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for many years, from 1855.

Lounger in the Lobby, The. Ro/jal
W. Merrill, in his contributions to the
"Press" (P.).

Love, James. James Dance. Pamela :
a comedy. L. 1742.

Lovechild, Mrs. Lady Eleanor Fenn.
The child's grammar. L. 1851.

Lovechild, Solomon. Ladjj Eleanor
Fenn. Sketches of little boys and girls.

Lovechurch, Leonard. Rev. George
Smith, of Sheffield. A letter to the in-
habitants of Sheffield on a subject which

has lately made, and is likely to make,
much noise in the town and neighbotir-
hood ; or, a short peal on the new bells
. . . Sheffield, 1799.

This pamphlet, signed " L.L.," was reprinted
from the "Country Spectator" (Gainsborough,
1792-93), where it was subscribed "Leonard

Lovel. John Lamb, father of Charles.
— See Lamb's " Elia," " The Old
Benchers," etc.

Lovemore, Sir Charles. Mrs. N.
Manlei/ de la Riviere. The adventures of
Eivella ; or, the history of the author of
the Atalantis ... L. 1714.

Lovengood, Sut. George W. Harris.
Sut Lovengood: yarns spun by a "Nat'-
ral born durn'd Fool " ; warped and wove
for public wear. P. 187-.

Lover of Christ, A. Rev. John Collett
Ri/land. The life and actions of Jesus
Christ ... By . .. L. 1766.

Lover of Christian Liberty, A. Wil-
liam Mattheics. Considerations on public
worship ... By . . . Bristol, 1808.

Lover of Episcopacy, A. Zachary
Grey, LL.D. A century of eminent
Presbyterian preachers ; or, a collection
of choyce sayings, from the publick ser-
mons before tlie two houses, from Novem-
ber, 1640, to Jan. 31, 1648. (The day after
the king was beheaded.) By . . . L. 1723.

Lover of Free Grace, A. John Wes-
ley. What is an Arminian? answered.
By . , . L. 1770.

Lover of her Sex, A. Mary Astell.
A serious proposal to the ladies . . . By
... L. 1695.

Lover of his Country, A. Henry
Fielding. The crisis : a sermon on Kev.
xiv. 9, 10, 11 . . . L. 1741.

Lover of his Country, A. George
Ridpath. A discourse upon the union of
Scotland and England . . . n.p. 1702.

Lover of his Country, A. William
Macintosh, of Borlum. An essay on the
husbandry of Scotland . . . Edinb. 1732.

Lover of his Country, A. William
Smith, D.D. An historical account of
the expedition against the Ohio Indians
in 1764, under the coiumand of Henry
Bouquet, Esq By . . . P. 1766.

Lover of his Country, A. Caleb
Fleming. The immorality of prophane
swearing demonstrated ... L. n.d.

Lover of his Country, A. Rev. Ar-
thur Ashleij Sykes. A letter to a friend
. . . L. 1717.

Lover of his King and Country, A.
S. Hayward. A letter to the inhabitants
of Great Britain and Ireland . . . By . . .
L. 1756.




liover of his Memory, A. John
Bhodes. Fruits of a father's love : being
the advice of William Penn to his chil-
dren ... L. 1726.

liover of History, A. Zacharij Grey,
LL.D. A caveat against Mr. Benj. Ben-
net, a meer pretender to history and criti-
cism. By . . . L. 1724.

Lover of Literature, A. Thomas
Green, Esq. Diary of . . . Ipswich,

Lover of Mankind, A. Anthony
Benezet. The Mighty Destroyer dis-
played . . . the dreadful havock made by
the . . . use as well as abuse of distilled
spirituous liquors. By ... P. 1774.

Lover of Mankind and of Common
Sense, A. John Wesley. The desidera-
tum ; or, electricity made plain and use-
ful. By . . . L. 1759.

Lover of Old England, A. Daniel
Defoe. JMercurius politicus ... L. 1720.

Lover of Order, A. Rev. Joseph
Bretland, in the " Theological Reposi-
tory" (L.).

Lover of Order, A. William God-
win (1). Considarations on Lord Gren-
ville's and Mr. Pitt's bills, concerning
treasonable and seditious practices, etc.
By . . . L. 1795.

Lover of Peace and Order, A.
Esther TuJce. An address to the inhabi-
tants of the city of York . . . By . . .
York, about 1794.

Lover of Peace and the Public
Good, A. John Uumfrey. Letters to
Parliament-Men ... L. 1701.

Signed " J. H."

Lover of Peace and Truth, A.
Joseph Priestley. A free address to those
who have petitioned for the repeal of the
late act of parliament, in favour of the
Roman Catholics. L. 1780.

Lover of Peace and Truth in this
Church, A. Rev. James Adams. Mar-
row-chicaning displayed . . . n.p. 1726.

Lover of Stability. Noah Webster.
Article in the " Hampshire Gazette."

Lover of that innocent and health-
ftil diversion, A. George Smith. "The
Angler's Magazine" . . . (L. 1754).

Lover of that People, A. John
Barclay. An affectionate address to
such of the people called Friends as
reside in London and its vicinity. By
... L. 1818.

Lover of the Church of England,
A. Patrick Drewe. The Church of Eng-
land's late conflict with, and triumph
over, the spirit of fanaticism ... L.

Lover of the Fine Arts, A. Maria

(Gowen) Brooks. Judith, Esther, and
other poems ... B. 1820.

Lover of the Gospel, A. Joseph
Priestley, D.D. A familiar illustration
of certain passages of scripture ... L.

Lover of the Gospel, A. Thomas
Reader. A letter to . . . [Dr. Priestley]
... L. 1772.

Lover of the Protestant Religion,
A. Rev. William Wright. The Jacobite
curse . . . Glasgow, 1T14.

Lover of the Publick Welfare, A.
Andreiv Stevenson. De municipum jura-
mento . . . Edinb. 1746.

Lover of the Pare Gospel, A. SiU
iianus Gibbs. The Calvinistic doctrine of
election and reprobation exploded : in a
letter to a friend . . . Plymouth-Dock,

Lover of the Truth, A-. Jonathan
Warne. The Babel of Quakerism thrown
down ... L. 1739.

Lover of the Truth in Fife, A. Rev.
William Campbell, of Dysart. A just view
of the principles of the Presbytery of
Relief . . . Edinb. 1778.

Lover of the Word, A. Harvey A.
Ingham. Glad tidings; or, walks with
the wonderful . . . Rochester, N.Y.,

Lover of Truth, A. Thady Fitzpat-
rick. — See "T. F."

Lover of Truth, A. George Coade, Jr.,
of Exeter. A letter to a clergyman
relating to his sermon on the 30th Janu-
ary, n.p. 1746.

Lover of Truth, A. Rev. David
Wilson. A modest apology for the con-
duct of Seceders ... L. 1773.

Lover of Truth and Decency, A.
John Ewer, Bishop of Laudaff. A vindica-
tion of the Bishop of Landaff's sermon
. . . N.Y. 1768.

Lover of Truth and Liberty, A.
James Ralph. The history of England
during the reigns of K. William, Q.
Anne, and K. George L . . . L. 1744.

Lover of Truth and Mankind uni-
versally. Francis Hatt. Friendly ad-
vice to children and all mankind in gen-
eral . . . By . . . n.p. 1765.

Lover of Truth and Peace, A. Rev.
Arthur Ashley Sykes. The external peace
of the Church only attainable by a zeal
for Scripture in its just latitude ... L.

Lover of Truth and the British
Constitution, A. Caleb Evans, D.D.
A letter to . . . John Wesley on his Calm
Address to the American Colonies . . .
L. 1775.




Lover of Zion, A. John Glass, the
founder of the " Glassites." A letter
. . . discovering the mystery of national
church covenanting under the New Tes-
tament. Edinb. 1728.

Liovette, IJillie. Mr. M. W. Torrey.

Lcwe Farmer, The. William Law
Gane, an English and Canadian writer.
He wrote for the " Royal Ladies' Maga-
zine " in 1830, and afterwards for " Black-
wood," the "New Monthly Magazine,"
the " Gentleman's Magazine," " Eraser,"
the "Tablet," "Douglas Jerrold's Maga-
zine," " Household Words," and finally
for "Punch." He also contributed to
the " Metropolitan," the " Cabinet," and
"Bentley's Miscellany," and was editor
of the "Lady's Magazine," the "Court
Magazine," and the "Town and Country
Magazine " ; was sub-editor of the " Morn-
ing Chronicle," and wrote for the " Sun "
and other dailies and weeklies. Becom-
ing acquainted with Cobbett, he contrib-
uted several papers to " Cobbett's Maga-
zine." Coming to Canada in 1860, Mr.
G. contributed prose and poetry to the
"Saturday Reader," Montreal, and in
1865 edited a comic weekly called the
" Sprite," Quebec.

liUgay, H. de. Henri Bochcfort de
Luqay, " Le mousquetaire " of Alex.
Dumas. Paris, 1854.

Lucifer. John Ball. The baptism of
fire. B. 1877.

Lucius. One of the signatures adopted
by Junius {q.v.).

The letters subscribed " Lucius ". relate ex-
clusively to the dismission of Sir Jeffery Am-
herst from his post of Governor of Virginia for
the sole purpose, as it should soera, of creating a
post for the Earl of Hillsborough's intimate
friend, Lord Botetourt, who had completely
ruined himself by gambling and extravagance. —
jAyUES, Junius.

The first of these letters appeared in the
" Public Advertiser," Aug. 10, 1768.

Lucius. Dr. Samuel Parr, who con-
tributed papers on Troy and the Troad
to the " British Magazine " signed " Lu-

Lucius. Rev. James Blatch Plggot
Dennis, B.A., F.G.S. A letter to Lord
John Russell ... By . . . L. 1848 ; and
another, 1850.

Ludlow, Johnny. Ellen {Price) Wood.
Anne, and other tales. By . , . 188-.

Ludlow, Park. Theron Brown. Mck
Hardy at college ; or, the wooden spoon.
B. 188-.

Ludolff, M. Luise Huijn. Beata. 1880.

Luganski, Kosak. Vladimer Ivano-
vitch Dahl. Chmoel. St. Petersburg, 183-.

Lulu. Miss Louise G. Hall. Manna :

night and morning ; selected and arranged
by . . . N.Y. 1883.

Lunar Wray, A. Minot Judson Sav-
age. At the back of the moon. B. 1879.

Lunettes, Henry. Margaret C. Con-
Jcling. American gentleman's guide to
politeness and fashion. N.Y. 187-.

Lunt, Irene. Irene Bradhuri/, in her
contributions to the " Cottage Hearth."

Luola. 3Irs. Marg (Ayer) Miller, vflio,
under this pen-name, published poems in
the youth's department of the " North
Carolina Presbyterian " and the " Cen-
tral Presbyterian" (Richmond, Va.),and
"vrote several Sunday-school books for
the Presbyterian Board of Publication.

Lycurgus. John Kent, a frequent con-
tributor to the " Public Advertiser " dur-
ing 1769, and an opponent of the minis-
try. He is classed among the claimants
to the " Junius Letters " {q.v. ) . See also
''Private Letters of Junius," No. 5.

Lycus. John Fitzgibbon, 2d Earl of
Clare, in Byron's " Childish Recol-
lections " (Newark, 1807).

Lyle, Annot. Mrs. Annot {Lyle) Saxon,
who contributed poems and sketches to
the "American Courier" (P.) under this

Lyle, Currer. Mrs. M. Louise {Rogers)
Crossley, who, under this pen-name, con-
tributed some of her most finished arti-
cles to the " Literary Companion " (pub-
lished in Newnan, Ga.).

Lyn, R. Sir Robert Walpole. The life
of Mr. R. Lyn, etc. L. 1728.

Lynceus. Frederick Starr, Jr. Let-
ters for the people . . . N.Y. 1853.

Lyndon. Mrs. Matilda A. Bright.
Margaret : a story of life in a prairie
home . . . N.Y. 1868.

Lyndon, Barry. George Lowell Aus-
tin. Under the tide. B. 1870.

Lyndon, Barry, Esq. William Make-
peace Thackeray. The memoirs of . . .
written by himself. L. 1856.

Lyndon, Mary. 31rs. Mary {Neal
Sergeant Gove) Nichols. Mary Lyndon;
or, revelations of a life. An autobi-
ography. N.Y. 1855.

Lynn Bard, The. Alonzo Lewis.
Forest-flowers and sea-shells. B. 1831.

Lynn, Ethel. Mrs. Ethel Lynn Beers.
General Frankie : story for little folks.
N.Y. 1863.

Lyon, Bonnet de. Am€d€e Bonnet.
Eloge du docteur Alph. Dupasquier.
Paris, 1849.

Lyrist, The. E. Randies, who was the
lyrist mentioned by Miss Seward in her
poem called " Llangollen Vale."

Lysander. Rev. Thomas Frognall




Dihdin, who was the " Lysander " of his
own " Bibliomania."

Liysander. James Cheetham. Annals
of the Corporation relative to the late
contested elections . . . N.Y. 1802.

Liysander. William P. Van Ness. A
correct statement of the late melancholy
affair of honor between General Hamil-

ton and Colonel Burr . . . July 11, 1804
... By . . . N.y. 1804.

Lyttelton, Lord. William Coombe,
Esq. Lord L.'s letters. L. 1784.

Liyttle, Byrd. E. Victoria Lomax.
Mary Austin ; or, the new home. P. 1870.

Ijyulph. H. B. Lumley. Something
like a nugget : a drama. By ... L. 1868.


M. Mr. Macintosh, editor of the
*' Buffalo News," in his contributions to
various periodicals.

M. Thomas Manning, the Cambridge
mathematical tutor. — See Lamb's " Elia,"
" Dissertation on Koast Pig," and " The
Old and New Schoolmaster."

M. Maunde, dismissed schoolmas-
ter. — See Lamb's " Ella," " Christ's

M. Maynard, who hanged himself. —
See Lamb's "Elia," "The South-Sea

M. Joseph Mellish, his signature to a
paper in the " Microcosm," published at
Eton College, 1787.

M. Rev. Gerard Moultrie, who contrib-
uted 35 hymns to the "People's Hymnal "
(1867), some of which are signed " M.,"
others with the initials of his nam de
plume, " D. P.," for " Desiderius Pastor " ;
and one is signed " The Primer."

M. Alexander Pope. — See " Bavius."

M. Sev. William Lewis Rham, his
well-known signature in the London
" Gardeners' Chronicle."

M. Matthew F. Ward.

BI. Sir George Steuart Mackenzie,
Bart. A letter to William Rae, Esq. . . ,
on the public execution of criminals.
Edinb. 1815.

M. Hugh Miller. Letters on the
herring fishing in the Moray Frith. In-
verness, 1829.

M., Lie Marquis de. M. Moise Schwab,
Melanges bibliographiques. Marseilles,

M., Mrs. Mrs. Basil Montagu. — See
Lamb's "Elia," "Oxford in the Vaca-

M., A. A. Mannington. Footprints of
the holy dead ; trans. ... L. 1863.

31., A. Alfred Miles. A word or two
on the Liturgy. By ... L. 1837.

M., A., Esquire. Daniel Defoe. —
See " Moreton, Andrew, Esq."

M., A, a Layman. Alexander Murray.
A clear display of the Trinity from

Divine Revelation . . . By ... L.


M., A. B. Arthur Bache Matthews, as
editor of the " Riots at Birmingham,
July, 1791 ... L. 1863.

M., A. B. Rev. Artemas Bowers Muz-
zey. The Sabbath School Service and
Hymn Book ... B. 1855.

M., A. C. Agnes C. Maitland. Elsie:
a Lowland sketch. L. 1875.

M., A. D. Louis Charles Alfred de
Musset, as translator of De Quincey's
" Confessions of an English Opium
Eater" (1828), etc.

M., A. D., H.F.S.A. Abbe' Ang€ Denis
McQuin. A description of more than
three hundred animals . . . By ... L.

M., A. S. A. S. Moffat. Cedar Brook
stories ; or, the Clifford children ... B.

M., A. W. Agnes W. Mitchell. The
smuggler's son. P. 1842.

M. B. Rev. Roger Baxter, S.J. The
Alexandria controversy; or, a series of
letters between . . . and Qusero, on the
tenets of Catholicity . . . Georgetown,
D.C., 1817.

M., B. Mrs. Barbara (Miller) Macan-
drew. Ezekiel, and other poems. Edinb.

M., B. Bernard de Mandeville. Free
thoughts on religion ... L. 1720.

31., B. Barclay de Mounteney. Letter
to Lord Brougham on the elective fran-
chise. L. 1839.

31., B. Bezaleel Morris. A letter to
Mr. Theobald, in verse, against Mr. P.
. . . {i.e. Alex. Pope) contributed to the
" Daily Journal," June 11, 1728.

31. B., Draper. Jonathan Swift. A
letter to the people of Ireland. Dublin,

The letter is signed " Publicola."

31. B., Drapier. Jonathan Swift.
The Drapier letters. 1724.

Tiiese letters were directed against the coinage
of farthings and half -pence, and resulted in theii




author obtaining the name of " The Copper-
Farthing Dean " iq.v.).

See also " The Drapier " and " M. B., Draper."

M., B. A. Brother Azarias Mullany.
An essay, contributing to a philosophy
of literature. P. 1877.

M., C, J. H. G. and M. R. Respec-
tively Campbell Mackinnon, Joseph li.
Gibbs, and Montgomerie Hanking, au-
thors of the " Quadrilateral." L.

These poems are dedicated by the above gen-
tlemen to C. M. Crawford, whose name com-
pletes " The Quadrilateral."

M., C., Vicar of Brixworth. Rev.
Charles Marshall. A plain and easy
introduction to the knowledge and prac-
tice of gardening, with hints on fish-
ponds. By . . . L. 1796.

31., C. B. Mrs. Clara Barnes Martin.
Mount Desert, on the coast of Maine.
Portland, 1867.

M., Mr. C J. Charles Julius Mickle.
A concise essay on the nature and con-
nexion of tlie philosophy and mythology
of Paganism ... L. 1826.

M., C. P. Christopher Parr Male.
Have you any fear of death 1 Birming-
ham, 1851.

M., C. R. Rev. Charles Robertson Man-
ning, M.A. The canticles of the Book
of Common Prayer, marked for chanting
... L. 1858.

M.D., of Newark, Ohio, An. Dr. J.
R. Black. Alcohol as a medicine. Syra-
cuse, 1870.

M. D. C, C. Claude Francois Xavier
Mercier de Compiegne. Histoire de Marie
Stuart . . . 1820.

M., D. G. Donald Grant Mitchell.
Dream life . . . N.Y. 1866.

M., E. Rev. Edward Melton. Annals
of the church in Brimfield. Springfield,
Mass., 1856.

M., E. E. Magrath. A letter
on Canada in 1806 and 1817 . . .

M., E. Edward Moxon. Memoir of
Charles Lamb, in Leigh Hunt's " London

M., E. A. JMrs. E. A. Maddock.
The Liturgy explained. L. 1839.

M. E. B. Mrs. Mary E. Gellie.
Clement's trial and victory ... L.

M., E. S. Edward Sanford Martin.
Sly ballades in Harvard China. B.

M., F. Sir Frederick Madden. How
the goode wife thaught hir doughter.
Edited by . . . L. 1838.

M., F. Rev. Frederick Martin. Notes
on the four gospels. L. 1838.

M., F. It. F. L. Morse. Onward to
the heights of life. B. 1880.

M., G. George Mooar. Historical
manual of the South Church in Ando-
ver, Mass., August, 1859. Andover,

M., G. Gervase Markham. The young
sportsman's instructor. L. 1820.

M., G. li. Gilbert Laing Bleason. On
the landscape architecture of the great
painters of Italy. By . . . L. 1828.

M., G. W. George W. Marshall. A
catalogue of i^edigrees hitherto unin-
dexed. Ed. by . . . L. 1867.

M., G. W. George Wharton Marriott,
B.C.L. Memoir of Kev. Dr. Gaskin, in
" Gent. Mag.," Vol. 99, 2d Pt., 183, 280,

M., G. W. George Wilson Meadley.
Memoirs of Mrs. Jebb. L. 1812.

M., H. Harriet Martineau. The mar-
tyr age of the United States . . . New-
castle-upon-Tyne, 1840.

M., Sir H. Sir Humphrey 3Iackworth,
Down with the mug ... L. 1717.

M., H. E. Henry Edward Manning.
Dies consecrati ... L. 1855.

BI., H. Li. Mrs. Hannah L. Murray.
Florence Murray : a narrative of facts.
By her mother ... B. 1849.

M. I. D. Richard Hengist Home, in his
contributions to the "Monthly Reposi-
tory" (L.).

M'G., J. John M' Gilchrist, M.D.
Chatelard : a tragedy in five acts.
Edinb. 1852.

M'S., J. Dr. Joseph Macsweeny. An
essay on aerial navigation . . . Cork,

M., J. John Muir. The course of
divine revelation . . . Calcutta, 1846.

M., J. Josiah Martin. The great
case of tithes truly stated ... L.

M., J. James Morgan, D.D. Elegy,
Mark Luke Grayston. L. 1830.

M., J. John Martin. An inquiry inta
Echard's statement in his history of Eng-
land ... L. 1852.

M., J. J. 3Iasson. Miscellaneous ob-
servations upon authors, ancient and
modern. L. 1731-32.

M., J. Rev. Joseph 3Iorris, M.A. Mon-
uments in Feltham Church, Middlesex, in
" Gent. Mag.," July, 1824, p. 39.

M., J. James Maidment. A new
book of old ballads. Edited . . .
Edinb. 1844.

M., J. Joseph Massie. Observations
on Mr. Eauquier's " Essay on Ways and
Means for Raising," etc. L. 1756.

M., J. .To/in Major. Rational mad-




ness : a song for the lovers of rare and
curious books. L. n.d.

M., J. Major Mojjle Sherer. Scenes
and imnressions in Egypt and Italy, etc.
L. 1824.

M., J. J. Mortimer. La Secession aux
Etats-Unis et son origine. Paris, 1861.

M., J. Rev. James Murray. The trav-
els of the imagination ... L. 1773.

M., J., Esq., F.R.S. John Mortimer.
The whole art of husbandry . . . By . . .
L. 1707.

M., J., Rev., D.D., F.S.A. John Mil-
ner, D.D. A vindication of the end of
religious controversy ... L. 1822.

M., J., of the Inner Temple. Jasper
Mauduit. The Legislative authority of
the British Parliament with respect to
North America ... L. 1766.

M., Sir J., and Dr. Ja. S. Sir John
Mennis and Dr. James Smith. Facetiae.
Musarum deliciae ... L. 1817.

M., J., et P., K. James Maidment and
Robert Pitcairn. Nusse derelictae quas
colligerunt . . . Edinb. 1822.

M., J. A. Mrs. J. A. Merryweather.
The hermit of Eskdaleside ; with other
poems . . . Whitby, 1833.

M., J. A. Sir John Archibald Murray,
Lord Murray. Letter to the Judge Advo-
cate . . . Edinb. 1850. — See "A Mem-
ber of Court."

M., J. C, Esq. J. Q. Mellish. Mary
Stuart : a tragedv. Trans, by . . . L.

M., J. H. John Herman Merivale,
Esq. — See " Gent. Mag.," November,
1837, p. 481.

M., J. H. James Henry Monk. Me-
moir of Duport . . . Cambridge, 1825.

M., J. H. B. Jacob Henry Brooke
Mountain. A sermon preached at Blun-
ham church . . . on . . . tlie completion
of an east window, by M. E. Sadler, with
a preface by J. H. B. M. L. 1864.

M., J. li. J. L. Martin. Native bards :
a satirical effusion ... P. 1831.

M., J. M. J. M. Moore. Lord Nial.
N.Y. 1834.

M., J. R. John Ramsay MacCulloch.
Tracts ... on metallic and paper cur-
rency, by S. J. Lloyd. Edited by . . .
L. 1858.

M., J. W. H. John William Henry
Molyneaux. Private prayers . . . selected
... L. 1866.

M., K. Kate M'Clellan. Anne and
Pierre; or, our father's letter. N.Y.

M., Ij. F. Mrs. Ijydia Falconer Miller.
Cats and dogs ; nature's warriors and
God's workers. L. 1868.

M., Li. M. Mrs. Louise [Chandler)

M., M. P. Mary Fawley Maude.
Scripture natural history, etc. L. 1848.

M., M. Li. Mary L. Meaney. Grace
Morton J or, the inheritance ... P. 1864.

»I. M. 31. William Tooke, Esq., F.R.S,
Verses. Edited by . . . L. 1860.

See " Gent. Mag.," July, 1844, p. 2, an inquiry
under this signature on tlie origin of tlie name of
Tooke. On many other occasions Mr. Tooke
wrote under the signature of " M. M. M.," as his
father had done previously. They were the
initials of the family motto, Militia Mea Multi-

M., M. ai. Miss M. M. Montgomery.
Lights and shadows of German life. P.

M., M. N. Mrs. Mary Noel (Bleecker
M'Donald) Meigs. Poems by . . . N.Y.

BI., Matt. Robinson. Matthew Rob-
inson Montaqn. Peace the best policy.
L. 1777.

BI. N. WilUam Wotton, D.D., in a
letter contributed to the " Guardian."

No. 93, June 27, 1713.

BI., N. Nathaniel Morren. Annals of
the General Assembly of the Church of
Scotland . . . 1739-76 . . . Edinb.

BI., O. Oswald Moosmiiller. St. Vin-
cenz in Pennsylvanien . . . N.Y. 1873.

BI., P. Rev. Patrick Middleton. A
dissertation on the power of the Church
... L. 1733.

BI. P. 3£rs. Marianne Girdlestone
Filleul. Marion ; or, the smuggler's wife
... L. 1873.

BI. P., An. William Pollard Urqu-
hart. The currency question and the Bank
Charter Committee of 1857-58. L. 1860.

BI., P; D. Rev. Peter Du Moulin. —
See " A Prebend of the Church of Can-

BI., R. Richard Morris. — See " One
of the Excluded Members of Parlia-

BI., R. C. Robert Cotton Money. Jour-
nal of a tour in Persia during the years
1824 and 1825. L. 1828.

BI., Rose C. Rose C. Monckton. Let-
ters from Euttehgurh. Clifton, 1858.

BI., R. K. Richard Kendall Macl.lt-

BI., R. S. Dr. Robert Shelton Macken-
zie, in his contributions to the " Lady's

BI., R. W. Robert W. McAlpine, in
his contributions to the "Press" (P.).

BI., S. Samuel Merriman, M.D., one of
his signatures in the "Gent, Mag.,"
1828-47. His others were "Correspond-




ent," " L. N.," and " 'l\apavdpanros." See
"Gent. Mag.," 1853, Pt. I., pp. 207-209.

M., S. Miss Selina Martin. Narrative
of three years' residence in Italy. L.

M., S., and S., G. M. Samuel Me-
cutchen and George M. Sayre. The new
American Arithmetic. P. 1877.

M. S. A. and M. R. A. S., An. Robert
Scott Burn. The grammar of house
planning . . . Edinb. 1864.

M., T. Tliomas Maiile. An abstract
of a letter to Cotton Mather . . . u.p.

M., T. Thomas Mounsei/. A brief
account of Thomas Pell of Swarthmore
Hall. By . . . Manchester, 1846.

M.,T. A suflFering Presbyter of the
Church of Scotland. Thomas Mouhraii.
A catechism, appointed in the liturgy of
the Church of Scotland . . . Edinb.

M., T. C, M.B., F.Li.S. Sir Thomas
Charles Morgan. An expostulatory letter
to Dr. ]\Ioseiey ... L. 1808.

M., T. S. T. S. Muir. Notes on re-
mains of ecclesiastical architecture and
sculptured memorials in the southern di-
vision of Scotland. Edinb. 1855.

M., W. William Mason. — See "A
Gentleman of Cambridge."

M., W. Rev. William MasMl, 31. A.
Bude Haven : a pen-and-ink sketch, with
portraits of the principal inhabitants. L.

M., W. Rev. William Marsh. Jeho-
vah's ancient temple, city, and land.
Dublin, 1863.

M., W. William Mackenzie. The pyra-
mid and the Bible . . . Edinb. 1868.

M., W., a Beneficed Priest. William
Masl-ell. A letter to the Very Rev. WU-
liam Cockburn, D.D., Dean of York . . •

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