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"And there's old Jimmie Drake;" added "Garri-
son" musingly, at length, a light in his eyes. He
nodded up the aisle where the turfman was enter-
taining the major and his wife. "There's a man,
Sue, dear. A man whose friendship is not a thing
of condition nor circumstance. I will always strive


Garrison s Finish

to earn, keep it as I will strive to be worthy of your
love. I know what it cost Drake to scratch Speed-
away. I will not, cannot forget. We owe every-
thing to him, dear; everything."

"I know," said the girl, nodding. "And I, we
owe everything to him. He is sort of revered down
home like a Messiah, or something like that. You
don't know those days of complete misery and utter
hopelessness, and what his coming meant. He
seemed like a great big sun bursting through a cy-
clone. I think he understands that there is, and al-
ways will be, a very big, warm place in Cottonton's
heart for him. At least, we-all have told him often
enough. He's coming down home with us now
with you."

He turned and looked steadily into her great eyes.
His hand went out to meet hers.

"You," whispered the girl again.


What the Critics say of

Chip of the Flying U.


" ' Chip ' is all right. Better than The Virginian.* "

Brooklyn Eagle.

" The name of B. M. Bower will stand for something readable in
the estimation of every man, and most every woman, who reads this fine
new story of Montana ranch andjts dwellers." Publisher &" Retailer.

" Its qualities and merit can be summed up in the brief but suffi-
cient statement that it is thoroughly delightful."

Albany Times-Union*

" For strength of interest, vivid description, clever and convincing
character, drawing and literary merit it is the surprise of the year."

Walden's Stationer and Printer.

" It is an appealing story told in an active style which fairly
sparkles in reproducing the atmosphere of the wild and woolly West. It
is consistently forceful and contains a quantity of refreshing comedy."

Philadelphia Press.
" Bound to stand among the famous novels of the year."

Baltimore American.

" ' The Virginian ' has found many imitators, but few authors have
come as near duplicating Owen Wister's magnetic hero as has B. M.
Bower, ' Chip of the Flying U.' " Philadelphia Item.

"B. M. Bower has portrayed but few characters, but these he has
pictured with the strong and yet delicate stroke of a true master. The
atmosphere of the West is perfect ; one sees and feels the vibrant, vital
life of the ranch activities all through the telling of the story."

Cincinnati Times-Star.

" It brims over with humor showing the bright and laughing side of
ranch life. It is a story which will delightfully entertain the reader."

Portland Journal.

" The story contains strength of interest, vivid descriptions, clever
and convincing character drawing and literary merits, and the author lays
on the colors with a master's touch." Albany Evening Journal.

I2mo, Cloth Bound, Color Illustrations, $135


What the Critics say of

The Range Dwellers.


41 A clever and humorous story, delightfully clean and wholesome,
and possessing enough of the dramatic and dangerous element to keep
the imagination excited to the end." The Nashville American.

" A bright, jolly, entertaining yarn without a dull page."

The Chicago Inter-Ocean.

" One of the most charming and appealing of all Western novels.
There is action and vivacity at all times, and the reader's interest never
sways for an instant. The story is admirably written and runs along
smoothly at all times." Philadelphia Press.

" Here are every day, genuine cowboys, just as they really exist,
spirited action, a range feud between two families, and a Romeo and
Juliet courtship in the Far West which make easy reading. Mr. Bower
knows his wild west intimately and writes of it entertainingly."

Des Moines Register and Leader.

" Told with a good deal of humor and a lot of unusual spirit. A
very clever book one that has more atmosphere than usual, and which
can be picked up at any time to fill a long felt want for excitement."

Philadelphia Inquirer.

"A tale to set the blood tingling. It is a story of the West, with
the scene laid on a Montana cattle ranch. A story well told and a story
worth reading." St. Louis Republic.

" Mr. Bower has portrayed but few characters, but these he has
pictured with the strong and yet delicate stroke of a true master. The
atmosphere of the West is perfect; one sees and feels the vibrant vital
life of the ranch activities all through the telling of the story."

Pittsburg Dispatch.

" Has many stirring situations and exciting incidents illustrative of
existence in the open." Boston Budget-Beacon.

" The book is vigorous, with the bracing open air of the Far West."

Rochester Herald.

t2mo, Cloth Bound
Beautiful Color Illustrations by Charles M. Russell, $f35



About the Novel


Novelized horn Charles Klein's great play

Hew York


" Mr. Hornblow has done his work with creditable
aptitude. He is successful where success is most
important in keeping up the reader's suspense, in
working effectively toward the climax. The book

will interest those who have seen the play, and will doubtless send

others to the theatre."

" Mr. Hornblow has made his novelization of an
* TIMES enormously successful play in a workmanlike man-

I ner. The story, like the play, belongs to this very
minute. It is full of a spirit and a feeling that are
in the air. It deals with subjects which much iteration has strongly
impressed on the people, and its point of view is the most obvious. The
novel is likely to have an enormous sale."

" Undoubtedly the book of the hour. Both the
novel and the play appeal to the widest possible
American public. The novelist gives more of the
interesting story and has enhanced the virility and

" ' The Lion and the Mouse,' as a novel, more
than maintains the reputation of its author as a clean*
cut exposition of throbbing American life by a real
novelist. Mr. Hornblow knows his subject and has
succeeded in welding his own characteristic and illuminating expression
to the idea of another man in such a manner that the novel must take
its place beside the play as a welcome addition to American art."

Was] neton "Will become the most talked-of book of the


year. . . . As exciting and fascinating a narrative
as has appeared in novel form in years."

1Kw Orleans *' ^ r Hornblow's bk is written in distinguished

cvA-B-rirrkYTTw 1 English; its chapters are chiselled to exact propor-

fl Jfc lfcfc*HMIUUI I .. / . .. . . . . . r

-T '

.. , . .. . . . . .

tions ; its story is clear and limpid ; particularly are
its characters cleverly vivid, and with few exceptions
tell themselves in the dialogue more plainly than they could with ever
so much extrinsic aid of psychic and physical description. The Ameri-
can nation is indebted to him. He has clothed with the vibrant pali-
tating flesh of life-interest the greatest economic problem and evil of
day. It is a book to make the multitude think.

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Online LibraryWilliam Blair Morton FergusonGarrison's finish : a romance of the race course → online text (page 12 of 12)