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Discussions upon some of the Religi-
oos Topics of the Day. *'Aadialte.
ram partem." Crown 8vo. Cloth,
pnce^f. &^

KINQSLEY (Charles), M.A.
Letters and Memories of
his Life. Edited by his Wipe.
With a Steel engraved Portraiu and
numerous lUustraticms on Wood, and
a Facsimile of his Handwriting.
Eleventh Edition, a vols., demy 8vo.
Qoth, price 36^.

All Saint's Day and other
Sermons. Second Edition. Crown
8vo. Qoth, -js, 6d,

Poems. Fcap 8vo. (Hoth,

Life:- Conferences delivered
at Toulouse. A New and Chesi^
Edition. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price

Lady of Lipari (The).

A Poem in Three Cantos. Fcap.
8vci. (3olh, price $$,

LAMBERT (Cowley), P.R.G.S.
A Trip to Cashmere and
Ladik. With numerous lUustra-
tioos. Crown 8vo. Qoth, 7/. 6d,

Educational Course of
Secular School Books for India:

The First Hindustani
Reader. Stifflinenwrapper,price6if.

The Second Hindustani
Reader. Stiff linen wrapper,price 61/.

The Oriental (English)
Reader. Book L, price 60,; II.,
price 7^ ; III., price ^ ; IV.,
price x.r.

Geography of India; with
Maps and Historical Appendix,
tracmff the Growth of the British
Empire in Hindustan. Fcap. 8vo.
Qoth, price xx. td,

LAYMANN (Capt.).
The Frontal Attack of
Infantry. Translated by Colonel
Edward Newdigate. Crown 8vo.
Cloth, price a«. 6a,


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A List of ,

L. D. 8.

from China and

Japan. Widi lUostiated Title-iMice.
Crown 8to. C3oth, price 7#. ttL

LBANDER (Richard).

Fantastic Stories. Trans-
lated fipom the Gennan by Panlina
B. Gfaaville. With Eight folLiMge
lUostiatiotis by M. E. Frater-Tytler.
Oofwn 8vo. Cloth, price 5^ .

lee' (Rev. P. Q.), P.C.L.

The Other World; or,
QinqpeetoftheSapematond. a^rds.
ANewEdition. CkownSro. Cloth,
price IS*.

LBB (Holme).

Her Title of Honour. A
Book for Girls. New Edition. With
a Frontispieoe. Crown 8to. CloCh,
price 5f.

Fayoum ; or, Artists in Egrpt
A Tour widi M. G6ome and o^ert.
With S3 Illnstratiotts. A New and
Cheeper Edition. OownSvo. Cloth,
price jr. 6i^.

LEWIS (Mary A.).
A Rat with Three Tales.
With Four Illp«t i ati o n» by Cathe ri n e
F. Frere. Qoth, price sr.

Civil Service. A Novel
a vols. Crown 8vo. Cloth.

London Lyrics. A New and
Rerised Edition, with Additions and
a Portrait of the Author. Crown 8vo.
Qoth, el^pnt, price 6f .

Also, an Edition for the People.
Fcap. 8vo. Qoth, price 9S, 6d.

LOCKyERO* Norman), P.R.S.

Studies in Spectrum Ana-

lyaia ; with six photographic illus-
{ trations of Spectra, and nnmerous

engramcs on wood. 'Crown 8yo.

Qoth: pnce 6r. 6d, -
Vol. XXIII. of the International
* Scientific Series.

The Nature of Light: VHA
a General Aocoont of Physical Optics.
Second Edition. With x88 lUostra-
tions and a Table of Spectra in
Chroino-tidiognq;>hy. Orown 8vo.
Cloth, price <r.

Volume ^III. of The Interna-
tional Sdenti^ Series.

LORIMER (Peter), D.D.
John Knox and the Church
of Eni^land^ HisWorkhiher Pulpit,
and his Influence upon her Liturgy*
Articles, and Parties. Demy 8vo.
Qodk, price lar.

LOTHIAN (Roxbnrghe).
Dante and Beatrice from
1189 to xago. A Romance. . a vols.
Post8vo. Qoth, price a4r.

LOVEL (Edward).
The Owl's Nest in the Ci^:
A Story. Crown 8vow Cloth, price

LOVER (Samuel), R.H Jk.
The Life of Samuel Lover,
R.H.A.; Artistic, literary, and
Musical. Widi Se l cction t fimn his
Unpublished. Fmpen and Conespon-
dence. By Bayle Bernard, a vols.
With a Portrait. Post 8vo. Cloth,

LOWER (M. A.), M.A., P.S.A.
Wa3rside Notes in Scandi-
navia. Beii« Notes of Travel ia
the North of £urope. Crown Zyo.
Qoth, price 9r.

LUCAS fAlice).
Translations • from the
Worka of German Poeta of the
x8th and xgth Centuries. Fcap.
8vo. Qoth, price 5^ .

LYONS (R. T.), 8arff.-Mi^. Ben-
gal Anny.

A Treatise^ on Relapsing
Fever. Po6t8va Cloth, price 7/. 6^

The Truth about Ireland:

Tours of Observation in zS;* and
1875. Widi Remarks on Irish Public

'* Ireland iTklTS

1 Supplementary 1

8to. Cloth, price 3$. -Sd,


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C Kegan Paul &• Co*s Publications.



Sir Spangle and the Dingy
- Hen. Illustxtttcd. Square crown

<▼«.« price •#. 6^. •

Malcolm. With Portrait of
the Anthor engraved on SteeL Ox>wn
Bra Price 6f.

St. George ahd St. Michael.
3 Tob. Crown.8vo. Qoth.


William Augustus, Duke
of Cumberland : being a Sketch of
his Military Life and Character,
chiefly as exhibited in the General
Orden of His Royal Highness^
1745—5747* With Illustrations. Post
8vo. Qoth, price 15^.

Plucky Fellows. A Book
for Boys. With Six Illustrations.
.Second Edition. Crown 8vo. Qoth,
price 3«. 6(/. .

At School with an Old
Dragoon. With Six Illustrations.
Second Edition. Crown 8vo. Cloth,
price 5x.

MAIR (R. S.), M.D.i P.R.C.S.B.
The Medical Guide for
Anglo-Indians. Being a Compen-
dium of Advice to Europeans in
India, relating to the Preservation
and Regulation of Health. With a
Supplement on, the Management of
Children in India. Crown 8vo. Limp
doth, price y,6d, '

MALDEN (H. E. and "E. E.)
Princes and Princesses.
Illustrated. Small crown 8vo. Cloth,
price 3f . 6d,

MANNING (His Eminence Car-

Essasrs on Religion and
Literature. By various Writers.
Third Series. Demy 8vo. Cloth,
price xot. 6d,

The Independence 6f the
Holy See, with an Appendix con-
taining the Papal Allocution and a
translation. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price

The True Story of the
Vatican Council. Grown 8vo.
Cloth, price 5«. |

MARBY fB. T.).

Animal Mechanics. A
Treatise on Terrestrial and Aerial
Locomotion. With 2x7 lUustrations.
Second Edition. Crown 8vo. Qoth.

Volume XI. of The IntematSooal
Soentific Series.

MARRIOTT (MaJ.-Gen. W. P.),
Co. I.

A Grammar of Political
Economy. Crown 8vo. Cloth,

The Story of Sir Edward's
Wife. A Novel. Crown 8vo. Qoth,
pnce xor. 6d,

Worth Waiting for. A New
Novel 3 vols. Crown 8va Qoth.

Half-a-dozen Daughters.
With a Frontispiece. Crown 8vo.
Qoth, price 3X. 6d,

Responsibility in Mental
Disease. ScCond Edition. Crown
8vo. Cloth, price 5f.

Volume VIII. of The International
Scientific Series.

The Alps of Arabia; or,

' Travels throvtth Egypt, Sinai, Ara-
bia, and the Holy Land. With Map.
Second Edition. DemySvo. Qoth,

Lives of English Popular
leaders. No. z.— Stbphbn Lakg-
TON. Crown 8vo. aoth,.price 7*.6<f.
No. 3.— Tylbr, Ball, and Old-
CA8TLB. Crown 8vo. Qoth, price
7«. 6<f.

Mazzini (Joseph).
A Memoir. By E. A. V. Two
Photogn^hic Portraits. Second
Edition. Crown 8vo. Qoth, price

MEDLEY(Lient..Col. J. Q.),R.E.
An Autumn Tour in the
United States and Canada.
Crown 8vo. Qoth, price st.


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A List of.

MEREDITH (Qeor^e).
..The Ordeal of Richard Fc-
v<erei: A History of Father and Son.
In on«ToL with Frontispiece. Crown
8to. Qoth, price 6r.

P.S.A. , ^ ''

Modem Parish Churches:
Tbdr Han, Design, and Furniture.
Crown 8vo. dotn, price 7^. 6i/.

MILLER (Edwmrd).
The History and Doctrines
of Irvineism ; or, the so-called Ca-
tholic and Apostohc Church, a vols.
Large post 8va . Cloth, price asx.

MILNE Games).
Tables of Exchange for the
Conversion of Sterling Money into
Indian and Ceylon Currency, at
Rates from xt, %d, to ar. 3^/. per
Rupee. . Second Edition. Demy
.8vo. Cloth, price jCasf-

MIRUS (Mi^.-Qen. von). '
Cavaliy Field Duty. Trans-
lated by Major Frank S. Russell,
Z4th (King's) Hussars. Crown 8vo«
Qoth limp, price 7/. ^tL

MIVART (St. George), F.R.S.
Contemporary Evolution:
An Essay on some recent Social
ChMpes. Post 8w. Cloth, price

A Grammar of the Baloo-
chee Language, as it is spoken in
Makran (Anaent Gedrosia), in the
Persia- Arabicand Roman characters.
Fcap. 8vo. Cloth. prices*.

MOFFAT (Robert Scott).
The Economy of Consump.
tion; an Omitted Chapter in Political
Economy^ with special reference to
the Questions of Comnteicial Crises
and ^ PoUcy of Trades Unions ; and
with Reviewsofthe Theories of Adam
Smith, Ricardo, J. S. MUl, Fawcett,
&C. I)emy8va Ck>th, price 18*.

MOLTKE (Field-Marahal Von).
Letters from Russia,
translated by Robina Napier.
Crown 8vo. Qoth. nrioe 6r.

MOORE (Rev. DiifM!!!
Chnst and His Church.
By the AuAor of "The Age and the
Go'P*'' &C. Crown «vo. (3oth.
pnce3«.&/. . ^^

MORE (R. Jaaper).
Under the Balkans. Notes
of a Visit to the District of PhBip-
popolis in X876. With a Map and
Illustrations ftom Photographs.
Crown 8vo. Qoth, price 6r.

Euclid Simplified in Me-
thod and Language. Being a
Manual of Geometry. Compiledfrom
the most important Frendi Works,
approved by the University of Paris
and the Minister of Public Instruc-
tion. Fcap.8To. Qoth, price aj.6</.

MORICE (Rev. P. D.). M.A.
The Olympian and Pythian
Odea of Pindar. ANewTransla-
toon in English Verse. Crown 8vo.
Qoth, price 7*. W.

MORLEY (Suaan).
Aileen Ferrers. A NoveL
a vols. Crown 8vo. Cloth.

Throstlethwaite. A Novel.
3 vols. Crown 8vo. Cloth.

Margaret Chetwynd. A
Novel. 3 vols. Crown 8vo. Qoth, '
price jM. 6iL

MORSE (E. S.), Ph.D.
First Book of Zoology.
With numerous Illustrations. Crown
Svo. Qoth, price 5*.

The Agamemnon of

/Bschylua* Translated into Eng-
hsh verse. With an Introductory
Essay. Crown Svo. Qoth, price sr.

MOSTYN (Sydney).
Perplexity. A NoveL 3 vols.
Crown 8vo. Qoth.

MUSGRAVE (Anthony).
Studies in Political Eco-
nomy. Oown8vo. Cloth, price 6f.

My Sister Rosalind.
A Novel. By the Author of'* Chris,
toana North,*; and "Under the
Limes." a vols. Qoth.

NAAKE (J. T.).
Slavonic Fairy Tales.
From Russian, Servian, Polish, and
Bohemian Sources. With Fourlllas.
trations. Oown 8vo. Qoth, price 5^.


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C. Kegan Paul &* Co.^s Publications.


NEWMAN (J. H.), D.D.
Charactenstics from the
Writincs of. Being Selections
Irpm his Tarious Works. Arranged
with the Author's personal approval.
Third Edition. With Portrait.
Crown 8vo. Qoth, price 6s,
Y A Portrait of the Rer. Dr. J. H.
Newman, mounted for ihuning, can
be had, i^ce ai . 6d,

Songs of Two Worlds.
By a New Writer. Third Series.
Second Edition. Fcap. Sto. Coth,
prices/. .

The Epic of Hades. Fourth
and finally revised Edition. Fcap.
8vo. OoUi, price js. 6d,

NICHOLAS (Thomas), Ph. D.,

The Pedigree of the English
People: an Argument, Historical
and Scientific, on the Formation and
Growth of the Nation, tracing Race-
admixture in Britain from the earliest
times, with especial reference to the
incorpw a tion of the Celtic Abori-
eines. FifUi edition. Demy 8vo.
Cloth, price \6s,

NICHOLSON (Edward, B.), Li-
hrarian of the London Institution.
The Christ Child, and other
Poems. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price

NOAKE (Mi^or R. Compton).
The Bivouac ; or, Martial
Lyrist, with an Appendix— ^Advice to
the Soldier. Fcap.8vo. Price 5«.&/.

NOBLE (J. A.).
The Felican Papers.
Reminiscences and Renuuns of a
Dweller in the Wilderness. Crown
8vo. Cloth, price 6r.

The Norman People, and
their Existing Descendants in the
British Dominions and the United
States of America. Demy 8vo.
Cloth, price M9,

NORRIS (Rev. Alfred).
The Inner and Outer Life
Poems. Fcap. 8to. Qoth, price 6r.

Northern Question (The);

Or, Russia's Policy in Tuiice^ un-
masked. Demy8vo. Sewed, price u.

Notes on Cavalry Tactics,
On^anization, Ac. By a Cavalry
Ofiicer. With Diagrams. DemySvo.
Qoth, price zax.

NOTREGE (John), A.M.
The Spintual Function of
a Presbyter in the Church of
England. Crown 8vo. Qoth, red
edges, price y. 6d,

Oriental Sporting Magazine

A Reprint of the first 5 Volumes,
in a Volumes. Demy 8vo. Qoth,
price t8f.

Our Increasing Military Dif-
ficulty, and one Wav of Meeting it.
Demy 8va Stitched, price is,

PAGE (Capt. 8. TX
Discipline and Drill. Cheaper
Edition. Crown 8va Price xx.

PALORAVE, (W. Qifford).
Hermann Agha ; An Eastern
Narrative. Third and Cheaper Edi-
tion. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 6s,

Or, Memoirs of a Hindoo.
With an Introductory Preface hySir
H. BarUe E. Frere, G.C.S.I., C.B.
Crown 8va Price 6r.

PARKER (Joseph), D.D.
The Paraclete: An Essay
on the Personalit]r and Ministry of
the Holy Ghost, with some reference
to current discussions. Second Edi-
tion. Demy 8vo. Qoth, price w.

PARR (Harriet).
Echoes of a Famous Year.
Crown 8vo. Qoth, price 8«. 6iL

PAUL (C. Kegan).
Goethe's Faust. A New
Translaticm in Rime. Crown 8to.
Qoth, price 6s,

Willian) Godwin : His
Friends and Contemporaries.
With Portraits and Facsimiles of the
Handwriting of Godwin and his
Wife. 9 vols. Square post 8vo.
Qoth, price s8«.

The Genius of Christianity
Unveiled. Being Essays by William
Godwin never before puUished.
Edited, with a Preface, 1^ C
Kegan PftuL Crown 8vo. Qoth,
price ^s, 6d,


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PAUL (Mariraret Agnes).
Gentle «nd Simple : A Story,
a vols. Crown 8to. Qodi, gilt tops,
price Z2X.

PAYNE Gobn).
Songs of Life and Death.
Crown 8vo Cloch, price 5^ .

PAYNE (Prof. J. P.).
Lectures on Education.
Prioe6<i: each.

I. Pettalona : tbe Influence of His
Frincipleaand Practice.

' II. FrObd and the Kindeigarten
System. Second Edition.

III. The Science and Art of Educa-

IV. The True foundation of Science

A Visit to German Schools :
Elementary Schools in Ger-
itaany. Notes of a Professional Tour
to inq>ect some of the Kindeigartens,
Primary Schools, Public Girls
Schools, and Schoob for Technical
Instruction in Hamburgh, Berlin,
Dresden, Weimar, Gotha, Eisenach,
in the autumn of 1874. withCritiau
Discussions ol the Ueneral Principles
and Practice <^ Kindergartens and
other Schemes of Elementary Edu-
cation. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price
4x. 6d,

PEACOCKE (Qeorgiana).

Ra3r8 from the Southern

Croas: Poems. Crown 8vo. With
• Sxteen ^Full-page Illustrations

by the Rev. P. Walsh. Cloth elegant,

{Mice zor. 6d,

The Desert Pastor, Jean'
Jarousseau. Translated from the
FVench. By Colonel £. P. De
Llioste. WithaFrontinDtece. New
Edition. Fcap. 8va Cloth, price

PENNELL (H. Cholmondeley).
Pegasus Resaddled. By
the Author of " Puck on Pegasus,"
&c ftc. With Ten Full-page Illus-
trations by Geofge Du Mauricr.
Second Edition. Fcap. 4to. Cloth
elegant, pric^ is*. 6d.

A Dictionary and Glossary
oftheKo-ran. With copious Gram-
matical References and Explanationt
of the Text. 4to. Cloth, price au.

Tamil Proverbs, with their
English Translation. Containing
upwards of Six Thousand IVoverbs.
Tnird Edition. Demy8vo. Sewed,

. price 9r.

PERRY (Rev. 8. J.), F.R.S.
Notes of a Voyage to Ker-

faelen ' Island, to obsenre the
ransitc^ Venus. Demy8vo. Sewed,
price 3x.

PESCHEL (Dr. Oscar).

The Races of Man and
their Geographical Distribution.
Large crown 8vo. Qoth, price 91;


Animal Locomotion ; <st.

Walking, ^Swimmiag, and Flyimr.
With Z30 Illustrations. Second Edi.
tion. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 5/.

Volume VII. of The Intemadooal
Scientific Series.

Glan Alarch: His Silence
and Song. A Poem. Crown 8to.
price 6r.

Gerard's Monument and
Other Poems. Second Edition.
Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 6s.

PIGQOT (J.), F,S.A., F.R.G.S.
Persia — ^Ancient and Mo-
dem. Po8t8TO. Qoth, price ior.6if.

PLAYFAIR (Lieut.. Col.). Her
Britannic Majesty's Consul-General
in Algiers.

Travels in the Footsteps of
Bruce in Algeria and Tunis.
Illustrated by facsimiles ci Bruoe's
original Drawings, Photograj^
Maps,. &c. Royal ^to. Qoth,
belied boards, gilt leaves, price


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C Kegan Paid &» CoJs Fubluations.


POOR (Henry V.y.
Money and its Laws, em-
bncifMr A History of Monetary


Theories end e
' rendes of the United
8to. Qoth, price axx.

Russian Romance.
Thmsleted from the Tales of BeUdn,
etc. By Mrs. J. Buchan Telfer (»/r
Mooravieff). Crown 8vo. Ooth,
price 7«. 6a.

Our Invalids : How shall
we Employ and Amuse Them ?
Fci4>. 8vo. Qoth, price a«. &/.

POWLETT (Lieut. N.), R.A.
Eastern Legends and
Storiee in English Verse. Oown
8vo. Qoth, pnce sr.

Unfoldings of Christian
Hope. An Essay showing that the
Doctrine contained in the Damna*
torr Qanses of the Creed commonly
called Athanarian is unscriptnnu.
Small crown 8vo. Qoth, price 41. &/.

PRICE (Pfof. Bonamy).
Currency and Banking.
Oown 8yo. Cloth, price 6»,

PROCTOR (Richard A.), B.A.
Our Place among Infinities.
A Series of Essays contrastiQf oar
little ahode in space and time with
the Infinities around os. To whidi
are added Essays on "Astrology,"
and "The Jewish Sabbath." iKrd
Edition. Crown 8va (3oih, price

The Expanse of Heaven.

A Series of Essays on the Wonders
of the Firmament. With a Frootis-
pieoe Third Editioo. (>own8va
QoCh, price 6f.

The Volunteer, the Militia-
man, and the Regular Soldier.
Crown 8va Cloch, price sr.

RBANBY (Mrs. Q. S.).
Blessing and Blessed; a
Sketch of Giri life. With a fiootis.
piece. Crown 8to. Qodi, price 5^.

Waldng and Working; or,
fiwrn Qirihood to Womanhood.
With a Fron t ispiece. Crown 8va
Qoth, price 5^.

Sunshine Jenny and other
Stories. Three lUostrations. Rojnd
x6mo. (Hoth, price is. 6d,

Sunheam Willie, and other
Stories. Three lUostndooa. Royal
x6mo. (3oCh, price xx. 6d,

Reginald Bramble.
A Cynic of the Nineteenth Century.
An Autobiography. Crown Svo.
Qoth, price zor. 6al

RHOADES (James).
Timoleon. A Dnunatic Poem.
Fcap. 8to. Qoth, price 5s;

RIBOT (Prof. Th.X
English Psychology. Se-
cond Edition. A Revised and Cor-
rected IVanslation from the latest
French Edition. Laige post 8va
Qoth, price 9r.

Heredity : A Psychological
Study on its Phenomena, iu Laws,
its Causes, and itt Co n seonenoes.
Laige crown 8to. Qoth, pnce 91;

RINK (Chevalier Dr. Henry).
Greenland : Its People and.
its Products. By the Chevalier
Dr. Hbnkt Rink, Pkeddent of the
Greenland Board of Trade. With
sixteen Illustrations, drawn by the
Eskimo^ and a Map. Edited hy Dr.
RosaxT BaowM. Crown 8iro. Price
10s. 6d,

ROBERTSON (The Late Rev.
F. W.), M Jk., of Brighton.
Notes on Genesis. Third
Edition. Oown 8vo., price sr.

New tmd Chtm^ Editimt .*—

The Late Rev. F. W.
Robertson, M.A., Life and Let-
ters of. Edited hy the Rer. Stop-
fiord Brooke, M.A, Chaplain in Or-
dinary to the Queen.


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A List of

ROBERTSON (The Late Rev.

h a voI%. uniform with the Ser-
moM. With Steel Portrait Crown
»va Qoth, price 7f. &i: .; ^

II. libruy Edition, in Demy 8vo.,
with Two Steel Portraits. Cloth
price xar.

III. A Popular Edition, in z yoL
Crown 8va Cloth, price 6r.

Sermons. Four Series. Small
crown 8va Cloth, price 3«. &£ each.

Ezpositoiy Lectures on
St Panl'a Bpistlea to .the Co-
rinthiana. A New Edition. Small
crown Sra doth, price 5*.

Lectures and Addresses,
with other Utenuy remains. A New
Edition. CrownSva Qoth, price 5^.

An Analysis of Mr. Tenny-
son'a «* In Memoriam." (Dedi-
cated hy Permission to the' Poet-
L a ur ea t e.) Fcap. Byo. Cloth, price as.

The Education of the
Human Race. Translated from
the German of Gotthold Ephraim
Lesdng. Fcap. 8to. Qoth, price

Tk^aSovi Works eoHoUciekad
bound m half^mtoroeeo,

y A Portrait of the late Rev. F. W.
Robertson, mounted for framinff. can

ROSS (Mr«. E.), ("Ndsie Broolc'7.
Daddy's Pet. A Sketch
from Humble Life. With Six lUus-
tradooa. Royal i6ma Cloth, price

Irving as Hamlet. Second
Edition. Demy 8va Sewed, price

RUSSELL (Mi^or Frank 8.).
Russian Wars with Turkey,
Past and Present. With Two Maps.
Second Edition. Chnm 8vo.,price 6r.


The Secret History of the

Sf^ ^I^'^SyX «» Origin,
Objects, and Ramifications, a vols.
PostSvo. Cloth, price i8«.

SADLER (S. W.), R.N.
The African Cruiser. A
Midshipman's Adventures on the
West Coast With Three lUustra-
toons. Second Edition. Crown «va
Cloth, pnce v 6</. .


For Sceptre and Crown. A
5<«>ance of the Present Time.
Translated hy Fanny Wormald. a
vols. Grown 8vo. Qoth, price 15^.
SAUNDERS (Katharine).
The High MUls. A Nova
avols. CrownSva Cloth.

Gideon's Rock, and other
Stories. Crown 8va Cloth, price dr.

Joan MeRyweather,and other
Stqries. CrownSva Cloth, price fix.
Margaret and Elizabeth.
A Story of the Sea. CrownSva
Cloth, price 6r.

Israel Mort, Overman :
• Sto^ of the Mine. Oown 8vo.

Hirell. "^^th Frontispiece.
Crown 8va Qoth, price y. Ed,

C3ieap Edition. With Frontis-
piece, price ar.

Abel Drake's Wife. With
Frontispiece. Crown 8va Cloth,
pncejx. &£

^Cheap Edition. VnOi Frontis-
piece, price er.

8CHELL (Mi^* von).
The Operations of the
Pirat Army under Gen. Von
Qoet>en. Translated hy CoL C H.
von W;?8^ .Four Maps. Demy
«va Cloth, price 9«.

The Operations of the
Pirat Army under Gen. Von
Steinmeta. Translated by Captain
E.^ O. Hollist Demy SVa cfcth.
pnce lor. 6d,

B. von).

The Duties of the General
Staff. Translated from the German
by Lieutenant Hare.^ Vol I. Demy
8vo. CXoth, xos, 6d,


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M List of

SMBDtEY (M. B.).
Boarding-out and Pauper
Schools for Oirls. Crown 8to.
CloCh, price 3«. &£

SMITH (Edward), M.D., LL.B.,

Health and Disease, as In-
fluenced by the Daily, SeMonal, and
odier Cyclical Changes in the Human
Svstem. ANewEditioo. PostSva
Oodi, price is. 6tL

Foods. Profusely Illustrated.
Fourth Edition. Grown 8va CkMh,
price w*

Volume III. of The International
Scientific Series.

Practical Dietary for
Pamiliea, Schools, and the La-
bouring Classes. A New Edition.
Post 8va Cloch, price 3f. 6d,

Tubercular Consumption
in its Early and Remediable
Stages. Second Edition. Crown
8va Qoth, price <S«.

SMITH (Hubert).
Tent Life with English
Gipsies in Norway. With live
fiill-jMge Engrarings and Thirty-one
smaller Illustrations by Whymper
and others, and Map of the Country
showing Routes. Third Edition.
Revised and Corrected. Post 8va
Cloth, price SIX.

Some Time in Ireland.
A Recollection. Crown 8vo. QoCh,
price ft, ttL

Songs for Music.
By Four Friands. Square crown
8va Qoth, price ex.
Containing songs oy R^;inald A.
Gatty, St^>hen H. Catty, Greville
J. Cnester, and Juliana Ewing.

SPENCER (Herbert).
The Study of Sociology.
Fifth Edition. Crown 8va Qoth,
price sf.

Volume V. of The International
Scientific Series.

Otho's Death Wager. A
Dark Page of History Illustrated.
In Five Acts. Fcap. 8vo. Qoth,
price 5f.

STEPHENS (Archibald John),
LL.D., on bdulf of the Respon-
dents in '*RidsdaIe v. Clifton and

The Folkestone Ritual Case.

The Substance of the Aicument
deliveied before the Judicial Com«
mittee of the Privy Council. Demy
8vo. Qoth, price 6r.

Hymns for the Church and
Home. Selected and Edited by the
Rev. W. Fleming Stevenson.

The most complete Hymn Book

The Hymn Book consists of Three
Puts:— I. For Public Worship.—
II. For Family and Private Wocdiip.
—III. For Children.
%* Puiliskedim vmriout forma and
friees^ tht latter ranHugfrom Zd,
U 6s. Lists OMd full particulars
vriUh* furnished 0H aj^licatieu U
the Publishers,

STEWART(Prof. Balfour), M.A.,
LL.D., P.R.S.

On the Conservation of
Energy. Third Edition. With
Fourteen Engravuigs. Crown 8vou
Qoth, price w.

Volume VI. of The International
Scientific Series.

MonaceUa : A L^^d of
North Wales. A Poem. F^ap. Svo.
Cloth, price 3f . 6d

STRETTON (Heaba). Audior of
"Jessica's First Prayer."
Michael Lorio's Cross and
other Storiea. With Two lUustra-
tioos. Royal z6mo. Qoth, price

The Storm of Life. V\rith
Ten Illustrations. Sixteenth Thou-
sand. Royal i6mo. Cloth,price u. td*

The Crew of the Dolphin.
Illustrated. Twelfth Thousand.
Royal i6mo. Qoth, price is. 6d,

Gassy. Thirty-second Thou-
sand. With Six lUustratians. 'RofsX
i6ma QoCh, price xs. 6d,

The King's Servants.
Thiity-eighthThousand. With Eight

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