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One Hundred and Thirty-Fifth inf.. 664.

Buckhannon, Scout from, by Third Inf., 28.



Buell's Army, Assignment of, Tenth Inf., 79.
Buffington Island, Battle of, Seventh Cav.,


Bull-Pasture Mountain, Battle of, Twenty-
Fifth inf., 177 ; Thirty-Second inf., 214.
Bull Run, Battle of, First Inf., 15 ; Eleventh

inf., 83; Twelfth inf., 89; Twenty-Fifth inf., 177; Thir-
ty-Sixth inf., 231 ; Fifty-Fifth inf., 332; Sixty-First inf.,
363; Seventy-Third inf., see Manassas, 42n; Seventy-
Fifth inf., 435; Eighty-Second inf., see Gainesville, 473 ;
Sixtli cav., 791 ; Twelfth ind. bat., 869.

Bull, Sergeant, Eleventh Inf., at Mission

Ridge, 86.

Burke, Colonel, commanding Tenth Inf., at

Perryville, 79.

Bushy Mountain, Battle of, Seventy-Eighth

inf., 452.

Buzzard's Boost, Battle of, Seventy-Fourth

inf., 426; One Hundred and First inf., 951.


Calhoun, Engagement at, First Cav., 752.
Campbell, Colonel Sixty-Ninth Inf., warns

citi/.ens of Franklin against insulting National dead,

Campbell's Station, Battle of, One Hundred

and Eleventh inf., 591.

Canovan, Private Twentieth Inf., gallantry at

Raymond, 112. ,

Carnifex Ferry, Battle of, Ninth Int., /2;

Tenth inf., 78; Twelfth inf., 89; Thirteenth inf., 93;
Twenty-Eighth inf., 194; Thirtieth inf., 202; Forty-
Seventh inf., 292.

Carolina, North, Raid into, First Cav., 752.

Carolinas, Campaign of, Thirty-Eighth Inf.,
249; Thirty-Ninth inf., 255; Flfty-Thinl inf.; 323; Fifty-
Fifth inf., 334 ; Sixty-Eighth inf., 398; Sixty-Ninth int.,
402; Seventieth inf., tori; Seventy-Sixth iutf.,443; Eighty-
Second inf., 477; Eighty-Ninth inf., 498; Ninety-Second
inf., 516; One Hundred and Eighth inf., 582; One Hun-
dred and Thirteenth inf., 596; Fifth cav., 786; Ninth
cav., 813.

Carrick's Ford, Battle of, Fourteenth Inf.,


Carroncro Bayou, Battle of, Eighty-Third

inf., 482.

Carter, Sergeant Thirtieth Inf., color-bearer

at Antietam, 204.

Cedar Creek, Battle of, Twenty-Third Inf.,

166; Thirty -Sixth inf., 237; One Hundred and Tenth
inf., f>88; 'One Hundred and Sixteenth inf., 607; One
Hundred and Twentv-Second inf., 627; One Hundred
and Twenty-Third inf., 633; One Hundred and Twenty-
Sixth inf., 650; Second cav., 760: Battery L, First It.
art'y, 905.

Cedar Mountain, Battle of, Fifth Inf., 44;

Seventh inf., 60; Sixty-Sixth inf., 388.

Cedars, Battle of, One Hundred and Seventy-
Fourth inf., 707.

Centerville, Battle of, Thirtieth Inf., 203.

Chamberlain, Quartermaster, A. B., Thirtieth.

inf., runs blockade at Vieksburg, 204.

Champion Hills, Battle of, Twentieth Inf.,

142; Thirty-Second inf., 215; Fifty-Sixth inf., 337.

Chancellorsville, Battle of, Fourth Inf., 37 ;

Fifth inf., 45; Seventh inf., 61 ; Eighth inf., 68; Twentj -
Fifth inf., 178; Fifty-Fifth inf., 178,332; Sixty-First
inf., 363; Sixty-Sixth inf., 388; Seventy-Fifth inf., 178,
436; Eightv-Second inf.. 474; One Hundred and Seventh
inf., 577; Battery 1, First It. art'y, 902; Battery L,
First It. art'y, 904.

Chancellorsville, Campaign of, Seventy-
Third inf., 421.

Chapel Hill, Battle of, Ninth Cav., 813.

Chapmanville, Battle near, Thirty-Fourth
inf., 223.

Chattahoochie, National and Rebel soldiers
on banks of, 453.

Chattanooga, Campaign of, Sixth Inf., 52.

Chester Station, Battle near, Sixty-Seventh
inf , 392.

Chickamauga, Battle of, First Inf., 18; Sec-
ond inf.. 25; Sixtli inf., 52; Ninth inf., 74; Tenth inf.,
80; Thirteenth inf., 96; Fourtseiithjnf., I06j Fifteenth

Fortieth inf., 257; Forty-First inf., 263; Forty-Ninth
inf., 303 ; Fifty-First inf.. see Lee & Gordon's Mills, 311 ;
Fifty-Second inf., 317; Fifty-Ninth inf., 355; Sixty-
Fourth inf., 37w; Sixty-Fifth inf., 384; Eighty-Ninth
inf, 497; Ninetieth inf., 502; Ninety-Second inf., 513;
Ninety-Third inf., 518; Ninety-Eighth inf., 541; Ninety-
Ninth" inf., 544; One Hundred and First inf., 550; One
Hundred and Fifth inf., 569; One Hundred and Thir-
teenth inf., 596; One Hundred and Twenty-First inf.,
621; due Hundred and Twenty-Fourth inf., 636; One
Hundred and Twentv-Fifth inf., 642; First cav., 751;
Third cav., 768; Fourth cav., 773; Tenth cav f , 815;
Sixth ind. bat., 843; Eighteenth ind. bat., 874; Twen-
tieth ind. bat., 878; Battery A, First It. art'y, 893; Bat-
tery B, First It. art'v, 894; Battery C, First It. art'y,
895; Battery F, First It. art'y, 898.

Chickasaw Bayou, Battle of, Sixteenth Inf.,

118; Fortv-Secoud inf., see Vieksburg. 269 ; Forty-Eighth
inf., see Vieksburg, 298; Fifty-Fourth inf., 327; Fifty-
Seventh inf., 314 ; Eighty-Third inf., 481; One Hundred
and. Fourteenth inf., 598; One Hundred and Twentieth
inf., 614; Fourth ind. bat., 835; Eighth ind. hat., 848.

Chidlaw, Chaplain Thirty-Ninth Inf., 255.

Church, Organized in Eleventh Inf., 83.

Cincinnati, Defense of, One Hundred and

Fourth inf., 561 ; welcomes Tenth inf., 79.

Clark, Colonel Thirty-Sixth Inf., killed at An-
tietam, 234 ; Joseph D., notice of, 679.

Clarkesville, Surrender of Seventy-First Inf.,


Clinch River, Battle of, One Hundred and

Twentv-Ninth inf., 658.

Clinton, Battle of, Third Ind. Bat., 833.
Cloyd Mountain, Battle of, Twelith Inf., 90;

Twenty-Third inf.. 162.

Coal Arbor, Battle of, One Hundred and

Tenth inf., 887.

Cockerill, Colonel Seventieth Inf., gallantry

of at Pittsburg Landing, 405.

Coldavater, Battle of, Fifth Cav., 780; Fif-
teenth ind. bat., *M.
Coleman, Colonel Eleventh Inf., at Antietam,


Color Guard, Thirty-Eighth Inf., at Jones-

boro', 249.
Columbus, Battle of, First Cav., 753.
Corinth, Advance on, Fifty-Seventh inf., 343.
Corinth, Battle of, Twenty-Seventh Inf., 190;

Forty-Third inf., 273; Sixty-Third inf., 373; Eightieth

inf., 460; Eighty-First inf., 467; Third ind., 832;

Fifth ind. hat., 83. - ; Tenth ind. hat., 853; Eleventh ind.

hat., S56.

Corinth, Siege of, Sixth Inf., 51; Ninth Inf.,
73: Thirteenth inf., 94 ; Seventeenth inf., 123, Nineteenth
inf., 136; Filth cav., 7811.

Cotton Hill, Battle of, Thirteenth Inf., 93 ;

Fort) -Fourth inf., 279. note.
Courtland, Skirmish at, detach, of First Cav.,


Covington, Raid on, Fourth Cav., 774.
Cross Keys, Battle of, Twenty-Fifth Inf., 177 ;

Sixtieth inf., 358; Seventy-Third inf., 420; Twelfth ind.
bat., 859 ; Battery II, First It. art., 90S.

Cross Lanes, Skirmish at, Seventh Inf., 58.

Culp's Farm, Battle of, Sixty-First Inf., 365.

Cumberland, Army of, General Rosecrans as-
sumes command of. 21; Tenth inf. announced as head
quarters guard for, 79.

Cumberland Gap, Battle of, Ninth Ind. Bat.


Cumberland Gap, Retreat from, Ninth Ind.

bat., 850.

Cupp, Private Fifteenth Inf., gallantry of, 113.
Cynthiana, Battle of, One Hundred and Sixty-
Eighth inf., 698 ; Seventh cav., 802.


Dallas, Battle of, Fifteenth Inf., 113 ; Twenty-
seventh inf., 191; Forty-First inf., 264; Forty-Third
inf 275: Forty-Sixth iff., 287; Fifty-Seventh inf., 345;
Sixty-First inf., 364 ; Sixty-Third inf., 374; Eighty-Sec-
ond inf., 476; Fourth ind. bat., 836; Fourteenth ind.
bat., 862.

Dalton Road, Battle of, Eighty-Second Inf..


Dandridge, Battle of, One Hundred and

Tweuiy-Fifth inf., 641.



Danville Railroad, Kaid on, Second Car.,

Davis's Mills, Battle of, Fifth Cav., 780.
Davis, Sergeant Seventh Cav., carries dispatches

to Burnside, 801.
Decatur, Battle of, Thirty-Ninth Inf., 254;

Sixty-Third inf., 374 ; Ninth cav., 811.
Decatur, Siege of, One Hundred and Second

inf., 5:4.

Deep River, Battle of, Sixty-Seventh Inf., 393.
De Laky, Private Hayden, gallantry of, at At-
lanta, 206.
Dennison Guards, 935.
Departmental Corps, 936.
Dieeolt, Lieutenant II. W. Twenty-Seventh

inf., mortally wounded at Dallas, r?l.

Dobson's Ffrry, Battle of, Fifty-First Inf., 310.

Donelson, Fort, Sie^e of, Twentieth Inf., 141 ;
Twentv-Seeond inf., see Thirteenth Jlo., 155; Fifty-
Eighth inf., 340; Sixty-Eighth inf., 395.

Drake, Sergeant Eighth Mich. Cav., captures

Basil Duke and other lu-b is, 799.

Dublin Depot and New River Bridge, Raid

on, Ninety-First inf.. 5QS.

Dumfries, Battle of, Fifth Inf., 45; Seventh

inf., Bl ; Sixty-Sixth inf., 8K

Ddtton Hill, Battle of, Seventh Cav., 798.


Ebenezer Church, Battle of, First Cav., 753;

Fourth cav., 774.

Elizabeth City, Raid on, One Hundred and

Twenty-Seventh inf., 91«.

Elkavater Junction, Skirmish at, Third Inf.,

Eighth Infantrv, 64.
Eleventh Infantry, 81.
Eighteenth Infantry, 126
Eightieth Infantry, 458.
Eighty-First Infantry, 463.
Eighty-Second Infantry, 470.
Eighty-Third Infantry, 479.
Eighty-Fourth Infantry, 434.
Eighty-Fifth Infantry, 485.
Eighty-Sixth Infantry, 486.
Eighty-Seventh Infantry, 490.
Eighty-Eighth Infantry, 491.
Eighty-Ninth Infantry, 494.
Eighth Cavalry, 804.
Eleventh Cavalry, 818.
Eighth Independent Battery, 847.
Eleventh Independent Battery, 855.
Eighteenth Independent Battery, 872.


Farmington, Battle of, Third Cav., 768.
Fayette C. H., Battle of, Twelfth Inf., 90.
Fayetteville, Battle of, Thirty-Fourth Inf.,

Fisher's Hill, Battle of, Thirty-Fourth Inf.,

220; One Hundred and Sixteenth inf., 007; One Hundred
and Twenty-Sixth inf., 050.

Fitzgibbon, Gallantry of, at Carnifex Ferry, 78.

Five Forks, Battle of, One Hundred and' Sev-
Fourtn inf., 70s.

Folck's Mills, Battle of, One Hundred and
Fifty-Sixth inf., 6s7.

Ford, Colonel Thirty-Second Inf., Ex. from re-
port of Mil. Com. in case of. 216.

Franklin, Battle of, Fiftieth Inf., 307; Sixtv-

Fourth inf., 380; Sixty- Fifth inf., 384: One Hundred
and First inf., 551; One Hundred and Fourth inf.. 363;
One Hundred and Eleventh inf., 5B2; One Hundred and
Eighteenth inf.. 612; Ons Hundred an 1 Twenty-Fifth
inf., fill, tit''>: One Hundred aud Seventy-Fifth inf. 710:
One Hundred and Eighty-Third inf., 725; Third cav

7"9; Seventh cav., 803; Sixth, 8i4; Twentieth
ind. bat., *79 ; Battery G, First It. art'y. 89y.

Fredericksburg, Battle of, Fourth Inf., 37 ;

Eighth inf., 08.

Fremont's Body-Guard, 924.

Frontier, Army of, Twenty -Fifth Ind. Bat., 885.

First Infantry, 13.

Fourth Infantry, 34.

Fourth Virginia Infantry, 918.

Fifth Infantry, 40.

Fourteenth Infantry, 101.

Fifteenth Infantry, 109.

Fortieth Infantry, 256.

Forty-First Infantry, 259.

Forty-Second Infantry, 266.

Forty-Third Infantry, 271.

Forty-Fourth Infantry, 277.

Forty-Fifth Infantry, 280.

Forty-Sixth Infantry, 284.

Forty-Seventh Infantry, 290.

Forty- Eighth Infantry, 296.

Forty-Ninth Infantry, 299.

Fiftieth Infantry, 305.

Fify-First Infantry, 308.

Fifty -Second Infantry, 313.

Fifty-Third Infantry, 320.

Fifty-Fourth Infantry, 325.

Fifty-Fifth Infantry, 329.

Fifty-Sixth Infantry, 335.

Fifty-Seventh Infantry, 340.

Fifty-Eighth Infantry, 34$.

Fifty-Ninth Infantry, 352.

First Cavalry, 745.

Fourth Cavalry, 770.

Fifth Cavalry, 775.

First Independent Battery, 828.

Fourth Independent Battery, 834.

Fifth Independent Battery, 837.

Fourteenth Independent Battery, 860.

Fifteenth Independent Battery, 865.

First Light Artillery, 889.

First Heavy Artillery, 907.

First Independent Cavalry Company, 928.

Fourth Independent Cavalry Company,


Fifth Independent Cavalry Battalion,


Fourth Independent Battalion, 938.


Gainesville, Battle of, Seventy-Fifth Inf., 437.
Gallatin, Battle of, Sixty-Ninth Inf., 401;

Fir>t cav., 7t9; Third cav., 786.

Garnet, Serjeant Forty-First Inf., gallantry

of, at Nashville, 265.

Gates, First-Lieutenant One Hundred and
Forty-Eighth inf., injured by railroad accident, ii7S.

G Company, Eleventh Cav., among the In-
dians. 820.

Gettysburg, Battle of, Fourth Inf., 38; Fifth

inf., 45; Seventh inf., 61 ; Eighth inf.. 68; Tuentv-Fifth
inf., 178; Fifty -Fifth inf., :«:i ; Sixty-First inf., 363; Sev-
enty-Third inf., rii; Seventy-Fifth inf., 436; Eighty-
Second inf., 474; One Hundred aud Seventh inf., 578;
Sixth cav., 791: Batterv I, First It. art'y, 902; Battery
K, First It. art'y, wo3 ; Battery L. First It. art'y, yot.

Gildea, Sergeant James, Battery L, First It.

art'y, gallantry at Port Republic, 903.
Gilmer, Fort, Assault on, One Hundred and

Twenty-Seventh inf.. 917.

Gordon's Mills, Battle near, Eleventh Inf., 85.
Grahamsville, Battle near, Twenty-Fifth
inf., 179.

Grand Coteau, Battle of, Ninety-Sixth Inf.,

533; Seventeenth ind. bat., 871.

Grand Gulf, Battle of, Fifty-Eighth Inf., 351.



Granger, General Gordon, commends Lieuten-
ant-Colonel Banning, One Hundred and Twenty-First

Gregg, Fort, Assault on, Sixty-Seventh Inf.,

393; One Hundred and Sixteenth inf., 607.

Grosvenor, General, Forbids a woman to take
the oath of allegiance, 131. ,

Guntersville, Expedition against, Third Cav.,

Guntown, Battle of, Ninety-Fifth Inf., 529.
Guthrie Gray Battalion, 50.


Haines's Bluff, Capture of, Seventy-Sixth

Halltown, Engagement at, Twenty- lhird

Hanover C. H., Battle of, Second Cav., 759.
Harlan's Light Cavalry, 926.
Harper's Ferry, Battle of, Sixtieth Inf., 359.
Harper's Ferry, Surrender of, Thirty-Second

inf., 214 ; Twenty-Sixth ind. bat., 888.

Hartsville, Battle of, One Hundred and

Sixth inf., 571 ; One Hundred and Eighth int., 080.

Hatcher's Run, Battle of, One Hundred and

Twenty-Third inf., 633.
Hatchie, Big, Battle of, Seventh Ind. Bat., S46.
Hawkins, Colonel Joseph G., commanding

Thirteenth inf. at Stone River, 95.

Hayes, Lieutenant-Colonel Twenty-Third Inf.,

lfil: gallantry of at South Mountain; Colonel Twenty-
Third inf., gallantry of at Opeqnan, Ififi.

Hernando, Engagement at, Fifth Cav., 780.

Hewitt, Sergeant-Major Eighteenth Inf., gal-
lantry of at Chirkamauga, 130.

Hibbetts, Colonel Thirty-Second Inf., cap-
tured Fayetteville, North Carolina, 2Hi.

High Bridge, Battle of, One Hundred and
Twenty-Third inf., 633.

Hindman, Fort, Capture of, Forty-Second Inf.,

2(V.t; Forty-Seventh inf., 341,

Holcomb, Private Forty-First Inf., gallantry of

at Nashville, 205.

Holston Valley, Battle in, Seventh Cav., 800.
Hooker, General, commands Twenty-Fourth

ind. hat.. 833.
Hoover's Gap, Engagement at. Second Inf.,

24; Fourteenth inf., 108; Seventeenth inf., 121; Thirty-
First inf., 210; Thirty-Third inf., 220; Thirty-Sixth
inf., 23.V, Sixty-Ninth inf., 401 ; Eighty-Ninth inf., 4'J6;
Ninety-Second inf., 513.

Howard, General, commands One Hundred

and Twenty-Fifth inf., 545.

Hunter, General, burns Washington College

and Governor Letcher's residence, 163.

Huntsville, Garrisoned by Tenth Inf., 79.
Hurlbut, General, mentions services of Major
Hayes, Fifth cav., in special orders, 7S1.

Illinois, Number of troops furnished by, 4.
Imbody, Private Joseph, Eighteenth Inf., gal-
lantry of at Chickainauga, 130.
Indiana, Number of troops furnished by, 4.
Introductory, 3.
Island No. 10, Capture of, Twenty-Seventh

inf., 1-9; Forty-Third inf., 273; Eleventh ind. bat., 866.

Iuka, Battle of, Twenty-Seventh Inf., 190;

Eightieth inf., 460; Third ind. hat., 832; Eleventh ind.

bat., 856.
Ivy Mountain, Engagement at, Second Inf.,


Jackson, Battle of, Forty-Sixth Inf., 287 ; For-
ty-S.'venth inf., 293; Forty-Eighth inf., 298; Fifty-Sev-
enth inf., 344; Seventy-Second inf., 414; Eightieth inf.,
461; One Hundred and Twentieth inf., BIB; Fourth ind,
bat., 835; Fifth ind. bat., 840; Fifteenth ind. bat., 866.

Jackson, Private Thomas, One Hundred and

Sixtieth inf., wounded three times in a skirmish, 690.
Jarvis, Major Dwight, assumes command of
Thirteenth iiif. during battle of Stone River, 9. r >.

Jenkins's Ferry, Battle of, Seventy-Seventh

inf., 448.
Jetersville, Thirteenth Cav. at, 826.
Johnson, Andrew, United States Senator, in

camp of Fourteenth inf., 105 .

Johnson, General R. W., Action of a part of

his command at Stone River, 17.

Johnson's Island, Prisoners' depot on, 653.
Johnson's Landing, Skirmish at, Fifty-Eighth

inf., 351.

Jonesboro', Battle of, Fourteenth Inf., 108;

Twentieth inf., 144; Twenty-First inf., l. r >2; Thirtieth
inf., 206; Thirty-Eighth inf., 248; Forty-Sixth inf., 288;
Fifty-Seventh inf., 316; Sixty-Ninth inf., 402; Seventy-
Fourth inf., 429.


Kanawha, Campaign of, Eleventh Inf., 83.
Kearnstown, Battle of, Thirty-Sixth Inf., 237 ;

sixty-Seventh inf., 392; One Hundred and Tenth inf.,

Kellar's Bridge, Battle of, One Hundred and

Seventy-First inf., 701.

Kelly's Ford, Battle of, Sixth Cav., 791.
Kenesaw Mountain, Battle of, Thirteenth

int.. 99; Twenty-First inf., 151 ; Thirtieth inf., 205 ; For-
ty-Sixth inf., 287; Fifty-Second iuf., 319; Fifty-Third
inf., 323; Fifty-Seventh inf., 345; Seventy-Third inf.,
423; Ninety-Ninth inf., 544; One Hundred and Thir-
teenth inf., 596; One Hundred and Twenty-First inf.,
622; One Hundred and Twenty-Fifth inf., 646; Four-
teenth ind. bat., 862.

Kentucky, Number of troops furnished by, 4.
Kimball, Lieutenant One Hundred and Fourth

inf., gallantry of at Franklin, 563.

Kingston, Battle of. Fiftieth Inf., 307; One

Hundred and Eightieth inf., 719.

Kirkup, Lieutenant, gallantry of at Port Re-
public, 44.
Kleinhaus, Private Forty-First Inf., gallantry

of at Nashville, 265.

Knapp, Lieutenant Ninth Cav., escapes from

prison, 811.

Knob Gap, Battle of, One Hundred and First

inf., 550.
Knoxville, Siege of, Forty-Fifth Inf., 283;

One Hundred and Third inf., 558; One Hundred and
Fourth inf., 562; Second cav., 759; Nineteenth ind. bat.,


Kosht, Private Twenty-Third Inf.. gallantry
of at Cloyd Mountain, 163.

Laing's Ford, Engagement at, Battery K,

First It. ait'y, 902.
Lane, Captain Eleventh Inf., bridges the Poco-

taliso, 83.

Langdon, Lieutenant-Colonel, commanding

First inf., at Mission Hidge, 20.

Laramie, Fort, severe weather at, 821.
Lavergne, Skirmish near, Thirteenth Inf., 95.
Lewisburg, Battle of, Thirty-Sixth Inf., 233;

Forty-Fourth inf., 279, note.

Liberty Gap, Battle of, Fifteenth Inf., 112;

One Hundred and First inf., 550; Twentieth ind. bat.,

Little Rock, Battle of, Fifth Ind. Bat., 840;

Eleventh ind. bat., 857.

Little, Sergeant, Seventh Cav., carries dis- to Burnaide, 801.

Logan, Captain W. B., One Hundred and Sev-
enty-Fifth inf., killed at Franklin, 710.

Lookout Mountain, Battle of, Second Inf.,

25; Fifth inf., 46; Seventh inf., 62; Twenty-Ninth inf.,
199; Thirty-Third inf., 220: Fortieth inf., 257; Sixty-
Sixth inf., 3SKJ Ninetv-Ninth inf., 544.

Lost Mountain, Battle of, Thirteenth Inf., 98.
Louisville, Welcomes Forty-Ninth Inf., 301.



Lovejoy's Station, Battle of, Thirteenth Inf.,

99; Nineteenth inf., 138; Twentieth inf., 144; Forty-
Sixth inf., 288: First cav., 75-'; Fourth cav., 774.
Lyle, Chaplain Eleventh Inf., in battle near
Gordon's Mills, 85; presents stand of colors from ladies
of Troy, Ohio, to Eleventh inf., 86.

Lynchburg and Tennessee Railroad, Raid

on, Twelfth cav., 824.
Lynchburg, Raid on, Twelfth Inf., 90; Thirty-
Fourth inf., 224; TMrty-Sixtn inf., 236; Ninety-First
inf., 807: One Hundred and Sixteenth inf., 60S; One
Hundred and Twenty-Third inf., 631 ; One Hundred and
Sixty-First inf., 691 ; Eight cav., 80.').

Lynnville, Burning of houses in, Fifty-Sec-
ond inf., 316.


Macon, Battle near, Forty-Sixth Inf., 288;

Tenth cav., 816.

Magnolia Church, Battle of, Forty-Second

inf., 2.9.

Mains, Sergeant Richard, Fifty-Sixth Inf., gal-
lantry of on Red River, 339.
March to the Sea, Thirty-Seventh Inf., 243;

Thirty-Ninth inf., 254 ; Forty-Seventh inf., 29.'>; Fifty -
Seventh inf., 346; Sixty-First inf., 3fiS; Sixty-Third inf.,
see Atlanta to Savannah, 375; Sixty-Eighth inf , 397;
Sixty-Ninth inf., 402; Seventy-Third inf., 424; Eighty-
Ninth inf., 498; One Hundred and Thirteenth inf., 596;
Fifth cav., 785; Tenth cav., 816.

Marion, Battle of, Twelfth Cav., 824.
Mark's Mills, Battle of, Seventv-Seventh Inf.,


Marshall, Humphrey, defeated at Middle

Creek by Fortieth inf., 257.

Martinsburg, Battle of, One Hundred and
Twelfth -Sixth inf., 649.

Maryland Heights, Defense of, One Hun-
dred and Sixty-First inf., 691.

Matamora, Battle of, Sixty-Eighth Inf., 395.
May, Jack, defeated by the Second Inf., 23.
Maynard, Horace, Congressman, in camp of

Fourteenth inf., 105.

McAllister, Fort, assault on, Thirtieth Inf.,

206; Thirty-Seventh inf., 244: Forty-Seventh inf., 295;
Fifty-Seventh inf., 346; Seventieth inf., 40t>.

McCall, Sergeant David, Eighty-First Inf.,

gallantry of, 467.

McCook, Colonel Dan., burns the house of the
murderer of General Robert L. McCook, 316.

McCook, Fort, defense of, Thirty-Third Inf.,


McCook, General Robert L., murdered by

guerrillas 73, 106, 229.

McDowell, Battle of, Seventy-Fifth Inf., 434;

Twelfth ind. bat., 859.
McFarland, Lieutenant-Colonel Eighty-Sixth

inf.. skirmishes with John Morgan at EagO port, 488.
McGroarty, Colonel Sixty-First Inf., captures

seventeen Rebels at Gulp's farm, 365.

McLaughlin's Squadron of Cavalry, 925.
McMinnville, Powder-mill at destroyed by

Fourth cav., 772.

McPherson, General, commands Eightieth
inf. at Jackson, 461.

Meridian, Expedition, Twentieth Inf., 143;

Thirty-Second inf., 215; Third ind. bat., 833.

Metamora, Battle of, Filth Cav., 780; Fif-
teenth ind. bat., 866.

Middle Creek, Battle of, Fortieth Inf., 257;

Forty-Second inf., 267.
Miller, Captain Eighteenth Inf., defends a

stockade, 130.
Milliken, Colonel First Cav., killed at Stone

Biver, 750.
Milliken's Bend, Battle of, Fifth United

States heavy art'y (colored), 143.

Mill Springs, Battle of, Ninth Inf., 73; Four-
teenth int., HI - ,; Seventeenth inf., 123; Ninth ind. bat.,
*49; Batteiy B, First It. arfy.SVS; Battery C, First It.
art y, 895.

Milton, Battle of, One Hundred and Fifth Inf.,


Mission Ridge, Battle of, First Inf., 19; Sev-
enth inf., 62; Ninth inf., 74; Eleventh inf., 86; Thir-

Vol. II.— 60.

teenth inf ,96; Fourteenth inf., 107; Fifteenth inf., 112;
Seventeenth inf., 124; Nineteenth inf., 137; Twenty-
Sixth inf., 185; Thirty-Third inf., 220; Thirty-Fifth inf.,
230; Thirty-Sixth inf., 236; Thirty-Seventh iiif 242;
Thirty-Eighth inf., 248; Forty-Fiist inf., 264; Forty-
Sixth inf., 287; Forty-Seventh inf., 294; Forty-Ninth
inf., 303; Fifty-Fifth inf., 333; Sixty-Fourth inf., 379;
Sixty-Fifth inf.. 384; Sixtv-Ninlh inf., 402; Seventy-
Third inf., 423; Eiehtieth inf., 461; Eighty-Ninth inf.,
497; Ninety-Second inf., 514; Ninety-Third inf., 519;
Ninety-Seventh inf., 536; Ninety-Ninth inf., 544; One
Hundred and Fifth inf., 570: One Hundred and Twenty-
Fourth inf., 637; One Hundred and Twenty-Fifth inf.,

Mitchell, General, action of his division in

Murfreesboro' campaign and subsequent operations.
Third inf., 29.

Mobile and Ohio Railroad, Raid on, Fifth

cav., 778.

Mobile, Campaign of, Seventy-Seventh Inf.,

448; Eighty-Third inf., 483; Ninety-Fifth Inf., 530; Sev-
enteenth ind. bat., 871.
Monocacy, Battle of, One Hundred and Tenth

• inf., 587; One Hundred and Twenty Sixth inf. 650.

Monocacy Bridge, Battle of, Eleventh Inf., 84.
Monocacy Junction, Battle of, One Hundred

and Forty-Fourth inf., 674; One Hundred and Forty-
Ninth int., 6,-0 ; One Hundred and Fifty-Ninth inf., 689,

Monroe's Cross-Roads, Battle of, Fifth Cav.,
Monterey C. H., Battle of, Seventy-Fifth Inf.,


Moody, Colonel Seventy-Fourth Inf., gallantry

of at Stone River, 431, note.
Moorefield, Skirmish near, Seventy-Third
inf., 419; One Hundred and Fifty-Fourth inf., 685.

Morgan, John, capture of Third Inf., 33; pur-
sued by Forty-Fifth inf., 282; Second cav., 758; Seventh
cav., 799.

Morris Island, Battle of, Sixtv-Second Inf.,


Morris Island, Seventy-Fifth Inf. on, 436.
Mossy Creek, Battle of, One Hundred and

Eighteenth inf., 611.

Moulton, Engagement at, First Cav., 752;

Fourth Cav., 773.

Mud Springs, Battle of, Eleventh Cav., 820.
Munfordsville, Engagement at, Third Cav.,


Munfordsville, Skirmish near, Forty-Ninth

inf., 301.

Murfreesboro', Campaign of and subsequent

operations at, Sixth inf., 51.

Murfreesboro', Skirmish near, One Hundred

and Seventy-Seventh inf.. 714.


Nashville, Battle of, Thirteenth Inf., 100;

Fifteenth inf., 113; Eighteenth inf., 131; Forty-First
inf., 265; Forty-Ninth inf., 304 ; Fifty-First inf., 312;
Sixty-Fourth inf., 3»o ; Sixty-Fifth inf , 344; Seventy-
First inf., 410; Seventy-Second inf., 416; Ninety-Third
inf., 521 ; Ninety-Fifth inf., 530; Ninety-Ninth inf., 545:
One Hundred and First inf., 551 ; One Hundred ami
Fourth inf., 564; One Hundred and Eleventh inf.. 593:
One Hundred and Twenty-Fifth inf., 646; One Hundred
and Seventy-Third inf., 7»5; One Hundred and Seventy-

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