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Frank Siller of Milwaukee, and a writer
of short stories.

Hildebrand. Nikolaus Beets. Cam-
era obscura. Haarlem, 1839.

HUdebrand, Hall. A. F. Birdsall.

Hildegarde. Mrs. Josephine R. Hos-
kins, who wrote for the " South," a liter-
ary journal of New Orleans, under this

Hllding, Habbakkuk, Justice,
Dealer and Chapman. Henry Field-
ing. — See "Alexander, Drawcansir."

Hilton, David. David Hilton Wheeler.
Brigandage in South Italy ... L. 1864.

Hilton, Maud. Mrs. Frank Whicher.

Him who should best understand
it. C. Sharpe, Esq, A short address to
. . . [Signed "A Warning Voice."]
Ipswich (?), 1832.

Hindoo Rajah, A. Mrs. Elizabeth
Hamilton. Letters of . . . L. 1796.

Hinds, John. J. Bell. Farriery
taught on a new and easy plan . . .
P. 1848.

Hirsutus, Julius. Jidius Charles

Sir William Gell notices Mr. Hare's translation
of Niebuhr's " History of Rome " as being some-
what defective in style and idiom, and calls him,
in allusion to his name, " Julius Hirsutus " (Hair-
Hare). See "Gent. Mag.," April 1855, p. 424,

His Brother. ,Tohn P. Seddon. Me-
moir and letters of T. Seddon, artist.
By . . . L. 1858.

His Brother. John P. Foote. Me-
moirs of the life of Samuel E, Foote, by
. . . Cin. 1860.

His Daughter. Miss Josephine Brown.
Biography of an American bondman
[William Wells Brown] ... B. 1856.

His Daughter. Miss C. Marsh. The
life of the Rev. William Marsh . . . N.Y.

His Daughter. Miss L. J. Shaw.
Memoir of elder Elijah Shaw. By . . .
B. 1852.

His Daughter. Mrs. Elizabeth Mary
Odling. Memoir of the late Alfred
Smee ... L. 1878.

His Daughter. Mme. Henrietta de
Witt. Monsieur Guizot in private life
1787-1874... L. 1880.

His Daughter, Mrs. S. F. Ludomilla
(Schetky) Bapallo. Ninety years of work
and play. Sketches from the public and
private career of J. C. Schetky, late
marine painter in ordinary to her Maj-
esty. By . . . Edinb. 1877.

His Eldest Son. Jacob Halls Drew.
Samuel Drew, M.A., the self-taught
Cornish man. A life lesson. By . . .
L. 1861.

His Eminence. Cardinal N. P. S,
Wiseman. The new glories of the Catho-
lic Church . . . With a preface by . . .
L. 1855.

His Father. Rev. Harry Croswell,
D.D. A memoir of the late Rev. Wm.
Croswell, D.D

His Father. ,Tohn Ballance. Me-
moirs of Mr. J. des Carrieres Ballance,
late of Queen's College, Cambridge.
Compiled by . . . L. 1829.

His Father. Walter Lowrie. Me-
moirs of the Rev. Walter M. Lowrie,
missionary to China. Edited by . . .
N.Y. 1849.

His Father. Charles Thurber. Our
Charlie : a memorial. By . . . Cam-
bridge, 1863.

His Grace John Duke of . . . John
Dunton. Neck or nothing ... L. 1713.

His Grandson. George Harrison.
Memoir of William Cookworthy, for-
merly of Plymouth. By ... L. 1854.

His Intimate Friend. John Lowell.
Notice of the late Hon. Dudley Atkins
Tyng, Jr. B. 1829.

His Majesty Himself. Charles Hoyt,
in his letters to the " Boston Post."

His Mother. Mrs. M. M. Rolls. Ex-
celsior: a truthful sketch of a lovely
youth, B. G. L. R. [Bernard Glanville
Lyndon Rolls]. By his mother. L. 1855.

His Mother. Mrs. Marianne O. (Howe)
Johnston. The young chaplain. N.Y.

His Nephew. John Treat Irving, Jr.
Life and letters of Washington Irving.
By . . . N.Y. 1862.

His Niece. Miss Frances Dorothy Cart-
wright. The life and correspondence of
Major John Cartwright. By ... L.

His Respectful Neighbour, J. H.
Rev. John Humphrey, of Frome. A letter
to George Keith concerning the salva-
bility of the heathen ... L. 1700.




His Sister. Mrs. Sophia Lane Poole
Life of Edward William Lane. By . .
L. 1877.

His Sister. Miss Jessie Aitlcen Wil-
son. Memoir of George Wilson. By..
Edinb. 1860.

His Sister. Mrs. Ann Bromjield Tracy.
Reminiscences of John Bromfield. By
. . . Salem, Mass., 1852.

His Sister-in-Liaw and his Eldest
Daughter. Georgina Hogarth and Mamie
Dickens. The letters of Charles Dickens.
Edited by . . . L. 1880.

His Son. Robert Burns, Jr. The
Caledonian musical museum . . . Em-
bellished with a portrait and fac-simile
of the handwriting of Burns, and con-
taining upwards of two hundred songs
by that . . . bard. The whole edited by
... L. 1809.

His Son. Jelinger Cookson Symons.
Letters of consolation and advice from a
father to his daughter on the death of
her sister. By Jelinger Symons, B.D.,
rector of Whitburn, Durham. Fifth
edition, with an explanatory preface by
his son. L. 1818.

His Son. John Church Hamilton. The
life of Alexander Hamilton. By . . .
N.Y. 1834, 1840.

His Son. Edward Bohert Buhver-
Lytton, Earl Lytton. Literary remains
of Edward Bulwer, Lord Lytton. By
... L. 1883.

His Son. William A. McVickar, D.D.
The life of the Reverend John McVickar,
S.T.D. By . . . N.Y. 1872.

His Son. William CrosweU Doane.
A memoir of the life of George Wash-
ington Doane, D.D., LL.D., Bishop of
New Jersey. By . . . N.Y. 1860.

His Son. Rev. George J. C. Duncan.
Memoirs of the Rev. Henry Duncan,
D.D., Minister of Ruthwell. By . , .
Edinb. 1848.

His Son. John Addington Sijmonds.
Miscellanies . . . [by John Addington
Symonds, the elder]. Edited by .. . L.

His Stepmother. Mrs. Charles
Churchill. The praying school-boy: a
brief memoir of R. E. H. Churchill. By
... L. 1869.

His Three Daughters. Katharine
Prescott Wormeley, Mrs. Elizabeth ( Worme-
ley) Latimer, and Mrs. Ariana Randolph
{Wormeley) Curtis. Recellections of
Ralph Randolph Wormeley, Rear-Ad-
miral, R.N. Written down by . . . N.Y,

His Twin Brother. Oliver William
Bourne Peabody. Sermons by . . . W. B.

0. Peabody, with a memoir by . . . B.

His Widow. Mrs. Fanny Byrne. Me-
moirs of Miles Byrne [an Irish exile of
1798] . . . Edited by . . . Paris, 1863.

His Widow. Mrs. Eliza Boaz. The
mission pastor . . . Rev. Thomas Boaz,
LL.D., for 24 years missionary in Cal-
cutta. L. 1862.

His Widow. Elizabeth Davies. Walks
through the city of York. By Robert
Davies. Edited by . . . L. 1880.

His Wife. Mrs. Fanny E. ( Grenfell)
Kingsley. Charles Kingsley. Ports-
mouth, 1877.

His Wife. Mrs. Mary (Peabody)
Mann. Life of Horace Mann. B. 1865.

His Wife. Mrs. Martha A. (Perry)
Lowe. Memoir of Charles Lowe. B. 1883.

His Wife. 3Irs. Alexandrine Macomb
Cummins. Memoir of George David
Cummins, D.D N.Y. 1878.

Historian of Manchester, The. John
Whitaker. A supplement to the first
and second books of the history of Corn-
wall [by R. Polwhele] ... By ... Ex-
eter, 1804.

Historicus. Benjamin Franklin, in
his essay entitled " On the slave-trade,"
contributed to the "Federal Gazette."
P. 1790.

Historicus. Sir William George Gran-
ville Vernon- Harcourt. American Neu-
trality. L. 1865.

Historicus. Cliarles Cowley. Letter
to E. B. Bigelow, printed in the Lowell
and other newspapers, July, 1858.

Hocli, Mr. Francis. John Osborne
Sargent. His signature to an " Extrava-
ganza " in the Harvard Univ. " Colle-
gian," 1830.

Hogg, Cervantes, F.S.M. (Fellow
of the Swinish Multitude.) Eaton
Stannard Barrett. The rising sun: a
serio-comic, satiric romance . . . 1807-9.

Hogg, Nathan. Henry Baird. Let-
ters in the Devonsliire dialect. [In
verse.] Exeter, 1847.

Hogo-Hunt, J. W., & Sunavill,
J. F., Blessrs. John William Houghton
and James Frank Sullivan. The last daze
of Pompeii. An antiquarian muddle . . .

Hoinos. Rev. James Gilmour. Among
the Mongols. L. 1883.

Holbeach, Henry. William Brightly
Rands. Student in life and philosophy,
L. 1865.

Holding, Ephraim. George Mogridge.
Homely hints to Sunday-school teachers.
L. 1843.

Holm, Saxe. Mrs. Helen Maria {Fiske
Hunt) Jackson (1). Stories. N.Y. 1874.




Holme, Daryl. David Herbert. The
lost i'atlier; or, Cecilia's triumph . . ,
Edinb. 1870.

Holmes, Charles. Charles Nordhoff,
in his contributions to " Harper's Maga-
zine" (N.Y.).

Holmes, 3Iargaret. Mrs. M. V.

Holmes, Sidney E. Mrs. Sarah E.
Henshaw. Delia Bacon, in the " Ad-
vance," Dec. 26, 1867.

Holt, Harry, and Holt, Polly. 3Iiss
Clara LeClerc, who, in 1865, wrote a
series of " Reveries " for the " Southern
Literary Companion," by " Harry Holt,"
and replies, " Old Maid Eeveries," by
" Polly Holt."

Holyoke, Anna. Mrs. Anna Holi/ole
( Cutis) Howard, in her contributions to
the "Household" (Brattleboro, Vt.).

Holyoke, Hetty. Mrs. Caroline Snow-
den (Whitmarsh) Guild. Kever mind the
face. N.Y. 1856.

Home, Cecil. Mrs. Augusta {Davies)
Webster. The Brisons. By ... in " Mac-
millan's Magazine," 1861.

Home, J. F. Rev. John Reade, the
author of many fugitive and other
poems, in Latin and English, of consider-
able merit, which appeared after 1856 in
the " Gazette," "Transcript," and " Wit-
ness " (Montreal), under this signature,
and the initials " R. J. C." and " J. R."

Homer. Samuel H. Honian.

Homespun, Sophia. Mrs. Elizabeth
H. Monmouth. Much fruit ... B. 1871.

Homme grave, Un. Octave Dele-
pierre, LL.D. Nouvelles plaisantes re-
cherches d' . . . sur quelques farceurs.
L. 1860.

Homme de Rien, Un. Louis Leonard
de Lom€nie. Galerie des contemporains
illustres. Paris, 1846-47.

Homo. Wilson MacDonald, the sculp-
tor, in his contributions to various peri-

Honest Man, An. Charles Lloyd. An
honest man's reasons for declining to
take any part in the new administration,
in a letter to the Marquis of [Rock-
ingham]. L. 1765.

Honest Man, An. John Douglas,
D.D. Seasonable hints of . . . L.

Honest Sailor, An. Admiral Edward
Vernon. Some seasonable advice from . . .
[Being letters to the Admiralty, dated
Aug.-Dec, 1745.] L. 1746.

Honestus. Edward Norton. The
bank charter act of 1844 truthfully con-
sidered ... L. 1857.

Honestus. Benjamin Austin. Obser-

vations on tho pernicious practice of
law. B. 1786.

Honey Bee. Eliza A. E. Smith.

Honeycomb, "Will. George Gordon.

Honeycomb, William, Esq. Rich-
ard Gardiner. The history of Pudica
[Miss Sotherton'], a lady of N" — rf — k.
With an account of her five lovers ; viz.,
Dick Merryfellow, Count Antiquary
\_Mr. Earle'], Young Squire Fox \_Mr.
Hare, Jun.'], of Dumplin-Hall, Jack
Shad well of the Lodge [_Mr. Buxton'],
and Miles Dinglebob, of Popgim-hall,
Esq. \_Mr. Branthwait]. Together with
Miss Pudica's sense of the word " eclair-
cissement," and an epithalamium on her
nuptials, by Tom Tenor, clerk of the
parish. To the tune of " Green grow the
rushes o'." By ... L. 1754.

Honeycombe, Henry. James Henry
Leigh Hunt. The Wishing Cap papers.

The author is a pretended descendant of the
celebrated Will Honeycombe in the " Specta-

Honorary Secretary, The. J. Hop-
kinson. Transactions of the Watford
Natural Historv Society. Edited by . . .
Watford, 1875.'

Hon. Foreign Secretary to the
Animals' Friend Society, The. Thomas
Forster, F.L.S. An apology for the doc-
trine of Pythagoras, as compatible with
that of Christianity . . . By . . . Bou-
logne sur Mer, 1858.

Honorary Secretary of the " Lean-
der Club." Sir Patrick Mac Chambaich
de Colquhoun. A companion to the
" Oarsman's Guide." L. 1857.

Hon. Secretary of the Royal East-
ern Yacht Club, The. Archibald Young.
Yachting and rowing. By ... L. 1866.

Honora, Lady. — See " A Lounger."

Honoria. Marguerite A. Power. The
letters of a betrothed. L. 1858.

Honorius. Noah Webster, LL.D.,
who, in 1783, published in the "Connec-
ticut Courant" a series of papers signed
" Honorius," in vindication of the Con-
gressional Soldiers' Pay-bill.

Honourable Mr. , The. William

Coombe. The auction: a town eclogue.
L. 1778.

Hood, Eu. Joseph Haslewood. Of
the London theatres, in "Gent. Mag.,"
August, 1813 et seq.

Hood, Thomas, the Younger.
Charles Clark_, ■ Esq. Epsom races : a
poem, comic, punning, and racy, by . . .

Hooker, Richard, Esq., of the
Inner Temple. William Webster, D.D.
The Weekly Miscellany. L. 1733.




Hoosier. Samuel V. iforrh, wlio has
been a contributor to the "Knicker-
bocker Magazine," to the Indiana
"State Journal," and other "Hoosier"

Hoosier, A. Adolphus M. Hart. Life
in the far West ; or, the adventures of
. . . N.Y.

Hope, Ansted. Miss Burdett, in the
Englisli " Family Herald."

Hope, Ascott R. Robert Hope Mon-
crieff. A book about boys. Edinb.

Hope, Ethel. Mrs. Ina M. {Porter)
Henry, who was a contributor to the
"Land we Love" and other Southern
magazines under her maiden name of
"Ina M. Porter" and the pen-name of
" Ethel Hope."

Hope, F. T. Ii. Frederic William
Farrar (1). The three homes. L. 18-.

Hope, Grandmother. i/?-s. H. D.
Kniqht. Lottie Wilde's picnic . . . N.Y.

Hope, Thomas, Esq. Jonathan Swift,
D.D. The Swearer's Bank . . . wherein
the medical use of oaths is considered
. . . Dublin, 1721.

Hopeful, Gregory. William Millett
Boase, M.D. Confessions of, in the
" Selector ; or, Cornish Magazine." Fal-
mouth, 1828.

Hophthalmos, Friedrich. Johann
Christoph Friedrich Haug, who began his
literary career as an author by publishing
" Sinngedichte von Friedrich Hophthal-
mos." Frankfort, 1791.

The pseudonym " Hophthalmos " is a jocular
Greek equivalent of his own name (.Aug, the
eye, equal to Ophthalmos, and therefore Haug
equal to " Hophthalmos ").

Hopkins, John. M7-s. Jane Marcet.
Notions on political economy. L. 1833.

Horam, the Son of Asmar. Rev.
James Ridley. The tales of the Genii . . .
L. 1764.

Horatio. John Pickens, who wi'ote a
number of poetical articles in prose and
verse for the " New England Galaxy,"
some of them imitations of Horace, and
signed " Horatio."

Horatius. Horace Twiss, Esq.,
Q.C. (?). St. Stephen's chapel: a
satirical poem, by . . . L. 1807.

Hormisdas-Peath, Sir. Jacques
Albin Simon Collin de Plancy. Voyage
au centre de la Terre . . . Paris, 1821.

Horn, Otto. Adolf Bauerle. Therese
Krones, 1854-55; and Ferdinand Rai-
mund, 1855. Vienna.

Horn, W. O. v. P. F. W. Oertel
Erzahlungen. Paris, 187-.

Hornbooli. xVdani. Tliomns Cooper.
Alderman Ralph. L. 1850.

Horne, Saxe. Mrs. Helen Jane Woods,
of Montreal, in sketches, etc., contribu-
ted to various periodicals.

Hornem, Horace, Esq. George Gor-
don Noel, Lord Byron. The waltz: an
apostrophic hymn. L. 1813.

A satire against dancing, which Byron was
very anxious to suppress.

"I fear that a certain malicious publication
on waltzing is attributed to me. This report, I
suppose, you will take care to contradict, as the
author, I am sure, would not like that I should
wear his cap and bells." — Note in " Works "
(ed. 1850), p. 456.

Horrible, Sir HUdebrand, The —
of the English novelists. William


Horse-Dealer, A. Frederick Taylor.
Recollections of . . . L. 1861.

Horst, Ben. Edward G. Fast. The
gentleman of the color . . . Bait. 1870.

Hortensius. Sir William Bolland, in
Dr. Dibdin's " Bibliomania,"

Hortensius. D. Ramsay.

Hortensius. William Livingston.

In 1776 et seg., he published several essays,
under this signature, in the " New Jersey Ga-
zette," a paper established to oppose Rivington's
" Royal Gazette," which was especially virulent
against the " Don Quixote of the Jerseys," as it
unceremoniously termed Gov. Livingston. In
1779, he also wrote under the same signature, in
the " United States Magazine."

Hortensius. Judge George Hay. An
essay on the liberty of the press ... P.

Horus. G. C. Fisher.

Hosmot, Hyton. William Deal
Baker, A.M. The Satumiad: being a
full and true account of the rise, progress,
and downfall of the University of Quil-
sylvania [Pennsylvania]. By . . . Trans-
lated by A. Lecutt, Esq P. 1836.

Hospita. Charles Lamb, in his essay
" On the immoderate indulgence of the
pleasures of the palate," contributed to
the " Reflector."

Hotspur. Henry Buck, in the London
" Morning Advertiser " and the " Daily

Hotspur. Henry Mort Feist, in the
" Daily Telegraph " and " Sporting
Life" (L.).

Hotspur. M. T. Walworth. Twenty
questions . . . N.Y. 1882.

House Holder, A. Samuel Miles
Hopkins. Letters concerning the gen-
eral health . . . N.Y. 1805.

Housekeeper, A. Mrs. John Smith.
Confessions of . . . P. 18-.

Housset, Arsene. Arsene Houssaye.
Life in Paris. B, 1875.

Hovey, Wayne. William Johnston.




Hovvadji. George Will lam Curtis.
The Nile notes of . . . N.Y. 1867.

Howard. Roland F. Coffin.

How^ard. Joseph Dewey Fay (the
father of Theodore S. Fay), who was an
earnest advocate of the abolition of im-
prisonment for debt, in numerous con-
tributions to the public journals, under
this signature.

Howard. Mordecai 3Ianuel Noah.
Essays on domestic economy. Originally
published in the "National Advocate."

How^ard, Caroline. Mrs. Caroline
Howard (Gilman Glover) Jervey. A
strange family. L. 1870.

How^ard, Daisy. Myra Daisy Mc-

HoTvard, George, Esq. Lieut. Fran-
cis C. Laird, R.N. Lady Jane Grey and
her times ... L. 1822.

How^ard, Harvey. Will S. Faris,

How^ard, H. L. Charles Jeremiah
Wells. Joseph and his brethren : a scrip-
tural drama ... L. 1824. — See "Fort-
nightly Eev.," Vol. XVII., pp. 217, 232.

How^ard of "The Times." Joseph
Howard, Jr., in his contributions to the
"Press" (P.), etc.

How^e, Henry. Henry Howe Hutchin-
son. A nom de theatre.

Howe, Mary. Jonathan Swift, D.D.
A letter to Miss Susannah Neville. 1732.

Hubbell, Myron. William E. Mc-

Hudson, Frank. George Kimball.

Hughson, David, LL.D. Edward
Pugh. An epitome of the privileges of
London . . . L. 1816.

Hugomont, Edmond. Hugh E.
Montgomerie, author of the novels and
translations which appeared in the " Lit-
erary Garland," Montreal, under this sig-

Hull, Mr. Tom Hill. The "Mr. Hull"
of Theodore Hook's "Gilbert Gurney,"
and the " Paul Pry " of John Poole.

Hum, O., & Co. Frederic Saunders.
Life in New York. Edited [or rather
written] by . . . N.Y. 1839.

Humble Expectant of the Promise,
An. Rev. William Burgh. The coming
of the Day of God . . . Dublin,

Humbug, Dr. Joseph Reed. Madrigal
and Trulletta. A mock tragedy . . .
With notes by the author . . . critic and
censor-general. L. 1758.

Humm, Sir Henry. George Alexan-
der Stevens. Distress upon distress ; or,
tragedy in true taste. A heroi-comi-
. parodi-tragedi-farci-cal burlesque. In
two acts [and in verse] . . . With anno-

tations ... by Sir H. H. and notes ... by
Paulus Purgantius Pedasculus ... L.

Humphries, Jack. Jonathan F.
Kelly, better known by his signatures of
" Falconbridge," "Jack Humphries,''
and " Stampede."

Hunnibee, Kate. Mrs. Laura E.
Lyman, joint author of " Philosophy of
housekeeping." Hartford, 1869.

Hunter. Parker Gillmore. Hunter's
adventures in the great West. L. 1871.

Hunter, A. Capt. Flack. A hunter's ex-
periences in the Southern States. L. 1866.

Hunter, Harry. Charles Weir Field.

Hunter, Harry. Henry Gibson.

Hunter, Harry. James L. Gould.

Hunter, W. Ord. Irving Brown. —
See " Curdle, Cream."

Huntington. A. H. Clapp, D.D.

Huntington, Faye. Mrs. I. H. Fos-
ter. Mrs. Deane's way. B. 1875.

Huntsman, A. Thomas Assheton
Smith. Extracts from the diary of . . .
L. 1838.

Huntsman, A. Hon. George Charles
Grantley-Fltz-Hardinge Berkeley, Remi-
niscences of . . . L. 186-.

Hurlbut, Loammi N., M.D. James
Hammond Trumbull, used in a series of
papers in the "Independent" entitled
" Limbtis librorum."

Hurlothrumbo. Thomas Simpson,
who " proposed and resolved many ques-
tions in the 'Ladies* Diaries,' sometimes
under his own name and sometimes
under fictitious names, such as ' Hurlo-
thrumbo,' 'Kubernetes,' 'Patrick O'Cave-
nah,' 'Marmaduke Hodgson,' 'Anthony
Shallow, Esq.,' and probably others. —
See ' Diaries ' for 1735-60.'' — Chalmers,
Vol. 28.

Hush, Bob. Sir Robert Walpole.
Cameronian Whigs no patriots ; or, some
remarkable exploits of Bob Hush. L.

Hyacinths, Le pere. Le Pere Charles
Jean Marie Loyson. Discours prononce
au congres de Malines.

Hydrant Chuck. J. F. Martin, in
his contributions to the "Fireman's
Journal" (N.Y.).

Hydrophilus. Rev. Thomas Fenwick.
— See " Blue Bonnet."

Hygeist, The. James Ilorison, Esq.,
the vender of the " Vegetable Universal
Medicines " commonly known as Mori-
son's pills.

Hyperion. Josiah Qiiincy, Jr., in the
" Boston Gazette and Country Journal,"
Sept. 28 and Oct. 5, 1767, and Nor. 25,




I., C. Cosmo Innes. Concerning some
Scotch surnames. Edinb. 1860.

I., D. Duncan Innes. — See " A Lay-

I., G. George Iliff. Chronology in
verse without numbers. L. 1855.

I., J. James Ingram, D.D. The church
in the middle centuries . . . Oxf. 1842.

I., W. Rev. William logo, B.A. In-
fringing the bye-laws : a railway misad-
venture. Illustrated by "Phiz," and
signed /' W. I." in " London Society "
(holiday number), 1869. Also in contri-
butions to other periodicals.

lago. Sir Robert Walpole. lago dis-
play'd. The contents. Chap. I., How
Cassio accused lago of corruption, etc.
L. 1731 (1).

lanthe. Lady June Elizabeth (Digbi/)
Ellenborough, in M. About's "La Grece
contemporaine." P. 1855.

lanthe. Mrs. Emma Catharine (Man-
ley) Embury, Guido; and other poems.
N.Y. 182-.

later. Dr. John Davis, of Bath. An
essay concerning pestilential contagion
... L. 1748.

'lorpos. G. D. Yeats, M.D. A bio-
graphical sketch of the life and writings
of Patrick Colquhoun, L. 1818.

Iconoclast. Charles Bradlaugh. New
life of David ... L.

Idaiuore. Miss Mary Cutis. Gron-
dalla : a romance in verse. N.Y. 1866.

Idle Scholar, The. Miss Julia Hat-
field. Bryant homestead-book. N.Y.

Idle Woman, An. Mrs. Sue (Peti-
gru) King. Busy moments of . . .
Charleston, 185-. ,

Idle Woman, An. Mrs. Frances
(Minto) Elliot. The diary of ... in
Italy. L. 1872.

Idler. Marguerite (Power) Gardiner,
Countess of Blessington. Idler in Italy,
1822-28. L. 1839-40.

Idler, An. George Stillman Hillard,
who wrote for Buckingham's " New Eng-
land Magazine" a series of "Literary
Portraits," the articles " Selections from
the papers of an Idler," etc.

Idler, An. Chevalier Henry WiJcoff.
Reminiscences of . . . 1823-40. N.Y.

Idstone. Rev. Thomas Pearce. The
Idstone papers. L. 1872.

Ignatius, Brother, Monk of the
Order of Saint Benedict. Joseph Ley-

cester Lyne. The Catholic Church of
England ... L. 1864.

Ignatius, Deacon of the Church of
England. Joseph Leycester Lyne. May
a monk serve God in the Church of Eng-
land, or not "? . . . Oxf. n.d.

Ignatius, Father, Passionist. Hon.
and Rev. George Spencer. The life of
Blessed Paul of the Cross, translated.
L. 1860.

Ignatius, O. S. B. Joseph Leycester
Lyne. The Holy Isle : a legend of Bard-
sey Abbey. L. 1870.

Ignoto. Richard Barnfield.

Ignoto Secondo. James Beresford,
in the London " Literary Gazette," 182-.

Ignotus. James Franklin Fuller.
Culmshire folk. L. 1875.

Ignotus. Ven. Arthur Blennerhusset
Rowan, D.D., M.B.I.A. Letters from
Oxford, with notes by . , . Dublin, 1843.

Ignotus. Fdix Platel. Portraits d'
Ignotus. Paris, 1878. These notices
first appeared in "Figaro," under this

Ignotus, Pictor. William Blake.

II Musannif. C. F. Mackenzie. The
romantic Land of Hind. By ... L.

H Penseroso. George Denison Pren-

Ill-used Candidate, An. J. C, Caley.
Indignant rhymes. L. 1859.

Immortal Molly. 3frs. Mary Fowle,
of Cambridge, England.

" Being In her younger years long a celebrated
toast, she was distinguished in the University
by the name of the ' Immortal Molly,' which
occasioned the following epigram by the Rev.
Hans De Veil :

' Is MoUy Fowle immortal? No.
Yes but she is. I'll prove her so.
She's fifteen now, and was, I know.
Fifteen full years ago.' "

Impartial Bystander, An. John
Speed, M.D. An I. B.'s review of the
controversy concerning the wardensliip of
Winchester College. L. 1759.

Impartial Frenchman, An. Thomas
Pichon. Genuine letters and memoii-s
relating to . . . the islands of Cape
Breton ... L. 1760.

Impartial Hand, An. John Towne.
The argument of the Divine Legation
fairly stated ... L. 1751.

Impartial Hand, An. Samuel John-
son. A compleat vindication of the licen-
sers of the stage ... L. 1739.

Impartial Hand, An. Rev. John




Hildrop. The contempt of the clergy
considered ... L. 1739.

Impartial Hand, An. Dr. John
Mitchell. The contest in America, be-
tween Great Britain and France . . . By
... L. 1757.

Impartial Hand, An. Sir Blchard
Steele. The D — n of W — r {i.e., Francis
Hare, Dean of Worcester) still the same
. . . L. 1720.

Also attributed to Rev. Benjamin Hoadly.

Impartial Hand, An. llichard Raw-
linson, LL.D. The English topographer
... By . . . L. 1720.

Impartial Hand, An. Peter King,

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