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'62, ^Henderson, Thomas A.t

Civil War— lieut. col., 7th N. H. Inf.;
killed in battle.
'64, Henry, Horace C.t

CivilWar— 1st sergt., 14th Vt. Inf.

'23, *Heriot, James

U. S. N. — Mid.shijjman, 1S2S-30.
'40, *Hewitt,'Sylvester M.t

Civil War— capt., 26th Ohio Inf.;
maj., 32(1 Ohio Inf.; surgeon ISbth
Ohio Inf.
'59, *Hitchcock, Robert E.t

Civil War— 2.1 lieut., U. S. Mariiie corps;
killed in the first i^attle of Bull Run,
.Tuly 21, 1861; was the first Ver-
monter to die in the support of
the L'nion.

'58, *Hobbs, George W.t

Civil War— 2d lieut., 6th Mass. Inf.,
• enrolling officer, Mass. Inf ._ with
rank of capt

'50, *HoIley, Henry W.+

Indian War— capt., Minn. tro(jps dur-
ing 1S62-63.

'55, HoUister, James

1st lieut., Co. E, 1st Mum. Inf.
49, Holman, Samuel A.

Civil War— chaplain, 129th. Pa. Inf.

'23, *Homans, James T.

U.S. N.— lieut.
'26, *Holmes, Arthur Fishert

Seminole War— maj., Fla. Vols.
'64, Hopkins, George

Civil War— capt., 22d Ind. InL

'26, *Howard, Augustust
Seminole War— capt., Ala. Vols.

'65, Howard, Henry A.t

Civil War — pvt., 60th Mass. Inf.

'52, *Howard, Henry H.t
Civil War — dept. provost marshal with
rank of col.



'60, *Howard, Noel B.f

Civil War— col., 2<1 la. Inf.; brigade
'09, *Howe, Evan Ct

Miilshipman, U. S. Naval Academy;
dfed while a cadet.

'80, Howe, Frank L.t
Spanish-American War— capt., Ist Vt.
'98, *Howes, Heman C.f

Spanish-American War — corp., 1st Vt.
'96, Howes, Phil S.t

Spanish-American War— rorp.. 1st Vt.
'63, Hovt, Charles A.

Civil War— capt., 24th Mich. Inf.
'64, Hovt, William R.t

Civil War— 1st lieut., lOfh Vt. Inf.
'57, Hubbard, Davidi

Civil War — capt., Kan. militia, q. m.
clerk, 1.3th Army Corps.
'56, Hubbard, Gurdon S.t
Civil War— capt., 88th 111 Vols.; asst.
ins. gen.. Army of the Cumberland;
bvt.mai.,U. S. Vols.

'32, *Hull. Williamt

Seminole War— 1st lieut.. La. Vols.
'23. Humphries, Stern

Midshipman, U. S. N., Jan 1, 181S;
lieut. March, 3, 1827; resigned
Oct. 1,1834.

'57. *Hunsdon, Chariest

Civil War— col.,1 IthVt.Inf.dst H. Art.)
'56. *Hunt, John H.t

Civil War— eng. IT. S. N., 18C1-G.5.
'62. *Hutchinson, Alonzo B.

Civil War— capt., Vt. Inf.
'42, *Hunt, Roswell W.

Civil War— Corp., 10th Vt. Inf.
'38. *Hutchinson, Edson

Civil War— Corp.. 16th Vt. Inf.
'61, *Irish, Nathaniel

Civil War — capt., Batt'y. F, I'enn. l.t.
'36, *Jackman, Alonzot

Civil War — brig, gen., in command Vt.
state troops.

'51, * Jackson, John Ct

Civil War— pvt., Co. F, 8th Tex. Cav.
"Texas Rangers.' '
'52, * Jarvis, George Ct

Civil War — asst. surg., 1st Conn. Cav.;
surg., 7th Conn. Inf.
'28, * Jenkins, John F.

U. S. N.— Lieut.
'40, Jenkins, Robert B.

Officer, Confederate Army.
'29, *Johnson, Richardt

Civil War — chaplain and drill master.
Confederate Army.
'26, Johnston, Daniel P.f

Seminole War— capt., S. C. Vols.
Civil War— capt., C. S. A.
'39, *Johnson, Robert E.

Lieut. N. S. N.
'62, *Jones, Edward T.t

Civil War — drill master, several Vt.
regts.; served with the 6th Vt.Vols.;
died of disease contracted in the

'26, *Jones, George W.t

Black Hawk War — col., on staff of Gen.
Henry Dodge of Wis.

'07, Kathan, WiUiam L.

U. S. N. — Seaman.

'97, Keith, Harry L.t

Spanish-American War — corp. ,5th Mass
'54, *Kelley, Elisha S.t

Civil War— ma,i., Sth 111. Cav.

'61, Kellogg, Theodore H.t

Civil War- 1st lieut., Co. B, 7th
Squadron, R. I. Cav. "College
Cavaliers.' '
'48, Kellogg, William P.t

Civil War — col., 7th 111., Cav.; com-
manded brigade.

'64, *Kelton, Dwight H.t

Civil War— pvt., 98th N. Y. Inf;
capt. 1 15th U. S. C. I.; maj. U. S. A.

'47, *Kendall Paul R.t

Civil War — drill master, 111., Kan. and
Mo. troops; 1st lieut. and q. m.,
12th Mo. Cav.; served on staff of
Gen. Edward Hatch, '.50, as q. m.
of his division.
'25, *Kennedy, Andrew E.

U. S. N. — asst. surg.
'64, *Kent, Charles N.t

Civil War— 1st lieut., 17th N. H. Inf.
capt., corps of cadets at Newport,Vt.
during St. Albans raid excitement.

'54, *Kent, Henry O.t

Civil War— col., 17th N. H. Inf.
'60, *Kilbourn, Byron H.t

Civil War— 2d lieut., 3d Wis. Cav.
'44, *Kimball, Edward A.t

Mexican War — capt. and bvt. maj., 9th
U. S. Inf; N. E. Regt. Mexican War;
Civil War — lieut. col., 9th N. Y.
Vols., "Hawkins Zouaves."

'24, *Kimball, Gilmant

Civil War — surgeon, U. S. Vols.

'62, Kimball, Lewist

Civil War— pvt., 3d N. H. Inf.; 2d
lieut., 6th U.S. C.I.

'49, King, George L.

Civil War — 1st lieut., U. S. Vols.

'59, King, Wallace A.t

Civil War — drill master, Mich Inf.;
1st lieut., 4th Mich. Inf.; pvt.
Co. B, 7th Squadron, R. I. Cav.,
"College Cavaliers."

'56, Kingsley, Levi G.t

Civil War — 2d lieut., 1st Vt. Inf.; maj.,
12th Vt. Inf.

'56, Kinne, Aaront

Civil War— 1st sergt., 25th Conn. Inf.

'58, *Knowles, Samuel W.

Civil War — 2d lieut., 22d Me. Inf.;
capt., 2d Me. Cav.

'41, Lander, Frederick W.t

Civil War — brig. gen. U. S. Vols; died
of wounds received in battle.

'52, *Lathrop, Solon H.t

Civil War — lieut. col., U. S. A. and asst
q. m. gen. vols.; bvt. col. U. S.



'58, ^Lawrence, Arthurf

Civil War — served on the staff of Gen.
Howard during Sherman's famous
March to the Sea.

'55, Learnard, Oscar E.f

Civil War — Ueut. col., 1st Kan. Inf.
'64, *Lee, Douglass

Civil War — (^orp., ("o. B,'7th Squadron,
R.T'I.'Cav.; died of disease ^con-
tructed in the service.

'29, *Lee, Roswell W.t

Seminole War — 1st lieut., U. S. A.
capt.. Army of RepubUc ofTe.xas;
coL.Tex. Art.,C. S..A..

'43, *Lee, Stephen B.f

Maj., U.S. Vols.
'25, *Lee, WiUiam R.t

Civil War— col., 20th Mass. Inf.; l)vt.
brig, gen., U. S. A.

'54, Leland, Oscar H.f

Civil War— capt. and adjt., 30th Tex.
Cav.,(;:.S. A.

'55, *Lewis, Charles H.f
Civil War — capt., U. S. A.; bvt. lieut.

'50, ^Lincoln, Francis M.f
Civil War — asst. surg , 9th Mass. Inf.;
surgeon 35th Mass. Inf; asst. surg..
U. S. A.

'30, *Little, George

CivilWar— col.,C. S. A.
'55, *Long, Charles H.f

Civil War — lieut. and drill master, N. H.
Inf.; capt., 5th N. H. Inf.; lieut.
col., 17th N. H. Inf.; col., 1st N. H.,
H. Art.; brig, commander.

'42, *Longnecker, Henry C.f

Mexican War — 1st * lieut.. Pa. Inf.;
traii^ferre<l to 'the " Voltigeur"
regt. Civil War — col., 9th Pa.
Inf.; col., 5th Pa. .Militia Vols.

'56, *Loomis, Pomeroyt

Civil War— .sergt. Co. C, 13th Vt. Inf.
'55, *Lord, Charles V.f

Civil War — capt. and q. m., 2d Me. Inf.
'64, Lord, Robert C.f

Civil War — 1st lieut., U. S. A.; sergl.,
U. S. Signal Corps.

'67, Lowe, Abner B.

Civil War— pvt. ,Co. G, 00th Mass. Inf.
'53, McCollister, John Q. A.t

Civil War — asst. surg., Glli .Mass. Inf.;
surgeon and maj,, 53d .Mass. Inf.

'64, *McCulloch, Frederick H.f
1st. Sergeant Co. G, (iOth Mass. Inf.

'25, *McIntosh, George H.f

Served in the Army of Texas and is
.said to have served in the Con-
federate army.

'37, *McLean, Eugene E.f

U. S. A.— Capt., Civil War— Colonel.
C. S. A.

'32, McNabb, John

Mexican War— 2d lieut., 9th U. S. Inf.;
capt., U. S. A.; officer, C. S. A.

'22, *Mackay, Daniel H.

U. S. N. — lieut., lost in the Hornet
Sept. 10, 1829.

'41, *Major, Augustine L. C.f
Civil War— pvt., Co. E, "Moseby's
Rangers," C. S. A.

'61, *Marcy, Andrew C.
[ICivil War— pvt., 12th Vt. Inf.
'25, *Marsh, Oren

Black Hawk War — capt.. Canadian
• Rebellion — capt. ."Patriots' Army;
Mexican War — capt. Mich. Vols.

'42, *Marsh, Otis M.f

Civil War — capt., '.Marsh's Squadron"
Tex. Cav. (,'. S. .\.; served as major
of squadron.; captured the U. S. S.
Harriet Lane.

'39, *Marsh, Samuelf

Civil War- lieut. col., 16th N. Y. Inf.,
commanded regt.; died of wounds
received in battle.

'39, *Marvin, Asa C.f

Civil War — battalion adjutant, 7th Mo.
Cav.; col. 60th Mo. Regt., enrolled
'32, *May, Charles A.f

Seminole War — 1st lieut.: Mexican
War. — Cap. and bvt. col.: U. S. A.

'81, *Mead, Charles W.f

Spanish-American War — 1st lieut., Co.
D, 1st Mont. Inf.; chief of scouts;
capt., 36th U. S. :Vol. Inf.; bvt.
'51, *Mead,'John'B. T.t

Civil War — 1st lieut. and adjt., 28th
111. Inf.; diedjof wounds received
in battle.
'04, Mead, Royal L.f

Sergt., U. S Marine Corps-
'57, *Merriman, Edgar C.f

U. S. N. — Commander.
'58, Messenger, George]

Civil War— 1st sergt. Gth Vt. Inf.;
commissary sergt., 2d division 6tii
army corps.
'27, *Miles, Smith M.f

Mexican War — surg., Ga. Vols.;
'44, Miller, John E.t

Mexican 'War — served as Col. T. B.
Ransom's orderly. Civil War —
1st lieut. and q. m., 33d N. J. Inf.
'45, *Milroy, John B.f

Civil War — maj. 9th Ind Inf.; com-
manded regt.
'43, *Milroy, Robert H.t
• MexicanTWar — capt.,Tflst Ind. Inf.;
- ■ Civil War— col. 9th Ind Inf.;

maj. gen., U. S. Vols.
'23, *Mooers, John W.t

U. S. N.— lieut.
'64, *Mooers, Frederick W.t

Civil War — acting 3d asst. eng., U. S. N.
.Inly 14, 1863; hon. disch., March
26, 1867.
'54, *Morey, Arthur P.t

Civil War — drill master Vt. Inf.; pvt
7th squadron R. I. Cav.; capt.,
22d, U. S. C. I.; bvt. maj. U. S.
'05, Morrill, William H.t

U. S. N. — electrician.
'36, *Morris, Henry V.t

Civil War— 1st lieut. and adjt., 20th
Wis., Inf.; maj. Vet. Relief Corps.
'54, Morris, Thomas E.

Civil War- maj., 15th Mich. Inf.



'59, Moseley, C. Henry.

Civil War — 1st sergt.. 61st Mass. Inf.
'63, *Moses, Rufus L.f

Civil War — 1st sergt., 3d Vt. Inf.
'51, *Mower, Albion J.f

Civil War — recruiting officer of the
;5(l., (ith, and 9th Vt. Regts. capt.,
ytli Vt. Inf.

'43, *Mower, Joseph A.t

Mexican War -pvt. eug.; Civil War —
nuij. gen., U. S. Vols.; col., U. S. A.

'08, MuUer, Hollis L.f

U. S. A. -2(1 lieut.
'54, *Munson, William D.t

Civil War- lieiit. col., VMh Vt. Inf.;
recruiting officer in (i;i. and .Ma.

'38, Murray, John C.

C.S. A.Cap.
'40, *Myrick, Cyrusf
Canadian Rebellion — 1st lieut. and drill
uia.ster, "Patriots' Army." Mexi-
can War — served with tJcneral
Scott's army; private "l.esucr
Tigers," during the Indian out-
break in Minn.

'41, *Nalle, Benj. F.f

Civil War - cai>t., Co. A, i;5th Va.
Vols., (".S. A.; col., Va. Mil.,C.S A.

'49, Neil, John, L.

Capt., 9th Ky. Cav.
'66, *Needham, William C. H.t

CivilWar— pvt.Co.(i,(i()th Mass. Inf.

'39, *Nelson, Williamf

U. S. N.— licul, conunander; .served in
Mexican U'ar; major general.
Civil War.

'47, Nevins, George W.

While engaged in a filibustering expedi-
tion to Cuba, he was captmed
and shot at Mantanzas, May 2.'),

'48, Nevins, Morris Stanley

See Stanley Morris Warner.

'47, *Newman, Asahel C.

Civil War — clerk, U. S. q. m. dept.
'45, *Newman, William A.f

• Mexican War —2d lieut., 9th N. E.

Inf.; bvt. 1st lieut.; captain "White
House' ' guards.

'62, Nichols, Henry B.

CivilWar— capt.. 19th Wis. Inf. • • -

'26, *Noble, William H.f

Civil War—col., 17th Conn. Inf.;
bvt. brig gen., U. S. Vols.; brig,
commander. ;•

'23, Norris, James

• Asst. surg.. U. S. N.. Dec. 10, 1814;

• • • resigned June 20, 1820

'45, Nourse, Ira'

Civil War — pvt., 3d Wis. Cav. andjis
said to have served in the III. Cav. •

'45, *Noyes, David K.

Raised company of Wis. Vols, for Mexi-
can War; Civil War— 1st lieut., 6th
Wis Inf ; lieut. col., 49fh Wis. Inf.

'64, Noyes, Edwrard H.

Civil War — pvt., Co. B, 7th Squadron
K. I. Cav.

'64, Osgood, Charles H.

Civil War— 2d lieut., lirockett's
Battl'n Minn Cav.

'64, Osgood, John H.f

Civil War— capt., 116th U. S. C. I.

'67, *Otis, George E.

CivilWar - pvt., (Ith Inf.

'58, *Page, Frank A.f

Civil War— pvt., 4th Vt. Inf.; 2d lieut.,
V. R. C; 1st lieut. and bvt capt.,
U.S. Vols; 2d lieut., U.S. A.

'67, *Papanti, Augustus L.f

Civil War— pvt., Co. B, 7th S<iuadron
R. I. Car.; capt.. 2d Mass. Cav.

'49, Parker, Benjamin W.

CivilWar — capt., .5th Mass Inf.
'59, Parker, Charles E.

Civil War— capt. ,7th Vt. Inf.
'59, *Parker, Edgar

Civil War— asst. surg., 13th Mass Inf.
'59, Parker, George

Civil War— capt., (ith Vt. Inf.
'63, Parker, James V.

Civil War— pvt., Co. B, 7th Squadron
R I.. Cav.

'08, Parker, Sylvester M.t

2d lieut., V. S. Constabulary force, P. I.

'59, *Parker, William T.

Capt., 1st Me. II..\rt.; was killed in the
battle of the Wilderness.

'63, *Parmenter, Daniel W.t

Civil War — eidisted in the 32d Mass.
Inf.; 2d lieut., 10th U. S. C. I.;
killed in battle.

'63, Parsons, John W.f

Civil War— asst surg., 24th Inf.

'45, *Partridge, Frederick W.t

Mexican War — officer, Penn. Vols;
Civil War— lieut col., ISthJII.
Inf.; bvt. brig, gen., U.S. Vols.

'49, Partridge, William f

Civil War— 1st lieut., 43d Wis. Inf;
capt., U. S. Topographical Eng.

'28, *Patton, Benjamin F.f

• Capt.. Cla. troops during the Indian

W^ar in the thirties.

'43, *Paul, William P.f

Civil War — capt. and q. m Tenn. Vols.,
C. S. A.; maj., on staff of Gen.W. H.

'23, *Paulding, Hiramf
Rear Admiral, U. S. N.; served in the
War of 1812, the Mexican and Civil

'59, Peck, Lewis M.f

Civil War— capt., 67th N. Y. Inf.;
col.. 173d N. Y. Inf.; bvt maj.
• gen., U. S. Vols

'61, *Peirce, Frank Ct

• Civil War— capt., 0th Me. Vols.

'46, *Peirce, Horace T. H.f

• Civil War— 1st lieut., 1st N. H Inf.;

capt., 5th N. H. Inf.
'56, *Penniman, Luther L.f

• Civil War— asst. pymr., U. S. N.
'46, *Pennock, Joseph N.f

• Civil War— 1st lieut. and adjt., 7th Mo,

• • Cav.



*46, *Perkins, Marshall f'

• Civil War — capt., and asst. surg., 14th

N. H. Inf.
'42, Perkins, William E.

Civil War — capt., 3d Mass. Inf. •
'23, *Perry, Carlton H. t
Black Hawk War — officer, 111. troops;
Mexican War — appointed col.;
Civil War — maj., 3d la. Vol.Cav.

'8D, Peters, Edward McC.f
Spanish-American War — lieut., U. S. N.

'52, Phelps, Charles
Civil War— 1st lieut., 37th Mass. Inf.

'64, *Phelps, Dudley F-t
Civil War— 1st lieut. and adjt., 20th
U.S. C.I.

'55, Phelps, Egbertt
Civil War— capt., 19th U. S. Inf.

'23, *Phelps, Elisha E.f
Civil War — lieut. col. .and brig. s\irg.,
U. S. Vols.

'64, *Phillips, Henry M.f

Civil War — pvt., Co. B, 7th Squadron,
R. I. Uav.; 1st lieut. and bvt.
capt., 4th Mass. Cav.

'62, *Phillipes, Walter A-f

Civil War- 1st lieut., 2d Vt. Inf ;
2d lieut., 13th Vt. Inf.; 1st lieut., 3d

Batt'y. Vt. Lt. Art.

'02, Phinney, Robert T.f

U. S. A.— 2d lieut.
'46, *Pierce, John S.j

Civil War — capt., commissary dept.,

'24, *Pitkin, Samuel L. t

Served in the Mexican War.
'92, Pond, Erasmus A.f

Philippine Insurrections — surg.,U. S. A.
'59, Porter, Benjamin F.

Civil War — 1st lieut., Mich. Inf.; capt.
and asst. q. m., U. S. Vols.

'67, *Porter, James E.f

1st lieut., 7th U. S. Cav.; killed in
■ ' Custer's last fight.' '

'57, Porter, John H.

Civil War — bv't. capt., and asst.
surg., U. S. Vols.

'42, Porter, William
Civil War — capt., 48th Ky. Inf.

'43, *Post, Frederick S.
Mexican War — 1st sergt., 7th N. Y. Inf.

'64, *Post, Henry G.f
Civil War— 1st sergt., 10th Vt. Inf.,
transferred to the regular army.

'56, *Potter, Lorenzof

Civil War — 1st sergt., 40th Wis. Inf.; 1st
lieut., 8th 111. Inf.

'01, Potter, Robert J.f

Spanish-American War — private, Vt

'24, *Prentiss, George A.f

U. S. N. — Commodore, served in the
Mexican and Civil Wars.
'45, Preston, Simon M.t

Civil War — drill master, 111. Vols.
1st lieut., and q. m , 15th III. Inf.;
as8t. adjt. gen., U. S. Vols.;
col., U. S. C. I.; bvt. brig., gen.,
U. S. Vols

'52,' Preston, Sylvester S.
Civil War — capt., and asst." q.'m.,

U.S. Vols.

'59, *Quimby, Asahel H.f

• Civil War— Corp.. 8th N. H." Inf.;

• • trans, to 142d Co., 2d battl'n

• V.R.C.
'83, *Ramsav, John W.f

• Clerk in the t. S. A., 1882-83.
'64, Rand, Frederic H.f

Civil War — 1st lieut., 1st Mass. Cav.;
capt., 4th Mass.; capt., 1st battl'n
Cav., "Frontier Service."

'25, 'Randolph, Daniel L.

U. S. N.— Midshipman.
'51, *Ransom, Dunbar R.f
Capt. and bvt. col., U. S. A.; served
in Civil War.
'68, Ransom, Frederick E.f

Civil War- 2d lieut., Co. E, 11th
111. Inf.

'51, *Ransom, Thomas E. G.f

■ Civil War — Col., 11th 111. Inf.; brig. gen.

• ■ • andi-bvt. maj. gen., U. S. Vols.;

commanded 17th Army Corps;
died of disease contracted in the

'25, *Ransom, Truman B.t

Prof. Mathematics, U. S. N.; Mexican
War— Col., 9th U. S. Inf.; killed
in the battle . of _Chapultepec,
'49, Rehrer, Erasmus G.

Civil War— lieut., 28th Ta. Inf.; capt.,
129th Pa. Inf.

'25, *Rhodes, Hillary H,

U. S. N.— lieut.

'60, *Rice, Edmundt

Civil War — capt., 14th Mass. Inf.;
col., 19th Mass. Inf.; Spanish-
American War — lieut. col. and in-
spector gen., U. S. A.; col., 6th
Mass. Inf.; P. I. — col., 26th U. S.
Inf.; brig, gen., U S. .\.

'53, *Rice, George M. i

Civil War— 2d lieut., 2d Mass. H. .\rt.;
master, U. S. N.; died at sea

'40, Rice, James

Civil War — leader, 5th Vt. regimental
band; capt., Co. F, 11th Vt. Inf.,
IstVt. H.Art.

'65, *Rice, Thomas G.f
Civil War— 1st sergt., 2d Me. Cav.;
2d lieut., U. S. A. Cav.; died of
disease contracted in the service.

'00, Rich, Richard G.f

Spanish-American ^War — corp., 1st Vt.

'65, Richards, J. Swiftt

Civil War — sergt., 60th Mass. Inf.
'61, *Richardson, Roderick Julius t

Civil War— asst. pymr., U. S.'.N.
'25, *Ridgely, Samuel Chase t

U. S. A. — lieut., ser\'ed in Black Hawk
and Seminole Wars; capt., U. S. A.;
served in Mexican War; bvt. maj.,
U. S. A.
'64, Roberts, Benjamin K.f ^ <

Civil War- 2d lieut., 2d la. Cav.; capt.
and asst. adjt. gen.,U. S. V.; U.-S.
A. — brig, gen., served in the
Spanish-American War.



'49, *Robinson, Calvin L.f

• Civil 4- War — drill Tmaster, Fla. Vols.;

provost marshal in Florida.

'61, Robbins, Henry A.f

Civil War- — surg., 2d Wis. Inf.; served
in National Guard of France

• • with rank of major during the

siege of Paris in 1870.

'10, Robinson, Frank L.f

.3d lieut., U. S. Constabulary P. I.
'03, Robinson, William F.f
. U. S. A.— 2d lieut.
'56, *Roelofson, Frederick E.f

• Civil War— 1st lieut., 2d Ky. Inf.
'5Q, *Rolfe, John M.f

Civil War— 2d lieut., 13th Vt. Inf.

'91, *Riggs, Clarence B.f

Spanish- American War — sergt., Sth
N. Y. Inf.; pvt., 2d Regt., U. S.Vol.

'09, Rowe, Guy l.f

U. S. A.— 2d lieut.
'24, *Russ, John D.f

Chief surg. and drill master, Greccian
Army, 1827-32.

'51, *Russell, Frederick W.f
Civil War — capf ., Conn, ^'ols.

'63, *Sabine, Albertf

Civil War— 1st lieut., U. S. A.; died of
disease contracted in the .service.

'64, *Sabine, Johnf

Civil War— pvt., 3d Vt. Inf.; killed in


'51, Saben, William S.
U. S. Vols.—lieul. col.

'61, *Saltmarsh, Edward Ct
Civil War- 2d lieut., U. S. M. C; 1st
lieut., U. S. M C.

'57, Sanborn, George W.

Civil War— 2d lieut. ,11th Mass. Batt'y.
l,t. Art.

'58, Sayles, Charles F.f
Civil War — Civilian employee, q. m
dept., Army of the Potomac 1802-

'64, *Sawyer, Francis A.f
Civil War — pvt., Mass. Vols.

'56, *Schall, Edwardt

• Civil War — lieut

capt., 51st Pa. Inf

'56, *Schall, Edwint
Civil War — maj., 4th Pa. Inf.; col., 51st
Pa. Inf.; killed in the battle of Cold

'55, SchaU, John M.f
Civil War — 1st lieut., 2d Pa. Inf.; col.,
87th Pa. Inf.; commanded brigade;
received medal of honor. Spanish-
American War — col., Gth Pa. Inf.
and brigadier general.

'56, SchaU, Reuben J.f

Civil War— capt., Co. D, 4th Pa. Inf.

'50, *Scripture, Stephen A.f

Civil War— pvt., Co. D, IstN. H. Inf.:
was later in charge of army baker
ies at New Orleans, La.

1., 4th Pa. Inf.;

'25, *Screven, Richard B.f
U. S. A. — capt. and bvt. lieut. col.;
Seminole and Florida Wars — 1st
lieut.; Mexican War — capi.
'28, *Seaton, Augustine F.f
U. S. A.— 2d lieut.

'59, Seaver, Thomas O.f
Civil War — col., 3d Vt. Inf.; received
Congressional Medal of Honor.

'09, Selleck, Andrew C.f

U. S. A.— 2(1 lieut.
'45, *Sessions, Milan H.f

Civil War— capt.. 21st Wis. Inf.
'51, Sewell, William R.

U. S. Vols.— capt.
'52, *Seymour, Epaphroditus H.f

Civil War — engineer, U. S. N.; died of contracted in the service.

'29, *Seymour, Thomas H.f

Mexican War — maj., 9th'U. S. Inf.;
lieut. col., 12th U. S. Inf.; bvt.
lieut. col., U. S. A.

'44, *Seymour, Trumanf

Brig, gen., U. S. Vols.; bvt. maj. gen.,
U. S. Vols.; corps commander;
served in the Mexican and Civil

'64, *Shattuck, Abbott A.f
Civil War — drill master, Mass. Vols.,
Corp., Gth .Mass. Vols.; capt., 25th
U. S. C. I.

'60, Shattuck, Samuel W.t

Civil War — thill master, Vt. Vols.;
sergt. maj , Gth Mass. Inf.; adjt.
and capt., Sth \'t Inf.; brigade adjt.

'39, *Shedd, Warrenf

Civil War— col., 30th 111. Inf.; brig,
commander; bvt. brig, gen., U.S.

'42, Shepard, Benjamin F.

U.S. Vols,— colonel.

'78, Sherman, Frederick F.f

U. S N. — chaplain.
'41, *Shields, James V. A.t

Mexican War — sergt. maj.. Mo. Vols.;
Civil War — 1st lieut. and adjt., 2d
regt.,q. m. employees, Washington,
D. C.

'91, Shuttleworth, Edward A.f

U. S. A. — capt.; staff officer during
Sl)anish-American War

'00, Sibley, Bertrand W.f

Spanish-American War — corp., 1st Vt.
Inf.; capt. U. S. Marine corps.

'32, *Simmons, Seneca G.f
U. S. A. — major; Civil War — col., Sth
Penn. reserves; brig, cornmander;
died of wounds received in battle;
served in Seminole and Mexican

96, Skinner, Leon A.f
Spanish- American War — priv., 1st Vt.
'47, *Slafter, Judsonj

Civil War — 1st sergt., 23d Mich. Inf.;
died of wounds received in battle.

'64, *Slayton, Henry L.f
Civil War — drill master, N. H. Vols.;
capt., 2d U. S. C. I.



'61, *Sleeper, VanB.t

Civil War — sergt., 2(1 Vt., Inf.; trans-
ferred to the signal corps.

'25, *Slidell, WiUiam J.

U. S. N.— midshiiuiiaii, 1825-28.
'51, *Smalley, Henry A.t
Civil War— col., Vt. Inf.; capt., U. S.
Artillery; V)vt. brig gen. U. S.,


'59, *Smalley, Jacob M.t

Civil War— master, U. S. N.
'56, Smith, Alonzo E.

Civil War— pvt., Co. K, 1st Vt Inf.
'67, *Smith, Charles W.

Civil War — pvt., Co. B, 7th Squadron,
R. I. Cav.

'08, Smith, Dwight F.f

U. S. Marine Corps — 2d lieut.
'61, *Smith, Elias F.
Civil War — drill master, N. II. Vols.;
capt., 16th N. H. Inf.; capt., 18th
N. H. Inf ; appointed colonel but
not mustered.

'45, Smith, E. H.

Civil War— 2d lieut , 89th N. Y. Inf.;
capt., 10th N. Y., H. Art.

'48, *Smith, George Ct
Civil War — 1st lieut. and adjt., Ind.
Regt.; capt. and adjt. gen., U. S.

'64, *Smith, George W.t

Civil War — capt. and hvt. maj.,U. .S. A.
'04, Smith, Harry O.t

U. S. Marine corps — 1st lieut.
'25, *Smith, Israel D.

U. S. Navy — midshipman.
'25, *Smith, James M.

U. S. N. — surgeon.
'67, *Smith, Jesse B. j

U. S. N.— lieut.

'53, *Smith, Nathan A. C.f

Civil War — 1st lieut.. 12th Wis. Inf.; 1st
It., 32d Wis. Inf.

'60, *Smith, Sumner T.t

Civil War— mate, U. S. N.
'37, *Smith, Timothy D.f

Civil War — capt. and asst. q. m., Minn.

'25, *Smith, William S.

U. S. N. — passed midshipman.
'41, *Snow, AsaH.t

Civil War— 2d lieut., 9th Vt. Inf.
'97, ^Spafford, William C.f

Spanish-American War — musician 1st
Vt. Inf.

'53, *StancIiffe, James M.t
Civil War — 1st sergt., 20th Conn. Inf.

'50, *Stanyan, John M.t

Civil War— capt., 8th N. H. Inf.

'60, *Starr, Williamt

• Civil War— sergt.. Co. A, 3d Battl'n
Rifles, Mass. Vols.

'59, *Stedman, Josepht

Civil War— sergt. ,'fith'Mass. Inf.,':dr"ni
officer of the regiment; lieut. col.,
42d Mass. Inf.; was appointed col.
of the same regt., but not mustered.

'41, *Stevens, Justin E.t

Mexican War — surg., 9th N. E. Regt.

'65, Stevenson, Holland N.t

U. S. N. — ch. eng., with rank of com-
modore U. S. N.

'58, *Stimson, Francis E.t
Civil War — 1st lieut. and bvt.; capt.,
U. S. A.; died of wounds received
in battle.

'23, *Stockbridge, Josepht

U. S. N. — chaplain

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