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■ The Knights
of England

The Knights
of England

A Complete Record from the Earliest Time to the
Present Day of the Knights of all the Orders of
Chivalry in England, Scotland, and Ireland, and
of Knights Bachelors



Editor of the Calendar of Treasury Papers at H.M. Record Office ;
Author of the History of the English Church under the
Commonwealth ; A uthor of the History of Currency ; etc.


A Complete List of Knights Bachelors dubbed in Ireland

Compiled by


Barrister-at-Law, Office of Arms, Ireland

Author of Genealogical Meinoirs of the Members of Parliament

for Kilkenny

-ek^K^^^^ yOL:_U.

Printed and Published for the


Lord Chamberlain's Office, St. James's Palace





fi^kj i' \^ ft O

IkniGbts Bacbelors

Knights Bachelors

1257, May 18. Henry Plantagenet, 2nd son of Richard earl of
Cornwall (knighted on the day of his father's coronation
as king of the Romans at Aachen).

1272, Oct. 13. Edmund Plantagenet, 5th son of Richard earl of
Cornwall (knighted on the occasion of his marriage with
Margaret, sister of the earl of Clare. He was made earl
at the same time).

1272, Oct. 13. Henry de Lacy (knighted and made earl of Lincoln,
same occasion).

1272, Oct. 13. George de Cantelupe (same occasion), and many
others, nobles of the kingdom of England, some of them
knighted ('militiae cingulum susceperunt ') by the King
himself, others by the aforesaid earls.


On Monday after St. Matthew's day the king, Edward III.,
made his eldest son (the Black Prince) earl of Chester
and duke of Cormvall, and after making six other earls
the same day the king made 20 knights, to ivit : —

Edward de Montague (Montacute).
Thom de Swinnerton.
JoH DE Isle.
JoH Darcy.
Ric Dammory.


Jo DE Mere.
Roger Bavent.
Roger Hillary.




Will Stot.
Will Basset.
Rob de Sadyngton.
Will de Zousch.
Jo DE Cogeshale.
Roger Danngervile.
Thom del More.
Jo Stracche.


1346, July 13.

The king, Edward III., landed at La Hague in his expedition
to France, and there on the shore he knighted the Black
Prince and rnade him Prince of Wales. Thereupon the
said Black Prince immediately made the following
knights : —

EoGER DE Mortimer, afterwards earl of March.

William de Montacute, lord Montacute, afterwards earl of

William de Ros, lord Eos.

et cum illis etiam f uerunt alii consimiliter ad ordinem pro-
moti militarem,
1346, Aug. 26.

Grants of annuity ordered to the folloiving to support the
order of knighthood which they have taken from the
King (that is to say recently in the campaign in
France J.

Robert de Maule.

Guy de Briane.

John de Ravensholm.

Peter de Brewese.

Thomas de Lancastre.

Henry Dengayne.

John, son of Giles de Bello Campo.
1346, Aug. 26. Sir John de Lisle, of Rougemont, raised to the rank

of a banneret by a writ of this date, being the date of the

battle of Creecy.

1346, Aug. 26. Ralph de Shelton, knighted whilst in the king's

retinue at Creecy.

1347. Knights m-ode by Edward III. at the Seige of Calais in

John Fourneys.


Edw. Molyn alias Montermer.

William Walkington.

William Wautor alias Aches.

William Blunt.

Thomas Blownt.

Bastard Gray.

Giles de Beauchamp.

Nicolas Langford.

Roger IIerham.

Christofer de Langford.

Jo Crewks.

William de Watenald.

John Tracy.

Norman Darcy.

4t This list of knights made in 1347 is conUined in Harl. MS, 1156, fo. 82.


[Anno 1347.]

John Darcy.
John Lymburne.
John Sambie.
Henry Fitzhenry.
Eic Piers.
Reynold Moyne.
Christofer de Ludlowe.
Jo Stormye.
John de Lisle.
Warren de Lisle.
Oliver Dynham.
Tho. de Rachese.
William Ferrers.
Robert Ferrers.
Ralphe Hastings.
Hugh Courtney.
Jo Mordake.
Richard Hekyn.
Robert de Barchiiaile.
William Cozans.
Henr Glastingbue.
Rob Baynton.
William Wolton.
Ric Corntcall.



Jo Poyninges.
Christofer de Poyninges.
Jo Boalor.
William Mortymer.


Jo Trussell.
Rog Swynton.
William Lovell,
Piers de la Ware.
Fitzwilliam Gawre,
Simon le Zowche.


[Anno 1347.]

William le Zowciie.

William Frator [Yaire].

William Bootiie.

Jo Dacton.

John de CLivDoisr.

Robert de Nevor.

Warrein Latyne [FLakyne].

Otes de Guson.

DE Stafford.

John Yerdon.
Christofer DE Yerdon.
William de Gerdeston.
William Eeancks.
Robert Bowser.
Christofer de Bourne.
John de Mereworth.
John de Sutton.
John de Norweche.
John Bafford.
William de la Warre.
Tho. de Halwton.
John Daynwell.
Tho. de Engayne.
Jo de Engayne.
John Paveley.
John Cunstable.
Jeoffrey de Gray.
Ric de Were.
John de Leyborne.
Roger Corbet.
Walter Paveley.
Christofer de Layton.
Robert Willowby.


Seigneur le Stratton.
Robert de Rokeby.
Simon de Senntle.


[Anno 1347.]

John Fitzsymond.
John de Sirmone.

poe chester.

Talbot de Bash all, in Lane.
Roger Eeldbrigge.
John de Sullay.
Christofer de Chawerth.
John de Codington.


John Byron le fils.
John de Palie.
William Banestre.


John Dawbeney
John Wallum.
Piers de Thorneton.


John Backuse.

John Talbot.

Walter de Chirkingham.

John Descurs.

Christofer de Beckeringe.

John Darderne.

Walter Pechay.




Knights made by the Black Prince in the South West of France

(hiring the campaign which culminated in the battle of Poitiers.
1355, Oct. 11. Janekinus de Berefort, et alii milites.
1355, Oct. 13. GiLOTUs de Strattone, et quidam alii.
1355, Oct. 17. Adam de Lowches (probably a misreading for

1355, Nov. 3. Tbe son of tbe lord de Libreto.
1355, Nov. 3. Ralph Basset, lord Basset de Drayton.
1355, Nov. 3. RoLANDus Daveys.

1355, Nov. 3. et plures alii ad ordinem militarem promovebantur.
1355, Nov. 12. Theodoricus Dale, ostiarius camere domini



About April, 1360.

Roger (le Ware,), sire de la Warr (by Edward III., near
Paris, France, on volunteering to lead a sally towards

John (Fitz-Walter), sire de Fitz- Walter (same occasion).

Thumas Balastre (same occasion).

GuiLLAUME DE Trousiaus (same occasion).

Thumas le Despensier (same occasion).

Jehan de Neufville (same occasion).

Richard Sturi (PSturmy) (same occasion).

et plusieurs sultre.

Before 1362, Nov. 20. Richard de la Bere, sheriff of Hereford.

Before 1372, Oct. John Botiller, sheriff of Lancashire.

Before 1377, June 22. Thomas Bokelond, sheriff of Hampshire.

Before 1377, June 22. John de Careswell, sheriff of Shropshire
and Stafford.

About July, 1380.

The day the duke of Buckingham came hefore St. Omer he
made several new knights, viz. : —

Raoul de Noefville.

le fils au signeur messire Betremieu Boursier.

le fils au signeur messire Thumas Camois.

Fouke Courbet.

Thumas d'Angain(d'Angluei).

Raoul de Pippe.

LoEis de Saint-Obin.

Jehan Paulle.


After 1399, Aug. 22. John Berkeley, sheriff of Warwick and

Before 1399, Sept. 30. Thomas Clanvowe, sheriff of Hereford.

Before 1399, Sept. 30. William Fyens or Fenys, sheriff of Surrey-
arid Susses.

After 1399, Oct. 2. John Dauntesey, sheriff of Wilts.

After 1399, Nov. 3. William Shaeeshull, sheriff of Staffordshire.

After 1400, Nov. 24. Henry Nevyll, sheriff of Warwick and

After 1401, Nov. 8. Thomas Maureward, sheriff of Warwick and

1403, July 21. Richard de Sandford (on the morrow of the battle
of Shrewsbury) with at least two others.

After 1406, Nov. 5. Robert Lysle, sheriff of Northumberland.

[1409, Aug. 4.]

Knights dubbed by king Henry IV. at the coming in
of \Jean de W erchin~\, seneschal of Hainault, with
other gentlemen to do feats of arrns in Smithfleld [on.
a challenge previously sent by them to the Order of the
Garter~\, where these gentlemen did acquit thcTuselves
well, and were made knights [? at Windsor], viz. : —

John Cheyney's son and heir.
William Porter.
John Standish.

After 1413, Nov. 6. James Haryngton, sheriff of Cumberland.

After 1414, Nov. 10. John Hevenyngham, sheriff of Norfolk and

After 1416, Nov. 30. Thomas Wykeham, sheriff of Hampshire.

1426, May 19.

After the battle of Verneuil (1424, August), the Duke of
Bedford came over into England and on Whitsuntide in
1426 at Leicester [at a Parliament there'] he dubbed
King Henry VI. knight and forthwith the said King


duhhed 44 Jcnights. See the list of these knights supra
pp. 130 — 2, where the navies of the knights who may he
presumed to have heen made bachelor knights merely
are printed in italics.

After 1427, Nov. 7. Stephen Popham, sheriff of Hampsliire.

1439, May 15. Henry, son of the earl of Huntingdon (at Kenyngton).

1439, May 15, Henry, son of the earl of Arundel {ibid.).

1439, May 15. Lewys John (idid.).

1439, May 15. William Estefylde, merchant of London (ibid.).

After 1441, June 10. Erancis de Surienne, called I'Arragonois,
received a grant of money to support the dignity of knight-

After 1449, Sept. 25. Nicolas Byron, sheriff of Lancashire.

After 1452, Nov. 8. Richard Fenys, sheriff of Surrey and Sussex.

1456, before July 15. A squire of the king of Denmark lately came
to England and received the military order at Windsor.

1460, July 10.

Knights made at the battle of Northampton.

Henry Stafford.

Thomas Dymmoke.

William Tyrell.

William Tyrell, of the Beche (Bey).

Thomas Stanley (Stranley).

William Norrys.

John of Asheton.

Henry Lewys (Loys).

Thomas Thorpe.
1460, Dec. 30.

Knights vtade at the battle of Wakefield.

Lord Clifford (by the hands of Henry, duke of Somerset).

James Lutterell (by same).

Robert Whittingham (by same).

Latymer, of Somersetshire (by same).

Richard Percy (by tlie hands of his brother, the earl of

William Gascoigne (by same).

Thomas Metiiam (by same).

William Bkktram (by same).

Richard Alborough (by same).

Thomas Eldreton (by same).

John Malevkr (by same).

William St. Quyntin (by same).

John Courtenky (by the hamls of liis brother, the earl of


1460, Dec. 30.

Thomas Fulforde (by same).

Alexander Hoody (by same).

Richard Gary (by same).

EoGER Clifford (by tbe bands of bis brotber, lord Clifford).

Richard Tempest (by same).

Henry Bellingham (by same).

Thomas Babthorpe (by tbe bands of lord Roos).

1460-1, Feb. 17.

Knights made at the second battle of St. Albans.

The King knighted his son Edward on the spot, and that
young prince thereupon conferred that dignity on the
earl of Shreivsbury and some thirty others, including :

Thomas Roos.

Andrew Trollope (being tbe first tbat be made).

Whytyngam (wbo came next).

Tresham (wbo came next).

John Gray, and 12 more knigbts tbe same day.
John Done.
William Talboys.
Symond H.ammys.

1461, Mar. 29.

Knights made by king Edward IV. at the battle of Towton.

William Hastynges.

Walter Devereux.

HuMFREY Stafford.

Thomas Montgomery.

John Howard, sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk.

Thomas Walgrave.

1461, June 27.

Knights made the day before the Coronation of Edward IV.

John Fogge, made a knigbt of tbe Carpet.

John Scott, made a knight of tbe Carpet.
After 1461, Nov. 7. George Lomley, sheriff of Northumberland.
After 1464, Nov. 6. James Baskerville, sheriff of Hereford.


Before 1466, Easter. Lawrence Eeynford, sheriff of Essex and

Before 1465, April. Thomas Uvedale, sheriff of Surrey and Sussex.
After 1465, Easter. George Darell, sheriff of Wilts.

1471, May 4.

Knights rnade hy Edward IV. in the field of Grafton
(Garton) beside T ewkeshury after the battle of
Tewkesbury, on the field of battle.

Lord John Cobham.

George Nevill, son and heir to lord Abergavenny.

Thomas Wingefield.

Henry Wingfield.

Philippe Courteney, sheriff of Devonshire.

Henry Beaumont, sheriff of Staffordshire.

Maurice Berkeley, sheriff of Hampshire.

Richard Hastinges, called by his wife lord Welles.

Rauf Hastinges.

Egbert Harrington.

Thomas Grey, sheriff of Cambridge and Huntingdon.

James Tyrell.

Henry Ferrers.

John Aparre (Parr).

Henry Perpoynt, sheriff of Notts and Derby.

John Done (Donne, Downe).

Roger Kynaston (Kinaston, Kingeston), sheriff of

Richard Crofte, senior, sheriff of Hereford.
John Pilkington.
John Lyngeyne.
John Harley.
William Botteller.
Christopher Moresby.
John Clay.
Robert Greene.


[1471, May 4.]

John Willoughby [de jure lord Latimer].

Roger Reed (Ree, Red).

John Savage (Havage).

Thomas Strickland.

George Browne.

"William Motton.

John Croker.

Skerne, of Essex.

James Crowmer.

William Sandes (Sandalle).

John Devereux.

Henry Grey.

John Seyntloe.

Edward Woodhouse.

William Brandon.

Richard Beauchamp.

Thomas Cornewall (Cromwell).

Roger Coubett.

Humphrey Blount.


John Feres.
John Byngham.
Richard Radclyffe.
John Saundes.
Nicholas Langford.

[1471, between May 4 and May 21.]

Knights Banneret made by Edward IV. on that voyage and
late journey; whose pennons and standards (in the
difference of pennons) were rent by the King's

Thomas Grey.

Richard Hastinges, afterwards lord Welles.

John Courteney.

Nicholas Latymer (Lawrence).


Eauf Hastings, sheriff of Northamptonshire, May 5.

eoger toketts (rogers).

John Stanley.

Symon Mountfoed.

John Hexningham.

William Stanley.

Thomas Dering.

William Stamford.


1471, May 21.

Knights made by Edward IV. outside the City Gates
between Islington and Shoreditch ichen he entered
London in state after the city had beaten off the
Bastard Falconbridge.

John Stockton, lord mayor of London.

John Crosby, sheriff' of London.

Thomas XJrswick (Horswyke), recorder of London.

[1471, May 21.]

Ralph Verney [alderman of London].

Richard Lee [alderman of London].

John Yonge [alderman of London].

William Taylor [alderman of London].

George Ireland [alderman of London].

John (William) Stoker (Stocker) [alderman of London].

Mathew Philip (Philippe) [alderman of London].

William Hampton [alderman of London].

Thomas Stalbroke [alderman of London].

Bartholomew James [alderman of London].

Between 1471, Oct., and 1472, July.

Knights made in Granado by Sir Edward Woodville
\_? Anthoiiy Woodville, Earl Riucrs'\, warring 07i the
infidels [ ? or by Sir Edward, styled Lord Woodville, in
Brittany, in 148S'].

Edward Wyxgi-eilde.



1472, John Parr, sheriff of Westmoreland.

1476-7, Jan. 18. Thomas Haward, or Howard, sheriff of Norfolk
and Suffolk.

after 1480, Nov. 15. Egbert Willoughby, sheriff of Devon.

after 1481, Sept. 29. Giles Daubeney, sheriff of Somerset and

after 1481, Nov. 5. Humphrey Stanley, sheriff' of Staffordshire.

1482, July 24 (St. James's Eve).

Bannerets made in Scotland by the duhe of Gloucester
\j)rohal)ly on the conclusion of the Treaty between the
duke of Gloucester, the duhe of Albany, and the
Scottish Nobles near Edinburgh^.

Edward Wydevill (Wood vile), banneret.
Walter Herbert, banneret.
Herbert Greystoke, banneret.

[1482, July 24.]

John Elrington, banneret.
Henry Percy, banneret.
William Gascoigne, banneret.
Edmond Hastings, banneret.
James Tyrell, banneret.
James Danby, banneret.
Hugh Hastinges, banneret.
Pauf Asheton, banneret.
William Redman, banneret.
Eichard Eadclif, banneret.
Thomas Malyverer, banneret.
Bryan Stapleton, banneret.
John Savage, banneret.
William Evers, banneret.
Piers Middelton, banneret.
Christopher Warde, banneret.
Stephen Hamerton, banneret.
Thomas Tempest, banneret.


[1482, July 24.]

John Everingham, banneret.
Robert Harrington, banneret.
Thomas Broughton, banneret.
John Aske, banneret.
Thomas Grey, of Warke, banneret.
Rauf Woderington, banneret.
Roger Thorneton, banneret.
Thomas Molyneux, banneret.
Alexander Houghton, banneret.
Piers A. Legh, banneret.
Edward Stanley, banneret.
John Grey, of Wilton, banneret.
Richard Hodleston, banneret.

Knights made the same day by the same duJce of Gloucester.

William Nevill, of Thorneton Bridge.

Richard Hawte.

John Woderington (Widrington).

William Ingleby (Engelby),

Thomas Gowre.

Randolf Pygott.

John Darrell.

William Houghton.

William Parker, of London.

Roger Cotton.

Thomas Bowles.

Thomas (John) Bridges (Bergyll).

Alexander B.\ynham.

Sandy Jarden (Jurden), a Scot.

Knights made the same day in the Englishmen's Camp by
Alexander, duke of Albany.

Adam Murrey,
Thomas Lyndsey.
John Coningii.\m.
John Rotherford.


Knights made the same day hy the earl of Northumberland
in Scotland \_at the same place"].

John Penyngton.
Robert Plompton,
Martin, of the Sea.

Knights m,ade the same day, at the same place by lord
Stanley, steward of the King's House.

Christopher Southworth.


William Stanley.
John Bowthe.
George Holforde,
Richard Bolde.

[1482, July 24.]

Richard Townley.
James Lawrence.
Thomas Talbott.
Henry Tarbocke.
John Talbott.
Alexander Standishe.
Christopher Standishe.
William Farrington.
Henry Kyghley.

1482, Aug. 22.

Bannerets and Knights made by Richard, duke of Gloucester,
in Scotland at Hoton Field beside Berwick [ ? at the
surrendering of Berwick to the English, which took
place on the 24th Aug., 1482'].


Frauncys, lord Lovell.
[Richard], lord Fitz-Hugh.
[Thomas], lord Scroop of Masham.


[1482, Aug. 22.]

George, lord Lumley.

Thomas Pilkington.

EoBERT Ryder.

Other Knights and Bannerets.
William Darcy.
John Melton.
JoHX Savell.
Rauf Bulmer.
Rauf Bigod.
Rauf Bowes (Bowyer).
JoHx Constable, of Holderness.
James vStrangways.
Robert Middelton.
William Fitz William.
Thomas Fitz William.
Thomas Wortley.
James Danby.
Thomas Malyverer.
Rauf Fitz Randall.
Charles Pilkington.
Robert Waterton.
John Nevill, of Liverseege.
Richard Coigners, of Cowtoii.
William Beckwithe.

Knights, dubbed by the earl of Northninberland on the field
of Sefford the same time.

Marmaduke Constable.
Christopher Warde.
Roger Heron.
Thomas Grey.
William Malory.
Piers Middelton.
Stephen Hamkrton.
Robert IIilyard (Helyarde).


[1482, Aug. 22].

Eauf Wodeington.
Ratjf Harbottell.
John Eveeingham.
John Aske.
Eauf Babthorpe.
Roger Thorneton.
Christopher Curwen.
John Salveyn, of Duflett.
Thomas Grey, of Horton.
Thomas Tempest.

? 1482-3, Jan. 6. Thomas Thwaytes.

1482-3, after Feb. 18.

Knights dubbed after the Parliament was ended.
John Wood, speaker of tke Parliament,
William Catesby, justice.

1483, Saturday, July 5.

Knights made by Richard III., the day before his Coronation.

Robert Dymmoke, tlie King's champion at the Coronation.

William Hopton.

Robert Persay (Percye).

William Jenney, justice [of the King's Bench].

Gervase Clyfton, sheriff of Notts and Derby.

[P1483, July 12.]

Humphrey Starkey, chief baron of the Exchequer (on
Saturday after [ ? the Coronation] in the Tower.

1483, Sept. 8.

Knights made at York by Richard III. on the 'procession
through the city and the repetition of the Coronation.

Gefferey de Sasiola, ambassador from Spain, in testimony
whereof he gave him letters patent dated at York the
same day.

Richard, of Gloucester, the King's natural son.

And many other Northern Gentlemen.


[P1484, the lath day of .]

William, lord Crichton of Cricliton, a Scottislimaii, before

Thomas Htll, mayor of London, after dinner.

before Easter, 1485. Robert Brackenbury, sheriff of Kent.

[before 1485, August.] Charles Somerset, made knigbt by Philip,
archduke of Austria [in Flanders.]

1485, Aug. 7.

Knights made at the landing of Henry, earl of Richmond
(afterivards Henry VII.), at Milford Haven.

Edward Courtenet, afterwards earl of Devonshire.

John Welles, afterwards viscount Welles.

Philibert de Chandee, afterwards earl of Bath,

John Cheney (Cheiny).

Richard Guildford.

Edward Ponyinges.

James Blount.

Davy Owen.

Charles Somerset.

John Fortescu, sheriff of Essex and Ilerts.

John Haliwel (Halwyn).

John Ryseley.

William Brandon.

* Thomas Milborn (Melbourne).

* William Tyler.
John Treury (Terury).

1485, Aug. 25.

Relights made at the Battle of Rcdmore or Bosicorth by
Henry VII-

John Talbott.

John (Roger) Mortemer.

Walter IIungerforde.

• In Ashmolean MS. 1121, p. 433, these names are given as made at the battle of Redmore.


1485, Aug. 25.

Robert Pointz.
HuMFREY Stanley.
William Wyloughby.
John Turberville.
Res (Rice) Ap Thomas.
Hugh Persall.
Richard Edgcombe.

[?1485, Aug. 25.]

[^At the same time or between the Battle of Bosworth and

the Coronation of Henry VII.']
Edmund Carew.

John Bickenell (Brikenell, Kykenell).
William Courteney.

1485-6 (or 1486-7), Jan. 6.

Knights of London made twelfth day anno prim.o ( '? secundo)
Henry VII., the King keeping his estate at Whitehall
being crowned.

Henry Collett, mayor of London,

John Eenkell (Fenkyll).

John Browne.

William Capell.

]^? At the same time.]

Nicholas [Robert] Billesdon.

1486, before Whitsuntide. John Byron, sheriff of Notts and Derby
(as the King came from York).

1486, at Whitsuntide. Roger Townesende (at Worcester, in the
King's chamber).

after 1486, Nov. 5. John Lyngeyn, sheriff of Hereford.

1486-7 [?Jan. 6].

William Hodie, chief baron of the Exchequer.
John Swyliard (Suliard), judge of the King's Bench.


1487, June 16.

Knights Banneret made hy Henry VII. at the Battle of
Stoke-on-Trent whereof the first three were made
before the battle and the other eleven after.

Gilbert Talbott.

John Cheyny.

"William Stouxee.

John Ahundell.

Thomas Cokesey, alias Grevell.

Edmoxde Bedingfeilde (Bemngfield).

John Fortescue.

HuMFREY Stanley.

James Blount.

Richard Delabere.

John Mortemer.

William Troutbecke.

Eichard Crofts.

James Baskerville.

Knights made at the ahovcsaid battle.

James Awdeley.

Thomas Poole (Poall).

Robert Clyfford.

Edward Aborougii (Borough).

George Hopton, of Swillington.

Edward Norrys (Morys).

William Tyrwhit, of Kettleby.

Thomas Green (Grey).

Henry Wilougiiby.

John Musgrave.

Edward Pykeringe.

William Sandes.

Thomas (Gregory) Lovell.

James Parker (Picks).


[1487, June 16.]

Anthony Browne.

Maurice Barkley.

William Carew.

Richard Fitz Lewes (Fitz Hews).

John Paston.

Richard Poole (Polle).

Roger Bellingham (Belingham, Billingham).

Edward Darell.

Thomas Hansard.

Thomas, of Walton.

Robert, of Brougliton.

Thomas Blount.

William Vampage, the first kniglit that was dubbed in the

field that day.
Humfrey Sauvage.
John Sabcotts (Sappacottis).
Gregory Lovell.
Nicholas Yaulx.

William Trowtbeke [see on previous page].
John Devenishe.
Amyas Poulet.
Henry Boulde.

William Redmeyll (Redmill).
Robert Cheiney.
John Wyndham.
George Nevill, the bastard.
Rauf Shirley.
Robert Brandon.
John Digby.*
William Littilton.
Christopher Wroughton.
William Norrys.I
James Parker.
Thomas Lien (Linn, Lyn).

* Harl MS. 5177, says :— " at Canterbury when the King went to Calais." This would mean Oct. 1492
But Digby occurs as already a Knight in 1488 in Gairdner's " materials for the History of Hy. Vll.
Vol. II., p. 385.

t Occurs as an esquire in Sept. 1486, and as a Knight in Feb. 1487. Gairdner (ibid) pp. 35, 89.


[1487, June 16.]

Maurice Abarow (A Barow).

Thomas Mantngton (was dubbed as he says, but ).

James Harington.J

John Longville.

Thomas Tyrell (Terell),

George Herbert.

Rauf Langeorth.*

1487 [? June 8]. Thomas Oulet, merchant (at Coventry the same
summer, the King's banner yet displayed. He was of the
same town a burgess).

1487 [? Aug. 1-5]. Richard Todde, mayor of York (dubbed by the
King at York).

1487 [? Aug. 1-5]. Richard Yorke, mayor of the Staple [ihid).

1487 [Aug. 8]. Richard Salkyld (by the King at Durham).

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