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E. M. Smith and Judge Hiram Carleton of Montpelier. The
first prize was awarded to H. S. Clark, '96, the second to F. B.
Thomas, '96, and the third to C. S. Carleton, '96.

The seventh contest was held June 25, 1895. The contest-
ants were: H. E. Caswell, W. C. Spafford, H. V. Dunham, C. E.
Walker of the class of '97; T. B. Gleason, '98, F. W. Denison, '98,
C. E. Duggan, '98, G. H. Ellis and A. E. Winslow, '98. The judges
were: Frank J. Martin of Barre, Rev. A. J. Sherburne of Williams-
town, and Miss H. L. Chase of Tilton, N. H. H. V. Dunham
won the first prize; W. C. Spafford, the second and A. E. Wins-
low, the third. Music was furnished b}^ the Columbian Quartette
of Northfield.

The preliminary contest was held April 8 and 9, 1896. The
eighth contest was held June 23d. The contestants were: Thomas
B. Gleason, Joseph H. Ladd, Edwin Booth, Frank W. Denison,
Charles E. Duggan of the class of 1898; and Leon B. Allen, George
P. Lovell, John L. Tupper, Fred A. Webster and John P. Moseley,
of the class of 1899. The judges were: Judge Zed Stanton of Rox-
bury, Prof. R. E. Stevens of Hanover, N. H., and Mrs. Sarah M.
Weeks of St. Albans. The first prize was awarded to John L.
Tupper, the second to John P. Moseley, and the third to George
P. Lovell.

In 1897, the preliminary contest was held April 20 and 21,
and the regular contest on June 29. The contestants were: L. B.
Allen, F. A. Webster, H. K. Brooks of the class of 1899; and
Charles Batchelder, J. S. Batchelder, N. M. Davis, R. W. Duns-


moor, H. S. Richmond and F. F. Willey of the class of 1900.
The judges were Gen. J. H. Lucia, and Rev. Andrew Gillies of
Montpelier and Rev. H. W. R. Stafford of Barre. The first prize
was awarded to R. W. Dunsmoor, '00, the second to H. K.
Brooks,' 99, and the third to H. S. Richmond, '00.

The tenth contest was held on June 28, 1898. The contest-
ants were: B. F. Allen, S. H. Ashley, M. L. Poor of the class of
1900; and J. F. Richardson, W. S. Pingree, I. C. Ellis, C. E.
Wheatley, W. E. Robertson and P. P. Learnard of the class of
1901. The judges were F. A. Howland of Montpelier, Rev.
Homer White of Randolph, and Rev. S. C. Johnson of Northfield.
W. S. Pingree won the first prize, B. F. Allen, the second and C. E.
Wheatley the third. George Wilder of Montpelier furnished
the music.

The eleventh contest was held June 27, 1899. The judges were
Rev. S. H. McCollester, '51, Rev. William J. Harris of Barre,
and Rev. A. W. C. Anderson of Northfield. The first prize was
awarded to W. E. Robertson, '01; the second to J. F. Richardson,
'00, and the third to M. W. Peck, '02.

The preliminary contest was held in the chapel in Dodge
Hall, May 15-17, 1900, and the twelfth contest was held on June
26, 1900. The contestants were: H. M. Hobson, '02, and S. L.
Fuller, H. K. Briggs, F. L. Metzger, H. 0. Young, F. B. Judd,
W. C. Thompson, W. R. Farrington, J. H. Foster, and A. R.
Williams of the class of 1903.

In 1901, the preliminary contest was held in Dodge Hall on
Tuesday, May 21st. The thirteenth contest was held on June 25.
The contestants were : J. H. Foster, K. R. B. Flint, W. M. Ander-
son, M. M. Stocker and H. K. Briggs of the class of 1903; and
George C. Randall, G. E. Dunham, H. R. Dillingham, W. O. Tuck,
and V. J. Brennan of the class of 1904. The judges were: Hon.
F. A. Howland and Librarian E. M. Goddard of Montpelier
and Rev. C. H. Wells of Bethel. The first prize was awarded
to W. O. Tuck, the second to J. H. Foster, and the third to K. R.
B. Flint.

In 1902, the preliminary contest was held in the chapel
May 2, and the fourteenth contest on June 24. The contestants
were: V. J, Brennan, W. S. Hutchinson, J. E. McGreen, G. C.
Randall of the class of 1904; and Joseph H. Denny, Edward
Moore, W. R. McFeeters and P. C. Sinclair of the class of 1905.
The judges were Prof. F. A. Balch, (q. v.) of Jonesville, Vt.,
Rev. Paul F. Hoffman of Northfield, and Dr. F. N. Lynde, of


Barre. Joseph H. Denny won the first prize, Edward Moore
the second and W. R. McFeeters, the third.

The fifteenth contest was held on June 24, 1903. The con-
testants were: E. A. Lawrence and P. C. Sinclair, of the class of
1905; M. L. Rumrill, W. E. Maxham, D. H. Oilman, C. R. Calder-
wood, S. W. Bampton, L. O. Barker, and J. B, Swett of the class of
1906. The judges were Hon. Walter E. Ranger, State Superin-
tendent of Education; Rev. Walter Dole, '70, and Principal E. M.
Roscoe of Waterbury.

The first prize was awarded to Dana H. Gilman, the second
to C. R. Calderwood, and the third to L. 0. Barker; music was
furnished by the cadet orchestra.

The sixteenth contest was held June 21, 1904. The con-
testants were: W. S. Clarke, M. L. Rumrill, C. A. Tenney, and J. B.
Swett, of the class of 1906; and Harry C. Pratt, B. M. Shepard,
L. H. Davis, J. H. Mears, and W. J. Martin, of the class of 1907.
The judges were Hon. Frank A. Howland of Montpelier, Rev.

F. B. Kellogg of Waterbury, and Principal C. H. Morrill of Ran-
dolph. The first prize was won by B. M. Shepard, the second
by W. S. Clarke, and the third by H. C. Pratt.

The seventeenthcontestwasheldon June 20, 1905. The con-
testants were: J. H. Mears, L. E. Knight, Leroy H. Davis, and

E. W. Smallman of the class of 1907; K. F. Baldwin, W. P. Eraser,
T. R. Thomas, L. E. C. Amidon, and F. H. C. Graves of the class
of 1908. The first prize was awarded to W. P. Fraser, the second
to L. E. C. Amidon, and the third to J. H. Mears.

In 1906, the preliminary contest was held on April 27-28,
1906, and the eighteenth contest June 19th. The contestants
were: K. F.Baldwin, C. N. Barber, and R. A. Eaton, of the class
of 1908; and R. L. Andrews, F. S. Clark, R. H. Dunlap (excused),

G. I. Rowe, R. H. Seiple, and G. W. Clark ^of the class of 1909.
The judges were: Rev. H. A. Roberts, D. D., and Supt. F. J.
Brownscombe of Montpelier, and W. N. Jones of New York. R. L.

F. Andrews won the first prize, K. F. Baldwin, the second, and
S. Clark, the third; R. H. Seiple received honorable mention;
music was furnished by the cadet orchestra.

The nineteenth contest was held on June 25, 1908. The first
prize was awarded to^Robert D. Hope, the second to Ashton M.
Tenney and the third to Merritt E. Carpenter.

In 1908, the contest was held June 16. The contestants were
as fohows: G. W. Dillingham, '10; E. W. Magnus, J. C. Larkin,
J. H. Card, M. B. Badger, G. E. Thayer, and D. J. Smith of the


class of 1911. The judges were : Supt. F. J. Brownscombe and Rev.
Lucius F. Reed of Montpelier and Hon. J. H. Jackson of Barre.
The first prize was won by Guy E. Thayer, '11, the second by
George W. Dillingham, '10, and the third by James C. Larkin, '11;
music was furnished by the " N. U.' ' orchestra.

In 1909, instead of the usual prize speaking, a debate was held
between the sophomore and freshman classes on the questicm;
"Resolved, that the U. S. Senators should be elected by the
people." The affirmative was upheld by the freshmen, A.*' M.
Sherwin, J. W. Slattery, and W. F. Adams; and the negative by the
sophomores, F. M. Earle, P. R. Shailer, and G. M. Eastman.
Judge Elmer R. Juckett, '89 presided. The judges were: Hon.
Richard G. Hoar of Barre, Hon. L. B. Johnson, '88, of Randolph
and Rev. Eraser jMetzger, of Randolph. The sophomore class
won in the debate and the })rizes were divided between the con-


In 1886, a quartette was organized, consisting of F. F. Hay-
wood, '88, F. T. Austin, '87, H. H. Goss, '88, and H. S. Denney, '88.
They furnished music at several of the University entertainments.
In 1889 a glee club was organized and several concerts given. In
1890-91, the members of the club were: H. L. Sweet, '93; A. C.
Tabor, '94; W. H. Sprague, '91; E. W. Gaynor, '93; P. G. Smith,
'91; E. W. Clark, '92; R. H. Ford, '92, and G. L. Andrews, '93.
In 1891-92, the members were: E. C. Bennett, '93; E. W. Gaynor,
'93; F. A. Manuel, '93, and G. L. Andrews, '93. In the spring of
1893, these clubs made an extended tour of the towns in northern
Vermont. In 1894, the Lyric quartette was formed, consisting of
S. A. Thomas, '95; W. C. Spafford, '97; C. S. Carleton, '96, and
C. J. Scribner, '96. The officers were: W. C. Spafford, president;
C. J. Scribner, manager; C. S. Carleton, musical director; several
concerts were given by the quartette during 1894-96.

In 1898, the Arion Glee Club was oi'ganized in Northfield.
Prof. J. B. Johnson, '79, served as president; Prof. H. R. Roberts,
George D. Evans, '98, and George P. Lovell, '99, were members.
In 1900-01, i\Ir. G. H. Wilder of Montpelier and B. K. Roberts of
Boston were engaged to instruct the glee club at the University.

In the fall of 1906, an effort was made to organize a glee and
musical club, but met with very little success. In the spring of
1907, an effort was again made to perfect an organization and with
success. Dr. Harry A. Gokey of Northfield, and a graduate of


Tufts college, was secured as director. Through his efficient work
the club rapidly grew in numbers. That year the club furnished
the music at the senior concert and the various exercises of com-
mencement week. Doctor Gokey continued as director of the
club until January, 1911, when he removed from town.

On February 20, 1908, the clubs gave a concert in Williams-
town; also furnished the music for the various exercises of com-
mencement of 1908. In the spring of 1909 the glee club, orchestra,
and mandolin clubs were organized under one general management,
with J. H. Whitney, '10, as manager. During 1909 several con-
certs were given as follows: At the Band Fair in Northfield,
February 10; Chandler Music Hall, Randolph, February 12; Town
Hall, Williamstown, February 26; Stowe, Vt., March 5; Armory
Hall, Northfield, j\Iay 14; Waterbury, Vt., May 24; Universalist
church fair, December 8. The club again furnished the music
for commencement week.

During 1910, the musical clubs gave concerts as follows:
Methodist church, Waterbury, Vt., January 5; Richford Opera
House, Richford, Vt., January 26; Franldin Village Hall, January
27; Enosburg Falls Opera House, January 28; Montpelier Audi-
torium, January 29; Band Fair, Northfield, February 5; Chandler
Hall, Randolph, February 25. They again furnished the music
for the various exercises of commencement week. The clubs at
their concerts in the various towns have been cordially welcomed
by the people and through their gentlemanly conduct have made
many friends for the University.


The first orchestra at the University, so far as known, was
organized by George E. Donnelly, '95, in the fall of 1891. The
instrumentation was: G. E. Donnelly, '95, 1st violin; G. D. White-
side, '94, 1st cornet; R. U. Smith, '94, 2d cornet; 0. L. Pease, '93,
trombone; E. C. Bennett, '93, pianist; G. E. Donnelly served as
leader and G. D. Whiteside, '94, as manager. This organization
was continued for some time. In the fall of 1896, an orchestra was
organized by Mr. W. A. Shaw, '88, which was continued until
1898. From this date until 1905 several attempts were made to
organize an orchestra, but with little success.

In the winter of 1905-06, through the energy of George M.
Moore, '07, an orchestra was organized as follows: G. M. Moore,
'07, 1st violin; E. N. Clark, '09, 2d violin; H. M. Brush, '09, cor-
net; L. C. Amidon, '08, pianist. In 1906-07, the players were:


E. N. Clark, '09, leader and 1st violin; Walter Frost, '10, 2d
violin; L. P. Bailey, 09, 2d violin; H. M. Brush, '09, 1st cornet;
R. D. Hope, '10, 2d cornet; F. L. Robinson, '10, trombone; E. E.
Ames, Jr., '09, pianist. In 1907-08 the orchestra numbered ten
players as follows: E. N. Clark, '09, le'ader and 1st violin; J. C.
Larkin, '11, 1st violin; L. P. Bayley, '09, 1st violin; H. M. Brush,
*09, cornet; V. H. Dunning, '11, flute; A. P. Leete, '11, 'cello;

F. L. Robinson, '10, trombone; L. N. Burhoe, '11, pianist. In
the fall of 1908 the orchestra became a part of the Norwich INIusical
Clubs. This year the players were; E. N. Clark, '09, 1st violin and
leader; L. P. Bayley, '09, 1st violin; R. E. Baker, '12, 1st violin;
C. F. Snow, '11, 2d violin; F. L. Robinson, '10, trombone; H. M.
Brush, '09, 1st cornet; H. E. Paine, '12, 2d cornet; E. P. Therrio,
'12, clarinet; W. W. Whitehouse, '12, drums; H. T. Baker, '12,
pianist. In 1909-10, the members of the orchestra were: F. L.
Robinson, '10, leader and trombone; R. E. Baker, '12, 1st violin;
L. E. Snow, '13, 1st violin; J. H. Whitney, '10, 2d violin; H. T.
Baker, '12, 1st cornet; R. W. Newcomb, '11, 2d cornet; G. M. San-
born, '13, bass; A. P. Leete, '11, 'cello; M. J. Buck, '12, viola;
Eliot O'Hara, '13, piccolo; E. W. Magnus, '11, drums; L. N.
Burhoe, '11, pianist.

The members of the orchestra for 1910-11 are: L. P. Bayley,
'09, 1st violin; M. J. Buck, '12, 2d violin; F. C. Dunham, '14, 1st
cornet; S. W. Bayley, '14, 2d cornet; A. P. Leete, '11, 'cello; E. W.
Magnus, '12, drums; L. N. Burhoe, '11, pianist. Maj. L. P.
Bayley, '09, served as leader.

The orchestra has done much to enliven the work on the Hill
and during the last few years has furnished the music for many of
the class balls and the various entertainments.

A banjo club was conducted in 1891-92 and 1894-95. A
mandolin and guitar club was organized in January, 1904; but its
existence was brief.

In the fall of 1907 tiie mandolin club was organized with ten
members. A. H. Sjovall, '08, was elected manager and C. P.
Strobell, '10, leader. A Mr. Medlin was secured as instructor and
later John Brock and J. C. Cameron of Northfield assisted the clulx
The members were: C. P. Strobell, '10, G. R. Haight, '09, F. J.
Noel, '11, G. G. Foster, '11, first mandolins; F. M. Tilton, '11,
A. H. Sjoval, '08, P. J. Lowell, '11, I. B. Edwards, '08, G. L.
Uman, '11, second mandolins; A. P. Leete, '11, 'cello; L. N. Bur-
hoe, '11, piano; concerts were given at the Methodist and Con-
gregational churches, at Armory Hall, and at commencement.


In the fall of 1908, C. P. Strobell, '10, was elected leader and
L. N. Burhoe manager. The membership was practically the
same. In 1909-10, C. P. Strobell, '10, and F. J. Noel, '11, served
as leaders and J. H. Whitney, '10 manager. The members were:
C. P. Strobell, '10, F. J. Noel, '11, G. G. Foster, '11, R. E. Baker,
'12, and L. P. Cox, '13, 1st mandolins; F. V. Hemenway, '12,
O. A. Tilton, '13, L. S. Brice, '13, G. M. Sanborn, '13, 2d man-
dolins; H. T. Baker, '12, 1st guitar and M. J. Buck, '12, 2d guitar;
E. G. Ballard, '12, 1st banjo; A. P. Leete, '11, 'cello; L. N. Burhoe,
'11, pianist.

For 1910-11, the manager was E. P. Shaw, '13; leader, F. J.
Noel, '11. The members were: F. J. Noel, '11, G. G. Foster, '11,
J. H. Buckingham, '14, 1st mandolins; O. A. Tilton, '13, L. S.
Brice, '13, H. S. Muzzy, '14, L. J. Scott, '14, 2d mandolins; M. J.
Buck, '12, 1st guitar; H. C. Fisher, '14, 1st banjo; A. P. Leete, '11,
'cello; P. W. Towsley, '14, pianist.


In the spring of 1885, through the persistent efforts of P. S.
Randall, '86, a cadet band numbering ten pieces was organized.
P. S. Randall was elected drum major and C. H. Cheney, '86,
leader. The instrumentation for 1885-86 was as follows: F. F.
Haywood, '88, solo B6 cornet; P. S. Randall, '86, 2d solo B6
cornet; H. E. Dole, '90, Bb cornet; W. E. Hassam, '87, solo
E& alto; W. A. Shaw, '88, 1st E6 alto; H. P. Kent, '90, 2d E6
alto; C. E. Austin, '87, 1st B& tenor; A. R. Shaw, '89, 2d B6
tenor; H. H. Goss, '88, tuba; H. E. Bates, '89, bass drum; F. T.
Austin, '88, snare drum.

r^ln 1886-'87, the band was increased to fifteen members;
W.7JE. Terrill, '89, was elected drum major, serving until 1889,
and''F. F. Haywood, leader. The players in addition to those
given before were: H. J. Dane, '90; P. G. Smith, '91 ; F. S. Palmer,
'89; E. E. Wright, '90; H. S. Denney, '88, and E. W. Gilman, '89.
Mr. A. C. Chase of Northfield served as instructor during. 1885-87.

During 1887-88, the band numbered thirteen pieces. The
officers were: president, W. E. Terrill,'89; vice-president, A. R.
Shaw, '89; secretary H. J. Dane, '09; treasurer P. G. Smith, '91.
The players were: F. F. Haywood, '88; H. J. Dane, '90; W. A.
Shaw, '88; P. G. Smith, '91; H. Dressel, Jr., '90; E. A. Asel-
tine, '89; G.lL. Ballou, '91; W. H. Sprague, '91; R. A. Child,
•'92; H. H.'Goss, '88; A. R. Shaw, '89; E. W. Gilman, 89; F. T.
Austin, '88.


For 1888-'89, the officers were : president, A. R. Shaw, '89;
vice-president, W. H. Sprague, '91; secretary, H. J. Dane, '90;
treasurer, P. G. Smith, '91; executive committee, C. F. Parker,
'90, and H. C. Sweeney, '91; drum major, D. W. Lewis, '91;
leader, P. G. Smith, '91. The players were: P. G. Smith, '91;
H. Dressel, Jr., '90; R. H. Child, '92; H. J. Dane, '90; C. E. Quimby,
'91;];C. F. Parker, '90; E. L. Young, '91; C. A. Dole, '91; E. A.
Pond, '92; G. L. Ballou, '91; W. H. Sprague, '91; A. R. Shaw,
'89; F. A. Gokey, '92; J. R. Langdon, '91.

For 1889-90, the officers were : president, C. F. Parker, '90;
vice-president, H. Dressel, Jr., '90; secretary, H. J. Dane, '90;
treasurer and leader, P. G. Smith, '91; drum major, G. F. Bailey
and D. M. Lewis; instructor, A. C. Chase.

The band this year was composed of sixteen members as
follows: P. G. Smith, H. Dressel, Jr., A. S. Potter, G. D. White-
side, R. W. Porter, F. D. Holbrook, C. F. Parker, C. G. Dole,
E. W. Gaynor, G. L. Ballou, E. C. Bennett, H. J. Dane, O. L.
Pease, W. H. Sprague, F. A. Gokey, G. L. Harwood. The band
this year furnished the music at the Memorial Day exercises in
Worcester, Vt.

In 1891, the band was given up and not organized again
until 1909. In 1908 the matter was agitated. An editorial
appears in the Reveille of May,'^1908, setting forth the advantages
of such an organization at the University. In January, 1909,
the band was organized by H. M. Brush, '10, and officered as follows :
E. A. Boyce, captain and adjutant commander; H. M. Brush,
second lieutenant and chief musician; T. J. IMcGarry, drum
major and first sergeant; F. L. Robinson, '10, sergeant; P. J.
Lowell, '11, R. W. Newcomb, '11, F. J. Noel, '11, R. D. Bodie,
'11, corporals; H. T. Baker, '12, R. E. Baker, '12, M. J. Buck, '12,
A. R. Cram, '11, S. B. Hawley, '12, H. E. Paine, '12, A. N. Shore,
'12, E. P. Therrio, '12, W. W. Whitehouse, '12, privates. The
band since 1909 has been quartered in Jackman Hall. The
leader for 1909-10 was Lieut. F. L. Robinson, '10, and for 1910-
11, R. W. Newcomb. The drum major for 1909-10 was A. P.
Leete, and for 1911, W. A. Heathfield.


The University is now non-sectarian, but the cadets are
required to attend some one of the five churches in the village on
Sunday. The cadets are required to make their choice of a church
at .the beginning of the term, no change being allowed during the


term. Chapel exercises are held each morning before the begin-
ning of the academic work of the day, and in charge of the presi-
dent or members of the faculty. For several years tlie pastors
of the various churches in town took turns in conducting the
chapel exercises.

In March, 1889, a branch of the Inter-Collegiate Young
Men's Christian Association was formed at the University. So
far as recorded, this was the first organization of its kind at the
Institution. The officers for this year were: E. A. Shaw,' '91,
president; R. A. Child, '92, vice-president; E. A. Shuttleworth,
'91, corresponding secretary and R. L. Irish, '89, recording
secretary and treasurer. The officers for 1889-90 were: E. A. Shaw,
'91, president; R. H. Ford, '92, recording secretary; F. A. Eaton,
'91, corresponding secretary; E. A. Shuttleworth, '91, treasurer.
A Bible training class was organized in February, 1890, by
Lieut. E. H. Catlin, U. S. A., commandant. This organization
was discontinued in 1891.

In October, 1895, the corps of cadets appointed the following
men as delegates to the second annual meeting of the association
in Bellows Falls, October 31-November 3: Charles A. Plumley,
'96; J. H. Ladd, '98; and G. H. Ellis, '98. An effort was made
in this same year to perfect a permanent organization but without

During 1906-07, a Bible study class was conducted at the
University, and in the fall of 1908 a religious association was
formed. Delegates from each class attended the Bible Study
Institute, conducted at the University of Vermont by the Young
Men's Christian Association, October 19 and 20. In January,
1908, Mr. F. V. Slack, an International secretary, visited the
University and through his ejfforts a permanent organization was
formed and a constitution was adopted. The following officers
were elected: president, K. F. Baldwin, '08; vice-president,
G. I. Rowe, '09; secretary, H. T. Clark, '09; treasurer, E. A. Boyce,
'09. The day of prayer for students was observed February Q,
1908. The Reveille of October, 1908, speaks with praise of the
work carried out by the association. During 1908-09, regular
services were held each Sunday evening.

On February 28, 1909, Mr. Heib of the Y. M. C. A., delivered
an address on the "Importance of Bible Study," and Congress-
man Frank Plumley on the same date delivered an address on
*' Personal Responsibility.' '

Maj. G. I. Rowe served as president of the association until


April, 1909, when the following officers were elected: president,
Everett Collins, '10; vice-president, K. D. Sabin, '11; secretary,
W. L. Chun, '10; treasurer, W. H. Bradley, '12; committee on
new students, W. F. Johnson, '10; membership, R. W. Newcomb,
'11; prayer meeting, W. L. Chun, '10; Bible study, F. M. Earle,
'11; finance, P. F. Emerson, '10.

In the fall of 1909, Mr. Collins resigned and K. D. Sabin was
elected in his place. In 1909 and 1910 the association was
represented at the summer Student Conference at Northfield
Mass., by delegates. Major Rowe represented the association
at the meeting of the Eastern Presidents' Conference at Yale
University in 1909 and K. D. Sabin, '11, at Union College, Schenec-
tady in 1910. In December 1910, Maj. H. J. M. Smith, '11,
J. O. Goodrich, '11 were sent as delegates to the World's Students'
Conference at Rochester, N. Y. In April, 1910, the following
officers were elected: president K. D. Sabin, '11; vice-president,
H. M. Sherwin, '12; secretary, D, E. Field, '11; treasurer; A. E.
Taplin, '12.


The Baccalaureate sermons for this period were delivered as
follows :

June 19, 1887, at 4.30 p. m., Episcopal church, Rev. Howard F. Hill, 'G7.

June 10, 1888, at 10.30 a. m., Methodist church, Rev. A. H. Webb.

June 23, 1889, at 10.:30 a. m., Universalist church, Rev. I. P. Booth.
June 22, 1890, at 10.30 a. m.. Congregational church, Rev. W. S. Hazen.
June 21, 1891, at 10..30 a. m., Methodist church. Rev. Homer White.

June 26, 1892, at 3 p. ii., Chapel, Dodge Hall, Rev. 8. H. McColiester.
June 25, 1893, at 3 p. m., Methodist church, Rev.Sylvester Donaldson.

June 24, 1894, at 3.30 p. m., Congregational church, Rev. W. S. Hazen.
June 23, 1895, at 10.30 a. m., Methodist church. Bishop A. C. A. Hall, D.D.

June 22, 189G, at lt).30 a. m., Universalist church Rev. Walter Dole, '70.

June 27, 1897, at 10.30 a. m., Episcopal church, President A. D. Brown.

June 20, 1898, at 10.30 a. m., Congregational church, Rev. A. R. Merriam of the

Hartford Theological
June 25, 1899. at 10.30 a. m.. Episcopal church, President A. D. Brown.

June 24, 1900, at 3 p. m.. Chapel, Dodge Hall, Rev. A. W. C. Anderson.
June 23, 1901, at 4 p. m., Episcopal church, Pre.sident A. D. Brown.

June 22, 1902, at 3 p. M., Dewey I lall, Rev. Charles C. Day,

President Andover Theo-
logical Seminary.
June 21, 1903, at 3 p. m., Dewey Hall, Rev. Brian C. Roberts.

June 18, 1904, at 3.30 p. m., Dewey Hall, ' Rev. W. S. Hazen.

June 17. 1905, at 3.30 p. m., Dewey Hall, Rev. George B. Lawson.

June 16, 1906, at 3.:30 p. m., Dewey Hall, Rev, Henry L. Ballou.


June 23, 1907, at 3.30 p. m., Dewey Hall, Rev. C. 0. Day.

June 14, 1908, at 3.30 p. m., Dewey Hall, Rev. Hilton Pedley.

June 20, 1909, at 10.30 a. m.. Episcopal church, Bishop A. C. A. Hall, D. D.

June 19, 1910, at 3 p. M., Dewey Hall, Rev. Sherman Goodwin.


For many years the class day exercises were among the most
interesting events of commencement week. They were begun by
the class of 1894. The exercises of that year were held Wednesday,

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