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days. N.Y. 1879.

Ad***gt*n, Dr. Dr. A. Addington.
An appeal to the public; or, a review of

the conduct of Dr. Ad ng — n to Dr.

Pigott. 1754.

Addison, D. C. Charles Addison
Daniell. The street-singer: a poem.
Chicago, 1880.

Addison, The American. Joseph
Dennie. 1768-1812.

Addison of the North, The. Henry
Mackenzie. 1754-1831.

Addums, Mozis. Dr. George W. Bagby.
Letters to Billy Irvins in the " Southern
Literary Messenger."

Adelaide. Miss Elizabeth Bogart, who,
under tliis nom de plume, published her


first poem in the "Long Island Star"
(Brooklyn), in 1825. |

Adeler, Max. Charles Heber Clark.
Out of the hurly-burly; or, life in| an
odd corner. By . . . P. 1874.

Adeline. Mrs. E. P. A. Sergeant.
Ernald ; or, the martyr of the Alps : and
other poems . . . With an introduction
by A. L. 1843.

Adept, An. Charles Johnston. Chrysal;
or, the adventures of a guinea . . . By
. . . L. 1760.

Adhemar, aime. la C**® D'. Baron
Etienne Leon Lamothe-Langon. Souvenirs
sur Marie-Antoinette . . . et sur la coiir
de Versailles . . . Paris, 1836.

Adtna. Rev. Joseph H. Ligraham. The
prince of the house of David; or, three
years in the Holy City ... L. 1859.

Adirondack. Lucius E. Chittenden.
Capture of Ticonderoga. Rutland, Vt.

Adjutor. Rev. Joseph Bretland, in the
" Theological Repository." L.

Admiral. Admiral Burney. — See
Lamb's " Elia " : " The Wedding."

Admirer of Chivalry, An. Edward
Fi-ancis Head. Poltroonius ; a tragic
farce in one act. B. 1856.

Admirer of the Fine Arts, An. F.
D. Astley. Varnishando : a serio-comic
poem. Manchester, 1809.

Admirer of a Great Genius, An.
Stephen Weston. A short account of the
late Mr. R. Person ... L. 1808.

Admirer of Monarchy and Episco-
pacy, An. Zachary Grey, LL.D. Eng-
lish Presbyterian eloquence . . . By . . .
L. 1736.

Admirer of Walter Scott, iVn. John
Rob//. The lay of the poor fiddler . . .
L. 1814.

Admonish Crime. Rev. James Cook
Richmond. He published a pamphlet at
Boston under the anagram of "Admon-
ish Crime."

Adna, Aunt. Mrs. Mary S. B. Dana.
Author of numerous tales for children,

Adolf, L. Adolf Lasson. Herzenstille.
Lieder und Spriiclie. 1867.

Adrian. James L. Cole. He published
some fugitive poetry in the "New York
Statesman " and in the " Ontario Reposi-
tory," under that signature.

Adrian. Anne Kent. Evelyn Stuart ;
or, Right versus Might. By A. L. 1846.

Adrienne. Mrs. J. P. Creswell.

Adrienne. Miss Susan C. Hooper.
During the war one of the most prominent
contributors to the " Magnolia Weekly,"
Richmond, Va.



Advena. Eoan Evans. His bardic

Advena. Digbi/ Pilot Starkej/, who
contributed to the " Dublin University
Magazine," under this signature.

Adversum. Edward Tuckerman. —
See " Notitia Literaria."

Advocate Genei-al, The. Sir James
Marriott, LL.D. Plan of a code of laws
for the Province of Quebec ; reported
... L. 1774.

Advocate of the Cause of the Peo-
ple, An. Jolin Hope. Letters on tlie
impressing of seamen, in the "Public

Advocate of the Christian Revela-
tion, An. Caleb Fleming. Remarks on
. . . [the] "True Gospel of Jesus Christ
asserted" . . . By ... L. 1738.

.aSdituus. John Smith. Metrical re-
marks on modern castles and cottages
.... L. 1813.

Aednr-nos, Seer I'Noh. John An-
^derson. The Chronicles of Reform of the
'Children of the Isles, in the days of Ar-
thur [i.e., A. Wellesley, Duke of Welling-
ton], the chief ruler of the land, and his
colleagues. Translated from the Chal-
daic manuscript by the learned pundit
S. I. A. — N. [A political satire in Bibli-
cal language.] Edinb. 1832.

.aSmelia Julia. Emilij Julia Black.
Byron : Salathiel, or the martyrs ; and
other poems. By JE. J. L. 1855.

JEneas. James Francis Edward Stu-
art, ^neas and his two sons : a true
portrait. L. 174G.

iEschines. Francis William Blagdon.
A few brief remarks on a pamphlet . . .
entitled Observations .. . By^-E. L. 1805.

uEsculapius. Laurence H. Potts {?),
21. D. Oracular communications, ad-
dressed to students of the medical pro-
fession. By ... L. 1816.

.^sop. Airs. Lillie Devereux Blake. In
the New York " Telegram." Author of
" Fettered for life "... N.Y. 1874.

-^sop, George AVashington. George
T. Lanigan, in tlie Xew York " World."

Afflicted Husband, An. Cuthhert
Shaw. Monody to the memory of a
young lady who died in childbed. By
... L. 1768.

African Roscius, The. Ira Aldridge.

After'wit, Anthony. Benjamin Frank-
lin, in a letter contributed to the " Penn-
sylvania Gazette." P. July 10, 1732.

Afton, Effie. Mrs. Frances Ellen
Watkins Harper. Eventide : a series of
tales and poems. B. 1854.

Ag., A. Alexander Agassiz. Obituary.
[A biographical notice of Count L. F. de

Pourtales.] From the "Amer. Jour, of
Science." Camb., Mass. 1880.

Agapida, Fray Antonio. Washington
Irvinq. A chronicle of the conquest of
Granada. By . . . P. 1829.

Agate. Whitelaw Beid. After the
war : a southern tour. 1865-66. Cin.

Agatha. Bessie Lawrence {1). Thanks-
giving, and other poems. N.Y. 1880.

Agathon, Paul. Elisabeth Schojen.
Kamilla; Ragnvald; and Jane Gray.
Copenhagen, 187-.

Aged Ijayman, An. Dr. Bichard
Poole. The grand contrast, God and
man ... L. 1854.

Aged 3Iinister, An. Moses Dickin-
son. An answer to a letter from an aged
layman, to the clergy of the Colony of
Connecticut . . . New Haven, probably

Aged Native, An. Thomas Sander-
son. An evening lay to the Vale of
Sebergham. By ... in the " Carlisle

Aged Parson, An. Rev. Bichard
Warner. The diary of . . . Bath, 1848.

Agent for Barbados, The. G. W.
Jordan. Copies of a letter containing
queries respecting the state of the silver
and copper coins in Barbados ... L.

Agent of the Corporation, The.
Ccdeb Eddg. Historical sketch of the
Middlesex canal ... B. 1843.

Ager. B. 21. Field, in his accomit of
the journey of the Prince of Wales
through New England, contributed to
" The Boston Post," etc.

Agg, John. Frank Cahill, in his con-
tributions to "The Saturday Press."

Aghonne, Mme. d'. 2Ime. Louise
Lacroix. Une amie de pension. P. 1870.

Agliius. Henry Timrod, who contrib-
uted poetry to the " Southern Literary
Messenger," etc., and published a vol-
ume of poems. B. 1859.

Ago, Felix. Samuel Stehman Halde-
man. Rhymes of the poets. P. 1868.

Agogos. Charles William Day. Max-
ims, experiences, and observations of
Agogos. B. 1844.

Agrestis. Gen. Joseph Alston (1).
Short review of the late proceedings at
New Orleans, on suspending the writ of
habeas corpus. Richmond, 1807.

Agricola. James Anderson. In 1790
he commenced the publication of "The
Bee" (1790-94), consisting of essays
philosophical and miscellaneous. Dr. A.
wrote those marked " Senex," " Timothy




Hairbrain," " Alcibiades," and many-
others without signature.

Agricola. William Elliott. Author
of Address before the St. Paul's Agri-
cultural Society, Charleston, 1850 ; Fi-
esco, a tragedy, N.Y. 18-50; and, Caro-
lina sports by land and water, Charleston,

Agricola. Bev. Percii-al Stockdale.
"In the summer of 1779, he wrote sev-
eral political letters, with the signature of
'Agricola,' in the 'Public Advertiser.'"

Agricola. IF. F. Whitehouse. Let-
ters and essays on sugar farming in Ja-
maica. L. 1845.

Agricola. John Younrj. Letters of
Agricola on tlie principles of vegetation
and tillage . . . Halifax, N.S. 1822.

Agricola. Rev. Charles WhitaJcer.
Letters on free trade. 1851.

Agricola. James Anderson. LL.D.
Miscellaneous observations on planting
and training timber-trees . . . Ediub.

Agriitler. Joseph Edwards. Rhymes
in the AYest Country dialect ... L.

Aguaverde, Antonio. Alfred Trum-
hle. Contribution to "The Boys and
Girls' Weekly" (N.Y.) .
^,rt\-i Agiiecheek. Charles Bullard Fair-
panics, wlio contributed sketches of for-
eign travel, and essays, to the Boston
,,,.,.;' Saturday Evening Gazette," under the
' signature of "Aguecheek." B. 1859.

Ahern, Anna. Mrs. Frances West
Atherton Pike. Here and hereafter; or,
the two altars. By . . . B. 1858.

Ahiezer. William Brown. A tender
and affectionate address to, and expostu-
lation with, the people of Israel, the
Jews. Huntingdon, 1814.

Alkin, Berkeley. Fanny Aikin
Kortright. The dean ; or, the popular
preacher, L. 1859 ; The old, old story,
love, L. 1802.

Ailo, Thorny. John Taylor, the Water-
poet. A full and compleat answer
against the writer of the Tale of a tub
in a tub, or a Tub lecture. By T. A. . . .
L. 1642.

Aimwell, Walter. William Simo7ids.
The Aimwell stories. B. 1863.

Ain [the Hebrew word for nobody].
William Stevens. A review of the Review
of the new preface to the second edition
of Mr. Jones's " Life of Bishop Home."
L. 1800.

Ainslie, Herbert, B.A. Edward
Maitland. The pilgrim and the shrine ;
or, passages from the life and correspond-
ence of . . . L. 1868.

Airy, Mr. Rohert Habersham, in the
" Harv. Univ. Collegian." Camb. 1830. '

Ajax. Jlr. Ainley. Social wastes and
waste lands ... L. 1862.

Akestes. William Sinith. A few re-
marks on the expectant treatment of dis-
eases . . . Bristol, 1847.

Alcroates. Josiah F. Polk. A defence
of the Protestant Bible . . . N.Y. 1844.

Alastor. James Orton. " Excelsior,"
or tlie realms of poesie, 1852 ; Poems,
1857 ; Caleb Redivivus, 1858. L.

Alaux, Gnstave d'. Maxime Bat/baud.
L'empereur Soulouque et son empire.
Paris, 1856.

Alazon. Rev. Richard William Barnes.
Let well alone ; or, removal of blemishes
from church and state. L. 1860.

Alba. Alexina B. White. Little-folk
songs. N.Y. 1871, and in her contribu-
tions to "The Riverside Magazine."

Albanes, A. d'. ./ean Alexandre Hav-
ard. Notice sur La Eontaine . . . Paris,

Albanes Havard, d'. Jean Alexandre
Havard. Voltaire et Mme. du Chatelet
. . . avec notes historiques par . . . Paris,

Albanicus. The Rigid Hon. David
Stewart Erskine, 11th Earl of Buchan and
Gth Lord Cardross.

" Lord Bucban was an occasional contributor
to various periodical publications. His favorite
signature was 'Albanicus,' under which, in a
letter to his friend ' Hortus,' he describes his
own delightful residence of Dryburgh Abbey
in the fourth volume of ' The Bee.' "

There is also, in the " Gent. Mag." in 1784, a
description of the grave of Ossian, with an epi-
taph in blank verse (vol. 54, p. 404), over the
same signature.

Albano. Count Karl August Adler-
sparre, who published novels and lyrics
under this name.

Albe. George Gordon Noel, 6th Lord'
Byron. Tlie footprints of A. [?.e. Lord
Byron] : a poem. Written by E. Bren-
nan. Milan, 1874.

Alben, Rewk. Benjamin Walker.
Rewk Alben the friar; his opinions on
the ministry to the poor . . . Manchester,
Eng. 1872.

Albert. Rev. John Armstrong. Son-
nets from Shakespeare. By ... L. 1791.

Albert. Abbate Giovanni Battista For-
tis. Travels in Dalmatia. 1774.

Albin, Sebastian. Mme. Hortense
Lacroix Cormi. Ballades et chants popu-
laires (anciens et modernes) de I'AUe-
magne. Traduction nouvelle par S. A.
Paris, 1841.

Albion. Four pleasant epistles writ-
ten for the entertainment and gratifica-



tion of four unpleasant characters ; viz.,
a very exalted subject in his majesty's
dominions [George, prince of AVales],
the most unpatriotic man alive [C. J.
Fox], the most artful man alive [R. B.
Sheridan], and Second Childliood [E.
Burke]. L. 1789.

Alcaeus. Samuel Boi/sc, in the "Gent.
Mag." 1741-43.

Alcaeus. Jaines Monfr/omeri/, in the
" Poetical Register," 1801. Byron notices
him in "Englisli bards and Scotch re-
viewers " : —

" With broken lyre aud cheek serenely pale,
Lo! sad Alcseus wanders down the vale."

Alcibiades. James Anderson. — See

Alcibiades. Alfred Tennyson, in
"Punch." Feb. and March, 1846.

Alcofribas, le inagicien. Jea7i Bap-
tiste Alfred Assolant. The fantastic his-
tory of the celebrated Du Pierrot . . .
L. 1875.

Alderani, Lorenzo. Niccolb Ugo Fos-
colo. Ultime lettere di Jacopo Ortis.
Edited by L. A. L. 1814.

Alderman, The. John Barber. The
city jilt ; or, the A. turn'd beau, etc. L.

Aldiborontiphoscophornio. James
Ballanti/ne. A nickname given him by
Sir "Walter Scott, in allusion to his pom-
pous and dignified manner.

Aleph. Humpltrii Fitzroy WooLrijch.
Aleph V. Colenso. Maidstone, 1866.

Aleph. William Harvey. The old
city, and its highways and byways . . .
L. 180-3.

Alethes. Thomas II. Baird, in the
Pittsburgh " Commercial Journal." 1851.

Alethes, Clerophilus. John Constable
(1). A specimen of amendments candidlj^
proposed to the compiler [Charles Dodd,
pseud., i.e., Hugh Tootell] of a work
which he calls " The church history of
England from the year 1500 to the year
1688." L. 1741.

Alethinos. Her. Hardinge Furenzo
Ivers. The audibleness of thought dem-
onstrated, and its use explained. 1866.

Alethitheras. L. Osbom. Travels by
sea and land. X.Y. 1868.

Alethphilos. 2Irs. Mary Anne Wool-
Jrey. Letters of . . . Newport, Isle of
Wight, 1839.

Aletor, Esq. Robert E. Strahorn.

Alex. Eliza A. White. As she would
have it. P. 1873.

Alexander, airs. Mis. Annie F. Hec-
tor. Her dearest foe, 1876; The wooing
o't, 1873. L.

Alexander the Coppersmith. W.

Boles. Milk for babes, meat for strong
men, and wine for petitioners . . . trans-'
lated from the Arabic by . . . Cork,

Alexander the Coppersmith, LiLi.D.
Thomas Erskine, Baron Erskine. The
speech of . . . spoken at the meeting of
the friends to the abuse of the freedom
of the press. Jan. 19, 1793. [A satire
upon T. Erskine, Baron Erskine.] L.

Alexander the Corrector. Alexan-
der Cruden. The adventures of . . . L.
1754. [He entitles himself corrector,
from the nature of his office, which was
to correct the press.]

Alexander, Sir Drawcansir. Tobias
George Smollett. A faithful narrative of
the base and inhuman arts that were
lately practised upon the brain of Hab-
bakkuk Hilding [i.e., Henry Fielding],
justice, dealer, and chapman, who now
lies at his house in Covent Garden, in a
deplorable state of lunacy, a dreadful
monument of false friendship and delu-
sion. By D. A., fencing-master and
philomath. L. 1752. — See "Brit. Mus.

Alexander, J. H., B.A. Alexander
II. Japp. Lights on the way. Some
tales within a tale, by the late J. H. A.,
B. A., with an explanatory note by H. A.
Page [also a pseud, of the author]. L.

Alexander, John, a Joyner. John
Taylor, the Water-poet. Love one an-
other : a tub lecture preached at Watford
in Hartfordshire, at a conventicle on the
2oth of December last [1642]. L. 1642.

Alexandre. Alexandre Davy Dumas.
La cour du roi Pe'taud. Paris, 1829.

Alexis or the Worthy Unfortunate.
Rev. Humphrey Sydenham. Being a true
narrative of the affecting case of a young
gentleman whose ruin was caused by the
late rebellion. L. 1747.

Alexis, Willibald. Georg Wilhelin
Ilcinrich Haering. Cabanis, 1832; Haus
Dusterweg, 1836 ; die zwolf Xtichte, 1838 ;
Novellen, 1830-31 ; Neue Xovellen, 1836.

Alfred. Samuel Adams, in the "Bos-
ton Gazette" (Oct. 2, 1769).

Alfred. Dr. Girardin. One of the
writers, imder this siiinature, of the essavs
in Wirt's "Old Bachelor" (1812).

Alfred. Sir James Bland Burges Lamb,
Bart, D.C.L., in "The Sun Newspaper."
A series of letters under this signature,
" in which he took a comprehensive view
of the several states, political objects,
and relative interests of all European




governments. These letters he collected
and published in 1792."
k Alfred. Grenville A. Sackett, who
under this signature wrote some of the
best and most widely circulated poetry of
the day in "The New York Mirror,"
" New York Times," and " Long Island

Alfred. Rev. Samuel Kijdd. China:
its symbols, philosophy, antiquities. L.

Alfred. Philip Withers. Nemesis; or,
a letter to Alfred [relating to the mar-
riage of the Prince of Wales to Mrs.
Fitzherbert] from ... L. 1789.

Alfred. Rev. David Alfred Doudneij.
Sympathj^ ; or, words for the weak and
weary. L. 1862.

Al Fresco. Dr. Charles J. KemoorthyCi).

Alfried, Johan. Jean Jacques De
Laet. — See " Bogaerts, Felix."

Alguuo, Seiior. Nathan Ames. Childe
Harvard : a romance of Cambridge . . .
B. 1848.

Ali Baba. Aberigh ilfac/[-«y, contribu-
tor to " Vanity Fair," of many sketches
of India life and society.

Ali Bey. Samuel Lorenzo Knapp.
Extracts from a journal of travels in
North America, consisting of an account
of Boston and its vicinity. By ... B.

Ali Bey, El Abassi. Domingo Badia-
y-Leblich. Voyages ... en Afrique et
en Asie, pendant les anne'es 1803, 1804,
1805, 1806, et 1807. Edited by B. [i.e.,
J. B. Boniface de Roquefort]. Paris,

Alice, Cousin. Mrs. Alice (Bradley
Neal) Haven. The Coopers; or, getting
under way: a tale of real life. N.Y.

Alice, Cousin. Miss Eliza Tabor.
St. Olave's : a novel. N.Y. 1870.

Alida. Mrs. Catharine Stratton Ladd.
One of the noms de plume under which she
has contributed tales, sketches, essays,
and poems to various journals.

Alien, An. Max Friedrich Mueller.
German love : from the papers of . . .

Alient Baptist Dissenter, An. Seth
Brooks. A plowman's complaint against
a clergyman : being a letter to the Bap-
tist Association at Philadelphia. By . . .
P. 1767.

Aligny. Claude Fe'lix Theodore Caru-
e.lle. A French historical painter.

Aliqua. 3Irs. Eliza 0. Peirson, in the
periodical press.

Aliquis. Rev. Richard Marks, who
" communicated his religious history, in
an anonymous form, to 'The Christian

Guardian,' in several papers, bearing
the signature of ' Aliquis,' Avhich were
afterwards published (still anonymously)
in a volume entitled The retrospect ; or,
review of providential mercies." L.

Aliquis. James Henry James. Gov-
ernment as it is : a plea for parliamentary
reform. By A. [In verse.] L. 1858.

Aliquis. Rev. James Barr. A letter
to the Rev. George Harris, containing an
examination of the arguments adduced in
his lectures to prove the non-existence
of the devil. Liverpool, 1820.

Alist. Francis Barham. Alist, an.
autobiography; or, an author's life in
the nineteentla century. L. 1844.

Alister, R. Alexander Robertson.
Extermination of tlie Scottish peasantry
... By . . . Edinb. 18.5.3.

All-Pride, Lord. John Sheffield,
Duke of Buckinghamshire. A very heroi-
cal epistle from my Lord All-Pride to
Dolcommon ... L. 1679.

Allan-Kardec. Le'on Hippolyte Deni-
sart Rivail. Le livre des esprits . . .
Paris, 1857.

Allde, Ed-ward. John Taylor, the
Water-i^oet. Tlie pennyles pilgrimage,
or the moneylesse perambulation of
John Taylor, alias The King's Majestie's
Water-poet. From London to Eden-
borough on foot. By E. A. L. 1618.

Alldred, Frederic. Henry F. Red-

Allen, Grahame. George Arnold.

Allen, John. Oscar Clute. The
blessed bees. By. . . N.Y. 1878.

Allen, Mrs. Josiah. Marietta Holley,
My ojiinions and Betsey Bobbet's . . . By
J. A.'s wife. Hartford, 1875.

Allen, Paul. John Neal and Tobias
Watkins, M.D. History of the Ameri-
can revolution. By P. A. P. 1821.

Paul Allen (1775-1826) was a jonrualist of
Philadelphia and Baltimore. He had long prom-
ised this history, and obtained a larjie subscrip-
tion for it ; but Mr. Neal wrote the first volume,
and Dr. Watkins the remainder.

Allendale, i\lfred, Esq. Theodore
Edward Hook. The man of sorrow. By
... L. 1809.

Allerdyce. Robert Barclay. Agricul-
tural tour in the United States. L. 1842.

Allid. George F. Laniqan. National
ballads of Canada . . . Montreal, 1865.

Allin, Abby. Mrs. A. A. Curtiss (wife
of Daniel S.). Home ballads: a book
for New Englanders ... B. 1851.

Allison, Joy. JSTary A. Cragin. Kate
Jameson and her friends. B. 1872.

Allspice, Zekel. .Tohn Cooper Vail.




Allyn, Ellen, ^fiss Christina Georgina
jRossetti. Her signature to poems pub-
lished in "Tlie Gem," London, of which
only four numbers were published; writ-
ten almost exclusively by the Rossettis,
Holman Hunt, and Ford Madox Brown.

Allyne, Enylla. Mrs. Spencer.

Almaviva. Harrij St. Manr, in his
contributions to " The News-Letter "
(Chicago, 111.).

Alma Viva. Clement Scott. "The
' Smiff Papers ' did much to extend the
circulation of 'The Figaro,' as did also
the dramatic criticism signed ' Alma
Viva.' Mr. Doughty was the author of
the first-mentioned feature ; Mr. Clement
Scott, of the second." — See " Journal-
istic London," p. 94.

Almaviva. Clement Scott. Drawing-
room plays and parlor pantomimes.
Collected . . . L. 1870.

Almore, Caspar. Frederick William-
son Beasley, D.D. Papers from Overlook
house. P. 1866.

Alof, V. Nicholas V. Gogol. Home
life in Russia. By a Russian noble. L.

Alonzo. John Wingjield, in Byron's
" Childish Recollections." Newark, 1807.

Alpha. John Abraham, in the "La-
dies' Journal," of Liskeard, Cornwall.

Alpha. Geo7-ge Walker, M.D. Death's
waiting-room; or, the Girondist's last
supper. A dramatic sketch. By A.
L. 1851.

Alpha. Mrs. L. L. Phelps. Grace
Tilden ; or, seven years' service for
Christ. B. 1869.

Alpha. Stejjhen M. Allen. Religion
and science ; the letters of " Alpha " on
the influence of spirit on imponderable
actienic molecular substances, etc. By
... B. 1874.

Alphonso, S. G. Alonzo G. Shears
of New Haven (Ct.), in his contributions
to various periodicals.

Alpin. William Wilson, in his poems
contributed to periodicals.

Alq, Mine. Liouise d'. Olga Ebhardt.
La science du monde . . . Paris, 1876.

Alston, Edith. Miss Marij Green
Goodale of New Orleans, whose poems
have appeared in the journals of that
city under this pen-name.

Altamont. Rev. Charles Jenner.
Letters from ... in the capital, to his
friends in the country. L. 1767.

Alter. Rev. Joseph B. Owen. Chess
studies. L. 18-.

Alter Ego. Robert E. Strahorn. To
the Rockies and beyond ; or, a summer

on the Union Pacific Railroad and
branches. Omaha, 1879.

Altisonant, Lorenzo. S. K. Jloshour..
Letters to 'Squire Pedant by . . . Cin.

Alton. A. L. Taveau. The magic-
word. B. 1855.

Alumni of the University of Edin-
burgh. .John Lee, D.D., George Wilson.
M.D., S. Brown, and others. Edinburgh
academic annual for 1840, consisting of
contributions in literature and science.
By . . . Edlnb. 1840.

Alumnus, An. Rev. Daniel Oliver.
Address at Dartmouth College, May 19,

Alumnus, An. John Gorhavi Palfrey,
A letter to the corporation ... of Har-
vard College ... B. 1835.

Alumnus Cantabrigiensis. Thomas
Ignatius Maria Forster. Harmonia Mu-
sarum . . . Bruges, 184.3.

The preface is signed " T. F."

Alvimnus Edinensis. Alexander Pe-
terkin. A letter to the Right Honour-
able the Lord Provost of Edinburgh . . .
Edinb. 1836.

Alumnus of that College, An. John-
Lowell, LL.D. Further remarks on the
memorial of tlie oflicers of Harvard Col-
lege ... B. 1824.

Alun Glan. Bardic name of the Rev.
Thomas Jones.

Alvarez, Espriella Manuel. Robert
Southey. Letters from England. By . , .
L. 1807.

Amateur, An. C. Baclham. Brief"
recollections, chiefly of Italy. By . . .
Glasgow, 1835.

Amateur, An. Thomas Wilson. Cat-
alogue raisonne of the select collection
of engravings of . . . L. 1828.

Amateur, An. Captain G. Boid. A
concise history and analysis of all the
principal styles of architecture . . . By
... L. 1828.

Amateur, An. N. B. Engleheart. A
concise treatise on eccentric turning. By
... L. 1852.

Amateur, An. William Cox. Crayon
sketches by . . . N.Y. 1833.

Amateur, An. Charles Clark. A
doctor's " Do "-ings ; or, the entrapped
heiress of AVitham : a satirical poem.
Totham, 1848. — See "Queerfellow, Quin-

Amateur, An. Col. George W. Hooper.
Down the river ; or, practical lessons
under the code duello. N.Y. 1874.

Amateur, An. Archibald N Car-
michael. Genealogy of her majesty Queen
Victoria . . . Edm. 1846.




Amateur, An. G. R. Walker. Horses,
their rational treatment . . . By ... L.

Amateur, An. Charles Wini^ton. A"
inquiry into the difference of style observ-
able in ancient painted glass . . . By . . .
Oxf. 1847.

Amateur, An. James Hall. The jot-
ting book : a political and literary experi-
ment. By . . . L. 1839.

Amateur, An. James lUrhe Pauld-
{ng{l). Thenewmirror for travellers; and
guide to the Sprinscs. By . . . N.Y. 1828.

Amateur, An. Bernard Barton. Poems.
By . . . L. 1818.

Asmateur, An. Charles Kirkpatrick
■Sharpe. Portraits by . . . Edinb. 1832.

Amateur, An. Pierce Egan, the Elder.
Real life in London; or, the rambles
and adventures of Bob Tallyho, Esq.,
and his cousin the Hon. Tom Dashall

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