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don, n.p. 1799.

Layman, A. Thomas James Mathias.
A letter to the Lord Marquis of Buck-
ingham . . . chiefly on the subject of the
numerous emigrant French priests and
others of the Church of Rome ... L.

Layman, A. Samuel Saunders. A
letter to the Rev. Mr. Tong, Mr. Robin-
son, INIr. Smith, & Mr. Reynolds. Occa-
sion'd by the late differences amongst
the Dissenters ... L. 1719.

Lay-man, A. JoKn Shute Barrington
A letter to the Right Revd. the Lord
Bishop of . L. 1744.

Layman, A. Thomas Kynaston. A
letter to Theophilus Lindsey ... L.

Layman, A. Rev. Walter Farquhar
Hook. Letters to the authors of the
" Plain tracts for critical times." L.

Also ascribed to John Sibbald Edison.

Layman, A. Thomas Cogan, M.D.
Letters to William Wilberforce, Esq.,
M.P L. 1799.

Layman, A. John Lavicount Ander-
don. Life of Thomas Ken, Bishop of
Bath and Wells. L. 1851.

Layman, A. Prince Hoare, Esq. (?).
Manual of the Latin words ... of the
Church service. 1822.

Layman, A. Sir William Domville,
Bart. The Mosaic Sabbath . . . L. 1850.

Layman, A. T. M. Stevenson. The
natural or the supernatural. By . . .
L. 1874.

Layman, A. Michael Dodson. New
translation of Isaiah , . . by . . . L. 1790.

Layman, A. John Poynder. Obser-
vations on the Sunday newspapers.

Layman, A. Richard Monckton Mil-
nes, Lord Houghton. One tract more
... L. 1841.

Layman, A. Stephen Colwell. Poli-
tics for American Christians ... P.

Layman, A. Sir John Bayley, Bart.
Prophecies of Christ ... L. 1828.




Liayman, A. James Augustus St.
John. The reasonableness of Chris-
tianity . . . With a biographical essay
. . . and notes by . . . L. 1850.

Liayman, A. John Lowell, LL.D.
The recent attempt to defeat the Con-
stitutional provisions in favour of relig-
ious freedom ... B. 1828.

Layman, A. Andrew Wilson, M.D.
Reflections upon some of the subjects in
dispute between the author of the "Di-
vine legation of Moses " [Warburton]
and a late professor in the University of
Oxford [Lowth], by . . . 1767.

Layman, A. Sir Walter Scott. Re-
ligious discourses. Edinb. 1828.

Layman, A. B. Bartlett. Remarks
on the proceedings of the Episcopal con-
ventions for forming an American Con-
stitution ... B. 1786.

Layman, A. Willium Witherhy. A
review of Scripture ... By . . . L.

Layman, A. Samuel Austin Allibone.
A review by ... of a work entitled
" New themes for the Protestant Clergy "
[by S. Colwell]. P. 1852.

Layman, A. Samuel Heywood. The
rights of Protestant Dissenters to a com-
pleat toleration asserted ... 2d ed. L.

Layman, A. Edgar Taylor, in his
revision of the New Testament ... L.

Layman, A. Sharon Turner, Esq.
Sacred meditations and devotional poems
by . . . L. 1810.

Layman, A. William Peter, M.A.
Sacred songs, being an attempted para-
phrase of some portions of Scripture ;
with other poems. By ... L. 1834.

Layman, A. Halph Nicholson Wor-
num. Saul of Tarsus; or, Paul and
Swedenborg, etc. By ... L. 1877.

Layman, A. Sir Edward Sail Alder-
son. A second letter . . . 1851.

Layman, A. Thomas Sanden, 3I.D.
A second letter to the Rev. Dr. Goddard.
Chichester, 1815.

Layman, A. James Wardrop. Ser-
mon occasioned by the death of Alexan-
der Christie, Esq., of Townfield, late
chief magistrate of Montrose . . . By
... L. 1796.

Layman, A. George Hardinge. Three
sermons. 1813.

Layman, A. Richard Dykes Alexan-
der. The speech of ... at a late anni-
versary meeting of a Bible association in
the County of Suffolk, 1826.

Layman, A. George Griffin. The
sufferings of Christ. N.Y. 1845.

Layman, A. Thomas Crowther Brown,
Suggestions for a Chm-ch of Unity. By
. . . 1862.

Layman, A. William Oldisworth.
Timothy and Philatheus . . . By . . .
L. 1709-10.

Layman, A. C. N. Cumberlege Ware.
The union of Church and State . . . By
... L. 1869.

Layman, A. John Edmonds Stock.
Unitarianism tried by Scripture, etc.
Bristol, 1840.

Layman, A. John Bevans, Jr. A
vindication of the authenticity of the
narratives contained in the first two
chapters of the Gospels of St. Matthew
and St. Luke ... By . . . L. 1822.

Layman, A. Orlando Meads. What
ought the Diocese to do . . . 1845.

Layman, A. George Brown. Words
from a layman's ministry at Barnard
Castle. L. 1871.

Layman of Boston, U.S., A. Eon.
Nathan Appleton. The doctrines of Origi-
nal Sin and the Trinity ; discussed in a
correspondence between a clergyman of
the Episcopal Church in England [i.e.
Rev. William Edward Heygate] and . . .
B. 1859.

Layman of the Churcli, A. William
Edmonstoune Aytoun. The Drummond
Schism examined and exposed. Edinb.

Layman of the Church of Eng-
land, A. William Knox. Considera-
tions on the universality and uniformity
of the theocracy. L. 1796.

Layman of the Church of Eng-
land, A. John Watson. The New Tes-
tament . . . with notes ... By . . . L. 1822.

Layman of the Church of Scot-
land, A. Thomas Blackwood. Remarks
on the Constitution of the Canadas,
civil and ecclesiastical, with a view to its
amendment, n.p., n.d.

LayTman of the County of SuflFoLk,
A. P. Deck. The advantage of a na-
tional observance of Divine and Human
laws . . . Ipswich, 1792.

Layman, A Leeds. George Rawson,
known as "A Leeds Layman," was resid-
ing at that city when he contributed 15
hymns to the "Leeds Hymn Book,"

Layne, Pyngle. J. Fox Turner. A
short discom'se on sermons ... L. 1855.

Layton, Lillie. Mrs. Emeline H.
(Brown) Johnson, whose last poetical
productions, written on her sick-bed,
appeared in the "American Courier,"
Philadelphia, 1850, under the above sig-




Lazarus, Ebenezer. Robert Mason.
Description of the town of Kelso . . .
Kelso, 1789.

Lieal. E. Disoswaij. Fables for little
folk. N.Y. 1871.

Lieander, Richard. Bichard Volk-
mann. Traiimereien an franzosischen
Kaminen : marchen. 1871. 12th ed.

Learned, Faithful, Zealous, and
Reverend Minister of the Gospel in
the Church of Scotland, A. Rev.
Ebenezer Erskine. The groans of believ-
ers under their burdens . . . Edinb. 1722.

Learned Hand, A. Sir Matthew
Hale. History of the Common Law of
England. In the Savoy, 1713.

Learned Hand, A. Zachary Chreij,
LL.D. A preface to Dean Moss's ser-
mons. By ... L. 1732.

Learned Judge, A. Sir Francis
Buller. An introduction to the law rela-
tive to trials at Nisi Prius. By ... L.

Lebrun, Alfred. Alfred Hennequin.
J'attends mon oncle, 1869 ; and Trois
chapeaux. Brussels, 1870.

Lebrun, Camille. Pauline Guyot.
Una amitie de femme. Paris, 1843.

Le Clerc. Mrs. Samuella (Mardis)
Coiven, who has written for several South-
ern journals under this signature, — the
" New Orleans Mirror," the " Southern
Literary News," etc.

Ledyard, Hope. Mrs. F. McCready
Harris, in numerous works for young

Lee, Alfred. John Clark Ferguson.
The Empire of Music ; and other poems.
L. 1849.

Lee, Alice Gordon. Mrs. Alice {Brad-
ley Neal) Haven. The game of checkers,
published in the Philadelphia " Saturday

Lee, Edith. Miss Florence Burckett.
Wildmoor. P. 187-.

Lee, Griffin. Paschal Beverley Ran-
dolph, M.D. Pre- Adamite man. N.Y.1863.

Lee, Holme. Harriet Parr. Annis
Warleigh's fortunes. L. 1863.

Lee, LeUa. 3Iiss B. Coe. Wee Wee
Songs. B. 1859.

Lee, Minnie Mary. Julia Amanda
(Sargent) Wood. Hubert's wife: story
for you. Bait. 1875.

Lee, Patty. Miss Alice Cary, who,
under this pen-name, wrote a series of
prose sketches and essays in the "Na-
tional Era" (Washington, D.C.).

Lee, Sheppard. Robert Montgomery
Bird. Sheppard Lee . . . N.Y. 1836.

Lee, Stannie. Mrs. Laura S. Webb,

who, for several years, contributed poems
and sketches to various papers imder
this pen-name.

Lee, Vernon. Violet Paget. Belcaro,
being essays on sundry sesthetical ques-
tions. By . . . L. 1881.

Leevit, Don T. B., of Chickomango,
Ohio, U.S. James Mudie Spence,
F.B.G.S. Life on the Great Hydropa-
tliitim ... L. 1877.

Lefebre, Dr. Rene. jSdouard Labou-
laye. Paris in America . . . N.Y. 1863.

Left Hand, The. ■ Benjamin Frank-
lin. A petition of the left hand : one of
the bagatelles. Written about 1778.

Le G., C. V. Charles Valentine Le
Grice. — See Lamb's " Elia," " Christ's

Legion. Hon. Robert Baldwin Sulli-
van. Letters on responsible govern-
ment . . . Toronto, 1844.

Leicester, Mrs. Miss Mary Lamb.
Mrs. Leicester's school; or, the history
of several young ladies ... L. 1808.

Leigh, Florence. Mrs. Anne T. { Wil-
bur) Wood, who wrote for papers and pe-
riodicals under this pen-name.

Leigh, Hart. John Thomas Denny,
in his contributions to "Wideawake"
(L.), etc.

Leigh, Larrie. L. T. Warner. The
true Grecian bend. N.Y, 187-.

Leigh, Stuart. Mrs. Mary Bayard
(Devereux) Clarke, who published con-
siderably under this pen-name.

Leighton. Jesse Appleton, S.T.D.,
wlio, under this signature, wrote for the
Boston " Panoplist " and the " Piscata-
qua Evangelical Magazine."

Leila. Mrs. Emma Barlow, a frequent
contributor to " Harper's Magazine,"
" Scribner's," and other periodicals.

Leila. Miss Ella Caldwell, who con-
tributed poetry to the " Louisville (Ky.)
Democrat," under this pen-name.

Leina, Wil. D', Esq., of the Outer
Temple. Prof. Daniel Wilson. Spring
wild flowers. Toronto, 1870.

Leisurely Saunterer. Bev. Edwaid
Eggleston, in his contributions to " Hearth
and Home."

Lemage, Gaspard. Jean Charles
Tacht^, M.D. La Ple'iade Rouge . . .
Quebec, 1854.

Lemoine. Eugene Lemoine Didier.
The life and letters of Madame Bona-
parte. N.Y. 1879.

Lena. Mrs. Mary Torrans Lathrop.
In early life her signature in the country

Lennox, Mary. Mrs. Mary Louise
Cook. Ante Bellum. P. 1869.




Lieo. J. K. Casey. Rising of the
moon. L. 18-.

Lieo. Col. — Pemberton. The scape-
goat. L. 1870.

Leo, Andre. Mme. L. Champseix.
Les deux fiUes de Monsieur Plichon.
Paris, 1865.

Leo, Dr. Dr. Leo de CoJange. The pre-
servation of beauty. N.Y. 1877.

Leo the Second. Lawrence Eusden,
in a letter contributed to the " Guard-
ian," No. 124, Aug. 3, 1713.

Leola. Mrs. Loula (Kendall) Rogers,
whose productions consist of fugitive
pieces, many of them published in the
newspapers of the day.

Leoline. Mrs. Emma B. (Sargent)
Dunham, in her contributions to the
"Christian Leader" (B.), etc.

Leon. Leonard Boitel. Feuilles
mortes. Paris, 1836.

Leoni, Leone. Dr. John D. Osborne,
as Paris correspondent of the " World "

Leontes. James Bindleu, who was the
" Leontes " celebrated by Dr. Dibdin in
his "Bibliomania " and in the " Biograph-
ical Decameron."

Leroy. Miss Annie M. Barnwell, who,
under this signature, has been a frequent
contributor to " Scott's Magazine " (At-
lanta, Ga.), and to the "Land we Love"
(Charlotte, N.C.).

Leslie, Emma. Mrs. Dixon.

Leslie, Frank. Henry Carter, pro-
prietor of "The Chimney Corner "(N.Y.)
and numerous other publications.

Leslie, Mrs. Madeline. Mrs. Harriet
Newell ( Woods) Baker. Woodlawn Se-
ries. B. 1868.

L'Espion Turc. Giovanni Paolo Ma-
rana. Letters sent by the Turkish Spy.
L. 1770:

L'Estomac, Don Bilioso de. Dr.
John Woodward. The life aad adven-
tures of . . . [A satire on Dr. John
Woodward.] L. 1719. By Richard
Mead, M.D.

Leto, Pomponio. Francesco Nobili Vi-
telleschi. Morale induttiva. Roma, 1882.

Letter H., The. Charles G. Halpine.
Lyrics by . . , N.Y. 1854.

Levater, Louis. Louis Adolphe Spach,
who has in some of his books used this

Leviathan of Literature, The. Sam-
uel Johnson.

Levis, Jeremy. Laughton Osborn.
Sixty years of the life of . . . N.Y. 1831.

Le-wald, Fanny. Mme. Fanny (Le-
wald) Stahr. Hulda: translated . . .
P. 187-.

Lewis, Augustin. Lewis or Louis


The "Nation" of July 17, 1884, points out
that two chapters of the biography of Henry
Irving [by Frederic Daly] are copied word for
word from an article published in the "Dublin
University Magazine " for September, 1877, over
the signature Augustin Lewis, which it suspects
to be an anagram of the real name of the author
of both eulogies, i.e. " Louis or Lewis Austin."

Lewis, Henry. A. H. Lewis. The
Boston boy. B. 1871.

Lewis, Monk. Matthew Gregory
Lewis. The monk: a romance. L. 1795.

Lewtral, H. M. Mary Hartwell.
Woman in armor. N.Y. 1876.

Lex Publica. Augustus Granville
Stapleton, in the London " Morning Her-
ald," 1850-55.

Libertas. Peter Brown. The fame
and glory of England vindicated. N.Y.

Libertas. Hon. Mrs. Caroline Eliza-
beth Sarah (Sheridan) Norton, afterwards
Mrs. Stirling-Maxwell. Letters to the
mob ... L. 1848.

Libertas. Charles Mayo Ellis. The
power of the Commander in Chief to de-
clare martial law ... B. 1862.

Libraire, Un. P. Chaillot, jeune.
Manuel du libraire bibliothecaire, et de
I'homme de lettres . . . Paris, 1829.

Lightfoot. John Isaac Ira Allen, in
the " Boston Traveller," 1857.

Lightfoot. Michael Martin. — See
" Thunderbolt."

Lil. Waterman L. Orm.sby, Jr., in his
contributions to the "Sun" (N.Y.).

Lilburne. James Ralph, who com-
piled for the " Champion " what was
called an " Index to the Times," which
contained the current news of the day,
under the assumed name of " Lilburne."

Lilias. Miss Carter. Class Rimes
(N.Y.), etc.

Lilly, Lambert, Schoolmaster.
Francis Lester Haicks. The earl}^ history
of the Southern States ... P. 1832.

Limbertongue, Mr. James Hain
Friswell. Twelve insides and one out.
Edited from the papers of . . . L. 1855.

Limner, Luke, Esq. John Leighton,
F.S.A. London cries and public edi-
fices. L. 1847.

Lincolnshire Grazier, A. Thomas
Hartwell Home. The complete grazier.
L. 1805.

L'Inconnue. Mrs.Janie (Ollivar) Ben-
son, whose poems appeared for the years
between 1861 and 1865 in the " Southern
Field and Fireside," Augusta, Ga.

L'Inconnue. Mrs. L. Virginia (Smith)
French. Kern wood ; or, after many days :




a historical romance . . . Louisville,

Liindau, Heinrich. Hermann Francke.

Linden, Liilia. Mrs. Aggie Uraves.

liing-ton, Burr, jy.Jjl/. Gay Humboldt.
Poems and letters to Don Brown by
G. H., alias Burr Lington, D.LL. Albany,

lilnkinTrater, Tim. 3Ir. Waldo, in
his contributions to the " Picayime "
(New Orleans, La.).

Linois, Georges. Charles de Batz-
Trenquel€on. A ma fenetre. Calais, 1852.

Liinwood, Lottie. Mrs. Helen M.

Lion-Killer. Ce'cile Jules Basile Ge-

Lips. Wilhelm Oertel.

Lisle, Fernand de. Edmond (De-
manne et de) Manne, who used the above
as one of his pseudonyms.

Listener, The. Rev. John Macgowan.
Infernal conferences; or, dialogues of
devils. By . . . L. 1772.

Listener, The. Caroline Frj. The
listener in Oxford. L. 1839.

Literary, Mrs. Mis. Sallie Elizabeth
{Hilhjer Ballard) 31ajjnard, in humorous
contributions to periodicals, etc.

Literary Antiquary, A. F. W. Fair-
holt. Holbein's Dance of Death. Edited
by... L.

Literary Lounger, A. J. H. Willis.
Scraps and sketches; or, the album of
. . . Quebec, 1830.

Literary and Scientific Association
of Elgin, A Member of the. Dr.
Taylor. Edward I. of England in the
North of Scotland . . . Elgin, 1858.

Little, Thomas, Esq. Thomas Moore.
The poetical works of the late T. L.,
Esq. L. 1801.

Littlejohn. Dr. R. Shelton Macken-
zie, " The present ' Weekly Times '
(L.) started with some new features.
One of these was an article on the lead-
ing events of the week, signed 'Little-
john.' The name was a pseudonym, but
not that of any actual person. Two of
the gentlemen who under it wrote per-
haps longer than any others were Dr.
Shelton Mackenzie and Mr. Frederick
Guest Tomlins."

Littlejohn. Frederick Guest Tomlins.
" In liis early days he was a contributor
to Hetherington's 'Poor Man's Guardi-
an,' and latterly to the ' Weekly Times,'
in which the series of articles signed
'Littlejohn' were from his pen."

Littlejohn, Hugh. John Hugh Lock-
hart, son of John Gibson Lockhart and
grandson of Sir Walter Scott, for whom

the latter wrote " Tales of a Grandfather."'
He died when a child.

Littlepage, Cornelius. James Feni-
more Cooper. Satanstoe: a tale of the
Colony. N.Y. 1860.

Littleton, 3Iark. John Pendleton
Kennedy. Swallow barn. P. 1832.

Live American, A. Henry Morford.
Over sea ; or, England, France, and
Scotland as seen by . . . N.Y. 1867.

Liverpool Merchant, A. Henry Ar-
thur Bright (■?). Free Trade Policy, ex-
amined with respect to . . . our Colonial
System ... L. 1846.

Lizard, John. Dr. Edward Young, in
a paper to the " Guardian " (No. 86, June
19, 1713).

Llevrellyn. Robert Sanders. — See
" Spencer, Nath."

Lleyon, Gutto. Griffith Robert Jones,
at one time of Lleyn, Carnarvonshire,,
was once called by a bard " Gwyrgant's

Llucen. Rev. John Cullen, of Kad-
cliffe-on-Trent, in his contributions to
various British newspapers and reviews.

Local Artist, A. John C. Fernihough.
Pen and ink sketches of Liverpool town
councillors, by . . . Liverpool, 1866.

Local Preacher, A. William Henry
Rodd. Impetus. An address to the
members of the Wesleyan Methodist
Association . . . By . . . Penzance,

Locke, Una. Mrs. Una Locke Bailey.
Tlie school at Elm Oak and the school
of life. N.Y. 1861.

Locker, Arthur. J. H. Forbes. Sir
Goodwin's Folly : a story of the year
1795 ... L. 1864.

Lockfast. William Hammatt Simmons,
in the "Collegian" of Harv. Univ,
Cambridge, 1830.

Locomotive. Rev. Moses Harvey, of
St. Johns, Newfoundland, in his contri-
butions to various local periodicals.

Log, Abel. Rev. Charles Butler Great-
rex. Whittlings from the West: with
some account of Butternut Castle . . .
Edinb. 1854.

Logan. Townsend Ward. Letters . . .
P. 18-.

Logan. John Neal. Logan, a family
history. P. 1822.

Logan. Thomas Bangs Thorpe (?).
The master's house : a tale of Southern
life . . . N.Y. 1854.

Logan, Olive. Mrs. Olive {Logan)
Sikes. Get thee behind me, Satan! a
home-born book of home-truths • . .
N.Y. 1872.

Lola. Mrs. Emma {Moffett) Wynne,.




who, during the civil war, occasionally
contributed to the " Field and Fireside "
(Augusta;, Ga.) under this pen-name.

Liombard, A. Benjamin Smart.

" The fluctuations of our money system, Mr.
Smart's occupation enabled him to consider
with pecuUar advantages; and accordinglj^ in
addition to frequent communications on points
of fact ('Gent. Mag.,' Nov. 1811, 424, signed 'B.
8.'), he entered, under the signature of ' A Lom-
bard,' into an extensive theoretical discussion
■an the subject, of which the pages of this
('Gent') Magazine from 1813 to 1820 bear

LiOmbarda, Una. Felicita Morandi.
Gliirlanda di fieri per I'infanzia e per
Tadolescenza. 1857.

London Antiquary, A. John Camden
Hotten. A dictionary of modern slang,
cant, and vulgar words ... L. 1859-60.

London Hermit. F. Parke. Poetry
and essays. L. 18-.

London Blerchant, A. C. W, Stokes.
An inquiry of the Home Secretary as to
whether Professor Tyndall has not sub-
jected himself [in his Belfast Address]
to the "Penalty on persons expressing
blasphemous opinions "... By ... L.

London Physician, A. James How-
ard. The evils of England, social and
economical. L. 1848.

london Physician, A. Edward
Smith, M.D. How to get fat ... L.

London Physician, A. Samuel
Dickson. Memorable events in the life
of . . . L. 1863.

Lonr'.on Physician, A. William
Augustus Guy, M.D. Principles of for-
ensic medicine. L. 1844.

London W. Joseph H. Dean, editor
of "Bicycling "World" (Boston).

Londoner, A. Walter WJiite. A L.'s
walk to the Land's End ; and a trip to
the Scilly Isles. L. 1855.

Londoner, A. Charles Lamb. " The
Londoner," contributed to the "Re-

Long, Silent. Bev. Thomas T. Lj/nch.
The ethics of quotation ... L. 1856.

Long Island Farmer Poet. Blood-
good H. Gutter.

Longchanips. John C. Delille, Paris
correspondent of the " Spirit of the
Times" (N.Y.).

Looker-On, A. John Dix Hoss. Lo-
cal loiterings, and visits in the vicinity
of Boston ... B. 1845.

Looker On, A. Hector Orr. A sketch
of Camden City, New Jersey, with a view
to business. By . . . Camden, 1873.

Looker On from America, A.
Cliarles Brandon Boijnton. The four

great powers : England, France, Russia,
and America . . . Cin. 1866.

Looker-On-Here in Vienna. Mrs.
Mart/ E. Andersen. The merchant's

Lord and Lady there. The. Lord
George Grenville Nugent, and Lady Nugent.
The legends of the library at Lilies, by
... L. 1832.

Lord Bishop of Oxford. Robert
Lowth, D.D. Sermon before the Society
for the Propagation of the Gospel . . .
By . . . L. 1771.

Lord Chief Commissioner of the
Jury Court, The. William Adam. Ex-
tracts from a paper entitled Statement,,
etc., by . . . Edinb. (?) 1823.

Lorenzo. Lorenzo Doiv. Polemical
works of Lorenzo. N.Y. 1814.

Lorimer, Mary. M. 0. B. Dunning^
Among the trees : journal of walks in
the woods . . . N.Y. 187-.

Loring, Laura. Laura Maria Pratt,
Juveniles. B. 1874-75.

Lorm, Hieronymus. Heinrich Landes-
mann. Hioh-life in der Vorstadt, in
" Ueber Land und Meer." 1878.

Lorrain, Camilla. Hippolyte Babou,
who, under this signature, contributed to
Parisian joiu'nals.

Lorraine, Mrs. Felix. Lady Caro-
line [Ponsonby) Lamb.

" Lord Beaconsfleld, in 'Vivian Grey,' roughly
sketched the portrait of the subject of our article
in 'Mrs. Felix Lorraine.' At end of the first
edition of that work (1827) . . . there is a key to
the novel, in which these disguised and real
names amongst others are given : — ' Marquis of
Ca.ra.has, Mar qzds of Clanricarde ; ' Mr. Foaming
Fudge,' Mr. Brougham ; 'Mr. Charlatan Gas,'
Mr. Canning ; ' Lord Past Century,' Eai'l of
Eldon ; ' Mr. Liberal Principles,' Mr. Huskis-
son ; ' the Duke of Waterloo,' the Duke of Wel-
lington ; ' Prince Hungary,' Prince Esterhazy ;
' the Marchioness of Almacks,' the Marchioness
of Londonderry ; 'Mrs. Felix Lorraine,' Lady
Caroline Lamb; 'Stanislaus Hoax,' Tlieodore
Hook; 'Lord Prima Donna,' Jjord William
Lennox; and 'the Marquis of Grandgout,' the
Marquis of Hertford." — See "Gent. Mag.,"
October, 1883, pp. 341, 42.

Lorrequer, Harry. Charles James
Lever. Charles O'Malley. L. 1841. '

Lorrimer, Laura. Mrs. Julia {Fin-
ley) Shelton, who, under this signature,
was a contributor to various journals
and magazines, "Xortli and South,"
"Godey's Lady's Book," "Louisville
Journal," and " Field and Fireside "
among others.

Lot, Parson. Rev. Charles Kings-

"It was at one of these gatherings" at Mr.
Maurice's, " towards the end of 1847 or early in
1848, when KingsleyfoxmA. himself in a minority-
of one, that he said jokingly, he felt much as Lo:
must have felt in the Cities of the Plain when Lo




«eemed as one that mocked to his soas-in-law.
The name ' Parson Lot ' was then and there sug-
gested, and adopted by him as a familiar nom de
plume. He used it from 1848 up to 1856 ; at first
constantly, latterly much more rarely. But the
name was chiefly made famous by his writings
in ' Politics for the People,' the ' Christian So-
cialist,' and the ' Journal of Association,' three
periodicals which covered the years from '48 to
'52, by 'Alton Locke,' aud by tracts and pam-
phlets, of which the best known is ' Cheap
Clothes and Kasty.' "

Lothrop, Amy. J//ss Anna B. War-
ner. Dollars and cents. P. 1860.

liOti, Pierre. Julien Viaud. Azyade:
le mariage de Loti and le roman du
Spain. Paris, 188-.

Lottie. Miss C. Walker. Leaves
blown together. By ... L. 1865.

liouis. Louis Dutens, in Beloe's " Sex-
agenarian," Vol. 2, p. 100. 2d ed. L.

Ijouisa, Aunt. Mrs. Eichard Valen-
tine. Wee Wee Stories. N.Y. 187-

Lonnger, A. Frank Fowler. Dottings
of . . . L. 1859.

Lounger, A. John Matthews. Eloisa
en dishabille. A new version of that
lady's celebrated epistle to Abelard, in
English metre. L. 1780.

This jeji cTesprit has been attributed to Por-
eon, Coleridge, and Mathias; but Moore, in his
" Life of Byron," says it was written by John
Mattheics, Esq., of Belmont, Herefordshire,
and that Person was in the habit of reciting it,
and even printed an edition.

Lounger, A. William Bromet, M.D.,
F.S.A. Perigrine in France ; or . . .
journal. L. 18-.

Lounger, A, an Old aiaid, and Lady
Honora. Alexander M'Gihhon. An-
swer to the satirical poem on Stirling.
In three respondendos . . . Stirling, 1809.

Lounger, The. George William Cur-
tis, probably his signature in some paper
or periodical.

Lounger, The. Joseph B. Gilder, in
his contributions to the " Critic and Good
Literature" (N.Y.).

Lounger at the Clubs, The. Ed-
mund Yates, in the "Illustrated Times"

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