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W. Ireland, M.D. History of the siege
of Delhi . . . Edinb. 1861.

Officer's Wife, An. Mrs. M. J. Car-
rington. Ab-sa-ra-ka Home of the Crows
... P. 1868.

Officier Americain, Un. — See " An
American Officer in the Service of

O'Gotham, Bob. Robert H. Greehj.

O'Hannegan, IJarry. Lee O'Uarris.

O'Hara, Abel. Michael Banim. The
"Abel O'Hara" of the O'Hara Family.

O'Hara Family, Tbe. John Banim.
The bit o' writin' and other tales. L. 1838.

Ohio Volunteer, An. James Foster.
The capitulation ; or, a history of the
expedition conducted by William Hull,
Brigadier-General of the ISTorth-Westem
army . . Chillicothe (0.), 1812.

O'Keefe, Cornelius. Thomas Francis
Meagher, in his contributions to " Har-
per's Magazine" (N.Y.).

Oksaselta, A. August Engelbreht Al-
qvist. Sitkenia [Sparks] . . . 4th ed.
Helsingfors, 1881.

In 1S47, Prof. Alqvist, with some other young
men, founded, at Helsingfors, " Suometar," a lit-
erary periodical, for which he wrote under the
eignature of " Oksanen."

O'lJanns, Corry. John Stanton, in his
letters to the " Brooklyn Daily Eagle."

Old Acquaintance, An. George Mc-
Henrij. A familiar epistle to Robert J.
Walker . . . From ... L. 1863.

Old Amateur, An; Richard Edgcumbe,
2d Earl of Mt. Edgcumbe. Musical
reminiscences of . . . L. 1827.
^ Old and Experienced Trader, An.
Alexander Cluny. The American trav-
eller; or, observations on the present
state, culture, and commerce of the Brit-
ish colonies in America. By ... L.

Old Angler and Bibliopolist, An.
Thomas Boosey. Piscatorial reminis-
cences and gleanings, by . . . L. 1835.

Old Author, An. J. Johnson. The
advantages and disadvantages of the
marriage state . . . from ... L. 1830.

Old Bachelor, An. E. Carrington.
Confessions of . . . 18-.

Old Bachelor, An. George William
Curtis. Manners on the road, by ... in
"Harper's Bazaar."

Old Bachelor, The. William Wirt.
The old bachelor. Bait. 1818.

Old Bard, The. Edward Jerningham.
The old bard's farewell: a poem. 2d ed.
... L. 1812.

Old BlodB. Al9hzo Delano. Live
avoman in the mines : play. N.Y. 18S7.

Old Bookseller, An. William West.
Fifty years' recollections of . . . with
anecdotes, etc., of authors, artists, actors,
books, booksellers, etc. L. 1837.

Old Bookworm, An. William John
Thorns. Gossip of ... in the " Nineteenth
Century," Julj^ 1881.

Old Boomerang. John Richard
Houlding. Australian capers ; or, Chris-
topher Cockle's colonial experience. L.

Old Boy. Edward Leman Blanchard.
Children's pantomime. L. 186-.

Old Boy, An. John W. Steel. A
sketch of the life and professional ser-
vices of Isaac Sams ... a distinguished
teacher . . . [By Henry S. Doggett.]
With some reminiscences by an old boy.
Cin. 1880.

Old Boy, An. Thomas Hughes, Tom
Brown's schooldays . . . Camb. 1857.

Old Boy in Specs, The. Matthew L.
Davis, thus familiarly known to politi-

Old BurcheU. Elihu Burritt. Old
Burchell's pocket for the children. L.

Old Bushman, An. Horace William
Wheelwright. Sporting sketches. Home
and abroad. By . . . L. 1866.

Old Cartman, An. Isaac S. Lyon,
in his letters to the " Daily Journal "
(Newark, N.J.), 1871.

Old Cayen. Alexander Chalmers. The
dress of the ladies medicinally consid-
ered. "Gent. Mag.," October, 1802, p.

Old Celt, An. William Bottrell, Jr.
Traditions and hearthside stories of
West Cornwall. Penzance, 1870.

Old Chalk. Henry Chadwick, in his
contributions to " The Union " (Brook-
lyn, N.Y.) .

Old Chatty Cheerful. William Mar-
tin. " The Boy's Own. Annual." L.

Old Cheltonlan, An. Paul Ward.
Eeminiscences of Cheltenham College.
By . . . L. 1868.

Old Cicerone of Elgin Cathedral,
The. John Shanks. Elgin, and a guide
to Elgin cathedral ... By . . . L. 1866.

Old Citizen, An. Col. William L.
DeBeck. Murder will out . . . Cin. 1867.

Old Citizen, An. Samuel Mordecai.
Richmond in by-gone days . . . Rich-
mond, Va., 1856.

Old Colonist, An. George Wright.
Wattle blossoms : some of the grave and
gay reminiscences of . . . Melbourne, 1857.




Old Colony. Jgey. F.^^. Zabriskie
■Golden fruit from Bible trees. N.Y. 1862

(5ld Conservative, An. John Gorhafi
Palfreij. Letter to a Whig neighbor on
the approaching State election, by . . .
B. 1855.

Old Cormorant, An. Constance Bur-
dett. Flight of fancy, folly, and fun . . .
L. and Edinb. 1878.

Old Cornish Boy, An. Dr. Samuel
Woolcock Christophers. From out of the
deeps. [A Cornish tale.] By... L. 1875.

Old Corporal. Rev. Leander S. Coan,
of Alton, N.H., in miscellaneous dialect

Old Correspondent, An. Mr. Fox,
the second son of Lord Holland, in a
communication to the " Public Adver-
tiser" (October, 1771), which occasioned
a reply from Junius, under the signature
of "Anti-Fox" (q.v.).

Old Diplomatic Servant, An. Da-
vid Urquhart. British diplomacy illus-
trated in the affair of the "Vixen."
By . . . L. 1838.

Also ascribed to H. H. Parish.

Old Dissector, An. James Browne.
The "Life" of the Ettrick Shepherd
anatomized . . . Edinb. 1832.

Old Ebony. William Blackwood, in
his contributions to " Blackwood's Mag-

Old Etonian, An. Bracehridge Hem-
yng. Eton school days ... L. 1864.

Old Fanner, An. John Lowell, LL.D.
The road to peace, commerce, wealth,
and happiness ... B. 1813.

Old File, An. — See " Waverley."

Old Fogy, An. Judah Lee Bliss. On
reform in^^ general and prison reform in
particular (N.Y. 1853) ; and Footprints of
travel in France and Italy, with occa-
sional divagations, by an old fogy. B.

The latter pamphlet is signed " Curtus Gal-
luB." Conf. also " O. F. and A. K."

Old Friend, An. 3Iiss Jane Louisa
Willjiams. The reason rendered. A
few words addressed to the inhabitants
of M[awgan], in Cornwall, by . . . L. 1847.

Old Friend and Servant of the
Church, An. William Jones, F.R.S.
A letter to the Church of England . . .
L. 1798.

Old Friend of the Society for Pro-
moting Christian Knowledge, An.
Rev. Edward Ward. A letter on the
subject of the British and Foreign Bible
Society, addressed to Dr. Gaskin. By . . .
L. 1810.

Also attributed to William Ward, D.D.,
Preb. of Salisbury.

Old Gardener, An. Edward Beck.

packet of seeds saved by . . . L. 1861.

Old Georgia IJawyer, An. Garnett
Andrews. Reminiscences of . . . At-
lanta, Ga., 1870.

Old Hand on Board, An. Arthur
Benoni Evans, D.D. Britain's wreck;
or, breakers ahead ... L. 1853.

Old Harlo. Bev. Charles Edwards

Old Harrovian, An. Douglas Straight.
Harrow recollections. L. 1867.

The preface is signed " Sidney Daryl."

Old Hickory. Andrew Jackson.

Old Humphrey. George Mogridge.
Old Humphrey's walks in London and its
neighborhood. L. 1843.

Old Inhabitant, An. James Mors-
burgh, provost of Pittenweem. A glance
at the historical traditions of Pittenweem
. . . Pittenweem, 1851.

Signed " J. H."

Old Inhabitant of British North
America, An. Sir Brenton Halliburton.
Observations on the importance of the
North American colonies to Great Brit-
ain . . , Halifax, 1825.

Old Inspector of Schools, An. Jo-
seph Bentleij. Eeligious training for the
people ... L. 1862.

Old Itinerant, An, Rev. Henry
Smith. Recollections and reflections of
. . . N.Y. 18-.

Old Jonathan. David Alfred Doud-
neij, D.D. Try and try again ... L.

Old XQiick. Edward Dubois. Old
Knick's pocket book; or, hints for "a
Rhyghte Pedantique and Manglynge "
Publication to be called " My Pocket
Book." By himself. L. 1808.

This and " My Pocket Book by a Knight
Errant" were humorous attacks upon the
" Tours" of Sir John Carr.

Old Lady, An. Frank Cahill, in his
contributions to the "Saturday Press"
(P.), etc.

Old Lady, An. A. Dawson. A gtiide
to the musical tuition of very young
children. By . . . L. 1868.

Old Lady in Threadneedle Street,
The. The bank of England.

Old Leeds Cropper, An. D. H. At-
kinson. — See "Odman, Jeremiah."

Old Maid, An. — See " Lounger, A,"

Old Maid, An. Miss Phillips. My
life and what I shall do with it. By . . .
L. 1864.

Old Man, An. Josiah Quinci/, Jr., ia
the "Boston Gazette," Aug. 6, 1770.

Old Man, An. Sir Francis Bond




Head, Bart. Bubbles from the Brunnen
of Nassau ... L. 1833.

Old Man, An. llkliard Malcolm John-
ston. Georgia Sketches . . . Augusta, Ga.,

Old Man, An. Joseph M. White (?).
The presidency [political essays, sub-
scribed . . . reprinted from the " Balti-
more Chronicle"]. Bait. 1831.

Old Man, An. Beu. Philip Skelton.
Senilia; or, an old man's miscellany.
L. 1786.

Old Man, An. Alexander Dalrymple.
Thoughts of ... of independent mind
though dependent fortune. L. 1800.

Old Man, The. Samuel West, 8.T.D.
Essays of the Old Man, in the " Colum-
bian Centinel," 1806-7.

Old Man Eloquent, The. John
Quincy Adams.

Old Man of Business, An. diaries
Lloyd. An examination of the princi-
ples and boasted disinterestedness of a
late Eight Honourable Gentleman [W.
Pitt, Earl of Chatham] . In a letter from
... to a noble lord. L. 1766.

Old Man of the Mountain, The.
Nathaniel Peahody liogers, some of whose
most popular pieces were published in
the New York "Tribune" under this

Old Man well-known on the Der-
byshire streams a century ago, An.
W. H. Aldam. A quaint treatise on
"Flees and the art a' artyficiall flee
making," by . . . L. 1876.

Old Mariner, An. Mrs. Mary Coiv-
den Clarke. Kit Barn's adventures ; or,
the yarns of . . . L. 1849.

Old Member of Parliament, An.
Bichard Glover. An appeal to the jus-
tice and interests of the people of Great
Britain in the present dispute with
America. By . . . L. 1776.

Also ascribed to Arthur Lee, Lord Chatham,
and Dr. Franklin.

Old Member of Parliament, An.

Sir Bichard Hill. Remarks on a charge
delivered by the Eight Eeverend the
Lord Bishop of London ... in May and
June, 1803 .. . By... L. 1804.

Old Member of the Society, An.
John Annesley Colet. A letter to the
Eev. Thomas Coke, LL.D., and Mr.
Henry More ... to which is added an
appeal and remonstrance to the people
called Methodists. L. 1792.

Old Merchant, An. Eon. John Nes-
mith. Thoughts on the currency . . .
Lowell, 1866.

Old Merry. Edmund Hodder. Book-
stall boy of Batherton. B. 1873.

Old Mountaineer, An. J. P. Scrib-
ner {!). Laconia; or, legends of the
White Mountains ... B. 1856.

Old Ne'w Yorker, An. William Alex-
ander Duer, LL.D. Reminiscences of
. . . N.Y. 1867.

Old Nick. Paul Emile Daurand For-
gues. La Chine ouverte : aventures d'un
Ean-kouei dans le pays de Tsin . . . Paris,

Old Noll. Jules Barhey d'Aurevilly,
who, under this signature, first published
in the " Nain Jaune " the portraits after-
wards collected under the title of " Qua-
rante medallions de I'Academie." Paris,

Old Officer, An. Bev. Philip Skelton.
A letter to the authors of " Divine Anal-
ogy and the Minute Philosopher," from
.\ . L. 1744.

Old, Old Bachelor, An. Nathan
Stone Beed Beal. Diamond leaves from
the lives of the Diniond family, etc.
By . . . Macedon, N.Y., 1872.

Old Paris Man, An. William
Makepeace Thackeray. "Paris revis-
ited," "Punch," 1849.

Old Parishioner, An. Mrs. H. Mad-
den. Personal recollections of . . . Rob-
ert Daly, late Bishop of Cashel, at Pow-
erscourt and Waterford. By . . . Dub-
lin, 1872.

Old Parochial Clergyman, An. Rev.
Dr. John Duncan (?). The libertine led
to reflection by calm expostulation . . .
By . . . L. 1794,

Old Pioneer, An. John Mason Peck,
D.D. " Father Clark " ; or, the pioneer
preacher . . . N.Y. 1855.

Old Planter, An. Lieut. Gordon Turn-
bull. Letters to a young planter . . . n.p.

Old Pop. Thomas Popplewell, a cele-
brated singer of Covent Garden, well
known to the choice spirits of London,
the latter part of the last century, for
his scientific skill and the comic fashion
with which he sung his songs.

Old Prob. Albert J. Myers. Manual
of signals for U. S. army and navy. 1868.

Old Reporter, An. Walter Henry
Watts. My private note book ; or, rec-
ollections of . . . L. 1862.

Old Republican, An. Rev. Joseph
Lyman, in the " Hampshire Gazette "
(Northampton, Mass.), who wrote a se-
ries of articles in that paper, in 1786,
against Shay's Rebellion.

Old Resident, An. Andrew Burke.
Burke's guide ; or, the visitor's com-
panion to Niagara Falls . . . Buffalo,




OM Resident in the Parish of Sta-
verton, An. Charles Wildegoose. A
short and plain address to his cottage
neighbors. By . . . Daventry, 1840.

Old Rugbsean, An. R. N. Hutton.
Kecollections of Rugby ... L. 1818.

Old Sailor, An. Nathaniel Ames. An
old sailor's yarns. N.Y. 1835.

Old Sailor, An. Isaac Carter. On
Quakerism ... By . . . L. 1800.

Old Sailor, The. Roland F. Coffin.
Archibald the cat, and other sea yarns.
N.Y. 1878.

Compiled from Mr. Coffin's tales in the
"■World" (N.Y.), to which he was a fre-
quent contributor under the same pseudonym.

Old Sailor, The. Frederick Chamier.
Topsail sheet blocks; or, the naval found-
ling. L. 1838.

Old Sailor, The. Matthew Henry
Barker, B.N. Tough Yarns. L. 1852.
Greenwich hospital : a series of naval
sketches, descriptive of the life of a
man-of-war's man (L. 1826), by the
same author, was published under the
pseudonym of "An Old Sailor."

Old Scout. H. R. Merrill.

Old Seaman, An. Admiral William
Swiney. Causes of the numerous ship-
wrecks on the Scilly Islands ... in the
" Literary Panorama," 1817.

Old Servant, An. George Heathcote.
A letter to the Right Hon. the Lord
Mayor, the Worshipful Aldermen, and
the Common Council, the merchants,
citizens, and inhabitants of the city of
London. From ... L. 1762.

Old Shekarry, The. Henry A. Leve-
son. Wrinkles ; or, hints to sportsmen
and travellers on dress, equipment, and
camp life. By ... L. 1874.

Old Si. Samuel W. Small, formerly
editor of the "Atlanta (Ga.) Constitu-
tion," in his contributions to various pe-

Old Simon. Alexander Chalmers.
The present state of our current monies.
"Gent. Mag.," September, 1802, p. 809.

Old Slyboots. James Scott, D.D.,
who, in 1769 et seq., wrote essays under
this signature which were afterwards
collected and published in a small

Old Smoker, An. John Stock, LL.D.
Confessions of . . • L. 1872.

Old Smoker, An. James Farton.
Does it pay to smoke, by . . . B.

Old Soldier, An. General Sir George

Old Soldier, An. Major Edward
Moor. The gentle sponge ; being a safe

. . . and just mode of reducing . . . the
national debt of England . . . By . . .
L. 1829.

Old Soldier, An. Gen. John Arm-
strong. Hints to young generals . . .
Kingston, 1812.

Old Soldier, An. Capt. David Perry.
Recollections of . . . Windsor, Vt.,

Old South. Benjamin Austin. Con-
stitutional Republicanism in opposition
to Federalism ... B. 1803.

Bevjamin Austin was long known as a writer
in the "Independent Chronicle," Boston, under
the signatures of " Honestus " and " Old South."

Old Stager, An. Munsell B. Field.

Old Stager, An. James AspinalL
Liverpool a few years since, by . . .
Liverpool, 1869.

Old Statesman, An old. David Wil-
liams. Lessons to a young prince by . . .
Dublin, 1791.

Old StraAvs. Joseph M. Field, in his
contributions to the "Picayune" (New

Old Student, An. Daniel Dana, Jr. (?).
Baptology. My bootmaker and I on
modes of baptism. N.Y. 1860.

Old Style, Oliver. Dr. .Tames Beattie,
in the "Aberdeen Journal," 1768.

" On the first publication of the poem [Ross's
'Helenore; or, the Fortunate Shepherdess'], a
letter highly laudatory of it appeared in the
'Aberdeen Journal' under the fictitious signa-
ture of ' Oliver Old Style,' accompanied by an
epistle in verse to the author from the pen, it is
understood, of Dr. Beattie, being the latter's
only attempt in the Scots' vernacular." — See
Andebson's The Scottish Nation, Vol. 3, p. 370.

Old Teacher, An. George Barrell
Emerson. Reminiscences of . . . B.

First published in the "Journal of Educa-
tion," and then in book form with the author's

Old Teacher, An. Mrs. Margaret
Hosmer. A year in Sunday school. From
the journal of . . . By . . . P. 1869.

Old Times. James D. Davis. Old
times papers. Memphis, 1873.

These papers were first published in the
" Memphis Daily Appeal" over this signature.

Old Townsman, An. James Bisset.
Comic strictures on Birmingham's "Fine
arts and converzationes," by . . . Leam-
ington (?), 1829.

Old Tradesman, An. Benjamin
Franklin. Advice to a young tradesman.
P. 1748.

Old Tradesman, An. Thomas Bailey.
Recreations in retirement. L. 1836.

Old Traveller, An. Henry Lleicellyn
Williams. Gay life in New York. By . . .
N.Y. 1866.




Old Traveller, An. Tliomas Brown.
Reminiscences of . . . throughout differ-
ent parts of Europe. Edinb. 1840.

Old 'Un, The. Francis Alexander
Durivage, in his contributions to tlie
"Turf, Field, and Farm" (N.Y.), etc.
He is also the author of " Stray subjects
arrested and bound over, being the fugi-
tive offspring of the ' Old Un ' and the
* Young Un' (g-v.), that have been 'ly-
ing round loose,' and are now ' tied up
for fast keeping." P. 1848.

Old Unitarian; An. Thomas Sanden
Unitarianism, old and new exemplified . .
in three letters [the first and third by
"An Old Unitarian," the second by W.
J. Fox] . . . With a preface by .
Chichester, 1817.

Old Vicar, An. B.ev. John Wood
Warier. The sea-board and the doAvn;
or, my parish in the South, by . . . L.

Old Vicar, The. John Samuel Bewley
Monsell, LL.D. Lights and shadows;
or, double acrostics ... L. 1870.

Old Whig, The. Joseph Addison.
" Steele endeavoured to alarm the nation
by a pamphlet called ' The Plebeian ' ; to
this an answer was published by Addison,
under the title of ' The Old Whig.' "

Old Yorkshire Turfman, An. Henri/
William Herbert.

Oldacre, Cedric, of Sax-Norman-
bury. Rev. John Wood Warier. The
last of the old squires: a sketch. L.

Oldbuck, Obadiah. Rodolphe Top-
ffer (?). Mishaps and adventures of . , .
N.Y. 187-.

Oldbug, John, Esq. Leonard With-
ington, D.D. The puritan : a series of
essays ... B. 18.30.

Oldcastle, Humphrey. Henry St.
John, Viscount Bolingbroke. Remarks
on the history of England. From the
minutes of . . . L. 1743.

Oldest Inhabitant, The. Mrs. Julia
Mayo Cabell. Sketclies and recollections
of Lynchburg, Va. By . . . Richmond,
Va., 1858.

Oldest School Inspector, The. Jo-
seph Bentley. The best uninspired book
for teacliing children how to become
"well off" in this world, and happy in
the next. L. 1864.

Oldfellow, Polyrrarp, M.D. Charles
Smart, M.D. Driven from the path . . .
N.Y. 1873.

Oldfield, Traverse. Rev. George
WJiitefield Samson. To daimonion; or,
6]ii ritual medium ... B. 1852.

Oldham, Dr., at Greystones. Caleb

Sprague Henry, D.D. Dr, Oldham at
Greystones, and his talk there. N.Y.

Oldpath, Obadiah. James Robinson
Newhall. Lin; or, jewels of the third
plantation . . . Lynn, 1862.

Oldschool, Oliver. Joseph Dennie.
The poetry of the portfolio ... P.

Oldschool, Oliver. Nathan Sargent.
Public men and events, 1817-53. P.

Old style, Jonathan, Gent. Washing-
ton Irving. Letters on the drama. N.Y.
1802. [First published in the N.Y. " Daily

Oldys, Francis, of the University
of Pennsylvania. George Chalmers.
Life of Thomas Paine. L, 1791-92.
Conf. Sabin, " Bibliotheca Americana,"
No. 11,763, note.

Oleander. David M^Culloch. Dark-
ness and sunshine. Glasgow, 1876.

Olim Oxonieasis. George Wilmot.
A letter to *^t%%%% ***** m.D. ... L.

O'liincoln, Robert. George C. Mason.
George Ready ; or, how to live for others
. . . N.Y. 1857.

Olive-Branch, Rev. Simon. William
Roberts. The looker-on : a periodical
paper ... L. 1795.

Oliver, Nathan, Esq. Robert Blahey,
Ph.D. A few remarkable events in the
life of the Rev. Josiah Thomson, a Seces-
sion minister ... L. 1836.

Oliver, Stephen, the younger, of
Aldwark, in Com. Ebor. William
Andrew Chatto. Scenes and recollec-
tions of fly fishing, in Northumberland,
Cumberland, and Westmoreland. L.

Oliver, William Pynchon. Peter
Oliver. His signature in the N.Y.
" Church Review."

Olivia. Emily Edson Briggs, in
her contributions to periodical litera-

Olivia. Olivia Wilmot Serres. Olivia's
letters of advice to her daughters. L.

Ollapod. Willis Gaylord Clark, who
contributed "Ollapodiana" to the "Ivnick-
erbocker Magazine" (N.Y.).

Ollapod. Thomas A. Edwards, editor
of cycling column in the " Melbourne
Bulletin " (Australia) ; also in liis con-
tributions to " Springfield Wheelmen'&
Gazette" and "Outing" (B.).

Olla Podrida. Frank M. Pixley, who,
since 1877, has contributed sketches, un-
der this pseudonym, to the San Francisco




" Argonaut " ; is also editor of the

Omega. Rev. Dr. Blackburn, President
of the Presbyterian College, Danville. —
See " Omikron."

Omicron. Bev. John Otho West, M.A.
Church reform . . . By ... L. 1871.

Omicron, Mr., " the Unborn Poet."
■Jdin Oldmixon, who was ridiculed in the
" Tatler," under this name.

Omikron. Francis Patrick Kenrick,
who, in 1828, wrote a series of articles in
an ironical vein to the Eev. Dr. Black-
burn, who had opposed his church on
the subject of the Eucharist, in a num-
ber of articles signed " Omega," entitled,
" Letters of Omikron to Omega."

Omnium, Jacob. Matthew James
Higgins. Letters on military education.
L. 1856.

Omnivagant. Riifns Wyman, M.D.,
in the "Polyanthos " (B. 1806-7).

Oinpax, Konx. Richard Whately.
Historic doubts relative to Kapoleon
Buonaparte . . . Cambridge, U.S., 1832.

This is given in the Brit. Mus. Catalogue.

O'N., D. Daniel O'Neill, in the Pitts-
burg " Dispatch."

On-tbe-go. Francis Alfred Sieimer.

One formerly possessed of tbe
Place. Willoughbij Lacy. The Garden
■of Isloworth : a sketch . . . by . . . L. 1794.

One from the Plough. Q. Mitchell,
in the London " Times."

One not of the Association. Theo-
dore Parker. Answers to questions con-
tained in Mr. Parker's letter to the Bos-
ton Association. B. 1845.

One of a Literary Family. Mrs.
Anna Letitia (Aikin) Le Breton. Memo-
ries of seventy years, by . . . L. 1883.

One of her liadies. Lady Frances
Erskine. Memoirs relating to the Queen
of Bohemia. About 1772.

One of her Majesty's Surgeons.
James Handley. CoUoquia chirurgica
... L. 1705.

The preface and dedication are signed " J. H."

One of her Sisters. Miss R. Bolton.
The lighted valley ; or, the closing scenes
of the life of a beloved sister [Abby
Bolton]. N.Y. 1850.

One of her Sons. Alfred Oiuen Legge.
A life of consecration. Memorials of
Mrs. Mary Legge. By . . . L. 1883.

One of her Sons. Jacob Abbot. New
England and her institutions. B. 1835.

One of His Children. Mrs. M. E.
(Harding) White. My egotistigraphy.
By Chester Harding. Prepared for his
family and friends. By . . . Camb.

One of his Constituents. Henry
Drunimond, Esq. Cheap corn best for
farmers, proved in a letter to G. H. Sum-
ner, Esq., M. P. for Surrey. By ... L.

One of his Constituents. Henry
Boase. A letter to Sir Kichard E.
Vyvyan, Bart. . . . Penzance, 1826.

One of his Constituents. Rev. Ed-
ward Copleston, Bishop of Llandaff. A
letter to the Eight Hon. Eobert Peel . . .
2d ed. Oxf. 1819.

One of his Constituents, and a
Magistrate of the County of Surrey.
John Ivatt Briscoe. A letter on the nature
and effects of the tread-wheel . . . ad-
dressed to the Eight Hon. Eobert Peel
... L. 1824.

One of his Countrymen. Caleb
Citshing. A reply to the letter of J.
Fenimore Cooper ... B. 1834.

One of his Descendants. Lorenzo
D. Johnson. A Boston merchant of 1745;
or, incidents in the life of James Gibson
... B. 1847.

One of His Majesty's Chaplains.
Rev. Arthur Philip Perceval. A letter to
the Eight Honourable Earl Grey, on the
obligation of the coronation oath. L. 1833.

One of His Majesty's Justices of
the Peace. W. Wilshere or Samuel
Parr, LL.D. Considerations on the
Poor Laws ... By . . . 1817.

One of his Majesty's Justices of
the Peace. Robert Owen. A new view
of society . . . 1813.

One of H. M.'s Justices of the
Peace for the County of Somerset.
Rev. John Langhorne. The country jus-
tice : a poem. By ... L. 1774-77.

One of H. M.'s Justices of the
Peace for the Three Inland Counties.
John Weyland, Esq. A short inquiry
into the policy, humanity, etc., of the
Poor Laws. By . . . L. 1807.

One of His Majesty's Serv^ants. Bev.
Arthur Philip Perceval. A letter to Earl
Grey ... L. 1832.

One of his Sons. F. H. West. Me-
morial sketch of . . . Francis Athon

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