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" To the silver-headed veteran

Who slumbers cabn and low,
West Pointers join the chorus

From the everglades and snow;

We'll crown wdth brighter memories

As onward stiU we go,
Our stern old foimder's cognomen

In the Old South Barracks, oh!'


Founder of Norwich University.

Norwich University


Her History, Her Graduates,
Her Roll of Honor

Published by

Compiled and Edited by


VOL. 1.


Montpelier, Vt.



Copyright, 1911
By Grenville M. Dodge and William A. Ellis.

m yi


Distinguished Soldier and Educator,




Introductory Page __________ i

Dedicatory Page - ___ - ____ vii

Author's Introduction -_ - - - - xiii

List of Illustrations - - __ - _- xvii

Index of University Officials - - - -_ 577

Index of Alumni and Past Cadets - - - - 579

Index of Honorary Graduates - - - - 594

Index of Persons Other than Cadets ______ 594

General Index - - - - - - 597

Chapter I. The American Literary, Scientific and Military

Academy, 1819-1834 -_-__-_ - _ 1-71

The Academy Founded — Notes on Captain Partridge's Work —
Erection of the First Building — Supplementary Announce-
ment of the Academy — Account of the Enrollment —
Faculty— Courses of Study — Military Lectures — Text
Books Used — Military Organization of the Corps — Uni-
forms^Equipment — Marches — Vacations — Expenses — "The
Commons" — Athletics — Societies, the Polemic and the
Franklin — Oratorical Contests and Prizes — Cadet Band —
Deaths of Cadets — Removal to Middletown — Opposition
TO Chartering of the Academy — Change of Management —
The Preparatory School in Norwich — Return to Norwich —
Account of the Association for the Promotion of Useful

Chapter II. Norwich University, 1834-43 - - - - 72-90

The University Chartered — Faculty — Entrance Requirements-
Departments of Instruction — Courses of Study — Library —
Text Books Used— Military Regulations — Marches —
Expenses — Athletics — Commons — Theatricals — Literary
Societies — "N. U." and Dartmouth Feuds — Commence-
ments — Military Conventions — Ladies' Seminary Founded —
President Partridge Resigns — Truman B. Ransom Elected

*Note: For list of abbreviations and explanations of symbols see Roster in Vol. III.



Chapter III. Norwich University, 1844-46 - - - - 91-102

President Ransom Assumes the Duties of President — Captain
Partridge Leases the University Property — New Location
Secured in Norwich — Settlement With Captain Partridge —
Faculty — Attendance — Course of Study — Text Books —
Preparatory Department — Vacations — Marches — Societies
— Expenses — Commencements — Old University Banner
Presented— President Ransom Resigns — War With Mexico.

Chapter IV. Norwich University, 1846-66 - - - - 103-141

Administrations of Presidents Butler and Wheaton — Mexican
War — Edward Bourns Elected President — Faculty —
Attendance— Courses of Study — Text Books — Library —
Requirements for Admission — Terms — Vacations — Military
Organization — Uniforms — State Loan of Arms — Marches —
Expenses • — Societies — Clubs — Reveille Founded — Dart-
mouth Feuds — Reminiscenses — Commencements — Attempt at
Removal of "N. U." — Educational Conventions — Civil
War — Old South Barracks Burned — Removal to North-

Chapter V. Norwich University, 1866-80 - - - - 142-173

The Removal to Northfield— Location of Site — Land Deeded —
The Erection of Jackman Hall — -Paine Block used for a
Barracks — Cadets from Norwich — Laying of the Corner
Stone — Opening of the University on the Hill — Adminis-
trations OF Presidents Walker, Howard, Douglass, and
Curtis — Uncle "Jim" Secured as Armorer — Perley Belk-
nap Litigation — Death of Professor Bourns and General
Jackman— Faculty — Attendance — Entrance Requirements
— Courses of Study — Text Books — Library — Preparatory
Department — Vacations — Military Organization — Service
Calls — Uniforms — Expenses — The Commons — Athletics —
Fraternities — Clubs — "The Reveille" — Church Attend-
ance — Commencements.

Chapter VI. Lewis College, 1880-84 - - - 174-187

Critical Period — Colonel Lewis Offers Aid — Legislative Act —
Change op Name of the University — Colonel Lewis' Let-
ter — Belknap Litigation — State Aid — Old Name of the
University Restored — Faculty — Entrance Requirements —
Courses of Study — Expenses — Athletics — Reveille — Jun-
ior Exhibitions — Graduating Exercises — Drills — Hops.

Chapter VII. Norwich University, 1885-1911 - - - -188-323

Restoration of the Old Name, Norwich University — Prepara-
tory Department — Resignation of Professor Dole — ^Profes-
sor Waite, Executive Officer — Course of Study Enlarged^-



Detail of an Akmy Officer — Professor Brill Appointed
Superintendent — Boston Alumni Association — Mess Hall —
Endowment Fund — Belknap Litigation — Dodge Hall —
President Lewis Resigns — State Aid — New York Alumni
Association — General O. O. Howard Becomes a Trustee —
Purchase of Land — Adverse Legislative Bill — Adminis-
tration OF President Brown — Battle of Manila Bay —
Board of Visitors Appointed — The Dewey Hall — Dewey
Celebration in Northfield — Scholarships Founded —
Dodge Fund — Drill Hall — Dewey Day — Alumni Hall —
Administration of President Spooner — Carnegie Hall —
Weather Bureau Building — Faculty — Attendance — En-
trance Requirements — Courses of Study — Text Books —
Degrees — Prizes and Medals — Library — Museum and
Reading Room — Summer Schools — Military Organization —
Uniforms — Encampments and Marches — Austin Trophy —
Expenses — Athletics — Fraternities and Clubs — Debates —
Sheldon Contests — Musical Clubs — Cadet Band — Religi-
ous Work — Baccalaureate Sermons — Class Day Exer-
cises — Junior Exhibitions — Graduating Exercises — Cor-
poration Dinners — Commencement - Drills — Concerts —

Chapter VIII. Record of the Alumni and Past Cadets in Civil

Life - - - - -_ - -_ 324-394

Clergymen — Teachers — Lawyers — Judges — Senators — Cong-
ressmen — U. S. Ministers and Consuls — Postmasters —
Governors and Lieutenant-Governors — State Senators and
Representatives — Chemists, Druggists and Physicians —
Dentists — Civil Engineering Work — Inventors — Mer-
chants AND Business Men — Salesmen — Insurance Men —
Hotel Proprietors — Bankers — Manufacturers — Lumber-
men — Farmers — Planters and Ranchmen — Quarrymen —
Sailors and Sea Captains — Artists, Authors and Editors —
Orators and Lecturers — Libr.arians — Service with Secret

Chapter IX. The Military Service of the Alumni and Past

Cadets of Norwich University - - - - 395^83

The Purpose of the Academy — History of Military Schools
Founded by Captain Partridge and Norwich Men — Black
Hawk War — Seminole War — Mexican War — Civil War —
Spanish-AmericaNj War — Service in the U. S. Army and
Navy — Foreign Service — Roll of Honor — Service in the
State Militia.



Chapter X. History of Fraternities, Alumni Associations

AND University Publications - - - - 484-541

Introduction — The Regulators — ^Fraternities — Commons Club-
The General Alumni Association and the New York, Boston,
Vermont and St. Louis Associations — University Owl —
Reveille — War Whoop — The Record.

Chapter XL "N. U." Songs and Poems - - - - - -542-557

The Old South Barracks, Oh — Hurrah for Old "N. U." — The
Death op Col. Truman B. Ransom — Alma Mater Old "N. U. '
My Alma Mater — The Heroes of "N. U.' ' — ^To the Colors —

Chapter XIL " N. U." Charter and Legislative Acts - 558-575


This work is a continuation of the Historj^ of the University, pubhshed
in 1898 by Mr. W. A. Ellis of the class of 1897. The first work was begun in
1894, when he was elected alumni editor of the Reveille. From 1898, until
1907, he collected material on the alumni and past cadets and on the general
history of the University; and in 1907, lie undertook to publish a supple-
mentary volume. Not receiving sufficient financial support to guarantee the
publication, the work was temporarilj^ abandoned. In December, 1908, Gen.
G. M. Dodge of the class of 1851, became interested in the work and made
arrangements with Mr. Ellis to complete the history. On January 1, 1909,
the work of compiling the history was actively begun. The printing was
begun in December, 1910 and completed in November, 1911.

It was at first planned to publish the general history of the University,
and the sketches of the cadets from 1820 to date, omitted from the first
edition, and issue the work in one volume. But as the work progressed, it
became necessary to revise the sketches appearing in the first volume and
issue the work in two volumes — Volume I to contain the sketches of the
cadets from 1820 to 1866 and Volume II from 1867 to date. As the compila-
tion was continued, it became evident, owing to the great mass of material
collected, that it would be impossible to publish the work in two volumes.
So the plan of publication was again changed to issue the work in three vol-
umes, in its present form : Volume I, being the general history of the Univer-
sity; Volume II, sketches of alumni and past cadets, 1820-66; Volume III,
sketches of alumni, past cadets and under-graduates, 1866-1915. The data
collected in compiling this work will be placed in the University library for

A systematic canvass of the alumni, past cadets, and friends of the
University has been made in the effort to make the work complete. Fully
50,000 letters have been written, and so far as possible, all the data received
has been carefully verified. It is earnestly desired that all persons noting
errors or omissions in the History will send the corrections to the Historian.
Only those who have engaged in genealogical research, can appreciate the im-
mense amount of work in tracing the cadets, many of whom were born over
one hundred years ago. An elTort was made to secure cuts of all the gradu-
ates and the past cadets of two year's attendance at the University; and it is
with regret, that it was found impossible to carry out the plan. In many
cases portraits of thejcadets have not been preserved and in many others, the
absence of the cuts, is explained^by the indifference of the descendents and
relatives of the old students.

During 1844-53, a mihtary school was conducted in Norwich, by Captain
Partridge and his cadets, so far as known, are included in this work. During
1861-63, fully one hundred men studied Mihtary Drill and Tactics at the Uni-
versity and unfortunately, the University authorities did not keep a roster


of these men. The names of the men in the old catalogues were not always
given in full; and in many cases the catalogues gave different initials for the
same men. An immense amount of time has been spent in verifying these
names. Ti'ips have been made to Norwich, Vt., Middletown, Conn., and
other towns and data collected from the old residents in regard to the Institu-
tion. Newspaper files for the years 1820-66, have been consulted in the State
Library in MontpeUer and in Middletown, Conn., for data.

The Historian and Publisher are under deep obligations to many persons
for assistance in collecting data for this history. Much valuable data has
been received from the historical notes on the University preserved by Wil-
liam G. Brooks, '24, Edwin F. Johnson, '25, Joseph D. Allen, '25, George M.
Totten, '26, Hon. Gideon Welles, '26, Gen. George W. Balloch, '47, Col.
Henry O. Kent, '54, Capt. Charles A. Curtis, U. S. A., '61, Maj. Henry E.
Alvord, '63, and Prof. John B. Joshnson, '79.

Mr. William R. Cutter, '68, for many years, librarian of the Woburn
(Mass.) Public Library has given the Historian much valuable advice and as-
sistance in compiling the history. Acknowledgement for articles furnished
for the work is as follows: Rev. Homer White, trustee of the University for
his "Heroes of N. U.", Vol. I, page 550: poems by Col. H. O. Kent, '54,
Vol. I, Chapter XI; Charles N. Kent, '64 and Howard F. Hill, '67, account of
the service of the corps of cadets at Newport, Vt., in October, 1864, Vol. I,
pages 416-421; Rear- Admiral George P. Colvocoresses, U. S. N., '66, The
Battle of Manila Bay, Vol. I, pages 427-438; J. Albert Hoknes, '95, History of
the Theta Chi Fraternity, Vol. I, page 488; Myron R. Hurlbut,'67, George D.
Thomas, '76, Roy L. Andrews, '09, and Prof. Carl V. Woodbury for poems
in Chapter XI, Vol. I.

Captain H. V. Partridge of Norwich, Vt., son of Captain Alden Partridge,
U. S. A., founder of "N. U.", has given much assistance in the work in con-
sulting data preserved by his father and in tracing the old cadets; Congress-
man Frank Plumley, of Northfield, trustee of the University, has been un-
tiring in his assistance to make the work complete. Col. Heman W. Allen of
Burlington, generously furnished the cuts of Col. F. V. Randall, Col. W. D.
Munson. '54, and Pomeroy Loomis, '56. Mr. William 0. Hart of New Orleans,
treasurer of the Louisiana State Historical Society, has given much assis-
tance in tracing cadets from that State; Mr. J. L. Gillis, librarian of the Cal-
ifornia State Library, has rendered much assistance in tracing cadets, early
settlers, in that State; Frank F. Starr, the distinguished genealogist of Mid-
dletown, Conn., in tracing cadets from that State. Prof. Charles Dole, '69,
vice-president of the University, has carefully read the proof of the general
history of the University, 1866-1911. Prof. Edward S. Holden, librarian of
the United States Military Academy, West Point and Prof. A. N. Brown,
librarian of the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, have given valuable
aid in tracing the cadets, who later graduated from the National Academies.
Brig.-Gcneral Fred C. Ainsworth, U. S. A., chief of the Record and Pension
Office, Washington, D. C, has rendered valuable assistance in tracing cadets,
who served in the volunteer and regular armies. Prof. J. G. de Roulhac Ham-
ilton of the Department of History, University of North CaroUna, has assisted
in tracing cadets from that State and the South.

Acknowledgement is due Harper & Bros., for the permission of copying
the cuts of the battle of Manila Bay, and the map of the harbor of Manila,


appearing in the Harper's Weekly. James Drummond Ball of Boston kindly
furnished the engraving of his famous_painting of the battle of Gettysburg
for the cut on page 406, Vol. I

Others who have assisted in the work are: Gen. Elliott T. Dill, adjutant-
general of Maine; Rev. J. L. Sherwood, D. D., Keene, N H.; Rev. Howard F.
Hill, D. D., Concord, N. H.; Henry Child, historian, Cornish, N. H.; Miss
Edith S. Freeman, librarian. New Hampshire State Historical Society; Arthur
M. Chase, State librarian. Concord, N. H.; Gen. Harry B. Cilley, adjutant-
general of New Hampshire; Mrs. Mary S. Ide, librarian, Fiske Free Library,
Claremont, N. H.; Hon. Samuel E Pingree, Hartford, Vt.; Charles E. Allen,
Burlington, Vt.; Col. Kittredge Haskins and Mrs. Charles Akeley, Brattle-
boro, Vt.; Gen. L. G. Kingsley, '56, Rutland, Vt.; Mrs. O. O. Jaquith, libra-
rian of the Norman WilUams Library, Woodstock, Vt.; Mr. J. K. Egerton,
Northfield, Vt.; Solon F. Frary, '38, Strafford, Vt.; P. S. Howes, '96 of Mont-
pelier; Mrs. Ora A. George Flint, Worcester, Mass.; Gen. WilUam N. Brigham,
adjutant-general of Massachusetts; Prof. WilHam James, librarian of Weslej^an
University and Miss Laura F. Philbrook, librarian of the Russell Library,
Middletown, Conn.; Charles Collard Adams, Cromwell, Conn.; Francis B.
Trowbridge and Dr. G. Totten McMaster, New Haven, Conn.; Gen. W. B.
Landus, adjutant-general of Connecticut; Frederick B. Richards, Glens
Falls, N. Y.; John B. Ireland, New York city; Edward McC. Peters, '80,
Brooklyn, N. Y.; Gen. W. W. H. Davis, '42, Doylestown, Pa.; Thomas B.
Donaldson, secretary and treasurer of the University of Pennsylvania Alumni
Association, Philadelphia, Pa.; W.A.Clark, Columbia, S. C; Mr. A. C. Moore,
secretary of the University of South Carolina Alumni Association, Columbia,
S. C; W. C. Benton, ^liddlebm-g, Va.; Judge Henry C. Cormor, Wilson, N.C.;
Prof. R. D. W. Connor, Raleigh, N. C; Dr. K. P. Battle, Chapel Hill, N. C;
Judge Henry R. Bryan, Newbern, N. C; Miles O. Sherrill, State librarian,
Raleigh, N. C; Louis A. Clark, St. Mary's Ga.; Charles S. Wylly, Brunswick,
Ga.; Prof. Thomas M. Owen, director of the State Department of Archives
and History, Montgomery, Ala.; Hon. O. H. Leland, '54, McGregor, Texas;
Texas State Historical Society; Hon. A. W. Wills, postmaster, Nashville,
Tenn.; Otis S. Tenney, '45, Lexington, Ky.; Hon. ^ATiittlesey Adams, Warren,
Ohio; G. A. Hyde, Cleveland, Ohio; Michigan State Historical Society; Illi-
nois State Historical Society; Gen. George W. McCoy, adjutant-general of
IlUnois; Mr. Reuben G. Thwaites, secretary of the Wisconsin State Historical
Society, Madison, Wis.; Gen. C. R. Boardman, adjutant-general of Wiscon-
sin; D. J. Whittemore, chief engineer of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
R. R., Milwaukee, Wis.; The Historical Department of the State of Iowa;
Gen. William H. Thrift, adjutant-general of Iowa; Gen. S. M. Preston, '45,
Seattle, Wash.

The Historian especially acknowledges the faithful and efficient services
of his assistants in the work: Miss C. Kate Story, Miss Dotie Potter, Miss
Hazel M. Holt, and Miss Clara F. Williams,

The following papers have generously advertised for cadets: The
Burlington, (Vt.) Free Press; The United Opinion, Bradford, Vt.; Fayette-
ville, (N. C.) Daily Observer; Richmond, (Va.) Dispatch and Times; New
Orleans, (La.) Picayune; ^Mobile (Ala.) Register; Essex (N. Y.) Record; Super-
ior, (Wis.) Telegram; The Evening Star, Plattsburg, N. Y.; Fort Edward,
(N. Y.) Advertiser; Utica (N. Y.) Daily Press; Boston (Mass.) Transcript;


Randolph (Vt.) Herald; St. Albans (Vt.) Messenger; Waltham (Mass.) Even-
ing News; the Northfield (Vt.) News; the Reveille.

This work is presented to the alumni and past cadets with the hope, that
it will further increase their loyalty to their Alma Mater, and to the public
with the desire that the reading of the conspicuous services of the alumni and
past cadets of the University in the various wars of our country and in the
many activities of life, will re-awaken an interest in the Old Institution,
founded by Capt. Alden Partridge for the training of a Citizen-Soldiery
and for technical education.

Northfield, Vt., October 14, 1911.




The Academy in 1820 8

The Academy in Middletown 61, 66


Old Barracks in Norwich 92

Jackman Hall in 1870. View from the South 146

Jackman Hall in 1870. View from the East 148

The University From the East 187

The University From the Northeast 198

Carnegie Library 224

The U. S. Weather Bureau Building 225

University Grounds. Commencement, 1897 314

Dewey Hall. Commencement, 1910 544


Champion Base Ball Team, 1887 277

Base Ball Team, 1904 279

Base Ball Team, 1910 282

Foot Ball Team, 1907 285

Foot B.\ll Poster, Vermont Game, 1910 287

Foot Ball Squad, 1910 288

B.\se Ball G.ame, 1910 549


Battle of Gettysburg, Showing the famous Vermont Brigade in

action 406

Battle op Gettysburg 407

Battle of Gettysburg. Flank attack of General Stannard's Brigade,

Julys, 1863 412

Battle of Atlanta. Sixteenth Army Corps, General G. M. Dodge,

'51, in command 417

Battle of Atlanta. Fourth Division of the Sixteenth Army Corps

in Action 420

Battle of Manila. Commodore George Dewey, '55, in command 430

Map of Manila Bay 432




U. S. S. Badger 434

Sloop of War, Portsmouth in command of Edward McC. Peters, '80 415

U. S. S. Montgomery. In command of Capt. George A. Converse, '63,

entering the harbor of Havana in 1898 423

The U. S. S. Olympia, Admiral Dewey's Flagship 428


Dewey Day Poster, 1899 205

Depot Square 206

Admiral Dewey Presented to the People 208

Hon. Chauncey M. Depew, delivering his Oration 211

Distinguished Group of Men Listening to Mr. Depew 213

The Corps of Cadets 213

School Street, Boston, 1899 522


Diploma op 1837 85

Diploma of 1839 86

Diploma op 1864 105

Diploma of 1872 311

Diploma of 1909 315


Theta Chi Chapter House. Northfield 488

Theta Chi Fraternity in 1895 491

Alpha Sigma Pi Fraternity House in Norwich 494


Cadet Camp, Berlin Pond 162

Cadet Camp in ,1878 165

Cadet Camp in 1879 166

Artillery Drill in the Eighties . . . -. 184

Camp in Barre, 1907 : 221

Camp in Williamstown, June, 1907 221

Squad of Cavalry, 1910 262

Headquarters. State Fair, 1910 269

Camp Scene, 1909 387

The Troop of Cavalry on the March, 1910 421

On the Hike, 1910 426

Rifle Practice at the Range, 1907 473

Guarding the Colors, Hike of 1910 481

Beginning the Hike of 1907 486

Rifle Practice 492

Hike of 1907 498

Guard Mount, State Fair in 1910 541

On the Hike, 1909 546




Governor Paine Block 144

northfield village in 1877 150

Methodist Church 170

Depot Square, East Side, 1910 190

Central Street, looking North 191

Jackman Hall, View to the North 192

Birds-Eye View of Northfield 193

Park at the Center Village 194

Depot Square, East Side 195

Northfield Graded and High School, 1910 197

Gouldsville, Looking South 199

Governor Paine Block, Co. F, V. N. G., leaving for New York city in

1889 200

Depot Square, West Side, 1899 206

View of Northfield from ICing Street 230


Summer School, 1909 256

Summer School, 1905 258

Sophomore Class, Summer School, 1910 259

Summer School, 1910 512

Summer School, 1910 538


Map of Survey of Norwich, Vt., by the Cadets in 1824 328

Joining the Tracks, Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads

in 1869 334

Hanging Bridge in the Royal Gorge, Colo 340

View of the Niagara Falls Power Company's Property 345

Tunnel No. 3, Weber Canon, Union Pacific R. R 352

Laramie River Canon, Union Pacific R. R 358

Dale Creek Bridge, Union Pacific R. R 364

Temporary Trestle Promontory, Utah, Union Pacific R. R 370

Municipal Building, New York city 379

Entrance to the North Platte Canon, Union Pacific R. R 384

Pennsylvania Station, New York city 390


State Trophy from Santiago 254

Glee Club, 1910 300

Cadet Orchestra, 1910 302

New York Alumni Banquet, 1910 517




Captain Alden Partridge iv.

Captain Charles E. Clark, U. S. N., Breaking Ground for the

Dewey Hall 203

Andrew Carnegie 222

Group: Capt. Frank Tompkins, U. S. A.
Dr. Harold A. Whitney, and

Sergt. J. C. Cody, U. S. A 269

Norwich University Men, Serving in Co. F, 1st Regiment Vermont

Infantry, Spanish- American War 425

Captain Frank Tompkins, U. S. A 501


The American Literary, Scientific and Military Academy,


The Academy Founded — Notes on Captain Partridge's Work —
Erection of the First Building — Supplementary Announcement of
THE Academy' — Account of the Enrollment — Faculty' — Courses of
Study — Military Lectures — Text Books Used — Military Organiza-
tion OF the Corps — Uniforms — Equipment — Marches — Vacations — •
Expenses — "The Commons" — Athletics — Societies, the Polemic and the

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