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Colmolyn. Charles Sotheran. Percy
Bysshe Shelley as a philosopher and re-
former . . . N.Y. 1871.

Colombey, Emile. ^mile Laurent.
Ruelles, salons, et cabarets ... P. 1858.

Colon & Spondee. Royall Tyler,
who, under this pseudonym, furnished
humorous articles to the " Farmer's
Weekly Museum," Walpole, N.H., 1796-
1800. Judge Tyler had previously writ-
ten for the "Eagle," Hanover, N.H.,
tmder the same pseudonym, and later to
the " Federal Orrery," Boston.

Colonist. 3Ir. Sewell, in his contribu-
tions to the " Montreal Herald " attack-
ing the policy of Sir George Prevost.

Colonist, A. Thomas Chandler Hali-
burton, M.A. A reply to the report of
the Earl of Durham . . . Halifax, 1839.

Colored Man, A. Paul Jennings. A
C. M.'s reminiscences of James Madison.
Brooklyn, N.Y., 1865.

Columbanus. Charles 0' Conor, D.D.
Columbanus ad Hibernos ; or, seven let-
ters . . . Buckingham, 1810-16.

Columella. Clement Clarke Moore,
LL.D. An inquiry into the effects of
our foreign carrying trade upon the agri-
culture, population, and morals of the
country . . . N.Y. 1806.

Columella. G. W. Finney. The new
education . . . San Fran. 1874.

Colvil, Ed'ward. Mrs. Mary Lowell
Putnam. Fifteen days. An extract from
Edward Colvil's journal. B. 1866.

Colvin, Cecil. Francis Cowley Bur-
nand. My time, and what I have done
with it . . . L. 1874.

Colwan, Robert Wringham. James
Hogg. The private memoirs of a justi-
fied'sinner. L. 1824. — See " A Justified

Comet. Mr. Walker, in his contribu-
tions to the "Herald" (B., Mass.).

Comet Liiterary and Patriotic
Club, The. Thomas Broivne. Parson's
horn-book. By . . . Dublin, 1831.

Comment, Cuthbert, Gent. Abra-
ham Tucker. Man in quest of himself . . .
L. 1763.

Committee, A. G. W. Crawford and
J. Applewhite. Statistical address to the
people of Austin and Washington coun-
ties, on the subject of railroads. Wash.
D.C. 1852.

Committee appointed by the Pas-
sengers of the " Oceanus," A. James
Clark French and Edivard Carey. The
trip of the " Oceanus " to Fort Sumter
and Charleston, S.C Brooklyn, 1865.

Committee Man, A. J. Nightingale.
The Scriptural Deacon . . . N.Y. 1845.

Common Sense. Sir Richard Phil-
lips, in the " Monthly Magazine," Lon-
don, of which he was editor and proprie-
tor for about thirty years.

Commoner, A. Rev. William Gould.
A letter to the commoners in Rocking-
ham Forest . . . Stamford, 1744.

CommunipaTV. Pliny Miles. His
letters from abroad, under this and less
well-known pseudonyms, convey a
graphic idea of foreign sight-seeing.

Companion Traveller, A. Miss E.
F. S. Harris. From Oxford to Rome,
and how it fared with some who lately
made the journey. L. 1847.

The authoress subsequently became a Catho-
lic, and publicly expressed her deep regret for
many of the unauthorized statements, or false
impressions concerning the Church of Rome, in
the above work. — O. Hamst.

Compiler of "Anecdotes of distin-
guished Persons," The. William Se-
ward, Esq. Biographiana. L. 1799.

Comprehensionist, A. Frederick J.
Wilson. My rights ! Your rights ! ! Our
rights ! ! ! My right to my tenancy as
my freehold '. . . L. 1876.

Comus. Robert Michael Ballantyne.
The robber kitten. L. 1858.

Comyn, Alexandre de. Charles
Thomas Browne. Irene. L. 1844.

Concivis. G. H. Belden (1). Letters
to the people of the United States. N.Y.

Confederate Lady, The. Mrs. Maud
J. (Fuller) Young, who, during the late
civil war, -wrote songs, etc., for the Con-

Congregational Minister, A. Tiev.




William B. Orvis. The coming of Christ
in his kingdom ... N.Y. 1869.

Connecticut Farmer's Boy, A. Fitz-
Greene Halleck, whose first appearance
in print was in " Holt's Columbian," New
York, 1813, in a short poem bearing this

Connecticut Pastor, A. Rev. Enoch
Fitch Burr. Ecce Ccelum; or, parish
astronomy. B. 1867.

Connecticut Pastor, A. Rev. Joseph
Darling Hull, A.M. Plea for religious
newspapers : a sermon preached to his
own people on the Lord's Day, Decem-
ber 29, 1844, by . . . Hartford, 1845.

Conover, Elizabeth. Miss — Dur-

Conrad. Alfred Bunn. The stage,
both before and behind the curtain . . .
L. 1840.

Conrad, Georg. Prince George, of
Prussia. Dramatische Werke. 1870.

Conservative, A. John Lettsom Elliot.
A letter to the Electors of Westminster.
L. 1847.

Conservative, A. James Dennistoun.
A letter to the Lord Advocate [Francis
Jeffrey] on the Scottish Reform Bill.
Edinb. 1832.

Consistent Loyalist, A. John Parr.
Eemarks on a late pamphlet entitled " A
vindication of Governor Parr and his
council" ... L. 1784.

Consistent Protestant, A. Adam
Calamij, a writer in the " Gent. Mag."
under this pseudonym, 1740 et seq.

Consistent Protestant, A. Owen
Manning. Considerations on . . . arti-
cles and liturgy of the Church of Eng-
land ... L. 1774.

Consistent Protestant, A. Richard
Watson, D.D. Considerations on the
expediency of revising the liturgy . . .
L. 1790.

Consistent Whig, A. Rt. Rev. Dr.
Thomas Lewis O'Beirne. Considerations
on the late disturbances, by . . . 1781.

Constance. Mrs. Bessie W. (John-
son) Williams, who, under this nom de
■plume, has published articles in " Scott's
Magazine" and the "Mobile Sunday

Constantia. Mrs. Judith [Sargent)
Murray. The repository and gleaner.
B. 1798. Mrs. Murray was also a con-
tributor to the "Massachusetts Maga-
zine" and the "Boston Weekly Maga-

Constantin, L. A. Leopold Auguste
Constantin Hesse. Bibliothekonomie . . .
Leipsic, 1840.

Constitution. John Cartwright. A

letter to Edmund Burke, Esq., contro-
verting the principles of the American
government, laid down in his lately pub-
lished speech on American taxation . . .
in the House of Commons, on the 19th
of April, 1774. L. 1775.

Constitutional Reformer, A. John
Butter. History of the Shaftesbury Elec-
tion, 1830 ... L. 1830.

Consul Abroad, A. Luigi Monti.
Adventures of . . . By Samuel Sample-
ton. B. 1878.

Consul's Daughter and Wife, A.
Mrs. .John Elijah Blunt. Twenty years'
residence among the people of Turkey
. . . N.Y. 1878.

Consumptive, A. Robert S. Coffin.
The eleventh hour ... B. 1827.

Contributor at Paris, The. William
Makepeace Thackeraij. The ballad of
Bouillabaisse. "Punch," Feb. 17, 1849.

Contributor to "Bentley," A. Wil-
liam Hollis. Miscellaneous Latin poems,
original and translations ... L. 1851.

Contributor to " ]Black>vood's Mag-
azine," A. William Pitt Scargill. The
usurer's daughter ... L. 1832.

Contributors to Tracts for the
Times. By A. [John Keble'], B. [Isaac
Williams'], C. [Dr. Pusey], D. [J. H.
Newman], E. [Thomas Keble], F. [Sir
George Prevost, Bart.], G. [Rev. R. F.
Wilson, of Oriel]. Plain sermons. L.

Convert, A. Rt. Rev. Richard
Challoner. The grounds of the old re-
ligion ... P. 1814.

Convert, A. Rev. B. W. Whitcher.
The story of ... as told to his former
parishioners after he became a Catholic.
N.Y. 1875.

Convert from Anglicism, A. George
John Lloyd Crawley. England, Greece, or
Rome ■? A letter to a friend. York, 1853.

Conway, H. B. II. B. Coulson. A
nom de theatre.

Conway, H. Derw^ent. Henry David
InrjUs. Solitary walks through many
lands. 3d ed. L. 1843.

Conway, Hugh. Frederick John
Fargus. Called back. Bristol, 1883.

The work appeared originally in " Arrow-
smith's Almanac," Bristol; was soon published
in a separate form, and more than 80,000 copies
were sold.

Con-way, Mark. Frank Cahill, in
his contributions to the " Saturday
Press" (P.)

Conynghame, Kate. Rev. Joseph
Holt Ingraham. The sunny South ; or,
the Southerner at home ... P. 1860.

Goodies. — See " Coody, Abimelech."




Coody, Abimelech. Gidian Cromme-
lin Verplanck. An account of Abimelech
Coody and other celebrated writers of
New York . . . N.Y. 1815.

"In the year 1814, a writer appeared in a
New Yorli paper, assuming the name of Abime-
lech Coody, a mechanic of that place. He was a
Federalist, and addressed himself principally to
the party to which he belonged . . . The writer
was soon ascertained to be Mr. Gulian C. Ver-
planck. Abimelech Coody was replied to by a
writer over the signature of 'A Traveller' . . .
who was said to be DeWitt Clinton, who said
that he [Coody alias Verplanck] has become
the head of a sect called the ' Coodies ' " . . . See
"The Croakers," N.Y. 1860; note, p. 152.

Cook, Hannah. Mrs. Thomas Brad-

Coolidge, Susau. Miss Sarah Chaun-
cey Woolsey. Mischief's Thanksgiving ;
and other stories. B. 1874.

Coombe, Count. William Coombe,

Coontrie Attorney, A. Charles San-
dys. Vindication of . . . L. 1847.

Cooper, Frank. William Gilmore
Simins. Poems; Life of Capt. John
Smith; Life of Chevalier Bayard. N.Y.

Cooper, Rev. Wm. U., B.A. James
G. Bertram. Flagellation and the Flagel-
lants ... L. 1870.

Cope. W. C. Copeland, in the " Brook-
lyn Eagle."

Copper-Farthing Dean, The. .Jona-
than Swift. The most wonderful wonder
that ever appear'd to the wonder of the
British nation ... L. 1726.

Copywell, James. William Woti/.
Shrubs of Parnassus, containing a variety
of poetical essays, moral and comic . . .
L. 1760.

Coquina. G. 0. Shields, in several
sporting works.

Cordelia. Mme. Virginia Treves, in
"Neir Azzurro."

Cordial Well-wisher to the cause
of Universal Truth and Righteous-
ness, A. Miss Priscilla Hannah Gurney.
A comprehensive view of the nature of
faith ... L. 181G.

Cordier, Jules. Eleonore Tenaille de

Cordula. Countess Irene de la Rocca.

Coriat, Junior. Samuel Paterson.
Another traveller ; or, ciu-sory remarks
and critical observations made upon a
journey through part of the Netherlands
in the latter part of the year 1766. L.

Corinna. Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas.
Pylades and Corinna ; or, memoirs of the
lives, amours, and writings of Richard
Gwinnett, Esq., and Mrs. Elizabeth
Thomas, Junr. L. 1731. — See " A Lady."

Coriolanus. Col. W. Smith. Re-
marks on the late infraction of the
treaty at New Orleans. N.Y. 1803.

Corisande. Mrs. Adolphe (Jerrold)
Smith, author of Sketches of society and
scenery in the "London Graphic," the
" Liverpool Courier," and a novel called
" A Woman of Mind."

Corn-Liuw Rhynier, The. Ebenezer
Elliott. More verse and prose ... L.

Cornelius. .Tohn Robison. Extracts
from Prof. Robison's "Proofs of a con-
spiracy." B. 1799.

Cornelius, Dr. William Howitt. The
student life of Germany ... L. 1842.

Cornet in the Hon. East India
Company's Service, A. Thomas L.
Pettigrew. Lucien Greville. L. 1833.

Cornish Chough, The. Albert Charles
Wildman, in the " Western Daily Mer-
cury" (English).

Cornish Curate, A. Rev. Francis
Edward Boston Cole. The Methodistic
tenet of conversion . . . Oxf. and L.

Cornish Lady, A. Mrs. Emilie Earle
(Steele) Hicks. First lessons in useful
things. Truro, 1868.

Cornish Vicar, A. Rev. Robert Ste-
phen Hawker, ]\r.A. A letter to a friend
... L. 1857.

CornishAvoman, A. Miss Ellen J.
Pearce. Peace or war 1 An appeal to
the women of Great Britain and Ireland.
Truro, 1876.

Cornubian, A. Henry John Daniel.
The Anti-Newtonian Institute : a satire
in two cantos, n.p., n.d.

Cornubian, A. John Trenhaile. Rec-
reations in rhyme, by . . . L. 1834.

Cornwall. G. H. Botsford, in his
letters entitled "Always Everywhere,"
contributed to the "Inter-Ocean" (Chic,

Cornwall, Barry. Bryan Waller
Procter. Memoir of Charles Lamb. L.

Cornwall, C. 31. Miss Mary Abigail
Roe. Free, yet forging their own chains.

Coroner's Clerk, A. Rev. Erskine
Neale. The note-book of . . . reprinted
from " Bentley's ROscellany."

Corporal. Zenas T. Haines. Letters
from the 44th reg. M. V. M., 1862-63 . . .
B. 1863.

Corporal of Riflemen,' A. Henry
Beanfoy, Esq. Scloppetaria; or, consid-
erations on the nature and use of rifled
barrel guns ... L. 1808.

Corrector. Bishop John Henry Tl'f-




bart. A reply to a letter addressed to j
the Right Rev. Bishop Hobart, by Wil-
liam Jay, in a letter to that gentleman.
N.Y. 1823.

Correggio. One of the pseudonyms
attributed to Junius {q.v.). The letter
thus signed bears the date Sept. 16, 1767,
and caricatures the ministry.

Correspondant du Canadien, Lie.
J. W. O'Brien. Excursion aux prov-
inces maritimes. Impressions de voyage
. . . Quebec, 1864.

Corresponding Member of the So-
ciety for propagating Christian
Knowledge, A. Elisha Smith The law
of laws ... L. 1719.

Corsair. James, Wood Davidson, in
his contributions to various Southern

Corsincon. Hugh Dalziel. British
dogs : their varieties, history, character-
istics, breeding, management, and exhi-
bition. L. 1880.

Corviniis. Travers Twiss, D.C.L.
Hungary : its constitution and its catas-
trophe ... L. 1850.

Corvinus, Jakob. Wilhelm Raahe.
Chronik der Sperlingsgasse. 1857.

Cosmo. John Mathew Gutch, Esq.
Letters of Cosmo. Bristol, Eng.

Cosmo. John Hall- Stevenson. Maka-
rony fables ... By . . . Mythogelastic
Professor, and F.M.S. L. 1767.

Cosmopolitan, A. Charles Henry
Pullen. Miss Columbia's public school ;
or, will it blow over? ... L. 1871.

Cosmopolitan, A. John Dix, after-
wards Ross. Pen and ink sketches of
eminent English literary personages. L.

Cosmopolite. Lorenzo Dow. A cry
from the wilderness . . . U.S. 1830.

Cosmopolite. Alfred Tobias John
Martin. The Penzance library. A sat-
ire [in verse]. Penzance, 1842.

Cosmopolite. James Laivson. Tales
and sketches. By . . . 1830.

Cosmopolite, A. John Dix, afterwards
Ross. Sportsman in Ireland, with his
summer route through the Highlands of
Scotland . . . L. 1840.

Cotton, Robert Turner. Mortimer
Collins. Mr. Carington. A tale . . .
L. 1873.

Cotton Manufacturer, A. Edward
Atkinson. Cheap cotton and free labor . . .
B. 1861.

C(oulthurst), H. W., D.D., &c. Rev.
Alexander Geddes. A sermon preached
before the university of Cambridge,
by . . . [in doggerel rhymes]. L. 1796.

Count, Noah. William E. Oilman,

in contributions to the "Boston Com-
mercial Bulletin," 1870-71.

Countreyman, A. Rev. John Ander-
son, M.A. A letter from ... to a curat.
Glasgow, 1711.

Country Bookseller, A. George 3 fil-
ler. Latter struggles in the journey of
life... Edinb.l833.

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. Thomas
Sikes. M.A. An address to Lord Teign-
mouth ... L. 1805.

Country Clergyman, A. John Kins-
man TucJcer. The catechism of the
Church of England explained and illus-
trated. Ipswich, 1849

Country Clergyntan, A. Rev. Plump-
ton Wilson. The connection between doc-
trine and duties ... in a sermon by . . .
L. 1826.

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. W.
Fletcher. A C. C.'s humble and earnest
appeal to the hearts and understandings
of the Lords and Commons in Parlia-
ment assembled. L. 1833.

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. Elisha
Smith. The cure of Deism ; or, the me-
diatorial scheme by Jesus Christ the only
true religion ... L. 1737.

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. Charles
Dunster, of Petworth, Sussex. Discur-
sory considerations on St. Luke's pre-
face ... L. 1805.

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. Rob-
ert Ingram. An explanation of the
Prophecy of the Seven Vials ... L.

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. John
Butler. The extent and limits of the
subjection due to princes ... L. 1747.

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. Wil-
liam Dodivell. Letter to the author of
"Some considerations on the act to pre-
vent clandestine marriages "... L.

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. John
Balguy. Letter to a Deist, concerning
the beauty ... of moral virtue ... L.

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. John
William Cunningham. Morning thoughts
... L. 1825.

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. Wil-
liam Wake. A letter ... to his brother
in the neighbourhood touching some re-
proaches cast upon the bishops. L. 1702.

Country Clergyman, A. Samuel
Wilberforce, D.D. Note-book of . . . L.

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. Ed-
ward Berens. Pastoral advice to mar-
ried persons. By . . . Oxf. 1821.

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. C. G.




Perceval. Plain sermons preached in a
village church ... L. 1851.

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. Charles
Dunster, M.A. Fsalms and hymns, se-
lected ... L. 1812.

Country Clergyman, A. Bev. Ed-
ward Berens. Tracts on the relative
duties of married persons . . . Oxf.

Country Curate, A. Bev. Zachari/
Grey. A free and familiar letter to that
great refiner of Pope and Shakespear,
the Eev. Mr. William Warburton . . .
"With remarks upon the epistle of friend
A. E. In which his unhandsome treat-
ment of this celebrated writer is expos'd
in the manner it deserves. L. 1750.

The "Epistle of friend A. E." is Grey's
^' Word or two of advice, etc." The letters
"A. E." are the vowel* ia Zachary Grey.

Country Curate, A. Bev. Erskine
Neale. The living and the dead ... L.

Country Curate, A. Rev. Charles
Benjamin Tat/ler, M.A. May you like
it . . . L. 1823.

Country Curate, A. Bev. James White.
Village poor-house. By ... L. 1832.

Country Curate, The. Bev. Alexan-
der Robert Charles Dallas. The C. C.'s
offering to his i^arishioners ... L.

Country-Divine, A. Rev. William
Binckes. An expedient propos'd ... L.

Country Divine, A. Bev. Samuel
Wesley. A letter . . . concerning the
education of the Dissenters ... L. 1703.

Country Editor, A. Johnson J.
Hoo-per. — See " Suggs, Simon."

Country Gentleman, A. Sir Thomas
Turton. An address to the good sense
and candour of tlie people of England,
in behalf of tlie dealers in corn ... L.

Country-Gentleman, A. 11. Ilalker-
stoun, of Kathillet, Fifeshire. Considera-
tions on man, in his natural as well as
moral state . . . Edinb. 1764.

Country Gentleman, A. Sir Charles
Bingham. An essay on the use and ne-
cessity of establishing a militia in Ire-
land . . . Dub. 1767.

Country Gentleman, A. Zachary
Grey. Examination of a late edition of
Shakespeare ... L. 1752.

Country Gentleman, A. Rt. Hon.
Edward Weston. Eamily discourses . . .
L. 1768.

Country Gentleman, A. Rev. Rich-
ard Polwhele. The family picture; or,
domestic education : a poetic epistle

from ... to his college friend the Bishop
of x»**x)nt . L. 1808.

Country Gentleman, A. William
Coombe, Esq. A letter from ... to a
Member of Parliament. L. 1790.

Country Gentleman, A. Sir Fran-
cis Grant, Lord Cidlen. A letter ... to
his friend in the city . . . n.p., n.d.

Country Gentleman, A. William
Kingsman, of Petworth. A letter to the
Eight Honble. Sir John Sinclair, Bart.
... L. 1811.

Country Gentleman, A. William
Fletcher. Lights, shadows, and reflections
of Whigs and Tories ... L. 1841.

Country Gentleman, A. Rt. Rev.
Dr. Thomas Lewis O'Beirne. Series of
essays in a daily newspaper under the
signature of . . . 1780.

Country Gentleman, The. Rt. Hon.
Edward Weston. The C. G.'s advice to
his neighbors. L. 1755.

Country Gentleman, The. Abraham
Tucker. The C. G.'s advice to his son on
the subject of party clubs. L. 1755.

Country Gentleman, formerly of
the Univ^ersity of Cambridge, A.
Thomas .James Mathias. A letter to
[John Mainwaring] the author of a
pamphlet entitled " Remarks on the piu*-
suits of literature" ... L. 1798.

Country Blagistrate, A. Dr. Glasse.
The magistrate's assistant . . . Glocester,

Country Minister, A. Caleb Wroe.
Four letters to a friend ... L. 1725.

Also ascribed to Dr. Thomas Morgan.

Country Minister, A. Rev. Alexan-
der Dunlop. The law of the Sabbath, of
perpetual obligation . . . Edinb. 1847.

Country Parson, A. Andrew Ken-
ned if Hutchison Boyd, D.D. Autumn
holidays. L. 1864.

Country Parson, A. Bev. Mr. Ed
wards, of Aldwinkle, Northamptonshire.
A Christmas carol ... L. 1715.

Country Parson, A. R.ev. W. Salis-
bury. An epistle ... to a residentiary of
St. Paul's. Chelmsford, n.d.

Country Parson, A. Rev. Henry
Moule. My kitclien garden ... L. 1860.

Country Parson, A. Rev. Francis
Charles Hingeston-Randolph, M.A. Eec-
ords of a rocky shore ; or, annals of our
village ... L. 1876.

Country Parson, A Retired. Rev.
Bichard Warner. Diary of . . . [in
verse]. L. 1848.

Country Parson's Daughter, A.
Mrs. Elizabeth {Emra) Holmes. Lawrence
the martyr : scenes in our parish. 2d se-
ries. Bristol, 18-.




Country Pastor, A. Bev. Richard
Whately. A letter to his parishioners on
the disturbances which have lately oc-
curred ... L. 1830.

Country Rector, A. Rev. Spencer
Cobbold. The duty of acknowledging
Jesus Christ in all we do : a sermon . . .
Ipswich, 1835.

Country School Master, A. William
Leggett. Tales and sketches . . . N.Y.

Country Vicar, A. Bev. F. Mere-
weather. A defence of moderation in re-
ligious doctrine, practice, and opinion
... L. 1812.

Countryman, A. Rev. Isaac Backus.
A letter . . . concerning taxes to support
religious worship ... L. 1771.

Countryman of Martin liuther, A.
Rev. Anthony Kohlman, S.J. Centennial
jubilee, to be celebrated . . . throughout
the United States ... in commemoration
of the Reformation . . . 1517 . . . Bait.

County Court Judge, A. F. Bayleij.
The origin and object of Roman Catho-
lic doctrines. L. 1875.

Cour, T. E. W. G. T. Barter. Two
essays : life, law, and literature. L. 1863.

Coartenay, Peregrine. William
Mackworth Praed, in " Knight's Quar-
terly *lagazine," 1823-24.

Courtenay, Sir William Percy
Honeywood, K.M. — See " Tom, J. N."

Couthouy, Marion. Marion G. Smith,
in the " Philadelphia Bulletin."

Coventry. Rev. Jonathan Evans, in the
"Gospel Magazine," 1777-78, and the
" Christian Magazine," 1790-93.

Cowkeeper, The. Samuel Wilber-
force, in the "John Bull," about 1827.

Coxe, Henry, Esq. John Millard.
The gentleman's guide in his tour
through France. L. 1817.

Crabtree, Culpepper, Esq. Bev.
Robert Jackson MacGeorge, who edited
the " Sederunts " in the " Anglo-Ameri-
can Magazine," Toronto. — See "Solo-
mon of Streetsville."

Crackenthorpe, Mrs. The supposed
editor of the " Female Tatlcr." L. 1709.

Craddock, Charles Egbert. Miss
Mary N. JSlurfree. In the Tennessee
mountains. B. 1884.

Craft, Zachary. Charles Kelsall. The
first sitting of the committee on the
proposed monument to Shakspeare,
taken in shorthand . . . Cheltenham,

Craig, J. H., of Douglas, Esquire.
James Hogg. The hunting of Badlewe :
a dramatic tale ... L. 1814.

Crambo, Cornelius. William Barnes
Rhodes, Esq. Eccentric tales, in verse . . .
L. 1808.

Cramer, Julian. Joseph Lemuel Ches-
ter. He was a frequent contributor to
the press, under various pseudonyms, of
which the best known is "Julian Cra-

Crassus, Liucius. Alexander Hamil-
ton. Examination of the President's
message . . . N.Y. 1802.

Craven. Gapt. John William Carle-
ton. Hyde Marston; or, a sportsman's
life . . . L. 1844.

Cravrley, junior. Bt. Hon. John Wil-
son Groker, in Lady Morgan's " Florence

Crawley, Capt. George Frederick
Pardon. Guide to London and its sub-
urbs. L.

Crawley, Captain Rawdon. George
Frederick Pardon. Backgammon . . .
L. 1858.

Crayne, Ruth. Mrs. Louisa Amelia
(Pratt) M'Gaffey, whose poems have
been published in the " Ohio Cultivator,"
the " Odd Fellows' Casket and Review "
(Cin.), and the " Ohio Farmer."

Crayon, Christopher. James Ewing
Ritchie, in his contributions to the
" Christian World," 1884.

Crayon, Geoffrey, Gent. Washing
ton Irving. The sketch book. N.Y. 1820.

Crayon, Porte. David Hunter Strother.
Virginia illustrated . . . N.Y. 1857. Also
in his contributions to " Harper's Maga-

Crayon, Porte. Bernard Isaac Dur-
ward. Wild flowers of Wisconsin. 1872.

Credens. Caleb Fleming. An antidote
for the rising age against scepticism and
infidelity . . . from ... to " Scepticus."
L. 1765.

Crediton Poet, The. C. Jones.

Creole. Mrs. A. M. C. Massena.
Marie's mistake. B. 1869.

Creole de la Louisiane, Un. Eu-
gene Musson. Lettre a Napoleon III. sur
I'esclavage aux Etats du Sud. Paris,

Cresinus. Jedediah Hunt. The cot-
tage maid : a tale in rhyme. Cin. 1847.
Also ip his contributions to various j)eri-

Cress. Mrs. Robert P. Porter, in her
contributions to the "Enquirer" (Cin.).

Creyton, Paul. John Townsend Trow-
bridge. Father Brighthopes; or, an old
clergyman's vacation . . . N.Y. 1853.

Crib, Tom. Thomas Moore. Tom
Crib's memorial to Congress . . . By
one of the Fancy. [In verse.] L. 1819.




Crick, Susan. Horace May hew (?).
Letters about missuses, by a maid of all-
work ... L. 1854.

Crimean Chaplain, A. Henri/ Press
Wright. Eecollections of . . . and the
story of Prince Daniel and Montenegro.
L. 1857.

Crine, George, M.D. Sir John Hill.

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