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Illustratioos. Royal i6ma Qoth,
price u. 6d


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C. Kegan Foul &> Ca.'s Publicaiions.


8CHERPP (Mi^. W. too).
Studies in the New. In*
lantrv Tactics. Fwto I, and IL
Tnndated from the Gemum by
Colood Lumlejr Grmham. Dtniy

' Sto. doth, pnoe 71; &£

SCHMIDT (Pfof. Oscar).
The Doctrine of Descent
and Darwinism. Witk a6 lUos-
trations. Third Edidoo. Ciowb
8to. Oodi, price cf.

Voliime XIL of The TnteraaHonal
Sdendfic Seriet.

Fermentation. With Na-
meroos HlttstnUioiM. Oown Svow.
Qodi. price w.

Volaiiie X5L of The Intemsfcioiul
f>fifmtififf Series.

SCOTT (Patrick).
The Dream and the Deed,
and other Poemi. Fcap.8T0u Cloth,

SCOTT (W. T.). *
Antiquities of an Essex
Parish; or. Puces fitom the History
<^ Great •Dtinmow. Crown 8va
doth, price Si; Sewed, 4^

SCOTT (Robert H.).
. Weather Charts and Storm
Warnings. Ilhistnued. Crown
8va Cloth, price 31; ttL

Seeking his Fortune, and
ether Stories. With Four lOastra.
tioos. Crown 8va Cloth, price 3r.&/.

Alexis Dc TocqueviUe.
Correspoodence and Conversatiotts
with Nassau W. Senior, from 1833
to z8s9. Edited by M. C. M. Simp-
son. airols. LaisepostSva Cloth,
price six.

Journals Kept in France
and Italy. From 1848 to z8ss.
With a Sketch of the Revohition ol
Z848. Edited by his Daughter, M.
C M. Sim p son, a irols. Post 8va
Qoth, price s^r.

Seven Autumn Leaves from
Fairyland. Illustrated with Nine
Etchings. Square crown 8vo. Qoth,
price 3r. td.

SEYD (Ernest), P.S.S.
The Fall in the Price of
Silver. Its Causes, its Conseqoen-
co. and their Povible Avoidance^
wim &>ecial Reference to India.'
Demy m. Sewed, price a«. td,

SHADWELL (Mi^.-Oeo.), C.B.
Mountain Warfare, nias-
trated by the Campaign of X799 in
Switzerland. Beiog a Trandatioa
of the Swiss Narrative compiled fima
the Works of the Archduke Charles,
Tomini, and others. Also of Notes
by Genend H. Dufour on the Cam-
paign of the Valtelline in 163$. With
Appendix, Maps, and Introdnctory
Remarks. Demy 8va Cloth, price

SHAW (Flora L.).
Castle Blair: a Stoiy of
Youthful Lives, a vols, crown 8va
Oodi, price xar.

Woman's a Riddle; or, Baby
Warmstrey. ANoveL ^ytid, Oown
8vo. Ck)th.

SHELLEY (l^dy).
Shelley Memorials from
Authentic Sourcea. With (now
first printe<0 an Essay on Q * *
" • -* Shelley.


ity by PcrcyBysshe
Portrait. Thud Edition.
8vo. Cloth, inrice 5^.

SHERMAN (Qen. W. T.).
Memoirs of General W.
T. Sherman, Commander of the
Federal Forces in the American Civil
War. By Himself, a vols. With
Map. DemySvo Qoth, price a4r.
Copyright EmgUsk Editim,

8HILLITO (Rev. Joacph).
Womanhood : its Duties,

IVomen. Crown Svo.

Temptations, and Privileges. A Book
for Young V"
Price 3r.o^.

SHIPLEY (Rev. Orby), MJk.
Church Tracts, or Studies
in Modem Problema. By various
Writers, avols. CrownSvo. Qoth,
price 5t. each.

SHUTE (Richard), M.A.
A Discourse on Truth.
Post8vo. Qoth, price 9r.


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C. Kegan Paid &* Co.'s Publications.


SI^ETTON (He8ba}-<«wi«»iM^

Lost Gip. Fifty-second Thoa-
Mad. With Six lUustndons. Royal
16010. Qotfa, price -u, 6d,
*M* AU0 a hatuUomtly iotmd EM-
twm, wik Twelve lUutirations,

David Lloyd's Last Will.
With Four lUostntioas. Royal
z6aio., price t* td.

The Wonderful Life.
Eleventh Thousand. Fcap. 8va
C3oth, price ax. 6d,

A Night and a Day. With
' Frontispiece. Eighth Thousand.
Royal i6mo. Limp doth, price 6d,

Friends tiU Death. With
lOnstrations and Frontispiece.
Twentieth Thousand. Royal z6ma
Cloth, price IX. 6/.; limp doth.

Two Christmas Stories.
With Frontispiece. Fifteenth Thou-
sand. Royal z6mo. Limp doth,
price &il

Mkhel Lorio's Cross, and
Left Al6ne. With. Frontispiece.
Twelfth Thousand. Royal x6ma
limp doth, i^ce 6d,

Old Transome. With
Frontispiece. Twelfth Thousand.
Royal i6ma limp cloth, price tcL
V Taken from **The Kind's

The Worth of a Baby, and
how Ajpple-Tree Court wat
won. With Frontispiece. Fifteenth
Thousand. Royal z6mo. I^p
doth, price 6i£

Hester Morley's Promise.

3 vols. Qnown 8vo. Qoth.

The Doctor's Dilemma.
3 vols. Crown 8va Qoth.

8TUBB8 (Ueut.-Colonel P. W.)

The Regiment of Bengal
Artillery. The History of iu
Oiganifiition, Eonipment, and War
Services. Commlea from Published
Works, Oflkial Records, and various
Private Sources. With numerous
Maps and Illustrations. Two Vols.
Demy 8vo. Qoth, price 33X.

8TUMM (Lieut. Hugo). German
Military Attach^ to the Khivan Ex-

Russia's advance East-
ward. Based on the Official R^orts
of. Translated by Cape C £. H.
ViNCBKT. With Map. Grown 8va
Qoth, price 6r.

SULLY (James), M.A.
Sensation and Intuition.
D^my 8vo. Cloth, price lor. 6d,
Pessimism: a Histoiy and

. a Criticism. DemySvo. Price 241.

Sunnyland Stories.
By the Author of "Aunt Mary^s Bran
Pke.** lUustrated. Small 8va Qoth,
prices*. 6d,

Supernatural in Nature, The.
A VeriiBcation of Scripture by Free
Useof Sdence. DemySvo. (^loth,
price Z4*.

Sweet Silvery Sayings of
Shakespeare. Down 8vo. doth
gilt, price 7«. ttL

8YME (David).
Outlines of an Industrial
Science. Second Edition. Crown
Svo. (3oth, price 6r.

Tales of the Zenana.
By the Author of " Pandunmg
Hari." svols. OownSvo. Qoth,
price 3U.

TAYLOR (Rer. J. W. A.), M.A.

Poems. Fcap. Svo. Cloth,

price 5f.
TAYLOR (Sir H.).

Works Complete. Author's

Edition, in 5 rols. Crown Svo.

Qoth, price 6r. each.
Vols. I. to III. containing the

Poetical Works, V0I9. IV. and V.

the Prose Worics.

TAYLOR (Col. Meadows), C.8.I.,

A Nohle Queen : a Romance
of Indian History. 3 vols. Crown
Svo. doth.

The Confessions of a Thug*
Crown Sva Qodi, price fir.
Tara: a Mahratta Tale.
Crown Svo. Qoth, price 6s,


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A last of

TELPERQ. Boduui), P.R.Q.8.,
Conunandcr R.N.

The Crimea and Trans-

CftttcasU. With ■ a mr ro qi nias-
trmtioiit and Han. • voU. Mwfiam
8to. Second Edition. Cloili, price

TENNYSON (Alfred).

The Imperial Library Edi-
tlon. Conplcceinjvolt. DcmySvo.
Cloth, (rice £z ^d** ^ • in Rox-
boxgh bmdinc* ^^jt.td.

Author's Edition. Complete
ia6Vohunes. PbstSva Oodigilt;
or half>aioix)coot Itoxbuis;h stjde i—

Vol. I. Early Poems, and
Bnclish Idvlls. Price 6r. ; Roac
bmyh, js, 6am

Vol. II. Locksley HaM,
Lncretitis, and other Poems.
Price fir. ; Roxboish, jx. 6d,

Vol. III. The Idylls of
gie KiM iCcm^Ute), Price 7*. Cd,;

Vol. rv. The Princess,

and Maud. Price 6r.; RoacWi^
7*. 6</. ^

Vol. V. Enoch Arden,
and In Memoriam. Price 6r. ;
Roxboi^Elif it»'6tL

Vol. VI. Dramas.

Roxborghi ^. 6d,

Price 7x. ;

Cabinet Edition. 12 vol-
nmes. Each with Frontispiece Fcap.
8vo. Cloth, price »s. 6d. each.

Cabinet Editioic. lavoli. Com-
plete in handsome Ornamental Ca ag^

Pocket Volume Edition.
13 vols. In neat case, 36*. Dttto^
ditta Extra doth'gilt, in case, 43f.

The Shilling Edition of the
Poetical and Dramatic Worics, in xs
vols., pocket size. Price xx. each.

TENNYSON (Alfred)-<w»i&tM;dl

Original Editions:

Poems. Small 8to. Cloth,
price 6«;

Maud, and other Poems.
Small 8va Ooth price 31; &/

The Princess. Small Sto.
Ooth, price 31; &£

Idylls of the King. Small
tvo. doth, price $s.

Idjdls of the King. Com-
plete. Small 8va Ootb, price 6«.

The Holy Grail, and other
Poems. SmaU 8v& Ooth, price

Gareth and Lynette. Small
Svow Cloth, price 3f.

Enoch Arden, &c Small
Sto. Cloth, price 3^ . 6tL

In Memoriam. Small 8to.
Ooth, price 4^.

Queen Mary. A Drfama.
New Edition. Ciown 8va Ooth,
price fir.

Harold. A Dnuna. Crown
8to. Ooth, price 6f.

Selections from Tenny-
aon*s Worka. Super royal z6ma
Cloth, price 3c 6d: Ck>th cilteztia,
price 4x. •-

Songs from Tennyson's
Worica. Super royal i6ma Cloth
extra, price 3X. 6d,

Abo a cheap edition, xdmow
Ooth, price ax. 6d,

Idylls of the King, and
other Poems. lUostiated by Jnlia
Manaret Cameron, t vols. Folio.
Halt%ound morocco^ doth side%
price j^6 6r. each.

Tenn3rson for the Young and
for Recitation. Specially amused.
Fcap. 8vo. Price xt. 6tL

Tenn3rson Birthday Book.
Edited by Emily Shakespear. 3*
Cloth linq>,a«.; doth eirtra, 3s.


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C. Kegan Paul <Sh Co,*s Ptthlications,


A Fight for Life. ATith
FroatiqMece. Crown 8va CloCh,
price 3c6i£

A Novd. \

Yols. Oown 8va

Preludes. A Vokime of
Poems, niostnted by Elisabeth
Thompson (Painter of "The Roll
Call*^ 8va CkMh, price 7/. &^

THOMPSON (Rev. A. 8.).
Home Words for Wan-
derers. A Volmne of Sermons.
Oown 8v& Cloth, price 6*.

Thoughts in Verse.

Small Crown 8vo. Cloth, price z/.6iil
THRINQ (Rev. Godfrev), B.A.

Hymns and Sacred Lyrics.

Fcap. 8va Cloth, price 5^.

TODD (Herbert), 'M. A.
Arvan ; or, The Story of the
Sword. A Poem. Crown 8va Qoth,
price Tf. ttL

Laurella; and other Poems.
Oown 8to. Qoth, price 6r. (id,

The Romantic Annals of
a Naval Fanily. A New and
Cheaper Edition. Crown 8va
Qoth, price 5f.

The Spinsters of Blatch-
ington. A Novel a vols. Oown
8va Qoth.

Waiting for Tidings. By
the Author of "White and Blaclc^
3 vols, crown 8vo.

C. W.)

Missions in India: the
System of Edocation in Government
and Misrion Schools contrasted.
Demy 8va Sewed, price «.

TURNER (Rev. C. Tennyson).

Sonnets, Lyricr, and Trans-
• lations. Crown 8va Cloth, price

4r. 6<il

The Forms of Water in
Clouda and Rivers, Ice and
and Glaciers. With Twentr-five
lUostradons. Sixth Edition. Oown
8vo. Qoth, price ST.

Volume L of The International
S cientifi c Series.

Results of the expostu-
lation of the Right Honourable'
W. E. Gladstone, in their
Rdation to the Unity of Roman
Catholidwi. Lais«fcap. 8va Cloth,
price sf.

Bokhara : Its History and
Conquest. Second Edition. Demy
8va . Cloth, i>rioe x8«.

Animal Parasites and
Messmates. Widi 8^ Illastrations.
Second Edition. Qoth, price 5/.

Volume XIX. of The International
Scientific Seri^

By the Author of "Thomasina,"
&C. A NoveL 9 vols. Second
Edition. Crown 8va Cloth.

VINCENT (Capt. C. E. H.).
Elementary Military
Geoi^raphy. Reconnoitring,

and Sketcninif. Compiled tor
Non ' Commiswoned Officers and
Soldiers of all Arms. Sauare
crown 8va Cloth, price 9*. 6a,

VOGELr (Dr. Hermannlu
The Chemical effects of
LriC^ht and Photoi^raphy, in their
application to Art, Sdokce, and
Industry. The translation thoronghly
revised. With too lUustradons, in-
cluding some heantiful ^edmcns of
Photography. Third Edition. Crown
8va Cloth, price 5f .

Volume XV. of The International
Scientific Series.

VYNBR (Lady Mary).
Every day a Portion.
Adapted from the Bible and the
Pnyer Book, for the Private Devo-
tions of those living in Widowhood.
Collected and edited hf Lady Mary
Vyner. S<iuare crown 8va Clotn
extra, price 5f.


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Waiting for Tidings.
By the Aathor </^" White and
Btack." atoll. OownSro. Cloth.


The Operations of the
South Army in Janiutry and
February. X87Z. Omiiulea from
the Official War Documents of the
Head-<iaartert of the Southern Army.
IVanslated hy Colonel C H. ton
Wricht With Maps. Demy 8vo.
Qoth, price 6«.

The Operations of the
First Army under Oen. von
ManteuffeL Translated by Colonel
C H. ton Wriest Uniform with
tiie above. DemySyo. doth, price
Hymns for Holy Dasrs and
Seasons, same. Cloth, price xi. 6i^

WAY (A.), M.A.
The Odes of Horace Liter-
ally Tranalated in Metre. Fcap.
8ta Cloth, price ar.

Two Girls. 2 vols. Crown
8ta Cloth.

WBLLS (Capt. John C), R.N.
Spitsbergen — The Gate-
way to the Polynia ; or, A Voyace
to Spitzbersen. 'WxUb. numerous U-
Instrations by Whjrmper and others,
and Map. New and Cheaper Edi-
tion. Demy 8vo. Cloth, price 6r.

Commercial Telemiphic
Code. Second Edition. Post 4ta
Boards, price 431.

What 'tis to Love.

Bythe Author of " Flora Adair."
. "The Valueof Fosterstown." 3 vob.

OownSva doth.

WHITAKER (Florence).
Christjr's Inheritance. A
London Story. Illustrated. R^yal
stima Qoth, price u. ^tL

WHITE (A. D.), LL.D.

Warfare of Science. "With
. Pre&toiy Note by Professor T^ndalL

Second £didon. Crown 8vo. Cloth,

price 3X. ^d,

WHITE (Capt P. B. P.).
The Substantive Seniority
Army Liat— Minora and Cap-
taina. 8Ya Sewed, price sr. td,

WHITNEY (Prof. W. D.X of Yak
College, New Haven.

The Life and Growth of
Language. Second Edition. Ckown
8vo. Qoth, price sx. Co^ytigki

Volume XVI. of The International
Scientific Series.

WHITNEY (Prof. W. D.). of Yale
CoU^e* New YLx<nxi—€0H^biMed,

Essentials of English
Grammar for the Uae of Schools.
Grown 8va ' Cloth, price 31. 6if.


Catholicism and the Vati-
can. With a Narrative of the Old
Ouholic Coi^ress at Munich.
Second Editi<Mi. Crown8va doth,
. price 4^. ^d,

WICKHAM (Capt. E. H., R.A.)

Influence Of Firearms upon
Tactica : Historical and Critical
Investigations. By an Oppickr op
Superior Rank (^ the German
Army). Translated by Captain £.
H. Wickham, R.A. Demy 8vo.
Cloth, price ^s. 6d.


The Church and the Em*
pirea. Historical Periods. Pre-
cieded by a Memoir of the Author
by John Henry Newman, D.D. of
the Oratonr. With Portrait. Post
, 8vo. Qoth, price xor. 6d.


Short Lectures on the Land
Lawa. Delivered before the Worlc-
ii^ Men's College. Crown 8vo..
Limp Qoth, price sr.


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C. Kegan Paul &* Co.'s Publications.


Famines in India; their
Ouu^ and Possible IVevendon.
The Essay for the Le Bas PHze, X87S.
DemySva doth, price 5*.

WILLIAMS (Charles), one of the
j^>ecia] Correspondents attached to
the Staff of Ghazi Ahmed Mouktar

The Armenii^i Campaign :
Diary of the Campaign of 1877 in
Armenia and Koot^stan. With
TWo Special Maps. Lax^e post 8vo.
Oodi, price xoi». 6d.

WILLIAMS (Rowland), D.D.
Life and Letters of, with Ex-
tracts from his Note^BooIcs. Edited
hy Mrs. Rowland ^^Uiams. With
a Photographic Portrait, s vols, j
Large post 8va Cloth, price a^j. {

Psalms, Litanies, Coun-
sela and CoUecU for Devout
Peraona. Edited hy his Widow.
New and Popular £<&tion. Crown
Sva Qoth, price y,6d,

Servetus and Calvin : a
Study of an Important Epoch in the
Eariy. Hirtory of the Reformation.
8yo. Ooth, pnce i6f .


On the North Wind —
Thistledown. AVohimeofPoems.
£IeganU7 bound. SmaU crown Sva
Cloth, price 7«. 6d,

" WILSON (H. SchfitxX

Studies and Romances.
Crown 8va Cloth, price 7X. &£
WILSON (Lieut-CoL C. T.X
James the Second and the
Duke of Berwick. Demy 8va
Qoth, price xsf. 6d,

M.A., B.Sc

Sermons and Ezposidons.
Crown 8m Ck)th, price 7*. 6d, .
Austrian Cavalry Exercise.
35»a«I«f ed hy Caotain.W. S. Cooke.
Crown 8va doth, price ft.


A Yachting Cruise in the
South Seas. With Six Photo-
Illustrations. Demy 8Ya
price 7/. 6d,

WRIGHT (Rev. David), M.A.
- Waiting for the Light, and

other Sermons. Crown 8m Qoth.

price 6r.

WYLD(R. 8.), F.R.S.E.

The Physics and the Philo-
sophy of the Senses : or. The
Mental and the Physical in their
Mutual Relation. Illustrated by
several Plates. Demy^vo. Cloth,
pnce x6s.

Histoxy of the English
Revolution of 1688. Crown 8va
Cloth, pnce 6s.

YORKE (Stephen).

Cleveden. ANoveL 2 vols.
Crown 8va Ckjth.

YOUMANS (Elixa A.).
An Essay on the Culture
SC,ft* Obaervinff Powers of
Children, espeoaUy in connection
wi A Ae Study of Botany. Edited,
with Notes and a Supplement, by
Joseph Payne, F.CP., Author A
•Lectures on the Science and Art of
Education," &c Crown 8va Qoth.
price a*. 6d. ^^

First Book of Botany. .
Designed to Cultivate the Observing
Powers of Children. With 300 En-
^vings. New and Enlaised Edi-
twn. Crown 8va Qoth, price 5«.

YOUMANS (Edward L.), M.D.

A Class Bookof Chemistry,
on Ae Basis of tfie New System.
WiAaooIUustratibos. Crown 8m
Cloth, pnce 5r.


Stories in Precious Stones.
With Six Illustrations. Third Edi-
tioo. Crown 8va Cloth, price 5^.


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C. Kegan Paul &* Co.^s PublicaHam.


A Monthly Review^ ediUd iy ]amvs Knowles, price 2s. 6d.

The Two First Volumes of ** The Nineteenth Century "

(Price 14s. each) contain Contributions'

by the following^ Writers :

Mr. TennysoD.

Rt. don. W. £. CiaAaUmit, BLP.

Lord Stradbrd de Reddifie.

The Duke of AxgyU.

Bishopjof Gloucester and Bristol.



The Dean of St. PaoFs.

Sir James Fitzjames St^hen.

Mr. Matthew Arnold.

Mr. J. A. Fronde.

Sir John Lnbbock, M.P.

Mr. Grant Duff, M.P.

Sir Thomas Watson.

Rt Hon. Lyon Playiair, M.P.

Canon Carter.

Rer. Dr. Martinean.

„ J. Baldwin Brown.

„ J. Gniness Rogers.

, A. H. Mackonochie.
Mr. Frederick Harrison.
Dr. Carpenter.
Mr. W. Ox>okes.
Rt. Hon. James Stansfeld. M.P.
Lady PoQock.
Mr. Frederidc Myers.
Ph>fessor Croom Robertson.
„ ClifibnL

Mr. Arthur 3yiM)ld.

,, James Spedding.

„ W. R. S. Ralston.

., £. D. J. Wnson.

ft C* A. Fjrfle.

,, Edward Dicey.

,, Thomas Brassey, M.P.

n John Fowler.

„ Henry Inrii^.' *

„ Edgar Bowxii^.
Sir Jnlins VogeL
Mr. R. H. Hutton.
Dr. Ward.

Mr. Geocge Jacob Holyoake.
Rer. R. W. Dak.
Mr. Edgar A. Bowring.

„ T. Brassey, M.P.

tt »» • R. Gr^.
Sir Thomas Bazley, Bart, M.P.
Professor Geocge von Bunsen.
Mr. W. G. Pedder.
Rev. Dr. Geocge Percy Badger.
Professor Colvin.
Viscount Stratford de Reddiffe.
Mr. Archibabl Forbes.
Rev. Makohn MacCoIL
Mr. Matthew Arnold.
Professor Henry Moriey.
&c &C.



(Sut0cuon to the Publishing Department ofREHVi S. King and Co.)



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