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Letters on slavery. B. 1855.

Freeman, Theophilus. William
Matthews. A general epistle of broth-
erly admonition and counsel to the people
called Quakers . . . L. 1803.

French Clergyman, A. Bev. Stephen
Theodore Badin. The real principles of
the Roman Catholics in reference to God
and the country . . . Bardstown, Ky., 1805.

French Detective. M. Canler. Auto-
biography of . . . from 1818 to 1858 . . .
L. 1862.

French Detective, A. William Bus-
sell. The experiences of . . . By
" \Vaters." N.Y. 1864.

French Politician, The. Edmond
Scherer, one of the editors of the Paris
"Temps," and a senator, vvliose letters in
the London "Daily News" (1877-78)
gave a striking picture of the situation
in France.

French Traveller, A. Louis Simond.
Journal of a tour and residence in Great
Britain during the years 1810 and 1811
by . . . Edinb. 1815.

Frenchman, Jack. Jonathan Swift,
D.D. J. F.'s lamentation. An excellent
song. 1708.

Frere, Alice 31. Mrs. Godfrey Clerk.

Friar, The. Phanuel Bacon, D.D.,
who was the author of " The Snipe," one
of the best ballads in the English lan-
guage, and foimded on a fact; for
the "Friar" denoted the author himself,
and "Peter" his fellow collegian, Peter
Zinzan, M.D. This ballad and " A Song
of Similies," by Dr. Bacon, are preserved
in the " Oxford Sausage."

Fribble, T. Jonathan Swift, D.D.
Tittle-tattle, etc. [Consisting of extracts
from Swift's "Polite Conversation."]

Fribbleton, Ex-Barber. Asa Greene.
The travels of . . . in America. N.Y. 1835.

Fridolin, le Major. A. de Valbezene.
La retraite des dix mille, etc., in the
" Revue des Deux Mondes." Paris, 1851.

Friend, A [or Quaker]. Elias Bock-
ett. Aminadab's courtship; or, the
Quaker's wedding : a poem ... L. 1717.

Friend, A. Miss Mary Elizabeth Lee,
who, under this modest signature, con-
tributed her earliest productions to the
" Southern Rose," Charleston, S.C.

Friend, A. Capt. J. A. Gilbert. The
change ; or, a memoir of Lieut.-Col. Hol-
combe, C.B. L. 1847.

Friend, A. Dr. William Kenrick. A
defence of Mr. Kenrick's review of Dr.
Johnson's " Shakespeare "... L. 1766.

Friend, A. John Oldmixon. A de-
fence of Mr. Maccartney. L. 1712.

Friend, A. Sir Richard Hill. Five
letters to the Rev. Mr. F — r [Fletcher]
relative to his vindication of the minutes
of the Rev. Mr. John Wesley ... L.

Friend, A. Thomas Linning. A letter
... to Mr. John Mackmillan . . . n.p.,
n.d. but 1708.

Friend, A. Bobert Lundin Brown. A
letter to tlie Moderate Brethren. Edinb.,
n.p. but 1842.

Friend, A. Giovanni Domenico R'lf-
Jini. Lorenzo Benoni . . . Edinb. 1853,

Friend, A. Zachary Grey, LL.D. A
word or two of advice to William War-
burton, a dealer in many words ; by . . .
L. 1746.

Friend, A. Luke Howard, F.R.S.
The Yorkshireman : a religious and lit-
erary journal. By . . . Pontefract, L.,
Leeds, and York, 1833-37.




Friend In the City, A. George Mel-
drum. A letter ... to a member of
Parliament anent patronages. Edinb.

Friend In the Country, A. Rev.
John Erskine. Meditations and letters
of a pious youth . . . Edinb. 1746.

Friend in the Country, A. William
Gibson. A second letter from ... to his
friend in London [Elias Bockettj. L.

Friend of his Age, A. Mr. Dawson.
A humble tribute to the memory of Mr.
Abram Rumney . . . Alnwick, 1794.

Friend of Industry, A. — Dearborn,
who, in 1784, under this signature, pub-
lished in the " New Hampshire Gazette "
an article suggesting the employment of
convicts in prisons, a plan soon after
generally adopted.

Friend of Mr. St[ee]le. Jonathan
Swift, D.D. The importance of the
Guardian considered ... L. 1713.

Friend of Religious Liberty, A.
William Paley, Arch-deacon of Carlisle.
A defence of the considerations on the
propriety of requiring a subsci-iption to
articles of faitli ... L. 1774.

Friend of Seamen, A. William Allen,
D.D. Accounts of shipwreck and of
other disasters at sea . . . Compiled . . .
Brunswick, Me., 1823.

Friend of the Author, A. John Bar-
low Seale. An elegy on a family tomb
[by J. J. Brundish] translated into Ital-
ian verse. Camb. 1783.

Friend of the Author, A. Jonathan
Swift, D.D. Mr. C— ns's [Collins's] dis-
course of free-thinking put into plain
English, by way of abstract, for the use
of the poor ... L. 1713.

Friend of the Family, A. William
Aijrton. The adventures of a salmon in
the River Dee. By . . . L. 1853.

Friend of the Negro, A. Wilson
Annistead. The garland of freedom: a
collection of poems, chiefly anti-slavery.
Selected ... L. 1853.

Friend of the People, A. Richard
Ronaldson. Banks and a paper currency.
P. 1857.

Friend of the People, A. Rev. Wil-
liam Chalmers, A.BI. The Church ques-
tion. Ayr, 1843.

Friend of the People, A. Miss Sarah
Jane Maijne. Jane Rutherford ; or, the
miners' strike ... L. 1854.

Friend of the People, A. Rev. George
y'oil. Letter to James jNIoncrieff, Esq.
. . . Kdiiib. 1820.

Friend of the People, A Sincere.
Maurice Lothian. The expediency of a

secure provision for the ministers of the
Gospel . . . Edinb. 1834.

Friend of the Road, A. Elizur
Wright. The Northern Pacific Railroad,
by . . . B. 1874.

Friend of the Secession, A. Mr.
Boston, of Falkirk. An antidote against
a new heresy . . . Dundee, 1779.

Friend of the South. M. Pratt ("?).
In answer to "Remarks on Channing's
' Slavery.' " B. 1836.

Friend of Truth, A. John Cleave-
land. The Chebacco narrative rescu'd
from the charge of falshood and par-
tiality ... B. 1738.

Friend of Truth, A. George Scott.
A concise illustration of the doctrine of
justification by faith . . . Edinb. 1832.

Friend of Truth and Peace, A.
William Walton. The true interests of
the European powers and the Emperor
of Brazil ... L. 1829.

Friend of Truth and Sound Pol-
icy, A. Henry M. Brackenridge. Stric-
tures on a voyage to South America . . .
Bait. 1820.

Friend of Youth, A. Mary Clark.
Conversations on the history of Massa-
chusetts from its first settlement to the
present period. By ... B. 1831.

Friend of Youth, A. Samuel Wil-
lard, D.D. The Eranklin family primer
. . . B. 1811.

Friend of Youth and Children, A.
Frederick White Evans. Brief and moral
instructions for the young . . . Worces-
ter, Mass., 1858.

Friend to Accuracy, A. Thomas
Bland, during many years a contributor
to the "Gent. Mag." under this and other

Friend to American Enterprise, A.
George W. Simmons. Oak Hall pictorial
... B. 1854.

Friend to Both, A. Thomas Bawdier.
Liberty, civil and religious ... L.

Friend to Britain, A. Dr. Chambei -
layn. The great advantages to both
kingdoms of Scotland and England by
an union, n.p. 1702.

Friend to Candour and Truth, A.
Stephen Jones. Hypercriticism exposed . . .
L. 1812.

Friend to Civil and Religious Lib-
erty, A. Henry Peckwell, D.D. The
account of an appeal from a summary
conviction on the statute 22 Car. ii., c. 1.,
to the Hon. C— rt of K. B. . . . L. n.d.

Friend to Education and 3IoraI
Improvement of the Labouring
Poor, A. Thomas Pole, M.D. On the




irreverent use of the sacred names.
By . . , Bristol, about 1823.

Friend to Emancipation, A. John
Glutton. The Emancipation Bill exam-
ined. Hereford, 1825.

Friend to his Country, A. Robert
French. The constitution of Ireland . . .
Dublin, 1770.

Friend to Liberty and Property, A.
Itev. John Lewis. Advice to posterity
concerning a point of the last impor-
tance. Written ... L. 1755.

Friend to Peace and Good Order,
A. Harrison Graij. A few remarks
upon some of the votes and resolutions
of the Continental Congress . . . n.p.,
probably P. 1775.

Friend to Religious Liberty, A.
liev. John Palmer. Free remarks on a
sermon entitled "The requisition of sub-
scription to the 39 articles and liturgy
of the Church of England not inconsis-
tent witli Christian liberty" ... L.

Friend to the Church of England,
A. Francis Maseres. The moderate re-
former ... L. 1791.

Friend to the Churches, A. Increase
Mather. A plea for the ministers of tlie
Gospel ... B. 1706.

Friend to the Established Church,
A. Rev. Frederick Toll. A plain and
proper answer to this question : " Why
does not the Bishop of Clogher, suppos-
uig him to be the author of the ' Essay
on Spirit,' resign his preferments "...
L. 1753.

Friend to the Government, A. Rev.
\V. Webster. The draper confuted . . .
L. 1740.

Friend to the Liberty of his Coun-
try, A. Benjamin Church, M.D. — See
"Elizaphan oif Parnach."

Friend to the Natural and Relig-
ious Rights of Mankind, A. Rev.
William Graham, of Whitehaven. An
attempt to prove that every species of
patronage is foreign to the nature of the
Church . . . Edinb. 1768.

Friend to the Peace of the Church
of Scotland, A. George M' Lei land. An
enquiry adapted to the present crisis . . .
Edinb. 1842.

Friend to the Sex, A. — Adams.
Woman : sketches of the history, genius
... of the fair sex in all parts of the
world ... L. 1790.

Friend to the Sisterhood, A. Wil-
liam Hai/leij. A philosophical, histori-
cal, and moral essay on old maids. By
... L,. 1785.

Friend to the South, A- Miss Belle

Hardinyc. Belle Boyd, in camp and
prison. L. 1865.

Friend to the West India Colonies
and their Inhabitants, A. James
Tobin. Cursory remarks upon the Eev-
erend Mr. Rarasaj^'s essay on the treat-
ment and conversion of African slaves
in tlie sugar colonies. L. 1785.

Friend to True Liberty, A. Edmund
Rack. England's true interest in the
choice of a new Parliament briefly con-
sidered ... L. 1774.

Friend to Truth, A. Tyler Parsons.
Candid enquiries . . . relative to the difli-
culties whicli existed in the town of Man-
chester, Mass. . . . n.p. about 1820.

Friend to Youth, A. Miss Sarah
Hoare. A poem on the pleasures and
advantages of botanical pursuits, with
notes ; and other poems. By . . . Bris-
tol, n.d.

Friend, A Mutual. Mrs. George
Grote (■?). The case of the poor against
the rich. L. 1850.

Friendly, Aunt. Mrs. Sarah S.
( Tutldll) Baker. Meggie of " The Pines."
N.Y. 18-.

Frog, Nicholas. The Netherlands.

— See " Strutt, Lord."

Frohberg, Paul. Friedrich Adami.
Dramatische Genrebilder aus der vater-
landischen Geschichte. 1870.

Froissart, Jean. Alphonse Daudet,
who has contributed to a large number
of journals, and notably to the "Monde
Illustre " and to the "Figaro," where his
" Chroniques rime'es," signed " Jean
Froissart," have been much noticed.

Frost, S. Annie. Mrs. S. A . Shields.

Fru, F. Emilie ( Schmidt Flj/gare Dalin)
Carle'n. Valdemar Klein. 1838.

Fuller, Violet. 31rs. Eleanor Fuller-
ton. In 1871 she published a volume of
her poems through Sampson Low & Son,

Fulvius, Cnoeus. Charles James Fox.

— See " Floras, Julius."

Fume, Joseph. William Andrew
Chatto. A pipe of tobacco ... L.

Fungus, Barnaby, Esq. Arthur
Benoni Evans, D.D. Fungusiana ; or,
the opinions and table-talk of the late
. . . L. 1809.

Fungus, Sir Ferdinando, Gent.

— Williams, of Wadham College. New
facts ; or, the whitewasher . . • 1790.

Also ascribed to Mr. Simmonds of Blandford,

Funnidos, Rigdum, Gent. John
Ballantyne (?). American broad grins.
Edited . . . L. 1838.




Funnidus, Kigdum. Horace May-
hew, Henrij Mayliew, and Robert B. Brough,
editors of Criukshank'e " Comic Alma-

Funny Man, A. Ossian E. Dodge.

Comical doings oi . . . N.Y. 187-.

Fusina, Fra. Arno.dn Fusinato,
Gediclite. 185o-54.


r. Edward George Ballard, Esq., who
wrote for the "Literary Magnet" and
" World of Fashion " under this signa-

■y. John Kehle. — See "a" (under

G. Dr. John Green, Bishop of Lin-
coln, in his contributions to the " Athe-
nian Letters "... L. 1741-43.

G. Rev. R. F. Wilson, one of the con-
tributors to " Tracts for the Times." L.

G. — See " The Lord and Lady There."

G. L. C. Gent. Familiar English
quotations. L. 1877.

G., A. Alfred Gatt II, D.D. The bell:
its origin, history, and uses. L. 1847.

G., A. Alexander Gardner. A defence
of infant baptism . . . Paisley, 1851.

G., A. Agnes Gibeme. Mignonette . . .
L. 1869.

G., A. Asa Gray, M.D. Eeview of
Darwin's theory of the origin of species
by means of natural selection. From
the " Amer. Jour, of Science and Arts,"
March, 1860.

G., A., Gent. John Hmnphrei/s Parry.
The maskers of Mooriields : a vision, by
the late . . . Edited by W. Griffinhoof.
L. 1815. — See "Griffinhoof, Anthony,

G., A. F. Acton Frederick Griffith.
Bibliotheca Anglo-poetica ... L. 1815.

G. A. F. John Lister. Epigrams and
jeux d'esprit . . . Edinb. 1870.

G, A. F. Mrs. A. F. Gaston. Our
maid-servants ... L. 1866.

G., A. F. Atkinson F. Gibson. A
tribute to the memory of William Grover,
of Stanstead, by . . . Warwick, 1826.

G., A. H. Alexander H. Grant, Con-
tributions to "London Society," chiefly

G., A. S. A. S. Grenville. Poetic
effusions. B, 1822.

G., C. Rev. Charles Gibbon, of Lon-
may. A letter by a delegate to the Gen-
eral Assembly . . . Aberdeen, 1840,

G., C F. Mrs. Catherine Frances
(Grace) Gore. Quid pro quo; or, the day
of dupes : the prize comedy. L. 1844.

G. C. H., Esq., Barrister-at-law.

H. G. Curran. Confessions of a White-
foot. Edited by . . . L. 1844.

G. C. J. 2Irs. Carrie J. Freeland.
Ansdale Hall ; or, stand to yoiir colors.
B. 187-.

G., C. V. Charles Vaughan Grinjield,
A century of acrostics ... L. 1855.

G., D. David Garriclc. An ode upon
dedicating a building, and erecting a
statue to Shakespeare, at Stratford-
upon-Avon. By . . . L. 1709.

G., E. B. Edward Burnaby Greene.
Hero and Leander: a poem. Tr. , . .
L. 1773.

G., F. Frederick Gale. The public
school matches ... L. 1867.

G., F. Francois Gaume. Rome et
ses papes. Paris, 1824.

G., F. T. Hippolyte Adolphe Taine, in
his contributions to " La VieParisienne."

The above letters are the initials of " Fr6d6-
ric Thomas Graindorge," another pseudonym of
this author."

G., F. W., of the Middle Temple.

F. W. Guidickins. An answer to JMr.
Horace Walpole's late work entitled
" Historic doubts on the reign and life
of King Richard the Third ... L. 1768.

G., G. George Grenville. A letter to . . .
" Stiif in opinions, always in the wrong."
L. 1767.

G., G. G. Green. The Shunamite.
N.Y. 1810.

G., H. Horace Greeley, in his con-
tributions to the "Tribune" (N.Y.).

G., H. Rev. Harry Grey. Brief
sketches of the early history, conversion,
and closing period of the life of Mary,
second daughter of the Hon. John
Grey ... L. 1855.

G., H. Hudson Giirney. Cupid and
Psyche . . . Trans, by . . . L. 1800.

G., H. B. Mrs. H. B. (Goodwin) Tab-
cott. Dr. Howell's family. B. 1869.

G., H. B. Mrs. H. B. Gerrij. Roger
Deane's work. By . . . B. 1863.

G., H. M. Miss H. Maria George,
in art and biographical sketches contrib-
uted to various periodicals.

G., H. M. Henry Mayo Gtinn. His-
tory of Nonconformity in Warminster.
L. 1853.


G., J. John Goldicutt. Heriot's Hos-
pital, Edinburgh : the design of the
celebrated architect, Inigo Jones. B7 . . .
L. 1836.

G., J. John Green. A journey from
Aleppo to Damascus ... L. 1736.

G., J. James Glassford. Miscella-
nea ., . Edinb. 1818.

G., J., late Serrishtehdar of Ben-
gal. James Grant. An inquiry into
the nature of Zenundary tenures ... L.

G., J. C. Julia C. Grimani. Sacred
lyrics. L. 1849.

G., J. H. Hev. John Ilamjjclen Gurney.
The pastor's last words ... L. 1862.

G., J. H. Joseph H. Gihhs and others.
The Quadrilateral, 1865.

G., J. T. Judith Towers Grant. "Look-
ing unto Jesus "... Bath, 1852.

G. K. .John Bot/le, 4tii Earl of Cork
and Orrery.

" About 1753 Mr. Mooii- undertook the peri-
odical publication called the ' World,' to which
our noble author contributed three papers, viz.,
N08. 47, 68, and 161 .. . The Eirl of Curie was 11
contributor likewise to the ' Connoisseur,' carried
on by Mr. Thornton and Mr. Colitian. In the
last number of this publication G. K., which was
his lordship's signature, is distinguished by the
ingenious authors as their ' earliest and most fre-
quent correspondent' . . . His coramunicatious
to the ' Connoisseur' were the most part of Nos.
14 and 17, the letter signed ' Goliah English' in
No. 19, great part of Nos. 33 and 40, and the let-
ters signed 'Reginald Fitzworm,' 'Michael
Krawbridge,' ' Moses Orthodox,' and ' Thomas
Vainall,' in Nos. 102, 107, 113, and 129." —
Chalmers, Vol. 6.

G., Li. E. Lucy Ellen Guernseij. Irish
Amy. P. 1854.

G. M. Mrs. Stanley Leathes. Soi-
meme. L. 1869.

G. P. Samuel Pegge. A defence of
the propriety of the words " which art in
heaven" in the Lord's prayer. "Gent.
Mag.," 1754, p. 310. G. P., the initials
of Paul Gemsege reversed, used one
other time. — See " Gent. Mag.," LXVI.,
p. 979.

G., P. S. Rev. Peter Southmead Glubb,
B.D. A libretto, containg The armoury,
The holier rood, and The London season.
By . . . 1875.

G.,R. BupertGreen{'}). Abrief history
of Worcester ; or, " Worcester Guide "
improved . . . By . . . Worcester,

G., R. Robert Graham, M.D. (?).
Characters of genera, extracted from
the British flora of W. J. Hooker.
Edinb. 1830.

G., R. Bichard Gough. A compara-
tive view of the antient monuments of
India ... as described by different writ-
ers. By . . . L. 1785.

G., R. Richard Gilbert. Liber scho-
lasticus ... L. 1829.

G., R., a Clerk of the Court of
Common-Pleas. R. Gardiner. Instruc-
tor clericalis ... In the Savoy, 1721-24.

G., R., junior. Richard Gough. The
history of the Bible, translated from the
French, by . . . L. 1747.

This volume, consisting of 160 sheets in folio,
was completed by him when he was twelve and
a half years old, and was followed three years
later by a translation of the " Customs of the
Israelites," translated from the French of the
abbot Fleury, by . . . 1750.

G. R. G. Rev. George Bobert Gleig.
The light dragoon. L. 1844.

G., R. S. Roscellus S. Guernsey, in
Shakespeare contributions to various

G., S. Samuel Gilman, D.D. Cata-
logue of miniature portraits, landscapes,
and other pieces, executed by Charles
Eraser, Esq. . . . Charleston, S.C.,

G., S. Samuel Grascome. Certamen
religiosum . . . Oxf. 1704. — See also
" A Presbyter of the Church of Eng-

G., S. Simon Greenleaf. Remarks on
the exclusion of atheists as witnesses.
B. 1839.

G., S. B. S. B. Goslin. [William Ban-
ister's] The art and science of change
ringing . . . Second edition, with correc-
tions and additions. [By H. Haley and
others. Edited . . .] L. 1879.

G., T. T. Gib. Remarks on the Rev.
Mr. Whitefield's journal ... L. 1738.

G.,T. Thomas Gwin. Some memoirs
of our dear deceased friend Josiah Ceane
. . . Plymouth, Eng., 1718.

G., T. M. T. M. Gorman. On the
white horse mentioned in the "Revela-
tion" [by Swedenborg]. Edited ... L.

G., TV. — See Gifford, WilUam.

G., W. William Gardner. The law-
yers investigated . . . Brentford, 1771.

G., W. William Gauntley. Remarks
on a certain publication entitled "Mac-
aulay's portrait of the founder of Qua-
kerism." Sheffield, 1856.

G., W. Sir William Gell. Views in
Barbary, and a picture of the Dey of
Algiers, taken in 1813, by . . . L. 1815.

G. W. One of the pseudonyms at-
tributed to Junius (q.v.).

The two letters thus signed are dated March
29 and April 8, 1771, and are addressed to the
Lord Mayor.

G., W. D. WiUiam D. Gallagher.
Selections from the poetical literature of
the West . . . Cin. 1841.




G., W. R. William Rathhone Greg, in
the London " Pall Mall Gazette."

G********, A. B., M.D. Augustus
Bozzi Granville. Critical observations on
Mr. Kemble's performances at the Thea-
tre Royal, Liverpool. Liverpool, 1811.

G***, Ph. Philippe Grouvelle. Me-
moires historiques sur les Templiers . . .
Paris, 1805.

G , Percival. Peter Irving. A

Venetian tale (from the French). N.Y.

Gabble, Gridiron, Gent., Godson to
Mother Goose. Joseph Haslewood.
Green-room gossip; or. Gravity Galli-
nipt. A gallimaufry . . . got up to guile
gymnastical and gynecocratic govern-
ments. Gathered and garnished by . . .
L. 1809.

Gabriel, Virginia. Mrs. Constance
(Crane) Marsh. Wolfe of the knoll;
and other poems. N.Y. 1860.

Gaines, Garry. Virginia S. Patterson.

Gale, Ethel. Helen E. Smith, in the
New York " Independent."

Galen. Richard E. Parker, in Wirt's
(W.) "Old Bachelor" (Bait. 1812).

Galen, PhUipp. Ernst Philipp Karl
Lange. Der Alte vom Berge. Roman.
Berlin, 1873.

Galloway Poet, The. William Nich-
olson. Tales in verse. 1814; 2d ed.,
Dumfries, about 1831:.

Galoot. Edward P. Kendall.

Gambado, Geoffrey, Esq., Riding-
Master. Henrg Bunburg. Academy for
grown horsemen ... L. 1787.

Game Chicken, The. Henry Pearce,
a celebrated pugilist, and once the cham-
pion of England.

Gamma. Dr. John D. Osborne, in his
contributions to tlie "Picayune" (New
Orleans, La.).

Gander, Sir Gregory, Knt. George
Ellis. Poetry and tales. Bath, 1779.

Gaol Chaplain, A. Rev. Erskine
Neale. Recollections of a gaol chap-
lain. Reprinted from " Bentley's Mis-

Gaolg, Ekal. J. A. Lake Gloag. The
Jesuit ; or, the man of the IMorgue . . .
Glasgow and L. 1876.

Gar. J. Garczynski, in the New York

Garon. Rev. Joseph Bretland, in the
"Monthly Repository" (Hackney).

Garrard, Kenner. Lewis Edward
Nolan. System of training cavalry
horses ... L. 1853.

Garrett, Edward and Ruth. Mrs.
Isabella {Fyvie) Mayo. By still waters.
L. 1871.

Garrulous, George. George Arnold
— See " Grahame, Allen."

Gastine, Civique de. E. L. J. Tou

lotte. Histoire de la republique d'Haiti . .
Paris, 1819.

Gaston, Marie. Alphonse Daudet.

Gath. George Alfred Townsend. Bo-
hemian days. Three American tales.
N.Y. 1880. Also in his contributions to
numerous American periodicals.

Gathercoal, Rev. Rabshakeh, late
Vicar of Tuddington. Robert Macken-
zie Beverley. The posthumous letters
of . . . L. 1835.

Gauden, Dr. Charles Henry Whar-
ton, D.D., in Horace Binney Wallace's
"Literary criticisms," pp. 259-307. P.

Gavarni, Paul. Sulpice Guillaume
Chevalier, ffiuvres choisies . . . Paris,

Gay, Delphine. Mme. Emile de
Girardin. La croix de Berney. Paris,

Gay, Getty. Mrs. William Bennett.

Gay, Joseph. John Durant de Breval.
The confederates. L. 1717.

This play, though published under the name
of Gay, was written by Breval.

Gay, Mr. Joseph. Alexander Pope.
Compleat key to the Non-Juror ... L.

Gaylord, Glance. Warren Ives
Brudleij. The boy at Dr. Murray's . . .
B. 1871.

Gazul, Clara. Prosper Merime'e. The-
atre de . . . Paris, 1825.

Gemsege, Paul. Samuel Pegge. A
letter on poaching, in the " Gent. Mag."
for the year 1751, p. Ill (and 75 other
articles for the 11 years from 1746 to

This signature is the anagram of his name.
See " Gent. Mag.," LXVI., pp. 979 et seq.

Genealogist, A. Alexander Deuchar.
Concise view of the present state of the
Succession . . . Edinb. 1839.

General Officer, A. Hon. Henry Sey-
mour Conway. An address to the public
on the late dismission of . . . By WU-
liam Guthrie. L. 1764.

General Officer, A. — Ford, 5th
Earl Cavan. A new system of military
discipline, founded upon principle. By . . .

Genesee. Prof. J. H. Gilmore, in the
New York " Examiner."

Genesee. E. M. Crawford. Cricket

Genevese Traveller, A. Matthew L.
Davis, in the London " Times."

Gent, A. Alexander Anderson. Josepl?




the book-man : a heroi-comic poem . . ,
Edin. 1821.

Gent, A. Samuel Forster. Mr. Ben-
jamin Bennet's Presbyterian prejudice
further display'd . . . Newcastle-upon-
Tyne, 1726.

Gentile, A. Dyer Daniel hum. Utah
and its people; by . . . N.Y. 1882.

Gentleman, A. Mev. Charles Audley
Assheton Craven, M.A. The adventures
of ... in search of the Church of Eng-
land. L. 1853.

Gentleman, A. Sir George Stephen.
Adventures of ... in search of a horse.
By Caveat Emptor, Gent. L. 1835.

Gentleman, A. Elias Bockett. A con-
gratulatory letter to the Reverend Mr.
Patrick Smith, M.A., Vicar of Great Pax-
ton, Huntingdonshire, upon the publica-
tion of ..." A Preservative against Qua-
kerism." By ... L. 1731.

Gentleman, A. Sir John Leslie. The
connoisseur ; or, modern fashions : a
comedy in three acts. By . . . Inver-
ness, 1818.

Gentleman, A. Thomas Skinner Surr.
Consequences ; or, adventures at Braxall
Castle : a novel. L. 1796.

Gentleman, A. Thomas Salmon. A
critical essay concerning marriage . . .
L. 1724.

Gentleman, A. Paul Dudley. An
essay on the merchandise of slaves and
souls of men ... B. 1731,

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