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Lady, A. An7ie Finch, Countess of
Winchelsea. Miscellaneous poems, on
several occasions. L. 1713.

Lady, A. Mrs. H. St. A. Kitching.
Moral plays ... L. 1832.

Lady, A. Miss Charlotte Elliott.
Morning and evening hymns, for a
week ... L. 1842.

Lady, A. Mrs. — Bundell. A new-
system of domestic cookery. 1808-

Lady, A. Mrs. — Woodfin. Northern
memoirs ; or, the history of a Scotch
family. By . . . L. 1756.

Lady, A. Mrs. Harry Bawson. Notes
of Eastern travel ; being selections from^
the diary of . . . Manchester, 1874.

Lady, A. Mrs. R. Douglas. On the
conservative elements of the Americaa
republic . . . Chillicothe, 1842.

Lady, A. Mrs. Julia Ward Howe.
Passion flowers. Poems. B. 1854.

Lady, A. Miss Coxe. A picture of
Monmouthshire ; or, an abridgment of
Mr. [William] Coxe's historical tour in
Monmouthshire. By . . . L. 1802.

Lady, A. Mrs. Elizabeth Griffith.
The Platonic wife : a comedy. By . . .
L. 1765.

Lady, A. Mrs. Emilie Earle (Steele)
Hicks. Pocket guide to the Lizard. By
. . . Truro, 1876.

Lady, A. Elizabeth Thomas. Poems
on several occasions ... L. 1726.

Lady, A. Mrs. Sarah Greer. Quaker-
ism ; or, the story of my life. By . . .
who for forty years was a member of the
Society of Priends. Dublin, 1851.

Lady, A. Mrs. Felicia Dorothea
(Browne) Hemans. The restoration of
the works of art to Italy : a poem. By
. . . Oxf. 1816.

Lady, A. Mrs. Dalkeith Holmes. A
ride on horseback to Florence, through
France and Switzerland, described in &
series of letters, by . . . L. 1842.




Ijady, A. Miss Susan Fenimore Cooper.
Rural hours. N.Y. 1854.

Ijady, A. Mrs. Eliza Lee (Cabot)
Fallen. Selections from the writings of
Fenelon, with a memoir of his life. By
... 2d ed. B. 1829.

liady, A. Jane Austen. Sense and
sensibility : a novel. By ... L. 1811.

liady, A. Rebecca Wilkinson. Ser-
mons to children ... By ... L. 1830 (■?).

Liady, A. Mrs. Hannah Anderson
(Chandler) Ropes. Six months in Kan-
sas, by . . . B. 1856.

Lady, A. C. L. Moodij. A sketch of
modern France . . . Written in the years
1796 and 1797, during a tour through
France. By . . . Edited by C. L. Moody,
LL.D., F.A.S. L. 1798.

Allibone enters the work under Dr. Moody's
name as the author.

Liady, A. Miss Cleaver. Some ac-
count of a new process in painting by
means of glazed crayons . . . By . . .
Brighton, 1815.

Liady, A. Mrs. E. Throop Martin.
Songs in the house of my pilgrimage;
selected and arranged by . . . N.Y.

Ijady, A. Miss Sallie A. Brock. The
Southern amaranth. N.Y. 1869.

Liady, A. William Kenrick. The
whole duty of woman ... L. 1753.

Liady, A. Hannah Maijnard Pickard.
The widow's jewels. In two stories.
By . . . L. 1831.

Liady, A. 3frs. Eliza (Hatch) Farrar.
The young lady's friend ... B. 1836.

Lady, A. Clara Jesup Moore. The
young lady's friend . . . By Mrs. H. O.
Ward (pseud.). P. 1880.

Lady at Gape Frangois, A. Miss
— Hassall. Secret history; or, the hor-
rors of St. Domingo ... P. 1808.

Lady in England, A. Thomas Tick-
ell, An epistle ... to a gentleman at
Avignon. L. 1717.

Lady of Boston, A. Miss Susan D.
Nicker son. The bread winners. By . . .
B. 1871.

Lady of Boston, A. Elizabeth John-
son. Pious thoughts. By ... B. 1834.

Lady of Boston, A. Rebecca Brown.
Stories about General Warren ... B.

Lady of Charleston, S.C, A. Mrs.
Eliza Murden. Miscellaneous poems.
Charleston, 1826.

Lady of England, A [A.L.O.E.].
Charlotte M. Tucker.

Lady of Fashion, A. Miss Blackwell.
Ernestine ; or, the child of mystery. L.

Lady of Massachusetts, A. Mrs.
Hannah Foster. The coquette; or, the
history of Eliza Wharton : a novel . . .
by... B. 1797.

This work underwent many editions, and was
finally reprinted " with historical preface and
memoir of the author, by A (another) Lady of
Massachusetts " {i.e. Jane E. Locke). P. 1S66.

Lady of Massachusetts, A. Jane E.
Locke. — See preceding.

Lady of Massachusetts, A. Mrs.
Lijdia Maria Child. The first settlers of
New England; or, conquest of the Pe-
quods, Narragansetts, and Pokanokets
... By . . . B. 1829.

Lady of 3Iassacliusetts, A. Mrs.
A. M. Richards. Memories of a grand-
mother ... B. 1854.

Lady of New^ Hampshire, A. Mrs.
Sarah Josepha (Buell) Hale. The genius
of Oblivion ; and other original poems.
By . . . Concord, N.H., 1823.

Lady of New York, A. Mrs. Sarah
(Rogers) Haiqht. Letters from the Old
World . . . N.Y. 1840.

Lady of Pennsylvania, A. Miss
Rebecca Rush. Kelroy : a novel ... P.

Lady of Phihidelphia, A. Mrs.
Sarah (Ewing) Hall. Conversations on
the Bible ... P. 1827.

Lady of Quality, A. Miss Frances
Williams Wtjnn. Diaries of . . . from
1797 to 1844. Ed., with notes, by A.
Hayward. L. 1864.

Lady of Rank, A. Man/ Margaret
Egerton, the Countess of Wilton. The
book of costume ... L. 1841.

Lady of Rank, A. Ladi/ Charlotte
Maria (Campbell) Bury (?). The mur-
dered queen ; or, Caroline of Brunswick.
By . . . L. 1838.

Lady of South Carolina, A. Mrs.
Mart/ Elizabeth (Moragne) Davis. The
British partizan : a tale of the olden
time. Macon, Ga., 1864.

Lady of South Carolina, A. Mrs.
Louisa S. (Cheves) Mac Cord. A letter to
the Duchess of Sutherland ... in the
" Charleston Mercury," July 30, 1853.

Lady of Virginia, A. Mrs. J. W.
(Brockenborough) McGuire. Diary of a
Southern refugee during the war . . .
N.Y. 1867.

Lady of Virginia, A. Mrs. William
Cabell Rives. Tales and souvenirs of a
residence in Europe ... P. 1842.




Lady, Resident near the Alma, A.

Mr^. Andrew Neilson. The Crimea ;
its towns, inhabitants, and social cus-
toms. L. 1855.

Liady who prefers to be anony-
mous. Miss Emily Jolly. An experi-

Her contribations to "Household Words "
and " All the Year Round " were republished in
three volumes in 1875 under the title of "A
"Wife's Story, and other tales."

Laertes. George Alfred Townsend.
Washington, outside and inside. Hart-
ford, 1874.

Liageniensis. Rev. John O'Hanlon,
M.R.I.A. Irish folk-lore . . . Glasgow,

La Girandole. JSmile le Girardin.

He " did not gain the confidence of any con-
siderable body of his countrymen, and has justi-
fied in every act of his public life the soubriquet
bestowed upon him of ' La Girandole,' the

Laicus. JRev. Lyman Abbott. Laicus ;
or, the experiences of a layman in a
coTUitry parish. N.Y. 1872.

Laicus. Ira Warren (^). Review of
the Kev. William Cros well's letter to
the Bishop of . . . Massachusetts. B.

Laird of Torfoot, an Officer iu the
Presbyterian Ai'my, The. Thomas
Brownlee. Narrative of the battles of
Drumclog and Eotliwell Bridge . . .
Glasgow, 1822.

Lake, Claude. Mathilde Blind.
Poems by . . . L. 1867.

Lake-Elbe. Archibald Bleloch. A
glance at the Old World . . . Edinb.

Laker, Cecil. Mrs. Harriette (Smith)
Bainbridge, who uses this pen-name in
periodical literature, and published
"Irene Floss, and other poems" in

La Mara. Marie Lipsius. Musika-
lische Studienkopfe. 187.8-80.

Lamber, Juliette. Mme. Edmond
{Lamber) Adam. Les poetes grecques
contemporains. Paris, 1881.

Lan, Viggo. Hother Tolderlund, a
Danish author, who published under this
pseudonym a collection of poems.

Lancashire Artisan, A. Malcolm
Macleod. Practical guide to emigrants
to the United States . . . Manchester,

Lancashire Incumbent, A. Bev.
Abraham Hume, LL.D., in the "London
Times." 1857-58.

Lancashire Lad, A. Thomas Sowden.
The siege of Rome, and Bishop Colenso

slain with a sling and a stone . . . Man-
chester, 1857.

Lancashire Manufacturer, A. Hen-
ry Bleckley. Butler's analogy : a lay
argument by . . . L. 1876.

Lancaster, W. P. Hon. John Byrne
Leicester Warren. Philoctetes : a metri-
cal drama ... L. 1866.

Lancer. 0. C. Stouder. Shakespeare's
biography. Does it conform to the
author of the plays ? In the " Witten-
berger Magazine," Springfield, 0., No-
vember, 1880.

LanccAvood, Lawrence, Esq. Rev.
Daniel Wise. Lindendale stories , . .
B. 1868.

Lander, Jean. Mme. Ernest Hello.
Nouvelles et re'cits villageois. Paris,

Lander, Meta. Mrs. Margarette
{ Woods) Lawrence. Fading flowers. B.

Landholder, A. Elisha R. Potter.
Address to the freemen of Rhode Island.
Providence, 18.31.

Landholder, A. WiUci7is Updike. An
address to the people of Rhode Island
. . . Providence, 1828.

Landholder, A. Clement Clarke
Moore, LL.D. A plain statement, ad-
dressed to the proprietors of real estate
in the city and county of New York . . .
N.Y. 1818.

Landor, Charles. Caroline Stickney,
in her contributions to " Harper's Maga-
zine" (N.Y.).

Landowner, A. Lord Charles Town-
shend. National thoughts, recommended
to the serious attention of the public . . .
By . . . L. 1751.

Landscape Painter, A. Charles Lan-
man. Letters from ... B. 1845.

Lane, Chancery, Esq. James Edwin
Wilson. A throw for a throne ; or, the
Prince unmasked ... L. 1872. — See
"Zinn, Sergeant."

Lane, Wycliffe. Mrs. Edmond Jen-
ings. My good for nothing brother. L.

Lang Syne. William McKoy, in a
contribution to "Poulson's Daily Adver-
tiser," 1829. — See "Historical Maga-
zine," September, 1861 (N.Y.).

Langdon, Mary. Mrs. Mary H.
{Greene) Pike. Climbing and sliding:
book for boys. B. 1873.

Langenevais, F. de. Ange Henri
Blaze de Bury. His signature as musical
critic in the " Revue des Deux Mondes "
from 1864.

Langshank, Laurence, Gent. Rob
ert Mudie. Things in general. L. 1824




— " See N. and Q./' 4th Ser., xi. 156, 510 ;
xii. 19.

LangstafT, Launcelot, Esq. Wash-
ington Irving, William Irving, and James
Kirke Paulding. Salmagundi; or, the
Whimwhams of . . . and others. N.Y.

liangston, Ijawrence. Reverdy John-
son. Bastiles of the North. Bait. 1863.

Laon. W. D. Le Sieur, in his con-
tributions to the " Canadian Monthly
Magazine" (Toronto).

La Roque. Louis Boi/er, who wrote
many vaudevilles, the most of them with
others, and signed them with the pseudo-
nym "La Koque."

LiarTTOod, Jacob. L. R. Sadler. The-
atrical anecdotes. By ... L. 1882.

Lascelles, Lady Caroline. Mrs.
Mary Elizabeth (Braddon) Maxwell. The
black band. L. 1860.

The pseudonym was suggested by Sir F. C.
Lascelles Wraxall, who " claimed a family right
In the name." — See " Wraxall, Lascelles."

Lass -with the golden Locks, The.

Mrs. Anna Maria Smart, of Reading,
Berks., relict of Christopher Smart,
M.A., of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge,
thus celebrated in one of his bal-

Last of the Puritans, The. Samuel
Adams. So named by Edward Everett,
in 1825.

Last Traveller, The. Viscount George
Annesleij Valentia, in Beloe's " Sexagena-
rian," Vol. 2, p. 77. 2d ed. L. 1818.

Late American Statesman, A.
Charles Fenton Mercer. The weakness
and inefficiency of the government of
the United States ... L. 1863.

Late Barrister at Law, A. Sir John
Strange. A collection of select cases re-
lating to evidence. By ... L. 1754.

Late Chief-Secretary of that King-
dom, A. Sir George (afterwards Earl)
Macartney. An account of Ireland in
1778. Priv. printed, 1773,

Late Eminent Prelate, A. William
Warhurton, Bishop of Gloucester. Let-
ters from ... to one of his friends
[Hurd, Bp. of Worcester]. L. 1809.

Late Fellow of All Souls College,
Oxford, A. Rev. Arthur Philip Perceval.
A letter to the members of both Houses
of Parliament, on the Dissenters' peti-
tions ... L. 1834.

Late Fellow of King's College, A.
Thomas Ashton, D.D. Extract from the
case of the electors of Eton College to
supply all vacancies, etc. 1771.

Late Graduate of Oxford, A. Fred-
erick Naghten, B. A. A metrical version

of the Song of Solomon, and other
poems ... L. 1845.

Late Learned Judge, A. Sir Geof-
frey Gilbert. An liistorical account of
the . . . law of devises and revocations.
L. 1739.

Late Lord Lyttelton, The. Wil-
liam Coombe. Letters of . . . L. 1806.

Late blaster of the Temple, The.
Caleb Fleming. Natural and revealed
religion at variance ... L. 1758.

Late Slember of the University, A.
Theophilus Lindsey. An examination of
Mr. Robinson of Cambridge's plea for
the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ . . .
L. 1785.

Late Member of the University, A.
Peter Le Page lienouf. The character of
the Rev. W. Palmer ... L. 1843.

Late 3Ierchant, A. Asa Greene. The
perils of Pearl Street, including a taste
of the dangers of Wall Street. N.Y. 1834.

Late Noble Writer, A. Henry St.
John BoUngbrol.i:. A vindication of nat-
ural society. By ... or, rather written
in ridicule of his opinions, by Edmund
Burke. L. 1762.

Late Officer in the United States
Army, A. Jervasc Cutler. A topo-
graphical description of the State of
Ohio, Indiana Territory, and Louisiana . , .

B. 1812.

Late Patriot Prisoner, A. Tliomas
Jefferson Sutherland. Loose leaves from
the i^ortfolio of ... in Canada. N.Y.

Late President of a select Chess
Club, The, C. Pearson. Chess exem-
plified in a concise and easv notation . . .
L. 1842.

Late Prime 3Iinister, A. Duke of
Portland. Letters to a nobleman, prov-
ing . ., . to have been Jtmius. With an
appendix [by A. G. Johnston]. L. 1816,

Late Recorder of New^castle, The.

C. Fawcett. A letter to , , , by an old
friend. 1754.

Late Resident at Bhagulpore, A.
David Hopkins. The dangers of British
India, from French invasion ... L, 1808.

Late Resident in Bengal, A. John
Shore, Lord Teignmouth. Considera-
tions on the practicability ... of com-
municating to the natives of India the
knowledge of Christianity ... L. 1808.

Late Resident in the East, A. John
Hobart Gaunter, B.D. The cadet : a poem,
in six parts, containing remarks on Brit-
ish India ... L. 1814.

Late Staff Officer, A. Woodbourne
Potter. The war in Florida; being an
exposition of its causes, and an accurate




history of the campaigns of Generals
Clinch, Gaines, and Scott ... By . . .
Bait. 1836.

Late Staflf Sergeant of the 13tli
Ijiglit Infantry, A. John Mac Mullen.
Camp and barrack-room ... L, 1846.

Late Steward of the Sons of the
Clergy, A. Nathaniel John Hollings-
worth. A defence of the Society of the
Sons of the Clergy . . . Newcastle, 1812.

Late Stipendiary Magistrate in
Jamaica, A. Stephen Bourne. — See " A
Eesident in the West Indies for Thirteen

Late Teacher, A. William Singleton.
Mentor and Amander; or, a visit to
Ackworth School ... By , . . [In
verse.] L. 1814.

Late Under Secretary of State, A.
William Knox. Considerations on the
present state of the nation ... L. 1789.

Late very learned and reverend
Divine, A. Samuel Pegge. Anonvnii-
ana ; or, ten centuries of observations on
various authors and subjects ... L. 1809.

Late Vicar, A. Rev. Robert Masters.
A short account of the parish of Water-
beach. By . . . Waterbeach, 1795.

La Tenella. Mrs. Marij Baijard (Dev-
ereux) Clarke. The novi de plume she
first adopted.

Latienne. Lizzie W. Bacchus. The
Confederate dead. 1866.

Latimer, Faith. Mrs. John A. Mil-
ler. The children's church ... P. 1868.

Latona. Mrs. Sallie J. {Hancock)
Battel/. Rayon d'amour. Poems. P.

La Touche, Geoffrey. Theodore Wil-
liam Snow, in the " Collegian," a period-
ical published by a number of under-
graduates of Harvard University in 18-30.

Latouche, John. Oswald John Fred-
erick Grawfurd. Travels in Portugal.
L. 187-.

Latour, Tomline. William Schwenck
Gilbert. Happy Land : a burlesque. L.

Laugel. The papers upon the United
States, contributed to " La Revue des
Deux Mondes" (Paris, 1865), and signed
"Laugel," are attributed to the Comte
de Paris.

Laun, Friedrich. Friedrich August
Schulze. CEuvres completes. Stuttgart,

Laura. Mrs. Maria Robinson. Signa-
ture to poems published in the " Oracle."

Laura, Maria. Mrs. Maria Robinson,
who corresponded under the name of
"Perdita," and who was called "The
English Sappho." The words of the

once popular song, "Bounding billow,
cease thy motion," were written by her.

Laurent^Jan. J^aurent Jean Lausanne,
who to his first article, written for a
satirical journal, signed only his Chris-
tian names, which, by a mistake of the
printer, appeared as Laurent-Jan. This-
name the author afterwards signed to all
his publications.

Laurie, Annie. Mrs. Laura Brad j
Starr, in several of her earlier writings.

Laval. Rev. Bernard O'Reilly. Tiie
two brides : a tale. N.Y. 1879.

Lavengro. George Borrow. Laven-
gro : the scholar, the gipsey, and the
priest. L. 184-.

Lavigne, Jean. Arthur de Boissieu.
Lettres du village, extraites du journal
de Saone-et-Loire, 1878-80. Paris, 1880.

Law Clerk, A. William Russell.
Leaves from the diary of . . . L.

Lawrence, Slingsby. George Henri/
Lewes. Sunshine through the clouds.
A drama in one act, adapted from " La
joie fait peur " by Madame De Girardin.
By S. L L. 187-.

Lawton, Effie. Mrs. S. May Bell.

Lawj^er, A. Charles Cowley. Leaves
from a lawyer's life afloat and ashore.
Lowell (?), 1879.

Lawyer, A. Sir James Stewart. The
life of . . . written by himself. L. 1830.

Lay Baronet, A. Sir Henry Martin,
Bart. Archbishop Murray's Douay and
Rhemish Bible . . . 1848. L. 1850.'

Lay Brother of the Same Society,
A. Henry Foley. The life of blessed
Alphonsus Rodriguez, Lay-brother of
the Society of Jesus ... L. 1873.

Lay-dissenter, A. John Stevenson.
A letter to a dissenting minister j . .
n.p. 1780.

Lay Dissenter, A. Richard Sharp.
A letter to the public meeting of the
friends to the repeal of the Test and
Corporation Acts ... L. 1790.

Lay Gentleman, A. Dr. Frauds Lee.
The history of Montanism. L. 1709

Lay-hand, A. Thomas Lewis. The
clergy-man's advocate ... L. 1711.

Lay Hand, A. Sir Richard Cox, LortI
Chancellor of Ireland. An enquiry into
religion ... L. 1711.

Lay Hand, A. Roger J^awrenco. Lay
baptism invalid ... L. 1708.

Lay-Member of the British and
Foreign Bible Society, A. George
Stokes. Bible Society. L. 1826.

Lay Member of the Church of
England, A. John Muir. A brief ex-
amination of prevalent opinions on the




inspiration of the Scriptures ... L.

liay-Member of the Church of
England, A. John Stow. Thoughts
on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By • . .
Greenwich, Eng., 1846.

Lay Member of the Church of Scot-
land, A. — Stevenson. The harmony
of the Bible with facts . . . Edinb.

Liay Member of the Church of
Scotland, A. Thomas Carl/jle. Letter
to the Rev. Robert Burns, D.D. . . .
Greenock, 1830.

Lay-member of the Committee, A.
William Rivington. Remarks and sug-
gestions regarding the want of parson-
age houses in the parish of St. Pancras
... By . . . L. 1849.

Lay Preacher, The. Joseph Dennie,
who is best known for the essays which
he contributed to the " Farmer's Muse-
um," a periodical which he published at
Walpole, N.H., 1795-98.

Lay Seceder, A. George Wilson
Meadlei/. A letter to the Bishop [Bur-
gess] of St. David's ... L. 1814.

Layman, A. Samuel Adams, in the
•'Boston Gazette," March 27, 1769.

Layman, A. Johri Skinner. A L.'s
account of his faith and practice. Edinb.

Layman, A. Peter Virtue, the younger.
An address on ignorance of the Scrip-
tures ... By . . . 1873.

Layman, A. Joseph Jewell. An ad-
dress to Christians, particularly those
who are united in circulating the Scrip-
tures. By . . . Oxf. 1821.

Layman, A. John Hay Forbes. Lord
Medwyn. Address to the members of
the Episcopal Church in Scotland.
Edinb. 1847.

Layman, A. Patrick Duigenan, LL.D.
An address to the nobility and gentry of
the Church of Ireland . . . Dublin, 1786.

Layman, A. Thomas Williams. The
age of infidelity ... By . . . L. 1795.

Layman, A. Solomon Lowe. The
antidote or full answer to Mr. Woolston's
Five Discourses on the Miracles of our
Saviour ... L. 1729.

Layman, A. William Hussey. An
appeal to the holy Scriptures themselves
. . . L. 1830.

Layman, A. S. Robinson. An appeal
to serious Dissenters . . . 1805.

Layman, A. John Taylor. Arma-
geddon ... L. 1851.

Layman, A. Asa Wilbur. Biblical
standpoint ... B. 1874.

Layman, A. William Penney, Lord

Kinloch. The circle of Christian doc-
trine . . . Edinb. 1861.

Layman, A. William Brown (1). The
claims of Thomas Jeiferson to the Presi-
dency examined at the bar of Christiani-
ty. P. 1800.

Layman, A. John Osborne Sargent.
Common Sense versus Judicial Legisla-
tion . . . The rule in Minot's case . . .
By . . . N.y. 1871.

Layman, A. Jolm David Chambers.
A companion to Confession and Holy
Communion. Trans, by . . . L. 1853.

Layman, A. Goldwin Smith, M.A.
Concerning doubt . . . Oxf. 1801.

Layman, A. John Muir. Considera-
tions on religion . . . Edinb. 1842.

Layman, A. James Whatman Bosan-
quet. Daniel's prophecy of the seventy
weeks interpreted. L. 1836.

Layman, A. Harold Richard Bush,
David's choice of three evils ... A dis-
course on the distress in the cotton dis-
tricts. By . . . L. 1862.

Layman, A. Thomas Falconer. De-
votions for tlie Sacrament of the Lord's
Supper ... By . . . L. 1786.

Layman, A. John Watts De Peyster.
A discourse on High Church doctrines.
Poughkeepsit', 1860.

Layman, A. Ralph Hodshon, of Lintz»
A dispassionate narrative of the conduct
of the Englisli clergy ... L. 1768.

Layman, A. William Falconer. Dis-
sertation on Paul's voyage from Casarea
to Puteoli . . . Oxf. 1817.

Laj^man, A. F. Bolingbroke Ribbans,
LL.D. Doctrines and duties ; faith and
practice. L. 1843.

Layman, A. Rev. William Macfar-
lane. Duty; or, ability and present
action contrasted . . . Edinb. 1856.

Layman, A. Sir James Allan Parky
D.G.L. An earnest exhortation to a
frequent reception of . . . the Lord's
Supper. L. 1804.

Layman, A. John Allen. Enquiry
^into the tripartite Division of the Tithes
in England. L. 1833.

Layman, A. Peter Waldo. An essay
on . . . the Lord's Supper . . . by . . . L.

Layman, A. William Stevens. An
essay on the nature and constitution of
the Christian Church ... L. 1773.

Layman, A. Thomas Carlyle. An
Essay to illustrate the foundation . . •
and the evidences of Christianity . . .
Edinb. 1827.

Layman, A. Rev. John Hollis. Es-
says meant as an offering in support of
rational religion . . . n.p. 1790.




liayman, A. Robert Benton Seeley.
Essays on the Church ... L. 1834.

liayman, A. James Norton. Essays
and reflections in Australia, Sydney. L.

Liayman, A. Alexander Watson. Es-
says, religious and moral . . . Edinb. 1821.

Liayman, A. Caleb Fleming. An
examination of Mr. Cliubb's discourse on
miracles ... L. 1742.

Liayman, A. Samuel K. Jennings, M.D.
An exposition of the late controversy in
the Methodist Episcopal Church . . .
Bait. 1831.

liayman, A. William Rivington.
The extent, evils, and needlessness of
Sunday trading in London ... L.

Liayman, A. Capt. Matthew Monta-
gu, R.N. A few words on Popery and
Protestantism ... L. 1854.

liayman, A. Theodore Irving, LL.D.
The Fountain of Living Waters. N.Y.

Liayman, A. Frederick John Monson,
5th Lord Monson. Four sermons . . .
L. 1842.

Layman, A. Rev. Nathaniel^ Neal.
A free and serious remonstrance to Prot-
estant Dissenting Ministers on occasion
of the decay of religion ... L. 1746.

Layman, A. Rev. Andrew Macgeorge.
The Free Church . . . Glasgow, 1873.

Liayman, A. David Rowland. An
inquiry concerning the principles of the
constitution of human nature. L. 1856.

Liayman, A. Arthur Ellis. Is the
vicar of Brompton a Tractarian ? . . .
L. 1855.

Liayman, A. George Foster Talbot,
A.M. Jesus : his opinions and charac-
ter. The New Testament studies of . . .
B. 1883.

Liayman, A. William Rivington. The
late payment of weekly wages consid-
ered in connexion with Sunday trading
in London ... L. 1854.

Layman, A. Alexander Dunlop. The
law of the Sabbatli of perpetual obliga-
tion . . . Edinb. 1847.

Layman, A. John Skinner, Bishop
of Aberdeen. A layman's accotmt of
his faith and practice. Edinb. 1801.

Layman, A. Thomas Hughes. A lay-
man's faith. L. 1868.

Layman, A. Li/man Abbott, D.D. A
L.'s story; or, the experiences of John
Laicus and his wife in a country parish.
N.Y. 1873.

Layman, A. Samuel Greg. Legacy
in prose and verse. L. 1877.

Layman, A. Thomas Gordon. A let-

ter of consolation and counsel to thit
good people of England ... L. 1750.

Layman, A. Duncan Innes, of Edin-
burgh. A letter ... to a Lay-deacon, of
the Kirk of Scotland . . . n.p. 1749.

The address to the reader is signed " D. I."

Layman, A. Sir George Colebrooke,
Bart. A letter to a nobleman, contain-
ing considerations on the laws relative
to Dissenters ... L. 1790.

Layman, A. Richard Gough. A let-
ter to [B. Porteus] the Bishop of Lon-

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