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by his letter to President Adams, about
1800. The letter is signed " Aristides."

Felicia. Mrs. Mary Mitchell Collyer.
Letters from ... to Charlotte. L. 1760.

Felix. Bon Louis Henri Martin.
Wolfthurm. Paris, 1830.

Felix, Marcus Minucius. Sir David
Dalrymple. Octavius : a dialogue, by . . .
Edinb. 1781.

Felix, Minutius. George Hardinge.
The essence of Malone. L. 1800-1.

Felix, N. Nicholas Wanostrocht, the
younger. Felix ... on tlie use of a
cricket bat; together with the history
and use of the catapulta. L. 1845.

Fell, Archie. Miss Mary J. Capron.
Apron strings, and which way they were
pulled. N.Y. 1871.

Fell, J. Richard Sterne. The whole
duty of man. By . . . 1806.

Fello-w of a College, A. Capel Loft.
Self-formation ; or, the history of an
individual mind. L. 18-

Fellow of the College, A. Dr. Peter
Shaw. The juice of the grape ... L.

Fellow of *** College, Cambridge,
A. Gerard Francis Cobb. The kiss of
peace ... L. 1867.

Fellow of the Antiquarian Society,
A. Lieut.-Gen. George Robert Ainslie.
Illustrations of the Anglo-French coin-
age : from coins in the possession of the
author, by . . . L. 1830.

Fellow of the Antiquarian Society,
A. Foote Gower, M.D. Sketch of the
materials for a new history of Cheshire . . .
L. 1771.

Fellow of the Antiquarian Soci-
eties of London and Scotland, A.
Lieut.-Gen. George Robert Ainslie. Illus-
trations of the Anglo-French coinage,
from the cabinet of . . . L. 1847.

Fellow^ of the Linnean Society, A.
John Murrai/. The economy of vegeta-
tion. L. 1838.

Fellow of the Linnsean and Horti-
cultural Societies, A. J. W. Bennett.
A treatise on the coco-nut tree ... L.

Fellow^ of the Royal and Antiqua-
rian Societies, A. Josiah Forshall. The
apology of an Israelite for not becoming
a Christian. Sidmouth, 1851.

Fellow of the Royal Society, A.
Cotton Mather. The angel of Bethesda . . .
New-London, 1722.

Fellow of the Royal Society. A.
James Orchard HaUiwell-Phillipps. An
introduction to the evidences of Chris-
tianity ... L. 1859.

Fellow of the Royal Society, A.




James William Gilbart, F.R.S. Logic for
the million ... L. 1851.
Fellow of the Royal Society, A.

W. F. Stevenson. Most important errors
in chemistry, electricity, and magnetism
pointed out and refuted ... L. 1846.

Fellow of the Society of Antiqua-
ries of Scotland, A. John Dick. Here
and there in England; including a pil-
grimage to Stratford-upon-Avon ... L.

Fellow of the University College,
Oxford. Sir Edward West, M.A. Essay
on the application of capital to land . . .
L. 1815.

Fellow-Citizen, A. Henry Cockburn,
Lord Cockburn. A letter to the inhabi-
tants of Edinburgh, on the new police
bill. Edinb. 1822.

Fellow Labourer, A. John Maclaren.
The desk and the counter . . . Edinb.

Fellow Suflferer, A. John Park. An
address to the citizens of Massachusetts
on the causes and remedy of our national
distresses ... B. 1808.

Fellow^-Tow^nsman, A. John Wick-
stead. Address ... to the inhabitants of
Shrewsbury. 1824.

Fellow^-Tow^nsman, A. J. Bridge.
A letter intended for the " Manchester
Guardian," now . . . recommended to the
ladies of the Anti-Corn-Law League.
Manchester, 1813.

Female Friend, A. Mrs. Moorhead.
Lines addressed to the Rev. James Dav-
enport on his departure from Boston.
By . . . B. 1741.

Female Physician, A. Jonathan
Siuift, D.D. Receipt for cuckolding . . .

Female Slave, A. Mattie Griffiths.
Autobiography. N.Y. 1857.

Fenian Head Centre. James Steph-
ens. Arrest and escape of James Steph-
ens . . . 186-.

Fenwood, Harry. William W. Walsh.

Ferishtah, Dervish-Seriosae. Bobert
Browning. Divers fancies of . . . L.

Fern. Frank E. Hamilton.

Fern, Fanny. Mrs. Sara Payson
(Willis Eldredge) Parton. Fern leaves
from Fanny's portfolio ... L. 1854.

Fernando, the Gothamite. Fer-
nando Wood.

Ferney, Jules. iStienne Arago, who
wrote for the " Siecle " under this signa-

Ferragus. Louis Ulbach. Lettres de
Ferragus in " Le Figaro," Paris, 186-.

Ferrall, S. A. Simon A. Ferrall.

Ferret. John Shebbeare, M.D., in
Smollett's novel of " Sir Laimcelot

Ferry, Gabriel. Eugene Louis Ga-
briel de Ferry de Bellemare. Le dragon
de la reine ; ou. Costal, I'lndien. Roman
historique. Paris, 1855. [Under the
same pseud. M. L. de Bellemare has fur-
nished numerous articles to the " Revue
des Deux Mondes," 1846-52.]

Fiat Justitia. Rev. Dr. Thomas Bin-
ney, a celebrated independent divine.

Fiat Justitia. One of the pseudo-
nyms adopted by Jimius (q.v.).

The letter thus signed is dated May 19, 1768,
and censures Lord Barrington.

Fidelia. Mrs. Mary Lawrence. — See
" Una."

Fidelis. Miss A. M. Machar, in her
contributions to various Canadian peri-

Fidelis. William Brocklehurst Stone-
house, D. C.L, The crusade of . . . Derby,

Fidelis. Dr. Power, Bishop of Water-
ford. Letters on the royal veto . . .
Waterford, 1809. Reprinted from a
newspaper called the " Shamrog," pub-
lished at Waterford.

Fidget, Ferdinando. Alexander
CJialmers. Lamentable decrease of rude-
ness, " Gent. Mag.," January, 1802, p. 26.

Field Officer, A. Boss Leivin. The
life of a soldier : a narrative of twenty-
seven years' service in various parts of
the world ... L. 1834.

Field Officer of Cavalry, A. Sir
Digby Mackworth. Diary of a tour
througli Southern India, Egypt, and Pal-
estine, in the years 1821 and 1822. L. 1823.

Fielding, Fanny. Miss Mary J. S.
Upshur, who, under this signature, has
written for nearly every literary journal
of the South, prose and poetry, from the
" Southern Literary Messenger " to the
" Richmond Pastime."

Fieldmouse, Timon. William Brighty
Rands. The chain of lilies; and other
poems. L. 1857.

Fifeshire Forester. John Bethune.
Practical economy explained and en-
forced in a series of lectures by the
brothers Alexander and John Bethune.
Edinb. 1809.

On the title-page John Bethune designated
himself a " Fifeshire Forester." Under the same
title he contributed poems to the " Scottish
Christian Herald."

Figaro. Henry Clapp, Jr., in his con-
tributions to various periodicals.

Figaro. Mariano Jos€ de Larra.
Obras completas de Figaro. Paris, 1848.




Filia Ecclesise. Sarah Anne (E/h's)
Dorsey. Agnes Graham. P. 18GU.

Filter, Urbanus. Under this name
Benjamin Mecom, a nephew of Franklin,
published the " New England Magazine "
(B. 1758).

Only three or four numbers were issued.

Fin-Bee. William Blanchard Jer-
rold. The Epicure's Year-book. L.

Finnegan, Terry. James Mc Carroll.
Letters of ... to the Hon. T. D. McGee.
Toronto, 1864.

First Citizen, The. Charles Carroll.
His signature in his newspaper contro-
versy with Daniel Dulany in pre-Revolu-
tionary times.

First Class Man of Balliol Col-
lege, Oxford, A. Thomas Nash. The
Medea of Euripides . . . literally trans-
lated . . . Oxf. 1869.

First Politician in the World, The.
Samuel Adams, in a letter of Josiah
Quincy, Jr., 1775, from London.

First of the Knickerbockers, The.
P. Hamilton Myers. The First of the
Knickerbockers. N.Y. 1848.

Fisher, Pay. William Andrew Chatto.
The angler's souvenir. L. 1835, 1877.

Fisher in Small Streams, A. Wil-
liam Linn Brown. Scribblings and
sketches, diplomatic, piscatory, and
oceanic. P. 1844.

Fisherman, A. George Hooper. The
autobiography of the late Salmo Salar,
Esq Edited ... L. 1867.

Fitzadam, Ismael. John Maclcen.
The harp of the desert . . . By , . .
formerly able seaman on board the
frigate. L. 1818.

Fitzball, Edward. Edward Ball.
Plays. N.Y. 1857.

Fitzboodle, George. William Make-
peace Thackeray, who, under this pseu-
donym, contributed to "Eraser's Maga-
zine " in 1842-44, " Confessions " ; " Pro-
fessions " ; and " Men's Wives."

Fitz-Boodle, George Savage, Esq.
William Makepeace Thackeray. Barme-
cide banquets with Joseph Bregion and
Anne Miller, in "Eraser's Magazine,"
November, 1845.

Fitz Eustace, Father, a Mendicant
Friar. W. Eraser (7). Essays. L.

Fitz Eustace, Randolph. W. Era-
ser (■?). The brides of Florence: a
play ... L. 1824.

Fitzgibbons, Patrick. John W.
McDonnell, in his contributions to the
"Daily News" (N.Y.).

Fitz-Harding. Dr. James Hook, in

the London "John Bull," who, during
his brother's charge of this journal, wrote
a scries of letters to various statesmen,
under this signature.

Fitzhugh, Francis. Erancis Alexan-
der Mackay. The curse of Schamyl ; and
other poems. Edinb. 1857.

Fitzjersey, Horace. Rev. Theodore
William Alois Buckley, editor of a large
number of books for the London book-

Fitznoodle, Francis. B. B. Vallen-
tine, in his contributions to " Puck "

Fitzosborne, Sir Thomas. William
Melmoth, Jr. Letters on several sub-
jects, by . . . L. 1742.

Fitzvictor, John. Percy Bysshe
Shelley. Posthumous fragments of Mar-
garet Nicholson. Oxf. 1810.

Fitzworm, Reginald. John Boyle,
Earl of Cork and Orrery. — See " G. K."

Flaccus. John Waters.

Flaccus. Thomas Ward. Passaic: a
group of poems touching that river;
with other musings . . . N.Y. 1842.

Flag Officer, A. Rear-Admiral
Hawker, Letter to His Grace, the Duke
of Wellington, upon the state of the
English navy ... L. 1840.

Flag Officer, A. Vice-Admiral Sir
Charles Vinicombe Penrose. Remarks on
the conduct of the naval administration
of Great Britain since 1815. By ... L.

Flag Officer of Her Majesty's Fleet,
A. Admiral Sir Charles Napier. The
navy ... L. 1838.

Flagellum. Samuel William Henry
Ireland. All the blocks ! or, an antidote
to " All the Talents "... L. 1807.

Flambeau. Eloyd Vail, in his contri-
butions to the "Mail and Express"

Flaneur. Park Benjamin.

Flaneur. Col. Charles G. Greene, in
his contributions to the "Post" (Bos-

Flaneur. Blakely Hall, in his contri-
butions to the "Argonaut" (San Fran-
cisco, Cal.), etc.

Flaneur. Kenward Philip, in the
" Brooklyn Eagle."

Flaneur. General Eber. Ten years
of Imperialism in France : impressions
of a "Flaneur." 1862. — See " Flaneur,

Flaneur, The. Edmund Hodgson
Yates. Letters in tlie " Morning Star "
(L. 1867). Also in his contributions to
"Tinsley's Magazine" (L.).

Flaneur, Un. George William Henry




VilUers, 4tli Earl of Clarendon. Drx ans
d'imperialisrae en France . . . Paris,

This work first appeared in English; it was
corrected by the secretary of Lord Clarendon,
the Hungarian General Eber, and was translated
by M. Bernard Derosne.

Flassan, Maurice. Mme. Marie Paul-
ine Rose [Stewart] Blaze de Bury, in the
" Revue de Paris " and the " Eevue des
Deux Mondes."

Flather, John. John Flather Arch-
bold. The law and practice in bank-
ruptcy ... L. 1842.

FleetTFOod, Everard, Esq. Samuel
Burroughs, Esq. An enquiry into the
customary-estates and tenant-rights of
those who hold lands of Church and other
foundations ... L. 1730.

Fleming, George. Miss Julia Con-
stance Fletcher. The head of Medusa.
B. 1880.

Flemming, Harford. Mrs. Harriet
{ Hare ) Mc Clellan. Cupid and the Sphinx.
N.Y. 1878.

Fleta. Miss Kate W. Hamilton {1).
The brave heart ... P. 1868.

Flimnap, the Liilliputian Premier.
Sir Robert Walpole.

In Swift's " Voyage to Lilllput," " Sir Robert
Walpole suifered in the person of ' Flimnap, the
Lilliputian Premier,' Tories and Whigs in the
' High-Heels and Low-Heels," Catholics and
Protestants in the ' Big-endians and Small-endi-
ans.'" — See Tuckerman's "History of Eng-
lish Prose Fiction," p. 174.

Flirt, A. Lady Charlotte Maria
(Campbell) Burij. The history of a
flirt, related by herself. L. 1840.

Florence. Mrs. Frances Sargent {Locke)
Osgood, in early life a contributor to the
" Juvenile Miscellany " under this signa-

Florence. Miss Florence Tyng, in
sketches, etc., contributed to various pe-

Flori, C. de. Mrs. Floride Clemson
Lea. Poet skies, and other experiments
in versification. N.Y. 186-.

Florida, Aunt. Phebe Travers.

Florida, Charles. Dr. J. B. F.

Florio. James Gordon Brooks, who
was for some time a contributor to peri-
odicals under this signature,

Florio. Dr. William (?) King. An
epistle [in verse] to ... at Oxford. L.
1749 ; reprinted in the " Eetrospec-
tive Review," 1835. By Thomas Tyr-

Florrie, Cousin. Florence Bliss (?).
Christ or the world ? which 1 . . . Bait.

Floras, Julius. William Pitt.

Before reporters were authorized to publish
the proceedings of Parliament, Mr. Pitt was
reported as " Julius Florus," Mr. Fox aa
" Cnceus Fulvius," the Earl of Winchelsea as
" Cains Claudius Nero," and the Earl of Bath as
" Marcus Cato."

Flower of Strathearn, The. Lady

Carolina Oliphant Nairn.

Fluviatulis piscator. Bev. Joseph
Seccombe. Business and diversion inof-
fensive to God, and necessary for the
comfort and support of human society
... B. 1743.

Fly-fisher, A, Rev. W. Carticright.
Rambles and recollections of . . . L.

Foa, Mme. Eugenie. Mme. Eugenie
Rebecca (Rodrigues) Gradis. Le petit
Robinson de Paris. Paris, 1840.

Foe to Ignorance, A. Henry Mudge.
A letter to the ratepayers of Bodmin
on the use to be made of the (old) poor-
house . . . 1840.

Fogie, Francis, Sen., Esq. George
Pay son. Romance of California; or,
golden dreams and leaden realities, N.Y.

Folio, Felix. John Page,

Folio, Tom. Joseph E. Babson, who
wrote frequent book-notices for the Bos-
ton " Transcript " under the signature of
" Tom Folio."

Folio, Tom. Thomas Rawlinson, " ioT
whom Mr. Addison is said to have in-
tended his character of ' Tom Folio,' in
the 'Tatler,' No. 158." — See "Chal-
mers," Vol. 26.

Follow^er of Locke, A. Benjamin
Humphrey Smart. A letter to Dr. Whate-
ley . . . L. 1851.

Foote, S., Junior. Rev. Francis
Wrangham. Reform : a farce, mod-
ernized from Aristophanes ... L.

Forbes, Glacier. James David Forbes,
author of several works on the glaciers
of the Alps.

Foreigner, A. Robert S. Sturgis. A
F.'s evidence on the Chinese question.
L. 1859.

Foreigner, A. George Watterston.
Letters from Washington on the con-
stitution and laws; with sketches of
prominent characters . . . Wash., D.C.,

Foremast Man, A. Edward Hamp-
den Rose, author of several pieces which
have appeared in the newspapers under
this signature.

Forest Warbler. M. R. McCormick.
The duke's chase ; or, the diamond ring
vs. the gold ring . . . Cin. 1871.




Forester, Frank. Henry William
Herbert. Frank Forester's sporting
scenes and characters. P. 18-.

Forester, Sherw^ood. Spencer T.
Hall. The Forester's Offering. L.

Forestier, Paul. Josephus Alhertus
Alberdingk-Thym, a Dutch writer.

Forfarian, A. W. Gray. The mar-
tyred queen . . . Forfar, 1858.

Forfex. Alonzo G. Shears, of New
Haven (Ct.), in his contributions to va-
rious periodicals.

The pseudonym is probably intended for the
Latin equivalent of shears.

Forlorn Hope. Mrs. Matilda A.
Bailey, a regular contributor to the
"New Orleans Times." "A series of
sketches [of hers] entitled 'Heart his-
tories,' by . . . have been very popular."
She has also written comic articles under
the name of " Sam Waggle."

Former Curate of Hunslet, A. Rev.
James Akroyd Beaumont, M.A. Poems :
chiefly relating to children . . . Leeds,

Former Resident of Slave States,
A. Mrs. L. J. Barker. Influence of
slavery on the white population. N.Y.

Former Resident of the South, A.
Darius Lyman, Jr. Leaven for Dough-
faces ; or, tliree score and ten parables
touching slavery . . . Cin. 1856.

Forrest, George, Esq., M.A. Rev.
John George Wood. An account of the
history and antiquities of St. Leonard's,
Edinburgh : its chapel and hospital.
Edinb. 1865.

Forrest, Mary. Julia Deane Freeman.
The women of the South, N.Y. 1860 ; also
in her contributions to the "Brooklyn
Times" (N.Y.).

Forrest, Neil. Mrs. Cornelia Floyd.
Fiddling Freddy. N.Y. 1871.

Forrester, Fanny. Mrs. Emily C.
( Chubbuck) Judson. Trippings in Author-
land; and many other works.

She complained to N. P. Willis of the meagre
remuneration she received for her literary pro-
ductions, and the poet replied : —

" How can yon expect any thing better? Tour
genius is not of a kind to affiliate with your
name. Who will read a poem signed ' Chub-
buck'? Sign yourself 'Fanny Forrester,' and
you will see the change."

Miss Chubbuck adopted the above pseudonym

Forrester, Francis, Esq. Daniel
Wise. Glen Morris stories. N.Y. 1874.

Forrester, Gilbert. Mr. Henry
Braddon, who contributed to the old
"Sporting Magazine," under this nom

de plume, and "A Member of the Bur
ton Hunt."

Forrestier, Auber. Miss Annie Au-
bertine Woodward. Echoes from Mist-
land . . . Chic. 1877.

Forreyner, A. John Dayman. Let-
ter by . . . in Blundell's school. Tiver-
ton, 1819.

Forseli, Hermann. Heinrich Albert
Oppermann. Studentenbilder ; oder,
Deutschlands Arminen und Germanen.

Forsith, Nat. Frank Stain/orth.
Everybody's Christmas Annual. Hell
upon earth ... L. 1878.

Fortunio, Paulin M. Jean Alexan-
dre Paul in Niboyet. La Dame de Spa . . .
Paris, 1874.

Foster, Frank. Daniel Puseley. The
Belgian volunteer's visit to England in
1867 ... L. 1867.

Fountain, Lucy. Kate Hilliard.

Four of Us. Henry James Finn,
James W. Miller, Moses Whitney, Jr.,
and Oliver C. Wyman. Whim- Whams.
B. 1828. The work is illustrated by
Finn, and published by Peter Parley
(q.v.). The title-page bears the follow-
ing lines : —

" So prolyficke is cure penne
Ye'U thinke therre be a score of us;
But, on ye wordes of Gentilmenne,
Therre be onely Four of Us.
We'll make ye smyle, or make ye sighe,
Thenne what can ye want more of us;
Ye can't doe better than toe buye
This littell Boke, by Four of Us."

Fox, The. Charles James Fox. The
book of the wars of Westminster : from
the fall of the Fox, at the close of 1783,
to the 20th day of the third month, 1784
... L. 1800. By " Nergalsharezernebo-
rabmagshamgar" [pseud.].

Foxcar, Niclas. Rev. Francis Jacox.
Shakespeare diversions ; a medley of
motley wear. L. 1875.

Foxhunter Rough and Ready, The.
Paid Ourry Treby, Esq. " lie was for
many years a contributor to the old
' Sporting Magazine,' under the name
of ' The Foxhunter Rough and Ready.' "

Foxton, E. Miss Sarah Hammond
Palfrey. Herman; or, young knight-
hood ... B. 1866.

Fr — . — Franklin, Grammar Master
at Hertford. — See Lamb's " Elia,"
" Christ's hospital."

Frame, Robert. Sir James Denham
Stewart. Considerations on the interests
of the county of Lanark. L. 1769.

Frampton, Josiah. William Gilpin.
Three dialogues on the amusements of
clergymen. L. 1796.




France, A. de. Ernest Alby, La cap-
tivite du trompette escoffier. Paris, 1848.

Frances. Mrs. Elizabeth Griffith.
The letters of Henry and Frances. 176-.

Written in conjunction with her husband,
Richard Griffith, and said to contain the genuine
correspondence between them. Their next pub-
lication, written also in conjunction, was " Two
novels, in letters," 4 vols. ; the first and second
entitled " Delicate Distress," by " Frances," the
iliird and fourth entitled the " Gordian knot,"
by " Henry." 1769.

Francesca. Miss Francesca Alexan-
der. The story of Ida, edited with pref-
ace by John Euskin, D.C.L. B. 1883.

" Let it be noted with thankful reverence that
this is the story of a Catholic girl by a Protestant
one, yet the two of them so united in the truth
of the Christian faith and in the joy of its love,
that they are absolutely unconscious of any dif-
ference in the forms or letter of their religion."


Franchi, Ausonlo. Cristoforo Bona-
vino. Saggi di critica e polemica. 1871.

Francis, Virginia. Virginia Francis
Bateman. A nom de theatre.

Franco, Harry. Charles F. Briggs.
The adventures of Harry Franco : a tale.
N.Y. 1839.

" Harry Franco . . .
He has common sense in a way that's uncommon.
Hates humbug and cant, and loves like a woman.
Builds his dislikes with cards and his friendships
of oak."

Frank, Parson. Rev. Francis Jacox,
in " People's " and " Howitt's Magazines."

Frank, Uncle. Francis Channing
Woodworth. Uncle Frank's pleasant
pages for the fireside. L. 1857.

Franke, F. F. Ferdinand Hauthal.
Gebete, Lieder und Gedichte ; von . , .
Leipzig, 1838.

Franklin. William Foster, in the
"Boston Courier," "Transcript," and
other papers.

Franz, Arnold. Dr. Francis Lieber.
Wein und Wonnelieder. Berlin, 1825.

Frater. William George. — See
"Member of the Worcester Anglers'
Society, A."

Frater. Francis Lister Hawks. 'Qual-
ifications of lay delegates. N.Y. about

Frazer, Liawrence. Lawrence Frazer

Fredair, Anna. Miss Walker, of Tus-
caloosa. Minor Place. N.Y. 1869.

Frederic, M. Fr^d^ric Dupetit-M€r^.
Le fils banni : melodrame. Paris, 1815.

Fr6dol. Horace B^n^dict Alfred
Moquin-Tandon. Le monde de la mer.
Paris, 1863.

Fredrika. Miss H. F. D. Lyon.

Free, Harry B. Harry Free Boynton,
in the " Turf, Field, and Farm."

Free Church Elder, A. William
Mitchell. National homage to Christ not
disestablishment . . . Glasgow, 1876.

Free Church Minister, A. Bev.
David 0. A. Agnew. An eye upon the
Scottish Established Church . . . Edinb.

Free Churchman, A. Bev. Andrew
Gray. Dr. Struthers on the Free Church.
Perth, 1845.

Free Inquirer, A. Peter Annet. A
collection of tracts of a certain . . .
noted for his sufferings for his opinions.
L. 1739.

Free Lance. J. T. Denny, in his con-
tributions to various English periodicals.

Free Ijance. Alexander Richardson.
The future Church of Scotland . . .
By . . . sometime President of the Uni-
versity Dialectic Society. Edinb. and L.

Free Man, A. William Joseph Snel-
ling. Brief and impartial history of the
life and actions of Andrew Jackson.
By . . . B. 1831.

Free Merchant in Bengal, A. Capt.
Joseph Price, Five letters ... to "War-
ren Hastings ... L. 1777.

Free-soiler from the Start. John
Gorham Palfrey. Remarks on the pro-
posed State constitution. B. 1853.

Free Thinker, A. John Armstrong,
M.D. Conjectures upon the mortality
of the human soul ... L. 1778.

Free Thinker, A. Rev. A. B. Crocker.
Random sketches upon witches, dreams,
love, and romance . . . Albany, N.Y.,
about 1855.

Free-Thinker and a Christian, A.
John Mawer. A layman's faith . . .
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1732.

Freeholder, A. Henry Boase. A
brief exposition of the agricultural ques-
tion ... L. 1823.

Freeholder, A. William Pulteney,
Earl of Bath. An humble address to the
knights, citizens, and burgesses elected
to represent the Commons of Great
Britain in the ensuing Parliament. L.

Freeholder, A. John Erskine. Re-
flections on the rise, progress, and prob-
able consequences of the present conten-
tions with the colonies. Edinb. 1776.

Freeholder and Landholder of
Scotland, A. John Campbell Colquhoun.
The constitutional principles of parlia-
mentary reform. Edinb. 1831.

Freeholder, An Independent.
Thomas Thirlwall. A calm . . . address
to Sir Francis Burdett, Bart. ... L,




Freeholder, A Yorkshire. Samuel
Baile/j. A discussion of parliamentary
reform. L. 1831.

Freeholder of Surrey, A. John
Home Tooke, in the London "Public Ad-
vertiser/' 1769.

Freeman. William Henry Drayton.

He issued, under this signature, on the eve of
the meeting of the Continental Congress, in 1774,
A pamphlet in which he marked out the course
10 be pursued, and submitted a "bill of Ameri-
can rights." This publication cost him his
place in the colonial judiciary, hut made him
president of the Provincial Congress, and soon
after chief justice of the colony of South Caro-

Freeman. William Henry Dray-
ton, Christopher Gadsden, John Mackenzie,
and others. A letter from ... of South
Carolina to the deputies of North-Amer-
ica .. . Charles Town, S.C, 1784.

Freeman, A. George Allen. Address
to the freemen of Massachusetts. Wor-
cester, 1832.

Freeman, A. Jean Joseph Louis
Blanc. French correspondence, in the
London " Spectator," 1867.

Freemaii, A. Jacob Bailey Moore.
The principles and acts of Mr. Adams'
administration vindicated . . . Concord,
NJi. 1828.

Freeman of Massachusetts, A.
John Daggett. Remarljs . . . concerning
the location of the Boston and Provi-
dence R.R. through the burying ground
in East Attleborough ... B. 1834.

Freeman, Jonathan. Morris Birk-
heck, the signatm-e under which he con-
tributed articles, in 1823, to the " Illinois
Gazette " and the " Shawneetown Ga-
zette " in opposition to the establishment
of slaver3^

Fi'eeman, O. S. Edward Coit liogers.

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