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Pastob of the East Church, Salem.

[From the Historical Collections of the Essex Institute ]






This Parish List of Deaths, recorded by Rev. William
Bentley during his ministry in Salem, has been prepared
and edited by Mr. Ira J. Patch, of Salem, the well-known

Mr. Bentley was an eminent scholar, a zealous antiqua-
rian, a revered and honored minister, and indefatigably
industrious in collecting and recording anything relating
to his studies, his pursuits, his parish and his life. He was
born in Boston, June 22, 1759 ; a graduate of Harvard in
the class of 1/77, and from which he received the honor-
ary degree of D.D., in 1819, ordained over the East
church and society in Salem, 1783. Died Dec. 29, 1819.

His great collection of manuscripts have, since his death,
been deposited by his executor, in the archives of the
American Antiquarian Society.

The printing of them, or a selection of them, carefully
edited, would be a valuable contribution to our historical


1. Jan. 9. A child of Master John Watson in clnld-

2. April. 17. Kebecca Bnshnel an. fet. 41 ot a con-


3. April 25. David Newhall an. ret. 45 of a con-

4. May 27. Thomas Iveene, ret. 10 months, of dropsy

in the head.

5. July 11. Mercy, wife of Wm. Browne, an. cet.

50, of- apoplexy.

6. July 22. Mary Tozzer, widow, an. ret. bG. Aged.
1. July 30. Samuel, of Joseph & Abigail Lambert,

ret. 9 mo. Convulsions.

8. Aug. 1. Stephen, of Elizabeth & John Foster,

ret. 15 mo. Fever.

9. Aug. 11. Eunice, wife of Philip English, an. ret.

50. King's Evil.

10. Aug. 13. Sally, of Joseph & Peggy Prat, ret. 12

mo. Fever.

11. Sept. 13. Lydia, d. of Capt. Fiske, 17 years, 6

mo. Consumption.

12. Oct. 2. Peggy, d. of Joseph & Martha Renesv,
17 years. Dropsy in head.

13. Oct. 11. .Joseph Hodges, an. ret. 70 & 7 mo.


1 (1)

11. .\uv. 12. John S., of Win. ct Mchitalxl Patter-
son, 22 nio. Constnni)tion.

15. Nov. 20. Elizabeth Lcjuh in the family of J(jlin
Watson, an. a't. 21. Dropsy in head.

1(». Nov. 'M). Patty, wife of John Fiskc Esq., an. at.
32. C'oiisnniption.

17. Dee. lo. Knth Phip|M'ii, maiden, an. jet. 6G.

1^. Dee. .30. Petsey, d. of Samn.l .^^ Klizahuth Ma-
sin-y, an. let. 2. Con.sumption.


10. Jan. ll>. Ncw.s of death of Capt. Jaeoh Clark,
at. 35. Fever. Left a widow *.Vc two small children, one
male. Died on his passage fr. West Indies.

20. Jan. 2<'». Mary Carrol, widow, a-t. GO. Con-
snmption. Left a danghter married to a Mr. Parrottc.

21. Fell, IS. Hannah Kcenc, wife of Thomas Kccne,
a-t. 32. Consumption. Formerly Silver, natural daugh-
ter of Jona. Cloutman. No ehildicn.

22. Fel>. 1!>. John Crowninshield, s, of widow Han-
nah, a-t. 24. Dysentery. Left a widow, d. of Capt.
Hawthorne. No children. Taken sick abroad.

23. Mareh D. John (lUnnerson, a't. GL Palsy. He
was of Kitteiy. Left widow and three married children,
one daughter ni. Harrington. -1 g. children.

24. March 20. Sarah Cloutman, maiden at. 2S. Con-
sumption. Daughter of ^Vidow Mary Cloutman, who
has 3 ehildren ; 2 sons left.

2.'). April 23. Male ehild of P>enj. Ac Mary Crownin-
shield, died in 12 hours after delivery. One male ehild

2G. Ai)ril 23. Male ehild of John c^c- Hannah Patter-

son, died in 13 hours after delivery.. Two children liv-
ing, one male.

27. June 13. Edmund Whittemore, ret. 67. Palsy.
Wife dead, has left 11 children, 4 males. 8 married.

28. June 24. Female child of Elisha & Mary Gunni-
son, still born. The first child.

29. June 25. Capt. Richard Masury, returned home
from sea, set. 58. Died in the road to his house of a
fever. Has left a wife, 3 sons & 2 daughters ; a daughter

30. July 7. Anna, child of Daniel & Mary Cloutman,
pet. 25 days. Convulsions attending the chin cough.

31. July 23. Sarah Masury, wife of Richard Masur}',
pet. 56. Consumption, about a month after her husband.

32. July 30. Samuel, son of John & Susannah Guu-
nerson, vet. 10 mos. Fever attending the chin cough.

33. Aug. 1. Capt. Ebenezer Peirce, fever, ret. 43, on
his passage from the West Indies. Left a Avife and one
married daughter, two small children, one male.

34. Aug. 6. Benjamin Gale, set. 24. Consumption.
He has left a wife and one male child. Returned from
sea sick.

35. Aug. 28. Thomas Hutcheson, tet. 46. Fever.
He has left a wife and seven children ; one daughter mar-
ried to a Ropes.

36. Sept. 1. Sarah, dau. of Benj. & Susanna Dean,
pet. 13 mos. Convulsions after a languishment attend'ff
the chin cough.

37. Sept. 27. Martha, wife of Caleb Bangs, a3t. 26.
Consumption. Has left a husband and one child, christ-
ened Thomas.

38. Oct. 3. Anna, wife of Penn Towusend, pet. 53.
Consumption, lingering sickness. Left a husband and
tAvo daughters, one married.

39. Oct. 24. A ffinaU', iiatunil <l:iii<:litrr of Louis
Cox, ivt. 14 inos. \'oiuitinir ami purgini;.

40. Oct. 25. John Locke, son of Ilunlotk ct Sarah
PaltVfV, a»t. 18 mos. Water in tiic liead. Four chililrcn
hit. (Hie male.

4 L ( )et. 2S. Kilward, son of lionj. c'c MarL'arot Xourse,
at. 11 mos, Hloody lliix. They have .') ehihlrcn. two

42. Nov. I'll. W'illian) (Invfr, let. :>:>. Fever, lie
has left a si^ciinil wife ami .J ihildiM'H, 2 inaK's.

43. Dec. 21). News of the death of Capt. Adam W.I-
man. Fever, a*t. 42. He has left a larirc family, three
classes of children : his wife's l>y a former husbaml, his
own hy a former wife, his own l»y the i)resent wife, 1' in
nnmher ; a very aged father and a l»rothcr to his present
wife, a non compos, ^^'elmall, Pierce and Clark died in
the Siime vessel in the conr>e of this year, as the times


II. Fel». .'), Timolliy W'chnaii, a-t. I'l, of old aire.
He has left one ijau., 21 grandchildren and 21 great

4."). Feb. 0. Ann A\"illis, in the Ahnshonse for many
years, it't. 89, of old age. .She had been mairie<| ami has
left two children, a son in the AlmslionM".

4<!. Feb. 21. William Clark, jet. .U). Fpilepsy. Son
of Widow Margaret. He had been troubled with the tits
aljovc 1.') years and was ih-piivi'd of reason.

•17. .Mar. 7. A male child of Kebecea, wife of \\'il-
liam Chever, late deceased, within 24 hours after deliv-

48. Mar. 30. .John IJrown, carpenter, at. .s.j. Old
age. He has left live married children, a son ,Iohn and
Mrs. .Moses, Coombs, Cooke and Xourse.

49. Apr. 6. Mary, wife of Benj. Gardner, ret. 56.
Consumption. She was named Briers ; her parents are
living in Marblehead ; former husbands were Ferguson
and Basset (living two daughters by the first).

50. Apr. 24. John Brown, a Swede, set. 18, at Capt.
Moses Townsend's. Consumption. He was brought by
the Capt. from Trinidad, a stranger.

51. May 6. News of "William Masury, eet. 18, on
April 19th. He was drowned at sea, off the Carolinas,
from on board Capt. Roach.

52. May 20. Edward, natural son of Abigail Masury,
20 months old. He fell from the stairs and injured the
brain ; expired in 40 hours.

53. June 18. Daniel Silver, son of Francis & Han-
nah, n3t. 17 years. Fever. He died upon his return
from sea in Capt. Sleuman. Only a mother-in-law living.

54. July 4. Benjamin Archer, ait. 37. Fever, non
compos. He died in the work house. He has a brother
Jona. and two sisters living.

55. Hannah, d. of Richard Gales & Hannah Pearson.
Fever, set. 14 months. One child, a boy, still in the
family. lie from Whitehaven.

56. Aug. 27. News of the death of Capt. Nathan
Brown, set. 45. He has left a second wife and three
children ; two sons and a daughter, one son by the first
wife. He died of a fever at Martinico, Aug. 7, 1787.

57. Sept. 5. Thomas, s. of Jonathan & Elizabeth
Mason, 18 months. He died of vomiting and purging
after long illness.

58. Sept. 15. Joshua Richardson, s. of Joshua &
Eunice Leavitt, 14 months. The only child, died of con-

59. Sept. 23. News of the death of Capt. Richard
Hodges, ret. 25, died Aug. 17, of fever, in Demerari.
He has left a wife and one child, female.

no. Sept. 28. Ilamiali, wife of Natlmiiiol Knowlton,
a-t. 23. CliihllKHl. Slio was a Fitz of Ipswicli and sis-
Ur-iij-law to her hiisl)aiul. Fa*tu.s lU-ad.

• 11. Oct. 0. Peter, 8. of Samuel & Elizabeth Murray,
10 months. Ilf died of a fever, and was thi' youngest of
G ehiUlren.

ri2. Nov. 1. Sally, <1. of i:dward »t Peggy Allen, tet.
7 years. Died of llie throat distemper, after 20 days.

G3. Nov. 3. Klizaheth, wife of Nathaniel Eastey, a-t.
43. Atrophy. Siie had been deliri(ms for six months;
has left six ehildren, 2 mah's, a dangiiter married.

04. Nov. 1>. 'J'homas Klkins, a^t. 17, was drowned on
his passage from Madeira homewards. My landlady has
two ehildren left.

(■).'). Nov. 22. John Gardner, s. of Ahijah & Mary
Ilitehins, a't. 2 years and 2 n)onths. Throat distemper.

0(). Dec. 8. Elizal)eth Marsh, a-t. 37. Consumplion.
Her husband, John Marsh, long absent. Five ehildren,
three males.

07. Dee. 14. ,Mary, w. of liev'd .lames Diman, at.
0,j. Swoon, died very suddenly. She has left 5 ehildren,
2 sons.


08. Feb.!!. Samuel Treston, a-t. 21 . Consumption.
Son of Andrew Preston, who has (". cliildri'U, 3 males.
Taken siek abroail.

<!li. Mar. 24. Jose[)h King, a't. 2-'^. Consumplion.
He has left a wife and three lemale i-hildren, she in ehild-
bi'd and very poor.

70. June 20. "^A'illiam C, s. of Im-iiJ. vSl: Susannah
Di-an, a-t. l.'l monilis. Perished in a \aull into which it
fell from the neglect of the ehildren to whom it was en-

71. July 1. Samuel Murray, ?et. 57, after long con-
finement. He has left a wife and three children, one son.

72. July 17. Pickering, s. of John & Elizabeth An-
drew, vet. a month. Suddenly, after violent crying.
They have a numerous family.

73. Aug. 8. Hannah Murray, widow of Jonathan, get.
55, from long disorders in the stomach. She has left an
only daughter.

74. Sept. 2. Benjamin W., s. of Thomas & Lydia
Dean, ret. 2. The middle child of three christened Sept.
30, 1787.

75. Sept. 6. Jonathan, s. of Jonathan & Susannah
Newhall, xt. 21 months. Vomiting and purging. This
Newhall lately from Lynn.

76. Oct. 1. Paul Mansfield, set. 27, in the work-

77. Oct. 8. Eeverend James Diman, set. 81. Age.
He has left two sons and three daughters.

7*8. Oct. 12. Martha Ward, widow of John, set. 75.
Aged. Buried by Col. Pickman from widow Webb's.
Died in the Almshouse.

79. Nov. 4. News of Richard Masury, fet. 25, drowned
from on board Capt. Allen, outward bound.

80. Dec. 6. Betsey, d. of Nathaniel & Eunice Richard-
son, aged 11 months, weak from its birth.


81. Jan. 7. Rachel, wife of Ebenezer Ward, cet. 72.
Atrophy sen. Left a husband, two sons and two daugh-

82. May 8. A female negro child bf Primus & Violet
Grant, ret. 7 days. The first a native of Africa, the sec-
ond of Woburu, Middlesex.


83. M:iy 12. News of Eilimmd Kimball, a-t. 37.
Drownctl .March 2^ in the West Iiulics from on l)oaril
Capt. Jo. Lamhoit. llf has left a wifu aiicl 1 chililnn. .S

84. May. News of Capt. William FairlifUi, at. 41.
Shot l)V the slaves in their «:cnerous attempt to recover
their liberty on March 2<).

85. July. News of the death of George Waters, a^t.
24. Sh(»t by thi'gnards in the \'er«l Islands on l.'Uh May.

8G. .Inly 14. Margaret, wife of Joseph Searle, a-t.
71. Ciiavel. Married at GO years of ago. She was a

87. Sept. 11. Sarah, d. of Joseph cVc Mary Waters,
a^t. 8 months. Atrophy infantile. They have three
daughters left.

88. Sept. News of litnj. Hill. He was drowned
from the vessel .Iidy 1, ('apt. II. ^\'hite, Conunander, a-t.
20. He has left a widow and two children, she with

.SD. Sept. 2\. John, sou of James c'v: Elizabeth Ar-
cher, a't. lU months, a-t. 27. They have one male child

00. . Mary, g. d. of Mary Knai), wiijow, a't.

IG months, ^^'orms. The mother was engaged to a
yonng man who was drowneil ;it sea,

111. Oct. '). Female child of Nathaniel cV^: Sarah Sils-
bei', a't. l."j days. Humour in mouth. They have four
children, 3 males.

02. Oct. 7. Klizabetli, <1. of lienjamin iSc Elizabeth
Brown, a't. 1(] months. It was their only child.

03. Oct. 2S. Andrew, s. of Thomas .Vc Elizabeth
("hipmau, a't. IS mouths. They have three children, all

04. Dec. 1. John Ward, a-t. 52, of lingering sick-

ness. He has left a second wife. His own children by a
former wife are 4 sons and 2 daughters .

95. Dec. 6. Elisha Gunnison, ret. 33. Consumption,
attending W. India Flux. He has left a wife with child.


96. Jan. 17. Marshall Stocker, set. 39 years. His
sickness was the West India disorder. He has left a wife
and one child.

97. Jan. 20. Rebecca Ashby, £et. 19 years. Con-
sumption. She was a Hill. Has left a husband, but no

98. Jan. 23. Elizabeth, wife of John Bechet, xt. 44,
suddenly. She has left five of her own children, two
sons, survivors. See No. 16.

99. Feb. 9. Mary, wife of David Hilliard, ret. 71.
Age. She has left three daughters, two married and one
a widow.

100. Feb. 28. Rufus, s. of Ebenezer Phippen, ret. 5.

101. Mar. 2. Harry, s. of Ebenezer Phippen, ret. 18
mos. Consumption.

These two children of the same parents. Six left,
three sons, etc.

102. Mar. 16. Thomas Stevens, ret. 27. Drowned.
He was captahi of the Sch. Abigail, which was ship-
wrecked on the Londoner Rock off Thatcher's Island,
Cape Ann. He has left a wife and two children, she near

103. Mar. 16. Sam'l Wellman, ret. 22. Mate in the
Abigail and brother-in-law to the Capt.

104. Mar. 21. Mary Cloutman, ret. GG. Consump-
tion. She Avas at Webb. Has left 4 children, 2 daugh-
ters unmarried, 2 sons married.


10'). Apr. 30. Feinalc rliiM <>{' Marj Cloiitm.iii, a-t.
8 months. N:itiir:il cliiKl. Atropliia infantilis.

lOG. May 17. Tlioina.s, son of Tliijuias *.Vl; Klizabotli
Parsons, ivt. 6 yearn. After the measles in consnmption.

107. .Iiiiic 1. Stephen Clark, s. of Widow Margaret

C, at. 'J'}. lie died of the small pox, which he took at
Charleston, S. C. Died at the II<.>pilal.

108. .IiiiK' f). Sarah Diirhton, wife of Kichard 1)., at.
31. \«j childn'H. See Day Book.

iD'.i. ,Iune 1^. Mary C(»llins, widow, at. 7N, under
long infirmity. She has left a son and daughter with

110. June 24. liuth Wehh, wife of Mieah Wehb, a>t.
22. She was a Putnam and died of a consumption, much

111. July n. Abraham Watson, at. 78. Gravel. Ho
has left a widow and a son and daughter. A venerable
old man.

111'. July 17. Sarah Knight, at. 32. Consum[)tion.

D. of Nalli'l. A wiildw mother, two Ijrothers and threo
sisters are survivors.

113. July 2."). Lydia, d. of Thomas & Lydia Dean,
u'l. 2 years. Atrophia infaMtilis. Deformed." One sou

111. August 4. Elizabeth, of IJenJamin ^Sc Elizabeth
Brown, a't. i iiiDiitJis. Atr(i[)hia infantilis. No children

ll.'t. Aug. (). IhmiJ., s. of Benjamin <!(: Susannah
Dean, a't. 21 years. He was humpbacked and lalioured
under great intinnities.

lltl. Aug. 12. Margaret, of .Joseph <^c Margaret
Strout, a't. 15 months. Fever atti-nding measles. They
have one child, son, left and she (Uie by former marriage.

117. Aug. KJ. Mary Whittemore, a't. lU. Con-


sumption. She lived with her mother and the children.
The father has absconded.

118. Aug. 17. Joseph Lambert, a^t. 59, suddenly.
He was a well known Master of a vessel. See Day Book.

119. Aug. 25. Peter, of Samuel & Elizabeth Murray,
ret. 3, in the almshouse. Fever after measles. Six chil-
dren left.

120. Aug. 26. Elisha, of John and Susannah Gunni-
son, a3t. 16 months. After influenza and measles. Three
children left. .

121. Aug. 31. William, of John & Hannah Collins,
set. 17 months. Fever after measles. They have six
children living, b}' the present wife.

122. Aug. 31. William, of William & Elizabeth Cot-
ton, fet. 16 months. Dysentery. They have no other
child. This child was for some time weak in the back,

123. Sept. 3. Samuel Smith, set. 77. Atroph. Seni-
lis. A batchelor. He has left a maiden sister, who has
lived 12 years with him in the Almshouse.

124. Sept. 7. Samuel, of Thomas & Elizabeth Chip-
man, ret. 14 months. Fever after measles. They have
two sons left.

125. Sept. 26. Jonathan, of Henry & Sarah Prince,
set. 8 months. Fever after measles. They have a son
and daughter left.

126. Sept. 28. Jonathan, of Samuel & Elizabeth
Murray, set. 6 months, of fever after measles. They
have live children left. Almshouse.

127. Oct. 10. Rachel Odell, aged 84. A widow, she
has left one son Avith 9 children. Almshouse.

128. Oct. 12. Ebenezer Burrill, aet. 7 years. A fever
after measles. Son of Ebenezer & Mary, w^ho live at
Boston. The child died at its g. m. Wyatts.


120. Oct. 13. Jonathiiii Lnnder, Master of a vessel,
a?t. 11. lit' was seized with violent lileeding in the
spiiii*;, and fell into a decay rapidly. A wif\; and one
child. See Day Hook.

130. Oct. 20. News of the death of ("apt. Thomas
Dean, Jim'r, jvt. 32. lit; di«'d in AN'iliniiiirtun. No. Caro-
lina, ()ct. 3. Nervous fever. He has left a wife and two
childrm, «inc n)alr. See Day 15.

. i;n. Oct. 2;i. .I(.hn Ilorton, a-t. :M. Phthisick snd-
denly. He has left a wife, of the family of (irant, and
two children, one male.

132. Nov. 2. Israel, 8. of Joshua & Elizaheth Dodge,
u't. 3 weeks. Suddenly, fcvcr piohably. They have
four children left, one son.

133. Nov. 4. Samuel Odell, a't. 44. Consmiiption.
lie has left a wife and "J chiMrcn, ') males. From the
pest house on Neck.

134. Nov. 13. Male child of Samuel .^ Klizaheth
Cashew, in a frw hours after hirth. The g. Father was
a native Iiishnian.

13.'). Nov. 11. News of the death of John Neshoth,
rot. 48. He died on board of Capt. Sam'l Derby in Port
an Prince, West India Flux, Oct. 14th. He has left a
Avife dangerously siik. Sec D. B. 1"J.

13(J. Nov. 23. Elizabeth Cashew, alias Kchou, a>t.
1!>, of puerperal fever. She has left an husband. She
was a lirowne.

137. Nov. 28. A\'illiam, of .James and Alice Cotton,
a^t. 2 years. Atrophia Infantilis. She has a child by a
foinicr husband.

138. Dec. ;». Frniale ehild of ,Iami'.-> (.vL .Judilli Jellry,
Avilhin 3 hours of birth. They are lately married.

139. Dec. 17. Mary Whitcfoot, aged 103. Atrop.
Senilis. Known by the name <jf Cranny W . She has
left a dau^rhter and i^. children.



, 140. Jan. 28. Daniel Shchane, a^t. 46, of Ireland.
He has left a wife and six male children. West India
Flux, snddenly, in great pain.

141. Feb. 15. Cynthia, d. of Samuel & Lydia Wood-
kind, aet. 5 years, after lingering Phthisic in consump-
tion. They have one daughter left.

142. Mar. 1. Lydia Smith, wife of Samuel Smith,
fet. 67. She has had three husbands and has left three
daughters. Atroph. Sen. See D. B.

143. Mar. 12. Abigail Nesboth, set. 28. Consump-
tion. She has left two sons, one by a former husband,
and one at the breast.

144. Mar. 19. Sally, d. of William & Rebecca Fair-
field, vet. 5 years, suddenly by an obstruction in the wind-
pipe. Called widow, left with 6 children, 2 males.

145. Mar. 23. Son of Mercy Burke, vet. 7 days. Il-
legitimate. Atrophy. The g. Mother, mother and this
daughter and 4 children together. She vet. 16.

146. Mar. 30. Violet Grant, vet. 37. Negro. See
Day Book.

147. April 11. Elizabeth Jacobs, vet. 59. Bleeding
from a cancer. Of the family of Hilliard. Married a
Fr}-, then Jacobs, a daughter living by Fry.

148. April 16. George, s. of George & Lydia Hodges,
vet. 4 years. Narrow chest. They have one child, a

149. April 16. Hannah Mansfield, suddenly, ait. 82.
A widow and antient school dame. She has left an idiot

150. May 1. William, s. of Joshua & Esther French,
set. 3 months, of a fever attending chin cough. They
have 3 children : 2 males.


l')l, M.iv ^. Eliz:i1)cth, (1. of Samuel & Susannah
In^crsoll, a't. 4 y«'ars, of a fever attending chin cough.
Tliey have 3 cliiklren, 2 males.

152. May 10. Mercy White, widow. Consumption,
wt. 41. She has left 5 children, one male.

15.'>. May 14. John, s. of Francis Si Mary Pxtard-
man, Jct. 5 years. Consumption & grew deformed, was
a lino child. They have 4 children, one son.

154. June 20. Sarah, d. of Richard i.'v: Sarah Ihjdgcs,
tet. 5 years, mother a widdw, only child. I'rvcr uilh
chin cough.

June 27. News hy letter from the Captain.

],')"). William Dean, :et. 28, who perished olf the Tex-
all, mate on hoard of ('apt. Henry Elkins, who alone sur-
vived of the crew on March 21.

1.5G. Aaron Battern, jet. 2<;, in the same storm and
vessel. He has left a wife and one child.

157. Sanniel Howditch, tet. 22, etc. lie has left a
wife and one child.

158. James Cotton, let. 23. lie has left a wife.

15'J. Samuel Shehane, ;et. 17. His mother is a widow,
and has tive sons left.

1()0. Charles Williams, Swedish servant to C'A[){. El-
kins, at. 21.

This part of the crew of the lirig llarrictte belonged
to our Society.

H;i. June 2!>. Al)igail, d. of Jonathan c"c Elizabeth
Mason, Kt. 2 months. Convulsions. They have three
children, one son left.

1G2. June 30. News of the death of Capt. Nathaniel
Silshec, let. 4S. He died on ship board on the 25th, en-
tering New VoiU. A wife, four t-hildri'U, 3 sons.

1(13, July 7. News of the death of William Elkins,


set. 19. He was knocked overboard iu a high sea on 17
April in Capt. Loring.

164. Jnly 9. News of the death of William Cotton,
ffit. 26. He died at Batavia in Java. He has left a
widow. See Day Book.

165. Jnly 2. News of the death of Capt. W. Carle-
ton, set. 46. He died at Barbadoes. He has left a sec-
ond wife and a sou. See Day Book. (Notes and nsual
ceremonies, bnt he was found to be alive.)

166. July 16. John, son of Benjamin & Margaret
Nourse, ret. 3, of the cough with convulsions. They
have 3 children, 2 boys.

,p-, ^Aug. 15. Twin males of Thomas & Elizabeth
1 ,o r Parsons, in 36 hours after birth. They have
^ two children, one male.

169. Aug. 19. News of John Forbes, drowned in
Virginia, set. 28. He has left a wife and four children.
Died in February. See Day Book.

170. Aug. 20. Henry, s. of John & Abigail Nesboth,
8 months. The father and mother both dead. Atrophy.

171. Sept. 17. Male child of William & Hannah
Webb, soon after delivery. Their first child.

172. Sept. 26. Catherine Freeman, a Free Negro.
Dropsy, &c., tet. 37. Husl)and Mingo and a son, for-
merly servant in Derby ftimily.

173. Sept. 29. Abigail Archer, died after short ill-
ness, ret. 86. She lived with her son Jonathan. Left

174. Oct. 31. John Symonds, died of old age. See
D. B. JEt. 100. A temperate, sober man. He has
left a son and two daughters.

175. Nov. 28. Jonathan Ward, son of John, deceased.
Fever, set. 21. He died in the West Indies with Capt.
Wellman, Oct. 20th.


17t'.. I )(•(•. 1. M'hitulifl ArcluT, witV of Jt)n:ith!in, I
jiin'r, lut. 42. Slio hii-s left 8 chikhvii, .i niak-s. Cuii-

177. Dpc. 20. News of the tlc:ith of FraiK-is Gnint,
Jiitri-. I'l'ViT, .it. 25, on hoard Siiichiir's A(h*one, a
(luiiita Vessel, ill .'^eijteml)!'!*. Mate. Left a wit'e aiul
two ehil(hell.


17S. Jail. 21. .John liopes, oUl a«re, let. U^. lie
Hveil w ilh his ir. son. Of an uiKHiiet toin[)ei- in his last

171). Jan. 24. Eli/^iheth Collins, widow. Delirious,
ivt. (53. She lived with her son, J. Fairfield. Was a
Foot. One ehild, daughter, l)y James Murray living, and
two daughters hy Collins living.

180. Feh. 22. Mieluiel, a freedinan negro, worn out,
wt. 5.'). Lived with F. Coombs and Jo. ^Vhite, bred in
Martinieo. A good fellow. See I). B.

LSI. Mar. 10. News of the death of Capt. Francis
Boardman. Fever, jet. 44. Leit a wife and 4 children,
one male. In Port au [»rinee, lIi->paniola, Feb. 10. .See
D. 15.

152. -Mar. Itl. News of the death of (ieorge Dean.

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