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" What's in a name ? " Being a popular
explanation of ordinary Christian names
of men and women. Bj ... L. 1859.

Nicholson, My Aunt Margaret.
Percy ByssJie Shelley. Posthumous
poems of . . . Oxf. 1810.

Nick. Jonas E. Whitley.

Nicolai. Carl Henrik Scharling. Ved
Nytaarstid i Koddcbo Prastegaard. 1874.

Nidrah. L. S. Hardin.

Nil. Henry John Whitling. Heidelberg
and the way thither ... L. 1845.

Nil Admirari, Esq. R.ev. Frederick
William Slielton. The Trollcpiad ; or,
travelling gentleman in America : a satiri-
cal poem . . . N.Y. 1837.

Nilense, le baron de. Jacques Alhin
Simon Collin de Plancy. Les deux Kob-
insons. Paris, 1849.

Nilense, le frere Jacques. Jacques
Albin Simon Collin de Plancy. Guirlande
catholique des douze mois de I'annee.
Paris, 1849.

Nlles, Willys. . J. F. Hume. Five
hundred majority; or. the days of Tam-
many .. . N.Y. 1<^72.

Nilla. Alrs.Ahhy (Allin) Cnrtiss. Home
ballads. N.Y. about 1850.

Nimble-Chops, Aquiline, Democrat.
Brockholst Livingston. Democracy : an
epic poem . . . N.Y. about 1790.

Nimini, Notus. George W. Ogden.
A letter to Hull Barton . , . By his
friend . . . New Bedford, 1823.

Nimrod. Charles James Apperley, The
horse and the hound. Edinb. 1858.

Nimrod. John Hamilton Reynolds.
Sporting by . . . L. 1838.

Nina, Miss. Mile. Nina Duff. La
Marquise de Senneville . . . Paris, 1844.

Nitgenockle. William Hamilton Gait.

No Author. Mortimer M. Thompson.
Plu-ri-bus-tah : a song that's by no
author. N.Y. 1856.

No Bel-Esprit. John Lowell, LL.D.

Gov. Strong's calumniator reproved . . .
B. 1814.

No Bigot to, nor against the
Church of England. Ilev. Samuel
Cooper. A full refutation of the reasons
advanced in defence of the petition
which is intended to be offered to Parlia-
ment . . . for the abolition of subscription
to the Articles. By . . . L. 1772.

No Genius. Alexander Chalmers. In-
crease of geniuses, in " Gent. Mag."
March, 1799, p. 199.

No Jacobin. Alexander Hamilton. —
See " Pacificus."

No Name. Cecil Burleigh.

No-Party Man, A. Henry Hayes.
What is baptism ? Is it a fiction ? Con-
sidered by . . . Holloway, 1859.

No Tithe Gatherer. Rev. Samuel
Cooper. A letter to the clergy of the
county of Norfolk . . . By . . . Nor-
wich, 1773.

Noalies, John. Tom Taylor. Bare-
faced impostors. A farce . . . By J. D.,
Pkichard Koe, and ... L. 1854.

Noble Author, A. George Gordon
Noel, Lord Byron. Hours of idleness:
a series of poems . . . By . , . L.

Noble IJord, A. George Gordon Noel,
Lord Byron. Lines addressed to a noble
lord. 1815.

Noble Lord and Eminent LaTvyer,
A. J. Gore, Baron Annaly. Cases ar-
gued and adjudged in the Court of King's
Bench ... L. 1770.

Noble-man, A. Ford, Lord Grey.
Love-letters between a noble-man and
his sister [Henrietta, Countess of Berke-
ley]. (Letters signed " Philander " and
"Silvia.") L. 1693. By Aphra Behn.

Nobleman, A. John Hervey, Lord
Hervey of Ickworth. An epistle from . . .
to a Doctor of Divinity [Dr. Sherwin].
L. 173.3.

Nobleman, A. Oliver Goldsmith. An
history of England, in a series of letters
from ... to his son. L. 1764.

Nobleman, A. Edward Howard, 8th
Earl of Suffolk. Musarum delicia3 . . .
L. 1728.

Nobleman, A. Robert Sanders. Ko-
man history ... L. 17-

Noble-nian abroad, A. George Gran-
ville, Lord Lansdowne. A letter to . . .
his friend in England. L. 1722.

Nobody. Rev. James Cook Richmond.
No slur, else slur: a dancing poem, or
satyr . . . N.Y. 1840.

Nobody. William Stevens. Oii'ieySs
epya. The works of Nobody. L. 179-.

Nobody. James Robinson. Poems,




consisting of tales, fables, epigrams, etc.,
by . . . L. 1770.

Nobody, Nemo. Esq. James Fennell.
Something. Edited by . . . B. 1810.

Nobodj^, Nothing of Nowheres.
iter. James Alexander Young.

Nolands, Robert. Robert William
Essington. The legacy of an Etonian.
Edited by . . . Camb. 1846.

Noinentino. John McCosh, M.D.
Nuova Italia: a poem. L. 1872.

Noniistake. W. B. or W. P. Partee.
Science of money. P. 187-.

Non Clericus. James Cottle (1).
Romanism in an Apostate Church . . .
L. 1852.

Non-Comlbatant, A. George Alfred
Townsend. Campaigns of . . . and his
romaunt abroad during the war. N.Y.

Non-Combatant, A. Henry Jeffreys
Bushhij. A month in the camp before
Sebastopol. L. 1855.

Nouagenarian, A. Richard Graves.
The invalid : with the obvious means of
enjoj'ing health and long life. By a . . .
editor of the " Spiritual Quixote,"
" Columella," " Eeverles of Solitude,"
etc. L. 1804.

Nonagenarian, A. Mrs. Sarah Anna
(Smith) Emery. Reminiscences of . . .
Newburyport, 1879.

Noncathoni. John Canton. Electri-
cal properties of the tourmaline, in the
" Gent. Mag.," September, 1759, p. 424.

Noncommissioned Officer, A. George
W. Driggs. Opening of the Jlississippi :
or, two years' campaigning in the South-
West . . . Madison, Wis., 1864.

Non-Intrusionist, A. Prof. George
Dunbar. The Non-Intrusionists ; their
principles, conduct, and their consequen-
ces. Edinb. 1842.

Non-juror, A. Nathaniel SpincJces.
No just grounds for introducing the new
Communion OfHce ... L. 1719.

Nonsence, Sir Gregoi'y. John Tay-
lor, the water-poet. Sir G. N., his newes
from no place. L. 1622.

Norb. P. N. Myers, a bicycler of
Covington, Ky.

Nore, Alfred de. Le Marquis Adolphe
de Chesnel. Coutumes, mythes, et tradi-
tions des provinces de Erance. Paris,

Norfolk Clergyman, A. Rev. Sam-
uel Hobson. The nature and design of
the new poor laws explained . . . Nor-
wich, 1834.

Noriac, Jules. Claude Antoine Jules
Cairon. Les memoires d'un baiser.
Paris, 1863.

Norman, Lucia. 3frs. S. M. Heaven.
Youth's history of California . . . San
Fran. 1867.

Noma. Mrs. Mary Elizabeth [Akin)
Brooks, who from an early age was a
Avriter of verse for periodicals, under this

Norris, Dr. Robert. Jonathan Swift,
D.D. The narrative of . . . concerning
the . . . frenzy of Mr. John Dennis . . .
L. 1713.

Also ascribed to Alex. Pope.

North, Christopher. John Wilson.
The critical and miscellaneous articles
of . . . P. 1842. Under this pseudonym,
John Wilson edited " Blackwood's Maga-

North, Danby. Daniel Owen Madden.
The Mildmayes ; or, the clergyman's se-
cret ... L. 1856.

North, W. Savage. William S. Newell.

North American, A. John Dickinson.
An address to the Committee of Corre-
spondence in Barbados ... P. 1766.

North American, A. Myles Cooper.
The American querist . . . N.Y. 1774.

Also ascribed to Thomas Bradbury Chand-
ler, D.D.

North-British Protestant, A. Rev.
Archibald Bruce, of Whitburn. The in-
terest and claims of the Church and Na-
tion of Scotland in the settlement of
religion in India . . . Edinb. 1813.

North Briton, A. William Burns.
What's in a name 1 By . . . Glasgow,

North Country Angler, A. Thomas
Doubleday. The Coquet-dale fishing
songs . . . By . . . Edinb. 1852.

Northamptonshire Poet, The. John
Plummer. Songs of labour, and North-
amptonshire rambles. L. 1860.

Northamptonshire Rector, A. Rev.
Granville Hamilton Forbes, A.B. Village
sermons. By ... L. 1863.

Northelia. Lord North. The Coali-
tion rencontre anticipated: a poetical
dialogue . . . Dramatis personas . . . and
"Carlo Khan" [Charles James Eos]. L.

Northern Man, A. Calvin Colton.
Abolition a sedition, by . . . N.Y. 1838.

Northern Man, A. Charles Ingersoll
or Joseph Reed Ingersoll. The diplomatic
year ... P. 1863.

Northern Man, A. James Kirhe
Paulding. Letters from the South by
. . . N.Y. 1815.

Northern Man, A. William Bradford
Reed. Review of Mr. Seward's diplo-
macy, by . . . P. 1862.

Northern Man with American




Principles, A. Thomas Sobinson Hazard.
A Constitutional manual for the National
American party . . . Providence, 1856,

Northern Presbyter, A. Nathan
Lord, D.D. A letter of inquiry to minis-
ters of the Gospel ... on slavery. B. 1854,

Norval. James Scrymgeour. The
Ferns . . . Dundee, 1867.

Norval. E. H. Noi/es. Steamship
notes , . . N.Y. 1875.

Norwich Weaver-boy, A. William
Johnson Fox. Letters of ... in the news-
papers of the "Anti-Corn-Law League."

Nostrodamus, Merlin. 3fiss Frances
Power Cobbe. The " Age of Science " :
a newspaper of the twentieth century.
By . , . L. 1877.

Notelrac. Fannj/ E. Carleton. Operas :
their writers and their plots. P. 1882.

Nothus, Cornelius Scriblerus,
Thomas Burgess, Bishop of St. David's.
Ode on the present state of English
poetry ... By . . . Oxf. 1779.

Also attributed to Hev. Alexander Crowcher
Schomberg, M.A.

Notional, Nehemiah. John Lovering,
in the " Polyanthos," Boston, 1806-7.

Notitia Literaria. Edicard Tucker-
man, contributor of 54 papers under the
title of " Adversaria " and ..." Notitia
Literaria " to the " New York Clmi-ch-

Nouel, Edmond. Edmond de Manne.
La femme de chambre . . . Paris, 1831.

Nournia, Cousin. Dr. J. E. Nagle.

Nova Scotian, A. 3Iiss Eliza Frame.
Descriptive sketches of Nova Scotia . , .
Halifax, 1804.

Nova Scotian, A. C. B. Owen. Epi-
tome of the history, statistics, etc., of
Nova Scotia . . . Halifax, 1842,

Novalis, Friedrich Ludwig von Har-
denberg. Heinrich von Of terdingen, 1800,

Novanglus, John Adams, LL.D., who
wrote under this signature, in 1774, a
series of effective papers in reply to
" Massachusettensis,"

Novelist, A. Eliza Tabor. Diary of
. . , L. 1871,

Novice, A. Henry Victor. The whim-
sical bachelor ; or, married at last : a
comedy . . . Written by . . . who has
never beheld the interior of the green
room. Penzance, 1869.

Nox, O'wen. Charles B. Cory. South-
ern rambles. Florida. By . . , 188-

Nugator. St. Leger L. Carter. Nugae,
by . . . or, pieces in prose and verse.
Bait. 1844.

Nuitter, C. Li. E. Charles Louis Etienne
Truinet. Les bavards; Vert- Vert; La
princesse de Trebisonde.

Nullifler, A. Dr. Thomas Cooper.
Memoirs of . . , Columbia, S.C, 1832,

Numa, Bowleg Lascelles, Esq. — See
« Yorick."

Nun of Kenmare. Mary Frances
Cusack. Advice to Irish girls in Amer-
ica. N.Y. 187-.

Nunnery, Fabricia, Spinster. Peter
Coxe. Another word or two ; or, archi-
tectural hints, in lines to those Royal
Academicians who are painters, ad-
dressed to them on their re-election of
Benjamin West, Esq., to the president's
chair, 10th December, 1806, By . . .
with notes, etc, L. 1807,

Nurse and Spy. S. Emma E. Ed-
monds. In the Union army, 1861-63.
Hartford, 1865.

Nye, Bill. E. W. Nye, in his contri-
butions to the "Free Press" (Detroit,
Mich.), etc.

Nye, Columbus, pastor of a church
in Bungtovs^n Corner, James Russell


Q,. Dr. J. Thirlby. Miscellaneous ob-
servations on authors ancient and modern.
L. 1731-32.

O. Rev. Henry Coventry, in his con-
tributions to the " Athenian Letters " , , ,
L, 1741-43,

O. J. Moffatt. The ferns of Moffat
. . . Moffat, 1863.

O., Jr. Waterman L. Ormsby. Cycloi-
dal configurations ; or, the harvest of
counterfeiters , , . N.Y. Also in his
contributions to the " New York Sun."

O. B. Samuel Griswold Goodrich.

Five letters to my neighbor Smith touch-
ing the Fifteen Gallon Jug , , , B, 1838.

O., C Ccesar Otway. Sketches in
Ireland descriptive of interesting and
hitherto unnoticed districts in the north
and south of Ireland. By . . . Dublin,

" Mr. Otway was a large contributor to the
' Dublin Christian Examiner ' and the ' Dublin
University Magazine ' ; the former, indeed, prin-
cipally owed its fame to the articles signed

O. F. and A. K. Judah Lee Bliss.
The triplet : Church, State, and Vas-




"Tria juncta in uno." B.

Of these papers the first, signed " An Old
Fogy " (of which O. F. is probably an abbrevia-
tion) will be found under this pseudonym;
the second, likewise a reprint, under "Curtus
Gallus." The concluding paper, " with some
tmi-lateral opinions and angular reflections," is
signed "Democritus Junior."

O., G-. E. George Edmund Otis. Thu-
rid ; and other poems. By . . . B. 1874.

O., H. U. Henry Ustick Onderdonk,
M.D. Regeneration. By . . . n.p., n.d.

O., J. John Oldmixon. The life and
posthumous works of Arthur Maynwar-
ing. Esq L. 1715.

O., J. (Jacob Omnium). Matthew
James Higgins. The story of the Mhow
Court Martial. L. 1864.

O., J. C John Cardell Oliver. Guide
to Newquay and neighborhood, including
Perran and Bedruthen Steps. By , . .
Truro, 1872.

O. K. Olga de Kir€ef Novikoff, in a series
of letters in the Darlington " Northern
Echo " and the London " Daily News " ;
in 1877 published in a collected form
under the title of " Is Russia Wrong ? by
a Russian lady."

O.P. William Maginn,LL.D. "Chevy
Chase : a poem, idem Latine redditum,"
in " Blackwood's Magazine," November,

O. P. Q. Rev. Caleb Charles Colton,
who was at one time correspondent of
the London " Morning Chronicle," under
this signature.

O., S. G. Rev. Lord Sydney Godolphin
Osborne, long known for his letters on
social and philanthropic subjects, pub-
lished under this signature in the Lon-
don "Times."

O., W. William Oldjjs. A dissertation
upon pamphlets ... L. 1732.

O. W. Rev. John Bridle, of Hardwick.
A letter to the Rev. Dr. Lowth, preben-
dary of Durham ... L. 1758.

O , W , Esq. William Oioen.

A brief memoir of . . . L. 1841.

Oakes, A. H. H. O. Bunner, in New
York " Puck."

Oakey, Miss. Mrs. T. W. Deering.
Beauty in dress. N.Y. 188-.

Oakly. David Garrick. His signature
to letters in the " St. James's Chronicle."

Oakum, John. Walter P. Phillips.

OakTvood, Oliver. Stacy Gardner
Potts. Village tales . . . Trenton, 1827.

Oates, Felix. George L. Catlin.

Oberon. Nathaniel Hawthorne. — See
" Royce, Ashley Allen."

Oberon. Mrs. Mary Robinson. Signa-
ture to poems published in the " Oracle."

Obiter Dictum. James Anderson.
The union of the British North Ameri-
can provinces considered . . . Montreal,

O'Brien, Edward Stevenson. Isaac
Butt,viho was for some time editor of the
" Dublin University Magazine," and con-
tributed to it, under this signature, "Chap-
ters of college romance," which were after-
wards published separately.

Obscure Individual, An. Aedanus
Burke. Observations upon a late pam-
phlet entitled " Considerations upon the
Society or Order of the Cincinnati . . .
P. 1783.

Observateur, Un. L. H. Huot. Le
Rougisine en Canada . . . Quebec, 1864.

ObservateurResidentsurles Lieux,
Un. Berquin Du Vallon. Vues de la colo-
nic espagnole du Mississippi , . . Paris,

Observator. Samuel Adams, in the
" Boston Gazette," Sept. 27, 1773.

Observator. David Wells, Esq., in
"Gent. Mag.," November, 1784, p. 814.

Observator. Rev. John Evans, M.A.
Letters of . . . Whitchurch, Salop. 1837.

Observator, Charles. Rev. Elijah
Robinson Sabin. The life and reflections
of . . . B. 1816.

Observer. Francis J. Grund, in the
Philadelphia " Ledger."

Observer, An. Stedman Wright
Hanks. The Black Valley Railroad . , .
An allegory, in " The Nation," etc. N.Y.

Observer, An. Sir John James Rut-
lidge. The Englishman's fortnight in
Paris ... L. 1777.

Observer, An. J. McNaughton. An
enquiry into tlie present system of medi-
cal education, in the State of New York
. . . Albany, 1830.

Observer, The General. Nathan
Fiske, S.T.D., who wrote essays for the
" Massachusetts Spy," under the title of
" The Worcester Speculator " and " A
Neighbor," and for the " Massachusetts
Magazine " under that of " The General

Observer of the Times, An. Alex-
ander Shand. An explanation of the in-
teresting prophecy respecting the two
apocalyptic Witnesses ... L. 1817.

Obsolete Author, An. James Kirke
Paulding. Odds and ends, in the New
York " Literary World."

O'C, E. E. 0' Conor. A grammar
of the Gaelic language . . . Dublin, 1818.

O'C, E. M. Eva M. O'Connor. An-
alytical index to the works of Haw-
thorne. B. 1882.




O'Cataract, Jehu. John Neal. Bat-
tle of Niagara. A poem . . . Bait. 1818.

Occasional. Col. Sanders D. Bruce,
in the New York " Turf, Field, & Farm."

Occasional. John Weiss Forneij, in
the Pliiladelphia "Press."

"Oxos. John Cog/an. The confessions
of an Unferniented Wine Communicant
. . . Edinb. 1877.

Oclcside. Mortimer M. Thompson.
History and records of the Elephant
Club, by Doesticks and . . . N.Y. 1856.

Oconomo^voc. James A. Henshall,
who used this signature, while residing
in Wisconsin, in contributing numerous
articles to the press on the " Bass." Au-
thor of "Book of the black bass," 1881.

Octavia. Mrs. Mart/ Alice (Ives)
Seymour. Christmas holidays at Cedar
Grove. B. 1865.

Octogenarian, An. James Roche.
Critical and miscellaneous essays, by . . .
Cork, 1850-51.

Octogenarian, An. John Mathew
Gutch, Esq. The Eagles of Bristol ;
father and son. " Gent. Mag.," Febru-
ary, 1856, p. 148.

Octogenarian, An. Walter Savage
Landor. Hebrew lyrics ... L. 1859.

Octogenarian, An. Sir Brenton Hal-
liburton, Knt. Reflections on passing
events : a poem . . . Halifax, 1856.

Octogenarian, An. Eichard Lower.
Stray leaves from an old tree : selections
from the scribblings of . . . 1862.

Octogenarian Architect, An. George
L. Taylor. The autobiography of . . .
L. 1870-72.

Octogenarian Lady of Charleston,
S.C., The. Mrs. E. A. Poyas. The
olden time of Carolina . . . Charleston,

Octogenary. Rev. Daniel Huntington.
Memories, counsels, and reflections . . .
Camb. 1857.

Oculatus, Testis. Rev. Richard Tref-
fnj. The Chatham races : in three let-
ters to a friend, by . . . Maidstone, 1824.

Odd Boy. John Tillotson. Palestine :
its holy sites and sacred story. L. 1871,
etc. Also contributions to " The Boys'
Magazine" (L.).

Odd Fellow, An. Peter M'lCenzie,
editor of the " Glasgow Gazette," James
Wallace, of Glasgow, Dr. James Brown
and Robert Kaij of Dumbarton, Joseph
Souter of Aberdeen, Alexander M'Neill,
advocate, and James Duncan, a book-
seller of Glasgow, were the joint authors
of " Gotham in alarm : a farce in three
acts"... 9tli ed. Glasgow, 1816. Pub-
lished under the above pseudonym.

Odds and Ends. Walter C. Quevedo,
in the New York " Dispatch."

Oddy, J. Jephson. William Play/air.
European Commerce. L. 1805.

" These two works (this of Oddy and the
' Spirit of the Bankrupt Laws,' of Joshua ilonte-
fiore) though published under the names of the
gentlemen last mentioned, were written by Mr.
Playfair." — "Gent. Mag," June, 1823.

Odman, Jeremiah. D. H. Atkinson.
Old Leeds ; its bygones and celebrities.
By an Old Leeds Cropper. Leeds, 1868.

O'Doherty, Sir Morgan, Bart. Wil-
liam Maginn. Maxims of . . . Edinb.
1849. Was also a constant contributor
to " Blackwood's Magazine " under this

O'Donald, Peregrine. William ICing,
LL.D. — See " Scheffer, Frederick."

O'Donnor, Andrew. A. Fontaney.
Le Parlement anglais en 1835 ... in the
" Revue des Deux Mondes," 1835.

O'Doivd, Cornelius. Charles James
Lever. Cornelius O'Dowd upon men and
women and other things in general.
Edinb. and L. 1864.

Reprinted from " Blackwood's Magazine."

Officer, An. John Fitch. Annals of
the Army of the Cumberland ... P. 1864.

Officer, An. Capt. William Edward
Montague. Campaigning in South Africa.
Reminiscences of ... in 1879. Edinb.

Officer, An. Dr. John Gordon Smith.
The English Army in France ... L. 1830.

Officer, An. Harry Austin. Guards,
hussars, and infantry . . . By . . . L. 1838.

Officer, An. Lieut. Douglas. A gen-
eral essay on military tactics . . . trans, by
... L. 1781.

Officer, An. M. J. Home. A letter
... to his son in Parliament. L. 1776.

Officer, An. Major Alexander .Tar-
dine. Letters from Barbary, France,
Spain, Portugal, etc. By ... L. 1788.

Officer, An. Sir Robert Tver Porter.
Letters from Portugal and Spain . . .
L. 1809.

Officer, An. Arent Schuyler Depeys-
ter. Miscellanies . . . Dumfries, 1813.

Officer, An. Thomas Anbury. Trav-
els through the interior parts of Amer-
ica .. . By . . . L. 1789.

Officer employed in his Army, An.
John Fane, lltli Earl of Westmoreland.
Memoir of the early campaigns of the
Duke of Wellington, in Portugal and
Spain. By . . . L. 1820.

Officer employed on the Expedi-
tion, An. William Smith. An impartial
narrative of the reduction of Belleisle . . .
L. 1761.




Officer in His Majesty's service,

An. Robert Orenville Wallace, Fifteen
years in the Indies ; or, sketches of a sol-
dier's life ... by .. . L. 1822.

Officer in the Army of Wolfe, An.
James Athearn Jones. Memoirs of . . .
L. 1831.

Officer in the East India Com-
pany's Service, An. James Kerr. A
short historical narrative of the rise and
rapid advancement of the Mahratta
State . . . Translated by . . . L.

Officer in the Field, An. Charles P.
Kirkland. The coming contraband , . .
N.Y. 1862.

Also attributed to Charles C. Nott.

Officer in the Guards, An. George
Edward Ayscough. Letters from ... to
his friend in England, containing some
accounts of France and Italy. L. 1778.

Officer in the Hon. E. I. Co.'s Ben-
gal native infantry, in civil employ,
An. Major John Butler. A sketch of
Assam ... By . . . L. 1847.

Officer in the Military and Civil
Service of the Hon. East India Com-
pany, An. Maj.-Gen. Sir William Henry
Sleeman. On taxes on public revenue . . .
"Bj ... L. 1829.

Officer in the Service of the Hon.
E. I. Co., An. John Chines. An histori-
cal sketch of the princes of India . . .
Edinb. 1833.

Officer in the U. S. Ai'my, A Late.
Jervase Cutler. A topographical descrip-
tion of the State of Ohio, Indiana Terri-
tory and Louisiana ... B. 1812.

Officer of Colonel Baillie's Detach-
ment, An. William Thomson. Memoirs
of the late war in Asia ... L. 1788.

Officer of Rank, An. Capt. William
Nugent Glascock, R.N. Naval sketch
book ; or, the service, afloat and ashore.
L. 1826.

Officer of the Army, An. Capt. Hall.
The history of the civil war in America.
By . . . L. 1780.

Officer of the Army, An. Capt. Ed-
win D. Phillips. Texas, and its military
occupation and evacuation. By . . . N.Y.

Officer of the Army at Detroit,
An. Henry Whiting. Ontwa, the son of
the forest. A poem, by . . . N.Y. 1822.

Officer of the British Army, An.
Maj. Edicard Drewe. A letter to a yoimg
officer, written in the year 1776 . . .
N.Y. 1778.

Officer of the Chancery of the . . .
Order of St. Joachim, An. Sir Levett
Hanson. An accurate historical account

of all the orders of knighthood at pres
ent existing in Europe ... L. 1802.

Officer of the First Regiment of
Ohio Volunteers, An. L. Giddings.
Sketches of the campaign in Northern
Mexico, in 1846-47 . . . N.Y. 1853.

Officer of the Household Brigade
of Cavalry, An. Col. George Greenwood.
Hints on horsemanship ... L. 1839.

Officer of the Line, An. John L.
Gardner. Military control; or, command
and government of the army. Washing-
ton, 1839.

Officer of the Rear-Guard, An.
Edward M. Boykin. The falling flag,
evacuation of Richmond, retreat and sur-
render at Appomattox. By . . . N.Y.

Officer of the Royal Engineers,
An. Charles Edmund Webber. — See
"W., C.E."

Officer of the Royal Navy, An.
John Matthews. Twenty-one plans ... of
different actions in the West Indies, dur-
ing the late war. By . . . Chester, 1784.

Officer of the United States Army,
An. Maj.-Gen. George C. Strong. Cadet
life at West Point ... B. 1862'.

Officer of the United States Army,
An. Lieut. Richard Bache. Notes on
Colombia, taken in the years 1822-23,
etc P. 1827.

Officer of the United States Army,
An. James H. M'CuUoh, .Jr., M.D. Re-
searches in America . . . Bait. 1816.

Officer of the United States Navy,
An. Horatio Bridge. Journal of an
African cruiser, 1843-44. N.Y. 1845.

Officer of the United States Navy,
An. William S. W. Ruschenberger. Three
years in the Pacific, by . . . 1835.

Officer of this Establishment at
CharlestOTvn, An. Gamaliel Bradford,
Senior. Some . . . remarks and docu-
ments relating to the Massachusetts State
Prison. By . . . Charlestown, 1821.

Officer on the StaflF, An. Hon.
Somerset John Gough Calthorpe. Letters
from headquarters; or, the realities of
the war in the Crimea ... L. 1857.

Officer serving as Quarter-Master
General. De Lacy Evans. Facts re-
lating to the capture of Washington . . .
L. 1829.

Officer under that General, An.
Henry Adams Bullard. The history of
Don Francisco de INIiranda's attempt to
effect a revolution in South America . . .
B. 1808.

Officer who served in the Expedi-
tion, An. Bev. George Robert Gleig. A
narrative of the campaigns of the Britisli




iirmy at Washinsfton and New Orleans
. . . 1814 and 1815. L. 1821. m

OflScer -who served there. William

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