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Lord King. An enquiry into the con-
stitution ... of the primitive Church . . .
L. 1691.

Impartial Hand, An. Daniel Turner.
The fashionable daughter . . . By . . .
L. 1774.

Impartial Hand, An. Isaac Kimber.
The history of England, from the earliest
accounts to . . . George II. . . . L. 1746.

Impartial Hand, An. liichard Bow-
lands. History of the lives and reigns of
the kings of Scotland . . . Dublin,

Impartial Hand, An. llev. James
Murratj. The history of religion. By
... L. 1764.

Impartial Hand, Au. Sir John Hill,
M.D. Tlie history of a woman of qual-
ity; or, the adventures of Lady Frail
[i.e., Anne, Viscountess Vane]. By . . .
L. 1751.

Impartial Hand, An. George Coad,
Jr., of Exeter. A letter to the Honour-
able the Lords Commissioners of Trade
and Plantations ... L. 1747.

Impartial Hand, An. Andrew Hen-
derson. The life of John [Dalrymple,
2d] Earl of Stair ... By . . . L.

Impartial Hand, An. Rev. Thomas
Cox, of Broomfield, Essex. Magna
Britannia et Hibernia ... In the
"Savoy," 1720.

Impartial Hand, An. Rev. Francis
Hare. A new defence of [Hoadly] the
Lord Bishop of Bangor's sermon ... L.

Impartial Hand, An. William Duff.
A new and full critical, biographical,
and geographical history of Scotland . . .
L. 1749.

Impartial Hand, An. Rev. Thomas
Allen. A proposal for a free and unex-
pensive election of Parliament . . . By
... L. 1753.

Impartial Hand, An. Dorothea Went-
worth. Remarks on the second volume

of the memoirs of Mrs. Pilkington . . .
By . . . Dublin, 1749.

Impartial Hand, An. T/iomas Fox-
croft. The ruling and ordaining power
of Congregational bishops ... B. 1724.

Impartial Hand, Who was an Eye-
Witness to most of the Facts, An.
Andrew Henderson. The history of the
Rebellion, 1745 and 1746 . . . Edinb.

Impartial Inquirer, An. R. Casway.
A miscellaneous metaphysical essay.
L. 1748.

Also ascribed to James Ralph.

Impartial Revievsrer, An. Thomas
O'Connor. The Inquisition examined . . .
N.Y. 1825.

Impartialist, An. Samuel Adams, on
Robinson's assault on James Otis, in the
"Boston Gazette," Sept. 25, 1769.

Impressed New Yorlier, An. Wil-
liam G. Stevenson. Thirteen months in
the rebel army . . . 1861-62. N.Y. 1862.

Inchiquin. Robert Southey, in his con-
tributions to the "Quarterly Review"
(L. 1814), etc.

Inchiquin, the Jesuit. Charles Jared
Ingersoll. Inchiquin's letters. P. 1809.

Incognitus, Richardns. Richard
Brash. An address to the people of the
British Dominions ... L. 1825.

Inconnue, U. Mrs. L, Virginia
(Smith) French. Kernwood ; or, after
many days . . . Louisville, Ky., 1868.

Incumbent of the English Churcli,
Nairn, An. Rev. William. West. The
position of the English Church in Scot-
land ... By . . . Edinb. 1866.

Indagator. John Canton. On the
magnetic needle, in the " Gent. Mag.,"
September, 1761, p. 397 ; and November,
1761, p. 497.

Indagator. Charles Clarke, Esq. Re-
markable particulars in our ancient
parochial churches. " Gent. Mag.,"
August, 1787, p. 661.

Indagator RoflFensis. Charles Clarice,
Esq. His signature to a description of
Woldham Church, in the "Gent. Mag."
for July, 1789, p. 589.

Independent, An. Josiah Qaincy, Jr.,
in the "Boston Gazette," Feb. 12 and
26, 1770.

Independent Freeholder, An. Tliom-
as Thirlwall. A calm and dispassionate
address to Sir Francis Burdett, Bart. . . .
n.p. 1804.

Independent Observer, An. A. Red-
foord. Union necessary to security . . .
By . . . Dublin, 1800.

Independent Voter, An. Rowland
Hunt. Free thoughts on the late con-




tested election for the borough of Shrews-
bury. Shrewsbury, 1806.

Independent Whig, An. John Al-
mon, in the London " Gazette," 1760 et

Index, Q. P. William McCrillis Qris-
wold. Indexes to the " International Re-
view,'' etc. Bangor, 1880.

Indian Agent, An. Henry W. De
Put/. Mishaps of an Indian agent con-
victed of not plundering the Indians.
Albany, 1863.

Indian Journalist, An. William
Knirjhton, LL.D. Tropical sketches; or,
reminiscences of . . . L. 1855.

Indian Official, An. R. H. Holling-
hery. A handbook on gold and silver.
L. 1878.

Indian Official, An. Maj.-Gen. Sir
William Henry Sleeman, K.C.B. Ram-
bles and recollections of . . . L. 1844.

Indian Official, An. Gen. Sir Orfeur
Cavenagh. Reminiscences ... L. 1884.

Indianian, An. James Whitcomb. The
other side of " Facts for the People," in
relation to a " Protective Tariff," by . . .

Indicus. Major Evans Bell. The
rajah and principality of Mysore. L.

Indigina. Mrs. Adelaide McCord.

Indigina. Mrs. Dolores A. (Fuertos
Menken Heenen) Newell.

Indignatio. Rev. Henry Taylor. Con-
fusion worse confounded , rout on rout ;
or, the Bishop of G — r's [Gloucester]
commentary on Rice Evans's "Echo
from Heaven," examined and exposed.
By . . . L. 1772.

Indophilus. Sir Charles Edward Tre-
velyan and another. Correspondence re-
lating to the establishment of an Oriental
college in London ... L. 1858.

Infidel Mathematician, An. Dr.
Halley. The analyst; or, a discourse
addressed to . . . By the author of " The
Minute philosopher" [G. Berkeley,
Bishop of Cloyne]. L. 1734.

lugenuus. Thady Fitzpatrick. — See
«T. F."

Ingham, Col. Frederic. Edward
Everett Hale. The Ingham papers. B.

Ingoldsby. James Hildyard, B.D.
The Ingoldsby letters, in reply to the
bishops in convocation and to the House
of Lords, on the revision of the Book of
Common Prayer. L. 1862-63.

Ingoldsby, Thomas, Esquire. Rich-
ard Harris Barham, B.A. The Ingoldsby
legends ; or, mirth and marvels ... L.

Inhabitant, An. F. K. Robinson. A
glossary of Yorkshire words and phrases
... L. 1855.

Inhabitant, An. Thomas Thaxter.
A narrative of the proceedings in the
north parish of Hingliam from the time
of Dr. Ware's leaving it to the ordination
of Rev. Joseph Richardson and Mr.
Henry Coleman. By . . . Salem, 1807.

Inhabitant, An. Henry Pownall.
Some particulars relating to the history
of Epsom . . , Epsom, 1825.

Inhabitant of Boston, An. Andrew
Newell (^). Darkness at noon; or, the
great solar eclipse of the 16th of June,
1806 ... B. 1806.

Inhabitant of Florida, An. Z.
Kingsley. A treatise on the patriarchal
system of society ... in America . . .

Inhabitant of New England, An.
Timothy Dwight, D.D. Remarks on the
review of Inchiquin's letters published in
the " Quarterly Review "... B. 1815.

Also ascribed to Jedidiah Morse, D.D.

Inhabitant of the Province, An.
Calvin Hatheway. Sketches of New
Brunswick ... St. John, 1825.

Inhabitant of the State of Mary-
land, An. Rev. Charles Henry Wharton,
D.D. A poetical epistle to his excel-
lency George Washington . . . from . . .
L. 1780.

Inigo. Charles Henry Webb.

Injured Lady, The. Jonathan Swift,
D.D. The story of . . . Being a true
picture of Scotch perfidy, Irish poverty,
and English partiality. L. 1746.

Inkle, Mr. Christopher Anstey. An
election ball, in poetical letters from . . .
at Bath to his wife at Gloucester . . .
Bath, 176-.

Innsly, 0"wen. Miss Lucy W. Jenni-
son. Love poems and sonnets. By . . .
B. 1881.

Inquirer. A. P. Happer. A letter to
Prof. Friedrich Max Mueller on the
sacred books of China. By . . . 1880.

Inquirer, An. James Jackson Jarves.
The confessions of . . . B. 1857.

Inquirer, The. William Atkinson.
The guilt of Democratic scheming fully
proved against the Dissenters , . . By
... L. 1802.

Inspector, The. Sir John Hill, who
wrote " The Inspector " for two years in
the " Daily Advertiser," 1751-53.

Inspector, The. Sir John Hill, M.D.
Letters from ... to a lady, with the gen-
uine answers ... L. 1752. (Letters
signed "J. H." and the answers "D.")

lastar omnium. Samuel Adams. So




termed by Gov. Hutchinson in a letter to
Pownall. 1771.

Intimate Friend of his, An. Rev.
Eichard Graves. Recollection of some
particulars in the life of the late William
Shenstone, Esq., in a series of letters
from ... L. 1788.

Invalid, An. Henri/ Matthews, Esq.
The diary of ... in 1817-19. L. 1820.

Invalid, An. Harriet Martineau. Life
in the sick-room, essays. L. 1844.

Invalid, An. Frederic Townsend (?).
Musings of . . . N.Y. 185-.

Invalid, An. Hon. Bobert Fulke Gre-
ville. Outlines selected from the blotting
book of . . . 1825.

Invalid, An. W. B. Aspinall. San
Remo as a winter residence. By . . .
1862-65. L. 1865.

Invalid, An. John Strang, Esq., LL.D.
Travelling notes of ... in search of
health, first published in the " Glasgow
Herald," but separately in 1863.

Investigator. .Jacob Barker. The
Rebellion ; its consequences ... By . . .
New^Orleans, 1866.

Investigator. Daniel Oliver. Re-
marks on a pamphlet entitled "Prof.
Hale and Dartmouth College." 1846.

Investigator. Samuel Wheeler. The
triangle . . . N.Y. 1832.

lolo Fardd Glas. Edward Williams,
the well-known Welsh bard and writer.

Ion. Eugene Kingman, in his contribu-
tions to the " Baltimore Sun."

lone. Mrs. Man/ Elizabeth {Moore
Hewitt) Stebbins. Her earlier poems ap-
peared in the " Knickerbocker Maga-
zine" and other periodicals under this
pen-name, and in Boston, in 1845, she
published a volume entitled " Songs of
our Land, and other Poems." Her name
was originally Jane L. Moore.

Iota. Bev. Joseph Jefferson, of Basing-
broke (Hants.), in his contributions to
the "Gent. Mag." (L.), etc.

Iota. Dr. John Francis Waller (?).
Adventures of a Protestant in search of
a religion. Dublin, 186-.

Iota. John Harland. Stray leaves
collected for the "Athenaeum Bazaar."
Manchester, 1843.

Ipolperroc. Jonathan Couch, in the
" Imperial Magazine " and the " Pam-
phleteer," 1819 et seq.

Iredale, John. B. B. Valient ine, in
his contributions to "Puck" (N.Y.).

Irenseus. Bev. Samuel IrencBus Prime,
author of " The old white meeting-house ;
or, reminiscences of a coimtry congrega-
tion," N.Y. 1845; also in his contribu-
tions to the " N.Y. Observer," etc.

Ireuic'us. Joseph Besse. Tlie doctrine
of the people called Quakers, in relation
to bearing arms and fighting . . . L.

Irish Adopted Citizen, An. George
C. Collins. Fifty reasons why the Hon-
orable Henry Clay should be elected
President of the United States. Bait.

Irish Archivist, An. John T. Gilbert.
On the history, position, and treatment
of the public records of Ireland. L.

Irish Bachelor, An. — Abbot. Tlie
freaks of Cupid : a novel ... L. 1845.

Irish Catholic, An. William James
MacNeven. An argument for independ-
ence, in opposition to an union . . .
By . . . Dublin, 1799.

Irish Catholic, An. James Warren
Doi/le. Essay on education and the
state of Ireland. Dublin, 1880.

Irish Catholic, An. William Bullen.
A memoir of the Union. By . . . Dub-
lin, 1843.

Irisli Catholic Whig, An. Charles
0. Gorman. An I. C. W. to his fellow-
countrymen in the United States. Prov.

Irish Charles Dicliens, The. Mrs.
May Laffan Hartley.

Irish Country Gentleman, An. Wil-
liam Parnell. An inquiry into the causes
of popular discontents in Ireland . . .
L. 1804.

Irish Dignitary, An. Rev. Thomas
Lewis O'Beirne. A letter ... on the sub-
ject of tithes in Ireland. L. 1807.

Irish Gentleman, An. Thomas WaU
ford. The scientific tourist through Ire-
land ... By . . . L. 1818.

Irish Gentleman, An. Thomas Moore.
Travels of ... in search of a religion.
L. 18otj.

Irish Lady, An. Mrs. J. B. Greer,
Vindication of friends ... P. 1852.

Irish Land O^vner, An. Thomas
Martin. A plan for the settlement of
the question of the sale and transfer,
mortgage and registration of land. 2d
ed. Dublin, 1862.

Irish National Journalist, An.
Richard Pigott. Personal recollections
of . . . Dublin, 1882.

Irish Peasant Poet, The. C. P.
0' Conor.

Irish Police Magistrate, An. Henry
Robert Addison. Recollections of . . . L.

Irish Seunachy, An. Edward Smyth
Mercer. The Mercer chronicle ... L.




Irish Traveller, An. Richard Twiss,
in Beloe's " Sexagenarian." Vol. 11., p.
52. 2d ed. L. 1818.

Irish Traveller, An. Mr. Synge. A
biographical sketch of the struggles of
Pestalozzi . . . Dublin, 1815.

Irish Whiskey-Drinker. John Shee-
han. The Irish "Whiskey-Drinker papers.
L. 1868. Also his contributions to
"Temple Bar," etc.

Irishman, An. Thomas Moore. Cor-
ruption and intolerance : two poems . . .
L. 1808-9.

Irishwoman, An. Miss Anna Per-
rier. The Irishman. L. 1866. Repub-
lished from the " Englishwoman's Do-
mestic Magazine."

Irner. Bon Louis Henri Martin and
another. Wolfthurm. Paris, 1830.

Ironculus. Lord H. Spencer. His
signature to letter and poem in the " Mi-
crocosm," published at Eton College,

Irondequoit. Francis Trevelyan
Buckland, in his contributions to the
"Examiner" (N.Y.).

Ironside, Nestor. Sir Richard Steele,
as one of the editors of the " Guardian."
L. 1713.

Ironside, Nestor, Elsq. Dr. Samuel
Croxall. Another original canto of
Spencer ... L. 1714.

Irraghticonnor. John C Hennessy,
in the " Celtic Monthly."

Irritable Man, An. Robert Barry
Coffin. Matrimonial infelicities. N.Y.

Irving, Helen W. Miss Anna H. Phil-
lips. Her first poem, " Love and fame,"
appeared in the N.Y. "Home Journal,"

Irving, Henry. John Henry Brodribb
Irving. Nom de theatre.

Isa. Mrs. Jsa {Craig) Knox, whose
poems in the " Scotsman," signed
"Isa," attracted attention, and led to
her being placed on the staff of that

Isaac, Liord Bishop of Worcester.
Isaac Madox, D.D. A sermon . . .
before . . . the . . . governors of the
hospital for the small-pox and for inocu-
lation . . . March 5, 1752, By . . . L.

Isabel. Mrs. Anna Cora (Ogden
Mowatt) Ritchie, who gained some liter-
ary celebrity under the assumed titles of

"Isabel" and "Helen Berkley," and a
still wider reputation by her works under
her own name.

Isabel. William Gilmore Simms. Pe-
layo ; or, the cavern of Covadonga : a
romance [in verse]. N.Y. 1836.

Isaline. Janet De La Touche. Jean-
nie ; or, the flower of Glenburnie. L.

Ishmael. Josiah Harris. The pulpit
of Cornwall : its preachers, and their
teachings. Penzance, 1859.

Isidore. Isidore G. Ascher, B.C.L.,
a Canadian poet. "For some years he
had been known as the author of many
poetical pieces ; among which were some
beautiful and tender lyrics, which had
appeared in the provincial press, under
his Christian name " Isidore."

Iskander. Alexander Herzen, a Rus-
sian litte'rateur and politician, who, while
writing under the censorship of the Czar
until his fiftieth year, published his works
under this pseudonym, — the Turkish
translation of his Christian name, Alex-

Israelite, An. George Houston. Israel
vindicated . . . N.Y. 1820.

Signed " Nathan Joseph."

It matters Not Who. Rev. Edward
Nares, B.D. Heraldic anomalies. By
... L. 182.3.

Italian, An. Charles Barinetti. Voy-
age to Mexico and Havanna . . . By
N.Y. 1841.

Italian Nun, An. William Coombe.
Esq. Letters of . . . L. 1789.

Ithuriel. Clarence Hopper, in his con
tributions to " Notes and Queries " (L.)

Itinerant, An. Abel Stevens, D.D.
LL.D. Sketches and incidents : £
budget from the saddle-bags of . .

Its Present Owner. Colonel Thomas
Wildman. Newstead Abbey : its present
owner, with reminiscences of Lord Byron.
L. 1857.

Ixion. Llewelyn H. Johnson, the earli-
est " champion " amateur bicycle racer
in America.

Ixion. Leon N. Salmon.

Izak. John Isaac Ira Adams, in the
Boston " Republican," in 1857.

Izax, Ikabod. G. S. Stebbins. My
satchel and I; or, literature on foot.
Springfield, Mass., 187-.



J., A. Alexander Justice. A general
treatise of monies and exchanges . . .
1707. — See " A Well-wisher to Trade."

J., A., and R. A. Absalom Jones and
Richard Allen. A narrative of the pro-
ceedings of the black people during the
late awful calamity in Philadelphia, in
the year 1793. P. 1794.

J., C. G. Jacob. An epitome of Mr.
Gun ton's History of Peterborough Cathe-
dral. By . . . 11th ed. Peterborough,

J., C. Rev. Charles Jenner. The man of
family ... L. 1771.

J., C A. C. A. Jones. S. John the
Evangelist's day; or, the martyrdom of
the will ... L. 1859.

J., D. David Jones. The history of
the house of Brunswick Lunenburgh . . .

J., D. W. Douglas William Jerrold, in
the London "Belle Assemblee," 1824,
and other periodicals.

J., E. Edward Jarvis, M.D. " Law
of physical life," in the " Christian Ex-
aminer " for September, 1843.

J., E. Miss E. Jollij. The life and
letters of Sydney Dobell. Ed. by . . .
L. 1878.

J., E. A. E. A. Jackson. Christine
Thornton ; or, who is my neighbor ?
N.Y. 1870.

J. E. S. James Carnegie, Earl of
Southesk. Herminius : a romance . . .
Edinb. 1862.

J., G. Giles Jacob. An historical
account of the lives and writings of our
most considerable English poets ... L.

J. G. J. — See " A Member of the
Philadelphia Bar."

J., G. W. G. W. Jordan. New obser-
vations concerning the colours of thin
transparent bodies ... L. 1800.

J. H. Denis Florence M'Carthj/. Jus-
tina : a play . . . Trans, by . . . L. 1848.

J., J. Rev. Joseph Jefferson, of Basing-
broke (Hants.), in his contributions to
the "Gent. Mag." (L.), etc.

J. K. L. James Warren Doi/le, R.C.,
Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin. Let-
ters on the state of education in Ireland,
and on Bible societies . . . Dublin, 1824.

J., li. J. Louis J. Jennings, formerly
London correspondent of the " AVorld "

J., M. Mary Jenkins. A guide to
Star-gazing ... L. 1861.

J., M. E. M. Margaret Elizabeth Mary
Jones. Ismael and Cassander; or, the
Jew and the Greek ... L.

J., M. J. Maria Jane Jewsbury. Phan-
tasmagoria ... L. 1825.

J. O. Matthew James Higgins. The
story of the Mhow court-martial (L.
1864) ; reprinted from the " Cornhill

J. O. Y. Mrs. S. S. Black. Ramblmg
chats and chatty ramblings ... N.Y.

J., R. Richard Jefferies. The game-
keeper at home. L. 1878.

J., R. B. Robert Baker Jones. The
vision of Mary ; or, a dream of joy . . .

J., S. Samuel Johnson. Ad Urbanum.
J* copy of Latin verses, in March, 1738,

Idrossed to Sylvanus Urban [Edward
Cave], the editor "Gent. Mag.," March,

J., S. Stephen Jones. The history of
Poland from its origin as a nation to the
commencement of the year 1795 ... L.

J., S. Mrs. Sarah {Jackson Davis)
Tappan. Letters to a young Christian.
By . . . N.Y. 1851.

J. S. of Dale. Frederick Jesup Stim-
son. Guerndale. N.Y. 1882.

J., S. L. Sarah L. Jones. Life in the
South ... L. 1863.

J. T., Esq. John Wilson Croker. An
intercepted letter from Canton . . . Dub-
lin, 1804.

J. V. Z. .Joseph Veazie. Asphalt. Its
preparation and application. B. 1875.

J., W. W. Jordan. Extracts from a
journal kept during a voyage from Phil-
adelphia to Calcutta — Serampore, 1812.

J., W. S. W. S. Jordan, of San Fran-
cisco, Cal., in his contributions to vari-
ous periodicals.

j*» ]y|_ Thomas Jefferson. Observa-
tions sur la Virginie. Par . . . Paris,

J — M — N, E. E. Jarmain. An inva-
lid's pastime ... L.

J — 11. Joseph Jekyll. See Lamb's
" Elia." — " The Old Bencher of the Inner

J — n, M. J. Mrs. Mary J. Jour dan.
Mind's mirror: poetical sketches . . .
Edinb. 1856.

J — ph — n, R — ph, of tlie Inner Tem-
ple. Ralph Jephson. The expounder
expounded ... L. 1740.




J — 's, H — d, Esq. Hildebrand Jacob,
Esq. The curious maid. L. 17-

Jabez. Clement Mansfield Inglebi/,
M.A., LL.D., in " Notes and Queries "
(L.), January, 1877.

Jablonsky, Boleslaw. Karl Eugen
Tupij. Liebeslieder. 1841.

Jacia. John Crane. Remarks on
coinage. L. 1859.

Jack, Cannibal. Charles Beach.
Way to win. L. 18-.

Jackson, Josephine. Mrs. C. B.

Jackson, Stephen, Esq., of The
Flatts, Blalham Moor. James Henry
Dixon, LL.D. Chronicles and stories of
the Craven Dales. L. 1S81.

First contributed to the pages of a small
monthly publication issued at Skipton, 1853-57;
afterward published in book form with the
author's name.

Jackson, "Stonewall." Thomas J.

" There is G-eneral Bee who, in addressing his
own men at Bull Run, likened Thomas Jonathan
Jackson to a ' stone wall ' ; and Wordsworth,
who in his lines on Chatterton seems to have hit
the popular view with his ' marvellous boy '
better than Byron with his ' mad genius'; and
Douglas Jerrold, who transmuted Charles into
'Good' Knight; and Hogg, the 'Ettrick Shep-
herd,' who found a sj-nonym in 'Ebony' for Mr.
Blackwood . . . and Scott, the originator of the
phrase ' The Crafty,' in application to ^\j:chibald
Constable; and he who gave to his school-fel-
lows, James and John Ballantyne, the redoubta-
ble names of two characters in Carey's ' Chro-
nonhotonthologos,' ' Aldiborontiphoscophornio '
and ' Rigdum Funnidos.'" — See " Gent. Mag."
for January, 1883, p. 39.

Jacob, Lord Bishop of Quebec,

Jacob Mountain. A sermon ... at Que-
bec . . . January 10th, 1799 . . . By . . .
Quebec, 1799.

Jacob Omnium's Hoss. William
Makepeace Thackerai/. Bow Street bal-
lads, No. II. "Punch," Dec. 9, 1848.

Jacob, P. L., bibliophile. Paul La-
croix. Ctiriosite's de histoire de France.
Paris, 1858.

JacobstaflF. George B. Eaton.

Jacqvieline. Mrs. Josephine M. Hos-
kins. Love's stratagem, in the " South-
ern Monthly," Memphis, 1861.

Jacques. Jacques Claude Demoqeot, in
"Contes et Causeries" (Paris, 1862).

Jacques, Cousin. Louis Abel Beffroy
de Beigny. La petite Nanette. Paris,

Jahnsenykes, The Late Rev. Wil-
liamson, LL.D. William Jenks, D.D.
Memoir of the Northern Kingdom, a.d.
1872 . . . Quebeck, 1901 [B. 1808].

Jake, Uncle. Bobert W. McAlpine.

Jamaica Proprietor, A. Charles

Edward Lonq. Negro emancipation no
philanthropy ... L. 1830.

Jambon, Jean. John Hay Atholl Mac-
donald. Our trip to Blunderland. L. 1877.

James, Uncle. James Rodwell. The
rat ; its history ... L. 1858.

James, S. T. Horace E. Scudder.
Stories from my attic. N.Y. 1869.

Jamie, Daft. James Wilson. A la-
conic narrative of the life and death of
. . . known by the name of Daft Jamie.
[With] . . . anecdotes relative to liim
and his old friend, Eoby Awl [R. liirk-
wood]. Edina [Edinb.], 1829.

Jamie the Poeter. James Hogg.

Jamot, R. E. Joseph Thomayer. Na-
tur und Menschen. 1880.

Jane. 31rs. Mary E. (il/oore) Hewitt,
who contributed many of her " Songs of
our Lord and other Poems " to various
periodicals under this pen-name.

Jane, Paul. Adolphe van Soust de
Borkenfeldt. L'anne'e sanglante. 1871.

Janetta. Mrs. Janetta [Scott) Nor-
iveb. The memoirs of Janetta: a tale,
alas, too true. L. 181-.

Janus. Dr. Johann Joseph Ignaz von
DoUinger, in numerous works upon relig-
ious topics.

Janus. Johann Nepomuk Huber. Das
Papstthum und der Staat. Munich, 1870.

Janus Junius Eoganesius. John
Toland, his signature to the preface of
one of his works. His Christian name
was Janus Junius ; but the boys making
a jest of it, the master ordered him to be
called John, whicli name lie retained ever
after. "Eoganesius" was the name of
his country, Inis-Eogan being the place
of his birth.

Japanese Traveller, A. Laurence
Oliphant. Moral reflectiouj by ... in the
« North American Review." N.Y. 1877.

Signed " Sionara."

Japheth. Theodore Dehon. Cause
and cure . . . Charleston, S.C., 1868.

Jaques. J. Hain Friswell, in his con-
tributions to the "Evening Star" (L.

Jarvle, Nichol. William McDonald
Wood, in the " Brooklyn Times."

Jarvis, Geoflfry. Elizabeth Hamilton.
Memoirs of modern pliilosophers, Bath,

Jasper. E. P. Robinson.

Jaunt, Jeremy. George (1) Mogridge,
who, under this signature, contributed
papers to the " Birmingham and Lichfield

Jay, W. BI. L. Miss Julia Louisa
Matilda Woodruff. Holden with cords
. . . N.Y. 1874.




Jayhawker. Col. J. H. Woudard, in
his contributions to the " Cincinnati En-

Jeames. William Makepeace Thack-
eray. The diary of C. Jeames de la
Pluche, Esq., contributed to " Punch."

Jeames, Mr. William Makepeace
Thackeray. Sentiments on the Cambridge
election. "Punch," March 6, 1847.

Jeames of Buckley Square. Wil-
liam Makepeace Thackeray. A lucky
speculator, etc., in " Punch," 1845.

Jeames, G. P. K., Esq. Wil-
liam Makepeace Thackera//. Barbazure.
"Punch," July, 1847.

Jean, Father. James Beal, in his
contributions to the "Echo" (L.).

Jean, J. de. John Frazer. Poems
by . . . Dublin, 18-.

Jean Jacques. Jean Jacques Rous-

Jean Paul. Jean Paid Friedrich Rich-
ter, in his earlier publications.

" But I return to our history and place myself
«ruongst the dead, for all are out of the world

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