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' There is a great deal more in genealogies than is generally believed at
present." — Carlyh.

Ijarpeiiben :

18 95.



The completion of the first voluiue of " Tlie Herts Genealogist and
Antiquary " gives me an opportunity of thanking those kind friends
vrho have supported me in the undertaking.

My object has been to publish, in as concise a form as possible,
such matter only as has not been hitherto printed, or such as, although
printed, is practically inaccessible to the general public, e.(/., the list of
Non-Parochial Registers now at Somerset House.

As to the method of publication hy instalments of series of abstracts
and other documents, I must beg a little indulgence of those ^vho
experience inconvenience thereby. My genealogical work is almost
entirely done in spare time, and I have neither inclination nor
opportunity to complete within a reasonable time any particular series
of abstracts or records in a separate form. The Table of Contents,
which it is intended to place at the beginning of each volume, will
enable those interested to search easily through serial articles.

With the exception of the articles which appear under the name of
Mr. A. E. Gibbs, the editor is responsible for the whole volume and
trusts that, although his work has sometimes been executed with
considerable rapidity, not more than the usual allowance of mistakes
will be found.

To those wlio have assisted me as subscribers, to Messrs. Gibbs and
Banifoi-th, of St. Albans, for the very great care tliey have bestowed
on the printing of the volume, and finally to my wife and AEr. E. G.
Ely for much kind assistance in tlie arduous task of preparing the
Index, I desire to record my indebtedness, and in conclusion venture
to express the hope that the work thus commenced has given and will
continue to give satisfaction to those who consult its pages.



Juh/ \st, 1896.

-^1 ^




Feet of Fines for Hertfordshire (Tudor Period).

I, 75, 137, 145, 198, 241, 304, 337
Marriage Licences. Archdeaconry of St. Albans.

II, 49, 97, 169, 214, 277, 289, 354

Lady Margaret Haii)er 21

Surveys of Church Livings, 1657 22

Battles of St. Albans, Contemporaneous Memoranda relating to. . 28

Seventeentli Century Tokens.

Eickraau8wort}i Farthing 29

Elstreo and Ware Tokens 119

Baldock Farthing 368

List of Transcnpts of Registers for the Arclideaeoury of St. Albans 30

Abstracts of "Wills.

Archdeaconry of Middlesex (Essex and Herts)

33, 69, 132, 237, 332, 369

Transcripts of Parish Registers.

St. Stephens 37

St. Michaels 57

Northaw 120, 184, 218, 254, 299, 377

Abstracts of Wills.

Archdeaconry of St. Albans. Register " Stonehani "

45, 64, 104, 230, 315, 383
Hertfordshire Deeds.

Corporation of St. Albans Records 87, 108, 193, 319, 364

Provision of Armour and Men by the Clergy of the Archdeaconry

of St. Albans 113

Subsidy Rolls for Hertfordshire, 1545.

Hundred of Edwinstree 163

Hundred of Casliio 225

Hundred of Hertford 259

Hundi'ed of Broadwater and the Half Hundred of Hitchin 324

Hundred of Odsey 349

List of Non-Parochial Registers 182

Monumental Inscriptions.

Quakers' Ground, Victoria Street, St. Albans 192

Shepherd and Freeman Families 213, 377

A Lovonthorpe Note 368



p. 32, near the bottom of the page. s6-(7r out • There is also a Transfript for
Clothall, 1588-9 (Michaelmas to Michaelmas).'

p. 67, line 7, for C'hanche read Chauche.

p. 192, 4th line from bottom, after ' May ' insert ' ye 7th.'

,, 10th line from bottom, for ' year' read ' yeare.'

,, 11th line from bottom, for ' Towne ' read ' To^^le.'

p. 220, line 14, read ' John Prescott, gent buried June ye llth,' and add as next
line, 'Susanna Bentley, buried July ye 12th.'

,, line 20, for ' April ye 5th,' read ' April ye loth.'

p. 371, bottom line but one, insert comma between ' John ' and ' Thomas.'

Printed by Gibbs i: B.anifortli, The St. Albans Pre.-y

CIjc Ptrts Genealogist
anir ^ntiqitarg.

gcct i^f ^tne0 for S^rtforbsljtr^*


NOTE. — The names of Plaintiffs arc divided from those of Defendants hj
a colon.

An Asterisk signifies that the Fine ivill be found in the bundle known as
"Divers Counties.''^

1485. Mich. Term. 1 Hon. VII.

Bnrth. Westby and John Ferrcs : Wm. Harros and Alice his wife
and Tho. AVcst and Eliz. his wife. Messuages in. St. Albans.

Jolm Fyssher senior and John Fyssher junior : Jolm "NV^ddo and
Joan his wife. Messuage, garden and hind in Kolshull.

1486. Easter Term. 1 Hen. YII.

Tho. "West, Wm. Skyjiwytli and AVm. Drayton : Hon. Baruowell
and Eliz. his wife. Messuage and garden in St. Albans.
1486. Mich. Term. 2 Hen. VII.
Eich. Scarlet and Isabel his wife, Wm. Mariot merchant, IJobt.
Voldeby 'pannarius,' Eobt. Crosby carpenter and Jolm Ilcroford
' wolpaldvor' : Tho. Yong son and heir of Tlio. Yong and Margery
his Mife. Messuage and garden in Turnorhj-ll in Chosthunt.
1487. Mich. Term. 3 Hen. VII.
Isabcll Edward widow, Wm. Say knt., Eubt. Eedc serjeant-at-law,
AVm. Dunthorn, Phil. Edward,' AVm. Foxe, Eobt. Foliat and AVm.
]>adii()re : Hen. Snawo and ^lagdnleue liis wife, ^le^suago, gardens,
land and routs in Staundon and Ih-aughyng.

1487-8. Hilary Term. 3 Hen. A'll.
*Tlie King: Amio, Countess of AVarwiclv. Manor of Flamsted and
advowsou of the church of Flamsted.

U88. Easter Term. ;5 Hen. A'll.
AVm. Stopnoth, Eich. Furso, Eobt. Done and John Spencer: Hon.
Kirkeby and Alice his wife. Messuage and tt)ft iu St. Albans.


Wm. Say knt., Tho. Frankcsfih, Ilcn. Chfiuncy and John Clork : Tho.
Buggc and Margery his wife and Jolm AVcst and Agnes liis wife.
Messuage and lands in Hertford, Ilertfordyngbury, Tcwyng and

1489. Easter Term. 4 lien. YII.
Eich. Stepliyns : AVm. Emerton. ^lessuagc and lands in Puttenhain.

1489. Mich. Term. 5 Hen. YII.
Edw. Benstedc esq. : "\Vm. AVostby esq. IMessuago and lands in

Bougato in parish of St. Peters in St. Albans, Sandrigge and

Parksoken, which John Porster, John Sturgeon and John Pelde esq.

and Tho. Ilolbechc gent, by deed confirmed to said AVm. AVestby for

life, remainder to Johanna wife of Tho. IIoo of AValden Abbots co.

Herts, gent, late wife of Eobt. AVestby, remainder to Alargt. dau. of

said Eobt. AVest>)y and Johanna.
John Merv-yn and Eicli. Cave : Eliz. Mervj-n who was tho wife of Laur.

Merv}-n, widow. Manor of Kyrkbys and messuages, lands and rents

in Asshewell and Henxsworth.

1489-90. Hilary Term. 5 Hon. YII.

*Edw. AA'iUughby esq. and John Skyll : .AYm. Marquis Berkeley.
Manor of AYeston juxta Baldok.

Eich. GyU : Eobt. Smythield and EUen his wife. Messuage and lands
in Bokelond.

H90. Trinity Term. 5 Hen. A'll.

John AYyston : AA^'m. BoUe and Joan his wife. Messuage and land in
Aldenham and parisli of St Stopliens in St Albans.

Eich. Pyfeliid aliaa Eich. Lowe geut., Eobt. Clyfl'ord knt., AA'm. Say
knt., John Butler esq, AViu. Barley esq, Ealpli Josselyn gent., John
More gent., Tho. lugrame gent., Jas. Songergent., Hen. Cok, gent.,
and Eicli. ]3oklay gent. : Matilda Extou late wife of Eich. Exton and
John Barbour son of said Alatilda. Manor of Olyuers and lands in

1490-1. Hilary Term. G Hen. A'll.

Hen. Snawe: Tho. Akastyr and Agues his wife, dau. and heir of John
Pycot of AA'atton at Stone. Messuage, gardeu and laud in AYatton
at Stone.

Bernard Brocas esq, Eich. Lee, and John Burdon : Eobt. IMcde and
Joan his wife. Lands in Lougmerstou, Goblecotc and AA'yuelestliorn
in the parish of Trenge. •

AV^m. Pykenham elk, AYm. Hody knt. chief Baron of the Exchequer,
Hen. Ileydon, knt. Simon AYyseman esq, Andrew AYyudosore esq.,
AYm. Tendryng esq, John Asdiefeld esq, Eoger Philpotto, Tho.
Oxbruge, Clirisf Lytton elk, John I'otillcr, Eobt. Plomer and Eobt.
Blakwall : Tho. Bourgcliier senior knt. and Aune his wife, wlio was
tho wife of Joliu Sulyard kut. ALnuu's of Knebl)ew(n'th and Ic
Tlirehous and messuages, lainls aiul rent in Xiu'bbov.orth, Codycote,
Burley, Stcueuache, Hychyu, Dacheworth, AVelwyn and Buntyiiglord
audthe advowson of tho church of Knebbewortli.^

1491. Trin. Term. G Hen. A'll.
John Mathewe, Eobt. Mathewe, John llawe, ClirisF- llawe and

(lOorge Kirkliam: Alatliew Adam and Agnt's liis wife and A\'m.

Harrys ami .iVlii'e liis wife. Lands in iSt Aihaus.
AA'm. lUakeuey senior, AVm. Dniytoa and John AVhetacre : AVm.

Harrys and .tUico his wife. Iklessuage in St Albans.


John Komp and Gcorgo Kirkham : "Wm. Harrj's and Alice his -wifo
and Mntlio^- Adam and Agaes his wife. Messuage and land in
St Albans.

1491. Mich. Term. 7 Hen. VII.

Jiihn Hole : Jlni-gt. I'rougliton dau. and licir of Margery Broughton.

]\lossuago.s and lands in St An)ans and Redburne.
TIui. C!()tt(in and llicli. Iligham : Clement Cotton and Margery his Avifo.

Lands in IJarkliamstcdo and Nortlichurcho.

1191-2. Hilary Term. 7 Hon. ^TI.
John Fortescu, knt., Eich. Boukc, AVm. Patmer, and John Thourne :

Tho. Clerk and Eliz. his vrifc. Lands in Groat Hadham.

1492. Easter Terra. 7 Hen. YII.

Eoger Grone, Rich. Greno and John Broke : Tvich. Asteley and Cecily

)iis -wife. Messuages and lands in Stondon, Braughyng and Little

Rii li. Gill : Tho. Grey, John Pery and Alice his wife, Thos. Pery, John

])irch, Wni. Gervg, AVm. Eej-niond and AVm. Merssho. Messuage

and garden in AA^'ire.
Jul in Snowe : John LeoneU and Margaret his wife. Lands in


1492. Mich. Term. 8 Hen A'll.
Siinnn Paxman and Nich. Larwood : Tho. Byrche and EUen his wife.

Manor of Pansangre, messuage and lands in Blakemer, in the parish

of >St Andrew, Hertford.
Tho. Howell, John Landy and Andi-ew Hyll : John Preston and Joan

Ills wife. Messuages, gardens and land in Kj-nipton.
Edw. Alan and Tlio. Coke : Tho. Smyth and Anastacia his wife.

Messuage in St Albans.
AVm. Brewester and Agnes his wife, Eobt. Swerder and Tho. Clerk :

IJobt. Skcgg son of John Skegg late of Stauudon and Joan his wife.

Two messuages in AA'aro.

1492-3. Hilary Temi. 8 Hen. A'll.
Philip Putter and Eich. Cobcotc : Edm. Gent and Cristino his wife.
AK'ssuage, land and rent in lluchj-u.

1493. Trinity Term. 8 Hen. A^I.

Hon. :Marny esq. Hen. Teye esq. Eobt. Plomcr, Eobt. Parker and
Xich. Stukelcy elk : AVm. Teudryng esq and Alargarct his wife and
Jolni Dygges and Anne his wifo, late wifo of Nich. Ellerbek.
Manors of MaschaU Yonges and Doos called Sotcs manor and
messuage and lands in Stondon.

Tho. Coruewall knt., Eobt. Throkmcrton esq., Christr. Throkmcrton
• ■-q., and Edw. Croft esq : Edm. Lucy esq and Joan his wifo.
Manor of Bodenham.

Wiih Siiioth esq., Tho. AA>st, Tho, Cooke and AA^m. Stepncth : AA'm.
\\ all.'wvn and Siliil his wife. Messuage and garden in St .Vlbans.

^ l>'"bt. Xicolles and John AVyston : John Pepyr and Agnes his wife.
M''s-uage and lands in Taterigge.

1493. Mich. IVrm. 9 Hen. A^IL

1." 'bt. Xicols : AA'm. Pratto and ]\Iargaret his wifo. Land in Shenley.

" Iho. I'itzwilliam knt. and Nich. Lathell : Alex. Quadryng. Eidi.
•.'.ladryiiM; .„id ACargaret liis wife^ Tho. Caundyssh and Alice liis
^■ll'^ Tlio. Houston, Eich. Curtoys, Tho. Quadryng, Eich. Aleyn and
.•■'lia Mcrlyng. iloiety of manor of Hyde and lauds in Berwortli,
H"donliall and Stodeham.


1493-4. Hilary Term. 9 Hen. YII.

AVm. Say lent., Tho. Puryant, John Grono, John Chauncy, Hen.
Chauncy and John Fcldo : Tho. Basspigbourno esq. Manor of
Hoddosdoubury and messuages, lands and rent in Iloddosdon, Groat

■ Brolcosbournc Littlo Brokosbourno, Brykondcn, AVormeley and

1494. Trinity Term. 9 Hen. VII.

John Ilyll and Wm. Smyth : Robt. NycoU, John Wyston and Tho.
Waryor and Juliana liis wife. Messuage, lands and rout in

1494. Mich. Term. 10 lion. VII.

Wm. HardjTig, John A^Hietealcer and Henry KjTkby : Tho. Fyssher
and Margaret his wife, Tho. AVest, Wm. iJrayton, Tho. Ilethnes
and Wm. Stepueth. Messuage caUed 'le Pye,' garden and shops in
St Albans.

Simon Matson, John Birche, Rich. Bull, Wm. Grygge, Nich. Hyll,
Tho. Wolmere and Wm. I^hryn of AVare : John Iwaro of Estgreue-
wycho, CO. Kent, late of AVare, co. Herts yeoman and Gecily his wife
and John Bele, citizen and barbor of London and Agnes his ■wife.
Messuage and cottage in AA^are.

John Hullond and Jolm Hyeheman : Hen. Kirlceby of St Albans,
smyth and Alice his wife. Land in Tytenliaugro.

Eobt. Rolfe and John Martyn : John Reynold and Agnes liis wife.
Messuage and land in Taterugge.

1494-5. Hilary Term. 10 Hen. A'll.

AVm. Hunteley and Rich. Dubyns : Tho. Staunton esq. and Clcmoncc
his wife and Tho. Sliukborough. ^lanor of Cliamberlayns in Reed
and the advowson of tho church of Reed, and lauds and rent in Reed,
AVest Reed and Berkewey.

Michall Galwan, chaplain : AVm. Burbago and Cecily his wife and AA''m.
Eyi'O and Eliz. his \\-ifo. ^lanor of Cressebroke and messuages, mill,
lands and rent in Chesthuut, Tunford, Ci-essebroke and AValtham

1495. Easter Term. 10 Hen. A^IL

Wm. Batesford, John Laudy and John Carter : John Bcerne and Joan

hia wife. Messuages and laud in A\lietliamsted.
Brian Lokkey : AVm. AVcstby and Agues his wife. Land in St

*Rich. lligham, gent, and John Hewys : Tho. AA^aryer and Julian Jiis

wife and Jolm llarryson aud Olive his wife. Lauds in Taterygge.

1495. Mich. Term. llHon. A^II.

John Myddclton, Rich. Drakes and Tho. Thresher : AVm. Pygot and

Alianor his wife. Messuage and lands in llccliyn.
Tho. Frowyk, serjeant-at-law, Robt. Throkmerton esq. and Tho.

Marowe: Hen. Frowyk of Soulliniymmes and Anne his wife. A

moiety of the manor of Northuiyuuues.

1495-0. Hilary Term. 11 Ileu. A'll.
Humph. Conyngesby, serjeant-at-law aud Tho. Frowik, serjeant-at-
law: John Parowo and Cristina his wiie. A third part of the
manor of Newebury and lauds and rent in Aldenham and Watford.

1490. Easter Term. 1 1 Henry A'H.
*AVm. Lee, John Holmostode and John Newouam : John AVellys and
Alice his wife. Laud in Therfeld.


149G-7. Hilary Term. 12 Hon. VII.
Tbo. West, Tlio. Ferrers, gent., Win. Drayton, Tho. Hetlicnes and

Jolin ]31ytho : Kobt. AVylloys of St. Albans and A^es liis Mifo.

Lands in Westwyk within tho parisli of St Michael near St Albans.
Tho. Ingi-ani and Rich. Baron : Tho. Nicoll and Joan his wife.

Messuage and lands in Ivusshdcn and Bradfcld.
John Breton, elk, Tho. Marowe, Leonard Hyde and Tlio. Ingram :

John Grey do Wilton lent, anil Edmund Grey son and heir apparent

of said John and Florence his wife. Manor of Leyhbury alias

Lyebery and messuages, lands and rents in Little Munden, Great

Munden, Altwyke, Yerdloy and Westmyll.

149V. Easter Term. 12 lieu. VII.
Charles Monclere and Margaret his wife and Wm. Botere : Rich.

Spicor and Alice his wife. Messuages, lands and rent in Hertford.
*Jolm Verney, knt., and Margaret his wife : Tho. Billyngton and

Agnes his wife. Manors of Pcnloy and Launcelens and messuages,

lands and rent in Trj-nge and Aldbury.
* Humph. Conyngesby, serjeant-at-law: Ralph Bukberd, Philip

Wygbourn and Simon Staunton and Kath. his wife. Messuage and

land in Aldenham.

1497. Mich. Term. 13 Hen. VII.
Roger Brisley and Joan his wife : Wm. Barley and EUcn his wife.

Messuage in Ware.
Rich Godyer, Wm. Drayton, John Broun and Tho. Robyns : Robt.

Henbery and Alice his wife, Tho. Wostc and Eliz. his wife, Rich.

Lawedy and Joan his wife and Tho. Ilcthenosso and Dorothy his

wife. Messuages and lands in St ^-Ubans.

1497-8. Hilary Term. 13 Hen. VII.
*Wm. Denton esq., Clement Carsey and Wm. Ginbroke : AVm. Cray-
thorn and Cecily his wife. Manors of Tliebaudes, Cresbroko and
Tongysplaco and messuages, mill and lands in Cheshunt, Estbaruet
and Waltham Holy Cross.

1498. Easter Tei-m. 13 Hon. VII.
Wm. Sk}i)W5-tli esq., Tho. West, Rich. Goodyer, Rich. Lawedy, John

Purs and John Blytho : John Power esq. and Alice his wife.

Messuage and land in St Albans.
Nich. Shelton, John Clincy tyul lien. Rauynsby : Tho. Evyotte and

Joan his wife. Messuages and land in Watford.

1498. Mich. Term. 14 Hon. VII.

John Hcrvy, elk., John Fysshcr, Ralph Hann^s, die, Tho. Dauid, elk.,
Robt. Brudencll, John Brayutou and Rich. IIor\y : Rich. Nunny
and Joan his wife. Manor of Salmons and messuage and lauds in
Rugge, Shenley and iUdenham.

1498-9. Hilary Term. 14 Hen. VII.

Tho. Bkrj-nan and AVm. Cokko : Hen. Kylbefe and Goditha his wife.
Messuage, land and rent in Lynley and Olfeley.

1499. Easter Term. 14 Hen. VII.

Jolin Bassyngborn : Tho. 15assyngborn. ]\Ianors of Wodehalle and
.^Vlstewyke in Bysshoppis Hattcfeld.

1499. Trinity Term. 14 Hen. A'll.
Tho. Blako, Tlio. Barlee esq. and Edni. Bardolf : Juliu WiUioms and
Margaret his wife. Messua'^e and lauds in Ivellvshull.


1499-1500. Hilary Term. 15 lieu. VII.
Tho. Holmes : Wm. Lilly and Eliz. Lis Avil'e. Messuage and laud in

1500. Easter Term. 15 Hen. Til.

Jolin White senior, John Stouten and John AVliite junior: Geo.
Ilarryos and i\Iatilda his wHg. Messuage iu St Albans.

*Jolm Shaa kut., Tho. Kobell sorjeant-at-law and Tlio. Marowe :
Peter Talbot and Eliz. his wife. Messuage, lands and rents iu
Eykmansworth and fishery in the Water of Oolney.

1500-1. Hilary Term. IG Hen. VII.
Wm. Bodlold, John Marchall, Wm. ^\lford and John Fagc : Tuilph
MaunseU and Agnes his -wife. Messuage and lands in Baldok,
Wostou and Clothall.

1501. Easter Term. IG Hen. VII.

Tho. Pery: Tho. Sampson and Cornelia his wife. Messuages, gardens
and land in Ware and AmweU.

1501. Trinity Term . 1 G Hen . VII .

Humph. Conyngesby, serjeant-at-law, Thos. Frov.yk, serjeant-at-laAV,
Hugh Oldom, elk., Tho. Grete, elk., Nich. Nynes, Tho. Eereby and
Edmund Nowers : Wm. Asshelcy and John Assheley and Joan his
wife. Messuage and lands in Eugge.

John Wroth esq. Eich. Auberey esq. Eobt. Harj'sson and AVm.
Heydon : Eoger Hykman and Isabella his wife. Land in AVatford.

John Wynger, citizen and alderman of London, Earth. Eodo, citizen
and alderman of London, John Style, citizen and mercer of London,
and Tho. Baldry, citizen and mercer of Loudon : Hugh Eraban,
gent, and Margaret his wife. Manor of Eadysvrell and messuage,
lands and rent in Great Hornemede, Little Ilornemede, Alswyk,
Aliladewj^k and Braughyng.

1501. Mich. Term. 17 Hen. A^I.
Tho. Eobardys and Alice his wife, John Newman, John Eogers and

John Haddon : John Colmau and Kath. his wife, Tho. Lokctt and

Alice his wife and Nich. Lowyn and Eliz. his wife. Messuages and

lands in Bishops Hatfield and Esj-nden.
Tho, AVest, Eich. Godeyerc, John Purs and AA'ni. Blakcney junior:

Eobt. Mark and Ivatl; his wife. Tuft, garden and lauds in St

Albans, in the parishes of St Michael and St Peter.
*Ealph Eokeby and Eobt. Sutton: John Dunliam esq. and Eliz. his

wife. Manor of AVhethamsted.
Jolm Sawer and Johu Fyssher : Eobt. Mecde and Joan his wife.

Messuage and garden iu Buntjnigford.

1501-2. Hilary Term. 17 Hen. A'll.

Humph. Conj-ngesby, serjonnt-at-law, and Tho. Erowvk, serjeant-at-
law : AVni. MorcU and .Vlice his wife. A third part of the nianor of
Nowebery and lands and rout in Aldeiduim and Watford.

Hugh Cloiitou and Xath. his wife: Jolui Denaunt aud Eliz. his wife.
Messuages, gardens and lands in Cliesthunt.

Humph. Conyngesby one of the Kiu-'s Sorjoauls-at-law, Tho. Frowik
serjeant-at-law, Hugli Oldom, elk., Tlio. Grete, elk.. Nidi. Nynes,
Thu. Eereby ami Ednuind Nowers : AVm. Assheley ami Ehz. his
wife. ]\[essuago and lands in Eugge.

Andi'ow AVVudcsore, Edm. DiuUey.'Wm. Littuu aud Eobt. Blakwall :


John Langford lent, and Kath. liis wife. Manors of Myndclcsdon
and Langloy, messuages, lands and rent in MjTidclcsdcn and

Wm. liisltop of Lincoln, Eeginald Gray knt., Wm. Hody loit., John
Shaa knt., Hugh Oldom, elk., Humph. Coriyngosby serjeant-at-law,
Kich. Emsou, AVm. Cope, John Cutto and Nich. Compton : Ilcn.
Ilanmiys esq. and Eliz. his wife, ilanor of Quenehawe and lands
and rent in Branfeld, Te\\yng, AVatton, Stapulford and Dacheworth.

* Agnes IMorton, widow, Nich. Hughson and lioger Bryde, dk. : Eich.
AVliityngham and Alice his wife. Manor of Mawdeleyns and
messuages and lauds in Makelfelde, Barkamstede and Northchiu-ch.
1502. Easter Term. 17 Hon. VII.

*Simon Dunham, elk., John Jullys, elk., Eobt. Walsshe and Wm.
Walsshe : Tlio. Fenys knt. and Anne his wife and liicli. Copley esq.
Manors of Offeley and Cokerno and the advowson of the church of
Oifeley and lands and rent in Offeley and Cokerno.

1502. Trinity Term. 17 Hen. VII.

Eich. Bishop of AVinchestcr, Barth. Wcstby, second haron of the

Exchequer, AVni. Meryng knt., Edw. ]3cnstedo esq., TIio. Pykeryng

esq. and IvoLt. Eowonyng, elk. : AVm. Bottesford and Ellen his wife.

Messuage and lands in Bougate in parish of St Peter in St Albans,

Sandryge and Parksocon.
John Shaa, knt. and Palph Bulcbcrd : Wm. Bottesford and Ellen his

wife. Messuages, lands and rent in St Albans, Grenestrete, Ead-

burne, Shelncj', Aldcnham, Eigge and Ilestre.
Tho. Hamoud : Joliu Kyrwyu and Alice his wife. Messuage and lands

in Great Mundon.

1502. Mich. Term. 18 Hen. VII.

Humph. Conyngesby, serjeant-at-law : Etheldrcda Talbot, widow, dau.
and heir of Tho. Croxton. Messuages and lauds in Aldeidiam and

Wm. Bishop of London : Tho. Billyngton and Agnes his wife.
Messuages and lands in St Albans.

*T]io. Babyngton, Eobt. Brudcncil, Tho. Jakes and Eobt. Ncuyle :
John Ormond and Joan his wife. Manors of Alburj', Tyseote and
Wollesthorn and messuages and lands in Albury, Tyscoto and
WeUesthorn and the advowson of the church of Albui-y.

1503. Easter Term. 18 Hen. VII.

Eoger Brysley and Joan his wife, John Brysley, Wm. !Marsho, Wm.

Eaymond, Tho. I5yrche senior and Wm. Sc-\yer : John Algore and

Joan his wife. Messuage and garden in AVare.
*Eich. Copcote and Edith his wife : Stephen do Marcu and Philippa

his wife. Messuage in Little Gadcsden.

1503. Trinity Term. 18 Hen. A^I.

Tho. Erowyk, knt., John Sliaa, lent., Humph. Conyugesbj', serjeant-at-
law, A\''m. Eitz-n-illiam and Eobt. Alderues : Edw. Styrop and Ellen
his -wife. Messuages, lands and rents in Berlchamsted, Morstun,
AVaro and A'eyses.

1503. Mich. Term. 11) Hen. A'll.

John Trcsawell : AA'm. Gauion and Joan his -wife. Messuages and
lands in Baldock.

1504. Easter Term. 19 Hen. A'll.

John Man and Adam Ordcwey : Jas. Jakesou and Margaret his wife.
Messuages and gardens in St ^ilbans.


Rich. Braiighyng and Tho. Storno : John Broke. Messuage and lands

in Braughyng.
Tho. Blake, Tho. Eobertys, Wm. Goodyer and Eich. Baron: AViu.

Shawcrdon and Agnos hi.s wife, John Ederych and Eliz. his wife.
. Messuages, lands and rent in IvjTigeswalden, Preston, StageiJioo

and Ilychyu.

1504. Trinity Term. 19 Hon. YII.

Eeginald Peggo : Joliu Mclsani and Eliz. his wife. Manor of Grove
and mills, lands and rents in Watford and Louesden.

John More, serjeant-at-law and Joan his wife and Humph. Adam:
John Mery son and heir of Tho. Mery late of Bishops Hatfield.
Messuages and lands in Northm}Tames which Margaret Mery,
widow, holds for her life.

Rich. Elyot, serjeant-at-law, John Wroth esq., Rich. Aubrey esq.,
Wm. Heydon senior and Thurstan Worthyugton : Roger Hykman
and Isabell his wife. Messuages and land in Watford.

1504. Mich. Term. 20 Hen. VII.
Wm. Bradshaa, AVm. Dixon and John Hill : Tho. Fader and Margaret

his wife. Messuage, garden and land in Hoddesdon, Brokesborne

and Am well.
*Tho. Jakes : Wm. Elyott and Joan his wife. Lands in Tateriggo.

1504-5. Hilary Term. 20 Hen. VII.
John Colt, esq., John Barnard and Robt. Scraso : Wm. Barnard and
Anne his wife and John Aparko and Margaret his wife. Messuages
and lauds in Hertford, Ih-ekeuden, Hetli and Amwell.

1505. Mich. Term. 21 Hen. VII.

Gerard Danet esq., Edw. Bclknappe esq., Robt. Wotton esq., AVm.

Medley gent, and AA'^m. Lane : Kdvr. Odyngsels. Manor of Pyrton

and messuages and lands in Myrtou.
Tho. Grcno, Kith. Grone, John Ijroke, Tho. Rudde and AA^'m. Crowe :

Rich. Marshall and Alice his wife. Messuage and garden in

Tho. AVarcn, John Purse and Nicli. Markys : John Acworth. Manor

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