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Leicester's school ... L. 1808.

Elia, James. John Lamb, brother of
Charles Lamb.

Eliakim. Count Modeste Gruau de la
Barre. Les visions d'Esaie et la nouvelle
terre . . . Rotterdam, 1854.

Elias. John Lingard, D.D.

Perhaps his signature in the " Newcastle Cour-
ant," for which, in 1805, he wrote a series of let-
ters, which were afterwards collected under the
title of " Catholic loyalty vindicated "; or, more
probably, of his anonymous pamphlets in his
controversy with the Bishop of Durham and
others, 1806-13.

Elie, Lie Pere. Marie Maximilian
Harel. L'esprit du sacerdoce. Paris,

Eliot, George. Mrs. Marian {Evans




Lewes) Cross. Scenes of clerical life,
1858; Adam Bede, 1858. L. and

" Nor can we omit, in concluding this notice
of a most remarkable book, some notice of tbe
disputes as to its authorship. The newspapers
have been full of them. Mr. Anders, rector of
Kirkby, writes early in April of this year to as-
sure the world that ' the author of Adam Bede
is Mr. Liggins, of Nuneaton, Warwickshire, and
the characters whom he paints in Scenes of Cler-
ical Life, are as familiar there as the twin spires
of Coventry.' But just as we have satisfied onr
minds that this is the true state of the case, and
are feeling greatly obliged to Mr. Anders, a
wrathful letter from 'George Eliot' disturbs
us ; asking (not unreasonably) whether ' the act
of publishing a book deprives a man of all claim
to the courtesies usual amongst gentlemen?' . . .
Then some gentleman is ' receiving subscriptions'
as the ill-used author of Adam Bede. Finally,
the Messrs. Blackwood, turning at last to throw
a stone, declare that, ' those works are not writ-
ten by Mr. Liggins, or by any one with a name
like Liggins' . . . Now, upon all this we have
only to remark, that we cordially agree in the
dictum of Mr. Eliot, that ' the attempt to pry
into what is obviously meant to be withheld, —
his name, — is quite indefensible.'" — Edinb.
Rev., 1859.

diza. Mrs. Elizabeth Carter. The
name under which she began to contrib-
ute verses to the " Gent. Mag.," at the
age of seventeen.

Bliza. Mrs. Eliza Jane (Poitevent)
Nicholson, in her contributions to the
"Times-Democrat" fNew Orleans, La.).

Eliza. Anne Elisabeth (Petitpain)
Voiart. L'Algerien. Paris, 1816.

Eliza. Mrs. Elizabeth Draper. Let-
ters from E. to Yorick [Laurence
Sterne]. L. 1775.

Elizaphan of Parnacli. Benjamin
Church, M.D. Liberty and property vin-
dicated, and the St — pm — n burnt . . .
B. 1766.

Ellen. Mrs. Rebecca S. (Reed) Nich-
ols, whose earliest poems were published
in the Louisville "News Letter," under
this nom de plume.

Ellen Louise. Mrs. Ellen Louise
[Chandler) Moulton, wlio, in 1841, com-
menced furnishing prose contributions to
the periodicals under this nom de plume.

Ellen of Exeter. Mrs. Anne Maria
Mackenzie. The Neapolitan ; or, the test
of integrity. L. 1796.

Ellersberg, Eduard. Eduard Zie-
hen. Gaston von Ronac. 186-.

Ellice, Lucy. Miss Ellen Moi'iarty.
One of the noms de plume under which
she wrote for Miles O'Reilly's " Citizen."

Elling, Franz von. Karl Milller.

Elliot, Edith. 3frs. Anna Holyoke
(Cutis) Howard, in her contributions to
the "Household" (Brattleboro, Vt.).

Elliot, Madge. Margaret Ey tinge.

Elliott. Samuel Elliott Coues. Re-

marks on the Bunker Hill monument . .
Portsmouth, N.H., 1840.

EUiott, Elinor. Ella S. Sargent.

Elliott, Ruth. Miss Lillie Peck. A
voice from the sea ... L. 1876.

Elloie. Miss Zoda Stith. Poems.
Nashville, Tenn., 1869.

Ellsworth. Elmer E. Wadman, in
his contributions to various periodicals
of Boston, Mass., etc.

EUwood, Ella. Ellen Shade.

Elmar, Karl. Karl Swiedack. Die
Wette um ein Herz. 1841.

Elmlicht, Twinrock, Esq. Thomas
Peter Mitchell. Theophania ; or, a Scrip-
tural view of the manifestation of the
Logos, or pre-existent Messiah . . . L.

Elmwood. James Russell Lowell.

Elmwood, Elnathan, Esq. Asa
Greene. A Yankee among the Nullifiers :
autobiography. N.Y. 1833.

Elocution Walker. John Walker.
A name given to him from his being a
distinguished teacher of elocution.

Elohta Ttenrub. Athole Burnett.

Elon. Dr. Linnaeus B. Anderson, in
his contributions to the "State" (Rich-
mond, Va.).

The pseudonym is an anagram of Noel (Va.),
his residence.

El Penseroso. G. F. Lanigan, a
Canadian writer, who, under this signa-
ture, contributed to the " Western Jour-

Elvira. Mrs. Perkins. Harp of the
willows. B. 1858.

Elysio, Fllinto. Francisco Manoel do
Nascimento, among whose works, pub-
lished under this assumed name, are a
number of odes and a translation of La
Fontaine's " Pables."

Emanuel, Christian, Esq. George
Ensor. Janus on Sion; or, past and to
come ... L. 1816.

Embryo " Harvest Man," An. Jere-
miah Bigg. Quakerieties, by . . • L.

Embryo M.P., An. — North. Anti-
Coningsby ; or, the new generation grown
old. L. 1844.

Emeff. Mary Flagg, in the " Home

Emendator. Caleb Whitefoord. Ad-
vice to editors of newspapers. L. 1799.

Emeritus. Mr. Prower. The Militia-
man at home and abroad ... L. 1857.

Emeritus Professor, An. J. L. H.
McCracken. The art of making poetry
by ... in the 2d number of the " Knick-

Emerson, Sir James. Sir James




Emerson Tennent. Letters from the
^gean or Grecian Islands. L. 1829.

Assumed the name of " Tennent" in 1832.

Emery, Marie. Mme. Vandenbussche.
Ivan . . . N.Y. 1873.

Emigrant. Samuel Sidney. Emi-
grant's Journal. L. 1849-50.

Emigrant, An. Adam Thorn. Letter
to the Right Hon. E. G. Stanley . . ,
Montreal, 1834.

Emigrant Farmer, An. Sev. Joseph
Abbott. Memoranda of a settler in Lower
Canada . , . Montreal, 1842.

Emigrant Mechanic, An. Alexan-
der Harris. Settlers and convicts ; or,
recollections of 16 years' labour in the
Australian back-woods ... L. 1847.

Emilia. Miss Pamelia S. Vinning,
a Canadian poet, who wrote for some
time under this pen-name. She was
afterwards a contributor to the "U.S.
Mag.," which was merged in " Emerson's
Mag.," then in " Emerson and Putnam's
Mag.," and finally for several years in
the " Great Republic Mag." Miss Vinning
also wrote for the " Ladies' Repository,"
Cincinnati, and the " Canadian Illustrated
News," Hamilton.

Emiliane, Gabriel d'. Antonio Ga-
vin. Ruses et fourberies des pretres et
des moines. Leipsic, 1845.

Emily. Miss Emily Angove. Clara
May; or, bring your cares to Christ.
Redruth, 1860.

Eminent Citizen of Virginia, An.
Benjamin Watkins Leigh. Letters of
Algernon Sydney in defence of civil
liberty . . . Richmond, 1830.

Eminent Collector in Edinburgh,
An. David Laing. Catalogue of a por-
tion of the rare and curious library of
. . . 1850.

Eminent Editor, An. Hector Mac-
neill. Memoirs of the life and character
of Gilbert Purring . . . Edinb. 1805.

Eminent English Counsel, An.
John Longley. Observations on the trial
by jury . . . Edinb. 1815.

Eminent Tjawyer, An. — Smith.
The opinion of . . . concerning the right
of appeal from the Vice-Chancellor of
Cambridge to the Senate, etc. L. 1751.

Eminent Lawyer of Connecticut,
An. John Hooker. New-England Loyal
Publication Society . . . Letter, written
by . . . n.p., n.d.

Eminent Lawyer of the Temple,
An. Dr. .John Arbuthnot. John Bull's
Last Will and Testament ... 2d ed. L.

The preface is signed "Philonomus Eleuthe-

Emiuent Literary Men. Charles L
Flint and others. Eighty years' progress
of the United States . . . Hartford,

Eminent Tuner, An. Thomas DAl-
maine ^ Co. D'Almaine & Co.'s new
work upon the art of tuning the piano-
forte and harmonium ... L. 1862.

Emma. Miss M. L. Everist, in her
contributions to the "Globe-Democrat"
(St. Louis, Mo.).

Emmeline. Kathinka (Halein) Zitz.

Emmeran, Eusebius. Georg Fried-
rich Daumer.

Emmet, Elizabeth. Mrs. Elizabeth
A. Comstock.

Enemy to Peace, An. Jonathan
Swift, D.D. A learned comment upon
Dr. Hare's excellent sermon ... L.

Engelyom, Van. Jules Lecomte.
Lettres sur les ecrivains fran9ais. Brux-
elles, 1837.

Engineer upon that Expedition,
An. 3Iajor Moncricf. A short account
of the expedition against Quebec, com-
manded by Major-General Wolfe, in the
year 1759 ... L. n.d.

English-Catholic, of the Metropoli-
tan Diocese, An. Caleb Fleming. A
Catholic-epistle ; or, pastoral letter . . .
L. n.d.

English Churchman, An. T. H.
Shaw. The consumptive boy: a narra-
tive by . . . L. 1854.

English Civilian, An. William Wal-
ton. A reply to two pamphlets entitled
"Illustrations of the Portuguese Ques-
tion "... and " The last days of the
Portuguese Constitution "... L. 1830.

English Connaught Ranger, An.
Edward Cooper. The cure for Ireland.
Dublin, 1850.

English Critic, An. George Herbert
Townsend. William Shakespeare not an
imposter. L. 1857.

English Detective, An. William
Bussell. Autobiography of . . . By
" Waters." L. 1863.

English Gentleman, An. William
Newnham Blane. An excursion through
the United States and Canada during the
years 1822-23. L. 1824.

English Gentleman, An. W. Wind-
ham. A letter from . . . giving an ac-
count of a journey to the glaciers . . .
in Savoy ... in 1741. L. 1744.

English Girl, An. Anne Manning.
Accoimt of a Moravian settlement in the
Black Forest. L. 1858.

English, Goliah. John Boyle, Earl
of Cork and Orrery. — See " G. K."




Gnglish Governess, The. Mrs. Anna
Harriette Leonowens. The English gov-
erness at the Siamese Court, 1862-67.
B. 1870.

English Grammar School Head
Master, The. Edward Rupert Hum-
phreys, LL.D. England's educational
crisis ... L. 1856.

English Journalist, An. William
Charles Mark Kent [better known as
Charles Kent'\. What shall be done
with Cardinal Wiseman? An inquiry.
By . . . L. 1850.

English Lady, An. Mrs. A. Phelps
Dayman. Notes and letters on the
American war. L. 1864.

English Lady, An. Mrs. A. Saint-
George. A sketch of the life of . . .
Washington . . . N.Y. 1834.

English Landowner, An. Sir Ar-
thur Uallain Elton. An inquiry into the
alleged justice and necessity of the war
with Russia ... L. 1855.

English Merchant, An. John Camp-
bell. The Spanish Empire in America . . .
L. 1747.

English Oflacer, An. Lieut. Col.
Alexander Jardine. Letters from Bar-
bary, France, Spain, Portugal ... L.

English Opium Eater, The. Thomas
De Quincey. Confessions of an . . . L.

English Play-goer, An. John Oxen-
ford, author of " Robin Hood " : an opera
... L. 1863.

English Priest, An. Rev. S. B.
Harper. The catholicity of the Church's
love and the humility of her ceremonial.
L. 1850.

English Republican, An. Algernon
Charles Swinburne. Notes of . . . on the
Muscovite crusade. L. 1876.

English Resident, An. T. M.
Hughes. Revelations of Spain in 1845 . . .
L. 1845.

English Sappho, The. Mrs. Mary
Robinson. The wild wreath. L. 1805.

English Sister of Mercy, An. Miss
Margaret Goodman. Experiences of , • .
L. 1'861.

English Sportsman, The. Hon.
George Charles Grantley Fitz-Hardinge.
In the Western prairies. L. 1861.

English Terence, The. Richard
Cumberland, to wliom Goldsmith alludes
in his "Retaliation" as "The Terence of
England, the mender of hearts."

English Tory. Sir Richard Steele.
The Guardian (No. 128, Aug. 7, 1713),

English Traveller, An. Orville

Dewey. Letters of ... on revivals oi
religion in America. B. 1828.

English Traveller, An. Martin Sher
lock. New letters from ... L. 1781.

English Traveller, An. i?eu. Joseph
Hunter. Notes . . . during a two days'
sojourn at Ober-Wesel on the Rhine. L.

English Traveller at Rome, An.
William Godolphin, Marquis of Bland-
ford. A letter ... to his father, of the
6th of May, 1721.

English Traveller in Spain, An.
John Talbot Dillon. Letters ... on the
origin and progress of poetry in that
kingdom ... L. 1781.

Englishman. William Sharp, Jr.
Englishman's remonstrance. L. 1771.

Englishman, An. — Belton. An-
gler in Ireland; or, an Englisliman's
rambles through Connaught and Mun-
ster, during the summer of 1833. L,

Englishman, An. Thomas Paine.
Common sense ; addressed to the inhabi-
tants of America ... P. 1776.

Englishman, An. Samuel Phillips
Day. Down South ; or, an Englishman's
experience at the seat of war, 1861. L.

Englishman, An. Thomas Gordon.
Francis, Lord Bacon . . . 5th ed. L.

The dedication is signed " Britannicus."

Englishman, An. J. Dallinger. The
general use of machinery . . . Dalling-
hoo, 1821.

Englishman, An. Dr. John Burton.
A genuine and true journal of the most
miraculous escape of the Young Cheva-
Uer . . . L. 1749.

Englishman, An. Philip Quarll.
The hermit; or, sufferings and other
adventures of . . . L. 1727.

Englishman, An. Henry Richard
Vassall Fox, 3d Baron Holland. Letter
to a Neapolitan from ... L. 1818.

Englishman, An. Dr. John Jebb. A
letter to Sir William Meredith upon the
subject of subscription to the liturgy
. . . L. 1772.

Englishman, An. John Cam Hob-
house, Lord Broughton. Letters writ-
ten by . . . resident at Paris ... L.

Englishman, An. John Home Tooke.
The petition of . . . L. 1765.

Englishman, An. James Bury. Pick-
ings up in Ireland ... L. 1859.

Englishman, An. Isaac Candler.
Summary view of America ... L. 1824.

Englishman, An. John Gough. A




tour through Ireland in the years 1813
and 1814 ... By . . . Dublin, 1817.

Englishman, An. John Benwell.
Travels in America. L. 1853.

Englishman, An. William Whitta-
ker Barry. A walking tour round Ireland
in 1865. By . . . L. 1867.

Englishman, An. Edmund Wheeler.
What shall we do at Delphi ? An E.'s
letter to the Humanitarians. L. 1857.

Englishman Abroad, An. Alexan-
der Tighe Gregory. Practical Paris
guide. L. 1858.

Englishman, The. Rev. Stephen Wes-
ton. The Englishman abroad, 1824-25.
L. 1825.

Englishman, The. Thomas H. Glad-
stone. The E. in Kansas . . . N.Y. 1857.

Englishman, The Roving. Eustace
Clare Grenville Murray. The roving
Englishman ... L. 1854.

Englishman, A Young. William
Wirt. The British spy; or, letters of
. . . Richmond, 1808.

Englishman in Switzerland, An.
Alexander Tighe Gregory. A practical
Swiss guide illustrated ... L. 1856.

Englishman resident at Paris, An.
John Cam Hobhouse, Lord Broughton.
Substance of letters from Paris in 1815.
By . . . L. 1816.

Englishwoman, An. Miss Jane Por-
ter. Animated address to our fair country-
women, in "Gent. Mag.," December,
1811, pp. 501-502.

Englishwoman, An. Sarah Mytton
Maury. An E. in America. L. 1848.

Englishw^oman, An. Mrs. Barbara
( Wreaks Hoole) Hojland. A letter of . . .
L. 18-.

Englishwoman, An. Mrs. M. Miller.
Letters from Italy ... L. 1776.

Englishwoman, An. Mrs. Charlotte
Ann ( Waldie) Eaton. Narrative of a
residence in Belgium during the cam-
paign of 1815 ... L. 1817.

EngUshw^oman, An. Mme. Frances
( Wright) D'Arusmont. Views of society
and manners in America. L. 1821.

Englishw^oman, The. Mrs. Sophia
(Lane) Poole. The E. in Egypt; letters
from Cairo ... in 1842-44. L. 1844.

Englishw^oman in America, The.
Mrs. Isabella {Bird) Mayo. The aspects
of religion in the United States of
America. L. 1859.

Englishw^oman in Utah, A. Mrs.
F. Stenhouse. An Englishwoman in
Utah . . . 1880.

Englishw^oman resident at Brus-
sels in June, 1815, An. Mrs. Charlotte
Ann ( Waldie) Eaton. The days of the

battle; or, Quatre Bras and "Waterloo.
L. 1853.

Ennuyfee. Mrs. Anna (Murphy) Jame-
son. Diary of an Ennuyee. L. 1826.

Enoch. Richard Laurence, LL,D. The
book of Enoch the Prophet . . . Oxf.

Enos. Cecil Percival Stone. Aslane :
a tale of the massacre of the Nestorian
Christians. L. 1858.

Enquirer, An. Judge George Tucker,
who, under this signature, contributed to
Wirt's " British Spy."

Enquirer, The. William Atkinson.
A letter in answer to one suspected to
have been written by a stranger, assisted
by the Jacobin priests of West-Riding.
By . . . L. 1801.

Enrique, Erratic. Henry Clay Lu-
kens, of " New York Daily News," author
of "Jets and Flashes." N.Y. 1883.

Ensanada. Jacques Albin Simon Col-
lin de Plane y.

Epaminondas. Gideon Granger. Ad-
dress of ... to citizens of the State of
New York. Albany, 1819.

Epaminondas. Augustus B. Wood-
ward. Considerations on the govern-
ment of the Territory of Columbia. W.

Ephemera of " Bell's Life In Lon-
don." Edward Fitzgibbon. A handbook
of angling ... L. 1847.

Epicure, An. Frederic Saunders.
Salad for the solitary and the social . . .
N.Y. 1871.

Epicurus Rotundus. Shirley Brooks,
in London " Punch."

Epigram, Ephraim, Esq. Ambrose
Pitman, Esq., who, about the year 1788,
resided in the Weald of Kent, occasion-
ally figuring as a poetical correspondent
of the "Maidstone Joui-nal," imder the
above signature.

Episcopal Divine, An. Dr. Hay.
Imparity among pastors . . . n.p. 1703.

Episcopalian, An. Rev. — Lake.
A letter respectfully addressed to the
LordBishop of London... 2ded. L. 1811.

Episcopalian, An. Richard Whateli/.
Letters on the Church. By . . . L. 1826.

Episcopalian of . . . Maryland, An.
John Kewley. An enquiry into the va-
lidity of Methodist Episcopacy . . . Wil-
mington, 1807.

EpistleogTaphos. Gouverneur Carr.

Epsilon. Edward Denham, in his con-
tributions to the "Transcript" (B.

Epsilon. Richard Edmonds, Jun. Mr.
Peel's act. In the "Cornish (Eng.) Mag-
azine." 1828.




Epsilon. Rev. J. Baldwin Brown,
The moral government of God ... L.

Erasmus. Miss Jeanette L. Gilder,
as regular literary correspondent in New
York, of the " Philadelphia Press."

Erasmus. Frederick May (?). The
Bible exposed by . . . B. 1862.

Erasmus, W. J. Erasmus Wilson.
Practical and surgical anatomy. L. 1838.

Erastus. Rev. Joseph Jefferson, of
Basingbroke (Hants.), in his contributions
to the " Gent. Mag." (L.).

Erceldoune. Willis H. Bocock, of the
University of Virginia, in poems con-
tributed to the " Central Presbyterian "
(Richmond, Va.).

Erdan, Alexandre. Alexandre Andr€

Eremus. John Wilson. The snow
storm, in " Blackwood's Magazine." Vol.
7, p. 37 et seq.

Erienensis. Walter Cavendish Crof-
ton. Sketches of the Thirteenth Parlia-
ment of Upper Canada . . . Toronto,

Erie-US. Col. Adam Hood Burwell.
Talbot Road (1818), and other poems
contributed to Canadian periodicals.

Erith, Liyan. Edward Fox. Poet-
ical tentatives. L. 1854.

Ermite. Rev. Patrick Eugene Mori-

Ernst. Mathias Jakob Schleiden.
Gedichte. 1858 and 1873.

Ernst, Julius. Julius Stinde.

Erodore. Jacob Abbott.

Erquar, Marie Jozon d'. Joseph
Marie Querard. Les supercheries litte'r-
aires devoilees . . . Paris, 1869.

Errym, Malcolm J. Malcolm J. Ry-
mer. Townsend the Runner. 18-.

Ervie. Emily C. Pearson. Echo-
bank : a temperance tale . . . N.Y. 1868,

Eskdale Tani. Thomas Telford, in
"Ruddiman's Weekly Magazine." In
early life he contributed several poetical
pieces of merit to " R.'s W, M.," under
the signature of "E. T." See Ander-
son's "The Scottish Nation," Vol. 3,
p. 553.

Esmond, Henry, Esq. William
Makepeace Thackeray. The history of
Henry Esmond, Esq., a colonel in the
service of Her Majesty Queen Anne
written by himself. L. 1852.

Espriella, Don Manuel Alvarez
Robert Southey. Letters from England
L. 1807.

Essayist on the Passions, An. Nich-
olas Michell. The fatalist ; or, the for-
tunes of Godolphin. L. 1840.

Essenus. John Jones, LL.D. A new
version of the first three chapters of
Genesis. L. 1819.

Essex Justice, An. Andrew John-
ston. A pocket index to Oke and Stone.
By . . . Gloucester, 1877.

Estelle. 3Iiss Elizabeth Bogart, who,
under this signature, contributed many
articles to the " New York Mirror " and
other periodicals.

, EsteUe. Mrs. Martha W. Frazer
Brown, whose poems were published in
the " Southern Literary Messenger," etc.

Estelle. Emily Marion Harris.

Estelle. Mrs. Piper. Lucy Herbert . . .
B. 1863.

Esther, Aunt. Mrs. John A. Smith.
Letters from Europe . . . Chic. 1870.

Estoile, Pierre de 1'. Arsene Hous-
saye. L'histoire en pantoufles, in "La
Presse." Paris, 1861.

Etheridge, Kelsic. W. B. Smith.
Egypt Ennis ; or, prisons without walls.
N.Y. 1876.

Ethophile, Un. Docteur Imbert-Goor-
beyre. Un mot a M. le professeur Gonod,
etc. 1845.

Etlar, Carit. Karl Brosboll. Salo-
mon Baadsmand. 1880.

Etonian, An. Charles Bowcroft.
Confessions of an Etonian. L. 1852.

Etonian, An. Robert William Essing-
ton. The legacy of . . . Edited by Rob-
ert Nolands, sole executor. Camb. 1846.

Etonian, The Younger. Rt. Hon.
William Ewart Gladstone. Ancient and
modern genius compared, in the " Eton
Miscellany." 1827.

Etoniensis. Rt. Hon. William Ewart
Gladstone, in the London "Contemporary

Ettrick Shepherd, The. James Hogg.
The Altrive tales. The queer book : be-
ing a collection of poems. Edinb. 1832.

Eugene. ^douurd Roger de Bully
Beauvoir. Le cornet k piston. Paris,

Eugene. Hugo Arnot. A letter to
the Lord Advocate of Scotland [Henry
Dundas] . . . Edinb. 1777.

Eugenie. Kathinka (Halein) Zitz.

Eugenius. John Hall-Stevenson. Crazy
tales. L. 1762.

Eugenius Junior. James Owen.
Church-pageantry display'd . . . L. 1700.

Eugenius Philalethes. Rev. Arthur
Ashley Sykes. The innocency of error,
asserted and vindicated ... L. 1715.

Eulalie. Mrs. Mary Eulalie Fee Shan-
non. Buds, blossoms, and leaves : poems
by . . . Cm. 1854.

Eumenes. William Griffith, Eume-




nes : a collection of papers . . . exhibit-
ing some of the errors and omissions of
the constitution of New Jersey . . .
Trenton, 1799.

£unonius. John James Park, LL.D.
Juridical letters : addressed to Right
Hon. Robert Reel ... L. 1830.

Eupator. Joseph Mendham. Cardi-
nal Allen's admonition to the nobility
and people of England and Ireland . . .
A.D. 1558. Reprinted with a preface
by . . . L. 1842.

Euphranor. James Bolivar Manson.
Contemporary Scottish art. A series of
pen and ink pictures, drawn from the
exhibition of 1864. By . . . Edinb.

Euphrosyne. Rev. Richard Graves,
who, under this name, published two vol-
umes of poems which went through sev-
eral editions.

Eureka. Thomas N. Ralston, D.D.
Ecce unitas ; or, a plea for Christian
unity . . . Cin. 1875.

European, An. Francois Alexandre
Fre'd^ric, Due de la Rochefoucauld-
Liancourt. On the prisons of Phila-
delphia . . .

Europeen, Un. Francois Alexandre
Frederic, Due de la Rochefoucauld-Lian-
court. Des prisons de Philadelphie . . .
P. 1796.

Euryalus. George John, 5th Earl of
Delaware, in Byron's " Childish Recollec-
tions." Newark, 1807.

Evo-£peis. Rev. B. Welton. The
clergy's tears ; or, a cry against persecu-
tion . . . n.p. 1715.

Eusebia. Frances Thynne Somerset,
Countess of Hertford.

Eusebius. Rev. Edward Dorr Griffin
Prime, who was for some years one of
the editors of the N.Y. "Observer," in
which his letters under this signature
attracted considerable notice.

Eusebius. Rev. Robert Boucher Nick-
oils, LL.D. " On the growth of schism in
the Church among the Methodistic cler-
gy, and the means of checking it." In
the " Anti-Jacobin " for May, 1809.

Eusebius. Edmund Rack. Reflec-
tions on the spirit and essence of Chris-
tianity. By . . . L. 1771,

Eusebius Exoniensis. Richard Pol-
luhele. An essay on the evidence from
Scripture that the Soul immediately
after the death of the body is ... in a
state of happiness or misery ... L.

Euterpe. Isaac D'Israeli, Esq.
"Verses addressed to Richard Gough,
the 'Modem Camden/" in the "St.

James's Chronicle " for Nov. 20,


Evangelical Preacher, An. Wil-
liam Benyo Collyer, D.D. An appeal to
the legislature and to the public ... L.

Evangeline. Miss Ellen A. Moriarty,
who, imder this nom de plume, wrote for
Miles O'Reilly's " Citizen."

Evangeline. Mrs. A. E. Newman.
European leaflets, for young ladies . . .
N.Y. 1861.

Evans, Owen. William Henry An-
derdon. The adventures of . . . Edited
by W. H. A. L. 1863.

Evelyn, Chetwood, Esq. Robert
Conger Pell. The companion : after-
dinner table-talk. N.Y. 1850.

Everett. J. E. McAshan. Houston
(Tex.) correspondent of "Texas Sift-

Everett, Paul. Cornelia Lovejoy.

Evergreen. Washington Irving, his
signature in the " Salmagundi."

Everpoint. Joseph M. Field. The
drama in Pokerville; and other stories.
P. 1847.

Evolutionist, An. John Fiske. Ex-
cursions of . . . B. 1883.

Ex-Barber to His Majesty the
King of Great Britain, The. Asa
Greene. Travels in America by . . .
N.Y. 1833. See " Fribbleton, George."

Ex-Colonel of the Adj.-Gen.'s Dept.,
An. Charles Grahame Halpine. Baked

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