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miracle du saint sacrement de Bruxelles.

Domal, C. William Henry Simmons.




His signature to " A Saturday Night " in
the " Harvard Univ. Collegian," 1830.

Domestic Poet, The. William Cowper.

Domitian. One of the signatures of
Junius iq.v.)- The letters contributed
to the " Public Advertiser " under t'lis
signature are recognized by Junius in his
private letter to Mr. Woodfall, dated
Feb. 22, 1772.

Don. /. E. Diekenga, Tom Chips.
P. 1871. [Joint author with " Ouno," i.e.,
T. M. Ashworth.]

Don Carlos. Henry P. Clieever, in
the " Philadelphia Sunday Mercury."

Don Fuso. Arnoldo Fusinato. Ge-
dichte. 1853-54.

Don Sacheverelllo, Knight of the
Firebrand. Dr. Henry Sacheverell. A
character of ... in a letter to Isaac Bick-
erstaff, Esq. Dublin, 1710. Subscribed
John Distaff [psewcZ.].

Don Spavento. Martin Colin. Typen
und Silhouetten von Wiener Schriftstel-
iern und Joumalisten. 1874. — See
"August Mels."

Donatello. Francis Julius Le Mot/ne
Burleigh, who, in 1867, went into journal-
ism, and has been on the staff of the
" Chicago Evening Post," " Brooklyn
Eagle," " Brooklyn Union," " New York
World," "Times," "Tribune," and the
" Witness," and was at one time editor
and proprietor of the " Northampton
(Mass.) Free Press."

Doncourt, Chevalier A. de. Antoi-
nette Josephine Fran^oise Anne (Symon de
Latreiche) Drohojowska.

Doos, Gurreb. John Prinsep. Stric-
tures and observations on the Mocurrery
system of landed property in Brazil . . .
L. 1794.

Dora, Sister. Dorothy W. Pattison.

Dorcastriensis. Thaddeus Mason
Harris, S.T.D. .

Dorset, St. John. Rev. Hugo John
Belfour. Montezuma : a tragedy in five
acts ; and other poems ... L. 1822.

Doubtful Gentleman, A. James
Kirke Paulding. Tales of a good woman.
N.Y. 1829.

Doughty Champion in heavy ar-
mour, A. Rev. Newcome Cappe. Let-
ters published in the " York Chronicle."
L. 179-

In reply to the attack of Dr. Cooper, under
the signature of "Erasmus," upon Mr. Lindsay
C.I hia resigning the living of Catterick.

Douglas. Edith. Clara L. Burnham.
We Von Ardens. 188-.

Douglas, Marion. Mrs, Annie Doug-
Ins ( Greene) Robinson. Picture-poems for
young folks. B. 1871.

Doutney, Mrs. T. Narcisse. Harriet
G. Storer, I told you so; or, an autobi-
ography . . . Camb., Mass.

Dow, Junior. Elbridge Gerry Paige.
Short patent sermons. P. 187-.

Do well, Samuel. John Close. A
month in London ; or, the select adven-
tures of S. D., the village bard, edited by
A. M. Writewell. L. 1844.

In 1846 four numbers of a new edition were
issued with the following title : " Adventures of
an author ; or, the Westmoreland novelist." Ed-
ited by Tim Caxton.

All the above names are pseudonyms of Close.

Do"wning, Major Jack. Charles
Augustus Davis, author of "Peter Scri-
ber's Letters " and "Major Jack Down-
ing's Letters," in the " New York Com-
mercial Advertiser."

Downing, Major Jack. Seba Smith.
The life and writings of . . . B. 1834.

Do-wnright. One of the pseudonyms
attributed to Junius (q.v.). The letter
thus signed is dated Dec. 22, 1767, and
contains an attack on Lord Chatham.

Doyle, Martin. Ross Hickey. Com-
mon things of every day life . . . Dub-
lin, 1857.

Doyle, Thomas. John J. More. Five
years in a lottery office ... B. 1841.

Dragoon, A. James Hildreth. Dra-
goon campaigns to the Rocky Mountains
. . . N.Y. 1836.

Drahlegne. Frederick J. Englehardt,
in the "Turf, Field, and Farm" (N.Y.).

Drake, Francis, Esq. Benjamin
Humphrey Smart. The metaphysicians
... L. 1857.

Dralloc, N. John Collard. Praxis of
logic for schools. L. 1799.

Dramatist, A. B. Frere. The ad-
ventures of ... on a journey to the Lon-
don managers. L. 1813.

Dranmor. Ferdinand von Schmid.
Poetische Fragmente. Leipsic, 1865.

Draper, The. William Webster, D.D.
The Draper's reply. L. 174—.

Draper of London, A. Rev. W. Web-
ster. The consequences of trade, as to
the wealth and strength of any nation . . .
L. 1740.

Drapler, A. James Atcherley. A dra-
pier's address to the good people of Eng-
land ... L. 1773.

Drapier, The. Jonathan Swiji. The
Hibernian patriot . . . Dublin and L.

Drawcansir, Sir Alexander,
Knight. Henry Fielding, who in 1752
started the "Covent Garden Journal"
under this name. See Andrews's "Brit-
ish Journalist."




Dreamer, A. Major John Andr€.

This was his signature in " Rivington's Royal
Gazette," in which he published the " Cow
Chase," an heroic poem in three cantos, pub-
lished in London in 1781. It was originaUy pub-
lished on the morning of the day on which he
was taken prisoner. The last stanza was : —
" And now I've closed my epic strain;
I tremble as I show it.
Lest this same warrior-driver, Wayne,
Should ever catch the Poet."

Dreamer, A. Henry Theodore Tuch-
erman. Leaves from the diary of . . .
L. 1853.

Dreenan, Councillor. James Russell
Endean. The political catechism for
1868; or, the verdict of facts. L. 1868.

Drekab, Maistre. Leonard Baker.
Officiale handboke of ye Strivelin
Fancye Fayre ... ye drawing-mau. 1882.

Drille, Hearten, U.S.A. Jeannie H.
Grey. Flirtation; or, Cupid's shoulder-
strap tactics. N.Y. 1877.

Dropper, H. Louis J. Jennings. Eighty
years of Republican government in the
United States. L. 1868.

Drugger, Abel. John Hardham, The
fortune tellers ... a medley, n.p., n.d.

Druid. Henry M. Flint, who wrote
for the "New York World" over the
signature "Druid."

Druid, The. Henry Hall Dixon. Sad-
dle and sirloin ; or, English farm and
sporting worthies. L. 1870.

Druit, Henry. William Flint.

Drury, Karl. Edgar Fawcett. Chris,
the car conductor ; or, a brave man's
fight with fate, in the "Family Star
Paper." N.Y. 1884.

Dryasdust, The Rev. Dr. Sir Walter
Scott, in the introduction to several of
his novels.

Drydog, Doggrel. Charles Clark,
September; or, sport and sporting.
Colchester, 1856.

Du Baudrier, Sieur. Jonathan Swift,
D.D. A new journey to Paris . . . trans-
lated from the French. L. 1711.

Dubois, Alfred. James Stuart Bowes,
who, under this pseudonym, " contributed
a number of highly successful pieces to
the London stage."

Dubourg, Antony. One of the pseu-
donyms of Paul Lacroix.

Ducaigne, R. E. W. McKendree

Du Camp, Jules. Jules Lecomte. His-
toire de la Re'volution de Fe'vrier . . .
Pans. 1850.

Ducas, Theodore. Charles Mills.
Travels of ... in Italy at the revival of
letters and art. L. 1822.

Ducdame. Henry Hooper. Wash.

Boltor, M.D. ; or, the life of an orator
... L. 1872.

Duchess, The. Mrs. Maggie Argles.
Rossmoyne. P. 1883.

Duchillon. Louis Dutens. Memoirs
of a traveller, now in retirement ... L.

DuckTTOrth, Dr. Dodimus, A. N. Q.
Asa Greene. The life and adventures of
. . . N.Y. 1833.

Dudley, Arthur. Mme. Marie Pau-
line Hose [Stewart) Blaze de Bury, who,
from the age of 18 years, under the
pseudonyms of " Arthur Dudley " and
" Maurice Flassan," has published a con-
siderable number of critical articles and
novels in the " Revue de Paris " and in
the " Revue des Deux-Mondes."

Dudley, Dorothy. Mrs. Mary Wil-
liams {Greeley) Goodridge.

Dadu. Miss Julia Fletcher. Kismet.
B. 187-.

Duff, R. Rev. Richard Gifford, in the
" Gent. Mag."

D'Uffey, Mr. Thomas D'Urfey. The
Houbble Bubbles ... L. 1720.

Duffle, Thomas. John Gait. The
steamboat. Edinb. 1822.

Dufour, Pierre. Paul Lacroix. L'his-
toire de la prostitution . . . Brussels,

Dufourquet, Thalaris. Mme. Jenny
Dufourquet Bastide. Un drame au palais
des Tuileries. Paris, 1832.

Duggan, Dionysius. William Ma-
ginn, in the London " Literary Gazette."

Duke of Scampington. E. G. G.
Murray. The member for Paris. L.

Dumpling-Eater, A. Rev. Thomas
Stona, A letter to the Norfolk militia . . .
L. 1759.

Dunajew, Wanda von. Aurora von
Sacher-Masoch. Roman einer tugendhaf-
ten Frau, und Echter Hermelin. 18-.

Dundreary, Ijord. Charles Kingsley.
Speech of Lord D. in section D. ... on
the great Hippocampus Question. Camb.

Dunheved. Alfred Farthing Bobbins,
in his contributions to the " East Corn-
wall Times" (Launceston, Eng.).

Dunn, Aiken. Thomas C. Lotto, in
the Brooklyn " Times."

Dunn, Deborah. Mrs. Frank R.
Stockton, in her contributions to various

Dunshunner, Augustus Reginald,
Esq., of St. Mirrens. William Edmon-
stoune Aytoun. Tales in "Blackwood,"




D-nt-n, Mr. Mr. Dunton. Neck or
nothing : a consolatory letter from . . .
to Mr. C[u]rll, upon his being tost in a
blanket ... [In verse.] L. 171G. By
Samuel Wesley (■?).

Dupe, Johmiy. John Hancock, in a
letter from a loyalist in Boston to Dr.

Duplessis, Armand. Edmond Den-
nis de Manne and another. Avant souper.
Paris, 1864.

Dupre. Edmond Dennis de Manne.

Durand, Pierre. Eugene Guinot, who
edited the " Siecle," Paris, till 1848, un-
der this pseudonym, and at the same
time produced vaudevilles under that of
" Paul Vermond."

Durangelo, R. Arnold Huge. Bianca
della Rocca. 1869.

D'Urfey, Young. Frederick Forrest.
A rattle for grown children . . . L. 1766.

Durocher, Lieon. Marie Roch Louis
Reybaud, who, under this pseudonym,
contributed to the "National" (Paris).

Dusenbury, V. Hugo. Henry C.
Bunner, editor of "Puck" (N.Y.).

Dustwicli, Jonatlian. Tobias George
Smollett. The expedition of Humphrey
Clinker ... L. 1794.

Dusty. Willard G. Nash. A century
of gossip ; or, the real and the seeming
New England life. Chic. 1876.

Dutiful Son, A. Thomas George Fan-
nereau. The diary of . . . L. 1849.

Duverney, Jacques. L'Abb€ Casimir
Ulysse J. Chevalier. Geologic contempo-
raine. Tours, 1867.

Dux, Liux. Mrs. Anna Holyoke
( Cutis) Howard, in her contributions to
the "Household" (Brattleboro, Vt.).

DTTlglit, Jasper. William Duane. Let-
ter to George Washington ... P. 1796.

Dy, W. H. William H. Darby. Bap-
tism and the conflict of indwelling sin . . .
L. 1859.

Dyce, Gilbert. Percy Hetherington
Fitzgerald. Bella Donna; or, the cross
before the name : a romance. By . . .
L. 1864.

Dyson, Mr. Rev. Sydney Smith. Mr.
D.'s speech to the freeholders on reform.
35th ed. L. 1831.


c. Isaac Williams. — See "a" (under

E. Dr. William Heberden, in his con-
tributions to the "Athenian Letters" . . .
L. 1741-43.

E. Rev. Thomas Keble, one of the con-
tributors to " Tracts for the Times." L.

E. Margarita Ernesto Napollon, her
signature in the " Sibero Pensiero."

E. TAoTwas ^rsHne, Lord Erskine. The
farmer's vision. L. 1819.

E., Redruth. Richard Edmonds, Jun.
Proposed reformation of the laws of
England, in the "Cornish (Eng.) Maga-
zine," 1828.

E. A. Samuel Adams, in the " Boston
Gazette," Feb. 27, 1769.

E., A. Rev. Arthur Ellis. — See "A

E. C. George Mackenzie, Earl of Cro-
marty. An abstract of what was spoken
in Parliament, n.p. 1705.

E., C. Charlotte Elliott. Hours of
sorrow cheered and comforted ... L.

E., C, M.D. Charles Lamb (1), in
Hone's "Table Book."

E., D. Sir David Ershine. Annals
and antic[uities of Dryburgh and other

places on the Tweed. By . . . Kelso,


E., D. David Esdaile, D.D. Contri-
butions to natural history. Edinb. 1865.

E. G. Rev. Edmond Hogan. The his-
tory of the warr of Lreland from 1641 to
1653. Edited by . . . DubUn, 1873.

E.,G. S. George Samuel Emerson. A
sketch of the life of Francis William
Greenwood. From the " Monthly Kelig-
ious Magazine." B. 1847.

E., H. Sir Henry Charles Englejield.
Description of a method of taking the
differences of right ascension and decli-
nation . . . Bath, 1788.

E. H. C. M. Rev. Nathan Davis.
Israel's true emancipation. L. 1852.

The letters E. H. C. M. stand for "Editor
• Hebrew Christians' Magazine.' "

E., J. James Elia, i.e., John Lamb,
Charles's brother. — See Lamb's " Elia,"
" My relations."

E., J. John Evelyn. The charters of
the city of London ... L. 1738.

E., J. Jonathan Ellis. The justice of
the present war against the I^ench . . .
Newport, R.I., 1755.

E., J., Esq. John Elsum. Epigrams
upon the paintings of the most eminent
masters ... L. 1700.




E., J. C. J. C. Erck. The Irish Ec-
clesiastical Register . . . Dublin, 1817.

E., L(. Louis Engel, in his musical
criticisms contributed to the "World"

E., Li. Mrs. L. Edwards. Dial of
meditation and prayer. L. 1858.

E., Ii. Eleanor Eden. Easton and its
inhabitants ... L. 1858.

E. 1j. Mrs. Lijdia Lillybridge Simons,
Leisure hours; or, desultory pieces in
prose and verse. Calcutta, 1846.

E., M. Matthias Earbery. Elements
of policy, civil and ecclesiastical . . .
L. 1716.

E. M. E. E. E. Millard. 'Eandom
casts ; or, odds and ends from an angler's
note-book. N.Y. 1878.

E. M. S. Rev. James Dallaway, F.8.A.

"Mr. Dallawaywas an occasional correspond-
ent to the ' Gentleman's Magazine ' under the
signature 'E. M. S.' (Earl Marshal's Secretary),
and he wrote several essays under the same sig-
nature in the ' General Chronicle and Literary
Magazine,' published in 1811-12."

E., O. A. Olaf A. Ericsson. A cruise
under six flags. 'By... P. 1883.

E., P. G. Sir Philip de Malpas Grey
Egerton. Grillion's Club, from its origin
in 1812 to its fiftieth anniversary. By
. . . L. 1880.

E., R. W. Ralph Waldo Emerson.
The wanderer: a colloquial poem. By
William Ellery Channing. B. 1871.
[The preface signed " R. W. E."].

E., T. Thomas Edwards. Free and
candid thoughts on the Doctrine of Pre-
destination. By . . . Author of the
"C[a]n[o]ns of Cr[i]t[i]c[i]sm." L.

E. T., Gent. Simon Berlngton. The
memoirs of Sigr. Gaudentio di Lucca . . .
L. 1737.

E., W. William Eaton. Interesting
detail of the operations of the American
fleet in the Mediterranean [1804].
Springfield, Mass., 1805.

Earl, The. George Robert Charles
Herbert, 13th Earl of Pembroke. South
Sea bubbles, by . . . and the Doctor
[George Henry Kingsley]. L. 1872.

Early Settler, An. Lt. Col. Samuel
Strickland. Twenty-seven years in Can-
ada West ; or, the experience of . . . L.

Earnest, Elsie. Mrs. M. V. Scruggs.
Sketches. Bait. 1874.

East Anglian, An. Charles Feist.
Thoughts in rhyme. L. 1825.

Eastw^ood, Frances. Mrs. D. C.
Knevels. Geoffrey the Lollard. N.Y. 1870.

Easy, James. James Hey wood, in a
letter to the " Spectator" (No. 268).

Eben-ezer. Itev. Ebenezer Aldred.
The little book . . . Derbyshire, 1811.

Ebn Osn. Benjamin Stephenson. At-
tempts at poetry. L. 1807.

Ebony. William Blackwood, a humor-
ous appellation applied to him by James
Hogg in the jeu d'esprit " The Chaldee
Ms.," which appeared in "Blackwood's
Magazine " for October, 1817.

Eboracus. T^^. W. Broom. Great
and grave questions for American poli-
ticians ... B. 1866.

Eccletus. Luke Howard. A few
notes on a letter to the Aa-chbishops and
Bishops of the Church of England . . .
L. 1806.

Echard, Li. Samuel Pegge. On the
promiscuous use of singulars and plurals
among the Latin poets, "Gent. Mag.,"
1790, p. 785. — See "Gent. Mag.,"
LXVL, p. 1083.

Echo, Oliver. S. D. Forbes, in his
contributions to the "Evening Wiscon-

Ecir. Pro/. Isaac L. Bice, in the
"Philadelphia Bulletin." Author of
" What is Music ? " N.Y. 187-.

Eclea-Nobj-moni. Benjamin Coole.
A letter from a gentleman in the city to
his kinsman in the country. L. 1705.

Ecneps, Phesoi. Joseph Spence.

" In 1764 he was well portrayed by Mr.
James Ridley, in his admirable ' Tales of the
Genii,' under the name of ' Phesoi Ecneps (his
ownnameread backwards) Dervish of the Groves,
and a panegyrical letter from him to that ingen-
ious moralist, under the same signature, is inser-
ted in ' Letters of Eminent Persons,' Vol. III.,
p. 139."

Edax. Charles Lamb, in his essay on
"Appetite," contributed to the "Re-

Edgar, Sir John. Sir Richard Steele.
"In January, 1720, he began a paper
under the name of Sir John Edgar called
the 'Theatre,' which he continued
every Tuesday and Saturday till the 5th
of April following."

Edgerton, Wild. Brock McVicker.

Edianez, Anna. 3Ille. Z€naide Marie
Anne Fleurioi, who has written stories
under the above pseudonym which have
found great favor among French readers.

Edinburgh Burgess of 1786, An.
John Gladstone. The justice and expedi-
ency of the plan contained in a report
addressed ... to the Chancellor of the
Exchequer . . . Edinb. 1836.

Editor, An. Lewis Gay lord Clark.
Knicknacks from an editor's table. N.Y.

Editor, The. Ambrose Eccles. The
plays of King Lear and Cymbeline. By




William Shakspear. With notes and
illustrations, selected . . . by . , . L. 1801.

Editor of " Bell's Litfe in Liondon,"
The. Frank L. Downing. Piglits for the
championship. L. 1860.

Editor of " Clirysal," The. Charles
Johnston. The history of Axsaces, Prince
of Betlis. By . . . Dublin, 1774-75.

Editor of "Columella," "Euge-
nius," The. Rev. Hichard Graves. The
reveries of solitude ... L. 1793.

Editor of " Dodsley's Collection of
Old Plays," The. Isaac Heed. The
plays of William Shakspeare . . . The
third edition, revised and augmented by
... L. 1785.

Editor of the "Examiner," The.
{James Henrj/) Leigh Hunt. The "Re-
flector," a quarterly magazine, on sub-
jects of philosophy, politics, and the lib-
eral arts. Conducted by . . . L. 1811.

Editor of the " Glossary of Archi-
tecture," The. John Henry Park
Some account of domestic architectme
in England, from Richard II. to Henry
VIII Oxford, 1859.

Editor of "Kind Words," The.
Benjamin Clarke. The life of Jesus, for
young people. By ... L. 1868.

Editor of " King Lear," The. Charles
Jennens. The tragedy of King Lear, as
lately published, vindicated . . . L. 1772.

Editor of "Life in Normandy,"
The. J. F. Campbell. A short Ameri-
can tramp in the fall of 1854, by . . .
Edinb. 1865.

Editor of "Notes and Queries,"
The. William John Thoms. The E. of
" Notes and Queries " and his friend, Mr.
Singer; or, the questionable credit of
that periodical. L. 1856. By William
Robinson Arrowsmith.

Editor of "Once a Week," The.
Eneas Sweetland Dallas. The Stowe-
Byron controversy ... L. 1869.

Editor of "Salmagundi," The.
George Huddesford. Les champignons
du Diable; or, imperial mushrooms: a
mock-heroic poem ... L. 1805.

Editor of a " Quarterly Review,"
The. William Frederick Deacon. War-
reniana ... L. 1824.

Editor of that Edition, The. Rev.
William West. A few words in reply to
the " British Quarterly Review " on the
new edition of Archbishop Leighton's
works. By . . . L. 1870.

Editor of that Journal, The. Jo-
seph Gurney Bevan (?). A vindication of
the American Colonization Society and {
the Colony of Liberia. Extracted from
the "Herald of Peace." By... L. 1832.

Editor of that Periodical, The.

Samuel Gardner Drake. Review of
Winthrop's Journal, as edited and pub-
lished by the Hon. James Savage . . .
Prepared for . . . the " New England
Historical and Genealogical Register."
By . . . B. 1854.

Editor of the "Adventures of a
Guinea," The. Charles Johnston. The
history of John Juniper, Esq., alias Juni-
per Jack ... L. 1781.

Editor of the " Annals of Agricul-
ture," The. Arthur Young. National
danger, and the means of safety. By . . .
L. 1798.

Editor of the "Aurora." Benjamin
Franklin Bache. Truth will out ! The
foul charges of the Tories against . . .
repelled ... P. 1798.

Editor of the "Boston Daily Ad-
vertiser," The. Nathan Hale. Remarks
on ... a railroad . , . from Boston to the
Connecticut River ... B. 1827.

Editor of the " British Workman,"
The. T. B. Smythies. Stories about
horses. Compiled ... L. 1876.

Editor of the "Canadian Free-
man," The. Francis Collins. An
abridged view of the Alien Questiop
unmasked . . . York, U.C, 1826.

Editor of the "Manchester Her-
ald," The. Joseph Aston. Metrical
records of Manchester ... L. 1822.

Editor of the "3Ionthly Reposi-
tory," The. Rev. Robert Aspland. The
Christian Reformer . . . Hackney,

Editor of the "National," The.
George Jacob Holyoake. The life of
Thomas Paine ... L. 1847.

Editor of the " Nevpport Mercury,"
The. George Cliamplin Mason. Newport
illustrated in a series of pen and pencil
sketches. By . . . N.Y. 1854.

Editor of the "Port Folio," The.
John E. Hall. Memoirs of eminent per-
sons, with portraits and facsimiles : writ-
ten, and in part selected ... P. 1827.

Editor of the " Spiritual Quixote,"
The. Rev. Richard Graves. The coali-
tion; or, the opera rehears'd: a com-
edy. . . L. 1794.

Editor V. Publisher. Edward Wal-
ford V. Elliot Stock. A short narrative
of his editorial connection with the " An-
tiquary," in 1879-80; by E. Walford. L.

Editors of the " Children's Friend,"
The. Rev. William Wilson. One hun-
dred hieroglyphic Bible readings for the
young. Compiled by . . . L. 1869.

Edmund, The Right Rev., Bishop



of Chester. Edmund Keene. Sermon
before the Society for Propagation of
the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 1757. L.

Edwards, Jolm H. John Edward
Haynes, with Charles Haynes, author of
" Star of hope," " Sabbath-school songs."
N.Y. 187-. Also in his contributions to
periodical literature.

Efendi, Murad. Franz von Werner.
Balladen und Bilder. 1879.

Eflfessea. Francis Sewell Cole. Oce-
anica, etc. Southampton, 1871.

Eflfmgham, C, Esq. John Esten
Cooke. The Virginia comedians ; or, old
days in the Old Dominion . . . N.Y.

Egmont. ^t. Michel Masse, in his con-
tributions to " Le Courrier du Bas-Rhin."

Eg— t, J., E— 1 of. John, Earl of Eg-
mont. A letter from a person of distinc-
tion to the right hon. ... L. 1749.

An answer to three pamphlets, of which Lord
Egmont was the reputed author. The " Monthly
Review." Vol. I., 1849, p. 238.

Ego. Gabriel Norbert Billiart, in his
contributions to "La Monde Illustre"

Egyptian Kafir, An. Samuel Bailey.
Letters of ... on a visit to England in
search of a religion ... L. 1839.

Egyptus. Joseph Parrish Thompson,

Eight Clergymen. Rev. Hugh Stow-
ell. Rev. John Cale, etc. The Churchman
armed. A course of lectures ... L.

Eiini, C. Wilkins. Charles Wilhins
Webber. Instinct, reason, and imagina-
tion, in the " Democratic Eeview." Vol.
15, p. 408.

EAAXISTOS. Thomas Foster Bar-
ham. Reliquias Serise; or, Christian
musings . . . Short pieces in verse. By . . .

Elagnitin, J. Joseph Nightingale.
Mock heroics, on snuff, tobacco, and gin,
and a rhapsody on an inkstand. L. 1822.

El Atchby. Lyman Hotchkiss Bagg.
His signature in the N.Y. "Graphic,"
April, 1873, and in the N.Y. " World,"
April, 1878.

Elberp. George Henry Preble, whose
first article, composed in his 14th year,
appeared in the " Experiment," Portland,
Me., under this nom de plume.

Eld, George. John Taylor, the
water-poet. Superbiae flagellum; or,
the whip of pride. L. 1621.

Elder of the Church of Scotland,
An. Hugh Barclay. A plea for Chris-
tian union, by . . . Edinb. 185-.

Eldon, Dr. Abraham. Thomas Wyse.

The Continental traveller's oracle . .
L. 1828.

Elector, An. Henry Romilly. Public
responsibility and vote by ballot, L.

Elector in 1771, An. Samuel Adams,
in the "Boston Gazette," May 20, 1771.

Eleonora. Eleanor Butler. "Gay
Eleonora's smile," in Anna Seward's
"Llangollen Vale."

Eleven Sophomores. "Harry," by
C. F. Thwing; "The bear," by B. 0.
Peirce ; " Rose Bud's story," by S. B.
Stiles; "Jamie's mice," by C. H. Bar-
rows ; " Santa Claus's deer," by G. S.
Pine ; " Maggie's walk," by H. Hinkley ;
"Chicken's mistake," by C. A. Dickin-
son ; " About the stars," by W. R. Page ;
"Bertie's dream," by F. A. Stimson;
" Bumble's first day at work," by T. C.
Williams; "Bronco," by A. A. Whee-
ler. Stories for children. B. 1875.

Elfin. Miss Georgiana Verrall. A
Cornish ghost story. A night's adven-
tures at the Devil's Stile ; or, Jacky
Trevose and Mary Trevean. By "E."
Truro, 1862.

Elfrida. Mrs. Elizabeth (Simpson) Inch-
bald, in Beloe's " Sexagenarian," II. 394.
2d ed. L. 1818.

Elhegos. Elbridge Henry Goss, in his
contributions to the "Boston Advertiser,"
etc , from 1870.

Elia. Charles Lamb, in the celebrated
"essays" contributed to the "Londou
Magazine," 1820-25.

"The adoption of the signature was purely acci-
dental. His first contribution was a description
of the Old South Sea House, — where Lamb had
passed a few months' novitiate as a clerk thirty
years before, — and of its inmates, who had long
passed away; and, remembering the name of a
gay, light-hearted foreigner, who had fluttered
there at that time, he subscribed his name to the
essay." — T. N. Talfourd.

Elia, Bridget. Mary Lamb, sister of
Charles Lamb, was the author of " Mrs.

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