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I have not a copy in my possession." Fine copy except for a
small portion cut from the lower edge of the title-page


2246. MARRYAT (CAPT. F.), Narrative of the Travels
and Adventures of Monsieur Violet in California, Sonora, and
Western Texas. Map. 12mo, half morocco (stained).

Leipzig-, 1843

* Experiences among the Shoshone or Snake Indians.

2247. MARSHALL (ORSAMUS H). The Historical
Writings of the late 0. H. Marshall, relating to the early His-
tory of the West. Introduction by Wm. L. Stone. Portraits
and maps. 4to, cloth, uncut. Albany, 1887

* Belates chiefly to the Indian tribes of Western New York
and the Great Lake region.

2248. MARTIN (GEORGE C). History of Asbury Park
and Long Branch, with the Traditions of the Indians and
Settlers. 12mo, original wrappers, uncut.

Privately Published, 1903

* A note signed by Oscar Wegelin, inserted, states that this
is one of 60 copies, and that a large part of the edition was

2249. MARTIN (M. L.). Address delivered before the
State Historical Society of Wisconsin. 12mo, original wrap-
pers. Green Bay, 1851

* The appendix contains the Treaties for the settlement of
the N. Y. Indians near Green Bay, printed here for the first

2250. [MARTYN (BENJAMIN).] An Account, shewing
the Progress of the Colony of Georgia in America, from its
First Establishment. 8vo, half leather, uncut.

Annapolis, 1742 [reprinted 1835]

2251. MARYLAND. Relatio Itineris in Marylandiam,
Declaratio Coloniae Domini Baronis de Baltimore Narrative
by Father Andrew White, S. J. Excerpta ex Diversis Lit-
teris Missionariorum. 2 vols. 8vo, wrappers, uncut.

Bait. 1874-77

2252. MASON (OTIS TUFTON). Aboriginal American
Basketry. 248 plates, many colored. Thick 8vo, original
wrappers, uncut. Wash. 1904

2253. MATHER (INCREASE). The History of King
Philip's War. Also, a History of the same War by Cotton
Mather. Introduction and Notes by Samuel G. Drake. Por-
traits. 4to, cloth, gilt top, uncut. Bost. 1862

* Limited to 250 copies.

2254. [MATHEWS (CORNELIUS).] The Indian Fairy
Book. From the original legends. Frontispiece and 3 other
plates. 12mo, cloth (loose). N. Y. 1856

2255. MAY (COL. JOHN). Journal and Letters of Col.
John May, of Boston, relative to Two Journeys to the Ohio
Country in 1788 and '89. Biographical Sketch by Richard S.
Edes. Notes by Wm. M. Darlington. 8vo, cloth, gilt top, un-
cut. Cinn. 1873

* Publications of the Historical and Philosophical Society
of Ohio, New Series, Vol. I.


2255* MAYHEW (JONATHAN), a sermon p™^
in the Audience of William Shirley, His Majesty's Couna
and the House of Representatives of the Province of Massa
chusette-Bay, May 29, 1754. 12mo, new wrappers.

Bost. : Samuel Kneeland, 1,75^

2256. MEACHAM (HON. A. B.). Wig-warn and War-
path; or, the Royal Chief in Chains. Illustrated. Fikst Edi-
tion. Thick 8vo, cloth. Bost. 187E

* Contains ' ' The Birth-place of Indian Legends, ' ' etc. Be
lates largely to the Modoc Indians.

2257. MEDFIELD, MASS. Exercises at the Bi-Centennia:
Commemoration of the Burning of Medfield by Indians ir
King Philip 's War. 8vo, wrappers. Medfield, 187C

2258. MEEK (A. B.). Romantic Passages in Southwestern
History. 12mo, cloth. N. Y. 1857

* Contains account of the Massacre at Fort Minis in Ala-
bama in 1813; sketch of Weatherford or the Bed Eagle, the
great chief of the Creeks; the Canoe Fight, with a sketch oi
the first American settlements in the interior of Alabama, etc.

2259. MEGINNESS (J. F.). Otzinachson: A History oi
the West Branch Valley of the Susquehanna. With an ac-
count of the Fair Play System and the trying Scenes of thi
Big Runaway. Numerous maps. 8vo, half leather.

Williamsport, 188S

* Vol. I, all published of this second (enlarged) edition,
First printed in 1857, this work contains a mass of new ma-
terial in the history of border warfare, Indian massacres, bio-
graphical sketches of Indian fighters, and Indian warriors. —

2260. MERCER (H. C). The Lenape Stone; or, the
Indian and the Mammoth. Illustrated. 12mo, cloth.

N. Y. 1885

* The two pieces of this inscribed stone, representing In-
dians fighting the Hairy Mammoth, were discovered in 1872
and 1881 on a farm in Bucks County, Penn.

2261. MEXICAN INDIANS. Notes on the Indians of
Sonora, Mexico (Hrdlicka), Lancaster, 1904; Two Mexican
Chalchihuites ( Valentini), Worcester, 1881; Memoir of an
Eventful Expedition in Central America (Stevens), N. Y.
1850; and others. Together 5 pieces, 8vo, paper.

2262. MEXICO. Facts and Figures about Mexico. Mexico.
1897; Mexico? Si, Senor (Rogers), Bost. 1893; Vamos a
Mexico, n. p., 1896 ; and others. Together 10 pieces, 8vo and
smaller, paper.

2262*. MICHIGAN. The Michigan Pioneer Collections,
Report of the Pioneer Society of the State, together with Re-
ports of County, Town and District Pioneer Societies 2 vols
■8vo, original cloth. Lansing, 1877-8C

•Contains data relating to the early history -of the state
accounts of the Indians, their manners and customs, etc.


zzod. ivijjujtsuJttiN { w iLiLti am. ±i.ftJN±ti j . me noneers
Preachers and People of the Mississippi Valley. First Edi
tion. 12mo, cloth. ' N. Y. 1861

* The title is misleading, the book being really a histor;
of the Mississippi Valley from the time of De Soto. Lectur
4 relates to the Bed Men and the war of Pontiae.

2264. MILES (GEN. NELSON A.). Personal Recollec
tions and Observations. Embracing the Story of his Indiai
Campaigns. Illustrated by Frederic Remington. Thick 4to
morocco, gilt edges. Chi. 1891

2265. MINER (CHARLES). History of Wyoming, in i
Series of Letters, from Charles Miner, to his son William Pem
Miner, Esq. Maps. 8vo, cloth. Phila. 184!

* Extra-illustrated by the insertion of an A. L. S. by Charle
Miner to Hon. J. N. Conyngham, May 25, 1861 ; portrait o
the author, 12 maps and plates, and numerous newspape
clippings. On the fly-leaf is a MS. index to the names of th
Hazelton Travellers in the Appendix. The Horace E. Haydei
copy, in splendid condition.

2266. MINNESOTA. Annals of the Minnesota Historica
Society, No. 1, 2d ed. ; and No. 5, containing Materials for th
History of Minnesota. Edited by Edward D. Neill. 2 vols
royal 8vo, wrappers. Saint Paul, 1850-51

* Presentation copies.

2267. MISCELLANEOUS INDIAN. Narrative of th
Travels and Adventures of Monsieur Violet in California
Sonora, and Western Texas (Marryat), N. Y. 1843. Th
Prairie-Bird (Murray), N. Y. 1844. 2 vols. 8vo, paper.

2268. MISCELLANEOUS INDIAN. Headwaters of th.
Mississippi (Glazier), Chic. 1894; Rambles in Wonderlanc
(Stanley), N. Y. 1878; Three Score Years and Ten (Vai
Cleve) , n. p., 1888. Together 3 vols. 8vo, cloth.

Jacket (Seelye), N. Y 1900; Indian Wars of the Unitec
States (Moore), Phila. 1843; Life of Rev. David Brainen
(Edwards), N. Y., n. d. Together 3 vols. 12mo, cloth.

2270. MISCELLANEOUS INDIAN. Origin of language
(Wedgwood), Lond. 1866; On the Existence of Mixed Lan
guages (Clough), Lond. 1876; Philological Proofs of th
Original Unity and Recent Origin of the Human Rac
(Johnes), Lond. 1843. Together 3 vols. 8vo and 12mo, cloth

2271. MISCELLANEOUS INDIAN. Pioneers and Pound
ers (Yonge), n. p., 1871; Ten Big Indians (Wade), Bost
n. d. Brant and Red Jacket (Eggleston), N. Y. 1880. To
gether 3 vols. 12mo, cloth.

2272. MISCELLANEOUS INDIAN. Songs of the Sierra
(Miller), Bost. 1871; Tan-go-ru-a: an historical Drama
Phila. 1856; The Bethrothed of Wyoming. Phila. 1830. To
gether 3 vols. 12mo, cloth and boards.


2273 MISCELLANEOUS INDIAN. History of the
United' States (Hawks), N. Y. 1834; Juvenile Polyanthos or
Fireside Companions. N. T. 1833; The Life of Rev. David
Brainerd (Edwards), N. Y. 1833; The Interesting History of
Atala (Chateaubriand), N. Y. 1818. Together 4 vols. 12mo,
boards and sheep.

2274 MISCELLANEOUS INDIAN. Pioneer Women of
the West (Ellet), Phila. 1885; The Doomed Chief Thomp-
son), Phila., n. d. ; Pioneers of the West (Strickland i N. Y.,
n. d. ; Heroes and Hunters of the West. N. Y. 1895. To-
gether 4 vols. 12mo, cloth.

2275 MISCELLANEOUS INDIAN. Pioneers of the West
(Strickland), N. Y. 1889; The Story of Metlakahtla (Well-
come), Lond. 1887; Wah-kee-nah and her People (Strong),
N. Y. 1893; Onoqua (Sparhawk), Bost. 1892. Together 4
vols. 12mo, cloth.

2276. MISSISSIPPI LAND COMPANY. Memorial of the
Agents of the New England Mississippi Land Company to
Congress: A Vindication of the Rights of the New England
Mississippi Land Co. 8vo, stitched. Cover bears inscrip-
tion: "Secretary of War." Wash. 1804

* Relates to lands obtained from the Creek Indians.

2277. MISSOURI FUR COMPANY. Articles of Associ-
ation of the Missouri Fur Company, 24 January, 1812. Broad-
side sheet, in four columns, upper left-hand corner of first
column slightly defective. [St. Louis, 1812"]

* The preamble states that the object of the Association was
for "exploring in a commercial way, and hunting in that
portion of country within the claim of the United States, and
westwardly of a point, which shall be 500 miles from the
United States present factories; and to conduct business within
the said boundary and at the town of St. Louis, under the
name and title of the President and Directors of the Missouri
Pur Company." The capital stock of the company was not tc
exceed $50,000, of which amount $23,000 were' to Ire sub-
scribed for by individuals, and the funds of the former St
Louis Missouri Pur Company, ' ' which is now up the Missouri
calculated at $29,085 in goods, wares and merchandize, anc
debts due by hunters who are now out, ' ' shall constitute the
remaining $27,000 of said stock. The commissioners wer<
Gen. Wm. Clark, Manuel Lisa, and Salist Labade, whose namei
are printed at the end.

Printing was commenced at St. Louis about four years
earlier, when Joseph Charless issued the first number of th<
Missouri Gazette, on July 12, 1808. On November 30, 1809
the name of the publication was changed to Louisiana Gazette
in recognition of the name of the Territory as a whole. Thii
explains the provision in Article 20 of the Broadside, thai
notice of meeting should be published for six weeks in thi
Louisiana Gazette, or some other newspaper published ii

2278. MOLINA (ALONSO DE). Arte de la Lengua Mexi
cana y Castellana. Reimpresa por las dos Ediciones en Mexico
1886. 4to wrappers, uncut. Mexico, 188<


Lengua Guarani, 6 mas bien Tupi. Thick 12-mo, new boards

Viena and Paris, 187(

bulario, Tesoro y Catecismo de la Lengua Guarani. Publi
cado nuevamente sin alteracion alguna por Julio Platzmann
4 vols, square 8vo, wrappers, uncut. Leipzig, 187(

2281. MOONEY (JAMES). The Siouan Tribes of th<
East. Map. 8vo, wrappers, uncut. Wash. I8&

2282. MOORE (MARTIN). Memoirs of the Life anc
Character of Rev. John Eliot, Apostle of the N. A. Indians
18mo, sheep. Bost. 182!

* Scarce.

2283. MOORE (WILLIAM V.). Indian Wars of th
United States, from the Discovery to the present time. En
graved title, 8 steel plates by Carl Bodmer, colored by hand
and other illustrations. 8vo, cloth (covers cracked).

Phila. 1851

* Scarce in this condition, with the fine steel plates, colored

2283*. [MORGAN (LEWIS H.).] Fifth Annual Repor
of the Regents of the University, on the Condition of the Stat
Cabinet of Natural History, and the Historical and Anti
quarian Collection. 8vo, original wrappers. "Vischer Tei
Eyck, Esq. ' ' written on front cover. Albany, 185!

* This report is scarcer than the first. The Appendix i
Lewis H. Morgan's report on the Fabrics, Inventions, Im
plements, and Utensils of the Iroquois, consisting of fifty-tw<
pages of text, fully illustrated, including twenty full-pag
colored plates. Many of the plates have never been re-issued
Preserved in a folding cloth case.

2284. MORGAN (LEWIS H.). Ancient Society. 8vo
cloth. N. Y. 187'

* Treats especially of the American Indian Tribes.

2285. MORGAN (LEWIS H.). League of the Ho-de-no
sau-nee or Iroquois. A New Edition, with Additional Matter
Edited and Annotated by Herbert M. Lloyd. Numerou
plates in color and otherwise, and 2 folding maps. 2 vols
royal 8vo, half vellum, uncut. N. Y. 190i

* One of 30 copies printed on Japan paper.

2286. MORRIS (ALEXANDER). Nova Britannia; oi
Our New Canadian Dominion Foreshadowed. 12mo, cloth.

Toronto, 188

* Contains the Treaties of 1874 and 1876, with the Indian
of Manitoba.

2287. MORRIS (HENRY). Early History of Springfield
Portrait and illustrations. 8vo., cloth. Springfield, 187

* Relates largely to the Indians and King Philip 's War.


2288. [MORTON (SARAH W. A.)-] Ouabi: or the Vir-
tues of Nature, an Indian Tale. By Philenia, a Lady ol Bos-
ton. Frontispiece. 8vo, original wrappers, uncut.

Bost. : I. Thomas & Andrews, 1790

2288*. MOUNT VERNON. Colored Lithograph "West
View of Mt. Vernon Mansion." Folio. N. Y. 1859

Bird. Illustrated. 12mo, cloth. Loud., n. d.

2290. MUSEUMS. The Principles of Museum Administra-
tion (Goode), York, 1895; Illinois State Museum of Natural
History (Crook), Springfield, 1907; The Museums of the
Future (Goode), "Wash. 1891; Free Museum of Science and
Art. Phila. 1899 ; and others. Together 9 pieces, 8vo, paper.

2291. NELSON (WILLIAM) . Personal Names of Indians
of New Jersey. 650 names gleaned from Indian Deeds of the
17th Century. 8vo, cloth. Paterson, N. J., 1904

* Only 250 copies printed. Autograph presentation copy
from the author.

2291*. NEW AMERICAN MAGAZINE. Edited by Syl-
vanus Americanus. From January, 1759, No. 13', to March
1760, the last number published (lacking several pages, in-
cluding most of those relating to naval engagements, some
titles, all the plates, etc.) . About 500 pages, loose, some pages
in duplicate.
Woodbridge, N. J. Printed and sold by James Parker, 1759-60.

* Scarce in any state. The first magazine published in New
Jersey. Edited by Samuel Nevil. Contains many interesting
notes on the French and Indian war, a History of North-
America, Historical Chronicle, etc.

2291**. NEW AMERICAN MAGAZINE. Edited by Syl-
vanus Americanus [Samuel Nevil]. For March, April, May,
June (imperfect), July, August (2 copies, one imperfect),
October (imperfect), and November, 1759. 12mo, unbound.

Woodbridge, N. J., 1759

2292. NEW-HAMPSHIRE. Collections of the New-
Hampshire Historical Society, for the Year 1824, etc. Vols.
1 and 2. 2 vols. 8vo, new boards, cloth backs, uncut.

Concord, 1824-27

* Contains reprints of Penhallow's Indian .Wars, Wheeler's
Expedition into the Nipmuck Country, etc.

2292*- NEW JERSEY. Address of the President of the
New Jersey Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery
(William Griffith) , Trenton, 1804. Constitution of the Episco-
pal Society of New Jersey for the promotion of Christian
Knowledge and Piety, 1810. 2 pieces, 8vo, sewed.


2293. NEWS FROM NEW ENGLAND, being a True and
last Account of the Present Bloody Wars, carried on betwixt
the Infidels, Natives, and the English Christians, and Con-
verted Indians of New England, Lond. 1676. Large 4to,
wrappers, uncut. Bost. 1850 [Roxbury, 1865]

* The First Woodward Reprint, of which all but 15 copies
were destroyed by the publisher.

2293*. NEW YORK. Third Annual Report of the Regents
of the University, on the Condition of the State Cabinet of
Natural History. Numerous colored plates and illustrations.
8vo, old half sheep. Albany, 1850

2293**. [OGDEN (DAVID).] The Claim of the Inhabit-
ants of the Town of Newark, in virtue of the Indian Pur-
chase, made by the First Settlers of Newark in 1667, Stated
and Considered. 12mo, new half crushed brown levant mo-
rocco, uncut.

Woodbridge in New-Jersey, Printed by Samuel Parker,

* Very Eabe. There appears to be but two other copies

A Protest made by the People of Newark against the
Descendants of the First Settlers of Newark, who 's alleged
claim to the lands within the Township was provocative of
Riots and other Disturbances of the Peace in Newark.
If the claims of those under the Indian Purchase has been
sustained, the many Thousands of Acres, surveyed and taken
up after the Year 1694, would have remained without Title
to the Possessors, and be subject to a new Division among the
Heirs and Assigns of the said first Purchasers.

2294. OGDEN (DAVID). A True Narrative of the Cap-
ture of David Ogden, among the Indians, in the time of the
Revolution, etc. By Priest. Woodcut on each of title. 24
pp. 8vo, new covers. Lansingburgh, 1841

* The Ogden narrative complete, but lacking the supple-
mentary stories.

2295. OGDEN (JOHN C). An Excursion into Bethle-
hem and Nazareth, in Pennsylvania, in 1799. With a history
of the Society of United Brethren, commonly called Moravians.
16mo, old calf. Phila. 1800

2296. OJIBWAYS. History of the Ojibways. By Wil-
liam W. Warren; History of the Ojibways. By Edward D.
Neill. [Collections of the Minnesota Historical Society. Vol.
5.] 8vo, cloth. Saint Paul, 1885

2297. OLM0S (ANDRE DE). Grammaire de la Langue
Nahuatl ou Mexicaine. Publiee avec Notes, fielaircissements,
etc., par Remi Simeon. Large 8vo, wrappers, uncut.

Paris, 1875

2298. OLMOS (ANDRE DE). Arte para aprender la
Lengua Mexicana. Portrait. 4to, wrappers (library stamp
on title) . Mexico, 1885


2299. OLSON (J. E.) AND BOURNE (E. G.) The North-
men, Columbus and Cabot. 985-1503. Maps and facsimile.
8vo, cloth. (Original narratives of Early Am. Hl ^-)

2300. OREGON. Oregon Spectator. "Westward the Star
of Empire tabes its way." Vol. I. No. I. Sm. folio, pp. 4.
Oregon City (Oregon Ter.) Thursday, February 5, 1846.

* The First Number of the First American Newspaper
printed on the Pacific Coast, and the first production of the
first printing press in the present State of Oregon. This pub-
lication was begun just in time to record the eventful year of
1846. There had been a small press in California since 1834,
but no newspaper was published until after the American con-
quest, six months later than the publication of the Oregon
newspaper. For further details see H. H. Bancroft's History
of Oregon, vol. 1, pp. 575-576.

In his address to the Public, the editor, W. G-. T 'Vault,
states that the paper would avoid polities, and that the print-
ing press, type, and materials, are owned by the "Oregon
Printing Association," the Constitution of which is printed on
the fourth page.

On the first page are printed the Organic Laws of Oregon:
— "We the people of Oregon Territory, foT purposes of mu-
tual protection, and to secure peace and prosperity among
ourselves, agree to adopt the following, laws and regulations,
until such time as the United States of America extend their
jurisdiction over us. ' '

The Ship News includes the arrivals and departures from
Baker's Bay, Columbia River, since March 12, 1845, and a
list of the officers of H. M. S. Modeste, now lying at Van-
couver, Columbia River. A notice ' ' To Persons wishing to
send letters Bast, ' ' states that ' ' The postmaster general has
contracted with Mr. H. Burns to carry the mail from Oregon
City to Weston, in Missouri, for one trip only. Letters mailed
at any of the offices, post paid, will be forwarded to any part
of the United States. As the mail sent east, by Mr. Burns,
will reach Weston early in the season, it would be advisable
for those wishing to correspond with their friends in the east,
to avail themselves of this opportunity. Postage only fifty
cents on single sheets. ' '

2301. OREGON. Oregon Spectator. Vol. I, No. 12. Sm.
folio, pp. 4. Oregon City, July 4, 1846.

* The new editor, H. A. G. Lee (J. Fleming, printer), dates
his editorial column five days later, or July 9th, the reason
for the delay of issue being the arrival of two vessels in the
river, from which some later intelligence from the states was

Nearly a column and a half is devoted to the local Fourth
of July Celebration, and this is followed by a communication
from M. M. McCarver, in which is set forth the real condition
of the community, from lack of trade facilities, "without ves-
sels to import our goods, or export our surplus products;"
"while our best families are eating their meals and drinking
their tea and coffee * * * from tin plates and cups, and
many articles of clothing, etc., are not to be purchased in the
country." A long obituary notice records the accidental
drowning m the Clackamas river of Dr. John E. Long Secre-
tary of the Territory. The whole of the fourth page i's taken
up with the list of fees for sheriffs, justices, judges, and con-
stables, with legal forms for warrants, affidavits, etc,

2302. OREGON AND WASHINGTON. Statement of the
Oregon and Washington Delegation in regard to the War
Claims of Oregon and Washington [in the Indian War of
1855-1856]. 8vo, wrappers. [Portland? 1860]

2303. PALFREY (JOHN GORHAM). History of New
England, during the Stuart Dynasty. Maps. 3 vols, royal
8vo, cloth, uncut. Bost. 1865

* Large paper, only 100 copies printed. An A. L. S. of the
author; and an early Colonial Document, dated June 6, 1716,
signed by John Burrill and Benj. Rolfe, laid in. Also a por-
trait of the author, Sir Henry Vane, and Coke.

2304. PAMPHLETS. Grammatic sketch of the Catawba
Language (Gatschet), N. Y. 1900; Indian Earthenware Pots
{Wright), Wilkes-barre, 1883; Longfellow's Hiawatha Paro-
dies (Legler), 1904. Together 3 pieces, 8vo, paper.

2305. PAMPHLETS. The Moki Snake Dance (Hough),
1898 ; Pictography and Shamanistic Rites of the Ojibwa
(Hoffman), 1888; An Unusual Navajo Medicine Ceremony
(Pepper), 1905. Together 3 pieces, 8vo and 12mo, wrappers.

2306. PAMPHLETS. Report of a Visit to Spotted Tail's
Tribe of Brule Sioux Indians and the Yankton and Santee
Sioux, 1870; A Thorough Digest of the Indian Question
(Wolf), n. d. ; Indian Massacre and Tuscarora War 1711-13,
1901. 3 pieces, 8vo wrappers.

2307. PAMPHLETS. Ethnology of the Yuchi Indians
(Speck), Phila. 1909; Day Symbols of the Maya Year
(Thomas), Wash. 1897; Internationales Archiv fur Ethno-

graphie (Schmeltz), Leiden, 1889. Together 3 vols, large 8vo,


2308. PAMPHLETS. Missions on Chequamegon Bay
(Davidson), 1892; Mission Work among the Negroes and the
Indians, Press of St. Joseph's Industrial School, 1898; The
Same for 1901. Together 3 pieces, 8vo, wrappers.

2309. PAMPHLETS. Notes upon the Mound Structures
of Southern Illinois and Ohio (Wallbridge), 1861; Inquiry
as to the Existence of Man in North America during the
Paleolithic Period of the Stone Age (Wilson), 1890; Shell
Heaps of the East Coast of Florida (Webb), 1893; New
Brunswick Historical Collections, No. 8, 1909. Together 4
pieces, paper.

2310. PAMPHLETS. Contributions to the Archaeology of
Missouri: Part 1, Pottery; Salem, 1880; Carrier Sociology
and Mythology (Morice), 1892; Sculptured Anthropoid Ape
Heads (Terry), N. Y. 1891; Hayes' Creek Mound, Rockbridge
Co., Va. Together 4 pieces, various sizes, paper.


2311 PAMPHLETS. Aboriginal Pipes of Wisconsin
(West), Madison, 1905; The Implement Caches of the Wis-
consin Indians (Brown), Madison, 1907; The Field Assembly
it Carroll College (Brown), Madison, 1906; What Wisconsin
.s Doing to Preserve its Areheological Treasures (Lapnam),
Madison, 1905. Together 4 pieces, 8vo, wrappers.

2312. PAMPHLETS. Origin and Meaning of Wisconsin
Place-Names (Legler), n. p., 1903; Sources of the Mississippi
(Baker), St. Paul, 1887; Peace with the Apaches of New-
Mexico and Arizona (Colyer), Wash. 1872; The Indian Ques-
tion, Eeport of the Committee appointed by J. D. Long, Bost.
L880; Eeport of a Reconnaissance in the Ute Country (Ruff-
ler), Wash. 1874. Together 5< pieces, 8vo, wrappers.

2313. PAMPHLETS. Mound Exploration for the Pan-
imerican Exposition (Benedict), Chic. 1901; Report of the
Museum of American Archaeology, Vol. 1, No. 1. Phila. 1890 ~ T
Commission to Investigate certain Charges against the Com-
nissioner of Indian Affairs. Wash. 1874; and others. To-
gether 5 pieces, 8vo, paper.

2314. PAMPHLETS. Ceremonial Objects and Ornaments
! rom Pueblo Bonito (Pepper) ; Hopi Shrines near the East
w~esa, Arizona (Fewkes) ; Miconinovi Flute Altars (Fewkes) ;
lopi Ceremonial Pigments (Hough) ; An Old Indian Village-
^Udden). Together 5 pieces, 8vo, wrappers. v. p., v. d.

2315. PAMPHLETS. Adler (Cyrus) and Casanowicz
'I. M.). Jewish Ceremonial Objects; Gustavus Vasa Fox
:ollection of Russian Souvenirs ; Collection of Rosaries ;
Biblical Antiquities. (Proceedings of U. S. National Mu-

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