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13 two-reel animal comedies for release
through Educational.

Canadian Photoplays, Ltd., c/o Ernest Shipman.
(See Ernest Shipman & Associates).

Canyon Pictures Corporation, 126 West 46th st.,
N. Y. C. Jack Weinberg, president; Jos. M.
Goldstein, treasurer. Distributing Western pic-
tures starring Franklyn Farnum.

Capital Film Company, Consumers Bldg., Chi-
cago, 111. S. L. Barnhard, president.

Capitol Comedies, Series of two-reel comedies.
Released by Goldwyn Pictures Corporation.

Caravel Comedies, 130 West 46th st., N. Y. C.
Marx Bros.

Lloyd Carleton Production, 6070 Sunset blvd.,
Hollywood, Cal. Distribution through Selz-



Carlos Film Corporation, 117 West 46th st., N.
Y. C. W. G. Smith, president. Distributing
through Fidelity Pictures Corporation.
Carrie Film Company, c/o Mediterranean Press.
104 West 49th st., N. Y. C. H. A. Ricciardy,

Celebrated Comedies, Series of one nad two reel
comedies. Released by Celebrated Players
Film Corporation. Chicago, 111.
Celebrated Players Film Corporation, 810 So.
Wabash ave., Chicago, 111. J. L. Friedman,
president, treasurer and general manager; H.
C. Friedman, vice-president; E. Morley, sec-
retary; R. C. Smith, advertising and publicity.
Celtic Photo Plays, Inc., 220 West 42nd st., N.

Y. C. Jules Burnstein.

Century Comedies, 1600 Broadway, N. Y. C. and
6100 Sunset blvd., Hollywood, Cal. Julius
Stern, president and general manager; Abe
Stern, secretary and treasurer; Louis Jacobs,
studio manager; Fred Fishback, Wm. Watson,
and Tom Buckingham, directors. Comedies ex-
ploit Brownie, the Century Dog; Harry Sweet,
comedian, and Baby Peggy Jean, three year old
comedienne, and Charles Dorety, comedian.
Comedies are two-reelers and released through
the Universal. (See also Great Western Pro-
ducing Company). (See Century Film Cor-

Century Film Corporation, 6100 Sunset blvd.,
Hollywood, Cal. Julius Stern, president, Abe
Stern, vice-president, secretary and treasurer;
Louis Jacobs, general manager; F. Wallach,
advertising and publicity. Studio, 6100 Sun-
set blvd., Hollywood, Cal. (See also Century

Charles Chaplin Film Corporation, 1420 La Brea
ave., Hollywood, Cal. Alfred Reeves, studio
manager; Carlisle Robinson, personal repre-
sentative; Charles Levin, supt. laboratory;
Charles Chaplin, scenario editor, director and

Chaplin Studios, Inc., 1416 La Brea ave., Holly-
wood, Cal. Charles Spencer Chaplin, president;
Sydney Chaplin, vice-president; Thomas Har-
rington, secretary; Alfred Reeves, general man-
ager; Carlyle Robinson, advertising and pub-
licity; Joseph Van Meter, sales manager; D. G.
Hall, technical director; Rollie Tatherah,
cameraman; Chas. Levin, laboratory supt.;
Nellie Ely Baker, corresponding secretary.
(See also Charles Chaplin Film Corporation).
Chaplin-Mayer Pictures Company, 2 West 45th
St., N. Y. C., and 3800 Mission road, Los An-
geles, Cal. Louis B. Mayer, president.
C. TL,. Chester Productions, Inc., 1438 Gower st.,
Hollywood, Cal. New York Office, 130 West
41st st., C. L. Chester, president and treasurer;
Albert Britt. vice-president. Ralph Bandini,
secretary. Producing Chester comedies and
Chester Junior comedies for distribution by
Federated Exchanges, Inc. Chester Travel
Pictures distributed by Educational Film Cor-
poration. Preparing new series Chester Screen-

Christie Film Company, 6101 Sunset blvd., Los
Angeles, Cal. Al. E. Christie, president; C.
H. Christie, vice-president and general man-
ager; Fred L. Porter, secretary and treasurer.
Department heads, Harry D. Edwards, pro-
duction manager; W. Scott Darling, scenario
editor; Pat Dowling, publicity director; Claude
Hill, purchasing agent; Frank Roland Conk-
lin, Robert Hall, Walter Graham, writers;
Al Christie, Scott Sidney, Harold Beaudine,
William Beaudine, directors; Ernest Levelle,
Harold Levelle, asst. directors; Bobby Vernon,
Earl Rodney, Neal Burns, Eddie Barry, Ward
Caulfield, Henry Murdock, Francis Feeney, act-
ors; Dorothy Devore, Fay Tincher, Grace Dar-
mond, Vera Steadman, Patricia Palmer, Mary
Wynn, Irene Dalton, actresses; Anthony Nagy,
E. G. Ullman, A. J. Stout, Alex. Phillips, cam-
eramen; Tom Brierley, art and technical di-
rector; Wm. Horsely, laboratory supt.; Bess
Menasco, film editor; Reginald Warde, foreign
agent, 729 7th ave., N. Y. C.

Cinal Films, 7870 Santa Monica blvd., Holly-
wood, Cal. (See Blanchard Film Co.).
Cinart, Inc., 614-623 Hollingsworth Bldg Los
Angeles. Cal., and Longacre Bldg., N Y. C.
California corporation organized March, 1921,
capital $500,000. Purchasing independent made
films and distributing through State Rights
while establishing exchange system. R A
Nickell, president; N. J. Burnside, vice-presi-
dent; L. C. Troupe, secretary and treasurer.
Cine-Art Motion Picture Productions:, Shalet
Bldg., Bridgeport, Conn. C. Miller Fraser,
president, treasurer and general manager- R
I. Nesmith, vice-president, secretary and ad-
vertising and publicity agent. Sales dept
represented in cities throughout New England,

Studio and laboratories, Shalet Bldg., Bridge-
port, Cann. Company has been in operation for
one year, specializing in advertising and com-
mercial films of a high order. Films sent to
London, Eng., and South America. Also rep-
resenting Fox News throughout New England
territory and cover news events of importance.
Have specialized in serial photography. Also
worked on several novel one-reelers.
Cinemacraft, Inc., 735 Van Nuys Bldg., Los
Angeles, Cal. Charles H. Hickman, general
manager. Producer of "Shadows of the West."
Circle Film Attractoins, 130 West 46th st., N.
Y. C. Reuben Nadler, president; Joseph Sul-
tan, vice-president. Company distributes state
right pictures such as "Ashes of Desire," 12
two-reel Tom Moore dramas; 15 Billie Rhodes
comedies; "The Fighting Kentuckians," and
"Shadows of the Law." At present not oper-
ating as an exchange, but has changed policy
to handling negatives. Has handled "In So-
ciety," starring Edith Roberts, "The Devil's
Confession," and "Shadows of the Law."
Clark-Cornelius Corporation, 117 West 46th st.,
N. Y. C. H. C. Cornelius, president; L. A.
Cornelius, vice-president; C. F. Hahn, secre-
tary; S. J. Rollo, treasurer and general man-
ager; C. J. Van Halen & Staff, advertising and

Marguerite Clark Productions, 807 E. 175th st.,

N. Y. C. Features starring Marguerite Clark.

J. N. Naulty. Released through First National.

Clayplay Comedies. Released by Special Pictures


Clermont Photoplays Corporation, 6070 Sunset
blvd., Los Angeles, Cal. W. D. Ball, presi-
dent; Fred Le Blond, vice-president; F. W.
Heidel, secretary and treasurer. Studio, 6070
Sunset blvd., Los Angeles, Cal.
Clever Comedies, Inc., 6040 Sunset bldv., Holly-
wood, Cal. Webster Cullison, producer. Mak-
ing a series of two-reel comedies featuring Vic-
tor Potel and an all star cast "Philo Gubb Cor-
respondent School Deteckative" stories by El-
lis Parker Butler.

Climax Film Corporation, 729 Seventh ave., N.
Y. C. J, H. Friedenwald, president; F. Gold-
farb. secretary and general manager; M. E.
Van Bergh, treasurer.

Cloverio Film Company, Inc., Lents, Portland,
Ore. Hector Cloverio, sole owner; P. J.
Strand, general manager; Joseph Grant Kelley,
Jr., advertising; Lois Bain, scenario editor;
George Spear, head photographer; Fred Bing-
ham studio manager. Studio, Lents, Portland,
Ore. Productions personally directed by Hector

Clune Studio and Laboratories, 5320 Melrose ave.,
Hollywood, Cal. Owned and operated by Clune
Theatre Co., 643 So. Olive st., Los Angeles,
Cal. W. H. Clune, president; T. M. Newman,
vice-president; O. K. Evans, secretary and
treasurer; O. L. Little, manager of studios;
Peter Sharay, laboratory supt.; studios leased
by Douglas Fairbanks Company.
Colonial Film Producing Co., Inc., 100 Boylston
st., Boston, Mass. Enid Mayo, president, gen-
eral manager and advertising and publicity;
H. Bennett Farrelle, secretary; Paul Cazstel-
laine, treasurer. Company has not completed
plans. Studio in preparation.

Comedyart Comedies. Series of two-reel come-
dies. Released by Special Picture Corporation.
Comiclasses. Series of two-reelers, released by

Special Pictures Corporation.

Comiqne Film Corporation, 1493 Broadway, N. Y.
C. Joseph M. Schenck, president and treasur-
er; Lou Anger, general manager. Producing
Buster Keaton comedies at 1025 Lillian Wayl
Hollywood. Cal. Eddie Cline, director; Jean
Havez and Jos. Mitchell, scenarios.
Commonwealth Cinema Corporation, 29 Middle-
sex St., Boston, Mass.

Commonwealth Film Corporation, 1600 Broadway.
N. Y. C. Sam Zierler, president and general

Commonwealth Pictures Corporation, 220 So.
State st., Chicago, 111. H. A. Spanuth, presi-

Chester Conklin Comedies. Series of two-reel
comedies, starring Chester Conklin. Released
by Special Pictures Corporation.
Continental Films, Inc., 475 Fifth ave., N. Y. C

Harold Bolster.

Clyde Cook Comedies. ' Series of two-reel come-
dies, starring Clyde Cook. Produced by Fox
Film Corporation at Fox Studios, 1417 N. West-
ern ave.. Hollywood, Cal.

Cortlandt Pictures Corporation, 822 Hume-Mansur
Building, Indianapolis, Ind. Eastern Office, 117
West 46th st.. N. Y. C. Cortland J. Van Deu-
sen, president and director-general.



Cosmopolitan Film Corporation, 836-7 N. Y. Life
Bldg., Kansas City, Mo., W. Lake Henry, presi-
dent; Frank L. Sterling, treasurer; Seaman
Russell, secretary; Guy W. Runnion, general
counsellor; in production department, Jack
Mayo, technical director; J. Graham-Thatcher,
director-general; Corey G. Cook, manager of
photography. Board of Directors W. Lake
Henry, Frank L. Sterling, Seaman Russell,
Dr. Ned W Schoonover, Dr. H. E. Glander,
H. D Barrett, and Jack Mayo.

Cosmopolitan Productions, 127th st., and 2nd
ave., N. Y. C. (See International Film Service

Craftsman Film Laboratories, Inc., 251 West 19th
st N Y. C Negative developing ana nrst
print work. Night and day service. Also art

Creation Films, Inc., 220 S. State st., Chicago,
111. B. Herbert Milligan, president and treas-
urer; K. Hoddy Milligan, vice-president; E.
Eastman, secretary; B. H. Milligan, K. H. Mil-
ligan, S. J. Konenkamp, directors. Studio
B. Herbert Milligan studio formerly (Kalem
Studio) Cliffside, N. J. Executive offices,
220 S. State st., Chicago, 111. Production units
will start on or about July 1st, making a
feature a month for the coming year.

Cromlow Film Laboratories, Inc., 220 West 42nd
st., N. Y. C. Paul H. Cromelin, president;
R. Aronstam, secretary; Allen A. Lownes,
treasurer and general manager; Charles S.
Lounds, laboratory superintendent. Labora-
tory at 62 Standist ave., West Orange, N. J.

Lester Cuneo Productions. Series of dramas
featuring Lester Cuneo. Released through
Capitol Film Company.

Cathrine Curtis Corporation, c/o First National
Exhibitors Circuit, Inc., 6-8 West 48th st.,
N. Y. C.

Curtiss Pictures Corporation, Aeolian Bldg., 33
West 42nd st., N. Y. C.

Curwood Carver Productions, Inc., 17 West 44th
st., N. Y. C. James Oliver Curwood, vice-presi-
rent and heading the James Oliver Curwood
Productions. H. P. Carver, general manager.
(See also Ernest Shipman and Associates).


Emmett Dalton Productions. (See Standard Pic-
tures, Inc.)

Damfool Twin Comedies. Series of two -reel
comedies released by Pinnacle Productions, Inc.

Afona Darkfeather Productions. Series of one-
reel Indian dramas. Released by C. B. Price,
Inc. .

Holman Day Productions, Augusta, Maine.
Maine corporation, capitalized at $250,000. Pro-
ducing pictures adapted from Holman Day
stories. Released through Associated Ex-

Carter De Haven Productions, 3800 Mission road,
Hollywood, Cal. Carter De Haven, Ftora De
Haven, Lloyd Ingraham, director; Rex Taylor,
scenario writer; Mr. and Mrs. Carter De Haven,
principals; Benjamin H. Cohen, general man-
ager; Carter De Haven, supervisor of prod"uc-
ttons. Producing five-reel comedies. Previously
released two-reel comedies. Pictures entitled
"Twin Beds," "The Girl in the Taxi," "My
Lady Friends," Released through First Na-

William Desmond Productions, 5341 Melrose ave.,
Los Angeles, Cal. Partnership owned by Wil-
liam Desmond and William La Plante. Making
series western features starring William Des-
mond; J. J. Franz, 'director.

Dial Film Company, 5341 Melrose ave., Los
Angeles, Cal. Otto Baldwin, general manager;
Henry Baldwin, assistant general manager;
T. Hayes Hunter, director; Claude Camp, asst.
director. Product released through Hodkinson.

Dierker Film Company, 1023 Van Nuys Bldg.,
Los Angeles, Cal. Produced "When Dawn
Came" direction of Colin Campbell, distributed
by Producers Security Corporation, 516 Fifth
ave, N. Y. C.

Distinctive Pictures, Inc , 336 Madison ave., N.
Y. C. Henry M. Hobart, president; C. S. Har-
vey; E. Fingeroth. A. S. Friend, attorney.
Producing pictures starring George Arliss. Re-
leased by United Artists Corporation.

Dominant Pictures, Inc., 133-135-137 West 44th
st., N. Y. C. Charles C. Burr, president; An-
thony J. Romagna, vice-president; William T.
Lackey, secretary and treasurer; Jacques Kopf-
eteln, general manager; A. S. Glenn, publicity
Jacques Kopfstein, sales manager. Studio
54th st., Studio 517 West 54th st, N. Y. C.

Dominion Film Co., Inc., 17 West 44th at., N. Y. C.

Ernest Shipman, president; Stephen T. King,
vice-president, treasurer and general manager;
S. A. Mclntosh, secretary. Company controls
Ralph Connor stories and works of other fa-
mous authors. Studios Los Angeles, Cal., and
Calgary, and Winnipeg, Canada. Co-operation
in the production and exploitation of feature
pictures. Releasing on First National, Hodkin-
son and other programs. Stephen T. King is
active head of Dominion Film Co., Inc. Policy
is co-operative, progressive and Masonic.
Producing contracts govern the works of Ralph
Connor and other authors. Exploitation con-
tracts effect the productions of James Oliver
Curwood, Ralph Connor, Edward Rice Bur-
roughs and Myrtle Reed. All exploitation in
affiliation with the various distributing or-

Doubleday Production Company, 426 Byrne Bldg.,
Los Angeles, Cal. Ovid M. Doubleday, presi-
dent; L. S. McKee, vice-president; Charles
Mack, secretary and treasurer; Charles Mack,
general manager; Frank G. Manning, advertis-
ing and publicity; Francis Crompton, technical
director; Henry McCarty, Leo Meehan, editors
and authors.

Douglas and Scheuer, Inc., 117 West 46th st.,
N. Y. C. W. A. S. Douglas, president; A. H.
Hanlon, secretary; Walter Scheuer, treasurer.

Douglass Natural Color Film Co., Ltd., San
Rafael, Cal. Leon Douglass, president.

Drascena Productions, Haas Bldg., Los Angeles,
Cal. Charles M. Conant, president; Arundell
P. Watts, secretary; Bert St. John, Ira F. Har-
lan, trustees. Agreement of Declaration of
Trust $50,000. Making features, comedies of
five, two and one reels. Titles must come from
releasing agencies. H. C. Matthews, director;
Elsie Albert, Hal Stephen, scenario writers;
cast will be disclosed when releasing contracts
are signed.

Allan Dwan Productions, 6642 Santa Monica
Blvd., Hollywood, Cal. Organized August,
1920. W. W. Kerrigan, general manager; L. G.
Dwan, scenario editor; Bert Adler, eastern rep-
resentative, 729 Seventh ave., N. Y. C., c/o
Associated Producers. Pictures released through
Associated Producers, Inc.


Eagle Film Corporation, 914 W. Lexington st.
Baltimore, Md. Charles A. Waldeck, president
Raymond Heckinger, secretary; John Waldeck
treasurer; F. J. McLaughlin, general manager
Sam Phillips, director.

Edgar Comedies. Series of two reel comedies
based upon stories by Booth Tarkington and
starring Johnny Jones. Released by Goldwyn
Pictures Corporation.

Educational Films Corporation of America, Penn
Terminal Bldg., 370 Seventh ave., N. Y. C.
E. W. Hammons, president; G. A. Skinner, vice-
president; H. G. Kosch, secretary; Bruno Mey-
ers, treasurer; E. W. Hammons, general man-
ager; J. W. O. Mahoney, advertising and pub-
licity; Henry Ginsberg, sales manager. Hand-
ling Educational, Scenic, Scientific, Comedy
Pictures. Branches in all principal cities of
United States and Canada and London, Eng.
Releasing Christie Comedies; C. L. Chester
Comedies; Torchy Comedies; Kinograms; Bruce
Scenics; Mermaid Comedies; Vanity Comedies,
and many others.

Educator Cinematograph Company, 70 Fifth ave.,
N. Y. C. Alfred H. Saunders, governor of edu-

Eminent Author Pictures, Inc., 469 Fifth ave.,
N. Y. C. Gabriel Hess, secretary; P. W.
Haberman, treasurer, Studio Culver City, Cal.
(See also Goldwyn Pictures Corporation.) Prod-
uct released through Goldwyn Distributing

Guy Empey Enterprises, 220 West 42nd st., N. Y.
C. James F. Shaw, Arthur Guy Empey, F. C.

Equity Pictures Corporation, 33 West 42nd st., N.
Y. C. Joseph J. Schnitzer, president; John
Weber, secretary; Nat Rothstein, advertising
and publicity. Studio Garson studios, 1845
Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal. Releasing
Clara Kimball Young productions and other in-
dependent attractions.

Erbograph Studios, 203 West 146th st., N. Y. C.
Ludwig G. B. Erb, president; Benjamin Goetz,
secretary and treasurer.

Exclusive Features, Inc., 126 West 4Gth St., N. Y.
C. Joseph Goldstein, J. Weinberg. (See also
Canyon Pictures Corporation.)



Export & Import Film Company, 729 Seventh ave.,
N. Y. C. Ben Blumenthal, president; L. Auer-
bach, vice-president; Stanley Blumenthal.


Fables Pictures, Inc., 1562 Broadway, N. Y. C.
Amadee J. Van Beuren, president and general
manager; Edwin G. Lauder, Jr., vice-president;
J. Henry Walters, secretary and treasurer;
Rutgers Neilson, advertising and publicity. (See
also Timely Films, Inc., Timely Topics, Inc.,
V. B. K. Film Corporation, Ay Vee Bee Corpo-
ration, Adventure Films, Inc.) (Product released
through Pathe.)

Douglas Fairbanks Pictures Corporation, 5320
Melrose ave., Hollywood, Cal. Douglas Fair-
banks, president; John Fairbanks, treasurer and
general manager; Dennis O'Brien, secretary;
Robert Fairbanks, manager of productions;
Lotta Woods, scenario editor; Mark Larkin,
publicity; Ted Reed, Fred Niblo, directors;
Harry Thorp, Wm. McGann, Chas. Warrington,
cameramen; Ed Langly, art director; Fred
England, technical director; Jack Gorbell, lab-
oratory supt. ; Wm. Nolan, film editor.

Marion Fairfax Productions, 6642 Santa Monica
Blvd., Hollywood, Cal. Marion Fairfax, pro-
ducer; John Jasper, general manager; Peter
Gridley Smith, director of advertising and pub-
licity; Rene Guissart, cameraman.

Famous Players-Lasky Corporation, 485 Fifth
ave., N. Y. C. Adolph Zukor, president; Jesse
L. Lasky, first vice-president; Elek John Lud-
vigh, secretary and treasurer; Jerome Beatty,
advertising and publicity; S. R. Kent, general
manager, dept. of distribution; H. A. Ballance,
sales manager; Cecil B. De Mille, director gen-
eral; Robert T. Kane, general manager of
eastern studio; Tom Geraghty, supervising di-
rector of .eastern studio; Charles Eyton gen-
eral manager of west coast studios; Frank
Woods, supervising director of west coast
studios; Harry Durant, scenario editor. Stu-
dios, Hollywood, Cal.; Astoria, L I. N. Y. ;
and London, Eng. Branches in all principal
cities of United States and Canada. John
Flynn, associate executive.

Famous Players-Lasky West Coast studios, 1520
Vine St., Hollywood, Cal. Cecil B. De Mille,
director general; Charles Eyton, general man-
ager; Fred Kley, studio manager; Frank E.
Woods, chief supervising director; Thompson
Buchanan, supervising director; Lee Dougherty,
scenario and film editor; Adam Hull Shirk,
west coast publicity director; C. E. Comegys,
purchasing agent; Max Parker, art director;
John M. Nikolaus, laboratory supt.; Alvin
Wyckoff, director of photography; Howard
Wells, head of property department; Clare
West, designer of wardrobe for Cecil B. De
Mille; Ethel Chaffin, general wardrobe de-
signer; Roy Diem, costumes; Loren Taylor,
title department; A. C. Martin, manager audit-
ing dept.; L. M. Goodstadt, casting director;
Elizabeth McGaffey, research dept.; Geo. Dick-
son, stage manager. Edward Knoblock, W.
Somerset Maugham, Elinor Glyn, Sir Gilbert
Parker, Geo. Pattullo, Elmer Harris, Monte
Katerjohn, special wrijters. Byron Morgan
Frank Condon, Beulah Marie Dix, Frank X.
Finnegan, subtitles; Olga Printzlau and Frances
Harmer, Wm. De Mille's scenarist and reader
respectively; Walter Woods, Clara G. Kennedy,
Eugene B. Lewis, Jeanie MacPherson (Cecil B.
De Mille's scenarist) Douglas Doty, staff writ-
ers. William De Mille, George Melford, Cecil
B. De Mille, William D. Taylor, producing di-
rector; Joseph Henebery, Thomas HefEron,
James Cruze, Sam Wood, Tom Forman, Frank
Urson, directors; Thomas Meighan, Gloria
Swanson, Wallace Reid, Roscoe Arbuckle, Ethel
Clayton, stars.

Robert L.. Fargo Productions, 1116 Lodi st., Holly-
wood, Cal. Making series one reel comedies,
featuring Hank Mann, for distribution by Arrow
Film Corporation.

Federal Photoplays of California, 5341 Melrose
ave., Los Angeles, Cal. New York office, 25
West 45th st., N. Y. C. Owned by Benjamin
Hampton and Hewlings Mumpers. Producers
of features for Zane Grey Pictures Corpora-
tions. Great Authors Pictures Corporation,
Benjamin B. Hampton Productions. Norris
Mumper, general manager; E. Richard Schay-
er, scenario editor; Elliot Howe and Jean
Herscholt, directors; Gus Peterson, G. H.
Sturgis, cameramen; J. Chapman, publicity;
Eltinge F. Warner, manager New York office.

(See also Zane Grey Pictures Corporation,
Great Authors Pictures Corporation, and Ben-
jamin B. Hampton Productions.)

Federated Films Exchanges of America, Inc., 220
West 42nd st., N. Y. C. J. L. Friedman, presi-
dent; Harry Charnas, vice-president; J. E.

Pearce, secretary; S. V. Gaus, treasurer; Geo. H.
Wiley, general manager.

Fidelity Pictures Company, 117 west 46th st.,
N. Y. C. William G. Smith.

Filmcraffc Laboratory, Inc., Culver City, Cal.
Pascal H. Burke, president; J. P. Burrows,
secretary; Frank V. Bigey, superintendent.
Capacity 125,000 ft. positive and 50,000 ft.
negative daily.

Film-Art Productions, Inc., Bank of Italy Bldg.,
Fresno, Cal. L. O. Stephens, president; O. B.
Boyle, vice-president; Wm. F. Dunn, secre-
tary; B. D. Biggerstaff, treasurer and general
manager; Chas. Soer, advertising and publicity.
Company is producing with two units one
making five reel features, the other two reelers.

Film Exchange, 126 West 46th st., N. Y. C. E. S.
Manheimer, president and general manager.
(See also Schomer-Ross Productions, Inc.)

Film Library Service, 67 West 44th st., N. Y. C.
Henry Bollman, president; Chas. H. Fabens,
treasurer. Concern deals in negative, negative
rights and prints. Purpose is to supply film to
the non-theatrical trade.

Film Market, Inc., 1482 Broadway, N. Y. C. Rob-
ert W. Priest, president.

Film Sales Company, 158-160 West 45th st., N.
Y. C. Harry S. Stone, general manager. Dis-
tributing Billy Ruge Comedies, Jolly Comedies,
and Film Special Comedies.

Film Special Comedies. Series of one-reel corn-
dies for release through Film Sales Company.

Fine Arts Pictures, Inc., 130 West 46th st., N.
Y. C., and Jacksonville, Fla. Murray W. Gars-
son, treasurer and general manager; Harry P.
Diggs, vice-president and advertising agent;
George Owens, secretary. Studio Fine Arts
City, Jacksonville, Fla.

First National Exhibitors' Circuit, Inc., 6-8 West
48th st., N. Y. C. Robert Lieber, president;
Samuel Katz, vice-president; Harry O.
Schwalbe, secretary and treasurer ; J. G. Von
Herberg, R. H. Clark, Robert Lieber, Harry O.
Schwalbe, Sol Lesser, E. V. Richards, Jr., Sam-
uel Katz constitute the board of directors.
Harry O. Schwalbe, chairman of executive com-
mittee. Other members of executive commit-
tee: N. H. Gordon, Moe Mark, Samuel Katz,
A H. Blank. Members of organization: Jule
and J. J. Allen, Allen Theatre Bldg., Toronto,
Can.; A. H. Blank, Iowa Bldg., Des Moines;
J. B. Clark, Jenkins Arcade Bldg., Pittsburgh;
R D Graver, 12 So. Church st., Charlotte, N.
C ' W. P Dewees, 719 Seymour st., Vancouver,
B. C. ; Jacob Fabian, 729 Seventh ave., N. Y. C. ;
Frank Ferrandini, 12 So. Church st., Charlotte,
N. C. ; Ruben & Finkelstein, Loeb Arcade Bldg.,
Minneapolis; N. H. Gordon, 142 Berkeley st.,
Boston; Sam Katz, State-Lake Bldg., Chicago;
J. H. Kunsky, Madison Theatre Bldg., Detroit;
Col Fred Levy, Market st., at Third, Louis-

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