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'65, *Stoddard, Samuel F.t

Civil War — musician, 8th Me. Inf.; 1st
sergt., 2d Maine Cav.; 1st lieut.,
Maine Coast Guards.

'43, Stone, Elias F.

Civil War— capt., 89th Ind. Inf.
'48, Stone, Henry

Civil War— capt., 8th Mass. Vols.
'38, *Stone, John

Civil War— surg., C. S. A.

'61, *Stoughton, Charles B.t

Civil War — col.. 4th Vt. Inf.; bvt. brig,
gen., U. S. Vols.

'52, *Stowell, Edwin S.t

Civil War — capt., 5th Vt. Inf.; lieut.
col., 9th Vermont Inf.

'37, *Streeter, Sebastian R.t

Civil War— capt.. Gist Mass. Inf.

'51, *Strobel, Louis M.t

Capt.. Co. F, 8th Tex. Cav. ("Terrys
Texas Rangers") C. S. A.

'50, ^Strong, George Ct

Maj. gen., U. S.Vols.; served in the Civi I

'56, *Strong, William C.

Col., in C. S. A.
'70, *TarbeU, Charles G.t

Civil War — pvt., 8th Vt. Inf.; later
served in the signal corps.

'39, *Tarbell, Jonathant

Civil War— maj.. 24th N. Y. Inf.; col..
91st N. Y. Inf.; brig. gen.. U. S.


'54, *Tarr, Daniel B.

Recruited company of Mass. Vols., for
Ci\nl War.

'23, *TattnaU, Josiaht

U. S. N. — capt.; C. S. N. — commodore.
'58, Taylor, Archibald S.t

Civil War— 1st lieut., 3d N. J. Inf.;
U. S M. C— major.

'26, *Taylor, George W.t

U. S. N. — midshipman; Mexican War —
capt., 10th U. S Inf.; Civil War-
col.. 3dN. J. Inf., brig, gen , U. S.
Vols.; died of wounds received in

'25, *Temple, Robert E.t

Mexican War— col., 10th U. S. Inf.
'45, Tenney, Otis M.t

Civil War— maj., 2d Ky. Cav., C. S. A.
'51, *Thomas, Evan W.t
Civil War — capt., U. S. A., bvt.'maj.,
U. S. A.; killed in action with the
Modoc Indians in the lava beds
of California in 1873.; .....



'54, *Thomas, Hartop P. 1

Served with the 17th Army corps during
the Civil War.

'28, *Thompson, Ebenezer

U. S. N. — carpenter.
'23, Thompson, Edward

U. S. N. — master.
'62, Thompson, John B.

Civil War— 1st iieut., 11th Mass. Inf.
'48, ^Thompson, Samuel J.

Civil War — capt., 22d Mass. Inf.; died
of wounds.

'57, Thorndyke, Samuel E.

Civil War— N. Y. Vols.
'66, Tibbetts, Charles F.f

Civil War — musician, 21st Regt. band,
Maine Vols.; 1st sergt., Me. Vols.

'37, Tilden, Joseph G.

Capt., 55th U, S. C. I.
'26, Tilden, Thomas B.

U. S. N.—

'64, *Tillinghast, Charles F.f
Civil War — 2d Iieut. and adjt., 7th
Squadron R. I. Cav.; 1st sergt.,
60th Mass. Inf.

'34, *Tipton, Spear S.t

Mexican War — capt., 1st Ind. Inf.; let
Iieut., Mtd. Rifles; died of disease
contracted in the service.

'57, Titcomb, Albert P.

Civil War— 1st Iieut., 7th Me. Inf.
'25, 'Trapier, Paul H.

U. S. N.— midshipman, 1825-30.
'23, *Trask, Thomas S.f

U. S. A.— 2d Lieut.
'57, *Treadwell, WiUiam A.f

Civil War— drill officer. U. S. Vols.;
capt., 95th N. Y. Inf., served in the
field; capt., 164th N. Y. Inf., not
mustered; capt., 1 14th N. Y., H.
Art; col., 1st N. J. Veteran Vols.

'53, *Truax, Sewall f

Civil War — maj., Oregon Cav.
'47, *Tucker, George t

Civil War— capt., 4th Vt. Inf.; drill
master, several regiments. Army of
the Potomac.
'30, *Tucker, Stephen S.f

Officer in the Seminole War; Mexican
War — capt. and bvt. maj , Ark.,
Vols.; Civil War— ^ol., Confederate
Army; appointed 'maj. gen., C. S.
A.; served with Gen. William
Walker In Nicaragua In 1857, with
rank of major.

'48, *Tucker, William H.t
Civil War — ch. clerk and cashier com-
missary dept., Army of Cum-
berland; later asst. q m., m charge
of constructing U. S. Military Rys.;
disbursing q. m., Louisville, Ky.

'54, Tukey, Judson Haycock

See Haycock, Judson.
'59, Tukey, F. H. T.

Civil War— U. S. Vols.
'23, *TuUar, Charles f
Black Hawk War — col.. Wis. Vols.;
provost marshal. Civil War.
'99, *Tupper, John L.f

Spanish-American War — musician, 1st
Vt. Inf.; died of disease contracted
in the service.

'55, Turner, Thomas

Civil War — capt. and asst. surg.,US.V.
'45, Turpin Walter G.

Civil War— capt., Va Vols., C S. A.
'57, Tyler, George O.t

Civil War — capt , 43d Mass. Inf..
"Boston Tigers."

'48, *Tyler, John L. W.f

Mexican War — Iieut. of Art.; Civil War
— drill master, Ohio Vols., with
rank of capt.

'03, Upham, Francis B.f

U. S. A.— 1st Iieut.
'26, *Van Rensselaer, Henryf

U. S. A.— 2d Iieut. Civil War— col. and
inspector gen., U S. Vols ; died of
disease contracted in the service.

'28, *Varnum, Nathaniel S.
Enlisted in U. S. A. about 1828, and is
said to have held a commission.

'55, Vermilye, Washington R.f

Civil War— Corp., 7th N. Y. regt., 1861-

'64, *Vernam, William S.f

Civil War- adjt., 175th N. Y. Inf.; asst.
Ord. officer, 19th Army Corps;
capt., Co. E, 18th N. Y. Cav

'44, *Wadhams, Albert I.f

Civil War— pvt., Co. I, 11th Conn. Inf.
'64, Walcott, Ellis P.t

Civil War— pvt.. Co. B, 7th Squadron,
R. I. Cav.; sergt., 46th N. Y. Lt.
Art.; 1st Iieut., 8th N. Y.. H. Art.

'64, *Walcott, Franklin H.f
Civil War — pvt., Co. B, 7th Squadron,
R. I. Cav.; sergt. maj., 117th N. Y.

'97, Walker, Charles E.f
Spanish-American War — 1st Iieut.,
Maine Vols. Signal Corp.

'26, Wallace, William M.

U. S. N.— midshipman, 1833.
'49, *Ward, Frederick T.f
Served with Garibaldi in South America;
Iieut. in the French Army during
the Crimean war; captain with Gen.
William Walker in Nicaragua;
Admiral general in command of the
Chinese Army, 1858-62.

'23, *Ward, James H.t

Civil War — capt., U. S. N., first naval
• officer to die in the defence of the

'01, Waugh, George F.f
Spanish- American War — sergt., 6th
Mass. Inf.; 2d Iieut., U. S. A.

'01.. Wardner, James M.f

Sergt., 1st N. H. Inf.; sergt., 26th U. S.
Vol. Inf., Philippine Islands.

'48, *Warner, Stanley M.f

Mexican War — pvt., Co. I, 4th Ohio
Vols; Civil War — col., Texas Vols.
C. S. A.; in charge of Union'pris-
oners; drill master.
'56, Washburn, Daniel W.

Civil War— 1st Iieut., 70th N. Y. Inf.
'62, Washburn, Justus W. F.f

ClvilWar — pvt., Mass. Vols.; appointed

Ist Iieut., U. S. C. I., but did not

• • eerve owing to the close of_the.;w?«.r.



'55, Waterman, Arba N.f

Civil War— lieut. col., 100th 111. Inf.
'60, *Webb, Charles A.f
Civil War— 1st lieut., Vt. Inf;. maj
U. S. A.; served in Indian Wars

'92, Webb, De Witt Ct
U. S. N. — civil engineer.

'28, *Webb, Henryf
Seminole War — lieut. col., Ala. Vols.;
Civil War— Eng., C. S. A.

'59, *Welles, Samuelf

Civil War — civil engineer, U. S. N.
'68, *Wentworth, William H.t

Civil War— pvt., 184th, N. Y. Inf.
'48, *Weston, Edmund t

Civil War— capt.. Co. I, 1st U. S. Sharp

'28, *Wessels, Henry W.t

Mexican War — capt. and hvt, maj.;
U. S. A. Ijput. col.; Civil War — col.,
8th Kan. Inf.; brig, gen., U. S. V.

'66, Wellman, Samuel T.t

Civil War — corp., 1st N. H., H. Art.
'01, Wheatley, Charles E.f

U. S. Art. — capt.
'59, Wheeler, HoUandt
Civil War — drill master, Kan. Vols.;
capt., 3d Kan. Militia, Ordnance

'03, Wheeler, Merrill D.f

U. S. A.— 2d lieut.
'98, Wheelock, Clarence D.f

Spanish-American War — pvt.'lst Vt.

'67, Wheelwright, Charles S.t

Civil War— pvt., Co. G, 60th Mass. Inf.
'37, ^Whipple, Thomas J.f
Mexican War — 1st lieut. and adjt., 9th
U. S. Inf.- Civil War— lieut. col.,
1st N. H. Inf.; col., 4th N. H. In
'67, White, Arthur W.
Civil War— pvt., Co. B, 7th Squadron,
R. I. Cav.; 1st lieut., Ohio Lt.
Guard Cav-, or President Lincoln's
body guard.
'52, *White, George R.f
Civil War — Ist lieut. and adjt., llfh
la. Inf., recruiting officer.
'41, * White, Thomas W.f
Civil War — capt., Ga. troops, C. S A.;
capt., C. S. engineers.
27, *Whiting, William B.

U. S. N. — commodore.
'66, *Whittier, James A. L.

Civil War— pvt., Co. G, 66th Mass. Inf.
'64, Whitmore, Adin H.f

Civil War— 2d lieut., 16th Vt. Inf.
'70, Willard, George M.f
Clerk in pvmr's dept., U. S. A-

'08, Wilder, Myles S.f

2d lieut., U. S. Constabulary force,
P. L
'03, WiUiams, AUan R.f

U. S. A.— 2d lieut.

'41, * Williams, Sethi-
Mexican War — 1st lieut., U. S. A.;
Civil War — adjt. gen.. Army of the
Potomac; brig, gen., U. S. A.; bvt.
m.aj. gen., U. S. A.

'03, Williams, Sethf

U. S. Marine corps — capt.
'56, Williston, Edward B.t

Civil War — capt and bvt. maj., U. S.A.;
brig, gen., U. S. A.; was military
gov. of Havana, Cuba, during
Spanish-American War; provost
marshall gen. of Manila.

'48, Wilson, Alfred C.

Civil War — lieut. col., 47th Ky. Inf.
'41, Winn, John

Civil War— Capt. Va. troops, C. S. A.
'57, Wood, Henry C.f

Brig, gen., U. S. A., served in Civil and
Spanish-American Wars.

'58, Wood, Luther H.

Civil War — capt. and commissary 2d
Kan. Inf

'65, *Woodman, Edward

U. S. N.— lieut.
'52, *Woodward, Solomon E.f

Civil War — 1st lieut., 1st Vt Inf.; capt.
U. S. A. and bvt. maj.

'57, *Worthen, Harry N.f
Civil War — maj., 1st Vt. Inf.; lieut. col.,
4th Vt. Inf.

'32, *Wright, Georgef

U. S. A. — brig, gen., served in the
Seminole, Mexican and Civil Wars.

'37, *Wright, Horatio G.f

Civil War — maj. gen. and corps com-
mander; U. S. A. — brig. gen.

'62, *Wright, Henry J.
Civil War— sergt., 6th Vt. Inf.;'lst
lieut., 3d Vt. Lt. Batt'y-
'42, * Wright, Joseph C.

Civil War— lieut. col., 72d, '111. 'Inf ;
died of wounds received in battle. ,

'52, *Wright, Leonard J.t

Civil War — capt., 9th Mich. Cav.
'49, *Wright, Thomas F.t

Served with William Walker as lieut. in
Nicaragua; Civil War — 1st lieut.
and q. m., 2d Cal. Cav.; col., 2d,
Cal. Cav.; bvt. brig, gen., U. S.
'56, *Wright, Thomas K. G.

Civil War — corp., 6th Vt. Inf.; served
• • in the 12th Mich Vol.; capt., U. S.
C. L
'47, *Wvman, George H.f

Civil War — lieut. in the Ohio militia;
in ser\'ice in Ohio and Ky.

'67, *Wvman, Silas W.+

Civil War— pvt., Co.' D." 60th Mass,
Vols. ■ !J

'29, *yturbide. Prince ^Augustin de
Colonel on staff of Gen. Simon' Boli-
var in South America. ...




Seminole War — Augustus Howard/26, officer; Henry Webb, '28, lieut. col.
Civil War (C. S. A.)— Thomas P. Ashe, '46, col.

Mexican War — S. S. Tucker, '30, capt.


Civil War— 2d Inf.— T. F. Wright, '49, col; 4th Inf.— Henry Hancock,
'43, Major.


Civil War— 1st Inf.— J. O. Buel, '61, 1st Heut.


Mexican War~9th U. S. Inf.— (Old 9th New England) ; T. H. Seymour,
'29, Major; S. L. Pitkin, '25, officer.

Civil War — F. W. Russell, '51, capt; istlnf. — G.C. Jar\ds, '52, asst. surg.;
7th Inf.— G. C. Jarvis, '52, surg; 9th Inf.- A. G. Hall, '55, 1st lieut and adjt;
11th Inf.— A. I. Wadhams, '44, pvt ; 17th Inf— W. H. Noble, '26, col; 18th
Inf.— H. C. Day, '61, capt.; 20th Inf.— J. M. Stancliffe, '53, 1st sergt.; 25th
Inf.— Aaron Kinne, '56, 1st sergt; W. H. Russell, '28, and E. W. N. Starr, '29,
drill masters.


Seminole War — Vols. — A. F. Holmes, '26, maj.
Civil War — C. L. Robinson, '49, drill master and provost marshall. Union


Seminole War— Vols.— H. E. W. Clark, '33, and B. F. Patton, '28,
capts.; H. D. W. Alexander, '26, 1st lieut.

Mexican War — Vols. — S. M. Miles, '27, asst. surg.

Civil War (C. S. A.) 11th Inf.— C. H. Dearing, '50, capt.; 7th Cav.— W. J.
DePoincy, '61, 1st sergt.; " McCollister's Squadron " Cav. — W. J. DePoincy,
'61, 1st lieut.; Surgeon Vols. (C. S.'A.) John Stone, '38; Eng. (C. S. A.) Thomas
W.White, '41, capt.


Black Hawk War— Vols.— C. H. Perry, '23, officer.

Mormon War — M. R. Deming, brig, gen., in command of state troops.

Civil War — 8th Inf. — Charles E. Denison, '45, captain; Lorenzo D. Potter,
'56, 1st lieut; 9th Inf.— L. D. Bishop, '46, maj. ; 1 1th Inf.— T. E. G. Ransom, '51,
col. ; F. E. Ransom, '68, 2d lieut. ; H. L. S. Haskell, '46, pvt. ; (elected 2d lieut) ;
13th Inf.— F. W. Partridge, '45, lieut. col.; 15th Inf.— S. M. Preston, '45, 1st
lieut. and q. m., also state drill master; 28th Inf. — J. B. T. Mead, '51, 1st
lieut. and adjt.; 30th Inf. — Warren Shedd, '39, col. ; 38th Inf.— Charles Fox, '44


capt.; 5 1st Inf.— W.-H. Greenwood, '52, capt.; 55th Inf.— J. C. Crooker, '43,
capt.; 72d Inf.— J. C. Wright, '42, lieut. col.; 83d Inf.— J. M. Gilson, '40, capt.;
88th Inf.— G. S. Hubbard, '56, capt.; 100th Inf.— A. X. Waterman, '55, lieut.
col.; 7th Cav.— W. P. Kellogg, '4S, col.; 8th Cav.— E. S. Kelley, '54, maj.; 12th
Cav.— B. M. Gilman, '57, pvt.; 2d Reg. Art.— F. B. Fenton, '57, 1st lieut.;
Cav. — Ira Nourse, '45, pvt.


Mexican War— 1st Inf.— R. H. Milroy, '4.3, capt.; S. S. Tipton, '33, capt.

Civil War — G. C. Smith, '48, 1st lieut. and adjt.; 226. Inf. — George Hopkins
'64, capt.; 9th Inf.— R. H. Mih-oy, '43, col. (major, gen.); J. B. Milroy, '45,
maj.; 58th Inf.— G. P. Buel, '56, col. bvt. brig, gen.; 87th Inf.- Newell
Gleason, '49, col. and bvt. brig, gen.; 89th Inf.— E. F. Stone, '48, capt.; 138th
Inf.— William Hebard, '64, 1st lieut.


Civil War— 2d Inf.— N. B. Howard, '60, col.; 4th Inf.— G. M. Dodge, '51,
col., (maj. gen.): 1 1th Inf.— G. R. White, '52, 1st lieut. and adjt.; 12th Inf.—
J. E. Ainsworth, '.53, capt.; 19th Inf.— J. S. Gray, '64, capt.; 2d Cav.— Edward
Hatch, '.50, col., (maj. gen.); B.K.Roberts, '64, 2d lieut.; 3d Cav.— C. H.
Perry, '23, maj. ; 6th Cav. — C. J. Ford, '52, asst. surg. and capt.


Civil War — 1st Inf. — O. E. Learnard, '55, col.; State IVIilitia, Da\dd
Hubbard, '57, capt.; 2d Inf. — L. S.Wood, '59, capt. and commis.; 3d Inf. —
Holland Wheeler, '59, capt. and ord. officer; 6th Inf. — Edward E. Harvey, '51,
capt.; 8th Inf.— H. W. Wessells, '29, col., brig, gen.; H. H. Gillum, '50, capt.
and q. m. vols.


Civil War (Union) — William Nelson, '39, maj. gen. of vols.; 2d Inf. —
F. E. Roelofson, '56, 1st lieut.; 47th Inf.— A. C. Wilson, '48, lieut. col; 48th
Inf.— William Porter, '42, capt.; 9th Cav.— John L. Neil, '49, capt.; 2d Cav.—
(C. S. A.)— O. S. Tenney, '45, maj.

Seminole War— Vols.— William Hull, '32, 1st lieut.

Civil War— 1st Inf. (C. S. A.)— F. H. Farrar, '56, lieut. col.; 30th Inf. (C-
S. A.)— G. .\. Breaux, '47, col.; 2d Inf. (Union Guards)— A. G. Hall, '55, lieut-

Civil War— 2d Inf.— C. V. Lord, '55, capt. and q. m.; 3d Inf.— F. W.
Galbraith, '64, 2d lieut. and staff officer; 6th Inf. — C. A. Curtis, '61, drill master;
F. C. Pierce, '61, capt.; 7th Inf.— A. P. Titcomb, '57, 1st lieut.; 8th Inf.— S.
F. Stoddard, '65, musician; Uth Inf.— S. B. Bean, '34, 1st lieut. 12th Inf. -
Albert Buswell, '47, asst. surg.; 14th Inf. — A. P. Titcomb, '57, 1st sergt.;
21st Inf.— C.F.Tibbetts,'66, musician and .sergt.; 22d Inf.— S. W. Knowles,
'.58, 2d lieut.; 30th Inf.— A. P. Titcomb, '57, sergt.; 1st H. Art.— William
Parker, '59, capt.; 2d Cav.— S. W. Knowles, '.58, capt.; T. G. Rice, '65, 1st
sergt.; S. F. Stoddard, '65, 1st sergt.; Coast Guards — S. F. Stoddard, '65,[lst

456 NonwicH university.

Spanish — American War — 1st Inf. — C. S. Carleton, '96, capt . ; Signal Corps —
C. E. Walker, '97, 1st lieut.

Civil War (C. S. A.) — John S. Pierce, '46, capt. and quarter-master.


Mexican War — 1st Inf. — C. B. Crowningshield, '42, capt. ; W. W. H. Davis,
'42, capt.; J. C. Crowninsliield, '45, lieut.; 9th U. S. Inf.— (t)ld 9th New lOii";-
hmd), J. E. Stevens, '41, surgeon.

Civil War Vols.— F. W. Lander, '41, brig, gen.; 1st Inf.— William Ger-
rish, '64, pvt.; R. J, Cowdin, '59, pvt.; 2d Inf.— W. E. Perkins, '42, capt.;
5th Inf. — Benjamin Parker, '49, capt.; George Buttrick, '56, corp.; 6th Inf. — •
J. Q. A. McCollister, '53, asst. surg.; S. W. Shattuck, '60, sergt. maj.; G.W.
Hobbs, '59, 2d lieut.; W. E. Farrar, '56, 1st lieut. and q. m.; Joseph Stedman,
'59, sergt.; G. W. Childs, '67, corp.; A. A. Shattuck, '64, corp.; George E.
Otis, '67, pvt.;8th Inf. — Henry Stone, '48, capt.; 9th Inf.— F. M. Lincoln, '50,
asst. surg.; 10th Inf. — F. A. Barton, '26, drill master and chaplain; 11th Inf. —
J. B. Thompson, '62, 1st heut.; 12th Inf. — J. H. Baxter, '54, surgeon; 13th
Inf. — J. P. Gould, maj.; Edgar Parker, '59, asst. surg.; 14th Inf. — Ednuuid
Rice, '60, capt.; 19th Inf.— E(imund Rice, '60, col.; H. A. Hale, '61, capt.;
20th Inf.— W. R. Lee, '25, col.; Edmund Rice, '60, capt.; 21st Inf.— G. E.
Davis, '51, 1st lieut. and adjt.; 22d Inf. — Jesse A. Gove, '49, col.; C. E. Gris-
wold, '49, col.; S. J. Thompson, '48, capt.; 24th Inf. — J. W. Parsons,'63, asst.
surg.; 25th Inf.— A. W. Cooke, '69, 1st sergt.; T. A. Earle, '52, 1st lieut.;
27th Inf. — W. S. Goodwin, '63, 1st lieut.; E. W. Foster, '59, leader of band;
32d Inf. — Charles Bowers, '52, capt.; D. W. Parmenter, '63, pvt.; 35th Inf. —
F. M. Lincoln, '50, surg.; 37th Inf.— Charles Phelps, '53, 1st lieut.; 42d Inf.—
Joseph Stedman, '59, lieut. col.; C. W. Gragg, '65, pvt.; 43d Inf.— G. O. Tyler,
'57, capt.; WiUiam Fiske, '67, pvt.; 48th Inf.— G. B. Blodgette, '67, corp.;
53d Inf.— J. Q. A. McCollister, '53, surg.; 56th Inf.— C. E. Griswold, '54, col.;
H. G. Coffin, '67, and R. J. Cowdin, '59, capts.; 57th Inf.— A. W. Cooke, '69,
capt.; 59th Inf.— J. P. Gould, '49, col.; G. W. Field, '60, capt.; 60th Inf.,
Co. G— 1st sergts., C. F. TilUnghast, '64 and F. H. McCulloch, '64; sergt.,
J. S. Richards, '65; privates, C. S. Bird, '67, W. S. Blackington, '66, E. G.
Burkham, '66, G. A. Davis, '67, H. H. Head, '66, H. A. How^ard, '65, A. B.
Lowe, '67, W\ C. H. Needham, '66, F. A. Sawyer, '64, C. S. WheelwTight, '67,
J. A. L. Whittier, '66, S. W. Wj-man, '67; 61st Inf.— S. R. Streeter, '37, capt.;
C. H. Mosely, '51, 1st sergt.; captain and enrolhng officer State troops, C. E.
Ashcroft, '63; Unattached Inf. Co.— W. E. Farrar, '56, 2d heut.; 3d Batt'l
Rifles Vols.— Wilham Starr, '60, sergt.; 2d H. Art.— G. M. Rice, '53, 2d heut.;
7th Battery— W. E. Farrar, '56, 1st lieut.; 11th Battery Lt. Art.— G. W. San-
born, '57, 2d lieut.; 1st Cav.— F. H. Rand, '64, capt.;2d Cav.— H. E. Alvord,
'63, maj.; A. L. Papanti, '67, capt.; 4th Cav.— H. M. Phillips, '64, 1st lieut.
and bvt. capt.

Spanish-American War — 5th Inf. — F. T. Austin, '88, 1st heut. and adjt.,
H. L. Keith, '97, corp.; 6th Inf.— Edmund Rice, '60, col.; G. F. Waugh, '01,
sergt.; Provisional Co. (Lowell) — B. W. Farnham, '91, 2d lieut.; Provisional
Co. (Greenfield) S. D. Conant, '72, 1st heut.



Black Hawk War. — C. K. Green, '26, col.; Oreii Marsh, 25, capt.

Mexican War — Oren Marsh, '25, capt.

Civil War 1st Inf.— B. F. Porter, '59, 1st lieut.; 2d Inf. C. N. Baker, '59,
maj.; 3d Inf.— W. S. Burton, 'oo, maj.; 4th Inf.— J. W. Childs, '58, col.; W. A.
King, '59, 1st Heut.; 9th Inf.— L. J. Wright, '52, capt.; 12th Inf.— T. K. G.
Wright, '56, 1 vt.; 15th Inf.— T. E. Morris, '54, maj.; 20th Inf.— Eli.sha Ham-
mond, '44, capt.; 3d Inf. — Judson Slafter, '47, 1st sergt.; 24th Inf. — C. A.
Hoyt, '63, capt.


Indian Wars — H. W. Holley, '50, capt., state trooj)s on frontier duty;
Cyrus G. Myrick, '40, private "Lesueur Tigers."

Civil War — 1st Inf.— James Hollister, '55, 1st lieut.; 4th Inf.— L. L. Bax-
ter, '54, maj.; 8th Inf.— E. H. Cutts, '50, 1st lieut.; 9th Inf.— W. R. Baxter, '51,
(•ai)t.: 2d Inf. — D. W. Parmenter, '63, pvt.; 1st H. Art. — L. L. Baxter, '54, col.;
Brackett's Batt'l Cav.— C. II. Osgood, '64, 2d lieut.; capt. and asst. q. m.;T. D.
Smith, '37.


Civil War- 2d Inf. — Enrolled militia (Union) L. B. Fuller, '64, capt.


Mexican War— Clark's Batt'l Vols.— A. J. Dorn, '41, 1st lieut.; Eaton's
Batt'l Inf.— J. V. A. Sliields, '41, sergt. maj.; Vols. — Henry Hancock, '43,

Civil War — State Militia — G. M. Dodge, '51, maj. gen.; C. B. Burnham,'39
col. and q. m. gen.; F. F. Fletcher, '57, ofl&cer; 30th Inf. — B. G. Farrar, '45
col. and bvt. brig, gen.; 6oth Inf. — A. C. Marvin, '39, col.; 7th Cav. — A. C
Marvin, '39, and J. N. Pennock, '46, 1st heut. and adjts.; 12th Cav.— P. R
Kendall, '49, 1st lieut. andq. m.; 2d Lt. Art.— Napoleon Boardman, '47, capt


Spanish-American War — 1st Inf. — C. W. Mead, '81, 1st Ueut.


Indian Wars — S. N. Fifield, '50, captain m'Utia.

New Hampshire.

Mexican War— 9th U. S. Inf.— (Old 9th New England)— T. J. Whipple,
'37, Lst lieut. and adjt.; J. A. Gove, '49, 1st lieut.

Civil War— 1st Inf.— T. J. Whipple, '37, lieut. col.; H. T. H. Pierce, '46,
1st lieut.; C. O. Bradley, '63, 1st sergt.; S. A. Scripture, '50, musician; Walter
Aiken, '.53, pvt.; 2d Inf.— G. H. Carter, '54, major; G. P. Greeley, '50, asst.
surg.; 3d Inf. — WilUam Coffee, '49, sergt.; Le^\•is Ivimball, '63, pvt.; 4th Inf. —
T. J. Whipple, '37, col.; G. P. Greeley, '50, surgeon; D. L. M. Cmmnings, '48,
asst. surg.; 5th Inf.— C. H. Long, '55, capt.; H. T. H. Pierce, '45, capt.; G. W.
Balloch, '47, 1st lieut. and staff officer; 7th Inf.— T. A. Henderson, '62, lieut.
col.; 8th Inf.— J. M. Stanyan, '50, capt.; A. H. Quimby, '59, corp.; 13th Inf.—
C. O. Jiradley, '63, capt.; 14th Inf.— W. H. Chaffin, '64, capt. (acting heut.
col.); Marshall Perkins, '46, asst. surg.; 16th Inf.— E. F. Smith, '61, capt.;


W. B. Haven, '63, 1st lieut.; 17th Inf.— H. O. Kent, '54, col.; C. H. Long, '55,
lieut. col.; C. N. Kent, '04, 1st lieut. and adjt.; 18th Inf.— E. F. Smith, '61, capt.
(elected col.); 1st H. Art.— C. H. Long, '55, col.; C. O. Bradley, '63, capt.;
S. T. Wellman, '66, Corp.; 1st Cav.— G. E. Oilman, '67, 1st heut.; Vols.—
Edwin Guild, '56, pvt.

Lafayette Artillery — S. N. Hartshorn, '56, private.

Spanish-American War — 1st Inf. — G.H.Clark, '02 and J. M. Wardner,
'01, sergts.

New Jersey.

Mexican War— Capt. U. S. A.— G. W. Taylor, '26.

Civil War— 3d Inf.— George W. Taylor, '26, col. (brig, gen.); A. S. Taylor,
'58, 1st Heut. and adjt.; 5th Inf.— T. W. Eayre, '61, 1st lieut. and adjt. (capt.
and staff officer) ; 33d Inf. — J. A. Miller, '44, 1st lieut. and q. m.

Veteran Vols. — W. A. Treadwell, '57, col.

Spanish-American War — E. McC. Peters, 'SO, lieut. U. S. N.

New York.

Mexican War^7th Inf.— H. S. Burton, '37, lieut. col.; F. S. Post, '43,

civil War— 2d Inf.— G. V. Boutelle, '59, capt.; 7th Inf.— W. R. Ver-
milye, '55 corp.; 9th Inf. — (Hawkins Zouaves) — E. A. Kimball, '44, lieut.
col.; 11th Inf.— E. K. Aldrich, '66, 1st lieut.; I6th Inf.— Samuel Marsh, '39,
lieut. col.; 24th Inf.— Jonathan Tarbell, '39, maj.; 31st Inf.— R. J. Cowdin,
'59, capt.; 67th Inf.— L. M. Peck, '59, capt.; 70th Inf.— D. W. Washburn, '56,
1st lieut.; 89th Inf.— E. H. Smith, '45, 2d Ueut.; 91st Inf.— Jonathan Tarbell,
'39, col. (brig, gen.); 95th Inf. — W. A. Treadwell, '57, 1st lieut. and com-
missary; D. C. Beattie, '47, capt.; 98th Inf.— D. H. Kelton, '64, pvt.; 117th
Inf.— F. H. Walcott, '64, sergt.maj.; I64th Inf.— W. A. Treadwell, '57, capt.;
173d Inf.— L. M. Peck, '59, col. (bvt. maj. gen); 175th Inf.— W. S. Vernam,
'64, 1st lieut. and adjt.; 184th Inf.— W. H. Wentworth, '68, pvt.; Vols.—
S. C. Thorndike, '57, officer; 8th H. Art.— E. P. Walcott, '64, 1st Heut; 10th
H. Art.— E. H. Smith, '45, capt.; 14th H. Art.— W. A. Treadwell, '57, capt.;
46th Lt. Art.— E. P. Walcott, '64, sergt.; Art.— CHnton Adams, '48, capt.;
18th Cav.— W. S. Vernam, '64, capt.; 21st Cav.— G. V. Boutelle, '59, maj.;
26th Cav. (Frontier Cav.)— G. B. French, '55, capt.; "Harris Lt. Cav."—
E. M.Granger, '64, 1st sergt.

Spanish-American War — 2d Inf. — R. D. Baker, '96, corp.; 8th Inf. —
C. B. Riggs, '91, sergt.

North Carolina.

Mexican War — Benjamin Buck, '41, 1st Heut. and adjt. vols.
Civil War— Vols. (C. S. A.)— George Little, '30, col. 1st Inf.; (Union)—
E. H. Babbitt, '64, 2d Heut.


Mexican War — 4th Inf. — S. M. Warner, '48, pvt.

Civil War — G. M. Bascom, '60, capt. on staff of General Cox; 11th Inf. —
J. W. Frizell, '44, Heut. col.; igth Inf. — Thomas Clark, '44, drill master, served
at the front; 26th Inf.— S. M. Hewitt, '40, and J. K. Ewart, '62, captains;
29th Inf.— Thomas Clark, '44, Heut. col.; 32d Inf.— S. M. Hewitt, '40, maj.;

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