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Wyatt, Gertrude. A Young Lady.
An English poet.

Wyche, Joseph. J. W., M.O.S.B.
An English religious writer, early in the
18th century.

Wylde, INIrs. Flora Frances. Her
Granddaughter ; Tottij Testudo. A Scot-
tish (?) lady; granddaughter of Flora

Wylie, Rev. Robert. A Gentleman in
the City. A Scottish writer, of Hamilton.

Wyman, Mrs. John C. 8. A. L. E.
M. An American writer, of Fail River,

Wyman, Oliver C. Four of Us. An
American writer, of Boston.

Wyman, Rufus, M.D., -1842. Om-
nivagant. An American physician, of
Chelmsford, Mass.; Harv. Univ., 1799;
father of Jeffries and Morrill Wyman.

Wyman, William Henry. W. H.
W. An American Shakespearian writer
of the day.

Wyndham, Henry Penruddocke,
1736-1819. A Gentleman. An English
author ; b. in Wiltshire ; became Knight
of the shire of his native county ; d. at

Wyndham, Sir William, 1687-1740.
Sir W — m W — m. An eminent English
statesman ; Secretary of War, 1711 ;
Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1713; com-
mitted to the Tower, 1715.

Wynkoop, Matthew Bennett. An

American, An American poet and prin-
ter, of New York City.

Wynn, Miss Frances Williams, about
1780-1857. A Lady of Quality. An
English lady ; niece of the first Marquis
of Rockingham.

Wynne, Edward, 1734-84. E. W.
An eminent English lawyer ; d. at Chel-

Wynne, Mrs. Emma (Moffett), 1844-
Lola. An American novelist, of Colum-
bus, Ga.

Wynne, George Robert. G. E. W.
An Irish (?) novelist.

Wynne, John Huddleston, 1743-88.
J. H. W. ; George Osborn, Esq. An Eng-
lish printer, journalist, naval officer, and
author; he edited the "Lady's" and the
"British" Magazines, and the "Gazet-
teer," and contributed many essays,
poems, etc., to periodicals ; d. in London.

Wynne, Justine, Countess of Rosen-
berg. ./. W., C^t — ss of P — s — g. An
English writer of the 18th century.

Wynne, Thomas H. T. H. W. An
English editor of the day.

Wynter, Andrew^, M.D. Werdna
Retnyw. An English writer; editor of
the " Assoc. Med. Journal " at London.

Wyse, Rt. Hon. Thomas, K.C.B.,
1791-1862. Dr. Abraham Eldon. An
Irish statesman and diplomatist; educ.
at Stonehurst and Dublin ; Minister to
Athens, 1849-62, where he died.

Wyse, William Charles Bonaparte.
W. a B.-W. ; A Grand Nephew of Napo-
leon the Great. An English poet of the


Yardley, Edward. E. Y. An Eng-
lish clergyman; Fellow of St. John's
Coll., Cambridge; Archdeacon of Car-
digan from 1743.

Yardley, John. J. Y. An English

Yates, Edmund Hodgson, 1831-.
Q.; The Flaneur; The Lounger at the
Clubs ; The Merry Men ; Mrs. Seato7i. An
English author and journalist, of Lon-
don ; for many years clerk in the English
Post-Office, till 1872, when he retired to
devote himself to literature.

Yates, Frederic B. Deane Roscoe.
An American novelist.

Yates, Thomas. A Steward. An
English writer.

Yates, William, D.D. W. Y. An

eminent Bapt. missionary and oriental
scholar at Calcutta, for many years.

Yeardley, Mrs. Martha Savory, 1782-
1851. Mrs. Smith. An English Friend,
of London ; educ. at Frenchay ; wife of
John Yeardley.

Yearsley, Mrs. Anne, about 1756-
1806. Lactilla. An English poet; a
milk-woman near Bristol; assisted by
Hannah More.

Yeats, Grant David, M.D. 'lorpos.
an English physician.

Yeiser, Mrs. Sarah C. (Smith). Aze-
Ue; Aunt Charity. An American writer,
of Alexandria, La.

Yeldham. Walter S. Aliph Cheem.
An English East Indian poet of the day.

Yonge, Charlotte Mary, 1823-. Aunt




Charlotte. An English popular author;
b. at Otterbourne, Hants. It is said she
gave £2000, the profits of her "Daisy-
Chain," for the building of a Missionary
College at Auckland, New Zealand, and
devoted a great portion of the proceeds
of "The Heir of Redclyffe" to fitting
out the missionary schooner, "Southern
Cross," for the use of Bishop Selwyn.

Yonge, Rev. Duke John, 1809-46.
Launcelot Pendennis. An English cler-
gyman and poet; minister at Alloa.

Yorke, Hon. Charles, 1722-70. O.
An English lawyer; brother of the fol-
lowing; called to the Bar, 1747; M.P.,
1747-70; Lord High Chancellor, 1770.

Yorke, Hon. PhUip, 1st Earl of Hard-
wicke, 1690-1764. P. An English jur-
ist; b. in Dover; educ. for the law;
called to the Bar in 1715; M.P., from
1719; Lord Chief Justice of King's
Bench, 1733; Lord Chancellor, 1737-
66 ; d. in London.

Young, Archibald. The Hon. Secre-
tary of the Eoyal Eastern Yacht Club. A
Scottish advocate.

Young, Arthur, Esq., 1741-1820. A.
Y. ; A. y****, Esq. ; The Secretary of
the Board. An English agriculturist ; b.
in Suffolk Co. ; editor of the " Annals of
Agriculture " ; d. in London.

Young, Berd H. Simon Suggs. An
American journalist, of New York

Young, Cuthbert G. A Wayfarer.
An English traveller.

Young, Mrs. E. A. G. E. A. G. Y.
An English writer.

Young, Edward, D.C.L., 1684-1765.
John Lizard ; Philalethes. An English
poet; b. at Upham, near Winchester;
educ. at Winchester School and Oxford
Univ.; in 1719 received the degree of
D.C.L., but did not practise law; Eector
of Wehvyn, Herts., 1730-65.

Young, Eev. Edw^ard James. E. J.
Y. An American minister; professor at
Harv. Univ., 1869-80; pastor at Wal-
tham, Mass., from 1880.

Young, Rev. James Alexander.

Nobody, Nothing of Nowheres. An Amer-
ican writer, of Laurell, Md.

Young, John, -1808. Simplex. A
Scottish writer or solicitor in Edin-
burgh, and an elder in the Sandema-
nian or Glasite Church there.

Young, Hon. John, 1811-. Agricola.
A Canadian merchant and statesman, of

Young, John Russell, 1841-. Bizarre.
An American journalist, of New York

Young, Maria Julia. A Lady ; A
Young Lady. An English writer; a rel-
ative of the celebrated author of the
"Night Thoughts."

Young, Mrs. Maud J. (Fuller). The
Confederate Lady ; The Soldier's Friend ;
J. M. Y. An American " Southland "^
writer, of Houston, Texas; b. in South

Young, Robert. R. Y. A Scottish
bookseller and orientalist, of Edin-

Young, Samuel. Calvin Philanax;
Trepidantium Malleus. An English con-

Young, Samuel. T. Q.; A Wall
Street Bear. An American writer.

Young, WlUiam. Pupils of the City
of London School. An English Shake-
spearian scholar and writer.

Young, Eev. William, -1757. The
Modern Parson Adams. An English
translator, etc. " Of Edward Young, an
anecdote which wanders among readers
is not true, that he was Fielding's 'Par-
son Adams.' The original of that
famous painting was William Young,
who was a clergyman."

Young, William, 1809-. An Ex-
Editor. An English-American author
and journalist; b. at Deptford, Kent;
emigrated to the United States, and was
editor of. the " Albion," N.Y., 1848-67.

Young, William H. One of the
Party. An American writer, of Troy
N.Y. (1).


Zabriskie, Rev. P. N. Old Colony.
An American theologian.
Zechmeister, Alexander Viktor,

1817-77. A. V. Wilhelmi. A Hungarian
player and dramatist; b. at Ofen, and d.
at Meran.

Zeigle, Kate M. Catherine Stewart.

Zeigler, Carl, 1812-77. Carlopago.
A German poet ; d. at Vienna.

Ziehen, Eduard, 1819-. Eduard
E/lersberg. A German writer ; b. at Tos-
tedt, in Hanover ; studied at Bonn and.




Gottingen, 1840-43; has resided in his
native place, and since 1855 has been on
the staff of the " Oberpostamtszeitung."

Ziinmerman, Mrs. Bettie (Mere-
dith). Mrs. B. M. Z . An Ameri-
can "Southland" writer; b. in North
Carolina; in 1869 of Atlanta, Ga.

Zltz, Kathinka (Halein), 1801-.
Emmeline; Eugenie; Pauline; Rosalba;
Stephanie; Theophile Christlieb; Tina Ha-
lein; Viola/ K. Th.; Zianitzka. A Ger-
man author ; b. at Mainz ; educ. at Strass-
burg, and in 1824 published her first vol-
ume of poems. Slie was for a time a
teacher, first in Darmstadt, then in Kai-
serlautern. She has of late years lived
in Mainz. Her writings have some-
times appeared xmder her maiden
name, and sometimes under her pseu-

Zorawski, V, S. An Expatriated. A
Polish (?) poet.

Zoriilin, Mrs. Elizabeth (Alsager),
1770-1851. A Lad 11. An English poet ;
in 1787 married John Jacob Zornlin, of

Zuccalmaglio, Florentin von, 1803-
69. Wilhelm von Waldbriihl. A German
author; b. at Waldbriihl, and d. on a
journey to Nachod.

Zuccalmaglio, Vincenz von, 1806-
76. Montanus. A German author; b.
at Schlebusch, near Miilheim ; studied
law, 1826-28, at the Univ. of Heidelberg;
also employed himself zealously with
literature, music, and antiquities ; held
various appointments at various places,
until he became counsellor-at-law at
Grevenbroich, in the Ehine province,,
where he died.


Page 42. Cancel entry of "Browne,
Junius Henri."

Page 48. Insert after " Caius " :
Calcraft, Jolin William. John Wil-
liam Cole, translator of M. Jules Simon's
" Natural Religion." L. 1857.

Page 7 1 . Insert after " Crow, James " :
Crow, Jim. Thomas D. Rice.

Page 100. "Felix, Marcus Minucius,"
is not a pseudonym, but the name of a
Latin author translated by Sir David

Page 120. " Grayson, Eldred, Esq.,"
wrongly attributed to Robert Hare,

Page 161. "Lactantius" is not a
pseudonym, but the name of a Latin au-
thor translated by Sir David Dalrymple.

Page 249. " Redruth, E." Cancel the
entry j see E., Redruth.

Page 328. "Aitken, Rev. Robert."
Cancel the entry.

Page 334. Insert after " Amall, Wil-

Arnaud, Henriette. Madame Charles

Page 337. Insert after "Aubry, P.

Aiiderton, Mrs. E. Hope Mayne.

Page 343. After " Barham, Thomas
Fcister," insert:

Barham, Thomas Foster, 1744-69.
A Physician. An English writer; b. at
Hendon, Middlesex; Physician to Ex-
eter Dispensary ; d. at High Week, New-
ton Abbey. Though this writer's name
is similar to the one with the pseudonym
of A Bible Student, he is not the same

Page 844. After "Barnett, George,"

Barnfield, Richard. Ignoto.

Page 349, Insert after "Beecher, H.

Beecroft, Virginia. Vierge.

Page 350. Insert after " Bell, N. R. E." :
Bell, Mrs. S. Blay. Effie Lawton.

Page 363. Insert after " Brazer, John " :
Breakenridge, John. Claud Halcro.

Page 364. Insert after "Bright, J, H.":
Bright, Matilda A. Linden.

Page 375. Insert after "Bushby, H.

BushneU, WiUiam H., 1823-. Frank
Webber. An Amer. poet ; b. in Hudson,
N.Y., and educ. at Univ. of N.Y. ; in
1860 was a civil engineer at Chicago,
111., and one of the editors of the "Chi-
cago Leader."

Page 376. Insert after " Calderon de
la Barca " :

Caldwell, Miss KUa, 1842-. Leila.
An Amer. poet of Jeffersonville, Ind.

Page 377. Cancel the entry of " Camp-
bell, Miss Ella."

Page 380. Insert after " Carter, Mrs.
Elizabeth " :

Carter, Henry, -188C. Frank Leslie.
Born at Ipswich, Suffolk, Eug., and be-
gan life as a wood-engraver ; came to
the U.S., and became a popular publisher
in N.Y. City, where he died.

Page 386. Insert after " Clark, Charles,
Esq." :

Clark, Charles Heber» 3Iax Adeler.
An American writer.

Page 389, Insert after " Coburn, C.

Cochrane, Mrs. Marshall. A Lady.

Page 391. "Collier, Frank. Frank
Leslie." Cancel the entry.

Page 399. Insert after " Cross, Joseph ":
Cross, Mrs. Mary Ann (Evans

liewes), 1820-80. George Eliot. Born



at Griff, near Kunerton ; d. at Cheyne
Walk, Chelsea:.

Page 400. Insert after " Cursham,
Miss M. A." :

Curtis, Mrs. Ariaiia Raudolpli
(Wormeley), and two Others. His Three

Page 400. Insert after "Ciirtiss, G.
W." :

Curtiss, Mrs. A. A. Abbij Allin ; Nilla.

Page 416. Insert after " Dudevant,
Mme." :

Dudevant, Jean Frangois Maurice
Arnauld, 182o-. Maurice Sand. Son
of the preceding ; b. in Paris ; an artist
and man of letters.

Page 430. Insert after " Foster, Thom-
as " :

Foster, Thomas. Verax.

Page 434. "Puller, John James Gib-
son." Insert after Cornwall: "Has also
written imder the pseudonyms of Our
Oion Pioneer, The Practical Man, The Old
Hand, Nitric Acid, etc."

Page 434. Insert after "Gale, AVil-
liam" :

Galenga, Antonio Carlo Napoleone.

Luiqi Mariotti. An Italian writer; lived
in U. S. A. for several years.

Page 438. Insert after " Gilraan, Mrs.
S. S.":

Oilman, William E. Noah Count.
An American writer; a member of the
" Review Club," Chelsea, Mass.

Page 441. Insert after "Grattan, T.

Graves, Mrs. Aggie. Lilia Lyndon.

Page 453. Insert after " Ilazlitt, Wil-
liam " :

Hazlitt, Eev. WiUiam, 1737-1820.
Rationalis ; Philalethes. An Irish clerg)'-

Page 457. Insert after "Kingston-
Randolph " :

Kingston, Francis, 170G-1841. C.
An English poet; b. and d. at St. Ives.

Page 464. Insert after " Huyn, Luise " :
Hyde, Henry, Tjord Hyde and Corn-
bury. The Late Lord ****.

Page 467. Insert after "James, T.

James, William, -1827. Capt. Cha-
mier was not a pseudonym, but the con-
tinuator of James' " Naval History."

Page 472. Cancel entry of " Keate,
John," and insert :

Keate, John, D.D., 1773-1852. -/. K.
An Eng. writer ; the " plagosus Orbilius "
of Eton ; b. at Wells, Somerset ; King's
Coll., Canib., 1796; Canon of Windsor,
1820; Rector of Hartley Westpal, Hants,
1823-52, where he died. See S., R.

Page 473. Insert after " Kenned^',
Patrick " :

Kennedy, Pendleton. Gierke of Ox-
enfnrde. An American writer,'youngest
brother of John P. Kennedy.

Page 475. Insert after " Knight, Oli-
ver " :

Knight, Mrs. S. G. Kate Manton.

Page 478. Insert after " Lanigan, G.

l/anigan, George T., -1886. George
Washington jEsop. An Amer. journal-
ist of N.Y. and Philadelphia.

Page 478. Insert after " Lathy, T. P." :
Latimer, Mrs. Elizabeth (Worme-
ley), and two Others. His Three Daugh-

Page 480. After "Lee, William," in-
sert :

Lee, William. The High Constable.
An English lawyer of Manchester (? ).

Page 484. " Lofft, Capel " ; cancel the
entry and substitute :

Loftt, Capel, Jr. A Fellow of the Col-
lege ; B. E. Storer.

Page 494. Insert after "Marmier,
Xavier " :

Macchetta. Mad. Blanche Roose-
velt (Tucker). Bosavella.

Page 498. Insert after "Me igh an, T.
W." :

Meigs, Mrs. Mary Noel (Bleecker
M'Donald). M. N. M.

Page 509. Insert after "Xewell, R.
H. " ■.

NeweU, WUliam S. TF. Sa rage North .

Page 509. Insert after " Nicholas, S.
NichoUs, Mrs. Charlotte Bronte,

1824-55. Currer Bell. An Eng. novel-
ist ; b. and d. at Haworth, Yorks.

Page 522. Insert after "Phillips,
Gus " :

Phillips, George Spencer. J. Ross

Page 526. Insert after " Porter, Jane " :
Porter, M. ^fag.



Page 528. Insert after " Prest, T. P." :

Preston, . Manfred. An Eng.


Page 532. Insert after " Reid, T. W." :

Reid, Whitelaw. Agate. An Amer.

journalist ; editor of tlie'N.Y. " Tribune."

Page 543. Insert after " Savage,
John " :

Savage, John. Touchstone. An Amer.
journalist of Philadelphia.

Page 547. Insert after " Seward, Miss
Anna " :

Seward, E. S. E. S. 8.

Page 568. Insert after "Thorn,
Adam " :

Thorn, John NichoU. See Tom, John

Page 568. Insert after " Tliompson,

Thompson, Sir Henry. Pen Oliver.

Page 570. Insert after " Thurlow,
Edward " :

Thurston, Mrs. Laura M. (Hawley).

Page 571. Insert after " Tolman, Mrs.
H. S.":

Tom, John Nichols, 1799-1838. Sir
William Percy Honeywood Courtenay, K.
M., Knight of Ilaltd. An English eccen-
tric, claiming to be the Sir Wm. P. II.
Coui'tenay, of Hales and Evingwood.
See " Gent. Mag.," 1838, July, pp. 88-90.

Page 572. " Traf ton, Edwin H.
Count." Cancel the entry.


Page 582
liani " :

Walworth, Mrs.

Insert after " Walton, Wil-
-. Jeannette H.

Insert after " White, Eev.


Page 590
John " :

White, John, 1590-1646


Page 599. Cancel the entry of
" Wormeley, Miss Mary Elizabeth,"

Page 600. Insert after " Worsley, Sir
Eichard " :

Worth, Gorham A. Ignatius Jones.

Page 600. Insert after "Wright,
John " :

Wright, John. A Trinity Man. An
Eng. mathematician.



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