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Leave reason, faith, and conscience all our own."


Civil Establishment, and Public Institutions in the Territory
of New South Wales and its Dependencies.

Seat of Government, Sydney.

* * *

Captain General, Governor in Chief, Vice Admiral, and
Commander of the Forces, His Excellency Lachlan Macquarie, Esq.
Major General in the Army, and Lieutenant Colonel of the 73d

* * *

Lieutenant Governor - James Erskine, Esq. Lieutenant Colonel of
the 48th Regiment.

Aid-de-Camp to his Excellency the Governor, John Watts,
Lieutenant in the 46th Regiment.

Major of Brigade - Henry Colden Antill, Captain in the 73d

* * *

_High Court of Appeals_.

Judge - His Excellency the Governor in Chief.

Secretary - John Thomas Campbell, Esq.

Clerk - Michael Robinson, Gent.

Door-keeper - Serjeant Charles Whalan, of the 46th

* * *

_Court of Vice Admiralty_.

Judge - John Wylde, Esq. L. L. B.

Registrar - John Thomas Campbell, Esq.

Clerk to the Registrar - Mr. Michael Robinson.

Marshal - William Gore, Esq.

Cryer - Mr. Edward Quin.

* * *

_The Governor's Court_.

The Honorable the Judge Advocate and Premier Judge of this
Territory - John Wylde, Esq. L. L. B.

Members - Two Inhabitants of the Territory, specially appointed
by Precept from His Excellency the Governor and Commander of the

Clerk, and Registrar of the Court - Joshua J. Moore, Gent.

Cryer - Mr. Edward Quin.

* * *

And it is to be noted, that this Court has cognizance of all
pleas, where the amount sued for does not exceed 501. sterling
(except such pleas as may arise between party and party, in Van
Diemen's Land); and from its decisions there is no appeal.

* * *

_The Supreme Court_.

The Honorable the Judge - Barron Field, Esq.

Members - Two Magistrates of the Territory, appointed by
Precept from His Excellency the Governor.

Clerk of the Supreme Court - Mr. John Gurner.

Cryer - Mr. Edward Quin.

Solicitors - Mr. Thomas Wylde; Mr. William Henry Moore; Mr.
Frederick Garling; Mr. T. S. Amos.

* * *

_Secretary's Office_.

Secretary - John Thomas Campbell, Esq.

Principal Clerk Michael Robinson, Gent.

Second ditto - Mr. Charles Reid.

Assistant Clerks - Mr. James Sumpter; Mr. Thomas Ryan.

* * *

_Commissariat Staff_.

Deputy Commissary General - David Allan, Esq.

Assistant Commissary General - John Palmer, Esq.

Acting Assistant Commissary General - W. Broughton, Esq. Hobart

Deputy Assistant Commissary General - P. G. Hogan, Esq.

Acting Ditto - Thomas Archer, Esq. Port Dalrymple.

Clerks on the Commissariat Staff - Mr. E. Hobson, Parramatta;
Mr. A. Allan, Sydney; Mr. R. Fitzgerald, Windsor; Mr. George
Johnston, Sydney.

Principal Assistant Clerk - Mr. T. W. Middleton.

Storekeepers - Mr. W. Scott, Sydney; Mr. S. Larken, Parramatta;
Mr. John Tucker, Newcastle; Mr. R. Dry, Port Dalrymple; Mr. John
Gowen, Liverpool; Mr. John Rayner, Hobart Town.

Assistant Clerks - Mr. John Flood, Mr. E. J. Yates, Mr. John
Rickards, Mr. J. Hankinson, Mr. George Smith, Mr. C. Sommers, Mr.
N. Edgworth, Mr. C. Bridges, Mr. W. Todhunter, Mr. Richard
Walker, Mr. Todd Watson - at Sydney.

Mr. J. Obee, at Parramatta - Mr. B. Rix, at Windsor - Mr. W.
Kitchener, Port Dal. - Mr. John Gregory, Hobart Town - Mr. W.
Turner, Hobart Town.

Messenger - Thomas Parsons.

Store Assistant - T. Jennings.

Cooper - Edward Hewen.

* * *

_Provost Marshall's Department_.

Provost Marshall - William Gore, Esq.

Clerk - Mr. Henry Hart;

Bailiff and Officer at Sydney - Mr. W. Evans;

Ditto at Windsor, etc. - Mr. Richard Ridge.

* * *

_Church Establishment_.

Principal Chaplain of the Territory - The Rev. Samuel Marsden,

Assistant Chaplain at Sydney - Rev. Wm. Cowper;

Assistant Chaplain at Windsor - Rev. Robert Cartwright;

Assistant Chaplain at Castlereagh - Rev. Henry Fulton;

Assistant Chaplain for Port Dalrymple, but now officiating at
Liverpool - Rev. John Youl.

Assistant Chaplain appointed for Liverpool - Rev. Ben. Vale,
returned to Europe on leave of absence.

Parish Clerk of St. Philip's, Sydney - Mr. Thomas Taber;

Ditto of St. John's, Parramatta - Mr. John Eyre;

Ditto of the Chapel at Windsor - Mr. Joseph Harpur.

* * *


The Principal Magistrate of the Territory, and Chairman of the
Bench of Magistrates at Sydney - The Honorable the Judge

_Magistrates of the Territory and its Dependencies_.

D'Arcy Wentworth, Esq.

John Thomas Campbell, Esquire.

_Magistrates of the various Settlements of the

At Sydney - W. Broughton, Esq. absent at Hobart Town; Simeon
Lord, Esq. Richard Brooks, Esq.

Clerk to the Bench of Magistrates - Joshua John Moore,

Assistant Clerk - Mr. Ezekiel Wood.

At Parramatta - The Rev. Samuel Marsden; Hannibal M'Arthur,

At Windsor - William Cox, Esq.

At Wilberforce - Rev. Robert Cartwright;

At Castlereagh - James Mileham, Esq. Rev. Henry Fulton;

At Liverpool - Thomas Moore, Esq.

At Bringelly - Robert Lowe, Esq.

At Hobart Town - Rev. Robert Knopwood, A. M. A. W. H. Humphrey,
Esq. James Gordon, Esq. Francis Williams, Esq. A. F. Kemp,

At Port Dalrymple - Brevet Major James Stewart, 46th Regiment;
Thomas Archer, Esq.

* * *

_Medical Staff_.

Principal Surgeon - D'Arcy Wentworth, Esq.

First Assistant ditto - Mr. James Mileham, at Windsor.

Second ditto ditto - Mr. William Redfern, at Sydney;

Acting ditto ditto - Mr. Wm. Evans, at Newcastle;

Acting ditto ditto - Mr. Major West, at Parramatta;

Acting ditto ditto - Mr. R. W. Owen, at Sydney;

Acting ditto ditto at the Lunatic Asylum, Castle: Hill, Mr.
Thomas Parmeter.

Assistant at General Hospital - Mr. Henry Cowper.

* * *

_Surveyors of Crown Lands_.

Surveyor General - John Oxley, Esq.

Deputy Surveyor - Mr. James Meehan.

Ditto at Hobart Town - Mr. G. W. Evans.

* * *

Collector of Quit-Rents, Mr. James Meehan.

* * *

_Naval Officer's Department_.

Naval Officer - John Piper, Esq.

Assistant to the Naval Officer - Mr. Alfred Thrupp.

Wharfingers - Mr. William Hutchinson; Mr. James Stewart.

* * *

Acting Engineer, and Artillery Officer, and Inspector of
Government Works - Captain John Gill, 46th Regiment.

Civil Architect - Mr. F. H. Greenway.

* * *

Barrack Master - Charles M'Intosh, Esq.

* * *

_His Majesty's Dock Yard_.

Master Boat Builder - Mr. William Cossar.

Book-keeper - Mr. John Fowler.

* * *

Harbour Master - Mr. Stephen Milton.

* * *


Of Government Stock - Mr. Rowland Hassall;

Assistant Superintendent of ditto - Mr. Sam. Hassall;

Of the Lunatic Asylum at Castle Hill - Mr. George Sutter;

Of Government Labourers and Cattle, and of Public Works at
Windsor - Mr. Richard Fitzgerald;

Of Public Labourers, etc. at Sydney - Mr. William

Of Carpenters at Parramatta - Mr. Richard Rouse;

Of Bricklayers - Mr. Thomas Legg;

Of Government Mills - Mr. Abraham Hutchinson.

* * *

_Principal Overseers of Government Stock, under the Orders
of the Superintendent_.

Mr. Thomas Arkell, and Mr. William Chalker.

* * *

_Trustees and Commissioners of Turnpike Roads and

For the Roads from Sydney to Hawkesbury - D'Arcy Wentworth,
Simeon Lord, and James Mileham, Esquires;

For the Roads to and from Liverpool, branching out at any of
the above - Thomas Moore, Esq.

* * *

Inspector of Highways and Bridges - Mr. James Meehan.

* * *

_Female Orphan Institution_.

Patron - His Excellency the Governor.

Patronesses - Mrs. Macquarie; Mrs. Wylde; Mrs. Hannibal

Committee for the Orphan Fund.

His Honor Lieutenant Governor Erskine;

The Honorable Mr. Judge Advocate Wylde;

The Reverend Samuel Marsden, Principal Chaplain;

The Reverend Wm. Cowper, Assistant Chaplain;

Hannibal M'Arthur, Esq.

Treasurer - Reverend Samuel Marsden;

Master of the School - Mr. William Hosking;

Matron - Mrs. Hosking.

_Institution for the Civilization, Care, and Education of
the Aborigines or Black Natives of New South Wales_.

Patron, the Governor; Patroness, Mrs. Macquarie.

* * *


1. His Honor Lieutenant Governor Erskine, President. 2. The
Honorable Mr. Judge Advocate Wylde; - 3. J. T. Campbell, Esq. - 4.
D. Wentworth, Esq. - 5. William Redfern, Esq. - 6. H. M'Arthur,
Esq. - 7. The Rev. Wm. Cowper; - 8. The Rev. Hen. Fulton; - 9. Mr.
Rowland Hassall.

Secretary and Treasurer of the Institution - John Thomas
Campbell, Esq.

Schoolmaster -

* * *

_Masters of the Public Schools throughout the

At Sydney - Mr. Thomas Bowden;

At Liverpool - Mr. Robert Keeves;

At Parramatta - Mr. John Eyre;

At Windsor - Mr. Joseph Harpur;

At Richmond - Mr. Matthew Hughes;

At Kissing Point - Mr. James Cooper;

At Wilberforce - Mr. M. P. Thompson;

At Newcastle - Mr. H. Rainsforth.

* * *

_Police Establishment at Sydney_.

_Committee of the Police Fund_.

The Lieutenant Governor; the Judge Advocate.

Treasurer - D'Arcy Wentworth, Esq.

Superintendent of Police - D'Arcy Wentworth, Esq.

Assistant to the Superintendent - Mr. Robert Jones.

Principal Clerk in the Police Office . . .

Assistant Clerk - Mr. Ezekiel Wood.

Six District Constables, and 50 Constables in Ordinary;

Chief Constable at Sydney - Mr. John Redman;

Ditto ditto at Parramatta - Mr. Francis Oakes;

Ditto ditto at Windsor - Mr. John Howe.

Keeper of the County Gaol at Sydney - Mr. John Jaques.

Clerk to ditto - George Jubb.

* * *

Coroner - Mr. J. W. Lewin.

Ditto for Windsor, and the Districts on the Banks of the
Hawkesbury - Mr. Thomas Hobby.

* * *

_Bank of New South Wales_.

President - J. T. Campbell, Esq.

Directors - D'Arcy Wentworth, Esq. - John Harris, Esq. - Thomas
Wylde, Esq. - William Redfern, Esq. - William Gore, Esq. - Robert
Jenkins, Esq.

Secretary and Cashier - Mr. E. S. Hall.

Principal Accountant - Mr. R. Campbell, junior.

* * *

_Printing Office_.

Government Printer - Mr. George Howe.

* * *

_Post Office_.

Post Master - Mr. Isaac Nichols.

Deputy at Hobart Town - Mr. James Mitchell.

* * *

_Licensed Auctioneers and Appraisers_.

At Sydney - Mr. Simeon Lord; Mr. David Bevan.

At Parramatta - Mr. Richard Rouse; Mr. Francis Oakes.

At Windsor - Mr. John Howe.

Clerk of the Market at Sydney - Mr. Miles Fieldgate.

Clerk of the Market and Fair at Parramatta - Mr. Francis

N. B. These Fairs are held half-yearly; viz. the second
Thursday in March, and the first Thursday in October

* * *

Marine Establishment.

His Majesty's Colonial Cutter Mermaid, employed in surveying
the Coast, Lieutenant Philip Parker King, R. N. Commander.

His Majesty's Colonial Brig Elizabeth Henrietta - Mr. Thomas
Whyte, Master.

His Majesty's Colonial Brig Lady Nelson, at present undergoing
repair - Mr. David Smith, Master.

* * *

_Harbour Pilots_.

At Port Jackson - Mr. Robert Mason; Mr. Robert Murray.

At Hunter's River - Robert Whitmore.

* * *


Commandant - Captain Wallis, of the 46th Regt.

Acting Assistant Surgeon - Mr. William Evans.

Store-keeper - Mr. John Tucker.

* * *

_Civil Establishment at Hobart Town_.

Lieutenant Governor of the Settlements on Van Diemen's
Land - Lieutenant Colonel William Sorrell;

Deputy Judge Advocate - Edward Abbott, Esq.

Chaplain - Reverend R. Knopwood, A. M.

Surgeon - Mr. Edward Luttrell;

Assistant Surgeon - Mr. H. St. John Younge;

Acting Assist. Commissary General - W. Broughton, Esq.

Provost Marshal - Mr. Martin Tims;

Surveyor of Lands - Mr. G. W. Evans;

Inspector of Public Works - Captain Nairn, 46th Regt.;

Naval Officer - Mr. John Beamont;

Store-keeper - Mr. Rayner;

Auctioneer - Mr. Richard Lewis;

Harbour Pilot - Mr. Michael Mansfield;

Two Superintendents, and two Overseers.

_Magistrates at Hobart Town_.

Reverend R. Knopwood, A. M; Acting Assistant Commissary
General Broughton; James Gordon, Esq.; A. W. H. Humphrey, Esq.;
Francis Williams, Esq.; A. F. Kemp, Esq.

* * *

_The Lieutenant Governor's Court, Van Diemen's Land_.

Deputy Judge Advocate - Edward Abbott, Esq.;

And two resident Inhabitants, appointed as Members by His
Honor the Lieutenant Governor.

Clerk to the Deputy Judge Advocate - Mr. N. Ayres.

* * *

And it is by Charter provided, that the present and all future
Governors, Lieutenant Governors, the Judge Advocate, Judge of the
Supreme Court, and Deputy Judge Advocate, shall be Justices of
the Peace throughout the Territory and its Dependencies; and all
Places and Settlements therein, with all the Powers possessed by
Justices of the Peace in England, within their respective

* * *

_Civil Establishment at Port Dalrymple_.

Commandant - Brevet Major James Stewart, 46th Regt.

Assistant Chaplain, now doing duty at Head Quarters, Reverend
John Youl;

Surgeon - Mr. Jacob Mountgarret;

Assistant Surgeon - Mr. John Smith;

Superintendent of the Government Herds - David Rose, Esq.

Inspector of Government Public Works - Mr. William Elliot

Store-keeper - Mr. R. Dry.

Harbour Master.

Master of the Public School - Mr. Thomas M'Queen;

Acting Master Carpenter - Mr. Richard Sydes.

* * *

_Magistrates_ - Brevet Major James Stewart, 46th Regt.
Thomas Archer, Esq.

* * *

Fees and Dues in the Various Offices.

* * *


For the great seal to every grant, not exceeding 1000 acres 0 5 0
For all grants exceeding 1000 acres, for every 1000 each
grant contains 0 2 6
For a license of occupation 0 5 0

Secretary's Fees.

For every grant, and passing the seal of the province,
if under 100 acres 0 5 0
Between 100 and 500 acres 0 10 0
All above 0 15 0
In grants of land, where the number of proprietors shall
exceed 20, each right 0 2 6
In ditto, where the number of proprietors shall not exceed
20 - the same as for grants in proportion to the quantity of land
For license of occupation of land 0 2 6
For every grant of land from 1000 to 20,000 acres, take for the
first 1000 acres 15s. and for every 1000 acres more, 2s. 6d.

_Fees to be taken by the Surveyor General of Lands._

For each grant, not exceeding 40 acres 0 7 6
Ditto 90 ditto 0 10 0
Ditto 190 ditto 0 15 0
Ditto 250 ditto 1 0 0
Ditto 350 ditto 1 10 0
Ditto 400 ditto 2 0 0
Ditto 750 ditto 2 12 6
Ditto 1000 ditto 3 5 0
Ditto, on town leases, per foot on street front 0 0 1
And on all grants exceeding 1000 acres for each 100 acres
so exceeding 0 4 0

Auditor's Fees.

For the auditing of every grant 0 3 4

Registrar's Fees.

For recording a grant of land, for or under 500 acres 0 1 3
For ditto from 500 to 1000 acres 0 2 6
For every 100 acres to the amount of 20,000 0 10 6
For recording a grant of a township 1 0 0

To be received in the Secretary's Office.

On all colonial appointments, and commissions of whatever kind,
where the official seal is affixed 5 5 0
On all special licenses for marriages 4 4 0
On the registering of vessels exceeding 40 tons per ton; 0 1 0
And to the Principal Clerk 0 10 0
For all vessels not exceeding 40 ton's 2 0 0
And to the Principal Clerk 0 10 0
On affixing official seal to the clearances of vessels of
foreign voyages, or fishing, per ton 0 0 6
For every person leaving the colony, whereof ls. goes to
the Principal Clerk 0 2 6
Transcripts of all papers, per folio of 72 words ls. and
transcribing Clerk, per ditto, 3d. 0 1 3
Licenses for colonial vessels coastwise to the Coal River,
Hawkesbury, or elsewhere, not extending to Van Diemen's Land
or Bass's Straits, as heretofore to Coal River 0 5 0

Fees to the Principal Clerk

On free or conditional pardons, each 0 5 6
Certificates and tickets of leave, each 0 2 8
N. B. - Six-pence of the free and conditional pardons,
and two-pence on certificates and tickets of leave, are to be
paid to the Government Printer, as a remuneration for the
paper and printing.

On receiving Appeals.

If for the sum of £50, or under, as heretofore 1 1 0
Upwards of £50, and not exceeding £100 2 2 0
Upwards of £100, and not exceeding 300 3 3 0
Any sum exceeding £300 5 5 0
On all Appeals To the Principal Clerk 0 10 0
To the Door-keeper 0 5 0
Affixing colonial seal to appeals to the King in Council 5 5 0
Principal Clerk 1 0 0
Transcripts of all papers, per folio of 72 words ls.
and transcribing Clerk per ditto, 3d. 0 1 3

Naval Office.

Entry for a ship with articles for sale, and in Government
service 0 15 0
Ditto, ditto, and not in Government service 1 10 0
Ditto with no articles, ditto ditto 0 15 0
Ditto for all foreign vessels 3 0 0
Permission to wood and water, for every vessel not exceeding
100 tons per register 1 0 0
For every vessel upwards of 100, and not exceeding 200 tons 2 0 0
For every vessel upwards of 200, and not exceeding 300 ditto 3 0 0
For every vessel upwards of 300, and not exceeding 400 ditto 4 0 0
For every vessel upwards of 400, and not exceeding 500 ditto 5 0 0
For every vessel upwards of 500 tons 6 0 0
Ditto to trade 1 1 0
Dues of each bond 0 10 6
Ditto of port clearance 0 5 0
Ditto ditto to the Naval Officer's Clerk 0 2 6
Ditto to Naval Officer's Clerk, for each permit to land
spirits or wine, per cask 0 0 6

For Colonial Vessels

Deeds of entry and clearance to the Hawkesbury 0 4 0
Ditto ditto to Newcastle 0 10 0
Ditto to the fishery or settlements at the southward 0 10 0
Ditto to Naval Officer's Clerk 0 2 0

King's Dues for Orphans

For each ton of coals for home consumption 0 2 6
Ditto ditto exported 0 5 0
For each 1000 square feet of timber for home consumption 3 0 0
Ditto ditto exported 6 0 0


Ships from any part of the world importing cargoes
(the manufactures of Great Britain excepted) to pay a duty of
5 per cent. _ad valorem_ on the amount of their respective
On every gallon of spirits landed 0 10 0
Ditto wine ditto 0 0 9
n every pound of tobacco 0 0 6
Wharfage on each bale, cask, or package 0 0 6
The Naval Office to receive 5 per cent. on all duties collected
at this port.

Wharfinger's Fees.

On each bale, cask, or package, landed or shipped 0 0 3
Metage per ton on coals 0 2 6
Measure of timber, per 1000 feet 0 2 0

The following duties to be levied and collected by the Naval
Officer on the articles hereunder named, upon their arrival and
landing, whether for colonial consumption or re-shipment.

On each ton of sandal wood 2 10 0
On each ton of pearl shells 2 10 0
On each ton of beech-le-mer 5 0 0
On each ton of sperm oil (252 gallons) 2 10 0
On each ton of black whale or other oil 2 0 0
On each fur seal skin 0 0 1½
On each hair ditto 0 0 0½
On each kangaroo ditto 0 0 0½
On cedar, or other timber, from Shoal Haven, or any other
part of the coast or harbours of New South Wales (Newcastle
excepted, as the duties are already prescribed there),
when not supplied by government labourers, for each solid foot 0 1 0
For every 20 spars from N. Zealand or elsewhere 1 0 0
On timber, in log or plank, from New Zealand or elsewhere,
for each solid foot 0 1 0

Gaoler's Fees.

From every debtor on his discharge from each action 1 0 0
From every sailor confined for being disorderly, for the
first night thereof 0 2 6
For every following night 0 1 0
From every free person thereof, and person having a ticket of
leave, taken up and confined for being disorderly, on the
discharge of the same, each 0 3 0

From every person receiving a certificate of his or her term
of transportation being expired (reference being always had to
the black book in his possession) 0 0 6

Fees to be received by the Chief Constable

On the apprehending and lodging in gaol any sailor who may be
found riotous or disorderly, of constables assisting in the
apprehension 0 2 6
For each night that sailors so apprehended may be confined;
which is to be directed as the foregoing 0 2 6
For the apprehending of deserters or runaway sailors, to be
divided equally among apprehending constables and himself 2 0 0
For serving summonses from the Judge Advocate's Office, for debts
under 40s. each summons 0 1 0
For the seizure of stills, or other articles prohibited by the
Colonial Regulations, and ordered for distribution among the
seizing Constables, the Chief Constable is to receive an equal
proportion with them.

Surplice Fees.

Marriages by License, Clergyman 3 3 0
Clerk 0 10 6
Sexton 0 5 0
Ditto by Banns, free persons Clergyman 0 10 6
Clerk banns 0 2 0
Clerk marriage 0 3 0
Sexton marriage 0 10 6
Christenings, for registering Clerk 0 1 0
Churching, free persons only Clergyman 0 1 0
Clerk 0 0 6
Sexton 0 0 6
Funerals, free persons - Clergyman 0 3 0
Clerk 0 1 0
Bell 0 0 6
Grave digger 0 2 6

Post Office Charges

Every letter, English or Foreign 0 0 8
Every parcel not exceeding 20lbs. 0 1 6
Every ditto if exceeding 20lbs. 0 3 0

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