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The history of Jefferson County, Iowa, containing a history of the county, its cities, towns, &c., a biographical directory of citizens, war records of its volunteers in the late rebellion, general and local statistics, portraits of early settlers and prominent men, history of the Northwest, his online

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Online LibraryWestern Historical CoThe history of Jefferson County, Iowa, containing a history of the county, its cities, towns, &c., a biographical directory of citizens, war records of its volunteers in the late rebellion, general and local statistics, portraits of early settlers and prominent men, history of the Northwest, his → online text (page 64 of 75)
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1872 ; born Nov. 28, 1835 ; moved to
Jefierson Co. in 1851 ; engaged in farm-
ing. Nov. 25, 1861, enlisted in the
4th Iowa Cavalry ; was engaged in
quite a number of battles ; at the bat>
tie of Selma, Ala., was wounded in the
arm, and had it amputated ; from the
effects of his wounds, was left behind ;
finally recovered ; went to Davenport,
and was mustered out in 1865. In the
fall of that year, was elected Sheriff of
Jefferson Co.; served six years. Mar-
ried Dec. 1, 1859, Miss Louisa Smith,
who was born Jan. 2*, 1841 ; had sir
children — Byron N., Minnie E., Ernest
C, Gracie L. and an infant; one de-

Gantz, John T., farmer. Sec. 10.

George, C. F., jeweler.

Gibson, J. J., undertaker.

Gift, Charles, farmer and teacher, Sec. 14.

Gift, George, laborer.

(xilbert, William, laborer.

Gilchrist, A., carpenter.

photographer, Fairfield ; born Feb. 26,
1848, in Johnson Co., Ind. ; moved
with his parents to Fairfield in 1854;
in 1866, commenced business for him-
self. Married Oct. 29, 1874, Laura
Carter ; they have one child — Gara M.

Gilchrist, G. W., carpenter.

Gilmer, K. T., retired.

Gobble, J. M., wholesale merchant.

Goehner, Jacob, laborer.

Goff, William E., farmer. Sec. 34.

Gordon, H. M., far., S. 35.

Gover, D. J., far., 8. 10.

GOW, PETER, far., S. 5; owns
eighty acres of land, valued at $40 per
acre ; native of Scotland ; came to Jef-

ferson Co. in 1846. Married in 1838,
Miss J. Parker; has eight children —
Francis, James, Christina, Janette,
Sarah Jane, Mary M., Isabella and
Anna. Mr. Gow was one of the first
School Diretors in his present district,
and helped to build the first school-
house ; held other offices of trust. Ee-
publican. P. 0. Brookville.

Graham, Harvey, clerk.

Graham, James, retired.

GREENE, FRANK, of the firm of
Greene Bros., proprietors and publishers
of the Fairfield Tribune, and agent C,
R. L & P. R. R. ; born March 28,
1847, in Guelph, Canada ; moved to
Chicago in 1867 ; in May, 1870, went
to Iowa City as agent for the C, R. I.
& P. R. R., and telegraph operator; in
1871, was transferred to Trenton, Mo.,
in the same capacity, and, in November
of that year, was appointed trainmaster
and train-dispatcher of the Southwestern
Division ; in 1876, resigned and ac-
cepted the place he now holds at Fair-
field. Married May 18, 1875, Emma
C. Maxwell ; has one child — Florence H.

Greenwood, M. V. B., far., S. 6.

Griffin, Dennis, laborer.

Grimes, J. A., carpenter.

ty Superintendent of Public Schools ;
born Dec. 1, 1841, in Marion, Jefferson
Co., Ind. ; moved with his parents to
Madison Co., Iowa, in 1850; entered
Troy Academy in 1856, where he at-
tended school until 1861. Enlisted in
Co. A, 3d Iowa Oav., July 29, 186; ;
was engaged in all the battles of his
regiment ; mustered out in October,
1864. Since the close of the war has
been engaged in teaching until 1877,
when he was elected to his present of-
fice. Married Oct. 7, 1865, Maria L.

Gudgell, B. F., carpenter.

HAINES, JOHN. Pastor of M. E.
Hagerty, John, contractor.
Halferty, William, farmer.
Hammond, Philip, far.. Sec. 14.
HANSON, HENRY, lumber dealer,

near C, B. & Q. depot, Fairfield ; born

March 28, 1832, in Lewis Co., N. Y.;

moved to Fairfield in February, 1868.

Married April 4, 1863, Mary A. Wy-



man ; they have two children living —
Mabel T. and Earnest W.

Harmpn, Page, teamster.

Harper, John, stock dealer.

Harper, Robert, farmer.

Harris, T. T., shoemaker.

Heck, Greorge S., tinsmith.

Heckathier, John, farmer.

Hedge, William, far.. Sec. 12.

Henderson, T. T., clerk.

Herrick, Edward, far.. Sec. 11.

born April 13, 1833, in Morgan Co., Ind.;
emigrated to Hamilton Co., Ind., in
1835 ; lived there till 1854 ; came to
Iowa and settled in Richland, Keokuk
Co. Married Jane Tansey Aug. 19,
1855 ; born April 8, 1836, in Morgan
Co., Ind.; came to Iowa in 1853, and
settled in Richland, Keokuk Co. ; moved
to Fairfield in October, 1871. Carpenter
by trade ; elected Street Commissioner in
March, 1875, and holds that oiEce to this
date. Have four children— Oscar H ., born
Jan. 12, 1857, at Richland ; Lorinda F.,
bom'July 31, 1860 ; C. A., born July 27,
1863 ; Emma E., born March 8, 1865.

Hewitt, B. S., far., Sec. 2.

Hickenbottom, J., retired.

HIGrliEY, D. €r., drugs and station-
ery, No. 514, east side of square. Pair-
field, where he keeps a select assortment
constantly on hand ; Mr. Higley was
born in Ogle Co., 111., July 7, 1842;
moved to Fairfield in April, 1866.
Married Fannie H. Ambler Sept. 29,
. 1868 ; has one child — Nellie A.

Higley, T. P., druggist.
Hinkle, D., far.. Sec. 30.

HINKIiE, JAMES M., teacher,
Fairfield; born in Jackson Co., Ind., in
1853 ; came to Jefferson Co. in 1855.
Mr. Hinkle was educated in Fairfield,
under the Rev. Mr. Axline ; began
teaching at the age of 15 in Des Moines
Tp.; has taught eleven terms, and is one
of the most active workers in the cause
of education in the county ; he is mak-
ing the law his aim ; has been reading
law for the past year ; at different
places through the the county Mr. H. is
to deliver educational lectures this win-
Hirshberger, L., tinsmith.
Hoffman, Isaac, carpenter.

Hoffman, P., carpenter and builder.

Hoffman, Thomas, carpenter.

Holton, N. N., carpenter.

UORX, J. B., farmer. Sec. 18; owns
226 acres, valued at 835 per acre ; born
in Washington Co., Penn., in 1824.
Married in 1848 Miss Phoebe Watson ;
has five children living — George R., 27
years old ; M. L., 23 years old ; J. M.,
8 years old ; Lydia, 18 years old; Emma,
14 years old; three died — Amos W.,
born in 1848; Ralph, born in 1852;
Ellen, born in 1857. Mr. Horn has
held various offices of trust in the
county ; was one of the Examining
Committee at the organization of the
Parsons College; was appointed En-
rolling Clerk during the war; has held
other township offices. Is somewhat
engaged in stock dealing. Republican.

Howard, L., mason.

Howell, G., harness-maker.

Hewlett, T. R., clothing merchant.

Huff, John, retired.

HUFFOBD, R. H., M. D., of the
firm of Hufford & Bradshaw, druggist,
Fairfield ; born in Washington Co., Penn. ;
has been engaged in the practice of
medicine for twenty-five years. Married
Mary J. Henn ; they have two children
— Edward H. and Mary E.

Hufstedler, W., merchant.

HUOHES, JAMES M., Sheriff of
Jefferson Co., Fairfield ; bom July 8,
1841, in Brooke Co., Va. ; moved to Fair-
field in October, 1855. Enlisted May 16,
1861, in Co. E, 2d I. V. I. ; participated
in the principal battles in which his regi-
ment was engaged; mustered out at the
close of the war, in 1865. Was elected
Sheriff of his county in the fall of

1865, and has served continuously to
the present time. Married March 25,

1866, to F. A. Mills ; have three chil-
dren — Charles R., James H. and Mary.

Hugel, David, far., Sec. 2.

Hughes, Thos., retired.

Hunt, Edmund, shoe merchant.

HtJNTZINGEB, F. B., proprietor
of the Grove City Mills, Fairfield ; born
Feb. 17, 1820, in Pennsylvania; came
to Fairfield in January, 1856, and has
since been engaged in the milling busi-
ness. Married Sarah Rudy in the
spring of 1842 ; she was from Schuylkill




Haven, Penn ; have eight children —
Phebe E., Caroline, Valeria, Bella, Lib-
bie C, Robert R., John P. and Mag-
gie M.
"NGALLS, JAMBS, retired.

.IXOHRAM, _ D. W., books and
stationery, Fairfield ; born in Des
Moines Co., Iowa, July 24, 1850 ; left
home at 14 years of age to support him-
self; secured a place in the C, B. & Q.
R. R. offices at Burlington ; remained
till 18Y1, when he began running on the
road ; in 1874, met with an accident by
which he lost his left arm ; on his re-
covery, he located in Fairfield, bought out
the stock of R. M. Rigdon, and now has
the only mclusive book store in the
city, which is located, on the south side
of square in the McElhinney Block.
He married Helen M., daughter of H.
B. Mitchell, Esq., May 22, 1878.

Inghram, U., far., Sec. 1.

"TACOBSON, ANDREW, far.. Sec. 16.

Jacobson, P. J., far.. Sec. 16.

James, T. L., dentist.

,JA<|UES, A._W., Fairfield, elected
Clerk of the District and Circuit Courts in
October, 1878 ; born May 16, 1846, in
Washington Co., Va. ; moved to JeflFer-
•son Co., Iowa, in November, 1848;
learned the trade of mason and plasterer.
In May, 1864, enlisted in Co. I, 45th
Iowa V. I. ; in October, of same year,
was mustered out. Bead law and was
admitted to the bar in September, 1877.
Married Elizabeth C. Johnson in April,
1867; have four children — Edgar A.,
Cornelia E., James W. and Charles C.

Jeffers, James, carpenter.

John, J. W., laborer.

Johnson, John, liveryman.

Johnson, Nathan, merchant.

JONES, C. A., druggist, Fairfield
born Jan. 24, 1836, in Johnson Co., Ind,
moved to Jefferson Co., Iowa, in 1845
commenced business in Fairfield, in
1868. Married in November, 1859,
E. B. Young; have five children —
Albert C, William J., Mary E., Charlie
and Grace.

Jones, Frank, grocer.

JONES, ISAAC D., of the law
firm of Culbertson & Jones, Fairfield ;

born in Johnson Co., Ind., April 9,
1832 ; moved to Jefferson Co., with his
parents, March 30, 1845; in 1851, be-
gan business on his own account ; was
employed in county offices in Fairfield
for three years ; taught in the pjiblic
schools of Iowa ; in 1855, moved to
Missouri; in 1858, returned to Pair-
field, and, in 1860, opened a law office ;
has continued the practice since. Dur-
ing part of Andrew Johnson's administra-
tion, he was Postmaster ; elected Mayor
in 1874. Married Dec. 11, 1856,
Rachel E. Young ; has five children
living — ^Annie M,, Kate M., Elizabeth
R., Effie M. and Frank.

Jones, T. E., carpenter.

Jones, William H., druggist.

Jones, William C., clerk.

Jordan, Albert R., grain merchant.

JORDAN, A. S-, dealer in general
merchandise and provisions, west side
of .square, Fairfield; born Feb. 22,
1832, in Portland, Me. ; settled in
Fairfield in 1853. Enlisted in the U. S.
Service, Aug. 1, 1862 ; was commis-
sioned Captain of Co. B, 19th Iowa V.
I.; participated in all the battles and
sieges in which his regimnnt was en-
gaged, and was mustered out at the
close of the war. Married Oct. 1,
1868, Ada M. Jordan; his children
are two — Nellie and Arthur G.

C APT., retired, Fairfield ; born at Fal-
mouth, District of Maine, now Cumber-
land Co., State of Maine, March 25, 1794;
in 1809, went to sea, a boy before the
mast; in 1815, was promoted to first
officer of the ship; in 1818, took
charge of the ship James Monroe ; was
engaged in the West India, European
and South American merchant trade ;
he figured conspicuously in the war of
1812 with the land forces and priva-
teers ; was taken prisoner twice during
those troubles ; followed the sea until
1836, then retired ; arrived in Fairfield
in 1851 ; now divides his time — his
winters here and summers at Cape
Elizabeth, Me. Married June 12,1820,
Eliza Dyer; they have four children
living — Emily D., Clement, Arthur S.,
A. R. Capt. Jordan's wife died in No-
vember, 1865.

Judson, A. A., patent-right man.




Junkin, C. M., local editor of the Fair-
field Ledger.

JUNKIN, W. W., editor and senior
proprietor of the Ledger, Fairfield ; born
Jan. 26, 1831, at Wheeling, Va. ; in
the spring of 1843, moved to Lee Co.,
Iowa ; in 1844, to Louisa Co. ; in 1845,
to Jefferson Co. ; in 1847, to Fairfield,
and commenced his apprenticeship as
printer with A. R. Sparks ; in the sum-
mer of 1848, assisted in printing the
first paper published in the city of Des
Moines, called the Morning Star; on
the 20th of May, 1853, bought a half
interest in the paper which he now owns
in conneution with his son. Married
Sept. 15, 1854, Elizabeth Patrick ; have
eight children — Charles M., May, Ger-
trude and Virginia (twins). Amy, Will-
iam D., P. Sheridan and Robert T.

TT^ENNEDY, J., farmer.

Kennedy, P., far.. Sec. 9.

Kennedy, P., Jr., laborer.

Kerr, J , porter.

Kilfoy, T., laborer.

King, A., grocer.

King, D., far.. Sees. 16 and 29.

King, J. E., physician.

KINSIiOE, H. E., soda-water man-
ufacturer. First East and Third South
streets, Fairfield; born July 2,1853, in
Juniata Co., Penn. ; moved to Fairfield
in 1877. Married March 15, 1873, Katie
Spangenberg ; they have one child —
Alice B.

KNIGHT, R. H., attorney at law,
Fairfield ; office northwest corner of the
square, second story.

Koffman, George, far., S. 14.

Kreiner, Michael, lab.

Kurtz, M. R., grocer.

LAMSON, VICTOR, agricultural

Lamson, Ward, speculator.

Lang, G. P., baker.

Lee, Milton, lab.

Lee, P. S., lab.

Leeds, J. C, baker.

Leggett, Charles D., attorney.

liEGGETT, R. H., owner and pro-
prietor of the Leggett House, Fairfield ;
born March 25, 1811, in Washington
Co., Penn., and, in 1818, moved with
his parents to Carroll Co., Ohio ; was
engaged for a few years in merchandis-

ing ; then commenced the business of
hotel-keeping at Carlton, Ohio ; contin-
ued for eighteen years; in the fall of
1855, moved to Fairfield and opened
the house he now occupies, on the Ist
day of January, 1856; has one of the
best conducted hotels in Iowa and is
well patronized ; his business so in-
creased that, in 1874, he built a large
addition to his house ; his dining-room
and office are convenient and he has
quite a number of sample-rooms for the
accommodation of traveling-salesmen ;
his sleeping-rooms are nicely furnished,
and he spares no pains to make every-
one feel perfectly at home in his house.
Married April 25, 1833, Beersheba D.
Viers, of Jefferson Co., Ohio ; have five
children living — Samantha L., James
M., Pamelia, Charles D. and Frank E.

Lews, Charles, lab.

Lewis, W. C, merchant.

Leonard, James, lab.

Lewelling, H. C., carpenter.

Light, Solomon, nursery.

Linning, C. C, mail-carrier.

Xippitt, H., teamster.

Lock, David, manufacturer.

Lock, Gilbert, painter.

farmer. Sec. 22 ; owns eighty acres of
land, valued at ^60 per acre. Married
Wm. Long in 1850 ; she was born in
Franklin Co., Penn., iij 1825; came to
Jefferson Co. in 1842; ha.s six children
— Alice, 26 years old ; Laura, 23 years
old; George S., 20 years old; Wm. L.,
18 years old; Clifton S., 15 years old;
and Blanche, 11 years old. Mr. Long
was County Clerk for six terms, holding
various other offices of trust ; was, for ten or
twelve years before his death, general
agent for King's Iron Bridge and Manu-
facturing Co., of Cleveland; was Mayor
of Fairfield for two years.

Loomis, A., clerk.

Loomis, G. P., retired.

Loring, T. H., laborer.

Louden, Andrew, Jr., carpenter.

Loudon, William, manufacturer.

Loughrey, J. S., far.. Sec. 5.

Lowell, James, physician.

LYNCH, W. S., Second East St. and
Second South, Fairfield ; born in Carroll
Co., Ky., Jan. 14, 1814; moved to
Indiana with his parents, early settlers of



Switzerland Co., then went to Indianapo-
lis, one of eight families who first set-
tled there ; moved to Montgomery Co.,
then to Fountain Co.; thence to Decatur
Co.; there learned the trade of tanner; in
1835, moved to Sangamon Co., 111.
Married Miss Elizabeth S. Hussy March
23, 1843 ; she was born in Sangamon
Co., 111., in 1823 ; daughter of Nathan
Hussy, one of the first settlers on the
north side of "the Sangamon River. Mr.
L. came to Jefierson Co. in the fall of
1844. Members of the M. E. Church.
Have two children — Barras E. and
Theron Y. ; two died in infancy. Mr.
L. owns 275 acres of land, valued at $50
per acre. Has served as Justice of the
Peace and other minor township oflSces.

Lynn, Adam, carpenter.

Lynn, David, Sr., carpenter.

Lynn, D., Jr., carpenter.

McCALLA, A., Professor in the Col-

McCashlin, R. F., grocer.

McCOID, M. A., of law firm of
McCoid & West, Fairfield. Member
elect from First District of Iowa to the
Forty-fifth Congress.

McComb, Wm., teamster.

McCormiek, E. T., agent.

McCOY, J. B., attorney, of the firm of
Ratcliff & McCoy, Fairfield ; born Oct. 2,
1842, in Sangamon Co., 111.; moved to
Jefierson Co. in 1844 with his mother.
Enlisted in Co.D., 17th LV.L,Marchll,
1 862 ; served three years, and was mus-
tered out with his regiment at the close
of the war. Studied law, and was ad-
mitted to the bar Sept. 8, 1877. Mar-
ried Jan. 8, 1867, Penelope Gillett ;
have three children living — Chas. A.,
Taylor J. and Gertrude.

McCoy, L., far., Sec. 12.

McCRACKIN, JO$$.B., Fairfield ;
born Dec. 22, 1844, in Indiana, Indi-
ana Co., Penn.; family moved to Fair-
field Nov. 2, 1855. Enlisted in Co. B,
8th I. V. C, July 4, 1863 ; mustered out
with the regiment at Macon, Ga., Aug.
13, 1865. Read law with Messrs. Slagle
& Acheson, and was admitted to the bar
Jan. 7, 1871 ; has been a member of
the present law firm of Slagle, Acheson
& McCrackin since Sept. 1, 1875.

McCrea, Nathan, retired.

McDonald J Daniel, stock dealer.

McDonald, James, boarding-house.

McDonald, 0. F., saddler.

McElderry, H. H., far.. Sec. 10.

McElhiney, B. S., land agent.

McGaw, W.G., clerk.

Fairfield ; owns 320 acres of land, val-
ued at $65 per acre ; born in Washing-
ton Co., Penn., in 1818. Married Miss
Sarah Clark in 1851 ; has six children
living — Nathaniel, Emma, Abner, John,
Sadie and Annie. Has lived in Fair-
field Tp. fifteen years, and owns a very
well improved farm one-fourth mile from
Fairfield. Members of the Presbyterian
Church ; Republican.

McKee, David, retired.

McKenny, J. A., saddlery manufactory.

McKEE, DAVID S., farmer. Sec.
36 ; owns 126 acres of land, val-
ued at SI GO per acre; born in Ire-
land in 1824 ; came to Jeiferson Co.,
Iowa, in 1839. Has been married
twice ; is now a widower ; has eight
children — Jessie, born in 1863 ; Frank
B., born in 1863; Charles E., born in
1865 ; George W., born in 1866 ; Wal-
ter H., born in 1869 ; Edgar M., born
in 1871 ; David S., born in 1872 ; Kate,
born in 1874. Mr. McKee has an ex-
cellent farm one-half mile south of
Fairfield, with $9,000 worth of im-

McLean, D. F., farmer, Sec. 27.

McLean, John W., farmer, Sec. 27.

McLean, William L., far., S. 13.

McWharter, John, far., S. 1.

Major, David, far , S. 30.

Malvin, James, lab.

MoPherin, A. S., stock dealer.

MARCY, JOHN, far., S. 23 ; 600
acres of land, valued at $35 per acre ;
born in Southbridge, Mass., in 1822;
moved to Iowa in 1855 ; came to Jef-
ferson Co. in 1871. Married in 1858
Miss Whiteacre ; has four children — Lu-
cian J., born May 20, 1861 ; Helen,
Dec. 17, 1863; Lucretia, Oct. 13,
1868 ; Antoinette, Oct. 24, 1874. Be-
sides his regular business of farming,
Mr. Marcy has done con.siderable in land
speculations and in buying and shipping
of stock. Is a nephew of Hon. Wm.
L. Marcy, of New York, late Governor
of the State. Democrat.



Martin, L. M., stock man, S. 24.

Maskell, J. W., manufacturer.

Mason, D. W., teamster.

Manatee, John P., grain dealer.

Maxon, William, lab.

Maxwell, H. C, far., S. 14.

Mendenliall, Lewis, preacher.

farming, Sec. 26; owns 160 acres of
land, valued at $100 per acre ; born in
Wayne Co., Ind., in 1823. Married
Daniel Mendenliall in 1841 ; came to
Jeflferson Co. in 1842; have six children
— Esther A., now Mrs. George, born Nov.
22, 1842 ; Sarah J., now Mrs. Morris,
born Jan. 17, 1845 ; Lewis, born Jan.
8, 1852 ; William, born Jan. 8, 1852,
deceased ; Mary E., now Mrs. Mount,
born Aug. 15, 1855 ; Annie, now Mrs.
Hall, born May 15, 1859 ; and Laura,
born Aug. 31, 1862. Mr. Mendenhall
was the first gunsmith in Fairfield, and
his services in that early day were in
great demand. Mrs. M. has been a
member of the Free Methodist Church
for thirty years, being converted under
the preaching of the Kev. Hayden.

MESSICK. JAS. W., carpenter and
builder, Fairfield; born June 28, 1819, in
Rockingham, Va.; moved to Fairfield
Nov. 15, 1847. Enlisted in Co. E, 2d
Iowa V. I.; was promoted to 1st duty
Sergeant ; served three years ; was in
all the battles of his regiment; was
mastered out, then employed as Chief
of Scouts under Gen. Starkwether, for
one year and seven months. Married
Rebecca Haywood Jan. 30, 1848 ; have
six children — Theodore P., Charles V.,
Albert C., John Y., Nancy A. and
Nellie M.

Mikcsell, Benjamin, teamster.

Milliken, J. C., physician.

Millhouse, F. M., laborer.

Mullinix, Israel, laborer.

Millspaugh, J. R., City Mills.

Minor, John, laborer.

Mitchell, A. F., farmer, See. 13.

MITCHELL, H. B., farmer. Sec.
28 ; owns 295 acres of land, val-
ued at $40 per acre; born in Clare-
mont, Sullivan Co., N. H. ; came to
Jefferson Co. in 1840. Married Oct.
26, 1847, Miss Maria B. Tool; had
ten children, nine living — Susan D.,
born Sept. 4, 1848; Effie L, born July

20, 1850; John D., born Feb. 26,
1853 ; Helen M., born May 22, 1858 ;
Marietta and Henrietta (twins), born
Aug. 11, 1860; Cora A., born April
5, 1863 ; Carrie T., born March 17,
1866; Thomas A., born Sept. 12,
1870; William H., Oct, 17, 1865,
deceased. Mr. H. B. Mitchell, and his
brother Thomas, built, in 1841, the
first frame dwelling-house west of Fair-
field ; Mr. M., since his arrival in this
county, has been an active participant
in political matters, holding at difierent
times various ofiBces of trust in the
county and township ; in 1852, was
elected to the House of Representatives
— then Territorial Legislature ; was the
first Whig elected from this county ;
has been a member of the Agricultural
Society since its organization, and its
President six different times ; member
of the Board of Supervisors two years ;
President of the Board of Directors of
Fairfield Township for seventeen years.
Mr. M. saw the first hack that carried
passengers, the first four-horse coach,
the first train of cars, and the first tele-
graphic message that ever came to Fair-
field. Mr. Mitchell has been closely
identified with all the best interests of
the county.

Mohr, R. J., physician.

MONFORT, J. B., DR., dental
surgeon ; office in Wells' Block, Fair-
field ; all work warranted ; born July
9, 1855, at Macomb, 111., resided there
with his parents ; re reived his educa-
tion in his native town, and graduated
in June, 1872, after thoroughly pre-
paring himself for the practice of his
chosen profession ; moved to Fairfield
in August, 1878, and opened his office
as above, where he is permanently
located ; although a resident of the
county but a short time, he has met
with encouraging success ; his dental
rooms are comfortably fitted up ; his
outfit of dental instruments complete.

Monger, H., far., Sec. 4.

Monroe, J. C, blacksmith.

Montgomery, I. R., tinner.

Montgomery, J. A., ex-County Recorder.

Moore, John, carpenter.

Moore, L. R., teamster.

Sec. 18; owns 315 acres of land, val=



Tied at $35 per acre ; born in Highland
Co., Ohio, in 1809 ; moved to Jefferson
Co. in 1844. Married, in 1833, Mar-
garet Canaday ; married his second wife,
Miss Leah Brooks, in 1859 ; has eight
children — Anna E., born 1834; Eliza
E. (now deceased), born 1835 ; Man-
da J., born 1837; Charles W., born
1839 ; Albert M. (now deceased), born
1841; Martha, born 1844; Wm. T.,
born 1846 ; L. W. (now deceased), born
1849 ; Sarah A., born 1850 ; Eva C,
born 1863 ; Anna E. naarried Mr. Graf-
ton ; Manda J. is now Mrs. "Warwick ;
Martha, now Mrs. Searls; Sarah, now
Mrs. Campbell. Mr. M. has held va-
rious offices of trust since his removal to
Iowa ; was elected a member of the
Legislature twice from this district.

Moorman, Wm. T., far., Sec. 17.

Morgan, Thomas, ex-County Judge.

Moroney, J., laborer.

MORRIN, REV. P., Pastor of St.
Mary's Church.

Morris, C. C, jewelry.

Morrison, James A., colporteur.

Morrison, Samuel M., lab.

Mouok, J. M., agent.

Mount, J. 0., attorney.

Mount, Jedediah, nursery.

Mulligan, John, far., S. 31.

Murdock, K., lab.

MURRAY, W. B., clerk, Fairfield ;
born in Fayette Co., Va., Dec. 8, 1835 ;
moved with parents to JeiFerson Co.,
Iowa, in 1837, and, in 1856, commenced
teaching; in 1861, went to Salt Lake ;
on his return, did teaming to Denver ;
from there, worked his passage to Coun-

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