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the life of the boy or man before the mast, so that no youth who longs to be on the 'deep,
blue sea' may hereafter say that it was out of his power to learn precisely what he would
have to encounter on becoming a sailor. The moral of the work is excellent, and its style
pit by and descriptive." — Washington Star.

"Full of variety, and adapted to awaken the interest of young people in traveling ad-
venture, while it must greatly extend their geographical knowledge."— N. Y. Times.

"Very striking and graphic pictures of the life at sea, evidently authentic and very in-


structive. . . . Has adventure enough to please, yet truth enough to dissipate the
charm of a sailor's life." — N. Y. Evangelist.

"There is in this a vast amount of information respecting the commerce of the
world." — Presbyterian Witness.

"This book is not for mere children, but for lads of some years and discretion. It
is remarkably well written." — N .Y. Independent.

"One of the best and truest descriptions of seamen and of a seaman's life ever given to
the public, and the reader is only left to wonder why one who can write so remarkably
well had ever any thing to do with the rigging. . . . He describes the various
countries which he visited so far only, be it remembered, as they fell under his own
observation; and this careful restriction and regard to the truth forms one of the principal
charms of the work." — Boston Traveler.

"Has a fine eye for observation, and excellent descriptive powers." — Louisville Courier.

"Multitudes of young readers will delight in this book." — Presbyterian Banner.

"Since Dana's 'Two Years before the Mast,' we do not call to mind any more admira-
ble descriptions of a sailor's life at sea than are contained in this graphic volume. Her-
man Melville's nautical narratives are more highly spiced with piquant descriptive scenes,
it is true, but for quiet, absorbing, and as far as landsmen can judge, faithful acounts of
life on shipboard, commend us to this author. He somewhat resembles Captain Basil
Hall in his lively pictures of the routine of sea service, but he is not so rambling nor
so flippant as that celebrated 'old salt.'" — N. Y. Tribune.

"It is excellently well written, is characterized by a high moral tone, and impresses
the reader with the truthfulness of its sketches, while it has all the fascination of a
romance. It is by far the best book for boys that we have ever seen. It both instructs
and amuses them. Indeed, there are few men who will commence this book and lay it
down unfinished." — Lexington {Ky.) Statesman.

"Mr. Nordhoff is a young writer who has seen every variety of sea life, from the
artistic organization of the man-of-war to the rough and tumble arrangements of a Nan-
tucket whaler; and, without assuming any of the airs of authorship, has given a straight-
forward account of his adventures, which in frank, confiding naturalness are not without
something of the secret charm which so bewilders all classes of readers in the perusal of
works like Robinson Crusoe. Not that he makes use of any imaginary touches to add to
the piquancy of his autobiographical confessions, but he has the rare gift of investing
every-day realities with an atmosphere of human sympathy which is more effective than
the most dazzling colors of romance." — Harper's Magazine.

Ancient History,

By Edward Farr. Containing the History of the Assyrians, Egyptians, Chaldeans,
Medes, Lydians, Carthagenians, Persians, Macedonians, the Seleucidse in Syria, and
theParthians; irom authentic sources, ancient and modern. 4 vols. 12mo., 1334 pages,
library sheep, marble edges, $4 00. BSTThis work is much superior to Kollin, having
been recently compiled from the latest and best authorities. It lias been ordered for all
the township libraries of Indiana, and must take rank as altogether the best work of
the kind for family, school and other libraries.


"As a comprehensive ancient history, adapted to the use of families and schools, it is
probably the best extant, and should soon supersede all others. The style is terse and vig-
orous, and at the same time easy and agreeable. Tiie author has availed himself of all
the modern as well as the ancient sources of information, and carefully separating the
chaff from the wheat, gives us only reliable facts." — Marietta Intelligencer.

We consider these volumes valuable both to the youth and the more advanced student
/ of ancient history, presenting as they do, in closer connection than we usually find them


in works of a general nature, the two sources from which all ancient history is derived —
sacred and profane — and moreover, everywhere giving its due importance to sacred his-
tory. The arrangement of the work we think highly favorable to an easy and thorough
understanding of the matter. In some particulars we judge it to be a decided improve-
ment upon other works of the kind." — Western Christian Advocate.

"The compend of ancient history by Mr. Rollin has kept its seat in the library for the
want of a better to supply its place. Its author was distinguished for his industry, and
almost equally so for his credulity; and his work is a mixture of fact and fable, nearly
as unreliable as it is entertaining. The volumes before us are based upon the history of
Rollin, but executed with a view to avoid his most conspicuous fault. An attempt has
been made to embody the truth and exclude the error by a re-appeal to the authorities,
and the use of such new resources as have been made available since the other was pro-
duced. The author appears to have executed his task faithfully, and the work gives fair
promise of usefulness. The style is clear and perspicuous, and it will, we doubt not, be
a valuable addition to the library." — Cincinnati Commercial.

History of the Puritans and Pilgrim Fathers,

By Stowell and Wilson. THE PURITANS IN ENGLAND, bv Rev. W. H. Stow-
ell, Professor of Theology, Rotberham College. THE PILGRIM FATHERS, by
D. Wilson, F.S.A., Scot., Author of "Cromwell and the Protectorate," etc., etc. One
volume 12mo., muslin, 508 pages, §1.25.


"It is the record of the hero age in English history, and of the origin of modern social
and religious liberty. This portable and cheap volume will undoubtedly enjoy what it
richly merits, a wide circulation." — Zion's Herald.

"The entire story is written in a spirit of unusual candor and fairness, neither seeking
to gloss over their faults, nor to depreciate the staunch and often heroic virtues of the
admirable men whos3 lives it portrays. The author displays a degree of enthusiastic
veneration for the worthies whose lives and deeds he sketches, which, while it in no way
detracts from his merits as a reliable historian, will not fail to affect pleasurably every
American reader of his pages. We commend the volume to the attention of the reading
public." — Western Christian Advocate.

"There is no history in which the American scholar should feel a deeper and more
lively interest than that of the Puritans and Pilgrims, whose principles are at the founda-
tion of our Government, and whose virtues are inter-woven with our history as a Nation." —
Newcastle Courier.

Scenes and Legends of the North of Scotland,

By Hugh Miller, author of "Footprints of the Creator." 1 vol. 12mo., 436 pp., $1.50.


"A delightful book, by one of the most delightful of living authors." — N. Y. Courier
and Enquirer.

"In this book Hugh Miller appears as the simple dramatist, reproducing home stories
and legends in their native costume, and in full life. The volume is rich in entertain-
ment for all lovers of the genuine Scotch character." — jV. Y. Independent.

"Fascinating portraits of quaint original characters, and charming tales of the old faded
superstitions of Scotland, make up the 'Scenes and Legends.' Purity of diction and
thoughtful earnestness, with a vein of easy, half-concealed humor pervading it, are the
characteristics cf the author's style. Added to these, in the present volume, are frequent


touches of the most elegantly-wrought fancy, passages of sorrowful tenderness that change
the opening smile into a tear, and exalted sentiment that brings reflection to the heart." — ■

"This is a book which will be read by those who have read the other works of this dis-
tinguished author. His beautiful style, his powers of description, his pathos, his quiet
humor and manly good sense would give interest to any subject. . . . There is no
part of the book that is not interesting." — Louisville Journal.

"This is one of the most unique and original books that has been written for many
years, uniting, in a singularly happy manner, all the charms of fiction to the more sub-
stantial and enduring graces of truth. The author is a capital story-teller, prefacing what
he has to say with no learned circumlocutions. "We can not now call to mind any other
style that so admirably combines every requisite for this kind of writing, with the excep-
tion of that of his more illustrious countryman Scott, as the one Hugh Miller possesses."

"The contents of the book will be as instructive and entertaining as the exterior is ele-
gant and attractive. Hugh Miller writes like a living man, who has eyes, and ears, and
intellect, and a heart of his own, and not like a galvanized skeleton, who inflicts his dull
repetitions of what other men have seen and felt, in stately stupidity, upon their unfortu-
nate readers. His observation is keen, and his powers of description unrivaled. His
style is like a mountain stream, that flows on in beauty and freshness, imparting enliven-
ing influences all around. His reflections, when he indulges in them, are just and im-
pressive." — Christian Herald.

"Tales so romantic, yet so natural, and told in a vein of unaffected simplicity and
graphic, delineation, rivaling Hogg and Scott of the same land, will command a vast num-
ber of admiring readers." — N. Y. Christian Intelligencer.

" The interest of its facts far exceeds romance." — N. Y. Evangelist.

" This book is worthy of a place by the side of the world-renowned volumes which have
already proceeded from the same pen." — Phil. Chronicle.

Moffat's Southern Africa.

Moffat, twenty-three years an Agent of the London Missionary Society in that coun-
try. Twelfth edition. 1 vol. 12mo., muslin, $1.25.

The writer offers these pages to the churches of his country as an humble contribution
to their stock of knowledge relative to heathen lands. It contains a faithful record of
events which have occurred within the range of his experience and observation, and sup-
plies much that may serve to illustrate the peculiar attributes of African society. It may,
he ventures to hope, tend materially to promote the study of the philosophy of missions.
It will furnish both the sage and the divine with facts for which, perhaps, they were not
prepared, and exhibit phases of humanity which they have not hitherto observed. It
will further show, that amid circumstantial differences there is a radical identity in the
operations of human depravity, in Asia, in Polynesia, and in Africa; and that while the
Gospel is the only, it is also the uniform remedy for the distress of a world convulsed by
sin and writhing with anguish. It will present striking examples of the complete subju-
gation of some of the fiercest spirits that ever trod the burning sands of Africa, or shed
the blood of her sable offspring. He bequeaths his book as a legacy of grateful affection
to the multitudes of all classes from whom he has received tokens of personal kindness,
which, while life lasts, he will ever remember; and as an expression of a deep solicitude
to promote the diffusion of the Gospel in that land to which his labors have been more
particularly directed.

"No more interesting work, for the general reader, can be found."


Moffat's Life of Dr. Chalmers.

LIFE OF THOMAS CHALMERS, D.D., LL.D. Edited by James C. Moffat
D.D., Professor in the Theological Seminary, Princeton. N. J. With a Portrait. I
vol. 12mo., muslin, $1.25.


"Professor Moffat has, in this handsome volume, with great tact and taste, managed to
condense the history of the interesting, exciting and useful career of Dr. Chalmers. It is
a book for all to read who would trace not only the blazing track of a great genius, but
who would see genius, talent and power all combined for the good of man. Dr. Chalmers
combined the great and the useful in a large measure, and was at home botli with the dis-
tinguished one3 of the earth, and with the humblest of his fellow-men, and was admired
and loved by all." — Cincinnati Gazette.

"As an orator, a philosopher, a professor, a philanthropist, a successful parish minis-
ter, and a learned divine, Dr. Chalmers stood foremost, not only among the great men of
Scotland but of Christendom." — Commercial.

"The memoirs of such a man as Dr. Chalmers should be in the hands of every one.
His life is a grand moral lesson, a golden example, a gospel of the nineteenth century.
His splendid talents, his intense application, his strenuous zeal, his glowing faith, and his
humble spirit, might each have illuminated a distinct individual, and made him famous;
united, they dazzled, enlightened and warmed the world." — Times.

"Chalmers moves before us; Chalmers speaks to us; we pass from chapter to chapter
and page to page with the man we venerate, and catch the inspiration of his genius and
his goodness. . . . The author's idea of the work he attempted to make is ours of that
which he has accomplished. . . . We like the plan of letting such men as Chalmers
speak for themselves in their biographies." — Christian Herald.

"Professor Moffat has succeeded, and we can not but believe his labor will be widely
appreciated." — Presbyterian.

"There is not much writing about the man. He is rather brought upon the stage to
speak and act for himself." — Christian Press.

"Thousands will heartily thank Professor Moffat for inviting them to so rare an intel-
lectual feast." — Daily Ancient Metropolis.

Moffat's ^Esthetics,

fat, D.D., Professor in the Theol. Sem., Princeton, N. J. 1 vol. 12mo., muslin, SI. 25.


"The title of this book may frighten some worthy people, with whom ^Esthetics i3
something mysterious, and therefore fearful. But the volume is a pleasantly written and
quite attractive treatise upon the beautiful in art; art of all kinds and of every branch.
Prof. Moffat seems to us a sound and clever writer. He does not assume to be original
but is systematic and clear, and very readable. The arguments are illustrated by anecdote
and quotations." — Boston Post.

"Prof. Moffat has succeeded in making his definitions accurate, and his distinctions
clear and tangible. He lias brought the aid of strong common sense to his task, and while
far from making up a volume of dry detail has presented the subject in such a light as
to make it intelligible to all minds of ordinary strength." — Western Christian Advocate.

"The work of Dr. Moffat of Princeton is simply what it proposes to be. ... In
simplicity of arrangement, and in the transparent beauty of its style, it is, we think, far
better adapted for a text-book than many another treatise cf more pretensions and
fame." — Cincinnati Gazette.


"It is a profoundly elaborate treatise, evinces a highly philosophical mind, and can
ecarcely fail to secure to its author a recognized place among the lights in the department
of which he has treated." — Puritan Recorder.

With a Glossary of Scientific Terms added to the American Edition. By JonN An-
derson, D.D. With numerous Illustrations. Third Edition. 1 vol. 12mo., muslin,

The Course of Creation,

With a Glossary


384 pages, $1.50


" It is thoroughly scientific, but popular in its style, and exceedingly entertaining." —
Zioti's Herald.

" The author's style is clear and engaging, and his graphic descriptions seem to con-
vey the reader at once into the fields of geological research to observe for himself." —
Ohio Observer.

"Another valuable contribution to the cause of truth and sound science. Its value is
very much enhanced by the Glossary of scientific terms appended to it by the publishers;
for scarcely any one of the sciences has a larger number of terms with which ordinary
readers are unacquainted than geology." — Presbyterian of the West.

"We commend the volume to all who would be instructed in the wonderful works of
God. Chapters such as that on the 'Economic History of Coal,' and those on 'Organic
Life' and 'Physical and Moral Progression,' have a special value for the student of Di-
vine Providence." — N. Y. Independent.

"Dr. Anderson is evidently well skilled in geology, and writes with a freedom and
vivacity rivaled by no writer on the subject, except Hugh Miller." — Methodist Quarterly

"This book is intended for general readers, and such readers will be entertained by it;
but it is none the less thorough, and enters boldly into geological inquiry." — Boston

" One of the most interesting and valuable works on geology that we have ever met
with. The author is a thoroughly scientific man; but his scientific accuracy does not
prevent the work from being understood by unscientific readers. It is a very readable
book." — Louisville Journal.

Poetry of the Vegetable World.

A Popular Exposition of the Science of Botany in its Relation to Man. By M. J.
Schleipen, M.D. Edited by Aephonso Woon,"M.A. Illustrated with Engravings.
Second Edition. 1 vol. 12mo., muslin, 356 pages, §1.50.

notices of the press.

"Schleiden is one of the most distinguished and most accomplished botanists of the
present day. The exhaustless beauties of the vegetable world, its spiritual aspect, lies
bevond the reach of mere science. Herein lies the charm of this work. While its author
has everywhere exhibited the principles of science in the most attractive and perspicuous
ityle, he has also contrived to blend with them the imaginative and the spiritual, and
thus to render his work the exponent of the relations of the plant to the human soul. He
lias shown that the multiform vegetables of the material world are all ministering spirits.
In a word, science and poetry are beautifully and harmoniously blended together." — Mer-
chants' 1 Magazine.

"The originality of its views, the poetic charm of its illustrations, and the large
amount of positive instruction which it imparts, will recommend it to every reader of
taste and intelligence." — Harper's Magazine.

"Prof. Schleiden's capital treatise on the teachings of the vegetable world would pass


muster with the most rigid utilitarian that ever existed. . . . It is as interesting as
the most attractive romance, as beautiful as nature, and as pleasing as the finest poem." —
Boston Atlas.

"It is an interesting, amusing and instructive work." — Philadelphia Pennsylvanian.

Life, Times and Characteristics of John Bunyan,

Author of the "Pilgrim's Progress," By Robert Phii,ip, author of "Life and Times
of Whitefield," "The Experimental Guides," etc. With an Introduction, by Dr. Phelps.
Embellished with Steel Portrait, and Colored Lithograph of "Vanity Fair," and forty-
four beautiful and authentic illustrations.


"This is confessedly the fullest and ablest biography of the 'Glorious Dreamer' of El-
Btow ever written. Not only does it exhibit the life and character of Bunyan, but also a
vivid portraiture of the civil and religious commotions in which he participated either as
actor or martyr. The style of Philip is terse and vigorous, eminently Saxon; and next
to the 'Pilgrim's Progress,' this production deserves to be regarded as one of the finest
specimens of 'English, pure and undefiled,' found in the whole range of our litera-
ture." — N. Y. Christian Intelligencer.

"The writings of John Bunyan never grow old, for the simple reason that truth is
eternal; hence the undiminished interest that is felt in his writings. His 'Pilgrim's
Progress ' will be read and admired as long as Christianity endures. The volume before
us is a faithful history of those times and of the humble individual whose life and charac-
ter it delineates." — Hartford Christian Secretary.

"A beautiful octavo edition of the well-known Life of Bunyan by Philip! The typo-
graphical execution of the book is admirable, and the illustrations, which are numerous,
are in very good taste. A curious feature of the volume is the reproduction of the quaint
wood cuts that were wont to figure in editions of the 'Pilgrim's Progress' nearly two cen-
turies ago." — N. Y. Independent.

"The edition is handsomely got up. . . . It is incomparably the most readable life
of this marvelous man, and likely to remain such. We are glad to see it challenging the
attention of religious readers, who ought never to lose sight of Bunyan, and never can
know too much of him." — N. Y. Evangelist.

"The 'Arabian Nights,' 'Robinson Crusoe,' and many other productions of genius that
might be named, all have their merits and their attractions; but in their hold upon uni-
versal nature, none can compare with that of the 'Poor Tinker's.' Bunyan holds on. He
has won the heart and will never let it go. It is said truly, while human nature lasts he
lasts, caring not a whit about tastes, fashions, laws, criticisms, or rivalry of any kind." —
.A 7 . Y. Advocate and Journal.

" A very beautiful octavo edition of a very thorough and interesting life of Bunyan. It
is as complete a biography of the despised preacher of Bedford Jail as documents and
traditions at this late period can furnish. Perhaps no book except the Bible and Prayer
Book has been published in so many various forms and different languages, or been so
widely spread throughout the Christian world, as the 'Pilgrim's Progress;' and a work
which will diffuse a minute history of the checkered fortunes and trials of its great author
can not but be eagerly sought after and read." — N. Y. Protestant Churchman.

Hooper's Western Fruit Book.

A Compendious Collection of Facts, from the Notes and Experience of Successful
Fruit Culturists. Arranged for Practical use in Orchard and Garden. 1 vol. 12mo.,

with Illustrations, $1.50.

Several thousand copies of this work have been sold.


Practical Landscape Gardening,

By G. M. Kern. Containing twenty-two Illustrations and Plans for laying out Grounds,
with full directions for planting Shade-Trees, Shrubbery and Flowers. Third Edition.
1 vol. 12rao., muslin, $1.50.


"Mr. Kern has produced the right book at the right moment." — Putnam's Magazine.

"His suggestions are in an eminent degree valuable, and his opinions (which are ex-
pressed in clear, concise and lucid diction) easily interpreted by even the most limited
conception, fairly assert his claim to a station in the foremost rank of rural improvers." —
A 7 . Y. Horticulturist.

"It abounds in useful and tasteful suggestions, and in practical instructions." — Northern


"It is a very timely and valuable book. . . . Better adapted to the wants and cir-
cumstances of our people than any other upon the subject." — Ohio Cultivator.

"No one can long walk hand in hand with Mr. Kern without being sensible that he is
in the hands of one who is worthy of all confidence." — Louisville Courier.

"Has so nobly succeeded as to render his volume an invaluable acquisition to all." —
Boston Traveler.

"It is plain in its details, and will be more valuable to the million than any work on the
subject of landscape gardening yet published. The mechanical execution of the volume
is the very perfection of printing and binding." — Ohio Farmer.

"Admirably calculated to meet the wants of the public." — Boston Atlas.

"By a careful perusal of this little volume, which will cost but $1.50, the purchaser

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