf . Cain, Cen-
tral Law Jour. May 7, 1920.

Judiciary. The spirit of our judges. Everett V. Abbott. Am. Law Rev.
Mch.-Apr., 1920.

. Judicial control over legislatures as to constitutional questions.

Jackson H. Ralston. Am. Law Rev. Mch.-Apr., 1920.

. The courts as authorized legal advisers of the people. Edson R,

Sunderland. Am. Law Rev. Mch.-Apr., 1920.

. Judicial discretion. H. P. Burke. Central Law Jour May 14.

. The Supreme Court vs. the Supreme Court. Editorial. NewRepub.

Apr. 21, 1920.

Labor in Politics. Chicago labor in politics 1877-96. Edward B. Mitielman.
' Jour. Pol. Econ. May, 1920.

Legislative Investigations. Legislative investigations. C. K. Am. Pol. ScL
Rev. May, 1920.

Maine. The electoral system of Maine. George H. Allan, Maine Law Rev.
Mch., 1920.

Marshall. The education of John Marshall. S. E. Morison. Atlan. M.
July, 1920.

Non-Partisan League. The non-partisan league — a survey. Non-partisan
labor. Charles Merz. New Repub. May 12, 26, 1920.

Philippines. A Philippine republic? Charles H. Sherill. Scribner's. Apr.

Police Power. National police power under the postal clause of the consti-
tution. Robert Eugene Cushman. Minn. Law Rev. May, 1920

Political Geography. Political geography and state government. W. F. Dodd.
Am. Pol. Sci. Rev. May, 1920.

Politics in the South. Can the South break the ^^olid South? The political
anomaly of the Democratic South. World's Work. June, 1920.

President-Making. How presidents are made. Alfred E. Keet. Forum.
Apr.-May, 1920.

Presidential Candidates. Hoover and Johnson: West is West, ilfar^ Austin.
Philander C. Knox — dark horse. Oswald Garrison Villard. The truth about
Leonard Wood. Oswald Garrison Villard. Nation. May 15, 22, 29, 1920.

Presidential Inability. Presidential inability. Lindsay Rogers. The Re-
view. May 8, 1920.

Prohibition. Is there an eighteenth amendment? Justin Du Pratt White.
Am. Law Rev. Mch.-Apr., 1920.

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Prohibition. The 18th amendment of the Constitution of the United States.
Lucilius A. Emery, Maine Law Rev. Apr., 1920.

. Is prohibition lawful? Charles K. Burdick. New Repub. Apr. 21.

. Was the prohibition amendment .legally adopted? Frank Warren

HacketL Const. Rev. Apr., 1920.

. ^'Concurrent power" in the eighteenth amendment. 0. K, Cueking,

Calif. Law Rev. May, 1920.

. Is the eighteenth amendment void because of its contents? D. 0.

McGovney, Columbia Law Rev. May, 1920.

, The prohibition paradox. Louis E. Bisch. "Concurrent power" —

a reply. Joseph E, Pottle, No. Am. Rev. May, June, 1920.

Public Opinion. Public opinion in the middle west. C. R, J. New Repub.
May 5, 1920.

Railroftd Problem. Federal power to own and operate railroads in peace time.
J. A, Fowler. Harvard Law Rev. Apr., 1020.

. The transportation act. Forney Johnston, Va. Law Rev. . Apr.

. Railroad valuation as a working tool. /. M, Clark, Jour. Pol.

Econ. Apr., 1920.

. The railroad tangle. Frederic C, Howe, Walker D, Hines, and others.

Nation. May 29, 1920.

. A new day for the railroads. French Strother, World's Work.-

June, 1920.

. Federal control of railroads. Otto 8, Beyer, Jr, Socialist Rev.

June, 1920.

Revenue Bills. Bills for raising revenue under the federal and state constitu-
tions. Noel Sargent, Minn. Law Rev. Apr., 1920.

Senate. Les reserves du s6nat am6ricain. G, Scelle, Rev. Pol. et Pari. Mch.

. Reservations to the peace treaty. C. E, Grunsky, Edward Krehbiel,

David P. Barrows f and others. Trans. Conmionwealth Club of Calif. May, 1920.

. The treaty of peace with Germany in the United States senate.

George A, Finch, Am. Jour. Inter. Law. Jan.-Apr., 1920.

. The United States senate and the people. Hamilton' Holt, New

Europe. May 6, 1920.

. The conflict between president and senate. A, Maurice Low, Nine.

Cent. May, 1920.

. Has the senate the constitutional power to ratify? Charles Kerr,

No. Am. Rev. June, 1920.

Separation of Powers. Legislative, judicial, and executive powers—their dis-
tinction — delegation of powers. A, K, 111. Law Rev. June, 1920.

Socialist Party. Is socialism a political party? William de Wagstaffe.
Forum. Mch., 1920.

. The expulsion of the Socialist assembljrmen at Albany. . H. W. Dodds.

Nat. Mun. Rev. May, 1920.

. The Socialist convention. Harry W, Laidler. Socialist Rev. June.

Soldiers' Bonus. Constitutionality of soldiers' bonus legislation. B. B. M,
Mich. Law Rev. Apr., 1920.

State Constitution. The essentials of a state constitution. Linton Salter-
thwaite. Const. Rev. Apr., 1920.

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Stt£Fnige. When twenty million women go to vote. Mrs. John Glover SouUL
Forum. Apr.-May, 1920.

. History of woman suffrage in Missouri. Mary Semple Scott. Mis-
souri Hist. Rev. Apr .-July, 1920.

. The republicans and the black voter. W. E. Burghardt DuBoU.

Nation. June 5, 1920.

Taxation. The tyranny of the taxing power. Andrew A, Bruce, Mich. Law
Rev. Apr., 1920.

. Some constitutional aspects of the excess profits tax. Arthur A.

Ballaniine, Yale Law Jour. Apr., 1920.

. Studies in inheritance taxation. II. AlUn Sherman. Maine Law

Rev. Apr., 1920.

. Inheritance tax laws as affecting powers of appointment. Delger

Trowbridge. Calif. Law Rev. May, 1920.

. War profits and excess profits taxes. Carl C. Plehn. Am. Econ.

Rev. June, 1920.

. Some frequently neglected factors in the incidence of taxation.

Harry Gunnison Brown. Jour. Pol. Econ. June, 1920.

Voorhees. Daniel Wolsey Voorhees. Henry D. Jordan. Miss. Valley Hist.
Rev. Mch., 1920.

War Finance. La liquidation financidre de la guerre aux £tats-Unis. Edwin
R. A, Seligman. Rev, Sci. et L6gis. Fin. Jan.-Feb.-Mch., 1920.

. The national debt and correct principles of post-war taxation. W.

F. Gephari. Econ. World. May 1, 1920.


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Henri Capitant. Rev. Pol. et Pari. Feb., 1920.

. La reintegration de TAlsace-Lorraine dans Punit6 franpaise. Com-
ment elle a 6i6 faite pour le droit criminel. J. -A. Roux, Rev. Pol- et Pari.
Feb., 1920.

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May 6, 1920.

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Belgium. Revolution or evolution in Belgium? Henry De Man. No. Am.
Rev. May, 1920.

British Empire. The federal evolution of the British Empire. A. W. G.
Randall. Rev. Pol. Inter. Oct.-Dec, 1919.

. Constitutional rigidity in relation to empire federation. R. A,

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Oct.-Dec, 1919. j.

. Canada's parliamentary problems for 1920. <S»ir Patrick Thomas

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>—. La liquidation financidre de la guerre en Angleterre. Rev. Sci. et

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Foreign Legislation. Summary of foreign legislation. Am. Bar Assoc. Jour.
Apr., 1920.

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Fiance. L'accession des indigenes d'Alg^rie k la quality de citoyen fran^ais.
L. Audinet. Jour. Droit Inter. Sept.-Oct.-Nov., 1919.

. Nationality de la femme fran^aise qui Spouse un 6tranger. Marcel

Sauteraud. Rev. Pol. et Pari. Nov., 1919.

. La r6forme administrative au point de vue 6conomique. Gaston

Monsarrat. Rev. G6n. d' Admin. Sept.-Oct., 1919.

. Les pensions civiles et les caiases de retraites d^partementales.

Louis Boucher on. Rev. G6n. d 'Admin. Sept.-Oct., Nov,-Dec., 1919.

. Des marches de Tintendance particulidrement depuis les debuts de

la pr6sente guerre. E.-H, Perreau. Rev. G6n. du Droit, de la Leg. et de la
Juris. Nov.-Dec, 1919.

. La preparation des lois. A. Pereira. Rev. G6n. du Droit, de la

Leg. et de la Juris. Nov.-Dec, 1919.

. La participation des organisations profess ionnelles k Texercice du

pouvoir 16gislatif. P. Grunehaum Ballin, Rev. Pol. et Pari. Jan., 1920.

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Jan., 1920.

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Apr. 1, 1920.

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Nation. May 1, 8, 1920.

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Rev. Mch., 1920.

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Mch., 1920.

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Apr., 1920.

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Rev. Apr., 1920.

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Age. May 16, 1920.

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Rev. Mch., 1920.

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Mch., 1920.

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Rev. Apr., 1920.

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Rev. Apr., 1920.

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Rev. Mch., 1920.

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George A, B, Dewar, Nine. Cent. May, 1920.

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Cent. Mch., 1920.

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Rev. Apr., 1920.

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. The problem of the liquor trade. Anthony W, Dell, Fort. Rev.

May, 1920.

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Sidney Law. Rev. Pol. Inter. Jan.-Mch., 1920.

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. A sane Labour programme. J. A, Seddon, Nine. Cent. Apr., 1920.

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Fort. Rev. Apr., 1920.

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Apr., 1920.

— . Our party strifes: a plea for unity. Harold Spender. Con temp. Rev.

May, 1920.

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mique en Angieterre. A. Delemer. Rev. Pol. et Pari. Dec, 1919, Jan., 1920.

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Revue. Apr. 1, 1920.

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van der Mandere-Den Haag. Deutsche Rundschau. Jan., 1920.

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Reni Gonnard. Rev. Pol. et Pari. Feb., Mch., 1920.

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Modem Rev. (Calcutta). Mch., 1920.

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cutta). Mch., 1920.

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of India. Priyanaih Chatter jee. Modem Rev. (Calcutta). Apr., 1920.

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dra Purkayastha. Modem Rev. (Calcutta). Apr., 1920.

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wood's. Mch., 1920.

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Apr.-June, 1920.

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Rev. Apr., 1920.

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Marriott. Fort. Rev. Apr., 1920.

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Cent. Apr., 1920.

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Apr., 1920.

. The Irish crisis. Nation. Apr. 10, 1920.

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Age. May 22, 1920.

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tion.) Liv. Age. June 5, 1920.

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schau. Mch., 1920.

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VI. The constitution and recent tendencies. David S. Spencer, Jour. Inter.
Rel. Apr., 1920.

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Jugoslavia. The political situation in Yugo-Slavia. Pol. Rev. Mch. 5, 12,
Apr. 2, 1920.

Land Reform. The new land law in Greece. Land reform in Sicily. A So-
cialist [German] protest against land reform. Swedish agriculture and the strike.
Land distribution in Esthonia. Nation. May 15, 1920.

Legislation. Review of legislation, 1918. Jour. Comp. Legis. and Inter. Law.
June, 1920.

Mexico. Mexico. — Politica experimental. Rev. Mex. Derecho Inter. Mch.

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