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third. In 1908 no contest was held; June 19, 1909, D. H. B.
Starr, '11, first; R. E. Walbridge, '11, second and L. N. Burhoe,


'11, third; June 20, 1910, R. P. Lynde, '11, first; D. J. Smith, '11,
second and R. E. Walbridge, '11, third.

The prizes have done much to stimulate the interest in marks-
manship and there has been great improvement in the scores made
by the men. So far only three cadets have been able to suc-
cessfully defend their medal. E. A. Chase, '03, successfully de-
fended his medal in 1903, C. A. Tenney, '06, in 1906 and J. H.
Hears, '07, in 1907.


One of the distinctive features of the University is the reason-
able expense, which is lower than at any other institution in New
England. While the expenses at the various colleges of the coun-
try have been greatly increased there has been but a small ad-
vance in the fees at Norwich.

From 1884 until 1892 tuition was $45 a year and from 1892
to date S65. From 1884 until 1906 room rent was $15 a year. On
the completion of Alumni Hall in 1906, room rent in the building
was placed at $25 a year; and on the renovation of Jackman Hall,
in 1908, rent in that building was increased to $25.

During 1884-86, the library fee was $3 a year and the inci-
dentals $5. In 1886 these two items were consolidated and this
charge reduced to $5 a year. In 1900 it was increased to $10 a
year, in 1901 to $12 and in 1903 to $15. In 1903 the reading room
and library fee was made a separate item of $3 a year.

Since 1901, the general engineering fee for the sophomore,
junior and senior classes in Civil Engineering has been one dollar
a term; physical laboratory fee for all the sophomore classes $3 a
term; electrical engineering fee for the junior and senior class in
that course $3 a term. The fees for the Summer School of En-
gineering from 1901 to date, have been as follows: sophomore
classes, tuition, $5, room rent, heat and lights, $3; junior and senior
classes, tuition $10, room rent, heat and lights, $6; specials, $25,
covering all fees.

Until the installation of the steam heating plant in Jackman
Hall in 1896, the cadets used stoves for heating and were obliged
to attend to this work themselves. For many years the athletic
work received from the various drills was supplemented by the
daily exercise of bringing wood and coal from the historic sheds
in the basement to the rooms. This work, and the care of the old
kerosene lamps, added much labor to the daily routine of the cadet;
and the coveted " 100," on room inspection on Sunday mornings


by the commandant, was much harder to obtain than it is today,
as each stove had to be carefully polished, the lamps thoroughly
cleaned and the rough floors washed.

During 1896-1903 the charge for heat and lights was $18 a
year; during 1903-05, $21, and during 1905 to date, $25. Begin-
ning with 1906 the University has furnished the rooms with
the necessary furniture at a cost of $10 a year. Board and
laundry at the Mess Hall was $117 a year during 1889-1901 ; during
1901-02, $227, and 1902-03, $233. In 1903, the historic Mess Hall
was discontinued, since which date the cadets have boarded at
their Fraternity houses, or in town, the price ranging from $3 to $4
a week. Several of the cadets have practiced self-boarding at a
price ranging from $1 . 25 to $2 a week.

Prizes and Medals.

The Senior Gold Medal is conferred upon the member of the
senior class who has the highest academic standing from entrance
to graduation. The cadets winning this medal are as follows :

'96, Averill, James Leland

'91, Booth, Alfred Franklin

'01, Clark, Harry Guy

'09, Clark, Walter Lucas

'95, Davis, Fred Carnot

'98, Dinsmoor, Paul Addison

'90, Dressel, Herman, Jr.

'03, Fuller, Samuel Leslie

'93, Gaynor, Eben Watson

'06, Gilman, Dana Howes

'88, Johnson, Luther

'89, Lamb, Fred Ellsworth

'05, Lawrence, Ernest Allen

'99, Moseley, John Pool

'07, Pratt, Harry Chadwick

'05, Randall, George Christopher

'00, Richmond, Harold Samuel

'92, Ryan, Edmond Henry

'94, Smith, Raymond Underwood

'10, Stebbins, Kenneth Foster

'02, Stebbins, Lawrence Bernard

'08, Stowe, Frederick Stevens

'97, Walker, Charles Ernest

^ In 1897, Mr. George D. Thomas of the class of 1876, began
giving a gold medal to the cadet who has the highest average for
the year ending with the close of the winter term. This competi-


tion is open to the three upper classes. The cadets winning the
medals are as follows :

'12, Baker, Harold Tower, ira 1910
'01, Carr, Dean Orris, in 1901.
'01, Clark, Harry Guy, in 1900
'09, Clark, Walter Lucas, in 1908 and 1909
'07, Pratt, Harry Chadwiek, in 1907 and 1907
'05, Lawrence, Ernest Allen in 1903 and 1904
'99, Moseley, John Pool, in 1898 and 1899
'04, Randall, George Christopher in 1902
'08, Stowe, Frederick Stevens, in 1906
'97, Winslow, Arthur Ellsworth, in 1897

Since 1897, Capt. E. A. Shuttleworth, U. S. A., of the class of
.1891, has given a regulation foot officer's sword. to the member of
the junior class having the highest standing from entrance to the
close of the winter term of the junior year. The winners of this
sword are as follows :

'09, Clark, Howard Theodore, in 1908
'10, Collins, Everett, in 1909
'98, Duggan, Charles Edward, in 1897
'99, Eaton, Charles Horace, in 1898
'03, Foster, John Harold, in 1902
'06, Hovey, Bradford Pierce, in 1905
'05, Lawrence, Ernest Allen, in 1904
'08, O'Donnell, John Edward, 1907
'07, Pratt, Harry Chadwiek, in 1906
'04, Randall, George Christopher in 1903
'11, Richmond, Neal Willard, in 1910
'00, Sibley, Benton William, in 1899
'02, Watson, Guy Hemy, in 1901
'01, Wheatley, Charles Edwin, in 1900

During 1899-1901, the President of the University gave an
athletic medal to encourage the interest in field sports. The
winners of the medal were: Francis Byron Judd, '03, in 1901;
Henry Ward Orser, '02, in 1899; William Oliver Tuck, Jr., '04,
and Francis Bowen Upham, '03, in 1900.

In 1900, to further increase the interest in baseball, Hon. E. R.
Juckett, M. S., of the class of 1889, began giving a gold medal to the
member of the team, either regular or substitute, who has the
highest academic standing for the year. This medal has been won
by the following men :

'08, Brown, Thomas Wolcott, in 1905
'09, Clark, Walter Lucas, in 1907 and 1908
'07, Hears, John Herbert, in 1904 and 1906


'11, Richmond, Neal Willard, in 1909
'02, Stebbins, Lawrence Bernard, in 1901
'06, Tower, William Ainos, in 1903
'03, Williams, Seth, in 1900

Since 1899, a silver medal has been given to each of the three
members of the sophomore and freshman classes, whose general
average, military standing and academic, respectivelj', are the
highest. The winners of the sophomore medals are as follows :

'06, Betterley, Hugh James, Military Standing in 1904

'12, Cannon, Samuel Clark, Military Standing in 1910

'12, Baker, Harold Tower, Academic Standing and General Average in 1910

'01, Carr, Dean Orris, General Average and Academic Standing in 1899

'09, Clark, Frank Sheldon, Military Standing in 1907

'09, Clark, Howard Theodore, General Average, and Academic Standing in

'10, Collins, Everett, General Average, Academic and Military Standing in

'08, Frazer, Willis Percy, Military Standing in 190G
'06, Gilman, Dana Howes, General Average, in 1904
'06, Edgerton, Halsey Charles, Academic Standing in 1904
'06, Hovey, Bradford Pierce, ^Military Standing in 1904
'05, Lawrence, Ernest Allen, General Average, Military and Academic

Standing in 1903
'07, Pratt, Harry Chadwick, General Average, Military Standing, Academic

Standing in 1905
'04, Randall, George Christopher, General Average, Militarj^ and Academic

Standing in 1902
'11, Riclimond, Neal Willard, Military Standing in 1909

'11, Sabin, Karl Danforth, General Average, and Academic Standing in 1909
'02, Stebbins, Lawrence Bernard, Academic Standing in 1900
'OS, Stow, Frederick Stevens, General Average and Academic Standing in 1906
'02, Watson, Guy Henry, General Average and ^lilitary Standing in 1900
'01, Wheatley, Charles Edward, Military Standing in 1899
'03, Williams, Seth, General Average, Military and Academic Standing in 1901

The winners of the freshman medals are as follows :

'12, Baker, Harold Tower, General Average, Academic and Militarj' Stand-
ing in 1909
'06, Barker, Ludlow Osmond, General Average and Academic Standing in 1903
'05, Booth, Ralph Allerton, General Average, in 1902
'09, Clark, George Walter, Military Standing in 1906
'01, Clark, Harry Guy, Academic Standing in 1908
'10, Clark, Ralph Lucas, General Average in 1907
'10, Collins, Everett, Academic Standing in 1907

'03, Foster, John Harold, General Average and Military Standing in 1900
'06, Gilman, Dana Howes, Military Standing in 1903


'05, Lawrence, Ernest Allen, Academic Standing in 1902

' 10, Light, Freeman, Military Standing in 1907

'09, Lord, Harold Merton, General Average and Academic Standing in 1906

'05, McFeeters, William Rensellaer, Military Standing in 1902

'07, Mears, John Herbert, Military Standing in 1904

'02, Peck, Martin William, Academic Standing in 1899

'07, Pratt, Harry Chadwick, Academic Standing in 1904

'04, Randall, George Christopher, General Average, Military and Academic

Standing in 1901
'13, Rich, Irving Arquila, Military Standing in 1910
'01, Richardson, Jeffers Foster, General Average in 1898
'11, Richmond, Neal Willard, General Average, Academic and Military Stand-

ng in 1908
'13, Shaw, Edmund Pond, Academic Standing, General Average in 1910
'08, Smallman, Edwin Watson, Academic Standing in 1905
'08, Stow, Frederick Stevens, General Average in 1905
'02, Swenson, Alfred, General Average in 1899
'02, Watson, Guy Henry, Military Standing in 1899
'01, Wheatley, Charles Edward, Military Standing in 1898
'08, Wheelock, Lyman Newton, Military Standing in 1905
?03, Williams, Seth, Academic Standing in 1900


A baseball association was formed in the spring of 1885,
with the following officers: president, C. H. Nichols, '86; vice-
president, E. H. Prince, '86; secretary, C. H. Cheney, '86; treas-
urer, E. V. Booth, '87;* umpire, F. R. Belknap, '85; The members
of the team were: captain and catcher, P. M. Fletcher, '87; pitcher,
C. H. Cheney, '86; short stop, George Gifford, '87; first base,
H. S. Denny, '88; 2d base, W. E. Hassam, '87; 3d base, C. E.
Austin, '87; right field, A. R. Shaw, '89; center field, C. H. Nichols,
'86; left field, F. F. Haywood, '88.

On March 12, 1887, delegates from the three colleges of
Vermont met in Burlington and formed the Vermont College
League. The following officers were elected: G. S. Wheelock,
of U. V. M., president; E. E. Howe of Middlebury, vice-president;
A. R. Shaw of "N. U." secretary; and E. L. Allen of Middlebury,
treasurer. A series of six games was arranged and a pennant
was to be given the winning team. The members of the team for
this year were: E. R. Juckett, '89, catcher; T. J. Robbins, '90,
pitcher; H. J. Cox, short stop; W. E. Terrill, '89, 1st base; W. E.
Hassam, '87, 2d base; H. T. Way, '88, 3d base; A. R. Shaw,
'89, right field; F. S. Palmer, '89, center field; and F. T. Austin,
'87, left field. Nine games were played; only one was lost and that
to the professional team of St. Albans by a close score. The



University of Vermont was defeated in Burlington with a score
of 7 to 0, and in Nortlifield, 23 to 6. Norwich won the state
championship and received the pennant. The success of this
team was due chiefiy to the careful training of Professor Cox,
an old Harvard player.

On March 10, 1888, a meeting of the Vermont College Base-
ball League was held in Burlington. W. E. Terrill, " N. U."
'89 was elected president; H. H. Ross of Middlebury and A. B.
Gilbert of U. V. M. were elected vice-presidents; A. R. Shaw,
"N. U.," '89, and A. B. Gilbert, a judiciary committee; P. H.
Swett of U. V. M., secretary and treasurer. At this meeting, the

Champion Base Ball Team, 1887^

pennant was awarded to " N. U.' ' A series of games was then
arranged. The members of the " N. U." team were: G. E. Sleeper,
'91; T. J. Robbins, '90; J. R. Langdon, '91; W. E. Terrill, '89;
L. F. Bellinger, '92; F. S. Palmer, '89; A. B. Jones, '90; C. F. Par-
ker, '90 and A. R. Shaw, '89. Ten games were played that year,
five being won. The University of Vermont team was awarded
the pennant.

The third annual meeting of the Vermont College Baseball
League was held at "N. U." in March, 1889. A protest was
entered against awarding the pennant to the Vermont team,
as it was known that they had employed professional players.
After some discussion the pennant was awarded to the University


of Vermont team. " N. U." and Middlebury were tied for the
second place. It was voted to continue the league. The officers
elected were : president, F. L. Moon of U. V. M. ; vice-presidents,
W. H. Sprague, " N. U.," '91, and E. B. Bryant of Middlebury;
secretary and treasurer, G. E. Lavery of Middlebury; judiciary
committee, E. B. Cleft of Middlebury, C. F. Parker, '' N. U.,"
'90, and J. M. Jackson of Vermont. In April, 1889, the University
of Vermont team broke its agreement and withdrew from the
league. The league was soon disbanded. This breaking up
of the league lessened the enthusiasm for the sport at the Uni-
versity. Several games were, however, played. The members
of the team were: B. W. Gleason, '92; L. F. Bellinger, '92; E. R.
Juckett, '89; W. E. Terrill, '89; E. A. Pond, '92; A. R. Shaw, '89;
G. A. Tracy, '92; R. H. Ford, '92; C. F. Parker, '90.

In March, 1890, the Baseball Association elected the following
officers: president, E. A. Shuttleworth, '91; vice-president,
B. W. Gleason, '92; secretary and treasurer, H. G. Woodruff, '91;
business manager, C. H. Cheney, '86; captain, E. A. Pond, '92;
executive committee, C. H. Chene}^, '86, E. A. Pond, '92, and
R. W. Porter, '93. A small schedule was arranged, a game
being played with Vermont.

In March, 1891, the atliletic association was reorganized.
The officers from this date were elected each term and a board
of control consisting of the president, vice-president and secretary
was appointed to have full charge of the athletic work of the
University. The officers for this year were: presidents, H. G.
Woodruff, '91, O. L. Pease, '92, W. H. Sprague, '91; vice-presi-
dent, E. A. Shuttleworth, '91; secretaries, W. H. Sprague, '91,
and C. G. Dole, '91; treasurers, B. W. Gleason, '92, and E. A.
Shaw, '91; business manager, R. H. Ford, '92; Captain B. W.
Gleason, 92. Eleven games were played by the team, seven
being won.

In 1891-92, the officers of the Athletic Association were:
presidents, D, C. Webb, '92, and B. W. Gleason, '92; vice-presi-
dent, H. C. Schiffer,' 94; treasurer, W. E. Hurlbut, '93; managers,
H. C. Schiffer, '94, and O. L. Pease, '92. Only a few games were
played this year, owing to the lateness in the organization of
the team.

The officers of the association for 1893-94 were: president,
George E. Storrs, '94; secretary and treasurer L. C. Hulburd, '94;
managing committee (fall, 1893), Prof. George A. Arnold, H. C.
Moseley, '95, and A. H. Cushman, '96; managing committee,


spring 1894, E. W. Gibson, '94, L. C. Hulburd, '94, and H. C.
Moseley, '95. Only a few games were played this year.

The officers for 1894-95 were: president, C. J. Scribner, '96;
vice-president, J. L, Averill, '96; secretary and treasurer, D. C.
Warren, '95; managing committee. Professor Savage, P. R.
Hoefler, '95; C. A. Plumley, '96; C. S. Carleton, '96, Lieut. H. C.
Keene, U. S. A., F. J. Donahue, '95; manager C. S. Carleton,'96.
A larger schedule was played this year and with better success.
'^' In February, 1896, an executive committee consisting of
W. A. Shaw, '88, C. J. Scribner, '96, and P. A. Dinsmoor, '98,
was elected to manage the athletic work. P. A. Dinsmoor, '98,
was elected manager of the team and Professor Stevens, captain.
Nine games were played, Norwich scoring 90 points to their
opponents' 77.

In the spring of 1897 a series of entertainments were given
by the corps for the benefit of the baseball team. In 1898 the
Athletic Association was again reorganized and new constitution
adopted, which gave the officers of the association full control
of the various teams.

In January, 1899, the officers of the association were elected
as follows: president, L. F. Chamberlain, '01; vice-president,
G. P. Lovell, '99; secretary, J. F. Richardson, '00; treasurer,
H. K. Brooks, '99. R. P. Watson, '02, was elected captain
of the team in place of John P. Moseley, '99, resigned. On
February 22, 1899, a "Hank White" show was given for the
benefit of the association. Five games were played, three being

In the spring of 1900, H. C. Moseley, '95, was engaged to
coach the baseball teams. Seven games were played.

In the winter of 1900-'01 the association was reorganized
and a new constitution adopted which provided for a board of
directors to be chosen from the alumni and faculty. The officers
for the association for this year were : president, W. E. Robertson,
'01; vice-president, R. T. Phinney, '02; secretary, G. C. Randall,
'04; business manager, Frank Strong, '02; assistant business
manager, G. E. Dunham, '02. A schedule of thirteen games
was arranged, five being with the following colleges: Syracuse,
Tufts, Middlebury, University of Toronto, and the Massachusetts
Agricultural college.

The officers of the association for 1901-02 were: F. H. Burr,
'02, president; J. H. Foster, '03, vice-president; K. R. B. Flint, '03,
secretary; F, L. Metzger, '03, manager; C. O. Burt, '04, assistant

base'ball. 281

manager. Six games were played by the team. The members
of the team for the season 1903 were: H. A. |^Chase, '02, catcher;
J. K. Morris, '04, pitch?r; J. J. Howard, '05, short stop; J. C.
Coulombe, '05, 1st base; W. C. Thompson, '03, 2d base; C. R,
Calderwood, 3d base; W. E. C. Washburn, '04, right field ;^W. C.
Newell, '06, center field; W. E. Carleton, '06, left field. Nine games
were played, Norwich winning 85 points and their opponents' 53.

In 1904, nine games were played, the team winning four
games, and 56 points to their opponents' 61.

For 1904-05, the officers of the association were: Prof. C. V.
Woodbury, president; B. P. Hovey, '06, secretary; athletic
committee, W. E. Terrill, '89, H. C. Moseley, '95, J. H. Denny, '05,
B. P. Hovey, '06, and R. J. Potter, '07. The members of the team
were: E. J. Cray, '07, catcher; J. C. Coulombe, '05, pitcher; G. M.
Moore, '07; 1st base; R. M. Blanchard, '08, 2d base; J. E. O'Donnell
'08, 3d base; F. M. Barney, '09, right field, R. D. Potter, '07,
centerfield; R. P. Watson, '07, left field. There was a decided
improvement this year in the team. Nine games were arranged
with college teams. Norwich won six games, and 43 points to
their opponents' 35, only losing to Middlebury and Vermont.
In the first game with the Vermont team, " N. U." lost to a score
of 8-0. A return game was plaj'ed at the Inter-City park in
Montpelier. Norwich played a fine game, only losing with a
score of 3 to 0. The \'ermont team was only credited with one
earned run. This game greatly increased the prestige of the
Norwich team. Great credit should be given to J. C. Coulombe,
'05, for his work in this game, only allowing five hits, while
Norwich got six hits off from Campbell, the famous U. V. M.

In 1906, nine games were played, the team winning six games
and 63 pointstotheir opponents' 50. This year they played with
the Dartmouth team for the j&rst time.

In 1906-07, C. N. Barber, '08, served as manager, R. L.
Andrews, '09, as assistant manager, and J. E. O'Donnell, captain.
Twelve games were played.

In 1908, W. L. Clark, '09, served as manager; J. B. Carswell,
'10, assistant manager; F. M. Barney as captain. Ten games
were played. In the fall of 1909, H. A. Whitney, M. D., a grad-
uate of the University of Vermont ]\Iedical College of the class
of 1907, and a prominent athlete of that institution was secured
as athletic director. He at once began the developing of the team.
The old Drill Hall was fitted up as a cage and work was begun

Base Ball Team, 1910.


in the fall. Ten games were arranged, several being with college
teams. Norwich won five, and played a to game with Manhat-
tan; also winning 64 points to their opponents' 41.

In 1909-10, the systematic training given the team by
Doctor Whitney began to show and the w^ork this year was a
decided improvement. Ten games were played, seven with
college teams and two with the strong cavalry team of Fort Ethan
Allen. Norwich won five games, winning 61 points to their
opponents' 59. Three games were played with Middlebury;
Norwich won the first with a score of 11 to 0, and was defeated
in the second with a score of 5 to 0. The third game was one of the
most interesting of the season as Middlebury was playing Fisher,
a member of the New York Americans, yet, regardless, of the fame
of this pitcher, Norwich won with a score of 8 to 3. The strong
Colby college team w-as defeated in a closely contested game
with a score of 10 to 9. The members of the team were: C. F.
Murray, '13, catcher; A. W. Reid, '10, and E. A. Parkman, '12,
pitchers; H. N. Gordon, '11, short stop; T. W. Earle, '10, 1st base;
H. S. Burwell, '13, 2d base; W. F. Hayes, '13, 3d base; G. E.
Carpenter, '11, and J. E. Miles, '12, right field; F. W. Hemenway,
'12, center field; A. E. Piatt, '12, left field.


The first football team organized at the University, since the
days of the Parade football mentioned in Chapter IV., was
organized in the fall of 1892. The only game so far as known was
played on December 3, between two teams made up of cadets.
H. C. Moseley, '95, served as captainof one team and C. J. Scribner,
'96, the second.

In the fall of 1893, the team was reorganized by Prof. George
A. Arnold, a graduate of Tufts College. The first game ever played
on the Norwich grounds, with an outside team, was with Mont-
pelier Seminary, October 9, Norwich winning with a score of 14 to
0. The members of the team were: A. E. Lewis, '97, right end;
H. C. Kerr, '96, right tackle; E. M. McCarty, '96, right guard; J. E.
Ross, '94, center: W. P. Beauclerk, '96, left guard; E. W. Gibson,
'94, left tackle; C. S. Carleton, '96, left end; P. R. Hoefler, '95,
quarter back; H. C. Moseley, '95, full back; A. H. Cushman, '96,
right half back and George A. Arnold, full back and captain.
Mr. Hankins of Dartmouth, served as coach. Ten games were
played, seven being won, and one tie game. Middlebury was


defeated with a score of 34 to 11 ; but the team was defeated by the
University of Vermont with a score of 50 to 0.

In the season of 1894 and 1895, several games were played
with fair success. In the fall of 1896, W. H. Randall, a graduate
of Dartmouth College was secured and through his work the team
made a better showing. During the years of 1897 and 1898, the
team played with indifferent success.

In the fall of 1899, a number of promising athletes entered the
University, and new interest was taken in the game. A Mr. Cook,
a student at Dartmouth, was secured as coach. Mr. R. G. Rich,
'00, served as manager of the team. Five games were played,
three being won, Norwich winning 134 points to their opponents'
23. The University of Vermont was again played with better suc-
cess, the team being defeated by a score of 13 to 0. The members
of the team were C. D. Hazen, '01, H. S. Frost, '03, J. T. Smith, '02,
R. G. Rich, '00. C. L. Pelkey, '03, Eliot Granger, '03, H. A. Chase,'
'02, C. E. Wheatley, '01, H. O. Young, '03, J. P. Moseley, '99,
H. W. Orser, '02.

In the season of 1900, Mr. Cook of Dartmouth again coached
the team. C. G. Eastman, '03, served as manager and C. D. Hazen,
'01, as captain. Five games were played, three being won. A
tie game was played with Middlebury with a score of 5 to 5. Nor-
wich won 95 points to their opponents' 55.

In the fall of 1901, Mr. George S. Pratt, Bowdoin, '00, was se-
cured as coach. R. L. Wilkins, '03, served as manager and J. E.
McGreen, '04, assistant manager; Frank Strong, '02, as captain.
Only very few games were played this year, and with poor success.
In the fall of 1902 it was voted by the corps to discontinue the game
that year.

In the fall of 1903, a large number of athletes entered the
University. An effort was made to conduct a University team,

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