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eral Walker in Nicaragua and Sonora and performed gallant service
as a lieutenant in the French army in the Crimean war. In 1859
he went to Shanghai, China, where through a series of brilliant
engagements against the Tae Ping rebels, he won distinction and
promotion as a Mandarin and admiral-general of the Chinese army
and navy. He was killed in the battle of Ningo Po, October 23,

George W. Nevins, '47, was captured in a fiUibustering
expedition to Cuba and executed at Mantanzas, May 25, 1850.
Henry A. Robbins, '61, saw much exciting service as surgeon and
major in the National Guard of France, during the Siege of
Paris in 1870. Charles H. Eaton, '99, served in the Panama
struggle for independence in 1903.




'64, *Abbott, Edward S.f

Civil War — 1st lieut and bvt. capt. U.
S. A; killed in battle.

'64, *Abbott, Lemuel A.f

LvCivil War— capt., 10th Vt. Inf.; U. S.
A. — major.

'61, * Abbott, Walter t
Civil War — lieut.; U. S. N. licnil. com-

'48, Adams, Clinton

Civil War— capt., N. Y. Vol.s.
'65, Adams, Henry H.

Civil War— Corp., <-'.>. C, 98th Ohio Inf.;
U. S. A. — lieiit. col.

'53, *Adams, Leonard J.f

U. S. Naval Academy — Midshipman.
'24, *Adams, Thomas B. |

U. S. A. — 1st heiitcnaiit.

'53, *Aiken, Walter t

Civil War- private 1st N. H., Inf.
'53, *Ainsworth, James E.f

Civil War— capt., 12th Iowa Inf.
'66, Aldrich, Edward K.

Civil War— 1st heut., 11th N. Y. Inf.
'26, *Alexander, Henry D. W.t

Civil War— caiit., Ga. Vols., C. S. A.
Seminole War — capt.
'63, Allen, Lorenzo D.

Civil War— capt., :5d Vt. Inf.
28. Allen, William A.

U. S. N.— ^lidshipman.
'63, *Alvord, Henry E.f

Civil War — private, 7th squadron R. I.
Cav.; ma,i., 2d Mass.Cav.; U. S. A.
— captain.
'37, *Arms, Austin D.f

Civil War — asst. q. ni., U. S. Vols.

'59, *Amsden, Frank P.f

Civil War — recruiting officer. Pa. Vols.;
capt., Batt'y B. Pa. Art., adj. and
q. m.
'63, *Ashcroft, Charles E.

Civil War — capt. and staff officer on
mustering Mass. Vols.
'46, Ashe, Thomas P.

Civil War — is said to have served as
colonel in the Confederate Army.
'48, *Atwood, Julius P.t

Civil War— lieut. col., 6th Wis. Inf.
'93, Austin, Flynn G.t

Spanish- American War — sergt. raaj.,
1st Vt. Inf.
'88, Austin, Fred T.t

Spanish- American War — adj., 5th Mass.
Inf • Philippine insurrections —
1st lieut., 46th U.S. Inf.; U. S. A.—
'64, Babbitt, Elbridge H.t

Civil War— sergt., 17th U. S. Inf., 2d
lieut., 1st N. C. (Union Volun-
teers), 1st lieut. and asst. adjt. gen.
'26, *Babbitt, Jacobf

Civil War — major, 7th R. I. Inf., died
of wounds received in battle.
'63, *Bailey, George A. f

Civil War — pvt., 7th Squadron, R .1.
Cav.; capt., 1st Vt. H. Art. (11th

'93, Bailey, George F.f

Spanish-American War — sergt., 1st Vt.
Inf., 2d lieut., 41st Vol. Inf.,
Philippine Is.; U. S. A. — 1st lieu-

'59, Baker, Charles N.

Civil War— maj., 2d Mich. Inf.
'96, Baker, Roy D.f

Spanish-American War — corp., 2d N.
Y. Inf.

'23, *Baker, WiUiam H.

U. S. A. — 1st lieutenant.
'08, Baldwin, Karl F.f

U. S. A.— 1st lieutenant.
'47, *Balloch, George W.f

Civil War— 1st lieut., 5th N. H. Inf.;
lieut. col., con^mis.sary subsistence
on the staff of O. O. Howard; bvt.
brig, gen., II. S. Vols.

'59, Barker, J. Gage

Civil War capt., 3(!th Ohio Inf.
'45, Barnard, John M.

Mexican War — capt., 1st Tex. Mtd.
Vols.; q. in. gen., with rank of

'63, *Barrett, Curtis S.f

Civil War— capt. and <). m., U. S. Vols.

'80, *Barstow, Frederick M.f

Spanish- American War — 1st lieut., 3d
U. S. Eng.
'47, Bartlett, John M.

Civil War— pvt., 12th Vt. Inf.
'26, *Barton, Frederick A.f

Civil War— chaplain, 10th Mass. Inf.
'60, *Bascom, Gustavus M.f

Civil War — drill master, Ohio Vols.;
capt., Ohio Vols.; lieut. col. and
asst. adjt. gen., U. S. Vols.; bvt.
col.; U. S. A. — major.
'67, *Batchelder, James E.f

Civil War— pvt., 5th Vt. Inf.; U. S. A.—
1st lieutenant.
'66, *Baxter, Henry C.t

Civil War — 1st lieut. and bvt. maj.,
11th Vt. Inf.; staff officer.
'54, *Baxter, Jedediah H.f

Civil War — surgeon, 12th Mass. and
U. S. Vols.; U. S. A. — surgeon gen-
eral with rank of brigadier general.
'54, Baxter, Luther L.t

Civil War — maj., 4th Minn. Inf.; col.,
1st Minn. Heavy Art.
'51, *Baxter, WiUiam R.f

Civil War — capt., 9th Minn. Inf.;
served in the Indian wars in Minn.,
1863-64; killed in battle in 1864.
'65. Bayard, Albert F.
• Civil War — pvt., 7th Squadron, R.I .

Cav.; 1st lieut., U. S. C. I.
'42, *Bean, EH B.f

Civil War — capt. and asst. q. m., U. S.
Vols.; bvt. maj., U. S. Vols.
'34, *Bean, Sylvanus B.

Civil War — 1st lieut., 11th Me. Inf.; maj.
and q. m.. U. S. Vols.
'98, Bearss, Hiram l.t

Spanish- American War — capt., U. S.
Marine Corps;U. S. M. C. — captain.



'47, Beattie, David C.

Civil War— capt., 164th N. Y. Inf.
'55, *Beckwith, Benjamin M.f

Civil War— tst lieut. arljt., 32d Wis.
Inf.; capt. and asst. adjt. gen., 2(1
brig., 4th div., 17th A. C.

'24, *BelI, John

Civil War — surgeon, U. S. A.
'55, *Bickford, Frederick T.f

Civil War — musician, 5tli Vt. Inf.;
.served in tlie q. ni. dept.

'64, *Birchard, Sardis f

Civil War— 1st sergt., 11th Vt. Inf.;
dietl in Andersonville prison.

'67, *Bird, Charles S.

Civil War— pvt., (jOth Mass. Vol.
'46, *Bishop, Linus D. f

Civil War — niaj., Oth 111. cav.; provost

'66, *Biackington, William S.f
Civil War— pvl., GOtli Mass. Inf.
'67, Blodgette, George B.f

Civil War— cori)., (V>. 1), 48th Mass.

'47, *Boardman, Napoleonf

Civil War— 1st lieut., 2d Wis. Cav.;
asst. ehf. ord.; cai)t ., Batt'v .M. 2d
Mo. Lt. Art.

'26, *Boggs, Charles S.t

Mexican War — lieut., U. S. N.; Civil
War— captain, U. S. N.; U. S. N.—
rear admiral.

'26, *Boggs, William B.f

Civil War— purser, U. S. N.; U. S. N.—
pay director.

'28, *Bomford, James V.f
Black Hawk and Seminole Wars —
1st lieut., U. S. A.; Mexican War —
capt and bvt. col.; Civil War —
col.; U. S. A. — bvt. brig. gen.

'59, *Boutelle, George V.f

Civil War— 2d lieut., "Clay's Battl'n of
Infantry" of Washington, D. C;
capt., 2d N. Y. Inf.; maj., 21st
N. Y. Cav.; bvt. col., U. S. Vols.

•41, *Bovay, Alvin E.f
Civil War — maj., Kith Wis. Inf.; Pro-
vost Marshal.

'68, *Bowen, Marcellus f

Civil War— i)vt., 1st Vt.Cav.
'52, Bowers, Charles

Capt., 32d .Mass Inf.
'47, *Breaux, Gustavus A.f

• CivilWar— tol.,:50tliLa. Vols., C. S. A.
'63, *Bradley, Charles O.f

Civil War— 1st sergt., 1st N. H. Inf..
(•apt, i:5th N. H. Inf.; capt., 1st
N. H., H. Art.; U. S. A.— captain.

'44, *Brigham, Henry O.f

Mexican War -drum maj., 9th U. S.
Inf.; U. S. A., — pyui'r., witli rank

• • • of major.

'59, *Bringhurst, Thomas!

Civil War capt., I'a. Inf.

'26, 'Brisbane, William H.f
Civil War - chaplain 2d Wis. Cav,

'44, *Brown, Edward M.f

Civil War — lieut. col., Sth Vt. Inf.

'08, Brown, Thomas W.f

2d lieut., ('onstal)idary force P. I.

'07, Brown, William P.

U. S. Navy — passed midshipman.
'55, *Bryant, George E.t

Civil War — capt., 1st Wis. Inf.; col ,
12th Wis. Inf.; bvt. brig, gen.,
U. S. Vols.; brigade commander.

'28, *Buck, Alonzo P.

U. S. N. — Midshipman.

'41, *Buck, Benjamin

Mexican War — 1st lieut. and adjt.,N.
C. Vols.

'56, *Buel, George P.f

Civil War— col., 58th Ind. Inf.; brig.
c(jmmander; commanded pioneer
Vjrigade army of the Cumberland;
))vt. brig, gen., U S. Vols.; U. S.
Army — colonel.

'64, *Buel, James W.

Civil War — sergt., 17th U. S. Infantry;
U. S. N.— .3(1 a.sst. eng.; U. S. A.—

asst. surgeon.

'57, Buel, John F. L.

Civil War — 1st lieut. and regt. q. m.,
U. S. A.

'61, *Buel, Julius O.t

Civil War— 1st lieut., 1st Col. Inf.

'55, *Burbank, William B.

Civil War— 1st lieut., 17th Vt. Inf.
'28, *Burdett, Charles

U. S. N.— Midshipman.

'66, *Burkham, Elzev G.f

Civil War— pvt., Co. (',. 60th Mass. Inf.
'39, Burnham, Cyrus B.f

Civil War — q. m. gen. and col.. Mo.

'48, Burnham, Hosea B.

Civil War— lieut. col., 67th Pa. Inf.
'55, *Burns, Emery

Civil War — served in the Union Army.
'02, Burr, Frank H.t

U. S. A.— 2d lieut.
'56, *Burrows, Hunt W.f

Civil War— capt., 11th Vt. Inf. (1st
Vt. H. Art.)

'37, *Burton, Henry S.f

Mexican War — lieut. col., 7th N. Y.
Inf.; Civil War — col. and bvt. ))rig.
gen.; U. S. A. — colonel.

'55, *Burton, William S.f
Civil War— maj., 3d Mich. Inf.

'63, Bush, Charles E.f

Civil War — sergt. maj., 7th Squadron
R. I. Cavalry.

'47, *BusweH, Albert t
• Civil War — pvt., Sth Vt. Inf.; asst.
surg., 12th Me. Vols.

'56, *Buttrick, George f

Civil War — corj)., ,")th Vol. militia;
capt., 3d r. S. C^ 1.

'25, *Cady, Albermarle t

Seminole War ca|>t., l'. S. A.; Mexican
War — cai)l. and bvt. maj.; Civil
War — col.; U. S. A. — col. and bvt.
brig, gen.; .served in the Indian



'64, *Cady, Samuel A.

Civil War — .-orp.. 4th Vt. Inf.; dis-
charged for disabihty.

'59, Campbell, Hugh S.

Civil War— Heut. col., 83d Pa. Inf.

'64, *Cargill, Charles G.f

Civil War— Corp., 16th Vt. Vols.

'96, Carleton, Charles S.f

Spanish-American' War — capt., 1st Me.

'50, *Carpenter, Charles C.f

Civil War — lieut. commander; U. S. N. —
rear admiral, U.S.JNavy; command-
ed the Asiatic fleet during the
Chinese and Japanese war; in com-
mand Portsmouth Navy Yard dur-
ing the Spanish-American War.

'23, *Carpenter, Edward W.f

Mexican War — capt., U. S. N.; Civil
War — commodore, U. S. N.

'49, Carpenter, Irving S.f
Civil War — officer, commissary dept.,
U. S. Vols.
'97, Carr, Winfred B.f

Spanish- American War — 2d lieut., U. S
A.; captain, U. S. A.

'54, Carter, George

Civil War— major, 2d N. H. Inf.
'91, Chadwick, Homer R.

Spanish- American War — artificer. IstVt.
'64, *Chaffin, William H.f

Civil War — drill master, N. H. Inf.;
capt., 14th N. H. Inf.; acted as
lieut. col. of the regt.; shot in

'61, *Chandler, Edward A.f

Civil War — ilrill master, Vt. Vols.; 1st
lieut., 3d Vt. Inf.; served in U. S.
q. m. dept. with rank of major.

'45, *Chandler, Julius C.f

Civil War — 1st sergt., 2d and 40th Wis.

'54, Channel, Alfred M.

Civil War— capt., 7th R. I. Inf.
'65, Chapin, Charles J.

Civil War — drill master, Vt. Vols.
'26, *Chaplin, William C.

U. S. N.— lieut.
'67, Childs, George W.

Civil War — corp., Co. B, Gth Mass. Inf.
'58, *Childs, Jonathan W.f

Civil War— col., 4th Mich. Inf.
'09, Clark, Frank S.f

U. S. A.— 2d lieut.

'02, Clark, George H.

Spanish-American War — sergt., 1st N.
H. Vol.; musician, U. S. Art.

'33, *Clark, Henry E. W.f

Seminole War — capt., Georgia Vols.;
Mexican War — capt., U. S. Army.

09, Clark, Howard T.f

U. S. A.— 2d lieut.

'44, *Clark, Thomas t
Civil War — drill master," Ohio Vols.;
lieut. col. 29th Ohio, Inf.

'09, Clark, Walter L.f

• U. S. A.— 2d lieut.

'59, Clark, William James f

• See William .fames DePoincy.

'54, Cleveland, James B.

Officer. Confederate Army.

'49, Coffee, WiUiam

Civil War— sergt., 3d N. H. Inf.
'67, Coffin, Herbert G.

Civil War — capt., .5Gth Mass. Inf.
'53, *Colburn, Albert V.t

Civil War — lieut. col., U. S. A.; assl
adjt. gen.

'09, Collins, Everett f

U. S. A.— 2d lieut.
'31, *Colvocoresses, George M.f

Civil War— capt., U. S. N.
'66, Colvocoresses, George P.f

U. S. Navy — rear admiral (retired).
'48, *Comings, David L. M.f

Civil War — asst., surg., 4th N. H. Inf.
'56, Conn. Granville P.f

Civil War— asst. surg., 12th Vt. Inf.;
surgeon, U. S. Vols.

'65, *Converse, George A.f

U. S. N. — rear admiral.

'69, *Cooke, Albert W.f

Civil War — 1st sergt., 25th Mass. Inf.;
capt., 57th Mass. Inf.; commanded
regt.; asst. adjt. gen.

'63, Coolidge, Charles A.f

Civil War— pvt., 16th U. S. Inf.; Ist
lieut., U. S. Inf.; Spanish American
War — niaj.;Philippine Insurrections
and in China — lieut. col., 9th U. S.
Inf.; took part in many battles
with the Indians; brig, gen., U. S.
A. (retired)

'64, *Coombs, Arthur W.

Civil War — pvt., Co. B, 7th Squadron.
R. I. Cav.; died of disease con-
tracted in the service.

'28, *Cooper, James M.

U. S. N. — Gunner.
'59, *Cowdin, Robert J.f
• Civil War — pvt., 1st Mass. Inf.; capt.,

31st N. Y. Inf.; capt., 56th Mass.

Vols.; killed in battle.

'23, *Craven, Thomas T.t

Civil War — commodore U. S.N.;

U. S. N. — rear admiral.
'29, Craven, Tunis A. M.f

U. S. N. — Commander.
'26, Crenshaw, J. W.

U. S. N.— midshipman, 1826-27.
'43, *Crooker, Jabez C.f

Civil War — capt., 55th 111. Inf.
'42, *Crowninshield, Charles B.

Mexican War — capt., Co. E, 1st Mass.

'45, *Crowninshield, John C.f

Mexican War — junior, 1st lieut., Co. E,
1st Mass. Inf.

'44, Cunningham, James
Civil War — capt., U. S. Vols.

'52, *Currier, Samuel H.f
Civil War— asst. surg., Sth Vt. Inf.



'61, *Curtis, Charles A.t
Civil War^drill master.Me.Vols.j served
with 6th Me. Inf.; asst. adjt. gen.,
U. S. Vols.;capt., U. S. A.

'37, *Curtis, Joseph W.t
U. S. Marine corps — 1st lieut.

'50, *Cutts, Edward H.t
Civil War — 1st lieut., 8th Minn. Inf.;
capt., 55th U.S. C.I.

'90, Dane, Homer J.t

Spanish American War — hospital stew-
ard, 1st Vt. Vols.

'01, *Danf or th, Ellon T.f

Philippine Islands — sergt., 21st"'-U. S.
Inf., died of disease contracted in
the service.

'35, *Dar1ing, Danielf

Civil War — contract surgeon in the
U. S A.

'67, Davis, George A.
Civil War— pvt., Co. G, 60th Mass. Inf.

'51, Davis, George E.
Civil War— 1st lieut. and adjt., 21st
Mass. Vols.

'55, *Davis, Thomas H.

Civil War — capt., 1st Va. Vols., C. S. A.
'42, *Davis, William W. H.f
Mexican War — 1st lieut. Co. E., 1st
Mass. Inf., adjt.; acting asst. adjt.;
gen : capt. Civil War — capt.. 2.5th
Penn. Vols.; col., 104th Penn. Vols.:
bvt. brig, gen., U. S. Vols.; brig, and
div. commander.

'61, Day, Henry C.

Civil War — capt., 18th Conn. Vols.

'45, *Dean, Charles K.f

Civil War — 1st lieut. and adjt., 2d Wis.


'50, Dearing, Charles H.

Civil War— capt., 11th Ga. Vols.,C.S.A.
'59, *Delaney, Alfred

Civil War — surgeon, Pa. Vols ;U. S. A. —
asst. surg.

'26, *Deming, Miner R.f

Brig. gen. in command Illinois State
troops during the "Mormon War."

'45, *Denison, Charles E.t
Civil War — capt., 8th 111. Inf.; capt.,
18th U. S. Inf.. bvt. maj., U. S.

'61, *DePoincy, William J.f
Civil War — 1st sergt., 7th Ga. cav., 1st
lieut. .troop G, McCollister's Squad-
ron, Ga. Cav.

'42, *Derby, George H.f

Mexican War — 1st lieut , U. S. A.;
U. S. Engineers — capt.

'55, Dewey, George t
Civil War— lieut., U. S. N.; Spanish
American War — commodore; U.

S. N. — admiral.

'55, *Dewey, John W.t
Civil War — capt., 2d regiment, Berdans
Sharp Shooters.

'63, Dewey, William S.f
Civil War — pvt., Co. B, 7th Squadron,
R. I. Cav.

'23, *Dicks, John W.t
Civil War— master, U. S. N.

'51, Dodge, Grenville M.t

Civil War — col. ,4th la. Inf.; brig, gen.;
maj. gen., U.S. Vols; corps and army
commander; served in Indian Wars.

'64, *Dodge, William A.

Drill master, Vt. Vols.; 1st lieut., 9th
Vt. Inf.

'91, Dole, CarlG.t

Spanish American War— 2d lieut., 1st
Vt., Inf.

'96, Dole, Harry R.t

Spanish American War — sergt., IstVt.

'41, *Dorn, Andrew J.t

Mexican War — 1st lieut., Mo. Inf.; 2d
lieut., 3d "Dragoons"; Civil War —
col.,C.S.A.,and is said to have been
promoted to brig. gen.

'78, Douglass, Francis t

Served as forage master, 14th U. S.Inf.,
'23, *Downs, Albert E.

Lieut., U. S. N.; lost in the"Grampus,"
March, 1843.

'26, *Drake, Charles D.t

U. S. N. — midshipman.
'48. *Drew, Frederick P.t

Civil War — surgeon, U. S. A.
'09, Dunlop, Robert H.t

U. S. A.— 2d lieut.
'38, *Dver, Jayt

Civil War — capt., 32d Ohio Inf.

'11, Earle, Fred M.t

Seaman, U. S. N.; Midshipman, U. S. N.

'52, Earle, Thomas A.

Civil War — 1st lieut., 25th Mass. Inf.
'99, Eaton, Charles H.t

Was with Gen. Jeffries in Panama dur-
ing the brief struggle in 1903.

'61 , *Eayre, Thomas W.t

Civil War — drill master, Vt. Vols.;capt.,
• oth N. J. Inf.; asst. adjt. gen. with
rank of captain; killed in battle.

'08, Edwards, Irving B.t

2d lieut., U. S. Constabulary force, P. I.
'52. *EIliot, George H.t

Civil War — 1st lieut., U. S. A.; colonel
U. S. engineers.
'27, *Elliott, Stephen D.

U. S. N. — midshipman .
'2i, *Emerson, Thomas L.t

U. S. N. — midshipman.
'24, *Emery, Charles L.

Served in the navy for a nimiber of
years previous to the Mexican War.

'52, *Emery, Harvey W.t

Civil War — drill niaster,Wis.Vol.; liciit.
col., 5th Wis. Inf.; died of wounds
received in battle.
'54, *Ensign, William H.t

Civil War — asst. surgeon, U. S. Vols.;
U. S. A. — surgeon.

'98, Evans, George D.t

Spanish-American War — corp., 1st Vt.

'62. Ewart, James K.

Civil War— capt., Co. E, 26th Ohio Inf.
'03, Farquaharson, Robert B.t

U. S. Marine corps — 1st lieut.



'23, *Farrand, Ebenezert

U. S. N. — commander; C. S. N. — com-

'45, Farrar, Bernard G.t

Civil War — aide-de-camp, Gen. Nath-
aniel Lyon in Mo.; provost marshal
and lieut. col.; col., 30th Mo .Vols.;
col., 6th U. S. C. Inf.; commanded
a brigade and districts during Civil
War; bvt. brig, gen., U.S.A.

'56, *Farrar, Frederick H.t

Civil War — lievit. col., 1st La. regulars,
C. 8. A.; killed in battle.

'56. Farrar, William E.f

Civil War — 2d lieut., unattached Inf.
Co., Inf.; 1st lieut., 7th
Mass. Batt'y; 1st lieut and regi-
mental q. m., (5th Mass. Inf.

'57, *Fenton, Frank B.t

Civil War — 1st lieut., Batt'y A., 2d
Regt., III. Art.

'60, *Field, George W.f

Civil War — capt., .59th Mass. Inf.
'50, *Fifield, Samuel N.f

Capt., Neb. Mil.; served in many en-
gagements against the Indians on

'67, Fiske, William

Civil War— pvt., 43d Mass. Inf.
'57, *Fletcher, Frederick F.f

Civil War — served in the Mo. State
Militia, lS59-(i3.

'33, *Flint, Martin M.t

Civil War— pvt., 40th Wis. Inf.

'65, *Folsom, George A.t

Civil War-'capt., 57th U. S. C. I.

'52, *Ford, Charles J.f

Civil War — pvt., (ith la. Cav.; asst.
surg,'9 6th la. Cav. with rank of
capt.; served in many engagements
with thelndians.

'59, *Foster, Edwy W.f

Civil War — leader, 27th Mass. Inf. Ijand.
'58, *Fowler, John G.

• Civil War— Corp., 3d Vt. Inf.
'44, Fox, Ch'^rles

Civil War— capt., .3Sth 111. Inf.
'26, *Fraser, John F.f

Civil War — 'Barlow Grays.' ' Pa. Inf.

'23, *Freelon, Thomas W.f

U. S. N. — commander.
'55, French, George B.t

Civil War— 1st sergt., 1st Vt. Inf.; 1st
lieut. and adjt., 4th Vt. Inf.; dep-
uty I]. S. provost marshal, Vt.;
capt., 26th N. Y. Cav. (Frontier
'44, *Frizell, Joseph W.f

Civil War — lieut. col., 11th Ohio Inf.;
col., 94th Ohio Inf.;bvt. brig, gen.,
U. S. Inf.
'64, Fuller, Lloyd B.f

Civil War — clerk, q. m. dept. U. S. A.;
capt., Co. C, 2d Regiment enrolled
militia dist. of Mississippi.
'64, *Galbraith, Frederick W.f

• Civil War — drill master, Vt. and Me. Inf.;

2d lieut., 3d Me. Inf.; capt. and bvt.
lieut. col., U. S. Vols.; served on
staff of Gen. Howard.

'39, *Gardiner, Symmes

Civil War— capt., 18th U. S. Inf.
'96, Gates, Gardinerf

Spanish-American War — sergt., 1st Vt.
Vols.; 1st .sergt., 2Ist U. S. Vol.
Inf., Philippine Islands.

'26, Gaylord, John T.f

U. S. N.— Master.
'64, *Gerrish, Williamf

Civil War — pvt., 1st Mass. Inf.; 1st

• ■ • lieut., 20th U. S. C. I.; asst. adjt.

'50, *Gillum, Henry H.f

Civil War — capt. and q. m., Kan. Vols.
'57, Gilman, Benjamin M.f

Civil War — pvt., 1st Wis. Inf.; pvt.'
12th III. Cav. Vols

'67, Gilman, George E.

Civil War — 1st lieut., 1st N. H. Cav.
'40, *Gilson, James M.f

Civil War— capt., 8.3d III. Inf.

'49, *Gleason, Newellf

Civil War— col , 87th Ind. Inf.; com-
manded 2d brig., 3d div. 14th Army
Corps.; bvt. brig, gen., U. S. Vols.

'40, Glover, Wilson

Confederate Army — Capt.

'23, *Glynn, Jamesf

U. S. N. — commodore.

'57, Goodrich, Levi W.f

Civil War — capt., Co. G, 30th Tex.Cav.,
C. S. A.

'98, Goodspead, Nelson A.f

U. S. A.— 2d lieut.
'63, Goodwin, William S.

Civil War — pvt., Co. B, 7th Squadron,
R. I. Cav.; 1st lieut., 27th Mass.


'49, *Gould, Jacob P.t

Civil War — maj., 13th Mass. Inf.; col.,
59th Mass. Inf.; acted as brig, com-
mander; died of wounds reed, in
'65, Goulding, Joseph H.f

Civil War-lst lieut., 6th U. S. C. I.;
asst. q. m.

'49, *Gove, Jesse A.t

Mexican War — 1st lieut., nth U.S. Regt.,
U. S. A.— capt.; Civil War— col.,
22d Mass. Vols.; killed in battle.

'65, *Gragg, Charles W.

Civil War — pvt., Co. B, 7th Squadron,
R. I. Cav.; pvt., Co. C, 42d Mass.

'27, *Graham, John H.

U. S. N. — commodore; served in the
War of 1812, the Mexican and
Civil Wars.

'57, *Granger, Brownellt

Civil War — drill master, Mass. Vols.;
capt., commissary subsistence; bvt.
major and col.
'67, Granger, Charles H.

• Civil War— pvt., Co. H, 12th Vt. Inf.
'64, *Granger, Edvirard M.t

Civil War — 1st sergt., Harris Lt. Cav.
of New York City; shot in battle.
'49, *Granger, Lyman Ct

Civil War— surg., U. S. N.; died of

• • • wounds received in battle.



'64, Gray, John S.

Civil War— capt., 19th la. Inf.

'50, *Greeley, George P.t

Civil War— asst. sure., 2d N. H. Inf.;
surg., 4tli -V. H. Vols.; surg., 9th
regt. U. S. Veteran Reserves.

'26, *Green, Coggswell K.f

Black Hawk War— ool., Mich. Inf.

'23, *Greenwood, Edwin L.

U. S. N. — ini<lshiiiinan.

'52, *Greenwood, William H. t

Civil War— rapt., .')lst III. Inf.; lieut.
col. anil bvt.col. and asst. inspect,
gen. 4th Army Cori).s.

'54, *Griswold, Charles E.t

Civil War— col., 22d Mass. Inf.; col.,
.56th Mass. Vols.; killed in battle.

'56, *Guild, Edwint

Civil War -pvt.. X. H. Inf.
'29, *Hagner, Peter V.t

U. S. A. — col. and bvt. brig, gen.;
servefl in Mexican and Civil Wars.

'61, Hale, Henry A.

Civil War— capt., 19th Inf.
'28, *Hale, Reuben Charles f

Civil War — brig. gen. and q. m. gen.,
state of Penn.

'55. *Hall, Alfred G.t

Civil War— 1st lieut. and adjt., 9th
Conn. Inf.; lieut. col., 2d La.

'61, Hall, Josiah t

Civil War— col., 1st Vt. Cav.
'46, *Hall, William H. H.t

Civil War— cajjt,, (Jth Vt. Inf.
'44, Hammond, Elisha

• ("apt.. 20th .Mich. Vols.

'43, *Hancock, Henryt

Mexican War — served as capt., on the
staff of fien. Donaldson; Civil War
— maj., 4th Gal. Vols.

'42, Harris, Joseph

Civil War — maj. and pymr. U. S. Vols.
'23, *Harris, William S.

U. S. N.— Commander.

'56, ^Hartshorn, Samuel N.t

Civil War- Lafayette Art., N. H. Vols.

'28. *Hartstene, Henry J.t

Commauder V. S. N., served in Mexican
War; capt. C. S. N.

'29, *Harney, William S.t

Black Hawk and Seminole Wars —
lieut. col.; Mexican War — col. and
bvt. brig, gen.; U. S. A.— -brig. gen.
Civil War — bvt. maj. gen. U. S. A.

'51, Harvey, Edward E.

Civil War -capt. Oth Kan. Inf.

'57, Hascall, Henry Baileyt

Civil War -asst. jiymr U. S Navy.

'46. *Haskell, Henry L. S.

Civil War— pvt., Co. K. 11th III. Vols.;
was elected 2d lieut. but unable
to accept owing to ill health.

'63, Hastings, Addison T.f

Civil War — pvt. 7th squadron,Ui-TI-
Cav. "College Cavaliers."

'50, *Hatch, Edwardr

Civil War — drill master, la. Vols; col.

• 2d la. Cav.; brig, gen , U.S. Vols.;

• • • bvt. maj. gen., U. S. Army; com-

• • ■ manded a division of cav.; col.


'63, Haven, William B.

• Civil War— 1st lieut., 16th N. H. Inf.

'54, Haycock, Judsont

CivilWar— capt., 1st U.S. Cav.

'63, Hays, William B.

CivilWar— 1st lieut., 7th Pa. Cav.

'64, Hazelton, Walter S.t

Civil War— pvt. .Co. B, 7th squadron,
R. I. Cavalry.
'66, *Head, Henry H.j

Civil War— pvt., Co. G, 60th Mass.
Inf; died of disease contracted
in the service.
'64, Hebard, Williamt

Civil War— 1st lieut., 138th Ind. Inf.
'56, Henderson, Robertt

Civil War — act. ensign, L'. S. N.;
lieut., U S. Revenue Cutter Ser-

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