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of Peebles, and mills, granaries, called Ruid-mill and Wauk-mill, built
upon the side of the said Castle-hill, with the mill called the Auld Mill,
upon the north side of the water of Peebles, with the mill-lands, mill-
dams, and multures of the same, together with the whole houses and
tenements built upon the side of the said Castle-hill of Peebles, and
pertinents of the same, with the said mill, granary of Innerleithen and
multures foresaid, which formerly pertained to the said mill of Traquair,
upon the north side of the water of Tweed, from the said village of
Horsbrugh to the Gaithopeburn, with the mill-lands, mill-dams, astricted
multures, sequels and pertinents of the same, with the Wauk-mill of Inner-
leithen, and the lands near to the said mill, called Hillhouse and Thomas
Haugh, together with the whole fishings, as well salmon as other fishings,
in the said waters of Tweed and Peebles, with all other fishings pertaining
to the said Burgh, and which the Burgesses and Inhabitants of the same,
have at any time past possessed, and likewise with the said customs of
the said bridge of Tweed used and wont, and also, all and singular the
foresaid lands of Glentress, with the pertinents in community disponed,
as said is, comprehending the particular lands above recited, within the
bounds of the same above specified, with the foresaid lands called the
King's Muir, which formerly pertained to the said Cuthbert Elphinstone


and John Elphinstone of Henderstone, and with all and singular the
foresaid ways, paths, and passages leading to and from the said Burgh,
small customs, escheats, amerciaments of courts, offices and jurisdictions
of the same foresaid punishments, churches, chaplainaries, prebendaries,
and altars, and with all and singular the foresaid lands, tenements,
annual rents, teinds, fruits, rents, emoluments, feu-duties, kaines, customs,
mortifications, obits and other duties whatsoever pertaining and belonging
to the said churches, prebendaries, chaplainaries or altars lying within
the said Burgh or liberty of the same, or due out of the said lands or
tenements lying within the said Burgh, pertaining to whatever church,
chaplainary, prebendary or other benefice without our said Burgh, built
and lying within whatever part of this our kingdom of Scotland. And
the foresaid common-lands with the privilege and liberty of rooting out
shrubs, of digging and taking away peats, turfs, firing and fewal, feal, and
divot, within the said common muirs and marshes of the said Burgh,
and within the bounds foresaid, used and wont, into one free Burgh
Royal, tenement, and tenandry for ever, and we will and grant, and for
us and our successors, decern and ordain, that one sasine to be given at
once, by virtue of our present Infeftment in the manner and form
following, to the Provost or to any one of the Bailies of our said Burgh
of Peebles for the time, at the market-cross of the said Burgh, shall
stand and be a sufficient sasine to them and their successors, for all and
whole of the said Burgh, and for the haill annexes, connexes, incorpora-
tions and others, particularly and generally above expressed, now united
and annexed to the said Burgh, as said is, notwithstanding that the said
lands, passages, privileges, tenements, rents, and others particularly and
generally above mentioned, pertaining to the said Burgh, although they
don't lie together and contiguous, wherewith we, with advice and consent
foresaid, have disponed, and by the tenor of our present charter, for us
and our successors, dispone for ever, and we considering the Provost,
Bailies, Counsellors, and Community of our said Burgh of Peebles, to
be only one Community and University, which in its own nature remains,
having no particular successor.

Therefore, we have declared, willed and granted, and by the tenor of
these presents, for us and our successors, with advice and consent
foresaid, declare and ordain that the foresaid sasine, once taken by the
said Provost or any one of the Bailies of the said Burgh, in name and
behalf of the Burgesses and Community, and their successors, by virtue
of our present Infeftment, by delivery of earth and stone of the ground
of the said Burgh, lands, mills, and other accessories and dependencies
of the same, and by the delivery of one penny, usual money of our
kingdom of Scotland, for the taxes, customs, and duties of the same, and
other accessories and dependencies thereof, and by delivery of Staff and


Batton for the offices and jurisdiction foresaid, and other accessories and
dependencies of the same, and by delivery of one Psalm Book, for the
foresaid churches, prebendaries, rents, teinds, and other accessories and
dependencies of the same, shall be a good and sufficient sasine for ever,
without renovation, reiteration of any new sasine, or recovery at any
time hereafter. To be had and holden, all and whole our said Burgh
of Peebles, with all and singular the said liberties, sasines, privileges,
and possessions, by the said Provost, Bailies, Counsellors, Burgesses,
and Community of our said Burgh, as their ancestors formerly held and
used, with the foresaid infeftments, sasines, possessions, and privileges,
to be given and granted to our said Burgh, at any time hereafter, upon
the foresaid infeftments and liberties, small customs, escheats, amercia-
ments of courts, immunities, ways, passages, lands, whole territory and
community of the same, which by the laws or customs of our kingdom
pertained or can pertain, to a free Royal Burgh, with the privilege and
use of merchandise, buying and selling of the same, and with the guild
of merchants and privilege thereof, and with the jurisdiction, fines, and
penalties, escheats, and amerciaments belonging thereto, together with
three fairs, and markets weekly, and customs, privileges, and profits,
belonging, or which, by the laws of our kingdom, can belong, in and to
the same, likewise, with the said privilege, commission, and authority to
the said Provost, Bailies, and Counsellors of the said Burgh, of making
acts, statutes, and constitutions, for the good and advantage of the
standing of the said Burgh, of putting the same to final execution, and
arresting, prosecuting, and calling the violators of the same, as also, with
full jurisdiction granted to the said Provost, Bailies, Counsellors, and
Community of the said Burgh, and their successors, in all actions and
causes, liberties and privileges, granted to them as well by acts of our
Parliament as general council, constitutions of burghs, acts, decreets,
sentences, granted in favour of their liberties, as said is, and of sitting,
judging, and decerning fines, penalties, and escheats of the same, and
with power to them, as said is, of levying, using and disponeing, all and
haill the said lands of Cademuir, Hamildean, Venlaw, and Struther, the
said Castle-hill of Peebles, with the mill built upon the side of the said
Castle-hill called the Ruid-mill and the Wauk-mill, the said mill called
the Auld Mill, upon the north side of the water of Peebles, with the
dams, multures, and sequels of the same, and with the haill houses and
tenements built upon the said Castle-hill, and with the said mill, granary
of Innerleithen, astricted multures and sequels of the same, and the
Wauk-mill thereof, and lands adjacent thereto, called Hillhouse and
Thomas Haugh, the foresaid common-lands with the liberty of marshes
and moss in the common muir, for the rooting out of shrubs, and
digging and carrying off firing, fewal, feal and divot, in all the parts thereof,


used and wont, with the haill fishings in the waters of Tweed and
Peebles, belonging to our said Burgh, and all other fishings foresaid,
they and their predecessors possessed at any time by-past, as also, all
and whole the foresaid lands called Glentress, comprehending the
particular lands above expressed, with all other parts, pendicles, and
pertinents of the said lands of Glentress, as the same extends from the
bounds of Hamildean to the Burnfoot, and from thence to Gaithope,
and down Gaithopeburn to the Tweed, as also, all and whole the fore-
said lands of King's Muir, adjacent to our said Burgh of Peebles, which
pertained to the said Cuthbert Elphinstone of Henderstone, as likewise,
all and singular the foresaid lands, tenements, houses, biggings, gardens,
lofts, crofts, annual rents, fruits, duties, profits, emoluments, teinds, teind-
sheaves, dead-money, alms, anniversaries, and others, whatever, which
belonged to the said prebendaries above written, or to whatever
churches, prebendaries, chaplainaries, altars, and other benefices within
the liberty of our said Burgh, or of the said lands and tenements lying
within the said Burgh, belonging to whatever churches, chaplainaries,
altarages, or other benefices, lying without our said Burgh, and within
any part of our kingdom, to the said Provost, Bailies, Counsellors, and
Community of our said Burgh of Peebles, and their successors, of us and
our successors in feu heritage and free burgage for ever, by all the
righteous meiths of the same, old and divided, as the same lie in length
and breadth, in houses, biggings, bogs, plains, muirs, marshes, ways,
paths, waters, lakes, rivulets, meadows, grazings, and pasturages, mills,
multures, and their sequels, fowlings, huntings, fishings, peats, turfs,
coals, coal-heughs, cunnings, cunningaries, doves, dove-cots, smithies,
kilns, breweries, whins, forests, groves, and twigs, woods, stakes, stone
and chalk quarries, with courts and their fines, herezelds, bloodwells, and
the first night of the brides, with common pasturage, free ish and entry,
and pit and gallows, sale, jack, thole, kane \A blank left here in the Latin
copy\ wrackmuir venison, infang thief, outfang thief, pit and gallows,
and with all and sundry liberties, advantages, profits, cessments, and
their just pertinents whatsoever, as well named as not named, as well
under ground as above ground, far and near, with the pertinents belonging
to the said Burgh, or which shall justly belong to the same in any time
to come, freely, quietly, fully, entirely, honourably, well and in peace,
without any revocation, contradiction, impediment, or obstacle what-
soever Giving therefore yearly the said Provost, Bailies, Counsellors, and
Community of our said Burgh of Peebles, and their successors, to us and
our successors, in our Exchequer, for the said Burgh of Peebles, mill-
lands, multures, gardens, fishings, muirs, with all and singular privileges,
liberties, immunities, feu-duties, whole territory and community of the
same, weekly markets and fairs, offices, customs, impositions, and other


duties, united and annexed to the said Royal Burgh, annexes, connexes,
parts, pendicles, and other pertinents of the same, particularly and
generally above expressed, the sum of twelve Merks, usual money of
this Kingdom of Scotland, in name of annual rent, and the sum of
twenty-six shillings eight pennies money foresaid, to the Master of the
Hospital of St Leonards, for our said Burgh of Peebles, in name of alms,
together with the service of Burgh used and wont allenarly. And for the
said Prebendaries, Chaplainaries, Churches, Altars, Teinds, Fruits, Rents,
and other pertinents of the same, the said Provost, Bailies, Counsellors,
and Community of our said Burgh and their successors making humble
and daily supplications and prayers to GOD ALMIGHTY for the safety and
preservation of us and our successors allenarly: In witness whereof, we
have commanded our Great Seal to be affixed to this our present
Charter, before these witnesses, our beloved Cousins and Counsellors,
James, Marquis of Hamilton, Earl of Arran and Cambridge, Lord Aven
and Innerdale ; George, Earl of Marshall, Lord Keith, &c., our
Mareschal ; Alexander, Earl of Dunfermline, Lord Fyvie, &c., our
Chancellor; Thomas, Earl of Mellross, Lord Binning, &c., our
Secretary; our well-beloved Friends and Counsellors, Sirs Richard
Cockburn of Clerkington, Keeper of our Privy Seal ; George Hay of
Kinfaunes, our Clerk Register and of Council; John Cockburn of
Ormistone, our Justice Clerk ; and John Scott of Scotstarvet, Director
of our Chancery Knights ; at Newmarket, the tenth day of November,
One Thousand Six Hundred and Twenty-one, and of our Reigns the
Fifty-fifth and Nineteenth years.

SEALED nth January 1622.

Duly Recorded in the Books of Exchequer,
i^th March 1656.

I, DAVID BARCLAY, Writer in Edinburgh, do hereby certify that I
translated the foregoing Charter, consisting of the thirty-five preceding
pages, from a Nottorial copy of the Latin Charter, granted by KING
JAMES THE SIXTH in favours of the Burgh of PEEBLES, dated loth day of
November, One Thousand Six Hundred and Twenty-one.


Note. The above copy of Barclay's translation of the CHARTER of
JAMES VI., is taken from a copy printed in the form of a tract, 1825
the original charter, as also the nottorial copy referred to, being lost
There is, however, a DEED of RATIFICATION of the charter by the
SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT, November 17, 1641, in possession of the Town-
clerk of PEEBLES.

2 I


(Peebles, Selkirk, Linlithgow, and Lanark), from the Union until
1832, when the constituency of the Burgh was blended with that of
the County. The years are the dates of election.

1707. Mungo Graham of Gorthy.

1708. Colonel George Douglas.
1710. The same.

1713. Sir James Carmichael of Bonnyton, Baronet.

1715. Colonel George Douglas.

1722. Daniel Weir; died 1725.

1725. John Murray of Philiphaugh.

1727. The same.

1734. Hon. James Carmichael.

1741. John Mackye of Palgowan.

1747. Hon. James Carmichael.

1754. John Murray of Philiphaugh.

1761. John Ross of Balnagowan.

1768. James Dickson of Broughton and Kilbucho ; died 1772.

1772. Sir John Cockburn of Langton, Baronet.

1774. The same.

1780. The same.

1784. John Moore, Captain 82d Regiment of Foot.

1790. William Grieve, of London.

1796. Right Hon. J. G. Viscount Stopford.

1 80 1. The same.

1802. William Dickson of Kilbucho, Lieutenant-colonel 42d High-


1806. Sir Charles Ross of Balnagowan, Baronet.

1807. William Maxwell of Carriden.

1812. Sir John Buchanan Riddell of Riddell, Baronet.

1818. The same ; died 1819.

1819. John Pringle of Clifton.

1820. Henry Monteith of Carstairs.
1826. Adam Hay, banker in Edinburgh,

1830. Henry Monteith of Carstairs.

1831. William D. Gillon of Wallhouse.


the junction of the Burgh with the County.

1707. William Morrison of Prestongrange.

1710. Alexander Murray of Cringletie.

1713. William Morrison of Prestongrange.

1715. Alexander Murray of Cringletie.

1722. John Douglas.

1727. The same; died 1732.

1732. Sir James Naesmyth of Posso, Baronet.

1734. The same.

1741. Alexander Murray of Cringletie.

1747. John Dickson, younger of Kilbucho.

1754. The same.

1761. The same; died 1767.

1767. Adam Hay, Captain 6th Regiment of Foot.

1768. Right Hon. James Montgomery, Lord Advocate.

1774. The same; resigned 1775, on being appointed Lord Chief

Baron of Exchequer.

1775. Adam Hay of Soonhope; died same year.
1775. Sir Robert Murray Keith of Murray Hall, K.B.

1780. Alexander Murray of Murray Field, Solicitor-general for
Scotland; appointed a Lord of Session, 1783.

1783. Alexander Murray of Blackbarony.

1784. David Murray of Hattonknow.

1790. Lieutenant William Montgomery, 4th Regiment of Foot

1796. William Montgomery, younger of Stanhope; died 1800.

1800. James Montgomery, younger of Stanhope.

1 80 1. The same.

1802. The same.

1806. The same, being now Sir James Montgomery of Stanhope,


1807. The same.
1812. The same.
1818. The same.
1820. The same.
1826. The same.

1830. The same.

1831. Sir George Montgomery of Macbiehill, Baronet; died July

1831. Sir John Hay of Smithfield and Haystoun, Baronet




1832. Sir John Hay of Smithfield and Haystoun, Baronet.

1837. William Forbes Mackenzie of Portmore.

1841. The same.

1847. The same.

1852. Sir Graham Graham Montgomery of Stanhope, Baronet.

1857. The same.

1859. The same.

NOTE. As neither the county nor the burgh possesses an official record of repre-
sentatives since the Union till the present time, we have drawn on the lists contained
in the work entitled The Political State of Scotland, with Representation in Parliament
from 1707 to 1832, by John Wilson of Thornley (London, 1833), also on such local
information as could be made available. So completed, the foregoing lists may, we
think, be relied on for their general accuracy. In the work just specified, notice is taken
of the number of individuals composing the constituency previous to 1 832. As regards
the burgh constituency, it consisted of the members of four town-councils, amounting in
the aggregate to 94 persons, of whom 17 were for Peebles. The constituency of the
county of Peebles amounted in 1812 to 41, and in 1830 to 46 persons. In 1863, as
previously mentioned, the united burgh and county constituency numbered 466,
whereof 97 resided out of the county. A register made up annually, and printed in a
lucid manner in terms of the Registration of Voters (Scotland) Act, 24 and 25
Victoria, cap. 83, is obtainable at the sheriff-clerk's office (price 2s. d).


Public notice has been given that the June and September fairs
formerly held at Skirling, will in future be held at Biggar. The June fair
for horses, cattle, and pigs, will be held on the first Thursday after the
nth; and the September fair for horses, cattle, slack ewes, and dairy-
produce, will be held on i5th September, or Thursday following.


Abbeys of Melrose, Jedburgh, and

Kelso, 49

Aberbrothock, Abbot of, . . 53
Able-bodied man seized, . . 267
Aitchisons of Bordlands, . . 473

Ale, price of, fixed, . . . 171
Alexander III. founds the Cross

Church, 51

Alexander, Charles, . . 236, 438
Altars in St Andrew's Church, . 98
Amusements condemned, . .166



Archdeaconry of Teviotdale, . 50

Archers at Peebles, . . .186
Argyle, Archibald, Duke of, . . 508
Ayrshire cows, .... 242

Baddinsgill, ... 58, 463,464

Bagimont's Roll, .... 62

Bailies begin to hold courts, . . 225
Bairds of Posso, . . . 61,408

Balcasky grants charter of lands, . 91
Balfour of Burley, Sir M., becomes

security for James Tweedy, . 120

Baliol, Edward, .... 67

Ballantyne and Sons's factory, . 372
Ballantyne of Holylee, . . .381

Banks established 279

Baptisms at field-conventicles, . 194

Barns estate, . . . . . 399

House, .... 401

, Old Tower of, . . . 1 1 7

Pastel-house, remains of a, . . 284

Bastel-houses in Peebles, . . 72
Baxters, prices of, regulated, . .172

Beaufort, Lady Jane, ... 74

Bees, 243

Beggar-catcher, .... 272

Bell-ringing, fee for, . . . 224

Beltane-day, order not to race on, . 127

festival, .... 75

extinguished, . . 264

Beni Minori, 272

Beresfords of Macbie Hill, . . 502

Bield, 430

Biggiesknowe, .. . ' . . . 289
Birleymen appointed, . . . 267

Bitch Craig, 408

Blackbarony, 345

Black Dwarf, 402

Blaew's map, 180

Blair-Bog, .... 498, 508
Blessington, Countess of, . . 500

Blyth 454

Bogend, 503

Boghall Castle 444

Bonnington, ..... 340
Border devastations, ... 68
reivers, extent of their depre-
dations, 123

Border towers, . . . 69, 70
Bordlands estate, .... 473

House, . . . -473

Borthwick's Feudal Dignities, . 65

Both well Bridge, battle of, . .195

, Francis, Earl of, . . 117

Bow, minister of Stobo, sues James

Tweedy, . . . . 130, 136
Bowland, Rutherford of, . . 499
Bowling-green, Peebles, . . 298

Bracelet, ancient, .... 22
Bread, how it is to be sold, . . 171
Bridge over Manor Water, . . 214
, Tweed, date of, . . 80, 8 1
Bridges built from vacant stipends,
Brighouse, ....
Broad Law, ....
Brodie, Alexander, . . 269, 368


Brown of Hartree, .... 121
Brown of Newhall, . . . 468

Bruce of Garlet, .... 465
Bryden's ham-curing establishment, 442
Bryg-masters, 8l

Buchan, Earl of, . . . 86, 385
Bullo, complaint of Patrick, . . 153
Burgesses, privileges of, . . .84
Burgess-ship, . . . . .171
Burgh Records commence, . . 78

Seal of Peebles, ... 260

Burials, edict respecting, . .188
Burnctland, .... 399, 443




Burnets of Barns, .
Bush aboon Traquair,
Butts, making of, .


6l > 1 17. 399
. 79

Cabbage Hall, .... 269
Caerlee-hill Fort, ... 36, 380
Caidmuir, . . 83, 1 88, 303, 312
Cairncrosses in Pirn, . . .138
Callands estate, .... 474

House, .... 474

Candles, how they are to be sold, . 171
Cant's Walls, .... 473, 485
Caravan, Wilson's, . . . 277

Cardrona estate, -. . . . 393

House, .... 396

Tower, .... 71

Carlops, 467

Carmichael family, . . . 454

Carmichael, Hon. J., makes a gift to

the burgh on being returned mem-
ber, 224

Carmichael, Sir W. H. Gibson, . 451
Carriers' carts, transit by, . . 274
Castle Craig estate, . . . 452

House, . . .452

Castle of Peebles visited by royal
personages, .... 49


Castles, period of building the old, . 48
Caution-money, complaint respecting, 129
Census, Peebles, . . 314
Chalmer, John, slaughter of, . 156
Chambers, an old name in Peebles, 61
Institution, . . 280

of Glenormiston, . 378

, W. & R.,

Chapel at Chapel Hill,
Hill, view of,
of the Virgin,



Chapels in Peebles,

Chapel Yards,


MARY, 145

Charter by Robert I. to Peebles, . 66
David II. to Peebles, . 67

James II. to Peebles, . 78

James IV. to Peebles, 90, 531

James VI. to Peebles, 142, 534

Charters of Peebles at full length, 531,534
Chaumbre, William de la, . . 65
Cheese Well, . . . .383

Christ Kirk on the Green, . . 77
Christian names only used, . . 60
Church, new, to be built in Peebles, 267
plate, . . . .288

Churchyard of Peebles, its scandalous

state, 223

Churchyard, Peebles, . . . 291
Churchyards, gossiping in, on Sun-
days denounced, . .167
Cists, ancient, . . . 19


Claverhouse, .... 202, 203
Clelands of Stonypath, . . . 464
Clerks of Pennicuik, . . . 483
Clocks and watches in the county, . 275

Clover, 244

Coal, abortive attempt to find, . 264
Cochrane, Lord, .... 505
Cockburn of Henderland, . . 412
Cockburn's, Sir James, gifts to the

burgh, 266

Coitquoit, ..... 498

Coldcoat, 498

Commissions in militia, . . . 192
Common good of the burgh, . .217
Commons, account of the, . . 303

, referred to, . . .142

, riding the, . . . 222

Commonwealth, manners during the, 165
Compulsory labour, . . .174
Conventicles in Peeblesshire, . . 201
Convention of Royal Burghs, . . 217
Cordiners, regulations as to, . . 1 72
Corporation of tailors, petition from, 266

County Hall, 287

Covenant signed by provost of

Peebles, 160

Cowie's Linn, .... 364

Cowthrople, 474

Cramalt, 412

Crichton of Quarter,

makes a tulzie in

the kirk,
Cringletie estate, ...
House, ...
Croall's stage-coaches,
Cromwell, fines imposed by, .
Cromwell's letter to Col. Hacker,


troops bombard Neid-


path Castle, . . . .164
Cromwell's troops in Peebles, . 163

Crook Inn, 430

Cross Church founded, . . 51

, present condition, . 294
Cross-keys Inn, .... 285
Cross of Peebles, . . . 261, 276
Cross ordered to be taken down, . 276
Cunzie Neuk, .... 285

Curling Club, Peebles, . . . 298

Daft Jock Grey, . . . .273
Dalgleish, Dr, ordered to desist from

pasturing the churchyard, . . 266
Dalgliesh, Margaret, accused of

witchcraft, 148

Dalyell, letter to General, . . 202

Dalziel at Linton 233

Dalziel & Co.'s factory, . . . 372

Dam-Dale, 341

Dancing of men and women de-
nounced as sinful, . . .167




Darn Hall, 353

Darnley visits Peebles, . . . IOO
David I., . . 46, 48, 49, 50, 51

II., 66

II.'s charter to Peebles, . 67
Da wick estate, . . . .416

House, .... 420

, Laird of, complained of for

not attending the parish church, 147

Dead Burn 496, 505

Dead wife's grave, .... 434
Deaneis of Romanno, . . . 141
Deanshouses, . . . . . 511
Dearth in Peebles, 1740, . . 225

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