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Thomson, Houston Elec. Co.

Horace I. Bettis, '87, Eng. and Man.
Utah & Wyoming Independent Tel.

Wesley K. Walton, '67, Pres.
Western Electric Co.

William M. Rumbaugh, '76, Dept.

Harry B. Thayer, '77, Pres.

Paris M. Fletcher, '87, Salesman

Flynn G. Austin, '93, Dept. Chief.

William A. Ellis, '97, Employee.

J. Wilbur Cook, '98, Dept. Chief.

Hugh J. Betterley, '06, Clerk.

OUver T. Hazelton, '07, Asst. Eng

Charles N. Blake, 'lO.Clerk.


A number of the alumni have become prominent in bridge
and structural work. Moncure Robinson, '24, constructed in 1834,
for the Philadelphia & Reading R. R., the bridge at the Black
River Tunnel, over the'Schuylkill river. This was the first large
stone structure built in this country for a double track railroad.
William Parker, '25, was prominent in early bridge work in this
country. He served as consulting engineer on the first suspen-
sion bridge at Niagara Falls. Randolph Coyle, '28, was engi-
neer in charge of the construction of the bridge over the
Potomac River at Little Falls, Va.

Grenville M. Dodge, '51, constructed the railroad bridge from
Council Bluffs to Omaha and was one of the first to use compressed
air on deep foundation work. As a bridge builder during the
Civil War, he gained the admiration of the military experts of the
world, for the rapidity with which bridges were constructed by
him in an enemy's country. William H. Greenwood, '52, was
the engineer of the famous "swing bridge" in the Royal Gorge
in Colorado. Leonard J. Wright, '52, was the associate engineer
on the construction of the Poughkeepsie bridge in New York.
James E. Ainsworth, '53, was the engineer of the railroad bridge
at Davenport, Iowa. George E. Bryant, '54, and George P. Buel,
'56, performed valuable work during the Civil War as bridge
builders. Holland Wheeler, '59, was engineer of the Platte River
bridge on the Union Pacific R. R.

William H. Wentworth, '68, was prominent as a bridge
builder in Texas and Mexico. Nathaniel W. Ellis, '68, was engi-
neer in charge of the construction of the Sumbay bridge on the
Arequipa & Puno R. R., in Peru. Charles H. Nichols, '86, is
one of the most prominent structural engineers in this country.
He designed the steel work of many of the modern sky scrapers



in New York and other cities. His most notable work is the con-
struction of the "Dreamland," at Coney Island, the New York
Stock Exchange, Hotel Belmont and the Bankers Trust Company's
new building, on the corner of Wall & Nassau Streets. George
L. Ballou, '91, James L. Averill, '96, Harold S. Richmond, '00,
and Fred T. Bass, '01, are prominent structural engineers in New

A number of the graduates are identified with immense
machine manufacturing companies. Edward D. Adams, '64, is
chairman of the Board of Directors of the Allis-Chalmers Co.,
one of the largest companies of the kind in the world. Samuel T.
Wellman, '66, is the president of the Wellman, Morgan, Seaver
Engineering Co., of Cleveland, Ohio, one of the most prosperous
manufacturing companies in this country. Charles V. Lord, '55,
was the president of extensive plants in Maine. Charles T.
Crocker, '64, was a director and extensive owner of many of the
largest plants in Massachusetts.


Allis-Chalmers Co.

EdwardD. Adams, '64,ChainnanEx.Com
American Bridge Co.

Louis F. Chamberlin, '01, Draftsman.
Dean O. Carr, '01, Draftsman.
Harry M. Hobson, '02, Draftsman.
Willard L. Fuller, '02, Draftsman.
Frank Strong, '02, Draftsman.
Leroy H. Davis, '07, Foreman on Con-

Berlin Bridge Co.

Charles H. Nichols, '86, Asst. Eng.
George L. Ballou, '91, Draftsman.
James L. Averill, '96, Asst. Eng.
Harold S. Richmond, '00, Draftsman.

Boston Bridge Works.

Fred E. Lamb, '89, Asst. Eng.
Ephraim W. Clark, '92, Asst. Eng.
Harold S. Richmond, '00, Draftsman.

Buffalo Pitts Steam Roller Co.

Jefifers F. Richardson, '00, Dist.
Burk Drill Co. (Ohio)

Curtis S. Barrett, '63, Director.
Cleveland Elevator Co. (Ohio)

Curtis S. Barrett, '63, Director.
Clinton Bridge & Iron Co.

Dean O. Carr, '01, Asst. Eng.
Cummings Structural Concrete Co.

Fritz L. Metzger, '03, Supt. Cons.
Dallas Bridge Co.

William H. Wentworth, '68, Ch. Eng.
Des Moines Bridge & Iron Co.

Dean O. Carr, '01, Asst. Eng.

S. W. Hall Bridge Co.

WiUiam Partridge, '49, Supt. Const.

Hamilton Chambers Structural Co.
James L. Averill, '96, Chief Eng.

Howe Scale Co.

Fritz L. Metzger, '03, Draftsman.

Indiana Bridge Co.

John H. Byrd, '03, Asst. Eng.
Juragua Iron Co. (Cuba)

Emiho P. Giro, '03, Asst. Eng.
Keystone Bridge Co.

Charles H. Nichols, '86, Draftsman.
Kirby, Petit & Green.

Charles H. Nichols, '86, Ch. Eng.
Lawrence Iron Works. (Kansas)

Paul A. Dinsmoor, '98, Supt.
Lewison & Just.

George L. Ballou, '91, Secretary.
Manhattan Tool Co.

WiUiam S. Vemam, '64, Vice Pres. and
Gen'l Man.

Milliken Brothers.

Charles H. Nichols, '86, Ch. Draftsman.
James L. Averill, '96, Asst. Eng.

Morse Iron Works & Dry Dock Co.

WiUiam S. Vemam, '64, Man.
National Bridge Works.

James L. AveriU, '96, Chief Eng.
New England Structural Co.

Ernest C. \STiite, 'OS, Draftsman
H. L. Norton Co.

James L. Averill, '96, Ch. Eng.
Otis Iron & Steel Co.

Samuel T. Wellman, '66, Ch. Eng.
Pennsylvania Bridge Co.

Dean O. Carr, '01, .\sst. Eng.

Post & McCord, Structural Engi-
Charles H. Nichols, '86, Structural Eng.]
Charles J. C. Evans, '92, Draftsman.
Fred T. Bass, '01, Asst. Eng.
Ernest S. Ball, '03, Draftsman,



John H. Byrd, '03, Draftsman.
William E. C. Washburn, '04, Drafts-
Ernest A. Lawrence, '05, Draftsman.
T. Wesley Earle, '10, Draftsman.
Hermon H. Kinsman, '10, Draftsman.
Kenneth F. Stobbins, '10, Draftsman.

Providence Steel & Wire Co.

George E. Ames, '09, Asst. Eng
Putnam Machine Co. (Mass.)

Charles T. Crocker, '53, Dir.
Quinsigamond Iron & Wire Works.

Edward S. Stebbins, '38, Supt.
Riter-Conly Manufacturing Co.

Ernest S. Ball, '03, Draftsman.
John H. Byrd, '03, Draftsman.
Samuel L. Fuller, '03, Draftsman.
Stanley J. Parsons, '03, Draftsman.
Charles R. Hartwell, '06, Draftsman.

Riverside Bridge Co.

Harold S. Richmond, '00, Draftsman.

Rome Iron Co.

Henry B. Douglass, '77, Supt. and Min.

John Russell Cutlery Co.

Charles T. Crocker '53, Director.

St. Louis Ore & Steel Co.

Wilham F. Sprague '77, Supt.
Snead & Co.

George L. Ballou, '91, Asst. Eng.
Spanish-American Iron Co. (Cuba)

WilliamL.Norton'08, .Asst.

The Standard Co.

Edgar F. Carruthers, '95, Pres.

Stupp Bros. Bridge & Iron Co.

Harold S. Richmond, '00, Asst. Eng.

B. F. Sturtevant (Mass.)

Carroll J. Scribner, '96, Draftsman.

Trussed Concrete Steel Co.

Samuel L. Fuller, '03, Supt. Const.

Union Iron Works.

Charles V. Lord, '55, Pres.

Wellman, Seaver, Morgan Engineer-

Samuel T. Wellman, '66, Pres.

Westinghouse, Church, Kerr Co.

Harold S. Richmond, '00, Asst. Eng.

Wisconsin Bridge Works.

Louis F. Chamberlin, '01, Draftsman.


Several of the cadets became distinguished as water-works
and sanitary engineers. William Parker, '25, was engineer and
superintendent of the Jersey City, N. J., water-works; Randolph
Coyle, '28, was chief engineer of the water-works in Washington,
D. C. ; Alfred W. Craven '25, was chief engineer of the Croton Aque-
duct Co., New York and the water-works of many large cities.
The most important systems were those in Brooklyn, N. Y., Newark,
N. J., Syracuse, N. Y., Augusta and Savannah, Ga. Moses Lane,
'41, became an authoritj' in this line of engineering. He had charge
of the construction of many large systems, the most important
being at Brooldyn and Buffalo, N. Y., JNIilwaukee, Wis., Indianapo-
lis, Ind., Patterson, N. J., and St. Louis, Mo. He was also con-
sulting engineer on the construction of the water-works in Kansas
City, Mo., Memphis, Tenn., and New Orleans, La. Leonard J.
Wright, '52, was a prominent water-works engineer in Connecticut.
Holland Wheeler, '59, has had charge of the construction of several
water-works systems in Kansas and made several important in-
ventions in this line of work. Charles Morton, '60, gamed dis-
tinction in the development of the water supply of Boston. Lloyd
B. Fuller, '64, had charge of the construction of the 68th street
crib, and "four mUe crib," for the water-works of Chcago.
Charles S. Wheelwright, '67, has become prominent in his work in
the reduction of garbage and sewerage of cities. He is president
and manager of the American Extractor Company of Providence,



R. I. Nathaniel W. Ellis, '68, was the engineer of many of the
water-works systems in New England. Charles E. Collins, '90
and John L. Collins, '96, are becoming prominent in the construc-
tion of water-works systems and power plants. F. H. Clark, '89,
F. C. Davis, '95, J. Albert Holmes, '95, and H. K. Briggs, '03,
have had extensive practice in water-works engineering.


Several of the graduates became prominent in mining engi-
neering. Valentine B. Horton, '25, was an extensive operator
of coal mines in Ohio and was the first to transport coal down the
Ohio River by steam barges. Joel Amsden, '35, was a prominent
mining engineer in Pennsjdvania. Brownell Granger, '56, was
engineer of mines in Nova Scotia. Curtis S. Barrett, '63, was an
extensive operator of coal mines in Ohio. Samuel T. Wellman,
'66, is one of the best known mining engineers and manufacturers
in America. He is the inventor of the Wellman H3''draulic Crane,
and the Wellman Open Hearth Charging Machine, also many other
machines for the manufacture of iron. William H. Wentworth,
'68, was one of the best known mining engineers in Me!sico. H. B.
Douglass, '78, is now the inspector of coal mines for the New York
Central and Hudson River R. R. Frank W. Conn, '81, was engi-
neer for several mining companies in Central America. Charles
W. Mead, '81, was a prominent mining engineer in Montana and
the Philippine Islands. Joseph S. Craigue, '92, is chief engineer
for the G. B. Markle Coal Co. of Jeddo, Pa.


Alaska Petroleum & Coal Co.

Arthur E. Burr, '06, Asst. Eng.

American Exploring & Mining Co.

Napoleon Boardman, '47, Eng.

American Mineral Co.

Henry Van Rensselaer, '25, Pres.

Barrett & Rhodes.

Curtis S. Barrett, '63, Partner.

Blue Mountain Tunnel & Mining Co.

Edmond H. Ryan, '02, Eng.

Calumet Hecla Co.

William Hooper, '76, Auditor.

Cardiff Coal & Iron Co.

Henry B. DougIa?s, '77, Eng. & Supt.

Coal Citv Coal & Coke Co.

Henry B. Douglass, '77, Supt.
Conqueror Mining Production &
Power Co.

Wright S. Prior, '89, Prfts. & Mgr.
Coxheath Copper Mining Co.

Brownell Granger, 56, Supt.

Cullman Coal & Coke Co.
Dean O. Carr, '01, Asst. Eng.

Currier Stone Co.

Curtis S. Barrett, '63, Director.

Dennison Coal Co. fOhio)

CurtLs S. Barrett, '63, Director.

Dorset Marble Co.

Joseph H. Goulding, '65, Sec.

Dover Brick Co.

Curtis S. Barrett, '63, Prop.

E B. Ellis Granite Co.

Irving B. Ellis, '01 , Vice-Pres.

H. C. Frick Coke Co.

Stanley J. Parsons, '03, Draftsman.

Garret Coal & Minine Co.

Henrj^ B. Douglass, '78, Supt.

Great Western Coal Co.

Curtis S. Barrett, '63, Director.
Mining Co. ^Illinois)

William Partridge, '49, Supt.
Lackawanna Iron & Coal Co.

Joel Amsden, '35, Ch. Eng.



Lehigh Coke Co.

Edward D. Adams, '64.
Los Floras Mining Co. (Mexico)

William H. Wentworth, '68, Mgr.
G. B. Markle Coal Co.

Joseph S. Craigue, '92, Ch. Eng.
Charles F. Gallup, '04, Asst. Eng.
Lyman N. Wheelock, '08, Asst. Eng.

Northern California Mining Co.

Samuel T. Wellman, '66, Pres.
Norton Coal Co.

Curtis S. Barrett, '63, Director.

Pioneer Coal Co. (Ohio)

Curtis S. Barrett, '63, Director.

Pomeroy Coal Co. (Ohio)
Valentine B. Horton, '25, Pres.
Horace S. Horton, '29, Sec. & Treas.

Port Henry Iron Co.

Henry Van Rensselaer, '25, Pres.

Retort Coke Oven Co.

Samuel T. Wellman, '66, Pros.

Santee Mining Co. (Georgia)

Thomas H. Nickerson, '84, Asst. Eng.

Shailer & Hall, Quarry Co.

Edwin F. Johnson, '25, Pres. and Treas.

Stone Iron Co.

WiUiam H. Hubbard, '52, Sec.

Vermont Marble Co.

Walter E. Brown, '97, Salesman.
Chester E. Duggan, '98, Instrument

William R. Farrington, '03, Clerk.
Harry C. Pratt, '07, Insoector.
Guy W. Cobb, '07, Asst.' Eng.
Ernest M. Wheatley, '09, Clerk.
James B. Carswell, '10, Clerk.
AUenW.Reid, '10, Clerk.

Vinton Colliery Co.

Henry B. Douglass, '78, Supt.
West Superior Iron & Steel Co.

John C. Wells, '67, Asst. Eng.


'53. Adams, Leonard J.

'55. Buell, Bela S.

'56. Buel, George P.

'46. Cleaver, John O.

'81. Conn, Frank W.

'56. Freeman, Frederick N.

'03. Prior, Willis G.

'89. Prior, Wright S.

'76. Rice, Henry H.

'70. Willard, George M.

'25. Van Rensselaer Henry

'39. Wright, Chauncey


A number of the graduates became prominent as military and
naval engineers. Moncure Robinson, '24, was consulting engineer
on fortifications in New York harbor. Edwin F. Johnson, '25, was
consulting engineer to the U. S. War Department on fortification
work during the Civil War. William R. Lee, '25, was chief engineer
of the^Massachusetts militia during the Civil War and had charge
of construction of fortifications in Boston harbor and along the
Massachusetts coast. Josiah Tatnall, '23, had charge of the con-
struction of the fortifications on the Tortugas Reefs, Florida, in
1829-30. William Partridge, '49, Grenville M. Dodge, '51, Wil-
liam H. Greenwood, '52, George E. Br5'ant, '55, and George P.
Buel, '56, were prominent during the Civil War as military engi-
neers. Brownell Granger, '56, was chief engineer of the Boston
Navy Yard for some time. George H. Derby, '42, George H.
Elliott, '52, were engineers in the U. S. Army. George A. Con-
verse, '63, became an authority on Naval construction. Holland
N. Stevenson, '65, also became a prominent engineer in the Navy.
Epaphroditus H. Seymour, '55, John H. Hunt, '56, and Samuel
Welles, '59, Avere engineers in the Navy during the Civil War.
Thomas W. White, '41, served as engineer in the Confederate army.
Dewitt C. Webb, '92, is now engineer in charge of construction work
at the Boston Navy Yard.



A number of the graduates have held important engineering
positions with the U. S. Government. George W. Jones, '26, served as
surveyor general of Iowa, 1840-41 and 1845-48. Roswell W. Lee,
'28, was a government surveyor in Texas. Benjamin F. Marsh, '35,
conducted the first land surveys in Montana. Henry Hancock, '43,
won distinction as a land surveyor in Southern California. Edward
M. Brown, '44, was for some time U. S. land surveyor in North
Dakota. Simon M. Preston, '45, Solon Shedd, '51, James E.
Ainsworth, '53, Charles H. Lewis, '55, and Charles Morton, '60, were
U. S. land surveyors in Iowa and Minnesota. Sewall Truax, '53,
was a prominent government surveyor in Oregon and Washington.
W. W. Howard, '65, conducted extensive land surveys in Minne-
sota. Jonathan W. Childs, '58, was a government surveyor in
Florida and George V. Boutelle, '59, in Colorado. Edwin F.
Johnson, '25, and Randolph Coyle, '28, were engineers on U. S.
Government boundary surveys. Henry J. Hartstene, '28, con-
ducted extensive coast surveys for the government. Bertrand
D. Barker, '03, was employed for several years as a U. S. Coast
Survey engineer. Fred M. Goodhue, '91, and W. B. Carr, '97,
were engineers for the U. S. Geological Survey. Holland Wheeler,
'59, was a U. S. Mineral surveyor in Colorado and Charles W. Mead,
'81, in Montana. Randolph Coyle, '28, served for some time as
chief draftsman for the U. S. Land Office. The following cadets
are engineers for the Bureau of Public works in Manila, P. I. : A.
H. Sjoval, '08, George B. Steele, '09, and Charles P. Cassidy, '09.
Hugh J. Betterly, '06, and James B. Swett, '06, were government
engineers in Manila for some time. The following cadets have
been employed as government engineers: Henry Harding, '54,
Frederick M. Barstow, '78, Fred E. Lamb, '89, George S. Miller,
'95, Ludlow S. Barker, '06, and Timothy Holland, '07. Frank
D. Holbrook, '93, Clarence R. Andrew, '06, and Donald U. Smith,
'08, are employed on construction of locks on the Ohio River.
William Driscoll, '00, is an engineer for the Mexican government.

Several of the alumni have been employed b}'' the various
states. The following cadets were engineers on the Illinois Inter-
nal Improvement Commission : chief engineers, Hiram P. W^ood-
worth, '25, Truman B. Ransom, '25, William B. Gilbert, '28;
division engineers, Charles Slack, '38; assistant engineers, Henry
V. Morris, '36, Milton Wadleigh, '38, Horatio G. Gilbert, '38, Jay
Dyer, '38. Horatio Seymour, '28, was chairman for some years
of theNe w York Board of Survey. Jonathan Tarbell, '39, as



commissioner for New York, supervised the boundary survey
between New York and Canada. Henry 0. Kent, '54, as com-
missioner for New Hampshire, supervised the boundary survey
between New Hampshire and ]\Iaine. Frederic H. Farrar, '56,
was first assistant engineer for the state of Louisiana. Joseph
S. Craigue, '92, was assistant engineer for the Boston Board of
Survey. Fred C. Davis, '95, was for some time resident engineer
on the New York Barge Canal; and Leroy C. Hulburd, '94, and
George H. Briggs, '96, are now resident engineers on the construc-
tion of this great water way.


A large number of the graduates gained prominence as county
and city engineers. The service of the cadets by counties and
cities is as follows :


Bolivia Co., Miss.

James B. Smith, '37.
Clinton Co., 111.

David Richardson, '41.
Clinton Co., Iowa.

Allen B. Slack, '39.

Delaware Co., Ohio.

Jay Dyer, '38.
Delaware Co., Ind.

Alonzo F. Estabrook, '35.

DeWitt Co., 111.

David Richardson, '41.

Douglass Co., Kan.

David Hubbard, '57.
Holland Wheeler, '59.

Fannin Land District, Tex.

Roswell W. Lee, '26.

Hancock Co., Iowa.

Charles R. Wright, '47.
Henry Co., in.

David Richarsdon, '41.

Isanti Co... Minn.

James E. Ainsworth, '53.

Jo Daviess Co., 111.

Milton, Wadleigh, '38.
Johnson Co., Kan.

David Hubbard, '57.

Lasalle Co. IlL

T. E. G. Ransom, '51.

Le Sueur Co., Minn.

Cyrus G. Myrick, '40.

Lewis & Clarke Co., Mont.

Benjamin F. March, '35.
McHenry Co., 111.

David Richardson, '41.
Madison Co., Mont.

Charles W. Mead, '81.
Millelacs Co., Minn.

James E. Ainsworth, '53.
Morrison Co., Minn.

Phil S. Randall, 'SG.
Rock Co., Wis.

Harrison Stebbins, '43.

St. Croix Co., "Wis.

William D. Munson, '55.

Sacramento Co., Cal.

Gilbert W. Colby, '48.

Santa Cruz Co., Cal.
Edmund B. Kellogg, '45.

Sullivan Co., Ohio.

Alonzo F. Estabrook, '35.

Texas, Dist. Surveyor.

Levi W. Goodrich, '57.

Waushara Co., Wis.

HenryFloyd, '48.

Wis. County Engineer.

Isaac N. Cushman, '39.


Anadarka, Okla.

Herbert S. Clark, '96, Asst. Eug.
Boston, Mass.
• Charles Morton, '60, Surveyor.

Buffalo, N. Y.

William B. Gilbert, '28, Ch. Eng.
Burlington, Kan.

Oscar E. Learnard, '55 Founder.



Cambridge, Mass.

Charles Coll ns, '90, Asst. Eng.
Frank J. Donahue, '95, Asst. Eng.
J. Albert Holmes, '95, Park Commis.
John M. Ryan, '95, Asst. Eng.
Dean C. Warren, '95, Asst. Eng.

• George H. Briggs, '96, Asst. Eng.

• John L. Collins, '96, Asst. Eng.

Chicago, 111.

!• Lloyd B. Fuller, '64, Asst. Eng.l
Corpus Christi, Tex.

Harry A. Peabody, '03, 1st Asst. Eng.
Dallas, Tex.

William H. Wentworth, '68. Ch. Eng.

Denver, Colo.

George V. Boutelle, '59. Ch Eng.
Everett, Mass.

• William^F. Johnson, '10, Instrument-

• • • man. . . . ■

• Ernest.C. White, '08, Instrument-man.

Fond-du-Lac, Wis.

Napoleon Boardman, '47, Ch. Eng.
Galena, 111.

Milton Wadleigh, '38. Ch. Eng.
Granger, Minn.

Brownell Granger, '57, Founder.
Helena, Mont.

Benjamin F. Marsh, '35, Ch. Eng.
Lawrence, Kan.

Holland Wheeler, '59, Ch. Eng.
Leavenworth, Kan.

George P. Buel, '56, Ch. Eng.
Le Sueur, Minn.

Cyrus G. Myrick, '40, Ch. Eng.
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

Charles D. Frink, '07, Asst. Eng.

Little Falls, Minn.

Phil. S. Randall, '86, Ch. Eng.

Los Angeles, Cal.

Henry Hancock, '43, Ch. Eng.

Lowell, Mass.

Burton W. Farnham, '91, Asst. Eng.

Ludlow, Mass.

Charles E. Quimby, '91. Ch. Eng.

Lyons, Iowa.

Allen B. Slack, '39. Ch. Eng.

Manchester, N. H.

Nathaniel W. Ellis, '68, Ch. Eng.

Manila, P. I.

Charles W. Mead. '81, City Eng.

Middlebury, Vt.

Clarence B. Riggs,'97, Eng., on Sewer

Milwaukee, Wis.

Moses Lane, '40, Ch. Eng.
New Orleans, La.

William S. Campbell. '28. Ch. Eng.
New Rochelle, N. Y.

Clarence B. Riggs, '91, Asst. Eng.
New York City, N. Y.

• Henry A. Smalley, '51, Asst. Eng.
John R. Moore, '73, Asst. Eng.
George E. Talbot, '98, Inspector of

School Bldgs.
Eugene E. McLean, '37. Asst. Eng.
Albert W. Craven. '28, Ch. Eng.

Oil City, Pa.

Willard L. Fuller, '02, Asst. Eng.
Omro, Wis.

• Wilbur E. Hurlbut, '93.
Peoria, 111.

Charles E. Denison, '45. Ch. Eng.
Peru, lU.

George W. Gilson. '37. Eng.
Grenville M. Dodge, '51, Asst. Eng.
T. E. G. Ransom. '51. Asst. Eng.

Pittsfield, Mass.

Charles E. Collins. '90, Asst. Eng.
St. Albans, Vt.

Charles E. Collins, '90, Ch. Eng.

• Carroll J. Scribner, '96, Asst. Eng.

San Jose, Cal. (First Surveys)

• Thomas W. White, '41, Ch. Eng.
Scranton, Pa.

Frank P. Amsden, '59, Ch. Eng.
Somerville, Mass.

J. Albert Holmes, '95, Asst. Eng.
Samuel A. Thomas, '95, Asst. Eng.

Sycamore, 111.

Ray S. Dowe. '95. Asst. Eng.
Washington, D, C.

Randolph Coyle, '28. Ch. Eng.
Woonsocket, R. I.

Charles F. Parker, '90, Ch. Eng.
Worcester, Mass.

Walter H. Hassam, '87. Asst. Eng.

Fred H. Clark. '89, Asst. Eng.

Wright S. Prior, '89, Asst. Eng.

Percy G. Smith, '91, Asst. Eng.

Charles H. Davis, '95, Asst. Eng.

Fred H. Davis, '95, Asst. Eng.

Bert H. Prior, '95, Asst. Eng.

Herbert S. Clark, '96, Asst. Eng.

Several of the alumni have become prominent in highway
construction. Frederick W. Lander, '41, surveyed and had
charge of the construction of the great overland wagon route to
California in 1858-59. George W. Balloch, '47, was for several
years superintendent of streets of Washington, D. C. Several
of the men have been especially prominent in Worcester, Mass.
W. E. Hassam, '87, and Wright S. Prior, '89, were for several
years street commissioners of that city and Fred H. Clark, '89, is
now holding the position. Bert H. Prior, '95, and Herbert S. Clark,


'96, were for several years assistant street commissioners of that
city. Walter E. Hassam, '87, is now general manager of the Has-
sam Street Paving Co., of Worcester which is doing extensive
street paving business throughout the country. Howard C. Holden,
'94, is a division engineer for the Massachusetts Highway Com-
mission; and L. B. Clogston, '94, H. B. Wason,'94, and DeanC. War-
ren, '95, were for some time engineers with this Commission. Hugh
J. Betterly, '06, is an assistant engineer with the Connecticut
Highway Commission and C. A. Tenney, '06, is resident engineer
with the Maryland Highway Commission. Emilio P. Giro, '03,
is engineer for the Cuban Highway Department.


A number of the gi-aduates became prominent as inventors.
Moncure Robinson, '24, made several inventions in steam engineer-
ing. The locomotive "Gowan & Marx," constructed after his
plans, brought him great prominence. Edwin F. Johnson, '25,
invented and patented a screw power press, a six wheel truck for
railway cars, and an eight wheel locomotive; also made several
other inventions. Samuel Mower, '26, invented machines for
making bricks, boots and shoes, and rope and twine. Charles
McDermott, '26, and Thomas W. White, '41, spent much time in
perfecting flying machines. To General Jackman is due the honor
of inventing the ocean telegraph. Walter Aiken, '54, designed
the first engine used on the Mt. Washington Railway. He also
invented knitting machines, a machine for making latch needles
and screws, taking out over forty patents. Edward S. Stebbins,

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